Speaking Japanese Fluently in 6 Months | 6 Steps to Success

  • Published on May 25, 2022

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  • Endigo
    Endigo 3 years ago +4760

    Two and a half years ago, I discovered this video while considering finally beginning the journey of studying Japanese. At the time the idea seemed daunting, almost impossible. Since then, however, not only has Chris and this channel become my favorite channel on TheXvid, but my language skill has consistently improved ever since. I remember watching the restaurant scene at 8:54 in this video all the way back then, in late 2016, and finding that conversation super impressive. And now, two and a half years later, I find myself re-watching this video for the first time since then, understanding every word of that same restaurant scene.
    Suddenly it all dawned on me, my entire life and everything I work towards got put in such perspective that it felt like I was watching a flashback scene in a cheesy 90s movie. All a bit overwhelming.
    Learning Japanese sure is tough, and I'm still quite the beginner in the grand scheme of things, but I've come further than I ever imagined myself doing only a couple years ago. All starting with this video.
    Thanks Chris for all you've done for me and all of us aspiring Japanese learners!

    • The Immortal Sun-kun
      The Immortal Sun-kun Month ago

      Your dedication is fucking insane, dude.

    • Thiago Villa
      Thiago Villa Month ago

      This is _very_ inspirational!

    • sakura san
      sakura san 4 months ago

      @RatDad what's wrong with saying how this helped them with learning Japanese? Obviously, the people who support them care. If you don't like their positive comment towards the channel, keep scrolling.

    • RatDad
      RatDad 4 months ago

      we do not care

    • sakura san
      sakura san 5 months ago

      Great video 📹 👍

  • bonjr
    bonjr 2 years ago +959

    1. Core Vocab & Grammar (Genki I & II enough for "basic conversation")
    2. Master conversation fillers
    3. Practice & use it in conversation (1hr/week)
    4. Problem solving in Japanese
    5. Synonyms
    6. Don't switch to English to save yourself
    I'm about 1 month into my studies and these tips all seem sound.

    • I Magnettik
      I Magnettik 3 months ago

      @bonjr *It's ok, you're ok*

    • Michaila Mitchell
      Michaila Mitchell 9 months ago +2

      hey lol how did learning Japanese go? have you done it yet?

    • bonjr
      bonjr Year ago +4

      Been back at it recently and core vocab/grammar studies are going well (will finish up Genki I this month and start Genki II). What I am still lacking that this video suggested is the practice. Signed up for HelloTalk but haven't committed fully to it yet. My main goal atm is to get my vocab/grammar to the point where I can add textbook reading to my toolset.
      By the end of this year, I'd like to be at a JLPT N3 level in terms of vocab/kanji with both grammar books finished up. Along the way, add Reading + HelloTalk for more input and practice.

    • TylerTT
      TylerTT Year ago +2

      been a year how did it go

    • dead bones
      dead bones Year ago +1

      @bonjr I love your music!❤️

  • big boss bob ross
    big boss bob ross Year ago +179

    It’s important to note the difference between fluency and functionality. Most people don’t actually want to be fluent in Japanese but functional. Fluency is when you can discuss complex topics such as politics art and philosophy in the language. Being able to have casual conversation, get by, and enjoy most popular media is when you’ve become functional in the language. Obviously it’s best to try to achieve fluency, but one should prioritize what words/structures they learn as functionality always come first.

    • BroGamer
      BroGamer 9 months ago +9

      My Spanish teacher always said that learning a new language isn't about perfection but for communication. That was about 8 years ago. Hard to forget that.

    • Heather Hanlon
      Heather Hanlon 9 months ago +16

      Before the war starts in this reply section I'd like to remind everyone that there isn't really a universally agreed upon definition of fluency in the language learning community so it's pretty subjective

  • Candy Cora
    Candy Cora 2 years ago +6074

    “If you have half a year to spare”
    *coronavirus enters the chat*

    • Ash
      Ash 7 months ago

      “1/2 a year” he said. So uhhh how’s it going

    • stackerv8
      stackerv8 11 months ago

      @Ami did you give up after a year?

    • Sincrie
      Sincrie Year ago

      @Nilsa Perez lies

    • Captain Nemo
      Captain Nemo Year ago +1

      Indeed, it worked. After the corona I kinda speak Japanese now. Very crappy Japanese of course, but I can easily hold conversations about most things and be understood 😂

  • TokuyuuTV
    TokuyuuTV 10 months ago +48

    I remember watching this when I was only a year into studying Japanese and thinking that Chris was so cool for being able to speak Japanese with Natsuki at the bar. It seemed so far off from where I was and I could only catch parts of it.
    Now I'm proud to say I passed the JLPT N1, and by listening to the bar scene again I can really see how my Japanese has grown; listening to the conversation feels natural and straightforward now!
    To those who are still early in their Japanese learning journey: Don't give up! It takes time, but everyone can get there if they stick to it long enough.
    And thank you Chris for producing a memorable video

    • TokuyuuTV
      TokuyuuTV 2 months ago

      @butterfree I actually uploaded videos on all my tips and tricks for learning Japanese, so feel free to check them out! I’m also going to upload a video soon on how to get started in studying Japanese so look out for that one too 🥳 good luck on your journey!!

    • butterfree
      butterfree 2 months ago

      Hi. I really want to learn the Japanese language but I honestly don't know where to start since I don't know which websites and resources to use. So if it's okay, would you mind telling me your tips, tricks, resources and websites you used? Thank you so much

  • udo
    udo 3 years ago +8468

    Plot Twist:
    The Duolingo Bird is the one holding the gun

    • Naveron
      Naveron 6 months ago

      @weewoo watashi wa nihongo ga tsukoshi hanasemasu

    • Sekiro Musashi
      Sekiro Musashi 7 months ago

      YES MY GUY

    • アシキン
      アシキン 8 months ago

      I already on 1300 something words thanks to Duo 😎, it's not even stressing, so smooth

    • F B I
      F B I 9 months ago

      Sniper watching you outside *

    • 伏見猿比古
      伏見猿比古 Year ago

      @Dylan McKenna yeah, you get really motivated with the Duolingo bird holding a gun to your head.

  • real cartoon girl
    real cartoon girl Year ago +1496

    "so you will need to speak to someone for about 1 hour in a week"
    my introvert self: no

    • MaffiaH
      MaffiaH 12 days ago

      Pretty sure that's more of, like, AvPD than introvertism then, lmao

    • Roger Elzenga
      Roger Elzenga 10 months ago

      Pro-Tip, Download VRchat!!! (no VR headset needed and its free!!!) i already made a japanese friend that will teach me Japanese if i teach him english :D

    • Acro_LL
      Acro_LL 11 months ago

      Or just consume media in your target language

    • バテンカイトスライ
      バテンカイトスライ 11 months ago

      Well, i recommend gettimg a japanese teacher if possible, or going to duolingo sections where you chat/talk on zoom. I'm talking with my japanese teacher at the end of every class like 15 minutes and it helped me a lot. First few times it was hard, but got easier

    • Caomhán
      Caomhán Year ago +2

      @Stephanie M Introversion and shyness aren't exactly the same thing just fyi. Nearly all shy ppl naturally gravitate towards introversion. At least until they get over their social anxiety, if they ever do at all that is. However, not all reserved ppl (introverts) are shy.
      Not trying to have a go at you personally, but ever since ''introvert'' memes have become popular online, I continuously see ppl mischaracterise what it actually means to be an introvert. It gets quite annoying after a while

  • Vikki Lane
    Vikki Lane 8 months ago +14

    I second the “don’t switch back to your native language.” It’s very hard. I think the more you converse in the language (yes, with another person), the more it will come naturally in time. みなさん、頑張ってね!

  • VIPigeon (Stone_Pickaxe)

    This is an absolutely brilliant video.
    I cannot express how insanely useful these tactics are when doing things in another langauge.
    Also, if you're reading this, make a note from the very start of learning Japanese to do things in as native a way as possible. Learn the language as if you were a Japanese kid in school. Don't start with Romaji- leave that for later.
    I'd remind you to have fun but this is Japanese and literally everyone has fun with it lol.

  • Aegon Targaryen
    Aegon Targaryen 4 years ago +2853

    How to speak Japanese fluently in six months!
    First step: Learn Japanese

    • Chris K30
      Chris K30 4 months ago

      When you put a little thought into. You're teaching yourself another language, just like we all do after we are born. Word with pictures mentally. No-one ever said the pictures had to be the same for everyone

    • Jinkz
      Jinkz 8 months ago

      @Braden LeVois Honistly I don't even remember this comment but yes

    • Acro_LL
      Acro_LL 11 months ago

      @Gloom Dev Yup

    • Acro_LL
      Acro_LL 11 months ago

      @JD IT’S NATIVE CONTENT? WDYM “THAT’S NOT GONNA HELP” It’s as helpful as watching J-dramas.

    • Acro_LL
      Acro_LL 11 months ago


  • Xx
    Xx 2 years ago +826

    Quarantine is holding the gun on me dude let’s do this

    • Metal
      Metal 6 months ago +1

      @Daniel Son yo if you’re still studying would you wanna become partners ?

    • Daniel Son
      Daniel Son 8 months ago

      @Lanna's Missing Link I just started learning Japanese, what’s the hiragana for the kanji?

    • C4NLUX
      C4NLUX 11 months ago

      How did it go?

    • thetntchicken
      thetntchicken Year ago

      @Sonder how far have you gotten?

    • Grace Nathalia
      Grace Nathalia Year ago

      It's six months now. Omae wa mou shindeiru.

  • Joseph Leatherbarrow
    Joseph Leatherbarrow 3 years ago +358

    "If you can't say it in japanese don't say it at all"
    I guess I'm gonna have to stick with hello, good and thank you from now on.

  • jtomes123
    jtomes123 2 years ago +177

    It is funny, more I learn of other languages the more I forget of my native language (czech)

    • EMS 76
      EMS 76 10 months ago

      Highly unlikely. That's just not how the brain works, unless by native language you mean a language you learned only as a very young child before emigrating.

    • Valentina Monserrat
      Valentina Monserrat 11 months ago +1

      oh my fucking god. same. I was born in argentina and i moved to Italy to get my papers right ? and atm i speak Italian, Spanish and english fluently, but thing is is that slowly I'm starting to forget some words when I'm otp with my fam 😫😫

    • monnef
      monnef 11 months ago

      Yeah, as a fellow Czech I agree. It looks like a frequency of forgetting Czech words and instead using English ones is worryingly increasing. And I still live in Czech Republic, it's not like I moved to other country and entirely stopped using the language...

    • Aleronii
      Aleronii Year ago +1

      Same, now I can't really talk fluently on my native ,i forgot 10000+ words lol

  • riffo christy
    riffo christy 2 years ago +2

    I'm learning Polish but your methods here are still very useful! The idea of explaining in the target language is so simple yet not something I had considered. Thanks!

  • Lemur
    Lemur 3 years ago +1122

    he looks like Elon musk in the newspaper

    • The Immortal Sun-kun
      The Immortal Sun-kun Month ago

      I commented exactly the same thing. Two years later. My thoughts are fucking unoriginal.

    • Mark Christy
      Mark Christy 2 months ago

      @Amber Green qqe

    • r& b
      r& b 9 months ago +1

      I much prefer Chris, if I had to choose one for a dinner companion

    • Rayski
      Rayski Year ago


    • Tom
      Tom Year ago


  • Gino 5678
    Gino 5678 Year ago +2

    Ive just completed my first full week in a Japanese language school. Ive watched this video many times in the past, making a mental note at the time to come back when I needed to, to get all the conversation fillers to prepare me for he next time that awkward silence comes along! Thanks for the videos, they've actually really helped a lot down the years, and have also been thoroughly entertaining

  • Colonel Popcorn
    Colonel Popcorn 5 months ago +2

    10:13 I'm learning Spanish right now, and I can definitely confirm that working your way around the vocabulary you don't know when you're trying to say something is definitely a good skill to be proficient in.

  • tac0
    tac0 2 years ago +28

    I feel somewhat bad,
    My brother went to japan when he was 18 to study for 6 months, Today hes had multiple trips to japan and he even has a friend that lives there, So needless to say he speak and read close to perfect japanese( hes 30 years old now btw) I practice alot by myself but not as much as i should,but he also teaches me alot. so i got ALL the reason to learn japanese and all the help i can get,but i dont do as much as i should cuz its hard... im so lazy.. My dream would be to be able to speak japanese good enough to have everyday japanese discussions with my brother. Call it our secret language that only he and i understand and none of my family... one day..

    • tac0
      tac0 Year ago +2

      @Rafael Constanzo Vicens damn xD... Read tons of Japanese. Im not where I wanna be yet but I can understand alot of spoken Japanese :) havnt been able to study as much as I wanted but I've deffo improved.

    • Rafael Constanzo Vicens
      Rafael Constanzo Vicens Year ago

      It's been a year... How is it going? 👀

    • Charlotte Diaz
      Charlotte Diaz 2 years ago

      tac0 and? Are you making progress?

  • Regan The Vegan
    Regan The Vegan 7 years ago +4080

    You make Learning Japanese seem easier than Weight Loss.

    • Nathan Xavier
      Nathan Xavier 2 years ago


    • DudeBro
      DudeBro 3 years ago

      So it’s easier than calories in < calories out? Well shoot, guess I should start learning katakana

    • Djerun88
      Djerun88 3 years ago

      Weight Loss doesnt even require you to do anything.....when you think about it.

    • Benjamin Corwin
      Benjamin Corwin 3 years ago

      It is, trust me

    • Tim Gass
      Tim Gass 3 years ago

      Weight loss or keeping weight off? I'd imagine few things are harder than keeping weight off, as that's a continuous process, unlike learning a language or losing weight.

  • Asag
    Asag 2 years ago +196

    6:25 - Chirs, please I know its impossible for u to read new comment on 5-6 years old video ... but
    Hear me out ... Please Make one video, narrating funny stuff with this voice of yours! Its more amazing and entertaining than u think :)

  • Arthur Boloch
    Arthur Boloch 7 months ago +2

    The point 4 at 7:49 applies to any language you learn, having 2 maternal language (French and Portuguese), it's pretty common for me to forget a word in one language. Forgetting how to say something isn't shameful, it happen to everyone, and nobody will blame you for not knowing everything, but not talking for 10-30s because you forgot a word is really annoying.
    A little fun fact: sometime when I am with friends that speak the same languages as I do, one of us forget a word in every language we know (yes it happens xD) and tries to explain to the others, but we all forget the word and spend 1-3m trying to know what the word was.

  • Alex Kyle
    Alex Kyle Year ago +3

    Something I can’t recommend enough is *’learn Japanese with a friend or friends‘*. I swear, it’s motivating having a rival to try to surpass. Jokes aside, you can also practice with each other and bring up things you know, which is great for memorization. Even the mere concept of you and your friends speaking Japanese together can and should be fun enough to give the proper motivation.

    • Human Bean
      Human Bean 6 months ago

      zannen wa, tomodachi mottenai

  • Justin Gilbert
    Justin Gilbert 2 years ago +1

    Nice video, mate. Having been through the same on my journey, I would have to agree with much mentioned. However, if I may add, verb conjugation is most likely the most important thing to learn in my opinion, particularly as it refers to generally left out "subject."

  • Luna O’Malley
    Luna O’Malley 3 years ago +1190

    I used to have a japanese teacher, but she passed away after i moved. She taught me in exchange for cooking japanese dumplings and soup for her. I loved that lady. She made me call her Obaasan. 😊💚
    This helps me a lot, thank you!

    • Fucking grass
      Fucking grass Year ago +1

      This made me tear up a bit. That’s so adorable and extremely sad. Let us pray おばあさん is happy wherever she may be now. 🙏

    • ArrowSaurus
      ArrowSaurus Year ago +1

      RIP obaasan

    • tomato
      tomato 2 years ago

      In which way this video help u 🙄

    • TheSporehacker
      TheSporehacker 2 years ago +1

      @LeviTheUnlucky F

  • Cooper Wallace
    Cooper Wallace 2 years ago +6

    Watched this video two years ago, It was what motivated me to start learning Japanese. I had no previous exposure to Japanese before , and I think if I didn’t watch this video I wouldn’t have started learning the language

  • ilovemysneakatoke
    ilovemysneakatoke Year ago +2

    I’m deployed in the Middle East and I have 6months. I stand on post for 12 to 14 hours a day so I’ve been trying to devote 6 hours a day at least to learning hiragana and katakana. I’m hoping that when I get back home I’ll be able to at least at a basic level be able to communicate! Wish me luck, love the channel. I’ll say hey to your fellow brits here!!!

  • Veloxxity
    Veloxxity Year ago

    Your videos have helped me a ton so far. A huge problem I have whenever I attempt learning something new is having no basis on where to start, and you have basically removed that huge barrier to entry. Thanks a ton!

  • Ethan Ash
    Ethan Ash Year ago

    As someone that has been learning Japanese on/off for a few years, this is genuinely good advice he is giving.
    You need the right mindset and conversational nuance to seem like a native Japanese speaker.

  • Lucyyyloo
    Lucyyyloo 2 months ago

    Thanks so much this was very helpful, I have a year to learn Japanese before I go on exchange for 3 months so your videos have been very helpful! Already memorised hiragana and katakana so getting there slowly haha 😅

  • timothy wokutch
    timothy wokutch 10 months ago

    I really enjoyed this video I'm trying to learn Japanese and have been doing fairly well but admittedly it is a bit overwhelming. Knowing these tips really will make a massive difference I feel

  • Dc flow
    Dc flow 16 days ago

    This video changed my life. Truly. It opened my eyes up to the amazing culture, language, and greatness of Japan. You must be one of my most watched channels NO DOUBT!! Thanks Chris!!

  • Laura Pamula
    Laura Pamula 2 years ago +4056

    i love how a good 60% of us just wanna watch anime without subtitles lmao

    • Addan Witt
      Addan Witt 2 months ago

      😂 how did u know?

    • sakura san
      sakura san 4 months ago

      @bleach great goal 👏

    • bleach
      bleach 4 months ago +1

      I wanna read imported manga

    • sakura san
      sakura san 5 months ago


    • The_Seeker .Entity
      The_Seeker .Entity 5 months ago

      The fact that I have devoted 7 months of my life to this goal really says a lot

  • Bartopin B
    Bartopin B 6 years ago +91

    Even if you can't become fluent in 6 months.. 6 months with proper instruction like this will be a HUGE leap. So much so that you could probably walk around the country comfortably and confident. Add another 6 months to that, and you've got yourself a solid second language. And every year after that only refines it more and more until you are fluent. Excellent video.

  • ShikyoGryfyn
    ShikyoGryfyn 2 years ago

    Alright I’m gonna say your channel inspired me to really dedicate myself to learning Japanese, I deeply enjoy the culture and media that Japan provides, so I think I’m going to in the future, try to live my day to day life in Japan, like you do...

  • RGI The Anime Figure Guy

    I've always loved Japan and wanted to talk Japanese especially when I was there on holiday, it felt awkward trying to communicate with people as a lot of people I met didn't speak a word of English, I terrified one arcade worker as I had a friend who was asking for a Doujinshi shop and in a true stereotypical way like all tourists I said "Doujinshi!?" to her at least ten times while making weird hand movements! I'm sure she was petrified that this tall English guy was saying Doujinshi to her way too much while moving his hands in a weird way! Lol Anyway to avoid that scenario (and hopefully avoid making myself look like a pillock again) I'm going to start to learn Japanese properly in Jan, that's my new years resolution! Thanks Chris for all these awesome vids I will be using these tips and tricks and I look forward to hopefully one day going back to Japan with confidence that I can talk with people and not scare them half to death! XD

  • Sahayeda
    Sahayeda 2 years ago +1

    i just took a college intro class for a semester and we did genki I lessons 1-6. this was about the span of 3 months, so if y'all are at home you can gauge how long it would take if you're self-teaching

  • Vimm Baiii
    Vimm Baiii 2 years ago

    Thank you for the tips. They're much appreciated. This is definitley going to be one of the most interesting challenges I'm going to face this year.

  • Portinha
    Portinha 2 years ago

    It took me a semester of high school to be fluent in English when I first moved here from Brazil without knowing a single thing. It was just a matter of being thrown into a different culture without safeguards. I had no family to speak portuguese with because my dad didn't speak and my sister that moved here as well was always out to college. First day of school my dad didn't even drive me to school. He just dropped me at the bus stop and made some hand gestures... Luckily I made it where I needed to go being that bus stopped at both the high school and the junior high. But yeah lots of reading, music, tv and just being out there trying and failing at having conversations with this strange folks. I had some mexican friends that after the 4 years of high school still didn't spoke english which to me was just sad. They never tried hard enough and having that safety net of always having a family at home and friends that spoke Spanish didn't help.

  • Simple Chinese
    Simple Chinese Year ago

    Impressive, I'd say it took me 10 years to reach fluency with Mandarin! And I still learn new things every day!

  • Hideo Nishi
    Hideo Nishi 2 years ago +1

    When I want to take a break of studying Japanese, I always watch some of your videos. You make a content the is usual and so entertaining to watch!

  • Mark Rhode
    Mark Rhode Year ago

    I'm on a 5 month crunch. I'm been trying really hard to learn Japanese casually for a while, and luckily one of my close friends is a native speaker so we speak japanese about 4 days a week. My problem is definitely the kanji and remembering words.

  • Jeniko
    Jeniko 5 years ago +121

    those are some amazing tips, not just for Japanese, but learning a new language in general.

    • Seba Varela
      Seba Varela 4 years ago

      Vaneesa Vanessa My dad speaks in latin, he learnt at law school and said he could speak to people there.

    • JFK NVD
      JFK NVD 4 years ago +1

      Vaneesa Vanessa The Pope

    • Vaneesa Vanessa
      Vaneesa Vanessa 4 years ago +8

      Jeniko , yes absolutely, but when trying to learn Latin, who can you have a conversation with. Since no one in earth speaks Latin now in days.
      I still got my hopes up. with any language challenge. Have a good day man.

  • mereilin
    mereilin Month ago

    This was 100 percent the most helpful video I ever watched in terms of developing the confidence to speak in Japanese. Thank you!

  • Tsfgh
    Tsfgh 11 months ago +1

    I have a question. I just started learning Japanese. I am 13 turning 14. how long would it take for me to be fluent? are around 5 - 7 years enough? I only know how to read hiragana that's it. I want to go to japan or even move there in the future. I am very fascinated with Japan.

  • Cottard
    Cottard 2 years ago

    Next on my list. Right after German. (and yes, partly through Duolingo^^'). Good Tips! The 'thinking in Japanese' applies to all languages I think. At least I do so when learning german.

    • hayden3112
      hayden3112 2 years ago

      It’s currently the summer holidays so I have been using Duolingo to practice it and I believe thinking in German and then saying something in English and translating it in my head has really helped me

  • lemur918
    lemur918 2 years ago

    I have tricks for learning languages having taught myself Tagalog and French (to an extent). And I still found this veryyyy useful. Thank you!

  • Pinky Tusia
    Pinky Tusia 6 years ago +122

    This video inspired me to study hard :D In 2 months I learned 500 words (using Memrise course "Core 1000"). It requires at least 20 minutes a day, the more the better. Repeating everything quite often is necessary. Whenever I feel like I don't have enough energy to study anymore I watch this video xD I'M GONNA MAKE IT UNTIL THE END OF THE YEAR 2015! Wish me luck :)

    • tara
      tara 15 days ago

      hows it going

    • SrLupinotuum
      SrLupinotuum 4 years ago +2

      How's the learning going?

    • Nethersentient
      Nethersentient 6 years ago

      +Yukirin Lesle I remember when i started learning japanese with Hiragana, it took me about a month because i used wrote memorization, i wish i saw all this earlier.

    • Pusky
      Pusky 6 years ago

      @Brendan Berney sugoi!

    • Brendan Berney
      Brendan Berney 6 years ago +1

      @Yukirin Lesle すごい!

  • Tuna
    Tuna 2 years ago

    I’ve been living in Japan for 2 years and really pushed the first month to learn. Eventually i got discouraged and people don’t have the patience to help you practice at times
    Eventually I decided to give up. After a year i got a Japanese girlfriend that did not speak English and had the patience for me to improve. I’ve been at it for 6 months and can speak words but have not been able to get fluent especially when a lot of words taught are not always used because of modern slang
    I hope your video can help. Today will be day 1 がんばります

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname 2 years ago +14

    I wanna go to japan for the “studying abroad” experience, but I still want the comforts of technology and safety standards.

  • Thunderlipps
    Thunderlipps 25 days ago

    That photo of you in the newspaper is the perfect image of VIP de Big. Great video as always. Very motivating. About a week of learning, very few words but I've learned hiragana and katakana well enough to recognize the symbols almost immediately.

  • jimmy zhang
    jimmy zhang Year ago +25

    Finding someone that speaks japanese even in some big cities it's like find a unicorns. I met one japanese person my entire lift and he didn't even know japanese lol. How I found out? He was watching anime with english subs

    • Between Names
      Between Names Year ago +8

      Maybe he was bad at English, and using subs as a way to learn English instead 🤔

  • Stephanie Gallik
    Stephanie Gallik 2 years ago +16

    I'm currently using the Genki books in my Japanese classes at my uni, they're very very nice!
    I think another tip could be to find someone who might like to study with you?

  • Blinded Bliss - Diana
    Blinded Bliss - Diana 2 years ago +2

    I have a friend who learned who's able to hold a conversation in 14 languages. She learns them orally in about a week, through total immersion with a native.

    • Acro_LL
      Acro_LL 11 months ago

      Alright bruh that’s seems false, unless she’s an actual hyperpolyglot

    • Borat Sagdiyev
      Borat Sagdiyev 11 months ago +1


  • BFMVinsta
    BFMVinsta 2 years ago

    Love all your videos man 😁👍 I’ve been thinking of commenting on this vid for a while now...In December (just gone) I decided to go to japan...and at the same time decided I was going to do my level best to learn the language...I’m very lucky to have an awesome job and circumstances that allow me to study several hours a day every single day without fail. And that is not including the hours of driving I do every day where I listen to Japanese podcasts...my brain is hurting but I think I’m seeing progress...obviously not a lot of people are fortunate enough to have the circumstances and free time I have to be able to study this much this intensely...but if anyone can test out this 6 month theory I suppose it’s me 😅. I’m booked in to go to japan in September...I can’t wait. If you have any study tips for me I’m all ears! Gday from aus 🇦🇺 😎

  • MommaSon D
    MommaSon D Month ago

    Hey Chris, thanks for the tip. I am learning by listening to older generation Japanese here in Hawaii

  • The Learning Addiction
    The Learning Addiction 8 months ago

    I just discovered this channel and am now binging everything 😂
    Also I pretty much died laughing from beginning to end...this is so accurate

  • Addasyn Ryan
    Addasyn Ryan 2 years ago

    wow ive been in a highschool japanese class for two years and i think this helped me so much more than the actual class

  • Joey Isham
    Joey Isham Year ago +2

    i just started my journey almost a week ago and so far ive learned half of hiragana and some common phrases. Once i finish hiragana ill move onto katakana, and then to those genki books so wish me luck on this journey.😊 oh and once i get to kanji that will probably be the death of me💀

    • Joey Isham
      Joey Isham Year ago

      @BunnyMeeks thank you and same for you

    • BunnyMeeks
      BunnyMeeks Year ago

      @Joey Isham same here but im looking at mulitple programs and also scholarships since they would help a bunch. Good luck on your studies and i hope you do go!

    • Joey Isham
      Joey Isham Year ago +1

      @BunnyMeeks your welcome and same i wanna be an exchange student too but i gotta save up some money to do all that

    • BunnyMeeks
      BunnyMeeks Year ago

      @Joey Isham thank you so much! I'm hoping to be an exchange student next year and i want to be semi fluent :)

    • Joey Isham
      Joey Isham Year ago +1

      @BunnyMeeks i just used quiet and printed out some worksheets online😊 also quizlet has a lot of japanese learning sets that are very useful

  • メーカーマフィン

    7. be a talent with learning new languages.
    One of my friend learning japanese with only watching anime.
    and i forget almost half of my vocabulary.
    What i want to say. learning a new languages can be really easy or very hard. Your brain and age has a huge impact on your learning.
    Some of you are good in painting, some in maths, some in carpeting and some in learning new languages.
    So don't be frustrated if you not learn japanese in 6 months :D

  • Sjuns
    Sjuns 4 years ago +199

    As a linguistics student, I endorse all of the tactics in this video.

    • Myhandsspeak
      Myhandsspeak 2 years ago


    • Stormtrooper Elite
      Stormtrooper Elite 2 years ago

      yeah the strategy works for pretty much any language that you can at least understand a bit and can form the simplest of sentences. I however never managed to get past the writing in Japanese (probably never will) and the grammar. I speak English, French and Spanish (Serbian is my native language) and with enough experience it's simple enough to hop back and forth if need be. All Japanese words that I know of are from anime

    • Sakura Stardust
      Sakura Stardust 2 years ago +1

      Ayyyyy I'm a Linguistics major 😁

    • The Camel Channel
      The Camel Channel 3 years ago

      @ohhow lovely Express approval for something, often in a professional, public or business context.

    • LooneyMar
      LooneyMar 3 years ago

      ​@ohhow lovely approve. When have troubles with such words go to google translate, write the word you're wondering about and then switch the languages.

  • jernejj5
    jernejj5 Year ago

    I learnt Japanese at the university. After 6 months I was able to speak with Japanese. More or less. After 1 year I was able to speak everyday Japanese. After 5 years, I'm able to speak politics, use technical terms etc. It's all in the will you have to learn the language (any language).

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    Nelson Smith 3 years ago

    This is probably one of the most inspirational vids I've watched on Japanese language learning.

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    Aria The House 3 years ago

    I love watching you're videos! I'm hoping to move to Tokyo in 2020 and you're videos are very helpful - makes it all look less scary haha 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🇯🇵

  • Russell Bushnell
    Russell Bushnell 2 years ago +43

    Mind blow...1000 words=70% Japanese conversational vocabulary

    • laflorestudios
      laflorestudios 2 years ago +13

      Its that way for most languages.. Unless you are having a formal or educational conversation on higher subjects.. its not likely you will use many words.

  • Kate Mitchell
    Kate Mitchell 5 years ago +173

    A tip to learning Japanese and keeping it up by talking, try playing multiplayer video games on Japanese servers if it's possible to choose which region to connect to

    • backlue 212
      backlue 212 4 years ago

      ItsDangerousToGoAloneWatchThis is Dota 2 able to play in Japan server? (sr my bad Eng)

    • Nanimo Nada
      Nanimo Nada 4 years ago

      I'm sorry I'm a little drunk. I tend to slure my words when I write them.

    • Nanimo Nada
      Nanimo Nada 4 years ago

      Vega Light
      Yam bareeeeeee

    • Nanimo Nada
      Nanimo Nada 4 years ago

      That's a great idea. Have you tried xommenting to Japanese TheXvidrs you know go live somewhat frequently? I did it once. Google translate is surprisingly accurate to picking up the jist of the conversation. . . Guess how I kept up?!?!?!

    • Vega Light
      Vega Light 4 years ago +8

      you'll give up after experiencing 450 ms of ping

  • Purple Sky
    Purple Sky 8 months ago +1

    I learned 1000 words in 4 months without even slightly focusing on vocabulary (no vocab lists, very little use of quizlet/anki). I am now focusing more on vocabulary though since I understand most of the essential common grammar and ~1000 words.

  • S Judas
    S Judas Year ago

    I love the Japanese language and exploring the real aspects of the countries culture but I have to relearn Gaeilge before I explore any other language. As soon as I am fluent in Irish I'll give Japanese a try as it is a wonderful language in itself.

  • reda
    reda Year ago +1

    I can relate a lot to point #6, but it happened to me with English. when i moved to the states i found it so hard to feel like 'myself' after speaking only English for months and months in university. All the quips and phrases i used daily were now meaningless. Felt like my voice was not my own. Like i was smarter and funnier in Spanish. I can attest this wears off with some time and it gets better. You begin learning to re-make your identity in this new language if that makes sense.
    Then you forget to say things like fridge in your native language and it gets pretty surreal.

  • Lilian Thyssens
    Lilian Thyssens Year ago

    1) 1000 common words
    2) gap fillers
    3) Practice with native speakers at least 1h/week (Italki or Hellotalk)
    4) Learn to overcome blank situations
    5) Speak different ways : use synonyms
    6) Try to stick with japanese and not use your native language

  • ShaunStr8
    ShaunStr8 5 years ago +2279

    The most infamous sentence "This is a pen"

    • NelsonDiscovery
      NelsonDiscovery 7 months ago

      Epic foreshadowing.

    • D Z
      D Z 11 months ago

      The prescience of this comment

    • SupremE
      SupremE 11 months ago

      The boy kicked the ball

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      Between Names Year ago +1

      And that was before the pandemic and that infamous video

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  • Hrafnaguð
    Hrafnaguð 2 years ago

    These are actually generally pretty decent tips for learning any language, at least if you decontextualise them from Japanese

  • dd nava
    dd nava 2 years ago

    I want to learn Japanese because I've always wanted to learn a third language. Japanese just so happens to be the best option for me, as I love technology and videogames and lately I've been watching anime. Also, it's a nice challenge!

    • Acro_LL
      Acro_LL 11 months ago

      It really is a fun challenge lol.

  • Herman Francis
    Herman Francis Year ago

    A tip that I would add that has helped me speak 5 languages is to use antonyms and negations. If you know the word for new but don't know the world for old just say that it is not new. It can sound unnatural but it helps getting over road blocks.

  • Inconsistent Content

    Great tips, definitely gonna use memrise and italki. Regarding books, for self learner's I recommend Elementary Japanese. Genki is fine, but for self learners it's not that compatible because it has exercises but no answers for the exercises. So you can never check if you've done it correctly. That's because Genki is designed for classrooms

  • Winter
    Winter 3 years ago +6037

    “If you can’t say it in Japanese, don’t say it at all” well, looks like I’m going mute guys

    • kaisetic
      kaisetic Year ago

      Me turning into a three year old:

    • Phantom
      Phantom Year ago

      now learn jsl

    • Compl1cated
      Compl1cated Year ago

      The only japanese sentence i know is this: うんちたべたい

    • Mvtrixx
      Mvtrixx Year ago

      @Maqtal Samatar Salah ano is well...

  • Naveron
    Naveron 6 months ago

    I'm starting to learn japanese in preparation for a trip I'm taking (solo) in July of 2022. It's...a difficult language to master. But occasionally I'll slip into japanese phrases even while speaking english to friends and family. It confuses the hell out of them.

  • K. Marie Clair
    K. Marie Clair 6 months ago

    I can't express enough how over the top funny I find you and these japanglish videos. Ive been screaming the entire video. Well done. Please keep this series!!

  • 露火
    露火 Year ago

    watched this video for a year and now i can say i'm conversationally fluent as i can chat with japanese without translator but with alots of "what was it again" anyway really helpful thanks!

  • Sapphire Wilhelm
    Sapphire Wilhelm Year ago

    High quality content.
    As a french native I often struggle to understand english speakers but your english is very clean and understandable, thanks for that.

  • Jika TV
    Jika TV 2 years ago +2

    You're hilarious! But also helpful :) watching this is 2019 still relevant! ♥️♥️♥️

  • Danielle Swisher
    Danielle Swisher 2 years ago

    Really like your channel; I have learned a lot about Japan from you and it is an added inspiration as to why I want to go someday. You are right about finding Japanese people outside of Japan is hard and I have used websites like italki since moving to NYC. However I personally discovered a way beyond italki to tap into the local Japanese community here in NYC by going to both Little Japan's (one located in Midtown East and another in The Village at Saint Mark`s.) Japanese themed groups on Meet up also helped me to connect with Japanese people, and as a result, I know more than three people. I am curious if you can use similar methods to tap into other large Japanese expat communities, like those in Sidney, London, Peru, and Sao Paolo?

  • Andy Garbett
    Andy Garbett 2 years ago +28

    "Don't worry our conversations aren't normally that shit" - Literally spat out my tea laughing :D

  • shoezomaku
    shoezomaku 11 months ago

    I would say that last point might be the most important one of them all, regardless of language. When I was learning Sign Language a few years back, I noticed that almost everyone in the class would revert to using spoken English when they got frustrated and couldn't remember a certain word. On my first day I happened to sit next to an actual deaf person who was a native signer (why was he in a class for sign language? Because he learned sign in the 70's and wanted to update his vocabulary. Plus it was an easy A for him). This forced me to only use sign language with him. I was literally unable to revert to my default language. This helped me IMMENSLY to the point where I became one of the best signers in the class. Now, maybe that would have happened anyway, but I think it is more because I was forced to study and practice so that I could communicate with him. We ended up being partners in every single class (we took all of the college's sign language class together). My point is, finding a way to only use Japanese when trying to learn it, will go a long way in you actually retaining what you need to.

  • Sapphire Studio
    Sapphire Studio 4 years ago +3327

    This guy.......... is so likable like what.

    • Modern Enlightenment
      Modern Enlightenment 2 years ago

      Sapphire Studio I have the biggest crush on him 🥰😂

    • Wilson S
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      Because he's funny

    • VermillionCain
      VermillionCain 2 years ago +1

      He reminds me of Peter Serafinowicz, and yeah, he comes across as very likeable.

  • Blossoming Tulip
    Blossoming Tulip 2 years ago

    Hi Chris,
    I've been enjoying your video's for several years now, and I feel it's time to learn Japanese properly (I went there twice, and I'm planning to go again for a longer period of time) So I'm trying the steps you describe in the video. I'm stuck at being Rufus however. ( Maybe that's because I'm female :P ) If the genki books take you up to 1000 words, how do you know which 500 words you should add to your vocabulary, in terms of how usefull they are and how to 'find' them? Is there a list of it or something similar?
    Also, my cat may be dead, but, if she isn't, I'm sure she wouldn't shout 'nonsense' at the screen, but she would scream how amazing your video's are :D
    Keep up the amazingly creative, funny and good work!

  • 白川間瀬流
    白川間瀬流 2 years ago +5

    If you want to have an real conversation in japanese, thats just silly.
    The basic vocabulary you need is roughly 20'000 words. If you learn 35words/day (what is a _lot_), you still need 2 years of everyday learning.
    The average japanese does have an passive vocabulary of 60'000 - 120'000 words

    • Acro_LL
      Acro_LL 11 months ago

      @白川間瀬流 Uh...

    • 白川間瀬流
      白川間瀬流 11 months ago

      @Acro_LL the vocabulary of an 18 year old is around 80'000. An 30 year old can easily have an passive vocabulary of 200'000.
      Those 20'000 common words are not as many as you might think. Lots of them you can understand even though you never seen or used them if you see them once.

    • Acro_LL
      Acro_LL 11 months ago

      Is this 🧢 right? Not even a native English knows that much words.

    • Pico
      Pico 2 years ago

      @CuccoPotPie 12 Yeah, I somewhat agree, but I’m really not fond of using “speaking Japanese” alone, without giving any indication of proficiency level. It’s just that it seems way too vague for me, and may have a totally different meaning depending who you're talking to. For me, you cannot say that a beginner making only very simple sentences doesn’t “speak Japanese”, he does, it’s just that he speaks beginner Japanese. So, using "beginner", "intermediate", "advanced", "fluent" seems more precise and correct to me.
      Then, the problem is that JLPT doesn’t measure your speaking ability. I met some people who had N1, had been studying Japanese for 5 years at uni, but were struggling to make sentences because they had never been to Japan, and had only learned in books. On the other hand, you can find people who are quite good at communicating, even though they can barely read any Japanese.
      But on an average basis, N3 or N3 to N2 should be indeed the level where you start to be able to have somewhat normal casual conversations with friends. But if you go out drinking with like 5 Japanese friends and you’re the only foreigner, if the party livens up and they speak fast to one another, make jokes, etc, you will probably have a hard time really understanding what’s happening…
      Good luck to you, if you’re learning!

    • CuccoPotPie 12
      CuccoPotPie 12 2 years ago

      @Pico Early I was watching ThatJapaneseManYuta, and he had written that he felt N3 was where you can really start to say that you "speak Japanese". Genki 1 & 2 take you up to N3 AFAIK, so I think that a more appropriate title might be, "Learn to Speak Japanese in 6 months!". That title is still kinda ridiculous, but I think it's probably more accurate. But seeing as you are N1, I'm interested in your opinion. Would you call N3 "speaking Japanese"?

  • Greek Dandy
    Greek Dandy Year ago

    Using a Thesaurus instead of a vocabulary whenever I had an unknown word in english, when I moved to Scotland, is what allowed me to be almost as fluent as a native speaker within a year.
    I can proudly say that after 6-7 years I could easily pass for native, accent and all.

  • Lex
    Lex 2 years ago +3

    I've literally been learning for a year on my own, wish I'd found this earlier

    • Acro_LL
      Acro_LL 11 months ago

      How you’re doing good

    • itami
      itami 11 months ago

      how's your progress

  • Sakawatchi
    Sakawatchi 5 years ago +10

    I just started picking up Japanese, but after learning Chinese (meaning Kanji is a piece of cake for me, muahaha) I agree with every step on this list. Another tip is also to use music and/or TV-dramas with people speaking 'standard' accents to improve listening and speaking. I learned a lot of Chinese by repeating what people said in TV dramas. Kinda killed the story with all the pause-repeat-reverse-listen again-pause-repeat, but good for learning. One 20-minute episode a day (which will end up taking more like 40 minutes) is all that's needed. Can be done when on the bus or the toilet.

  • Sundial Music
    Sundial Music 2 years ago

    Great video 👍 very useful and practical advice.

  • SomeAnimeGirl
    SomeAnimeGirl 2 years ago

    I used a lot of these tips while learning Spanish! If you can figure a way to explain what you're trying to say, it is so motivational because you can have confidence in your ability to hold a conversation. I'm about 8 months into my Japanese and having a blast; throwing my kanji workbook across the room is very stress relieving 😅

  • ✨Simply A Kinda Sus Samurai.

    This is good advice for any language as well. I'm learning spanish as well as japanese and whenever we dont have a word in our vocabulary, we have to find a way to say it using the words we do know

  • GK Fujiwara Esquibel

    If only Romaji is used in Japanese textbooks for foreigners.
    It would've made things easier.

  • Ruth Espiritu
    Ruth Espiritu 6 years ago +241

    People saying it's impossible to be fluent in Japanese in 6 months, well I beg to differ.
    I became conversational in English in about the same amount of time when I moved to Australia. It really depends on the person's willingness to learn the language though. Before I became confident in the language, I did learn English maybe... the same equivalent as Genki 1 and 2 back in the Philippines. How I learned English was not immersive and interactive though so I found it really difficult to conversate on my first week of high school in Sydney. I literally only used "I am..." and Yes/No answers. I guess I became conversational in English because I had to though. でも今,日本語を勉強しています.
    毎日,日本語を話して,アニメを見ます. Even to myself I talk in Japanese, so I learn how to be more natural and fluid in speaking it, and not just know how to say これはペンです.

    • Acro_LL
      Acro_LL 11 months ago

      @Ruth Espiritu No not really, Rosetta Stone is really bad at teaching Japanese

    • VIRABAATAR the linguistic hero
      VIRABAATAR the linguistic hero Year ago

      If you live in Japan and you are surrounded by people who can't speak English, you will pick up Japanese very quickly.

    • haha
      haha Year ago

      I haven't met any Filipino who cant speak fluent English 😅. Some of them even use words that Australians dont use in daily conversations. It's not comparable to learning Japanese.

    • SelfWIP
      SelfWIP 3 years ago

      Took me 21 years to be fluent in English TTuTT I envy you.

    • v
      v 4 years ago

      tbh, the most foolproof way to sound fluent in english is to be super casual, make up mashed-up words and play with grammar and whatnot. People that speak too formally either sound like newscasters or really obvious second language learners.

  • Wally Dela Cerna
    Wally Dela Cerna Year ago

    Hello Sir! I just want to ask if there are tips you can give to me on how to learn the readings of the characters? I'm struggling on how to start it since I'm already finish to learn the characters by using RTK.

  • Jan Loula
    Jan Loula 8 months ago

    I knew a Czech girl who worked at a Japanese shop that was (mostly) visited by Japanese expats and also had a lot of Japanese coworkers. She actually learned to speak fluent Japanese in 6 months that way. She didn't know any kanji though.

  • Reener Gann
    Reener Gann 6 months ago

    Could I learn Japanese from watching anime without subtitles for a year or is that setting myself up for failure? A experiment I've been wanting to try but not sure if I should go through with

  • Jamaal Gervais
    Jamaal Gervais 2 years ago +1

    I laughed and learned a ton from this video. Thanks man

  • J B
    J B 7 months ago +2

    All you need is lots of free time, an exceptional memory, motivation, unwavering focus, a young adaptable brain, social skills for practicing with people, self confidence, and a supportive environment. All I had was time. I struggle with depression, a very poor memory, ADD, a bit of brain damage, being in my mid 40s, paralyzing social anxiety, extremely low self esteem, and a wife who just left because I'm such a failure at everything. I spent more than a year learning and forgot almost everything, started over, and now I'm failing again. I can't possibly succeed, but I've failed to stop trying.

    • st. pedro
      st. pedro 3 months ago

      Keep being hard-headed. No matter what anyone says, stay on your path and focus on making small wins wherever you can.

    • xTwilightWolvesx
      xTwilightWolvesx 7 months ago

      The biggest successes have times of failure. I’m glad you’ve never given up 😊

  • no
    no Year ago

    Have to learn some Japanese in 12 months, this is definitely going to help!

    • Acro_LL
      Acro_LL 11 months ago

      Don’t rush learning a language.