The Empire Were The Good Guys in The Star Wars Original Trilogy

  • Published on Nov 29, 2017
  • If you really look at it, The Empire were the good guys in the Original Trilogy of Star Wars
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  • Shäün Brender
    Shäün Brender Day ago

    This sounds so much like satire....

  • Erika
    Erika 5 days ago

    @Jim Huss ENT, I really enjoyed your video. It's like Obi wan wanted Luke to fight his fight against Anakin/Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine for him. Also, Obi wan tells Luke that Darth Vader killed his father when in truth Obi wan left Anakin to die on Mustifar. When Luke confronts Obi wan he tells him "It's from a certain point of view." I agree with you about Obi wan lives in a cave, but Yoda isn't much better he lives in swamp or swamp area. Darth Vader was being polite when he said, "We would be honored if you would join us" The Jedi believes that there are only two sides of The Force: Light or Dark not any Grey or that perhaps Light and Dark can coexist. I always wondered how did Han Solo become General Solo. He wasn't part of the military and you don't rise that quickly in the military ranks and the same for Princesses Leia being called General Organa. When it's all said and done, I still like Emperor Palpatine.

  • merkestein
    merkestein 5 days ago +1

    I always lived the empire not cause they were good but beacuse their sence of clothing style and color.

  • merkestein
    merkestein 5 days ago +1

    No matter what weapons are never peacefull. And no im not one of those 'Peace dude' persons, my point is weapons are made to kill and that is not peacefull.

  • Glen McKone
    Glen McKone 5 days ago +1

    I love this video, but I hope you realize you might go to hell for it..

    • Glen McKone
      Glen McKone 5 days ago +1

      Jim Huss ENT
      OOOh yes! That’s exactly what I’m saying! You are the Devil, and you make it seem so appealing!!

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  5 days ago

      Are you saying God does not want rational thought and discourse about fictional film universes?

  • Silver Lucky3111
    Silver Lucky3111 6 days ago +3

    Yo seeing that storm trooper guid traffic won me over

    JAMES BRAINS42 6 days ago

    The people who killed billions of people with a single laser were GOOD?

  • Snow Ball
    Snow Ball 6 days ago +2

    And I don’t remember any evidence of the empire being a dictatorship or doing anything that would cause a group of people to rebel against them.

  • Dcal
    Dcal 6 days ago

    Reminds me of the karate kid true story

  • Pete Nelson
    Pete Nelson 6 days ago +2

    “The only other group to put a religious zealot in charge of WMD are ISIS.” 😂

  • Isaiah Amos
    Isaiah Amos 6 days ago

    Wonder how many cadets were on the Death Star

  • The nerd Cave
    The nerd Cave 6 days ago

    So the empire destroying Leah’s planet just to get information from Princess Leah and innocent people are on the planet

  • FlutterDash_Clop
    FlutterDash_Clop 7 days ago +2

    *"I should've known the Jedi were plotting to take over!"*

  • John smith
    John smith 7 days ago

    Not to say it isn't today, but being #teamempire was a lot more viable when the extended universe was cannon, especially post return of the Jedi when genuinly good men like Paleon, fair commanders like Thrawn, and honorable Emperors like Jagged Fel came into power within the Empire.
    Though my favorite was that even beaten and reduced the imperial military still resisted the Yuzan Vong invasion better then pretty much anyone else.

  • Waffled Cupcakes
    Waffled Cupcakes 7 days ago +1

    Finally someone that also thinks the empire are the good guys,the empire is basically the law of the universe.

    • Pkp Kaaotiq
      Pkp Kaaotiq 4 days ago

      Hi, Cupcakes
      The Rebels represent the Luciferian rebellion. And, the Empire represents the Holy Trinity(God:)
      Lucifer Skywalker and his Rebels got kicked out of heaven because they wanted to overthrow the Government of the Father and create their own new world order(in Heaven:) The same thing they are trying to do on this planet today
      So yes, Star Wars is based on truth not science fiction
      Christ bless

  • Alberto Rodriguez
    Alberto Rodriguez 7 days ago

    Also you want to paint a picture of a strong armed dark empire as the good guys, how about the separatist who supported slavery, and who created weapons of mass destruction that killed off all biological life and left the buildings and technology intact, they aimed to kill and steal from there enemies in the clone wars series, and again 70% of the Empire is the separatists.
    They even used innocent twilex as hostages, and recreate the blue shadow plague in a aerosol form to spread all over the galaxy.
    All of that separatist ingenuity went in to the empire.
    How can you claim the republican rebels were the evil ones when the empire was so dead set on death even in it's infancy as the separatist alliance, that's just ludachrist.

  • Alberto Rodriguez
    Alberto Rodriguez 7 days ago

    You're forgetting the fact that the separatist alliance that made up 75% of the Empire was once part of the Republic who were in the original trilogy the rebels.
    They are basically 2 splinter cells of the same government feuding against each other, and it's not that the rebels didn't make enough jobs for people, in fact they had enough jobs for everyone if you count looking for pilots and suitable weapon and ship designers, the rebels only draw back is inatiquit resources do to the empire's hypocrisies.

  • Jon Gleich
    Jon Gleich 7 days ago


  • DICE N
    DICE N 8 days ago

    No prolong of war? You do know we have been at war since 2001, you do realize our troops are still fighting day after day year after year

  • Master Obi wan Kenobi

    I come back. I see your point now.

  • ጢдӷסŋσ _
    ጢдӷסŋσ _ 8 days ago

    I'm sorry, but are you really shitting on the grammar used in the intro text? You already lost me there pal

  • Memnon
    Memnon 8 days ago

    Always been a huge fan of the Empire. Glad to see that I'm finally justified lol.

  • Alexander Sjöström

    what about the first order and the darkside in the clone wars. Are they secretly the good guys aswell?

  • JacksonNTP
    JacksonNTP 8 days ago +2

    You mean "the Empire were the bad guys", right?

  • 0orange _
    0orange _ 8 days ago

    Every time the Rebels defeat the "evil" Empire. They kill hundreds of thousands of Storm Troopers and say that they are inncoent.

  • StigTheShredder
    StigTheShredder 8 days ago

    You should really be an attorney

  • Lord Metri
    Lord Metri 8 days ago

    And let's not forget it was the REBELS that made the empire destroy Alderaan as a warning telling them to go away.

    And in reality, the rebellion probably caused vast economic collapse on core worlds when they assaulted imperial shipping lines and shipyards. So, in reality, Coruscant would rise up in absolute revolt against the new republic, and so would many star systems, as life was way better under imperial rule. And the rebels also caused many more deaths than the empire did on Alderaan - and again, that was a warning to the rebels. So they pretty much caused it. All in all, the rebels were mass murderers and terrorists without rationale, and the empire was a justifiably peaceful nation that would never have had to enter into war had the rebels not forced their hand.

    Also, let's not forget that the "good guys" were a smuggler with a ridiculous stormtrooper kill count, a displaced Alderaanian princess who most definitely had secret plans, and a random kid from Tatooine who just happened to be the son of Darth Vader and was most definitely lied to by Obi-Wan about who his father was and what happened to him. Oh, and a salty astromech droid, a savage furry beast, and a protocol droid who is constantly getting into trouble - both of which belonged to Darth Vader anyway. And all the emperor wanted was peace.

  • White Rose Cicero
    White Rose Cicero 9 days ago +1

    The Tarkin doctrine was just a method to make the rebels surrender through psychological intimidation rather than physical force (most machines not practically designed I mean). This was so that there would be less chance of direct conflict. Reducing casualties on both sides saving how many unknown lives.

  • Ahmed Elrasheed
    Ahmed Elrasheed 9 days ago

    0:13 sword battles???

  • The Local Shaman
    The Local Shaman 9 days ago +1

    Next time on game theory

  • Gary Lupinacci
    Gary Lupinacci 9 days ago +3

    There are 3 possibilities w/this video:
    #1) This is a hysterical satirical or comedic video of the absurd. “...have not created any jobs anywhere to my knowledge...” LMAO!!
    #2) The content creator is a genuine, unabashed fascist - self knowingly or not... a fascist.
    #3) This is a cautionary tale lesson on how propaganda can twist reality & design how the public will think - And basically is literally EXACTLY how Fox News has been presenting the “news” the past 3 yrs now.

  • im replying to this comment

    My brain

  • Jackie Pan
    Jackie Pan 10 days ago

    Rebel propaganda I tell you. PROPAGANDA!

  • Withmuck guy 336
    Withmuck guy 336 10 days ago

    Actually the rebels were formally known as the alliance to restore the republic

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  10 days ago

      Formally? Does the title of the video not make sense to you?

  • The Arrow DJ Hart
    The Arrow DJ Hart 10 days ago

    OMG... 🙄.

  • RavenNite 112
    RavenNite 112 10 days ago

    Wrong......all wrong......

  • Richard Armstrong
    Richard Armstrong 10 days ago

    "And Obi wan in true coward like fashion uses witchcraft" 😂😂😂 he took a higher ground than vader couldve imagined.

  • YourChampagnePapi
    YourChampagnePapi 10 days ago

    I hope this is a joke lmao

  • CT- 2273
    CT- 2273 11 days ago

    The Empire is the Republic, it stopped the Jedi who went against Chancellor Palpatine, and planned to destroy the Republic. FOR THE EMPIRE!

    DJ SSJR 11 days ago

    A lot of chat in this video I just might make a response

  • Soldat
    Soldat 11 days ago

    The rebels are just terrorist scum.

  • Zach Juarez
    Zach Juarez 11 days ago

    I disagree with one point, the atomic weapons used against the Japanese weren’t a necessity to win the war. If you look at the damage already caused by American firebombing campaigns before we dropped the bombs, you’ll notice that in many of the cities bombed over half of the city was entirely destroyed. While I’m sure the atomic bombs did come as a shock and did end the war a little bit early, ultimately the Americans could have just kept firebombing major Japanese cities into oblivion and the war wouldn’t have lasted much longer. It is a matter of opinion perhaps, but I think the real reason the atom bombs were dropped were to scare the soviets while they tried to spin the two bombings as “a humanitarian sacrifice”.

  • The Jedi Code
    The Jedi Code 11 days ago

    I take the Galactic Empire as a dictatorship. If we think about it, they invented Two evil droids that torture and kill bystanders and officials. They also torture a lot of people and they rule with one punch. It doesn’t really look like the good side. And Jedi’s/ The Republic were bringing peace to the galaxy but they weren’t killing every single person just because. Oh also, the Death Star destroyed a bunch of planets.

  • darthdude
    darthdude 11 days ago

    what a load of bollocks, governments love capital letters, why do you think you have to put your name in caps when filling out forms from officialdom? because of admiralty law which hijacked common law, which is why there are no more common law courts, can't give the slaves power right? even the language you speak, it may resemble english but is in fact legalese, words like vehicle, person and birth certificates aka your strawman (only ships birth), look up the story of your enslavement.

  • Barnabas Sebesteny1
    Barnabas Sebesteny1 11 days ago

    14 17 the empire are evil listen to me

  • Barnabas Sebesteny1
    Barnabas Sebesteny1 11 days ago

    13 54 the empire doesn't do that you stupid bitch they dictate and you say empire but the republic does that they want to be fair and peace something that the emperor destroyed and the empire disguises as the good guys something every villian does

    • PlantedBirch Productions
      PlantedBirch Productions 9 days ago

      I agree with your first point; the empire has never been seen helping common people. The only people they help is themselves

  • Barnabas Sebesteny1
    Barnabas Sebesteny1 11 days ago

    No those are modified civilian cruisers look at the empire their ships are called star destroyers and are heavily armed

  • Barnabas Sebesteny1
    Barnabas Sebesteny1 11 days ago

    Most of the things you say are bad editing and you blame on the rebels

  • Barnabas Sebesteny1
    Barnabas Sebesteny1 11 days ago

    Was he also obi watched as Vader killed his own wife in front of him because she didn't like what the emperor turned him into Vader is evil just admit you're wrong

  • Barnabas Sebesteny1
    Barnabas Sebesteny1 11 days ago

    Obi surrenders and gets executed

  • Barnabas Sebesteny1
    Barnabas Sebesteny1 11 days ago

    Obi-wan is right and innocents were at stake

  • Barnabas Sebesteny1
    Barnabas Sebesteny1 11 days ago

    Padme was dying and had birth giving issues and you are just making bullshit up and are a rebel lover you witch who dresses like a princess

  • Barnabas Sebesteny1
    Barnabas Sebesteny1 11 days ago

    9:08 watch the prequels dibshit

  • Barnabas Sebesteny1
    Barnabas Sebesteny1 11 days ago

    8:06 she didn't know and was just pissed at han

  • Barnabas Sebesteny1
    Barnabas Sebesteny1 11 days ago

    The originals took place for years there was like 5 years between new hope and return of the Jedi what u are talking about are the sequels

  • Barnabas Sebesteny1
    Barnabas Sebesteny1 11 days ago

    You are a witch burn him

  • Barnabas Sebesteny1
    Barnabas Sebesteny1 11 days ago

    6:43 yes they do they want to bring freedom to the galaxy and make people who the empire let's lied to them calls all that they don't like terrorists (baby Jedi) threatened their planet with death (basically killing billions just to kill one when they could make it fun and go mission impossible) and the rebels are trying to make those people happy you stupid bit*h

  • Barnabas Sebesteny1
    Barnabas Sebesteny1 11 days ago

    6:38 yes it is in the prequels

  • Barnabas Sebesteny1
    Barnabas Sebesteny1 11 days ago

    Stormtroopers actually cannot shoot you stupid bi**ch

  • Barnabas Sebesteny1
    Barnabas Sebesteny1 11 days ago

    F**k u

  • Barnabas Sebesteny1
    Barnabas Sebesteny1 11 days ago

    So Hitler was good

  • Barnabas Sebesteny1
    Barnabas Sebesteny1 11 days ago

    So trading lives is okay

  • Barnabas Sebesteny1
    Barnabas Sebesteny1 11 days ago

    Watch the prequels

  • Dussault Hans
    Dussault Hans 12 days ago

    «Weapons of mass destruction are actually weapons of peace.» Didn't the USA invaded Irak because of suspicions that Irak had weapons of mass destruction? So does that means that Irak was the good guy?

  • Downut boy
    Downut boy 12 days ago

    Rebels are space antifa

  • The King Of Vaseline
    The King Of Vaseline 12 days ago +2

    Whoever supplies your drugs for you, I REALLY need theyre number ASAP.

  • Doug Davis
    Doug Davis 13 days ago

    lol the DEATH STAR destroyed an innocent planet there the bad guys

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  13 days ago

      They were in clear opposition to the Empire. And leia is an incestuous terrorist so her opinion is not really credible.

    • Doug Davis
      Doug Davis 13 days ago

      +Jim Huss ENT lea says it Alderaan is peaceful they have NO weapons what do you think.. what makes you think otherwise.

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  13 days ago

      Since when was it an innocent planet?

    CHOSENONE VADER 13 days ago +1

    U must B INSANE!!! YES... ALL CAPS!! Clearly in any context... the empire can not b seen as good... with knowledge of palpatine... murdering many as Darth Sideous being in control of said empire. I can go on and on... but i wont.

  • Kyle 31
    Kyle 31 13 days ago

    Let’s be for real both sides are shit

  • Lu1z 4 3v3r And the voices

    Im sorry, but their weapon is called The DEATH Star, not LIFE star my friend, and it DESTROYED 2 Planets (Not counting Jedha, that was a mining operation) one of which who only disagreed with something, and the empire SLAVED wookies, the aliens that helped an older version of the empire (The Republic/DEMOCRACY!) win in THE CLONE WARS

  • Nicolas .Furlani
    Nicolas .Furlani 13 days ago

    Your description of Vader made me think about the shooting scene in Men in Black when he explains how the aliens on the targets are just normal dudes simply exercizing lol

  • Kubus 2019
    Kubus 2019 13 days ago +1

    Impirials are good guys and here is example - the ion canon, rebels use this to inmobilize the impirial star destroyer at (So peacefull name of a ship by the way). But why Empire didn't use this wepon, this technology was developt 20 years before, at the clon wars era so they can easly get this, and this wepon can turn of all electronic system at the enemy ship, didn't hurting anyone directly. So why they didn't used that - becouse that tuning of a live keeping systems at the ship, and the peacefull impirials don't want to kill a creew even if that is the enemy ship.

    • Kubus 2019
      Kubus 2019 13 days ago

      Thers shoudn't be this "at" I jus wanted to wright more but i reconsider and cancel some words but that at left.

  • Yoyle 0340
    Yoyle 0340 13 days ago

    8:05 *sweet home Alabama intensifies*

  • Thorsson Questra
    Thorsson Questra 14 days ago

    How certain can we be that the Empire's inability to wage war well is because they were made to be peaceful, and not simply one of the only ways to make sure the main story characters win? Also, our genes which prevent us from being attracted to relatives seems to require being raised with them, though, like with the previous statement, I do not think Lucas was thinking about those things when writing his space fantasy.

  • Aiden Ranin
    Aiden Ranin 14 days ago


  • Ruski
    Ruski 14 days ago +1

    Ok it's kinda of obvious that some parts of this are more factual and make a lot more sense than others but overall I agree. I still don't know what is bad about the "Rebellion" having and investing in more advanced fighters and not the Empire, that was their doing and when your fighting a war you commonly want to invest in tech and upgrades to have an advantage over the enemy, Empire or Rebel.

  • Commander Mean2356
    Commander Mean2356 14 days ago

    This also explains why the clone wars equipment was generally better

  • TheEmpireDidNothingWrong Palpatine

    1:29, never a bad time to use good grammar. Literally the title, the Empire was the good guys” is grammatically incorrect. It should be “the Empire were the good guys.” I agree with his beliefs, but he’s kind of contradictory.

  • Damage The Savage
    Damage The Savage 14 days ago

    100% sith talking

  • Damage The Savage
    Damage The Savage 14 days ago +1

    Play the forced unleashed to see the real empire and how abominable they became after emperor palpatine's rule life in the galaxy was never the same in a bad way

  • Damage The Savage
    Damage The Savage 14 days ago +1

    And dont forget about the wookiees and how most all of their species was forced into slaver after the empire took control were most died. In slaver.... Remember

  • Damage The Savage
    Damage The Savage 14 days ago +1

    Hope everyone knows Anakin Skywalker and darth vader are 2 different ppl base on the movies darth Vader says he killed Anakin long ago and has no ties to that identity any more and fully became darth vader mentally and physical due to his new limbs and scars he carrys under hes armor and the very reason he wont let Anybody see his face expect emperor himself to hide any and all trace's of Anakin Skywalker know to the,watch,listen ppl

  • Damage The Savage
    Damage The Savage 14 days ago

    Its not a cave its a adobe come on fam

  • Reverse Fuhrer
    Reverse Fuhrer 14 days ago +1

    Lucas said that the empire is evil and the rebels are good. So what is this video doing here on TheXvid? *_*

  • Blaine Volesky
    Blaine Volesky 14 days ago +2

    If you watch the Original trilogy Darth Vader was leading a military coup against Palpatine.

  • Brando7567
    Brando7567 14 days ago

    A group of terrorists and a cult of intelligent old men riot against the government and blow up their HQ. Seems legit.

  • Brando7567
    Brando7567 14 days ago

    Mon Mothma has left the chat

  • Punk Moon
    Punk Moon 15 days ago +1

    The sexual repulsion to family thing only applies to family that grow up together.

  • Punk Moon
    Punk Moon 15 days ago

    The Empire were* the good guys.

  • Hammerhead The Seawing

    Honestly, I was expecting a Grammarly sponsorship at the beginning.
    Then I saw the upload date.

  • Jonathan Szabo
    Jonathan Szabo 15 days ago

    and it's all good the death star blew up a entire planet with all sorts of innocent people

  • Robin Neugebauer
    Robin Neugebauer 15 days ago

    I bet you love Kim Yong Un

    • Jim Huss ENT
      Jim Huss ENT  15 days ago

      No, the only thing I love is your mom's juicy booty🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Cir0c 0boma
    Cir0c 0boma 15 days ago

    Order 66 never happened

  • reksub
    reksub 15 days ago

    calculating skill level.........
    Click here for the truth (and a laugh)

  • Jenariel Illenia
    Jenariel Illenia 15 days ago +1

    The is BS. The Empire showed no restraint in using their weapon of mass destruction. Even when the US used nuclear weapons against Japan it was debated at length.
    I could go into all the faults in your logic here. The empire was not against slaughtering innocent Jawas after the had obtained the information they needed, and slaughtering Luke's family when it was clear they did not have the droids.

  • DukeOfChirk
    DukeOfChirk 15 days ago

    Rebels? You mean Insurgents, don’t you?

  • John Smith
    John Smith 15 days ago

    Empire propaganda

  • Sandro Bruni
    Sandro Bruni 16 days ago +1

    I saw this video a while back. I had to pay a revisit. I'll never view the original trilogy the same again

  • WarriorPoet01
    WarriorPoet01 16 days ago

    Whenever I see members of the 501st at a comicon, I always approach the Stormtroopers and say, "Thank you for your service!" :)

  • Noel Renggli
    Noel Renggli 16 days ago

    Wow. Such effort to over rationalize tyranny. To think I find this on May 4th. 😀