The Empire Were The Good Guys in Star Wars


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  • Jim Huss ENT
    Jim Huss ENT  6 days ago +32

    The Kessel Run Comment Explained:

    • Trid
      Trid 39 minutes ago

      +Jim Huss ENT Excuse you sir, wincest is best
      how else can you make twisted retard babies with force powers?

    • Ayden Pierce
      Ayden Pierce Day ago

      Jim Huss ENT the Death Star think of how many imperial lives dead then the Death Star two and then star killer base the rebels steal from the empire they kill hundreds of them a day and the empire is just defending its self

    • Kevin Beltran
      Kevin Beltran 2 days ago

      The hottest take on star wars.. I like it.

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  2 days ago

      +Micai Askauss gonna have to agree to disagree on this one. The original films were far from brilliant. They they were the Babe Ruth of sci-fi; good for their era but crap to today's standards. They were the best sci-fi among all the horrible sci-fi films. I bet if you watched them for the first time today that you would hate them. As Yoda would say, cloud your mind emotional attachment does.

    • Micai Askauss
      Micai Askauss 2 days ago

      ​+Jim Huss ENTBetter than Disney's rushed attempt to simultaneously copy and kill the original franchise, while turning the movie into political propaganda with their obsession with affirmative action. Not to mention that they are complete garbage and the originals were brilliant.

  • Joe Monture
    Joe Monture 2 hours ago


  • David S-L
    David S-L 2 hours ago +1

    "so remember ~ even in times of war - it is never a bad time to use good grammar"
    hahahahaha priceless!!!!

  • Jared Pekofske
    Jared Pekofske 2 hours ago

    2:43 okay I'm gonna stop here cuz the emperor literally created the death star as a symbol of fear in the Galaxy. And yeah it can see the peace. But the title of this video is why the empire are the good guys. I don't think the good guys blow up planets just to demonstrate their power that shouldnt be messed with. Goodbye this video is blasphemy lmfao.

  • Sandtrooper DJ-993
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    IFYOUREADTHISMADRAGE 15 hours ago +1

    Anyone who disagrees with this video are terrorist supporters. The rebels are terrorists.

  • NemoM22 Locust
    NemoM22 Locust 15 hours ago

    I’m at 2:41 and I’m going to outright say your joking.

  • Joshua 2099
    Joshua 2099 19 hours ago

    Sith> jedi

  • August Whitlock
    August Whitlock 22 hours ago +2

    This is the most hilarious video I have ever seen. The problem with it is that it makes perfect sense. This was a well thought out video and makes you look at things in a different light. Well done.

  • The Argonian Mercenary
    The Argonian Mercenary 23 hours ago +1

    So if the First Order are the descendants of the Galactic Empire and all the logic in this video is considered then that means they are also the good guys of the sequel trilogy. That therefore means that I will be rooting for them in episode 9!

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  22 hours ago +1

      In an honesty, I made this before seeing The Last Jedi. Even though it is inherently a joke, it did cause me to view the First Order differently.

  • The Argonian Mercenary
    The Argonian Mercenary 23 hours ago

    So if the First Order are the descendants of the Galactic Empire and all the logic in this video is considered then that means they are also the good guys of the sequel trilogy. That therefore means that I will be rooting for them in episode 9!

  • suarezguy
    suarezguy 23 hours ago

    Those shots at the beginning weren't warning shots. Fair point, though, that the TIE fighters are, when you think about it, really weak.

  • michael Wolf
    michael Wolf Day ago

    The empire employs clones who are poorly trained, cheaply armed, and whos only job is to intimidate the galaxy. So yeah, they just suck. There goes the peaceful government theory.

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  22 hours ago


    • michael Wolf
      michael Wolf 23 hours ago +1

      +Jim Huss ENT 😂 we all have our opinions dude

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  Day ago

      Yep great reasoning. No tangible evidence except your opening 👍

  • Ravenx308 nissassA

    Always have been a supporter of the Dark Side and the Galactic Empire. Damn rebel scum!

  • Collin Jensen
    Collin Jensen Day ago +1

    except for the fact that the empire is an autocratic government who permanently ended the last of the senate, oh and killing innocent farmers on Tattonie in the search of droids, and enslaving the Wookies, and blowing up Alderan wasn’t a necessary decision cause they didn’t need to do it since they already thought they knew where the rebel base was and were only doing it to “make an example” or threat to the rest of the galaxy. This is an interesting video offering a different perspective, but it relies on giving cherry picked and distorted information in order to play the devils advocate. with all the people agreeing It really makes you think how easy this can be done with actual important information that has real world consequences.

    • Collin Jensen
      Collin Jensen 23 hours ago

      Jim Huss ENT Luke’s aunt and uncle were obviously murdered by storm troopers, since they were looking for the droids and no one else would have known that those droids had the death star plans and would bother to track them down specifically as the princess was the only one who knew other than the empire, which rules out it being the rebellion or any other group such as Tuskan raiders being responsible for their deaths. as for the wookies, yes it is cannon that they were used as slaves for the empire on kasheek. although it is possible to argue that it’s just Tarkins fault for the distruction of Alderan, it’s also important to note that he didn’t “press the button”, other imperial soldiers following orders found it in no way contradictory to the “peaceful nature” of the empire and blew up the entire planet. genocide isn’t a benevolent action. Also note that the imperial senate wasn’t disbanded in order to give more control to the individual governors, but to give more power to the emperor by destroying platforms for political opposition, and by separating them from each other and keeping them inline using the threat of absolute annihilation.

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  Day ago

      Speaking of cherry picking...
      Only Obi Wan a "villain" claims the empire killed Owen and Baru.
      The Senate was disbanded and gave more control to individual systems.
      No Wookies were harmed by the empire(video says in the original trilogy).
      Alderaan was more of Tarkin than it was the empire as a whole.

  • Kurt Wilkinson
    Kurt Wilkinson Day ago +1

    Nice work!

  • Legit0328
    Legit0328 Day ago +2

    The way you argue for the empire is familiar to me. It is in the style of a Lincoln Douglas Debate or Public Forum Debate. Though many people are not familiar with this, and may see you correcting grammar as stupid. Especially the all caps Death Star, which is only in caps for clear cinema and storytelling reasons. If I were you I’d create a disclaimer. Assuming that this is not something to be taken super seriously.

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  Day ago

      I did LD and public forum in highschool. I guess it shows 🤘🤘🤘

  • Alejandro E
    Alejandro E Day ago +4

    Call all this Bull .. We all know Evil Jar Jar was the Mastermind behind all, all along.

  • Ayden Pierce
    Ayden Pierce Day ago +3

    The rebels are terrorists

  • Damion Scott
    Damion Scott Day ago

    LMAO... the age of spin

  • MrTubularBalls
    MrTubularBalls Day ago

    Future historians will write about Darth Vader, the consus builder.

  • Cameron Fletcher

    Very entertaining. #TeamVader

  • Francis Russ
    Francis Russ Day ago

    Oh cmon...warning shots while boarding a ship?

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  Day ago

      Oh cmon...stealing government documents and being considered the heroes?

  • RadRich
    RadRich Day ago

    Great explanation. IMHO, what you've explained can (and had) applied to what happens in [the bible] Genesis and the Garden of Eden. Somehow and someway it was twisted to make it sound like _God_ was the good guy and the _snake_ was the bad guy. The book never even explained that the snake was also a _god_ but was the _Satan_ - Best explained by researching Enki and Enlil. Was it really good to be suppressed of knowledge? Was it bad that people were given the ability to chose and make their own decisions? Was it good for a _god_ to be jealous and wanted his followers to prove their loyalty up to a point of willing to sacrificing/killing their own child?
    This world we live in, the _good_ is the one that runs everything, right? I mean, the so called _bad_ people aren't running things, or are they? Really ponder on who are bad and who are really good. Make your decision based on their actions and you'll have an understanding of right from wrong because your gut will let you know, not your brain. There is a reason why there is such a terminology called _brainwashing_ and gut instinct. In this world, things that are supposedly good for can be bad (e.g. prescription drugs). The so called police force was established as a way to protect and serve the citizens, but is that really true? Just know we live in a world that is backwards. Only a handful of Earth's population are actually aware of this, but even moreso have heard about it and still choose to sheep. In this currently reality, the balance is offset and always will be, hence why there will always be a reset every few thousand years by _natural_ world-wide disaster.

  • Geoff Falcon
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  • oak clarke
    oak clarke Day ago

    But the rest of your points ar AMAZING

  • oak clarke
    oak clarke Day ago

    Bombing Nagasaki was NOT right

  • Nicolai Crosby
    Nicolai Crosby Day ago

    Johnny cochran must´ve came to you for the oj trial

  • John Bacon
    John Bacon Day ago

    It’s the families of the innocent contractors, murdered on the Death Star I feel sorry for.

  • It Happens That Quickly

    You've almost convinced me other than two key elements: Emperor Palapatine was severely evil throughout the WHOLE saga, and Anakin aka Vader became malicious during episode III.

  • Administator Carvo John

    So that's why so many people love the empire

  • iyam spartacus
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  • Ben Frank
    Ben Frank Day ago +1

    Even Eisenhower said that the atomic bombs were not needed and Japan would have surrendered anyway

  • RaginCanadian1997

    Palpatine: *heavy breathing*
    "Goood goooooood good".

  • B. Chan
    B. Chan Day ago +1

    You gotta be fuckin kidding me. What a reach

  • Eric Tippett
    Eric Tippett Day ago

    Yeah but at the beginning didn't they blow up the earth for no reason lol

    • Eric Tippett
      Eric Tippett Day ago

      +Jim Huss ENT They made Leia watch as they blew up a planet, looked like earth

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  Day ago


  • o monster
    o monster Day ago

    8:25 that’s actually not true it’s only if you grow up together not if you are related.
    it has been proven scientifically...

    Ask your parents they know what I’m talking about

    • o monster
      o monster Day ago

      Jim Huss ENT 🤘right back to ya

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  Day ago +1

      +o monster 🤘🤘

    • o monster
      o monster Day ago +1

      Jim Huss ENT I’m glad as we’ll

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  Day ago

      In a video of stretched truths and lazy blurry facts, I am glad incest is the one thing that compelled you to comment.

  • Rick Ogden
    Rick Ogden Day ago +1

    Destroying a planet and 3 billion lives is good?

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  Day ago

      +Collin Jensen ehhh you are using circular reasoning.

    • Collin Jensen
      Collin Jensen Day ago

      Jim Huss ENT Cause he’s obviously a high ranking official in the empire, for he is the one who was given control of the most powerful weapon the empire is in control of, and has authority over the emperor’s personal apprentice. these two factors point out to him being a very important and powerful figure in the empire.

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  Day ago

      Where did you get billions?
      More importantly why blame the whole empire because Tarkin made a rash decision?

  • melinda122379
    melinda122379 Day ago

    That's funny

  • Viktor Vikeyev
    Viktor Vikeyev Day ago

    Sarcasm aside.
    What exactly was the goal of the galactic empire?

  • The Sloth
    The Sloth Day ago +1

    This guy could work for Fox News spinning shit for Trump.

  • Teufel Hund
    Teufel Hund Day ago

    All of the peaceful aspects would be attributed to the Republic that was in place before the Galactic Empire. Most of their ships and technology was to promote peace, but the Empire actually stole and forced obedience and forced scientists by threat to their families to create more offensive weapons, and it was the efforts of those who worked on the DEATH STAR to build in secret flaws, to oppose the Authoritarian and tyrannical Empire. These elements are actually alluded to, since the series actually picks up almost half way through a story instead of starting from the beginning, and the background may not be well known. Sorry, but your synapses of the Empire being the good guys is very cherry picked and not very stable. Also, the Empire is somewhat Socialist, and like most Socialist structures, the ruling class and military are the ones who benefit the most. Most economies have dramatically suffered under the Empire.
    Also, the reason they used bounty hunters to try and capture the millennium falcon is because the Empire is to obvious, and using someone outside of the Empire allows surprise, as all of the troopers are clones and are easily recognizable with or without the suit.
    The shooting scenes are a little cheesy, but the troopers aren't accustomed to accurately shooting, but just putting lasers down range, while the rebels have had to use guerrilla tactics to overcome the huge disadvantages in numbers the rebels have.

  • Scott Diehl
    Scott Diehl Day ago

    You're wrong on so many levels that I don't have the time to tell you and how many ways you're wrong. But just know that you're wrong.

  • Cam Mantia
    Cam Mantia Day ago

    This is justified lol

  • Jack Vanadium
    Jack Vanadium 2 days ago

    Keep in mind, rebel blasters shoot red beams and the imperials shoot green. Why? Because the red blasts are meant to STOP before killing someone, but rebel blasters are meant to GO ahead and kill.

  • FourTwenny
    FourTwenny 2 days ago +4

    What an interesting way to look at it. Entertaining video.

  • 10,000 subscribers with no videos?

    This video was funded by
    The empire

  • Kevin Beltran
    Kevin Beltran 2 days ago

    But the kessle run is a maze did you not watch solo? Makes perfect sense

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  2 days ago

      Did you watch Solo? The PATH that is the Kessel Run is not maze.

  • Spooky time Scary videos

    12 parsec thing makes sense actually

  • ESO: SumWytGai
    ESO: SumWytGai 2 days ago

    Man, all the Dislikes on this video? Why? It makes more sense than Buzzfeed.
    At least this video is obvious satire, they think they’re being honest. Anyone see the problem here?

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  2 days ago

      Dude people are so stupid. The extreme amount of death threats, political attacks, and claims that I am a Nazi on a daily basis is outrageous.

  • Gregory Martin
    Gregory Martin 2 days ago

    Obi-Wan already knew Chewie when they met in the cantina.

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  2 days ago

      "in the original trilogy" what part of that didn't make sense?

  • Natalie Panaro Stack

    How come obi wan doesn't recognize chewbacca since he met him in the prequels. That's why it was annoying that Lucas show horned og characters in the prequels. I'm shocked they didnt have a kid han solo in the prequels or a kid lando.

  • I Your Ancestor
    I Your Ancestor 2 days ago +1

    rebel scum

  • Micai Askauss
    Micai Askauss 2 days ago

    12 parsecs makes perfect sense:

    • Micai Askauss
      Micai Askauss 2 days ago

      ​+Jim Huss ENT I already saw this video. It's a very weak argument and uses some random bullshit Disney producers came up with in a meeting to try to explain the originals, which obviously doesn't make sense that Han would use taking a shortcut as a way to express the ship's speed. Simply not relevant. Now hearing more from you I can see why you would discard an actually plausible scientific explanation and promote your own shitty video instead.

    • Jim Huss ENT
  • mmonstr makaronny
    mmonstr makaronny 2 days ago +1

    Still got to practice! I wouldn't buy into this if it was an advocate speech in a court :)
    Nice video though, now I wonder how did you manage not to laugh once through the video

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  2 days ago

      Glad your were entertained!
      I actually recorded the audio a paragraph at a time and read each paragraph at least three times while recording so it would reach the tone I was going for by the third time.

  • XentorAntarix
    XentorAntarix 2 days ago

    Nagasaki and Hiroshima were bombed AFTER Japan did resign Capitulation. It was not needed, there was yet peace. It was done to send a sign to Russia. "You are the next". Sure I agree the Rebells ar eTerrorists, against the legitime in charge Goverment. But that makes this goverment not good on the other hand. The Rebells are too not good, I mean they killed several Millions of people with destroying the 2 Deathstars. If we add Star Killer base make it billions.

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  2 days ago

      The point made in the video was that nuclear weapons resulted in less wars and less death from wars. The necessity of the bombs being dropped is up for debate but the validity that more lives were saved because of those that died is at least mathematically reasonable.

  • Branny Is Sad
    Branny Is Sad 2 days ago

    The Galactic empire is maybe one of the most creative names. You see... they’re an empire... and they rule the galaxy.

    Rlly tho... The Rebels and The Galactic empire are both uncreative names.

  • Ola
    Ola 2 days ago

    The truth is: old trilogy is very naive, empire is bad and rebel is good. So empire is stupid and brutal, Jedi are good. But is all lie. Empire ends war, corrupted democracy, takes jedi order from power. Jedi in clone wars get position of generals, but they never been in any university! In the end they tried to remove chancellor, without any legal steps. And how jedi recruiting was? They take to order small children, so they never knew there is other way of living, they don't see their families anymore. Just look on Anakin, they took him to council, but didn't give the title of master. It was a bribe so he will spy Palpatine, but he has no voice in council. And, how even rebellion started, why they are fighting? How Evoks were able to fight with educated soldiers? That's why I like new trilogy and clone wars. It's not so black-white.

  • Eric Munsch
    Eric Munsch 2 days ago

    ffs stop saying obi-wan lied to luke vader did kill anakin if you use youre brain anakin didnt use his rage and kill people but vader does so anakin and vader are diffrent in the sense that the changes that anakin made to be vader were so drastic that he was a diffrent person also dont forget palpatine made anakin think he killed padme while palpatine killed padme himself or you could look at it this way the anakin obi-wan knew was dead because all that was left of anakin was vader so he told luke that his father had died

  • Alco Hall Icks
    Alco Hall Icks 2 days ago

    This is some bootlicking bullshit

  • Alco Hall Icks
    Alco Hall Icks 2 days ago

    The Empire was literally fascist. By definition, The Empire is fascist. Fascists are never “good guys.” The Rebels wanted freedom from fascism. Also, “the empire isn’t war ready”? No shit. They already went to war. They have complete control. They won’t have a “war” because there is no one to declare war with. There can only be rebellion. Did you even watch the movies?
    Oh? And they destroyed two death stars? Lmfao THE EMPIRE DESTROYED HUNDREDS OF PLANETS AND CULTURES BECAUSE WITH THEM IT’S “Obey or die!” That’s fascism.

  • Kingblak White
    Kingblak White 2 days ago


  • jonny nguyen
    jonny nguyen 2 days ago

    Terrible job at persuading the point. Dislike.

  • Kyle Ziggy
    Kyle Ziggy 2 days ago

    There was already an effective governing body in the Galactic Republic that sought peace through negotiating and democracy, which was overthrown by these same two men you've decided aren't so bad in order to take dictatorial command of this new galactic government.
    There is no justification for the murder of 7 billion people without discrimination.

  • Shepard
    Shepard 2 days ago

    You're a democrat aren't ya?

  • Aaron Butcher
    Aaron Butcher 2 days ago

    So we are saying Luke turned his father back evil to overthrow the emperor. What about the clone wars the empire started to overthrow the Jedi. What about the children struck down. Even if they were Jedi in training they’re still children.

  • PetouKan
    PetouKan 2 days ago

    How on Earth did the voice-off kept his composure. I want to hear the bloopers of this video now

  • Kingofchouchou
    Kingofchouchou 2 days ago

    The Empir did nuthin wrooong !!!

  • Brandon Jones
    Brandon Jones 2 days ago

    Rebels aim stop weapon of mass destruction. Empires aim do whatever we want to create fear in order to maintain control. Sound familiar?

  • right smith
    right smith 2 days ago

    Nice theory
    I beileive it
    But it's a good theory

  • Frozone
    Frozone 2 days ago

    Yes ive been a in the good guy side always

  • Joey Keith
    Joey Keith 2 days ago

    I think you need to Rewatch the first 3 movies. I don't think you can say the empire were the good guys. What your saying is no different if a power such as isis, would somehow come to a world power and cripple the alli forces would be right for bringing terrorism and tearing down freedom as we know it for ones narrow minded veiws, and the alli forces would be wrong for trying to bring down isis and restore balance and peace to the world at any means possible.

    • Joey Keith
      Joey Keith 2 days ago

      Now if episodes 1, 2 and 3 never existed I can understand what your saying.

    • Joey Keith
      Joey Keith 2 days ago

      Your right on that, your video is about the original 3 movies. But when the evidence debunking your claim is in the first 3 movies it makes your statments hard to justify. The back story explains how the empire came to power, And according to those movies the empire was brought up from manipulation, fear, and corruption.

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  2 days ago

      Kinda can base it on the original films. It says that directly in the video.
      Making up a backstory after the fact, doesn't change that Lucas did some crappy and lazy character development in the original films.

    • Joey Keith
      Joey Keith 2 days ago

      Okay, so even tho your video just goes over episode 4, 5 and 6 you can't base your theory on 3 of the 6 George Lucas films. Durring the rise of the empire, emperor Palpatine carried out order 66 which ended up killing nearly all Jedi including young children. Where is the justification for killing innocent kids and almost an entire religion. Not a cult.

    • Joey Keith
      Joey Keith 2 days ago

      I'm Not critizising your argument, it actually brings good debate. But I do not agree

  • Ben Hollister
    Ben Hollister 3 days ago +4

    Thank you so much! I love media that revolutionizes the way I see a certain... thing! (I couldn't think up the right word.)

  • g3rb3r NarlyNez
    g3rb3r NarlyNez 3 days ago +1

    This is so contrived. they blew up Alderaan. Stop trying to be a free thinker, it doesn't work for you.

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  3 days ago

      Stop being a twat, people may then be able to stand you👍

  • Cooperal
    Cooperal 3 days ago

    3:23 Oh thank god. So many less people were dying in 2011 compared to the last year of World War II.

  • Luke Mirco
    Luke Mirco 3 days ago +1

    I’m sorry, but the massacre of millions should never be justified. Alderaan was a planet of civilians who had no choice in meeting their own deaths. Maybe, just like we often see in real life, both sides of this conflict were that bad guys.

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  3 days ago

      I accept your apology.
      Enjoy your life built on the deaths of millions of innocent people that were slaughtered by your ancestors.

  • Tim Culver
    Tim Culver 3 days ago +1

    Really well thought out

  • nathaniel rhodes
    nathaniel rhodes 3 days ago

    If the empire legalized weed I'd be fine with them until then #not my emperor!

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  2 days ago

      +nathaniel rhodes I think he only went there to blaze. "freaking out I am, man."

    • nathaniel rhodes
      nathaniel rhodes 2 days ago

      +Jim Huss ENT thats true!! =D I can imagine him blazing it on dagobah!

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  3 days ago +2

      Weed is more a Yoda thing.

  • Michael Bugler
    Michael Bugler 3 days ago

    Moral ambiguity is the whole point of the story. Note - everyone loved Vader right from the start. Thank you for making the video of the debates and discussions we had as children.

    WAR DADDY 3 days ago +8

    Make the Empire great again

  • catterhacker
    catterhacker 3 days ago

    4:19 "Create Peace and Safety..." Planet expolodes. :D

  • Hatmann Medic main
    Hatmann Medic main 3 days ago +3

    gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8 88% b8ed

  • Goldfish_Overlord TheFirst

    Finally,a video that agrees with me!

  • senorputti
    senorputti 3 days ago

    I'd like to point out that studies have shown that sibling separated for many years are prone to feeling "feelings" for their siblings.

    • senorputti
      senorputti 3 days ago +1

      +Jim Huss ENT Not really. The overall point of star wars was that people suck. You said it yourself, Good and Evil tends to be POV. I just pointed out a failing of understanding you had of basic human psychology.

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  3 days ago

      Ok, I am just saying that especially as a psychologist, there are probably other stretched facts that rattled your brain more than the one about siblings getting freaky.

    • senorputti
      senorputti 3 days ago

      +Jim Huss ENT do to the fact I am a psychologist. That tends to do it.

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  3 days ago

      Glad to see that in a video of twisted truths and stretched facts, the part about siblings porking each other compelled you to comment. I wonder why that is🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Captain Hecker
    Captain Hecker 3 days ago

    but uhh... like order 66. kind of disproves your entire argument, since they overthrew a legitimate government, murdered a bunch of kids etc.... But i suppose in the context of JUST watching the original trilogy you're correct.

  • Isauro Garcia
    Isauro Garcia 3 days ago

    not to mention the rebellion let a teen kid in his feelings take control of the remaining troops and ships of the empire and started a crazy cult destroying multiple planets using a similar weapon of mass destruction

  • 01sanguinius
    01sanguinius 3 days ago

    the names either side use are pretty important.
    rebel insurgents. insurgents are used to inflict massive damage, casualties and panic.
    imperial storm troopers. storm troopers are used to clear areas of conflict as quickly as possible. this usually means using heavy fire to suppress an enemy so arrests can be made. its their own fault if they put their heads up when people are shooting over their heads.

  • 01sanguinius
    01sanguinius 3 days ago +5

    fact - vader cries at his own misdeeds. why do you think he stands in silence for so long after every time he's HAD to hurt someone? this is most certainly NOT the behaviour of a murderous lunatic. also, anakin was mildly autistic, so he's never gonna get on with anyone, really.

  • alejo lopez
    alejo lopez 3 days ago

    The genetic thing is wrong. Its been scientifically proven that blood related family members that have never had contact with eachother are naturally drawn to eachother due to familiarity. Normally understood as unconditional love.

  • Hardcase Race
    Hardcase Race 3 days ago +1

    Hilarious! 🤣

  • Fotis St
    Fotis St 3 days ago +1

    6:48 greek war of independence

  • Slothist
    Slothist 3 days ago

    Another thing that completely justifies the actions of Darth Sidious (The emperor) to want and need to conquer the entire planet was the fact that there was a threat from the Vujon Vong (The Far Outsiders) . He wanted to militarize the whole universe so that they could fight off and defend themselves. Low and behold that after the fall of the Galactic Empire who were trying to protect everyone the Vujon Vong attacked and took over the whole universe. This was THE MOST deadly war in the history of the Star Wars universe. This brings Darth Sidious to role of protector of the universe not the conqueror.

  • DC Villare
    DC Villare 3 days ago

    Lol the Empire wasn’t firing warning shots, they were just missing.

  • DC Villare
    DC Villare 3 days ago +2

    I’m from Alderaan, and I’m offended.

  • Cryostate
    Cryostate 3 days ago

    I dont think he has read the comics xD

  • Zippy the Brain
    Zippy the Brain 3 days ago

    Certainly from the point of view of the EMPIRE, had they won, they would have been portrayed as the good guys. I guess this means we can assume the Rebellion won eventually.
    However, no matter how good a government MIGHT seem, if the government of Norway, the happiest country on earth, decided to NUKE Gotterberg to keep the other cities in line, then they would be the bad guys. Pretty much everything they do is morally questionable in that way. America in the modern world has similar issues, but so far it is still easy enough to distinguish how NATO does things vs most of NATO's enemies...until very recently.

  • Ed Osborne
    Ed Osborne 3 days ago

    "evolution has put in place safeguards against incest. You are sexually repulsed by a close relative"
    .... Try telling that to someone from Alabama

  • Moimus
    Moimus 3 days ago

    The Empire and the Rebels are both guilty of committing war crimes. From a citizens perspective both are evil

  • Patrick Rathbone
    Patrick Rathbone 3 days ago

    The Empire finds itself in the same position as Cobra Kai. Two horribly bullied units allowed to be besmirched because their bosses were dicks