• Published on Jun 7, 2019
  • Jose Mourinho is being linked with Newcastle United as speculation of a takeover grows. Would True Geordie accept him after everything with Chelsea and Manchester United. #TheKickOff
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  • Desporto
    Desporto Month ago

    Mourinho's Bobby Robson's apprentice.

  • ForHead
    ForHead 3 months ago

    It's sad watching all this excitement then realising, the take over didn't happen, mourinho didn't come, mbappe never signed, mike ashley's still there and steve bruce manages

  • E Edition
    E Edition 3 months ago

    From Rafa and Mourinho to Steve Bruce 😂

  • Ken Besford
    Ken Besford 4 months ago +1

    Michael Owen said Newcastle aren't a big club and he's played for them he would know. Also the fans have deluded ideas of grandure

  • Ken Besford
    Ken Besford 4 months ago +1

    Steve Bruce all the way haha only Sunderland are big enough in the north east to be taken over by major money, welcome Mr Dell and your $37.9 billion hahahahaha

  • FanVarious
    FanVarious 5 months ago

    It's weird watching this after what has happened since.

  • Jonny Mee999
    Jonny Mee999 6 months ago

    You ended up with Steve Bruce

  • Fabien Teixeira
    Fabien Teixeira 6 months ago

    As a Manchester United fan, trust me you don't want him. When he's slagging off your best players making them develop an attitude, publicly criticizing your board the fans. No respect for the job its all about himself.

  • Lia Brasov
    Lia Brasov 6 months ago

    Steve Bruce

  • Jamie Samuels
    Jamie Samuels 6 months ago

    Mourinho has said he will never go there because he is a winner.....bullshit, he just knows he won't have endless money thrown at him to buy success as any potential takeover hasn't happened yet. He may have won the title with Porto on a budget, but everywhere else he has has a big pot of money.
    He failed at United by their standards, and wanted more money to spend.
    Mourinho needs money to succeed.

  • efc batista
    efc batista 7 months ago


  • 44deluxe
    44deluxe 7 months ago

    True Geordie channeling his inner Zangief

  • Sammy Khan
    Sammy Khan 7 months ago

    Liverpool fan here,dont let go of Rafa Benitez..with a decent budget,he will build you a great squad

  • ritesh ram
    ritesh ram 7 months ago

    He should have chosen Leicester before rodgers

  • Jack Chew
    Jack Chew 7 months ago +1

    I think the press has been spinning this story out of proportion to reality. In all likelihood, the deal’s gonna go south and meanwhile the spin is unsettling for fans of the club. The most telling sign seems to be that nothing is happening with the Benetez contract renewal. News outlets have to report a short visit back to the training ground as development.

  • Be Nice Be Nice.
    Be Nice Be Nice. 7 months ago

    Terrible idea , if the bastard couldnt handle living up north in Manchester .He could not possibly live in Newcastleupon Tyne ,period !

  • ashku27
    ashku27 7 months ago

    Newcastle a big club? Hahaha. Talk about taking delusion to the next level.

  • T M
    T M 7 months ago

    If Rafa leaves it'll be fuckin crackin if José teks over!

  • Phil Roberts
    Phil Roberts 7 months ago

    Don’t tell me Laurence thinks Newcastle are a bigger club than Everton 🤣

  • cryptoskygreen7
    cryptoskygreen7 7 months ago

    he is a ponce

  • Harley 001
    Harley 001 7 months ago +1

    JM never won at St James, no way he would come

  • Steven Haskell
    Steven Haskell 7 months ago

    Jose is class and Newcastle could be the next man city RICH team.. put them together and Newcastle will fuck over Chelsea and Man u

  • Bing Bong Bing
    Bing Bong Bing 7 months ago +1

    Jose just wants to look good with a shit team spending massive on players and then he's like look what I've done!

    • Peter Elliott
      Peter Elliott 7 months ago +1

      Exactly, there's no way he would've stayed with us when we went down like Rafa did

  • tonytocanova
    tonytocanova 7 months ago

    Newcastle will rise again!

    SIYINCABA DUBE 7 months ago +1

    If newcastle is bought by the Arabs and bring jose mourihno in then newcastle will end up having a great defence players and a force full attacking boys..i see newcastle giving city and liverpool tough time once the Arabs spend big including jose at newcastle..Dreaming...

  • Brad
    Brad 7 months ago +1

    wouldn’t take him here unless we wanna get relegated and play the most boring football in the world

  • deeingalaplike
    deeingalaplike 7 months ago

    Wonder if he'd get forced out of Newcastle by the fans, like Bobby Robson did.

  • Mohamed Abdi
    Mohamed Abdi 7 months ago

    Golden digger 😂😂😂

  • Charlie Toes
    Charlie Toes 7 months ago

    If Rafa goes then Mourinho would be perfect but if Rafa wants to stay he deserves it more as he’s been through shit

  • Badboy88 -11
    Badboy88 -11 7 months ago

    Mourinho and the toon are a match made in heaven. He'd never look back

  • dalore02
    dalore02 7 months ago

    Mourinho will f*ck Newcastle like he has every other team he’s coached before.

  • Andrew Walters
    Andrew Walters 7 months ago

    Fuck no!!!
    We need to keep Rafa!

  • bobby Giggs tekkers
    bobby Giggs tekkers 7 months ago

    Mourinho will ruin your club. As a United fan, I'd never wish such a curse on anyone but liverpool

  • paabaa1
    paabaa1 7 months ago

    Mourinho going to Newcastle. Stop reading The Scum for fuck sake.

  • paabaa1
    paabaa1 7 months ago

    Mourinho going to Newcastle. Stop reading The Scum for fuck sake.

  • edosupra14
    edosupra14 7 months ago

    Give your girlfriends shirt back guy

  • ——
    —— 7 months ago

    Rafa all day long but if not mourinho is meant to be, he talks about us in all the respectful and positives things he says about the club. Sir bobby’s apprentice.

  • Bon Scott
    Bon Scott 7 months ago +1

    They already have a decent manager, just a dodgy owner.😉

  • Dandy1 Dandy1
    Dandy1 Dandy1 7 months ago

    As a Liverpool fan with much respect for Newcastle and rafa benitez, I have to say toon fans are quite deluded over jose taking over

  • Paul Charles
    Paul Charles 7 months ago

    Mourinho would be mad to go to Newcastle!

  • Emmett Oliver
    Emmett Oliver 7 months ago

    Jose would love to go there.. Rafa would love to leave.. makes sence

  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson 7 months ago +1

    Newcastle be lucky to get him. Top manager.

  • Michael Dorego
    Michael Dorego 7 months ago

    I'd love to see Mourinho go to a mid table team and take them to the top. Porto wasn't mid table club in Portugal, but they were in Europe. That Uefa cup and Champs League was a huge acheivement.

  • Raphael
    Raphael 7 months ago

    He’s a little runt of the litter that Rory he’s an embarrassment to Chelsea fans

  • Ann Thackray
    Ann Thackray 7 months ago

    RAfA. To stay at club give him a chance,he stayed with us it’s time we stood with him

    KING SIZE HOMER 7 months ago

    Clinton Morrison is a clown

  • G Fletcher
    G Fletcher 7 months ago

    Mourinho will only appear if the team as unlimited funds, and really does Newcastle want this path?

  • Tanvir Chowdhury
    Tanvir Chowdhury 7 months ago

    The thing with Mourinho is he is hated by everyone unless he’s on your side

  • Naineet B
    Naineet B 7 months ago

    Always liked NUFC but If it wasn't for Rafa they would be mid table in championship with their fate sealed with Ashley forever. Now there's money on the horizon and everybody's thinking short term. And make no mistake Jose is...Short term. Good luck to you Rafa for next project.

  • No Body
    No Body 7 months ago

    But the main question is that is Newcastle going to buy Messi or Neymar or both of them?🤔

  • Ace Harris
    Ace Harris 7 months ago

    Rafa usually follows Mourinho, except at Chelsea, and fucks it up.

  • konquer247
    konquer247 7 months ago +2

    As a Manchester United fan, I have a mixed feeling on Jose. But
    I always want him to remain in the English Premier League. The EPL
    will be a lot interesting to watch.

  • Robert Laing
    Robert Laing 7 months ago

    So you lot on this show are buzzing with the takeover and maureen but was full of. Insults about man city and there money how does it feel to turn in to the thing u hate most a team with money

  • Shaun Taylor
    Shaun Taylor 7 months ago

    I don't want Mourinho at Newcastle he is such a misery.

  • Mahfuz Ali
    Mahfuz Ali 7 months ago

    I forgot his name in the red hat, who is he?

  • yalmogbel
    yalmogbel 7 months ago

    Rafa is better

  • Burncourtable
    Burncourtable 7 months ago

    Mourinho is a bigger bus parker than Rafa. In fact that fucker parks the Boeing 747.

  • TheReservoirduck
    TheReservoirduck 7 months ago

    I would still prefer Rafa.

  • Karl M
    Karl M 7 months ago

    Stay away from Mourihno. Satan.

  • Up'D
    Up'D 7 months ago +1

    Mourinho wins trophies like it or not he's a proper manager.