Will Apple Ever Leave China?

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
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Comments • 973

  • mhmood alem
    mhmood alem 3 days ago

    idk but from what i have seen so far i think you have a bias with apple some like you are fanboy

  • CodeDive
    CodeDive 4 days ago

    “In China it’s all or nothing.” Ignorance of China is a feature, not a bug.
    How are China’s new IP Laws a bad thing for Apple? How is WeChat a competitor to Apple?

  • Thomas Busse
    Thomas Busse 4 days ago

    Well if Apple builds the nonprivacy infrastructure for China, of course it's just a matter of switching it on in the US. I'm sure they did that a long time ago. That said, it also allows the US to spy on the Chinese.

  • Pedro Barbosa Duarte

    i love how this channel is basically just china

  • Barry Maskell
    Barry Maskell 7 days ago

    Apple get out of China - manufacturer in other countries - I avoid buying anything made in China these days

  • sam banks
    sam banks 9 days ago

    Apple With a Bite Out of it I Wonder why they Made it like that Iphone is Evil

  • Robert Knotoff
    Robert Knotoff 13 days ago

    Got to get apple here in u.s. . How ?

  • davranbek rozmetov
    davranbek rozmetov 21 day ago

    I want to report this channel to be too addictive

  • Jim's videos
    Jim's videos 22 days ago


  • Mtn Dew
    Mtn Dew 25 days ago

    5:45 You don't mean Tim Apple?

  • Alexis Misselyn
    Alexis Misselyn Month ago

    Yes 5x200million = 1 billion
    But isn’t apple worth a trillion? Do they even care about a billion?
    Would samsung ever make a 5$ increase per unit? That’s huge in the tech sector.
    Why the 200million figure? Is it significant or representative in some way?

  • cirrus
    cirrus Month ago +1

    no one:
    literally NOBODY:
    every underage kid in the comments: lol polymatter china xDDDDDD

  • Abison John
    Abison John Month ago

    I thought this video is something related to Apple and China, then realized it was a long ad for BRILLIANT

  • Alex Clark
    Alex Clark Month ago

    That sponsor transition was as smooth as a lubed Apple going into Tim Cook’s butt

  • Monta _
    Monta _ Month ago

    Latvia and Lithuania doesn't have such high average wage. It's only around half of the amount mentioned.

  • Destroy Dominate
    Destroy Dominate Month ago +2

    Latvia has 400€ average montly income.

  • Andrew Batts
    Andrew Batts Month ago +1

    We expect privacy and freedom under the constitution of the United States, we the people, because of that covinent expect Apple to abide. China has made no such promise to it's people, therefore they have no expectations as such. Because of that I, personally take no issue with apple accommodating China's surveillance laws. It's not so much that I believe in a populations right to be free from snooping by government agencies, as I believe a government should stick to it's promises made to it's people. And if one of those promises is that a people be free of unwarranted search and seizures, said government must stick to those promises no matter what. Sure China is an oppressive surveillance police state, but at least it isn't doing so while lying about it. That is where I would take issue

  • Mike Jr
    Mike Jr Month ago +3

    i dont get it.. whats the problem with usa banning hua wei? i mean china also bans google facebook etc and nobody cares.. its just a strategy to protect minor industries in the country.. why such a big problem if usa is the one doing it??

  • Sam GB
    Sam GB Month ago

    i cannot explain how much hatred i have for this channel, cant he just kill himself

  • Despiser Despised
    Despiser Despised Month ago

    No. Democrats LOVE them some slavery. Always have, always will. The problem for Democrats is we all know it now.

    • cirrus
      cirrus Month ago +1

      as opposed to republicans? shut the fuck up dude.

  • Larry Pierre
    Larry Pierre Month ago

    Apple/China a problem? Or simply the world has changed....

  • Obi Dark
    Obi Dark Month ago

    You forgot to mention lower taxes and entire mini city built just for Apple.
    They must be crazy to re-locate. Training new 4000 workers is reason good enough to stay.
    Foxcon are the only ones willing to move but they failed iPhone5-6 miserably. Their umits made in India were bending like noodles.

  • Lu
    Lu Month ago +1

    The more I hear Pegatron the more I think it sounds like the name of a Transformer.

  • the CCP Destroy
    the CCP Destroy Month ago


  • Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton Month ago

    Fucking garbage "video".

  • Kobe Jordan
    Kobe Jordan Month ago

    We need a video on Compass real estate $6b company. Thanks!

  • interested
    interested Month ago

    PolyMatter: 02:05
    Samsung: Say what now?
    Apple: Demonetize PM

  • Hullo Pillow
    Hullo Pillow Month ago

    China is Apple's 2nd largest market and their revenue is increasing on path to surpass US.

  • Cursor EU
    Cursor EU Month ago +2

    China fetish yet again!

  • Grains
    Grains Month ago +2

    *Why are you obsessed with China.*

  • YuHsuan Cheng
    YuHsuan Cheng Month ago

    PolyMatter videos are always superb

  • Eric M
    Eric M Month ago +2

    It's time to declare a war with China. A total war of all against all.

  • B1SQ1T
    B1SQ1T Month ago

    Still using a VPN in China, let’s hope this one still works for a long time

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    Other countries just don't have that many skilled workers. Vietnam and Thailand for example, have people that are way less educated and lazier from my observation. No one works as hard as the Chinese does. That's why they are so successful. I have been doing biz in Asia for a long time. For high-skilled jobs, it is really hard to transfer to other less developed countries.

  • Luke Beauchamp
    Luke Beauchamp Month ago

    It says a lot about Apple's customers that raising the price makes it more popular.

  • thomas
    thomas Month ago

    Maybe just final touch up and different designation. Other than that no way. China is where development and provider happen. And plastic part come from China. Apple don’t own any manufacturer mechines. Apple is a software and music subscription company.
    They can’t change that without raising prices.
    And you miss the point China has the technology to process rare earth within low radiation. We don’t have it and it gives China a automatic win. If they ban rare earth.
    The playing field is 4 years . Without process rare earth we can’t play in future tech. China win the 5 g market and fill the millions of ev gps electronic in cars.

  • agus2001
    agus2001 Month ago

    Refusing to help the FBI. Openly helping the Chinese government. Apple is no saint.

  • martini norway
    martini norway Month ago

    the video is not well researched. It's completely false and utter disgrace

  • Chrisanity
    Chrisanity Month ago

    Will Polymatter stops talking about China????

  • SuperJohnny551
    SuperJohnny551 Month ago

    Our companies will sell us out to these developing countries in a heartbeat.

  • Jack Diamond
    Jack Diamond Month ago

    How is China still so third world... smh

  • TheGGbond
    TheGGbond Month ago

    WeChat is not a competitor, its an app????? DO your research properly

    • 朱利治
      朱利治 Month ago

      They do not need to do research because the goal is make a video that is anti-China

  • wang ray
    wang ray Month ago

    It’s funny in the Chinese social media, they often refer Apple as pseudo Chinese company and Lenovo has pseudo American company, lol

  • Yifan Wang
    Yifan Wang Month ago

    Not only labor and rare earth materials, some high-valued parts of apple products are also made by Chinese company. For example, a portion of iPad/iPhone/Mac screens are made by BOE and othe Chinese supplier. Nowadays, you can buy Android phones of much better quality in China than in US, in the price range of $200-$500. Also, many important innovations are created by Chinese smart phone company. Apple of course cannot leave the most demanding and competitive market.

  • Brandon Stennett
    Brandon Stennett Month ago

    Can you explain why Sweden has no bail ? Would help us understand ASAP.

  • adamklam1
    adamklam1 Month ago

    lol apple privacy. nah. i'm fairly sure the NSA just said " tell everyone that you refused, so they feel safe giving up information, and then add this backdoor" and apple/tim cook said "yes, i will do that"

  • Luka Novaković
    Luka Novaković Month ago

    Remember icloud breach, named the fappening?
    Maybe you should research a bit more.

  • Hyber beast
    Hyber beast Month ago

    Am i the only one who scanned that Qr code at 5:53 ?

  • Beneton
    Beneton Month ago

    Funny that you mentioned Latvia. Really intriguing....

  • Armchair warrior
    Armchair warrior Month ago +2

    Apple does have back doors for NSA by law, but not for FBI, just window dressing for the public.

    • Brice
      Brice Month ago +1

      And, the FBI got the information through a back door pretty easily in the scenario before.

  • smth
    smth Month ago +1

    Somewhere in a parallel universe China and Apple make videos about Polymatter

  • Jeffrey Bozko
    Jeffrey Bozko Month ago

    next iPhone will be 1500 usd lol, its not looking to well for them, they also bearly do any researching, they put all the profit into buying their own stocks...

  • Guilherme Ferreira
    Guilherme Ferreira Month ago

    Apple succcccs

  • Volfied
    Volfied Month ago

    Fuck Apple. Fuck China. Interesting video though.

  • Ashland Insurance
    Ashland Insurance Month ago

    great info, way to drill down!

  • Lynn Ji
    Lynn Ji Month ago

    I’m actually watching AD in polymatter!

  • Thomas Platt
    Thomas Platt Month ago

    2:50 Latvia!!! Beautiful Country.

  • Quisl
    Quisl Month ago

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

  • Daiwei Qin
    Daiwei Qin Month ago +1

    Anti-American propaganda films? although China produce many propaganda films I haven't seen any that specifically targetting US. Would be interested to see them if any of you could tell me a few.

    And I'm not being a saulty nationalistic Chinese, I'm genually interested to see them.

    • TJ
      TJ Month ago

      @Daiwei Qin Interesting.

    • Daiwei Qin
      Daiwei Qin Month ago

      @TJ I know those ones very well, like the Wolf Warrior series and the beating of white men in all the Kung fu themed movies. But many of those more or less reflects to some degree the main stream Chinese ressentment of its colonial past, but I don' really recall seeing that element in the full on prapaganda films, those produced and/or financed by the government film agency.

    • TJ
      TJ Month ago

      I don't if they are but maybe there are hidden messages which are anti-American and maybe you're have watch them too much maybe you cannot tell the difference.
      Just a thought.

  • TheTheOuters
    TheTheOuters Month ago

    Disgusting analysis, the tone is just disgusting and not supported by any real evidence.