Salah, Shaqiri and Robbo's festive surprise for local school pupils | PRICELESS REACTIONS


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  • Cristina Benitez
    Cristina Benitez 3 days ago

    Shaqiri is cool

  • Kawaii Unicorn
    Kawaii Unicorn 3 days ago +1

    I wish I could see mo salah

  • Ana 31
    Ana 31 3 days ago +1


  • Sujani Peiris
    Sujani Peiris 3 days ago +1

    Stay in liverpool salah 😭😭😭

  • Sujani Peiris
    Sujani Peiris 3 days ago

    Salah is the best

  • Sujani Peiris
    Sujani Peiris 3 days ago

    I like m.salah

  • Savi Aroush
    Savi Aroush 4 days ago

    I would be like 😱 are you real !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Horoshi Chelovek
    Horoshi Chelovek 4 days ago +1

    As-salamu alaykum..))))

  • Nadeem Tarek
    Nadeem Tarek 5 days ago

    صلي علي النبي محمد و افتكر الله

  • Hussein Chini
    Hussein Chini 5 days ago

    Mo.salah kom kom to Danmark
    To me moslim

  • Hossain Robin
    Hossain Robin 5 days ago

  • The joker
    The joker 6 days ago

    الحب ابو مكه ❤

  • Avaan Sami
    Avaan Sami 7 days ago

    Can salah mane and firmino come to papatoetoe central school in new Zealand

  • COLO_ iq
    COLO_ iq 7 days ago


    Maybe 🤣🤣🤣🤣😍

  • Nelson Bardhi
    Nelson Bardhi 7 days ago

    Shaqiri is Albanian🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

  • Ninik Widayanti
    Ninik Widayanti 7 days ago


  • Life with Mia
    Life with Mia 8 days ago +1

    Would do anything to meet the team & Jürgen Klopp!!❤️

  • Meun Shin
    Meun Shin 8 days ago

    Mo Salah is the best player in the world.

  • Onailuj83
    Onailuj83 9 days ago

    English kids are calm... in Brazil the kids would scream and jump and say "whaaaaattt"

  • Yeh Jan
    Yeh Jan 9 days ago

    2 kids who live in my close are in this 😂😂

  • Liam Mogan
    Liam Mogan 9 days ago

    Recharlesen is crap

  • Tounsi Behi
    Tounsi Behi 9 days ago

    صلاح ياريت تعمل مفاجأة لاطفال مصر المرضى بالسرطان و تفرحهم زي ما فرحت اطفال الانجليز.

  • Tounsi Behi
    Tounsi Behi 9 days ago

    صلاح 3>

  • Nana Ahmed
    Nana Ahmed 9 days ago

    So funny Salah 😂❤️

  • هنا القاهره منوعات

    هل من عرب هنا ام اننى وحيد؟

  • lilylj wolf
    lilylj wolf 11 days ago


  • Mp12345
    Mp12345 11 days ago

    Connor and the last girl were so cute :)

  • حبيبة محمد
    حبيبة محمد 11 days ago

    أنا بحب محمد صلاح جدااااا و نفسى يعملي مفاجأة زي دي أو على الأقل أشوفوه بنفسي😍

  • Sploosh Rigolo
    Sploosh Rigolo 11 days ago +1

    6:31 nah

  • Fatema Khanam
    Fatema Khanam 11 days ago

    They are meeting salah but why i am nervous😍😘💓💓💓💓💓💓

  • xMissMilkyWayx
    xMissMilkyWayx 12 days ago

    Why are they so calm id freak out and give them a big hug and im 18 😂

  • Dazzle Carlton
    Dazzle Carlton 13 days ago

    I’ve got Cardiff seoson tickets and when they play Liverpool I really want to see and hug Shaqiri when he comes out.

  • Peder Stave
    Peder Stave 14 days ago

    That evertonian was actually quite funny

    But wrong

  • Ibrāhīm Ecshbēckōff

    5:50 They are Muslim, As-Salam Alaykum to the point.
    I would in place of Salah, this girl would hug tight tight.👍😉😗

  • A Aa
    A Aa 15 days ago

    الله على اخلاقك يا ابو صلاح❤❤❤❤

  • ryan taylor
    ryan taylor 16 days ago

    My favourite Liverpool player is Oxlade-Chamberlain but I am a United fan👍⚽️⚽️

  • J.d Gold
    J.d Gold 17 days ago +2

    I was smiling like an idiot through this whole video

  • hu_17s
    hu_17s 17 days ago

    شعرت بالسعادة 😊 .. 🇮🇶
    I felt happy ❤😊

  • نور الله
    نور الله 18 days ago +1

    نحنو العرب نحب صلاح كثيرا ونفتخ بيه ارجو ان يشاهد صلاح تعليقي

  • Hadyatma Pratama
    Hadyatma Pratama 20 days ago

    This is what we human must do! No judging No racist! Spread the love

  • mariam morsy
    mariam morsy 21 day ago

    I love you salah ♥️😍

  • WiseChip
    WiseChip 21 day ago

    4:35 kid touches salahs hair.

  • فارس القيسي
    فارس القيسي 22 days ago


  • You Are Next
    You Are Next 22 days ago

    That cute "assalamu alaikum"

  • how ya doin
    how ya doin 23 days ago

    7:38 yeah ryt liverpools got 60 points in the pl and evertons got 30

  • Bilal Ahmed
    Bilal Ahmed 23 days ago

    Loving children is good. But ignoring the same in the battlefield of Palestine is worst.

  • Bilal Ahmed
    Bilal Ahmed 23 days ago

    It's Islam that teaches them to do so.Islam teaches to love and respect every human being.

  • Ahmed Poro
    Ahmed Poro 23 days ago

    7:54 😂😂
    I was die from laughter .. When they put Salah in the middle and screamed in his ear .. Salah refers to the man so as not to make them scream second😂😂

  • Muhammad Abdu
    Muhammad Abdu 24 days ago

    The thing I liked most about this video is when the little beautiful blonde girl says, "Maybe".

  • was wasef
    was wasef 25 days ago

    I thought they went to play with syrian childeren

  • هاني علام
    هاني علام 25 days ago


  • Trying Lure
    Trying Lure 25 days ago

    Tbh i want to improve my english, however i still have trouble with british accent :(

  • Thakir Karanii
    Thakir Karanii 25 days ago

    if i was asked who my favoritt LFC player was i would say Big Shaq aka Shakiri

  • Enis Bekteshi
    Enis Bekteshi 25 days ago

    Big Shaq🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

  • Ramy Ramy
    Ramy Ramy 26 days ago


  • Vincent Vangool
    Vincent Vangool 26 days ago

    2:34 Shaq: eyyyyyyy 😂😂

  • Millie Garratt
    Millie Garratt 26 days ago

    I wish I could see mo salah.

  • Ian O Brien
    Ian O Brien 26 days ago

    Please help me make a difference YNWA

  • MFA Knight
    MFA Knight 27 days ago

    I am smiling.. a great video 😊

  • Hisham S
    Hisham S 27 days ago

    Mo salah♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • Alishba Mohammed
    Alishba Mohammed 27 days ago

    I'm ngl yh but salah doesn't care about his football and money he cares about making everyone happy

  • Haricric03
    Haricric03 27 days ago

    Last year’s was better cos they had no idea who Ox was 😂

  • God forgive me
    God forgive me 28 days ago

    الله علليك ي ابو مكه .

  • Baraa Shamoon
    Baraa Shamoon 28 days ago


  • Muhammad Khalis Najmi
    Muhammad Khalis Najmi 29 days ago


  • Senad Bajrami
    Senad Bajrami 29 days ago

    "best LB in the league" best in the world ROBO👍

  • Cap:Alaa M Afifi
    Cap:Alaa M Afifi 29 days ago

    Mo salah😍

  • Ibra BB
    Ibra BB 29 days ago

    The girl (Everton fan) next to Robbo 7:53 didnt shout Liverpool with other kids 😂 (Loyalty)

  • مروان مدحت
    مروان مدحت 29 days ago +1

    #Egypt 2019❤

  • MC Timang Gimbal
    MC Timang Gimbal Month ago +2

    Barakallah for salah, aamiin

  • Dr. RAM English
    Dr. RAM English Month ago

    ربنا يحميك ويكرمك كمان وكمان يا ابوصلاح يا حبيبي

  • Zaid Malik
    Zaid Malik Month ago +1

    Smile on face of kids means everything... Good Liverpool love from CASHMIR...♥

  • Muhammad Farhan agusta

    7:48 I Love Everton
    Lol,And I Love Mancgester United

  • Azfar Mehdi
    Azfar Mehdi Month ago

    Great Muhammad Salah ❤️🌹❤️❤️

  • Albanian Mafia AKSH

    Big Shaq!!

  • Mag Hol
    Mag Hol Month ago

    مش الكل عارف ان الشرقيين عموما عندهم دفء وعاطفه اكتر من الأجانب

  • Rexhep Peci
    Rexhep Peci Month ago +1

    Shaqiri im from kosovo to man our state grows legends

  • Sparsh Sinha
    Sparsh Sinha Month ago

    God , I feel for the Everton fan in there😂 man is surrounded by Liverpool players casually converting him to be a red😂. He is an a very difficult spot😂

  • hassan abdelmeged
    hassan abdelmeged Month ago +1

    اتمنا من الله ان يدوام الحب والسلام في هذا العالم الملئ بالحروب وقتل الاطفال

  • Sam Blom
    Sam Blom Month ago

    This is so fucking brilliant

  • Safiya Khan
    Safiya Khan Month ago +1

    Salah mane fermino shaqiri left hand for leverpool

  • Rekonz Gaming
    Rekonz Gaming Month ago

    Y so awkward

  • Johnny I
    Johnny I Month ago

    Big shaq song no?😂

  • امير امير
    امير امير Month ago

    صلاح كم انت كبير

  • Fatma Mostafa
    Fatma Mostafa Month ago

    This surely brings tears of happiness and joy . Love you Mo Salah 😍😍

  • Mohamed Mohamed
    Mohamed Mohamed Month ago

    بحبك يا ملك مصر

  • Seyam Rahman
    Seyam Rahman Month ago

    What I learned is everton fans are plastic

    • RafaFan
      RafaFan 27 days ago

      Still not as good as Chelsea and Manchester city

  • Jovana Marinković
    Jovana Marinković Month ago


  • Arslan Khanxz
    Arslan Khanxz Month ago

    Salah is next superstar

  • Evie Williams
    Evie Williams Month ago

    Come to Wales!! Barry

  • Kapitan Kaki
    Kapitan Kaki Month ago

    Who said his favourite player is Robertson? 😂

  • Indião FeraGames
    Indião FeraGames Month ago


  • Ahmed Aboulkacem
    Ahmed Aboulkacem Month ago +1

    am from tunisia all love and respect to english people as well as mohamed salah

  • Rola Jaff
    Rola Jaff Month ago


  • tet tetoo
    tet tetoo Month ago

    بلاد المسيحيين بلاد نظام وقوانين وعدل صلاح انخرط مع تقدمهم ...بس لو جاله شيخ سلفى هيقوله بتحتفل مع الأطفال المسيحيين الكريسماس ليه دول كفار...

  • عامر الاسد

    Mo Salah 💔

  • Веселин Кънчев

    Robertson is awesome.

  • Linard Jusufi
    Linard Jusufi Month ago

    Very nice action