BIG Real Madrid transfer news, Conte to Inter + Aston Villa back in EPL! ► Onefootball Daily News

  • Published on May 28, 2019
  • Onefootball Daily News is back to bring you the best football news and transfer rumours! Today we take a look at the big Real Madrid transfer news about Eden Hazard's move, Antonio Conte looks set to take over at Inter Milan, Gattuso resigns as manager of AC Milan and Aston Villa and Union Berlin win their playoffs to reach the Premier League and Bundesliga respectively.
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    Photo credits: Getty
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Comments • 229

  • Onefootball English
    Onefootball English  3 months ago +82

    If you were Real Madrid president, which one of these would you sign: Mbappe, Griezmann or Hazard? Pick ONE.

  • paul henderson
    paul henderson 3 months ago

    Mbappe! !!

  • Kemuel Cox
    Kemuel Cox 3 months ago

    Ok wait, James Rodriguez.... WAS ON LOAN!?
    I thought Bayern bought him.

  • Keyur Govindsamy
    Keyur Govindsamy 3 months ago

    Gareth Bale to Chelsea

  • Lvg Philosophy
    Lvg Philosophy 3 months ago

    Barca hierarchy don't trust Messi no more, that's why they are trying to get Neymar back, it's obvious. Messi hasn't scored in a away CL game for many many years, and this is hurt Barca.

  • Michael Grammatikos
    Michael Grammatikos 3 months ago

    Paddy should have this job full time, he's a good presenter. Matt is tedious and uninspiring.

  • Aayuosh Rao
    Aayuosh Rao 3 months ago +1

    The only transfers I am seeing in the app is about man utd

  • Moe Lumeka
    Moe Lumeka 3 months ago

    Lol I think I'll stick to Sané.
    Congrats to Aston Villa and Berlin👌

  • Njuguna Njuguna
    Njuguna Njuguna 3 months ago +2

    Drops mic 0:00-0:05

  • Thunder Bear
    Thunder Bear 3 months ago +1

    Sane is a Senegalese last name, so you are pronouncing it wrong.

  • Sylvester Banini
    Sylvester Banini 3 months ago

    Being talented doesn’t make you a good leader. Scoring a boat load of goals doesn’t make you a good leader. Except Ronaldo he is just charismatic and people are drawn to him. But look at hazard, Neymar, and Pogba. Not really the best leaders even when they are the best player on the pitch.

  • Elhadji Mbow
    Elhadji Mbow 3 months ago

    Sané is not a German last name it’s a Senegalese last name so you don’t pronounce it like that

  • John Blessed
    John Blessed 3 months ago

    It is good that Neymar will not be Brazil's captain, he is not mature enough to be their captain.

  • Brandon Neal
    Brandon Neal 3 months ago +1

    This ginger bloke is the worst guy

  • kua kua
    kua kua 3 months ago

    Nice vid Paddy

    ORANGE JUICE 3 months ago

    But sane's name isn't from Germany is it it's French

  • 5ive6ix harmon
    5ive6ix harmon 3 months ago +2

    Were in England so keep it as sane mate.

  • Super F
    Super F 3 months ago +1

    If i was perez id sign mbappe he is already in same quality as hazard and better than griezmann and he is only 20 !! ❤️

  • Elisha Caitlin
    Elisha Caitlin 3 months ago +1

    Valverde *JUST LEAVE*

  • Srikanth Tadipatri
    Srikanth Tadipatri 3 months ago

    Wondering if Matt would be watching this video from Greece and laughing at the start of the video

  • PauloDybalaGamer_2569
    PauloDybalaGamer_2569 3 months ago +1

    where is matt on a break? in wchich city

  • Francis
    Francis 3 months ago

    But he has a Senegaleese surname. And its pronounced [Ss]ane

  • Neoni
    Neoni 3 months ago +3

    No Matt automatic dislike

  • Shonovan 'Novan' Naicker
    Shonovan 'Novan' Naicker 3 months ago +1

    Lol i was thinking why the hell u kept saying zane

  • FIFA career modes movies
    FIFA career modes movies 3 months ago +1

    No wonder why English people can't pronounce

  • Prithvi
    Prithvi 3 months ago +1

    Tottenham FANCLUB
    Why do you hate Indians ??

  • Wes LeFlore
    Wes LeFlore 3 months ago +2

    Another great show at the end of a great season. Excited to see where everyone ends up. More excited to see Pool lift the trophy.

    • Wes LeFlore
      Wes LeFlore 3 months ago +1

      @Onefootball English Maybe Cornet? I'd personally really like another top defender. Feel like we can score, but have to stop scoring to stay up top.

    • Onefootball English
      Onefootball English  3 months ago

      Who is your big transfer this summer then?

  • ANi
    ANi 3 months ago +8

    Nicely started the video

  • weezy wizzy
    weezy wizzy 3 months ago

    You guys are great. These daily news are a must watch. Thank you

  • Ghost Szn
    Ghost Szn 3 months ago

    Messi 🐐

    MARC RODERICK 3 months ago +1

    Matt wil be back after the Champions League final

  • The Great Phil Swift, Our Prometheus

    Eh. Neymar isn't mentally strong enough to be captain anyway, whereas I'd trust Dani Alves to lead the team.

    • ierbutza21
      ierbutza21 3 months ago

      Enzo probably they hoped it would change his attitude,guess it didn't,but my god that was one dumb appointment for such a big team like Brazil

    • Enzo
      Enzo 3 months ago

      Neymar is just an angsty teenager. How did he even become captain?

  • Kenneth Wepia Akibate
    Kenneth Wepia Akibate 3 months ago

    Sane is a french/senegalese name, his dad is from Senegal so it shouldn't have a german pronunciation.

  • sarthak singh
    sarthak singh 3 months ago +1

    0:01 Paddy👏👏👏

  • Richard B
    Richard B 3 months ago

    I am not in Germany so it's saine

  • TrawlrZ
    TrawlrZ 3 months ago +10

    Tuesday feels: Huddersfield to beat Fulham in the UCL final
    Real Madrid to get relegated
    Borrusia Dortmund to beat Bayern München in the relegation battle
    Arsenal to get promoted to Championship
    Man City to be relegated to National League
    PSG to finish 10th in Ligue 1
    And finally, Barnet to beat Chievo & Verona in the UEL final.

    • Ozan Kabak
      Ozan Kabak 3 months ago

      United to get liquidated and Spurs to get fined for FFP

    • Enzo
      Enzo 3 months ago +3

      Don't forget Liverpool beating Leicester to clinch the MLS title

  • Anonymous Beats
    Anonymous Beats 3 months ago +3

    How come in juventus’ year review they got a 7/10 after winning serie a and reaching quarterfinals but Barca got a 6/10 after winning la liga and reaching semi finals??

  • Adam Coughlin
    Adam Coughlin 3 months ago +7

    All 3 teams promoted to the Premier League are members of the original Premier League teams of 92/93. The old gang's getting back together.

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  • 100,000 subscribers without any videos challenge

    Sane is an African name I dont think the German pronunciation has anything to do with how you say it

  • Jake Willow
    Jake Willow 3 months ago

    Is it just me or am I hearing an Aussie

  • Sassy Ranma
    Sassy Ranma 3 months ago +17

    2:55 *Turning the green of the pitch to a sea of red within moments of the final whistle.* Paddy was on fire with this video. 🔥

  • angel
    angel 3 months ago +3

    roberto martinez to barça according to the app

  • Thabo Khuzwayo
    Thabo Khuzwayo 3 months ago +2

    Don’t correct or argue with us , we’ll protest against u ! I’m just playing man !

    • Thabo Khuzwayo
      Thabo Khuzwayo 3 months ago

      This is why the one football community keeps growing!!

    • Onefootball English
      Onefootball English  3 months ago

      Haha don't worry, we're happy to have a friendly debate!

  • Don'T Read My Name
    Don'T Read My Name 3 months ago +4

    Sané is originated from senegal like mané,we dont say sadio zane, say the common pronunciation of word that everyone knows and dont try to be extraa fancier because nobody cares about german language when the channel itself named as OneFootball English.

    • Charlie 06
      Charlie 06 3 months ago +2

      Onefootball is apparently based in Germany.

  • Lwando Madikizela
    Lwando Madikizela 3 months ago +7

    So no Mbappe and Griezmann then. Hazard will join then soon. Ramos is Madrid legend even he's a douche bag.
    Congrats for Aston Villa for returning to the Premier league. Waited 3 years after their dismal relegation.
    Congrats for Union Berlin for securing promotion to the Bundesliga. I hope they stay for 1 season.
    So Gatusso resigns after Milan failed to qualify for the Champions league for the 6th year running. Inter Milan will get a better manager but must fix their off field problems.
    So Neymar will not captain Brazil to glory but his best friend Dani Alves will. Instead of making trouble Neymar needs to improve if he wants to dominate football to prove his critics wrong and win the Copa America.

  • Wesley Teh
    Wesley Teh 3 months ago +4

    Martinez fails with Everton
    I know let him take over Belgium a Spanish Man coaching a national team that has 3 offical languages non of which are Spanish scraps through Japan finishes 3rd and considered for both Barca and Real Jobs

    • ATS
      ATS 3 months ago

      Wesley Teh tbh he didn’t fail at Everton he did well replacing moyes but he didn’t have as much money compared to Everton rn at belgium he did really well belgium where unlucky not to win the wc they where insane and I think it’s obsurd he is getting these links so I’ll agree with that

  • Da Slayr
    Da Slayr 3 months ago +15

    Suck it Neymar, you weren’t a good leader anyway. I just hope my favorite player is a good captain

    • Da Slayr
      Da Slayr 3 months ago

      Dani Alves

    • ATS
      ATS 3 months ago

      Ej CoolZ dani alves

    • Eoghan Cooley
      Eoghan Cooley 3 months ago

      Da Slayr who’s ur favorite player

  • Lionel Messi Is The Goat
    Lionel Messi Is The Goat 3 months ago +4

    Neymar would be a snake if he goes to real and as barca fan I would be disappointed

  • Jimmy james Computers
    Jimmy james Computers 3 months ago


  • MSC TheGamer
    MSC TheGamer 3 months ago +22

    They should given Neymar's sister the Brazil Captaincy

  • Rashida Jabeen
    Rashida Jabeen 3 months ago +3

    Its every season, everyone says Hazards gone to RM....and it never happens

    • Rashida Jabeen
      Rashida Jabeen 3 months ago +1

      @Enzo Its worth no money coz he plays for us and were in the CL

    • Enzo
      Enzo 3 months ago

      Pretty sure Chelsea need to sell him now to get atleast some money for him

    • Sammy 10
      Sammy 10 3 months ago


    • Prithvi
      Prithvi 3 months ago

      Rashida Jabeen
      Except now his contract is almost over

  • James Melia
    James Melia 3 months ago +3

    Where is De Ligt going? I'm confused!

    • Prithvi
      Prithvi 3 months ago +2

      You sure
      Things have stalled

    • angel
      angel 3 months ago


    • Prithvi
      Prithvi 3 months ago +1

      James Melia
      Away from ajax

  • Diogo Inverno
    Diogo Inverno 3 months ago +8

    WOW i think my thing about ZZZZZZZZZZZZZané yesterday went into the video XDD thanks

  • David Mafuta
    David Mafuta 3 months ago

    We want Matt back

  • FalleN Recons
    FalleN Recons 3 months ago

    Rate this RMA squad out of 10
    GK De Gea
    RB Carvajal
    CB Ramos
    CB Varane
    LB Alex Sandro
    DM Casemiro
    CM Palacios
    CM Isco
    RW Suso
    CF Icardi
    LW Hazard

    • Enzo
      Enzo 3 months ago

      Yeah, they'll just need, oh I don't know, 3 billion pounds to sign all of them. Because that'd be easy.

    • angel
      angel 3 months ago

      keep dreaming this were real

    • Pyro Gaming
      Pyro Gaming 3 months ago


    • Prithvi
      Prithvi 3 months ago

      Alex Hunter
      Why Real Madrid squad??

      GAMING WITH ARFAN 3 months ago +1

      6.5 or 7.5

  • Kofi Amankwah-Sarfo
    Kofi Amankwah-Sarfo 3 months ago +5

    Sané isn't a German name though

    • Shounen_BD04
      Shounen_BD04 3 months ago

      kingpin fii you’re right

    • Charlie 06
      Charlie 06 3 months ago +1

      The pronounciation of the same name often differs from country to country.

  • strongraycool44 :D
    strongraycool44 :D 3 months ago +4

    Pretend i just said something really funny

  • Anand Shankar
    Anand Shankar 3 months ago +2

    What about De Ligt?

    • Anand Shankar
      Anand Shankar 3 months ago

      @Onefootball English Man U😍😍😍 we seriously need him

    • Onefootball English
      Onefootball English  3 months ago

      Wait and see - where would you want him to go?

  • Swad Bodhy
    Swad Bodhy 3 months ago +10

    Welcome back Aston villa... And stay there!!

    • goose loose
      goose loose 3 months ago

      PLEBARA Jeo'te won the title, not the playoff

    • **********
      ********** 3 months ago +1

      @goose loose Wolverhampton

    • goose loose
      goose loose 3 months ago

      Unlikely. Every team that’s won the promotion playoff the last 5 years has gone back down except Huddersfield.

    • **********
      ********** 3 months ago

      Best club ever