Ricky Gervais | Night Of Too Many Stars

  • Published on Oct 21, 2010
  • Here's Ricky's performance on The Night Of Too Many Stars - An Overbooked Benefit for Autism Education.
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  • fluke dog
    fluke dog 2 years ago +64

    Since ive been able to separate ricky from david brent in my head, i cant get enough of him . His stand up is great and the fact he prefers dogs to people, is an athiest and hates people eating noisily just makes him a hero in my eyes 😁👊

    • Dinah Morris
      Dinah Morris 5 months ago

      @JK756 100%. Not much of a God in my experience.

    • Reuben Betts
      Reuben Betts 5 months ago

      @Dinah Morris wah

    • JK756
      JK756 Year ago +2

      @Dinah Morris Millions and billions of people who apparently can't even agree on some of the most basic truths about this supposed greater "consciousness". Maybe because it's all made-up bullshit, the equivalent of bedtime stories for adults to make them feel a little bit better about life. Atheists just have the proper sense to see it for what it is.

    • Dinah Morris
      Dinah Morris Year ago +2

      why is being an atheist so cool in your opinion? like he knows so much better than so many millions and billions of people who do believe in a consciousness beyond our own measly puny existence....

    • Danny Boy_Dannyboy
      Danny Boy_Dannyboy Year ago +1

      Hate ppl eating too loudly ✅
      Loves dogs ✅
      Atheist ✅

  • Zed's Dead
    Zed's Dead 6 years ago +170

    that sick puppy joke goes back many years to the beginning of his career

    • Yo Mama
      Yo Mama 9 months ago

      its not sick actually....

    • Dinah Morris
      Dinah Morris Year ago +1

      not his best work, though i did laugh at the Noah's Ark riff.....

    • MaMeLi260701
      MaMeLi260701 2 years ago +1

      Bill Hicks did a very similar joke about his dying gran.

  • HUY
    HUY 5 years ago +60

    ricky, you're simply the best comedian

    • rootkit
      rootkit 2 years ago +1

      with material derived from conversations sided with the fact that most of us know those are not his ideas? I beg to differ.

  • I Tell You For Free
    I Tell You For Free Year ago +1

    what a legend!. huge balls to perform this routine at a charity event

  • soundslave
    soundslave 9 years ago +30

    When Karl said it, he was being sincere. Ricky is saying as part of his stage persona.

  • hsvmobileac
    hsvmobileac 2 years ago +17

    There's a serious problem with me. I found it just as funny as the first four times.

  • Gleam
    Gleam 2 years ago +8

    Karl actually came up with these “jokes” (it wasn’t really a joke to Karl) on the spot ffs. I wonder how great of a stand up comedian he’d be

    • rootkit
      rootkit 2 years ago +1

      He would be as good as Derek was without an external input such as Steven Merchant's for example. A flop.

  • inn0cencel0st
    inn0cencel0st 10 years ago +1

    Brilliant!! U r a legend Ricky.

  • Robbie O'Mahony
    Robbie O'Mahony Year ago +1

    Ricky is a comedic genius

  • drdassler
    drdassler 2 years ago +1

    100% legend.

  • Sam Bourne
    Sam Bourne 9 years ago

    Completely agree. To be fair to Ricky though, he was in absolute hysterics when Karl said this. He said he was going to burst.

  • im Clever Artist Name
    im Clever Artist Name 5 years ago +10

    Incredible levels of thinking from this guy.

  • Richard McKrell
    Richard McKrell 3 years ago +70

    Ricky stole Karl's joke of "Not another mouth to feed".

    • kimba dull
      kimba dull 7 months ago

      What is Karl’s last name?

    • Richard McKrell
      Richard McKrell Year ago

      @OT S I don't think Ricky would deny he stole Karl's joke. To be accurate, when Karl said this, Karl was actually serious.

    • Richard McKrell
      Richard McKrell Year ago

      @OT S It's Karl's joke, Ricky had nothing to do with it.

    • Connor Fernandes
      Connor Fernandes Year ago

      @Richard McKrell facts

    • Crystal LXIX
      Crystal LXIX Year ago

      @Richard McKrell Im pretty sure Karl would prefer money over fucking recognition

  • Zoe
    Zoe 11 years ago

    Ricky's comic timing is brilliant, and this is mostly his material anyway! He puts his own spin on things and delivers it in his own way, even if about ONE line of it was something Karl said. Get over it, its still brilliant.

  • JCResDocStudt94 l Verified l ᱬ l

    A beautiful bit for so many reasons

  • bulavo
    bulavo 9 years ago +7

    hes so evil! i love him!

  • mary hadfad
    mary hadfad 9 years ago +1

    Well it's a fair point, come to think of it I have heard Eddie Izzard repeat material. Which is odd for a someone who's supposed to be improvising. As for Noble and Moran, I would say they're more than just 'mildly' successful. Dylan videos have millions of views, far more than this. Gervais is just good at pandering to America and exposing himself. His actual stand-up is that well-regarded.

  • Gorilla Pancake
    Gorilla Pancake 11 years ago +8

    When Karl said it, it was much funnier.

  • Simon Becker
    Simon Becker 2 years ago +1

    This joke was presented by Dilkington . The most valued customer

  • Jaguar Snakes
    Jaguar Snakes 2 years ago

    Cant believe the 'died of hypothermia.. result' line didnt get a bigger laugh tbh

  • Matt
    Matt 11 years ago

    Gervais doing his charity 'bit' for the umpteenth time, I see. Get this man a new script writer.

  • Dabs84
    Dabs84 11 years ago +1

    As big a fan as I am of Ricky (and as much as this doesn't really change that), it does annoy me about him when he just uses Karl's genius material in his own stand-up, without crediting him.

  • MrRussellMuscle
    MrRussellMuscle 9 years ago +4

    he's bloody using Karl's words I say !!

  • mrfundah
    mrfundah 11 years ago +6

    haha i would ave loved to see karl up there performing!

  • 38view
    38view 11 years ago


  • SamYorkshireman
    SamYorkshireman 8 years ago +6

    Brilliant! !

  • omgnotaflake
    omgnotaflake 10 years ago

    @aidanja23 Karl is still a funny guy - what he says is clearly supposed to be amusing (no matter how much he actually believes it) I'm sure Karl doesn't mind, but there are several times where Ricky has taken one of Karl's jokes and used it himself.

  • HawkOfGP
    HawkOfGP 10 years ago +1

    Karl Pilkington is genius.

  • Ron S
    Ron S 2 years ago


  • cat 'n' mouse
    cat 'n' mouse 11 years ago +1

    you know someones losing weight when you suddenly notice there ears stick out

  • RSPS Phenom
    RSPS Phenom 2 years ago

    Ofcourse he reused jokes for this, it's a charity gig, if he's not getting paid for it he a'int writing shit 😂😂

  • omifical124
    omifical124 9 years ago

    All true fans know Karl is the mastermind behind this .

  • Annie Legg
    Annie Legg 2 years ago

    The audience didn’t give him the justice his jokes deserve

  • kubek
    kubek 11 years ago


  • sejemandhaha
    sejemandhaha 8 years ago

    instructing and playing in his new series

  • Sofi de la Torre
    Sofi de la Torre 11 years ago

    Such a genius.

  • Marax
    Marax 9 years ago +1

    That'd be awesome, seeing goats on every corner in major citys.
    I'm in.

  • andrew8907
    andrew8907 10 years ago

    i bet ricky performed this before he knew that karl's story would become part of the hit series on HBO. Busted

  • TheBlackJacksItalia
    TheBlackJacksItalia 9 years ago +2

    Thing is, karl said it (as always) seriously

  • John Howley
    John Howley 9 years ago +1

    haha .. guess some people don't know sarcasm!

  • metalorg
    metalorg 11 years ago

    That was something Karl said but to be honest Rick and Steve did coax it out of him. Karl would still be toiling in the dark at XFM if they hadn't swept him up and sent him to the third world living in caves and eating bugs, squeezing and putting a bin lid on his head- so Rick is perfectly justified.

  • g1ng3r1
    g1ng3r1 11 years ago

    Who cares that he used a line from someone that he basically created, im thinking making Karl a millionaire more than makes up for it. Ricky Gervais is a genius and one of the worlds comedy greats

  • LionScar
    LionScar 10 years ago +3

    And people say Ricky steals Karl's jokes...
    I've never witnessed Karl telling a joke, he IS the joke.

  • Frederick
    Frederick 9 years ago

    I hope he at least asked Karl for that joke.

  • sunonthewindow
    sunonthewindow 10 years ago

    I love the 'what?' face at 1:23. He does it quite a bit and it is genius.

  • Jathena Jek
    Jathena Jek 11 years ago

    @BrunoSantosOrg I love it that you call people ignorants, even though you freely admit you don't know who Karl Pilkington is. He's a really funny man. Check out his podcasts with Ricky Gervais.

  • Kick The Jet Engine
    Kick The Jet Engine 11 years ago

    @Serbskii Yes but Ricky and Steve where defending the whole "Give a goat" concept. And Karl had the exact views that Ricky gives of as his own in this video. In the podcast, Ricky thought it was a good way of distributing wealth. I don't really mind but i think its funnier to rant about your genuine opinion

  • Biffyclyro1993
    Biffyclyro1993 9 years ago

    he looked funnier when he was chubby

  • L B
    L B Year ago

    "Coffee maker machine" -- A machine that makes coffee makers?

  • francisco fernandes
    francisco fernandes 10 years ago

    He created Karl Pilkington. How can Ricky steal from something that he created?

  • Kedchup
    Kedchup 9 years ago

    Wow, I didn't even remember this post. It's what I read at the time. Not sure if it's a rumor or not, but I'm sure Pilk is doing quite well with the money

  • MrRussellMuscle
    MrRussellMuscle 9 years ago

    if you listened to the ricky gervais show you would understand

  • aidanja23
    aidanja23 11 years ago

    Ricky didn't steal Karl's '"joke". Karl said that stuff about a goat because he didn't understand how the charity worked. Karl said it as a serious comment, and Ricky used it as a anecdote for his stand-up because it was ridiculous way to think about it that way. That's how most comedians come up with their material.

  • josef peter
    josef peter 9 years ago

    he is fucking hilarious ahahah

  • zeldagoblin
    zeldagoblin 3 years ago

    Oh, you people. These are the modern day equivalent of those who beat up actors who play bad guys in soaps. The characters played by RG and KP are marketing ploys. That's not to say they haven't played on inherent traits they already hold, but in addition, Ricky shamelessly plugged KP in every stand up show he did, back in the day. I'm pretty sure Karl isn't unhappy about the situation.

  • FernandoNINETorres
    FernandoNINETorres 11 years ago +4

    Ricky's kind of evil! :o

  • MarcusMarkyMark
    MarcusMarkyMark 7 years ago +58

    I think ricky gervais is great, very talented but he needs to come up with some new material. I've heard that goat one in about 3 of his shows now and it's not even his work, it's Karl's.

    • Gregger Hdjdjd
      Gregger Hdjdjd 3 years ago

      It was Steve who brought it up. Not even Karl lol

    • Ajay Kumar
      Ajay Kumar 3 years ago

      Wish granted now?

    • Ernie Hudson
      Ernie Hudson 7 years ago +3

      @MarcusMarkyMark but what if Ricky has originally wrote the sketch because he invented Karl?

    • Dan Lord
      Dan Lord 7 years ago +14

      That's what all the comedian's do at these charity gala's. They choose appropriate material to go into their stand-up on the night. They only have a segment of about 5 mins to fit it all in. I like it when he brings Karl's stories into it though. It reminds me of how funny the Ricky Gervais Show is!

  • jim
    jim 9 years ago

    what abuse?.. and just because he puts up with some shit off 2 blokes he's known for over a decade, doesn't mean its an act. Listen to the old XFM shows, where they first met him, he often 'abuses' them back. Its called banter, not acting. Thicko.

  • Shponglator
    Shponglator 9 years ago

    congrats on not understanding ricky gervais' humour at all

  • Stan Gosling
    Stan Gosling Year ago

    The goat joke was Karl's.

  • coxy15
    coxy15 9 years ago

    his jokes are about the awkwardness of people confronted with a disabled person, not at the disabled person themselves. theres a subtle yet significant difference

  • Fuuny and cute videos
    Fuuny and cute videos 3 years ago


  • Akash
    Akash 11 years ago

    This is from his Science stand up tour.

  • Monica De Vetter
    Monica De Vetter 2 years ago


  • durrwin
    durrwin 9 years ago

    yeah i noticed a lot of karl in his standup, especially politics, but karl wasn't all that well known when politics came out so i didn't know then.

  • NuxVom
    NuxVom 2 years ago


  • Xerox Re
    Xerox Re 3 years ago

    99% Gervais
    1% Pilkington

  • HRW1940
    HRW1940 9 years ago

    song? anyway, I love Gervais... very funny

  • bensimps123
    bensimps123 11 years ago

    i remember ricky telling that joke about the dog shelter over 10 years ago on the 11 o clock show and on his recent science tour so god this man needs new material!!!!!!!!!!!!! seems abit lazy to me.

  • yunged
    yunged 11 years ago

    There is always the chance that Ricky wrote this for Karl as well....?

  • Imadethistocomment13
    Imadethistocomment13 2 years ago +12

    Who took this joke from who??? I think this is Karl's

  • Ergaenzungsband
    Ergaenzungsband 9 years ago +1

    Always the same story with the frickn goat...

  • Rossá
    Rossá 2 years ago

    This is originally Karl Pilkington moan than turned to a Ricky Gervais joke. A lot of his stand up comes from Xfm “Ricky Gervais show”

  • grytlappar
    grytlappar 6 years ago +1

    That charity gift card... One has to be careful. It tends to not be very appreciated. It's a little patronizing, isn't it? Like: "You should be doing thisanyway [you shithead]." Why give it in someone else's name? The etiquette column I read says that a gift is supposed to make the recipient happy, not the giver... Just give the money directly to the charity yourself! I say the one exception is bullshit situations where nonsense gifts are "given". I.e. wedding favors... (Oh god.) Just go ahead and give contributions to an elephant rescue organization. People may raise eyebrows. But they would give zero shits about those M&Ms with your names on them.

  • OneRichMofo
    OneRichMofo 5 years ago +2

    does he memorize his speech? every single word and the toning of them is the same, i mean it is common for comedians to tell the same jokes as they perform in various places but this is just weird...

  • Marina Weaver
    Marina Weaver 2 years ago

    Where is Karl,s credit for a lot of this? Lol hope he got some commission?

  • Kedchup
    Kedchup 11 years ago

    As if Karl cares. He's got three houses and just started a production company with Ricky.

  • Mario Mäelt
    Mario Mäelt 9 years ago

    stop worrying about grown men!

  • Luke Shep
    Luke Shep Year ago

    Good thinking by Ricky, dont waste your own material on a charity gig... use Karls

  • Simon Becker
    Simon Becker 2 years ago +1

    Basically all his jokes are Karl pilkington inspired. From the Ricky Gervais Show

    • Fox
      Fox Year ago

      Karl can't really make them fit as jokes on his own

  • TheSkeletalBaron
    TheSkeletalBaron 10 years ago

    He didn't create Karl Pilkington. Gods sake what do you have to show that he created it.

  • fruitcake4t
    fruitcake4t 5 years ago

    he's just so cruel

  • dangerdenn
    dangerdenn 9 years ago

    The goat bit is a Seinfeld knock off of George

  • go shoot ya self
    go shoot ya self 8 years ago +1

    Its annoying me how he has a go at karl saying not another mouth to feed and all that in the podcast then uses it in a routine

  • orme96
    orme96 9 years ago

    Dear lord please tell me you're joking.

  • WelshDegenerate
    WelshDegenerate 11 years ago

    I've been a big Gervais fan since the beginning but I'm with the people who are annoyed by him nicking from Karl.
    He even uses it in the 'Science' tour so it's not like he's just using it for obscure little comedy gigs. I mean... Using Karl's entire routine (which he already said on Letterman six times) for your MAIN comedy tour. That's lazy.
    It wouldn't exactly be hard to write five minutes material in its place. If it is, maybe he should go back to the drawing board.

  • Arrghgarry Based in  Japan

    Thanks ,O think they worked on it together I am sure that karl would not mind

  • Owen Winship
    Owen Winship 9 years ago

    it's not a joke to karl, it's life. ricky is just exposing the being that is karl.

  • Ben Phone
    Ben Phone 4 years ago +1

    Karl pilkington is a bald headed genius

  • mary hadfad
    mary hadfad 9 years ago +1

    Except Eddie Izzard, Ross Noble, Dylan Moran etc.

  • Tom Hampson
    Tom Hampson 11 years ago

    all comedians jokes come from funny things that have happend to him.

  • james wilson
    james wilson 9 years ago

    Does he ask steve and karl if he can rip off their conversations?

  • Ahmed Almusawi
    Ahmed Almusawi 11 years ago

    Wow, stole the whole goat thing from Karl. Ridiculous.

  • Deimos2k5
    Deimos2k5 9 years ago

    who's talking about obesity? have you not seen the bit where he goes on at length about people with ME not really being disabled?

  • Alex Poole
    Alex Poole 2 years ago

    Tough crowd

  • FernandoNINETorres
    FernandoNINETorres 11 years ago

    @AndysEdits Karl does not speak drivel......he is in essence's, the pinnacle of all thinking minds.

  • bananian
    bananian 9 years ago

    it makes me wonder too. How come a poor African family gets to have a goat and can somehow make money with it while I'm poor in America but have to work at Walmart.

  • Freddy Lubin
    Freddy Lubin 4 years ago

    I heard that Louis was great.

  • Rose Rosette
    Rose Rosette 8 years ago


    • lp m___
      lp m___ 2 years ago

      must be dry by now

  • Luke Shep
    Luke Shep 2 years ago +5

    It's been said 100 times but I can't help it.. stole from Karl