Arctic Monkeys: She Looks Like Fun

  • Published on May 15, 2018
  • Late Late Show music guest Arctic Monkeys performs "She Looks Like Fun" for the Stage 56 audience.
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  • Alan Gonzalez
    Alan Gonzalez 40 minutes ago


  • Ian Maguire
    Ian Maguire 4 hours ago +1

    RIP mitch hedberg

  • Your Nan
    Your Nan 5 hours ago

    I like it but dont the little guitar solo bits kinda sound poorly improvised?

  • Seng Lennon
    Seng Lennon 6 hours ago

    Magical mystery tour

  • Erhan Achmad
    Erhan Achmad 7 hours ago

    Richard Hammond on vocal during his off time from Grand tour

  • Jennifer Munoz Valdivieso

    His voice is like velvet.

  • Definitely Not Dingse!
    Definitely Not Dingse! 11 hours ago

    Did he really just say knobhead?

  • timothy790110
    timothy790110 11 hours ago

    stop with the "spontaneous" fake applause ffs.

  • Apple Peel
    Apple Peel 11 hours ago

    does this song remind anyone else of Boris the Spider by The Who? Or is it just me

  • GeorgeMH
    GeorgeMH 11 hours ago

    it's so funny that not only that second singers laughs at the low note he has to sing, but also Matthew Helders @0:08

  • kiddiediddler
    kiddiediddler 11 hours ago

    they stole that guitar riff from the white stripes - dead leaves and the dirty ground

  • Matias Avila
    Matias Avila 12 hours ago

    the "cloudy skies" part :O

  • Thrillseeker8922
    Thrillseeker8922 14 hours ago

    What’s with the fangirls in the background?

  • TeddyPicker191
    TeddyPicker191 15 hours ago

    Good mornin cheeseburger snowboardin

  • Jack bizzle
    Jack bizzle 15 hours ago

    Looks like bono ate the 2009 version of Alex turner and then took a shit 😂

  • Valery Klipp
    Valery Klipp 17 hours ago

    This song is simply a masterpiece! I will use it on my channel playlist!

  • Elisemari.r
    Elisemari.r 18 hours ago

    Anyone else getting 70's vibes from Alex?

  • Bendydick Cuckatoo
    Bendydick Cuckatoo 19 hours ago +1

    this performance has been a turning point in my opinion on the album

  • Victor Della Franca
    Victor Della Franca 22 hours ago

    WOW!! Cameron Avery from Tame Impala on keys, how did I not know about this!!

  • Ams S
    Ams S 22 hours ago

    Some glad they are back in an era where pop is at its shittest we needed a bit of classic rock to be injected back into the mainstream

  • Nate Strasburg
    Nate Strasburg Day ago +2

    Why does Alex Turner look like Bono now?



  • nfgdnflg sdfsdfsd

    La poderosa muerte

  • Patricio Cabrera

    I have bought the new album a few days ago and i love their new I am drunk af and listen to their live performances.

  • Ruan Faria Valente

    Does anyone know the name of Alex's haircut ?

  • kOO
    kOO Day ago

    personally preferred all the live sets to the studio version

  • WILZ
    WILZ Day ago

    The album is fantastic, takes a few listens. I think it's their best album to date, love it!

  • Monarky
    Monarky Day ago

    daddy’s home

  • ivopais
    ivopais Day ago

    This looked like fun! :)

  • Maisy Floss
    Maisy Floss Day ago

    Uh, lucky audience members!! I would kill to see them live, I'm not even kidding. I would murder someone, steal their tickets and make it look like a suicide. (Wow, that got dark real quick.) For more details on my murder plan, check your backyard. I'm waiting.

  • SpooderEd
    SpooderEd Day ago

    im gay for alex turner

  • Robson Noia
    Robson Noia Day ago +1

    If they say they were inspired by the band Prefab Sprout, I believe!

  • nicky miles
    nicky miles Day ago +1

    Let's all be honest, this is shit!


    Fck pop music

  • Alejandro Chacon

    Intro looks like Pink Floyd

  • Irene Captain
    Irene Captain Day ago

    holy shit... alex is a sex god😍

  • Blue Marble Band

    Like Arctic Monkeys? Swedish Indie-rock band Blue Marble have a music video out! The song is sung in Swedish and have influences from The Strokes, Depeche Mode, Franz Ferdinand etc. Check it out!

  • Milan Intl Bomb
    Milan Intl Bomb Day ago


  • Christina Stark
    Christina Stark Day ago

    This version has made it my fave song
    Also this is the best I’ve heard Alex’s voice!!!

  • sasha chornyi
    sasha chornyi Day ago

    Bono looks so young here///

  • Justin Scott
    Justin Scott Day ago

    Alex looks like Bono

  • Rey Records
    Rey Records Day ago

    the guy on the 2nd keyboard is a member of mini mansions right?

  • anthony cullen
    anthony cullen 2 days ago

    they’ve just made another masterpiece! all of them reivented themselves around the new tunes that alex has written. jamie’s guitar is so dirt and present, matt’s drums lines are less showing off, but giving exactly what the songs ask for and nick’s bass lines are fucking badass!!! what a great album, folks!

  • Luis Enrique Yáñez Gómez

    My theory it's that this song is about scrolling through Arielle Vandenberg's Instagram feed

  • Max  Her
    Max Her 2 days ago

    Can someone tell me what sunglasses is the singer wearing please ?

  • Aonarch
    Aonarch 2 days ago

    His voice has really matured. Sounds fantastic.

  • Beatriz Pinto
    Beatriz Pinto 2 days ago +2

    Wow this performance made me enjoy this song a lot more than the studio version. Amazing!!!

  • Ben Franklin
    Ben Franklin 2 days ago

    Matt Helders is on fire

  • Jason Bennett
    Jason Bennett 2 days ago

    will the yanks no wots really happening

  • AnTeallach2011
    AnTeallach2011 2 days ago

    I miss the Arctic Monkeys - what is this self-indulgent shite?

  • Giovana Ramos
    Giovana Ramos 2 days ago

    Bono Vox is that you?

  • logan thomson
    logan thomson 2 days ago


  • Jon Tepper
    Jon Tepper 2 days ago

    fuck alex turner looks like bono with his beard and thoses glasses !

  • Iasmin olly
    Iasmin olly 2 days ago

    Que tiozão que virou nmrl

  • Picnik Brighton
    Picnik Brighton 2 days ago

    I luv the solo

  • James McDonald
    James McDonald 2 days ago

    Who the fuck mixed Turners guitar? Jesus Christ.

  • Shaurya Gulati
    Shaurya Gulati 2 days ago

    One, two, three, four
    She looks like fun
    She looks like fun
    She looks like fun
    She looks like
    Smile like you've got a straw in something tropical
    I've got the party plugged right into my skull
    Wayne Manor, what a memorable N.Y.E
    Good morning
    (She looks like fun)
    (She looks like fun)
    (She looks like)
    Finally, I can share with you through cloudy skies
    Every whimsical thought that enters my mind
    There's no limit to the length of the dickheads we can be
    (She looks like fun)
    (She looks like fun)
    (She looks like)
    Finally, there's a place where you can wag your tongue
    Baby, but why can't we all just get along?
    Dance as if somebody's watching, 'cause they are
    No one's on the streets
    We moved it all online
    As of March
    I'm so full of shite
    I need to spend less time stood around in bars
    Waffling on to strangers all about martial arts
    And how much I respect them
    Key changes
    (She looks like fun)
    (She looks like fun)
    New order
    (She looks like fun)

  • Nik Amir
    Nik Amir 2 days ago

    Alex slowly turning into Bono

  • Duygu Dindoruk
    Duygu Dindoruk 2 days ago

    I can't believe i missed this episode. Damn

  • Gelline Celestial
    Gelline Celestial 2 days ago

    Wow! That was 🔥!

  • 张沛然
    张沛然 2 days ago

    who knows what‘s the Alex‘s jacket and guitar?

  • Ham Prand
    Ham Prand 3 days ago

    3 keyboardist? i guess one of them played audience shout/clap. nice try.

  • awzsome jerusalemite

    this one is awesome!!!!!

  • Ada Wofford
    Ada Wofford 3 days ago

    there's a bit of a melody in there taken from the end of magical mystery tour

  • Esha Jain
    Esha Jain 3 days ago

    I missed them so much!

  • Sir Pinkly
    Sir Pinkly 3 days ago

    I get the feeling somebody got a heap of inspiration from Mike Patton.

  • Jake Mcglynn
    Jake Mcglynn 3 days ago

    The northern humour in full effect

  • Tim Claridge
    Tim Claridge 3 days ago

    that guitar did not stay in tune long

  • BGz GamersVoid
    BGz GamersVoid 3 days ago

    Going to get a cheeseburger now ✌

  • aruallauraarual
    aruallauraarual 3 days ago +1

    NOOOOO why does he look like Bono back in 2005?!

  • Johnno
    Johnno 3 days ago

    you might like my new song "melancholia" - check it out :)

  • tiltingpoppies
    tiltingpoppies 3 days ago

    wow he is a dream man

  • Wadsmitter
    Wadsmitter 3 days ago

    Interisting how the chorus kinda turns into 15/8!

  • Вадим Панна

    Tyler Parkford from Minin Mansions is on the keyboard. This is awesome.

  • Diego Solis
    Diego Solis 3 days ago

    70's cocaine dealer.

  • Mojtisek LP
    Mojtisek LP 3 days ago

    This is so arctic monkeys !!

  • Ankush Mishra
    Ankush Mishra 3 days ago

    Cam Avery from Tame Impala now from Arctic Monkeys... No wonder Alex Turner seems to have got some Pondish Nick Albrookness

  • Jesus Rodriguez
    Jesus Rodriguez 3 days ago +1

    Alex looks like he sells guns and fake passports out of the trunk of a car

  • Patrik Wrange
    Patrik Wrange 3 days ago

    Why. Does. It. Have. To. Suck.

  • Nassim Harraka
    Nassim Harraka 3 days ago

    this album lacks inspiration, + it's unnecessarily loud

  • Blue Spruce
    Blue Spruce 3 days ago

    Lyrics aside (although we think those are brilliant also), can we just talk about how well-sung "Cheeeeeeesseeeburgerrrrr" actually is? It seems that Turner has finally truly mastered his own voice. And what an energetic performance! We rate it four stars out of five - and that's unheard of!

  • Kenneth Young
    Kenneth Young 3 days ago

    knobhead is the usa president!not a hard one that!

  • syarifah hanyna
    syarifah hanyna 3 days ago

    Three keyboardist? Seems like you cant have enough..

  • Matthew Lootens
    Matthew Lootens 3 days ago

    Terrible song...

  • agusfcb
    agusfcb 3 days ago

    finally, we can hear old Alex's voice

  • Nick P
    Nick P 3 days ago


  • Miles Rowland
    Miles Rowland 4 days ago

    pretty dumb

  • Mohamad Fatihah
    Mohamad Fatihah 4 days ago

    Worst song

  • Amberdawn Sese
    Amberdawn Sese 4 days ago

    Matt looks like he’s having fun

  • Ronno
    Ronno 4 days ago


  • Phil Hooper
    Phil Hooper 4 days ago

    I feel like only when you speak to people who arent overbearing Arctic Monkeys fans you get the same answer: the album was very average...

    • Daniel Cordoni
      Daniel Cordoni 3 days ago

      it's quite the contrary: many of the 'overbearing fans' are disappointed, while I've read more than once "that's the first album of them I like"

  • Chloe Carter-Daves
    Chloe Carter-Daves 4 days ago

    Alex's beard continues to be very dumb but this song continues to be very good.

  • Yaelgri
    Yaelgri 4 days ago

    It seems to me that this album sounds even better live ❤

  • MeliFry
    MeliFry 4 days ago

    Make a carpool karaoke with them but put Matt in the front seat, he will talk.

  • Woody CFC
    Woody CFC 4 days ago


  • Nathali Puerto laverde

    los conciertos van a hacer un putisimo orgasmo.......... genios!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elliot Marcus
    Elliot Marcus 4 days ago

    Alex is starting to act more and more like Bill Nighy's character in Love Actually

  • Mica Prazak
    Mica Prazak 4 days ago

    It reminds me of an AM take on the Traveling Wilburys track 'Dirty World.'
    She loves bell peppers
    She loves her.....fuel injection
    She loves her......service charge!

  • Neko c
    Neko c 4 days ago

    Holyshit Signs of times