Richard Ayoade Eating with Celeb Mates on Travel Man

  • Published on Aug 3, 2018
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    Richard Ayoade explores the world with his celeb friends trying some interesting cuisine...
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Comments • 63

  • Maryanne Tree
    Maryanne Tree 7 days ago

    I've been to the cake for breakfast place!! Lol

  • Nicole Gray
    Nicole Gray 8 days ago

    That burger King looked amazing for hangovers, sauna, beer and burgers 🤟

  • Tommy simonsen
    Tommy simonsen 9 days ago


  • Augusto Hofmann
    Augusto Hofmann 11 days ago

    It wasn't sugar it was cocaine

  • David Portass
    David Portass Month ago

    "Why are you doing this?"

    "Because I'm Guy Secretan"

  • A2BS
    A2BS 2 months ago +1

    "lights on... it's become too turkish."

  • fella
    fella 2 months ago

    Too Turkish hahaha

  • Moon Fae
    Moon Fae 2 months ago +2

    That was a powerful burp from Mel at 4:08 you can see her hair reacting 😂

  • Wreckof theHesperas
    Wreckof theHesperas 2 months ago +3

    My god, I love Richard and Chris O'Dowd, and with Noel too... give me a 48 hour movie of that please!!

  • benito tommassi
    benito tommassi 3 months ago +1

    02:05 i ate at that table. A restaurant famous for being Freud's local as well as its cakes and pastries and we didnt stay for dessert. A little nugget of pointless random information.

  • GeeRye
    GeeRye 3 months ago +20

    "That was a deep one. That was from the shoes."

  • Alfie Burns
    Alfie Burns 3 months ago

    Richard ayoade a vegetarian who wears cotton clothes and eats meat lul wut

  • Emanuel Dor-chay
    Emanuel Dor-chay 4 months ago

    has richard ever been to amsterdam?

  • Haxwell Eddison
    Haxwell Eddison 4 months ago +6

    Richard just can't keep the serious-guy act together when he's with Chris.

  • Mela Nesian
    Mela Nesian 5 months ago +8

    I honestly love Richard's one-liners ! I now would like to be his friend also

  • RIley Newell
    RIley Newell 5 months ago

    i would eat that thing they ate

  • Marion Cobretti
    Marion Cobretti 6 months ago +2

    I was enjoying this video until lena Dunham appeared!

  • neoperseus
    neoperseus 7 months ago +2

    Only clueless Brits would watch a program where PEOPLE FROM BRITAIN are critiquing food from the rest of the world, and not get the absolute irony of the act.

  • Emily Nelson
    Emily Nelson 7 months ago +6

    Richards face after the Turkish soup.. 😂 dead pan... "It's fine..." Love it!

  • Moon Fae
    Moon Fae 9 months ago +5

    Imagine a stranger walking past and hearing I ATE THE BRAIN YOU EAT THE EYES. 😂

  • Ham 'Housekeeping' Sarris
    Ham 'Housekeeping' Sarris 9 months ago +3

    "I'm just gonna concentrate on the salad"

  • ussamam1
    ussamam1 9 months ago +18

    Mel is so damn cute bless her

  • oauseer
    oauseer 9 months ago +60

    Noel humming as he raised his pastry in triumphant joy is my favourite thing

  • bruchpilot747
    bruchpilot747 9 months ago +3

    I can't help but think of Messié Joe's at the lobster clip :'D

  • DavijoMan
    DavijoMan 9 months ago +11

    Is he actually friends with Paul Rudd in real life?

  • Mark Reed
    Mark Reed 9 months ago +17

    Its hard to make a show that's fun/entertaining and you actually learn some stuff, they have nailed it, some are better than others but on a whole, great show.

  • Toadle
    Toadle 10 months ago +1

    The best!🤣😂💯

  • moiraine_damodred
    moiraine_damodred 10 months ago +65

    2:01 a genuine bout of laughter from Richard...I could watch 24hrs straight of him with Chris O'Dowd

  • gjh
    gjh 10 months ago +122

    Love seeing he and Chris O'Dowd together again

  • JonponsVids10
    JonponsVids10 10 months ago +38

    1:38 - Chris O'Dowd's face during that scene ahahahahaha

  • lythsian
    lythsian 10 months ago +1

    Rebel's face. Turd tube sandwich ... mmmm

  • Macxz Crevan
    Macxz Crevan 10 months ago +22

    "I can barely make it through life" big mood.

  • Kaarel Laud
    Kaarel Laud 10 months ago

    Pointless time of slavery!

  • xxTheJesterxx
    xxTheJesterxx 10 months ago +152

    Chris O'Dowd eating that cake like an excited 8 year old :D

    • Nicolle Van Dyke
      Nicolle Van Dyke 7 months ago +1

      xxTheJesterxx he was so delightful eating that cake. 🤣

    • JadMock
      JadMock 7 months ago +2

      he's probably drunk lol

    • Valerie D
      Valerie D 7 months ago +4

      And Richard laughing at him 😂

  • Patty and Buster Show
    Patty and Buster Show 10 months ago

    Sitting in a sauna with beer,pot and assorted other meds. Ah, to be young again

  • Jerry Beans Man
    Jerry Beans Man 10 months ago +35

    Was really enjoying this video... then I saw Lena Dunham and I threw up in my mouth.

    • Rajat Bhat
      Rajat Bhat 24 days ago

      @roob no, no. your memory is clearly very wrong. It was a child that raped her. The child? Harambe

    • A Person
      A Person 5 months ago

      Wait what's wrong with her? Someone else said "she's a child rapist" wtf?

    • Amorphis Bob
      Amorphis Bob 10 months ago +7

      Well it's a good thing you cleaned out your system before having to see Rebel Wilson pretend to eat a salad.

    • Sylvanas Windrunner
      Sylvanas Windrunner 10 months ago +2

      i'd love to piss in her face

    • roob
      roob 10 months ago +4

      she's a child-rapist if memory serves

  • GnomaPhobic
    GnomaPhobic 10 months ago +47

    I think at 2:05 is the first time I've ever heard Richard laugh. Feels like discovering a pearl

  • Alex George
    Alex George 10 months ago +5


  • Leek
    Leek 10 months ago +121

    They cut to a different angle just when Richard starts to smile. I'm glad he really does enjoy himself on these shows.

  • Nickersons Theme
    Nickersons Theme 10 months ago +38

    ''Lard platter'' is a good slagging for someone's mum

  • Nick Pollard
    Nick Pollard 10 months ago +15

    I'm disappointed that Richard and Chris' Viennese journey to get kasekrainer in Austria wasn't in this montage. If only because Richard sounded hilarious when he said "kasekrainer".

  • Nick Pollard
    Nick Pollard 10 months ago +22

    That 'Black Diamond' desert was the equivalent of £600. At least they got to keep the bowl and spoon it came with.

  • Shane Dunne
    Shane Dunne 10 months ago +100

    " i think sometimes you either have class or you don't"

  • Volvies1993
    Volvies1993 10 months ago +19

    Feels like brand new episodes of IT it.

    • A Person
      A Person 5 months ago +1

      I somehow forgot Chris O Dowd and Richard Ayoade were in the IT Crowd together. I was just thinking "damn, it's weird seeing Chris and Richard together for some reason." Man I feel silly now :P

  • Hansy
    Hansy 10 months ago +6

    5:05 Which episode is that?

    • Sri Charan
      Sri Charan 10 months ago +2

      48 Hours in Dubai with Johnny Vegas. Here's a list of all Travel Man episodes.

  • Mark Kehoe
    Mark Kehoe 10 months ago +258

    Lights on... it's become to Turkish

  • Sophie Gregson
    Sophie Gregson 10 months ago

    Early 👌❤️

  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  10 months ago +2

    Watch the FULL episode with Paul Rudd for free here!
    Which celeb guest would YOU like to dine with?!