Opie & Anthony - Colin Quinn vs Jim Norton , Best of (Part 2 of 2)

  • Published on Dec 5, 2013
  • Colin Quinn vs Playlist - thexvid.com/video/_DA_a9CdkXM/video.html

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  • benniez14
    benniez14 Day ago


  • SWC revived
    SWC revived 2 days ago

    I still wish I could find that one part where Colin is plugging something, I think Unconstitutional (or The Toosh as he called it) and Jimmy says "I hope there's a fire in the theater" and Colin says "but somebody could be seriously injured!"

    It's a little sad because I liked Norton for a long time, but Colin is a thousand times the comedian that Jimmy ever was, and Jimmy's celebrity worship and weird touchiness is pathetic.

    MELEKH HA OLAM 6 days ago

    Well, Charles Dutton is a killer.

  • Frank Anderson
    Frank Anderson 13 days ago


  • Elvisisalive
    Elvisisalive 21 day ago +6

    Jim stabs everyone in the back who took him along for the ride, what a piece of shit.

    • Rupert Pumpkin
      Rupert Pumpkin 4 days ago +1

      Jimmy gets the comics on the show, the worm gets a pass.

  • Jeff S
    Jeff S 27 days ago +6

    Jim is a comedian who is below vos's level these days

    • Martin Latour
      Martin Latour 3 days ago

      @Mr.SmithGNR Smith Love how retards like you who can't even type a single sentence feel like they need to bash a guy that made it lol Fucking lowlife degenerate

    • Chopsy The Homicidal Maniac
      Chopsy The Homicidal Maniac 16 days ago


    • Mr.SmithGNR Smith
      Mr.SmithGNR Smith 18 days ago +1

      Norton’s always been a worm, literally, but he’s made you douchebags laugh for yrs...you wouldn’t be listening To these if you hated him. I’m not a fan of his stand up either...he’s fast as hell now n conversation though

    • rxp56
      rxp56 25 days ago +5

      Jim has always been a terrible comedian. He's good on the radio though, despite all the hate he's getting lately

  • CornishRicky
    CornishRicky 28 days ago +1

    "Believe me!"

  • Leet Skeet
    Leet Skeet Month ago +8

    I love Norton but his views on history and the constitution are fucking atrocious, sometimes hes so stupid

  • Dak Rose
    Dak Rose Month ago +10

    Colin unanimously winsl

  • Brockton Ma.
    Brockton Ma. Month ago +15

    Norton sounds like a broad.

    • Duane Allman
      Duane Allman 9 days ago

      @Care Bear Wait,I thought Jim is into yellow treats,not shit.

    • Care Bear
      Care Bear Month ago +2

      Brockton Ma. HE IS ONE....you have Nooo idea how sick this fraud really is....🤢Why do you think he is in his 50s and single...most people don’t like feces eaters...he has a very dark soul...something really sick happened in his child hood...that split his/ her personality’s....Today I don’t find him funny at all...and the Jim & Sam Show is beyond boring..
      He is a horrible interviewer..👀

  • Jolly Roger
    Jolly Roger 2 months ago +15

    I feel like everyone bashing Jimmy here is just listening to Colin going "FUCK YEAH COLIN, TELL THAT FUCKING UNFUNNY FAGGOT WORM FUCK" without realizing he's just breaking his balls and they're actually friends lol. You 12 year olds.

    • Anthonyontv
      Anthonyontv Month ago +2

      yeah, but some of this shit is real

    • Jolly Roger
      Jolly Roger 2 months ago +2

      @Shaz Miller I disagree. And I'm not even taking Jimmy's side over Colin, I love Colin, but if you think Colin is being serious I dont think you understand the relationships that all these guys have. Except Opie who is the real unfunny. worm.

    • Shaz Miller
      Shaz Miller 2 months ago +9

      they're friends, but that doesn't mean jim's not a disgusting worm that colin can't see through.

  • tikocal
    tikocal 2 months ago +15

    17:40 skip the twitter feud

  • Yumpie Oo
    Yumpie Oo 3 months ago +14

    Colon Quinn is a national treasure

  • The Marksman
    The Marksman 3 months ago +17

    Norton really is the annoying little bitch baby boy he constantly accused others of being. It’s fucking hilarious.

  • peonmyhall
    peonmyhall 3 months ago +16

    Jimmy unfollowing everyone is so embarrassing. What a baby boy.

  • AusNom
    AusNom 4 months ago +6

    1:52:00 louis ck

  • Through The Trash Darkly
    Through The Trash Darkly 4 months ago +1

    The bill of rights is an evolving document Jim, you retarded "right-winger."

    • jert opp
      jert opp 2 months ago +7

      @Through The Trash Darkly Jim never stated he was a right winger. You sound like one of those retarted people who can't understand the concept of having some believes that fall on the right, and others that fall on the left. You don't have to completely go with one side on every issue dummy. It's called thinking for yourself.

    • Through The Trash Darkly
      Through The Trash Darkly 4 months ago +1

      @Daniel Bigg No clue, I think the dichotomy is mostly bullshit, but Jim likes to sit around shitting on liberals, shitting on left-leaning countries like Canada and act like this big patriot stereotype but here he is, as usual, being a hypocritical lil worm.

    • Daniel Bigg
      Daniel Bigg 4 months ago +1

      [CiG] well he’d be a left winger then right?

  • Through The Trash Darkly
    Through The Trash Darkly 4 months ago +4

    The argument that the 2nd amendment was about different guns is redundant. By that logic, you have no freedom of speech when you use anything other than paper print.

    • Through The Trash Darkly
      Through The Trash Darkly 2 months ago

      @Erin Dewan Are you arguing against something I've said or just putting an argument here for its own sake?

    • Erin Dewan
      Erin Dewan 2 months ago +2

      It’s such a dumb argument and I don’t understand how anyone thinks it works... America was created by rebelling against the ruling British power, a government that kept people down. Guns were promised, not just for hunting, but for the people to defend themselves against a corrupt and/or totalitarian government. (If need be)
      A people that possesses guns will help to keep a government in line. You can’t expect people to keep their country free with rifles when the government has an endless array of high powered weaponry. The people need freedom to possess weapons that could give them a fighting chance.
      If you think that the government which endlessly increases in size and scope will never become oppressive, you’re crazy.

    • nnnnnnnnnnnn
      nnnnnnnnnnnn 4 months ago +2

      I could honestly see that becoming a supported mainstream argument in the not too distant future.

  • bruce brickman
    bruce brickman 4 months ago +7

    Worm Morton’s a creepy unfunny phony twat!!

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 months ago +25

    In retrospect, Colin was always right in every dispute with Norton

  • KingOfTheShill
    KingOfTheShill 4 months ago +9

    Does anyone have the timestamp of when Colin compares Norton to an old man giving a speech at a wedding? the funniest shit ever

    • KingOfTheShill
      KingOfTheShill 3 months ago +4

      Maxim Elizarev I already found it. It’s in Colin Quinn vs. Jim Norton part 1, around 2:39:00

    • Maxim Elizarev
      Maxim Elizarev 3 months ago

      It was about Vos, Quinn vs Vos comp from john berry, i'll try to find it for u.

  • Mike Cappadocia
    Mike Cappadocia 5 months ago +14

    I hate Jimmy's caustic "aaahhhh" in between sentences.. And his fake raspy voice. But his characters are funny.

    • Something Orother
      Something Orother 4 months ago +3

      daily reminder that jim stole chip from the jerky boys

  • Herschelclitz Bergstein
    Herschelclitz Bergstein 5 months ago +12

    He's such a little fucking worm. I seriously hope he meets a painfully violent end.

    • Justin Zhao
      Justin Zhao 4 months ago +2

      It's enough that he's slowly dying of AIDS

    • GentlemanBystander
      GentlemanBystander 4 months ago

      @Zach Boblitt Most likely reason he'd end up in a robe drinking broth will be tranny spunk and the unclipped cocks of gentlemen of color.

    • Zach Boblitt
      Zach Boblitt 5 months ago +3

      @GentlemanBystander Is broth a street name for tranny spunk?

    • GentlemanBystander
      GentlemanBystander 5 months ago +2

      He's going to end up in a robe drinking broth.

    • joe g
      joe g 5 months ago +5

      Yea, a head on collision with you...

  • WestSideVision
    WestSideVision 5 months ago +11

    Jim Norton is a real piece of shit. Yuck.

  • Ob5oLeTe
    Ob5oLeTe 5 months ago +6

    Jimmy is so gay

    • Charles Copeland
      Charles Copeland 4 months ago +2

      Ob5oLeTe one time an entire group of yt commenters/fans, spent litteral months arguing the case for jims heterosexuality against me. Compared to these days its a laugh how popular opinion has changed, and how sheepish people are.

  • Matt Murray
    Matt Murray 5 months ago +3


  • Marvin Hernandez
    Marvin Hernandez 5 months ago +2

    Colin’s billy deangelo comment fucking killed me

  • Glued789
    Glued789 6 months ago +5

    The description of jimmy as a worm is the most accurate thing ever and shell-less turtle loool rip patrice

  • Sub-100 Club
    Sub-100 Club 6 months ago +1

    1:13:38 Opie with the insightful input

  • Joseph O'Neill
    Joseph O'Neill 7 months ago +9

    Lawyer Jim fucking sucks.

  • Joseph O'Neill
    Joseph O'Neill 7 months ago +24

    I hate Jim's "serious explanation" voice. It's so obviously bullshit, but he thinks it's great.

    WHITEowlMASSACRE 7 months ago +25

    Jimmy's pompous attitude and cadence in that melodramatic twitter mass unfollowing explanation is infuriating. Douchey little gloworm.

  • JCPatten
    JCPatten 7 months ago +19

    I'm not understanding why exactly Jim doesn't seem to understand that for at least in the beginning of the audio Colin is clearly cracking jokes but jim keeps responding as if they're serious criticisms or complaints

    • JCPatten
      JCPatten 4 months ago

      @SubGrappling 805 linga longa lol very true

    • SubGrappling 805
      SubGrappling 805 4 months ago

      JCPatten Very Lady Di-esque...and it absolutely should have been called out.

    • ECHtoplasm
      ECHtoplasm 5 months ago +1

      JCPatten Colin gets under his skin in a very interesting way.

  • Jake
    Jake 8 months ago +19

    If Norton accepted his stupidity he wouldn't bother me so much. But the fucking hubris that infests every area of his deformed perverted soul is revulsing. Colin was obviously feeling a little insecure that his final chance at success would fail, and regretting including this hack. Then Jim starts pretentiously explaining why he asked a normal actress if she shaved her pussy, as if he's anything more than an idiotic creep.

  • jan bramsen
    jan bramsen 8 months ago +1

    Old hack mumbles cant understand half of it.

  • the701squad1
    the701squad1 8 months ago +14

    shut up norton

  • age of quarrel
    age of quarrel 9 months ago +25

    The first segment of this video is rough. Jim comes off like a self-aggrandizing scorned woman. Yeesh. It's a comedy show, dummy. Stop getting your feelings so hurt.

    • Lia Devito
      Lia Devito 8 months ago +4

      For a guy apart of the cellar crowd, he has thin skin

  • Global Jay
    Global Jay 9 months ago +12

    I just realized how many times Colin says "I like the fact....." Haha!

  • klanza dumas
    klanza dumas 10 months ago +6

    You need to understand the nature of duality , ying and yang , the chessboard , black vs white , good vs evil . Oneness is the harmony of such things .
    Questions need to be asked before enlightenment ....
    Why do Tibetans set themselves on fire ?
    What did Jesus mean by a second baptism through fire ?
    Who steers the ship ?
    What direction is the ship heading ?
    If the earths magnetic (ying/yang) poles are shifting , how does that effect the ships compass ?
    Who steers the ship ?
    Why does the early bird catch the worm ?
    Why do seagulls follow ships ?
    What is a pest ?
    What is a parasite ?
    Who's blood is the most thirst quenching ?
    What is a virus ?
    If you were to cast a Django Unchained type of race baiting film who would you cast as the stereotypical villain ?
    A blonde haired blue eyed man or a Tunisian knifefighter ?
    Think big picture . The rabbi whole is deep . Think big picture . Who took a Big Picture in TIME SQUARE New York that changed reality as we know it ?
    Think Big Picture.

  • Lighten Up You Serious Slobs
    Lighten Up You Serious Slobs 10 months ago +18

    12 year old twitter BS but it's always good when Colin steps on the mollusc...

  • Luis Rojas
    Luis Rojas 10 months ago +13

    hahahahaha Norton is shaped like any container you pour him into.

  • Shravaka Yogi
    Shravaka Yogi 10 months ago +6

    2:06:55 Colin's statement

  • bobE g
    bobE g 10 months ago +8

    That godfather that Colin did was hilarious
    “ Your nothing to me now, your not a brother, your not a friend of the family, i don’t want to see you at the comedy cellar, I want to know in a day in advance”😂

  • Lighten Up You Serious Slobs
    Lighten Up You Serious Slobs 11 months ago +12

    So good to hear the hatchling getting bashed.

    HACKS AGAINST HACKS 11 months ago +12

    At least colin is still funny

  • duckduckmoose
    duckduckmoose 11 months ago +9

    4:25 Colin realizes this fun bit is now real

  • Codie Fitz
    Codie Fitz Year ago +6

    “We panicked...”

  • James Graham
    James Graham Year ago +2

    i love this shit, great laugh

  • Tax Free Productions
    Tax Free Productions Year ago +17

    Little Jimmy is a homo.

    • Michael Pipkin
      Michael Pipkin 11 months ago +2

      Fuck you, you hateful piece of shit. He's Bi-homo. As in, by the way, he's a homo.

    • jan bramsen
      jan bramsen Year ago +1

      Yeeesss xD and in denial

  • dreaded360
    dreaded360 Year ago +20

    14:50 colin just ignores opie.. good..bitch tits is worthless

  • bsklasika
    bsklasika Year ago +8

    Dear John Berry, Sir, please continue your work on these types of broadcasts. We all enjoy your work very much, but you seem to have forsaken us for quite some time now. I hope you didn't die, but if so, then RIP.

    • john berry
      john berry  Year ago +4

      YT shadow banned my 'Martial Law in 15 Minutes' vids. Around Sept 15 they dropped from 200 to 400 views every 48 hours to only 10 or 15. It has stayed that way since. I am still fucking pissed off about it. GO TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Felipe Segura
    Felipe Segura Year ago +9

    59:05 when Opie says he doesn't know why he and Anthony change their personas when guest arrive infuriates me, it's because you have no loyalty to people that add to the show.

  • PanasonicTooth
    PanasonicTooth Year ago +27

    Oh, can you "be really dark" with a woman Jim? What a unique sexual animal you are.

    • LibConNeoChrist
      LibConNeoChrist 5 months ago

      Ultimate cringe.

    • ninjast4r
      ninjast4r Year ago +9

      PanasonicTooth That whole sequence of bullshit REALLY aggravated me. He said nothing but repeated it 87 times in a really sickening and irritating tone of voice. Is it really any surprise that this creepy little chinless homunculus can't hang onto a chick for very long?

    • McBubbleslvl900
      McBubbleslvl900 Year ago +6

      PanasonicTooth Like... blackface?

  • Maine Cyclist
    Maine Cyclist Year ago +41

    "it wasn't a fuck you to everyone"
    "I was like fuck everyone"
    Jim Norton, five minutes apart. What a little worm

    • Jake
      Jake Year ago +3

      Colin was entirely right about that creep.

    • Crystal Logik
      Crystal Logik Year ago

      Murk the jerk tss tss.

    • d d
      d d Year ago +2

      lol you sad comment hounds really are pathetic

    • Terram Lucida Tela Concilium
      Terram Lucida Tela Concilium Year ago +6

      "Why do you think I didn't go on a motherfuck everybody thing?" 10:38

  • kingofAwsomness
    kingofAwsomness Year ago +21

    1:37:26 Colin Quinn calling out o and a being cocksleeves in interviews makes me so happy

  • tcvt tcvt
    tcvt tcvt Year ago

    Were they watching a tape of Norton at the end or was it just an audio they were listening to?

  • Steven Loving
    Steven Loving Year ago +10

    Colin holds a phone to his ear like a psychopath.

  • sam cochran
    sam cochran Year ago +27

    "I understand I was being trashed on air. yesterday. by that creep, norton"

  • Nick Rayner
    Nick Rayner 2 years ago +53

    Colin Quinn is the greatest man in the world.

    • Nunyo Bisnez
      Nunyo Bisnez Year ago +1

      here we see colins prophecy in effect. jim is wormy as ever

  • Dusty Showbiz
    Dusty Showbiz 2 years ago +27

    "Im the victim! You unfollowed me on Twitter!" LMFAO!! Fuckin Colin!

  • Jack Scullin
    Jack Scullin 2 years ago +35

    Colin's catch phrase is, "So I heard you guys were trashing me..."

    • krayzeejojo
      krayzeejojo 11 days ago

      You just know he’s about start bombing the shit-talker as soon as he walks in (like the time after Ant trashed him for helping Seinfeld with his car problem).

    • Matt Murray
      Matt Murray Month ago

      Jack Scullin every time he opens with that I’m already laughing

  • unusual username
    unusual username 2 years ago +14

    SPQR (Senate & People of Rome) Collin Quinn, King of the obscure history reference.

  • Matt O
    Matt O 2 years ago +11

    43:00 -- oh Jimmy....how do ya let Ant hammer you on that silly, friendly little 2nd Am "discussion".....Ant's little pompous, soft, condescending delivery...."do we throw the entire document away because they owned slaves? would that, uh, be smart Jimmy?"
    what a funny guinea that Cumia was....sounded halfway smart but that's what you get when you sit next to Gregg Hughes, a remarkably stupid man.

    • Wetwork
      Wetwork Year ago +1

      KaiserSchuldig George Washington would be popping off a fully automatic carpet bombing GPS and flir assisted machine gun hahaha

    • KaiserSchuldig
      KaiserSchuldig Year ago +6

      Shut the fuck up you limp wristed leftist faggot. The founding fathers saw fucking gatling guns mowing people down, if they saw what we had now they'd pop a freedom boner.

    • Myles Hamann
      Myles Hamann Year ago

      MOD NJ i love anthony but this is true.

    • gar finn
      gar finn Year ago +4

      Yeah, that whole 1st amendment thing has become a bit antiquated, so we're trying to do away with that too. I thought I'd be long gone before we descended into full on government controlled automatons, but we're heading there faster than I thought, and picking up speed at a frightening pace.

  • ichiban308
    ichiban308 2 years ago +29

    "Norton is shaped like any container you pour him in" remind me of how much the world misses Patrice

    • Matt O
      Matt O 2 years ago +3

      ichiban308 greatest Patrice line of all time right there.... I wish Patrice was still there for that Paula Dean/Matt Lauer thing....I forgot how despicable Lauer was... detracted me from how great Colin v Jimmy clips are.

  • Cold Case New England
    Cold Case New England 2 years ago +21

    I love how Collin actually accurately dessimates people accurately

    MELEKH HA OLAM 2 years ago +10

    With typical fuckhead liberal reasoning, Larva Norton just takes two random facts about the founders, and acts like they must either both be regarded as indicative of the times or valid and applicable today. Who gives a fuck if the founders had slaves? It isn't a matter of them writing it, it's a matter of whether or not something is an obvious right that government which was intended to be, in the language of the founders, the servant of the people, has no place infringing upon. The constitution didn't bestow any rights on anyone. It was supposed to protect rights that existed in the first place. Given the rate of black incarceration, even while they aren't imprisoned for over half the murders they commit, does it not stand to reason that if they were going to be here they would have to be in bondage in order for things not to go to shit as they have even with a high percentage of them in prison?

      THE ANSWER DETHAMMER 2 years ago +2

      hugh jass.,.,lol,.,. 100% agree

      THE ANSWER DETHAMMER 2 years ago +2

      very nice

      MELEKH HA OLAM 2 years ago +3


    • Maine Cyclist
      Maine Cyclist 2 years ago +8

      Yet libbies never want to apply their reasoning to anything else. If the Second only applies to muskets, then the First must only apply to newspapers and town criers.

    • rabid rabbitshuggers
      rabid rabbitshuggers 2 years ago +4

      People find different ways to contribute to society.
      Some people donate to charity, work for public interest groups, or serve in the military.
      You post endless textwalls about nothing.
      Way to go, champ.

  • DangerOne
    DangerOne 2 years ago +40

    The worst thing about all these comedians on the radio is that none of their actual acts are anywhere near as funny as them just sitting around ripping on each other.

    • DangerOne
      DangerOne 2 years ago +4

      Yeah, Colin was rough live when i saw him do standup, but the one man shows are really good, probably because they're more conversational. I think youre dead on about Louis too, he seems to sit back and wait for his moment to "bring the funny" but Patrice could just sit there all day being funny as hell.

    • Jake
      Jake 2 years ago +3

      I think the issue is natural comedic talent vs writing talent and career issues. Colin may be the funnies one, but he's obviously got some issues translating it into writing. Patrice was the same, Maybe Otto Petersen too. And I think Louis is the other side of the spectrum. Shameless and Chewed Up were written brilliantly, better than Louis ever is in conversation. I think George Carlin was the same.

    • lahirund
      lahirund 2 years ago

      Got tickets to see Louie's new hour, first time seeing him live!!

    • FearlessP4P1
      FearlessP4P1 2 years ago

      Have you seen them in real life? I hear they're funnier if you see them live

    • lahirund
      lahirund 2 years ago +1

      Bill Burr is also pretty good and amazing on radio.

  • michi k
    michi k 2 years ago +14

    whenever norton says anything serious i wonder how he can have even as much as 1 fan

  • aeongod
    aeongod 2 years ago +13

    Colin: "Why don't we play nightcrawlers anymore, Jimmy?"

    • Wetwork
      Wetwork Year ago +1

      michi k its funnier when you realize that colin was thinking of himself as Danny devito

    • Wetwork
      Wetwork Year ago

      michi k has to be a reference

    • michi k
      michi k 2 years ago +2

      is that a reference to sunny in philadelphia or does that really exist?

  • Gabriel Hedin
    Gabriel Hedin 2 years ago +26

    Colin Quinn vs are my favorite clips on the internet. Please make more of them you beautiful wonderful lovely person!

  • Speedy Gunz
    Speedy Gunz 2 years ago

    man, if this isn't a joke, Colin Quinn is a baby. Also, Jim Norton goes roundabout ways of explaining things and it's always convoluted and overblown.

  • Global Jay
    Global Jay 2 years ago +15

    Compare this clip to the unfunny train wreck the show has become now. Can you see Vic Henley or Sherrod Small being even 10% as funny as this? NO WAY!

    • Tyler
      Tyler 2 years ago +1

      Global Jay theres one from like 2011 with Sherrod on it and the few times he talks he just bombs. i think its "comedy wheel of death" or whatever with Bobby, Colin, and vos

  • Jake
    Jake 2 years ago +6

    1:51:00 Ant REALLY hurting Colins feelings.

    • FearlessP4P1
      FearlessP4P1 2 years ago +2

      Yup. It almost got uncomfortable

  • Jake
    Jake 2 years ago +2

    Jim would do that Sineade Oconor joke today.

    • Jake
      Jake 8 months ago

      @michi k You're right. He's tried his best, but he's fundamentally a retarded creep.

    • ninjast4r
      ninjast4r Year ago

      PrivateAckbar 80% of his act is self-deprecating jokes, so of course he would.

    • michi k
      michi k 2 years ago +1

      jim does all of that crap lol just with a deeper voice
      cant change who u are even if its retarded

  • Eric Folmz
    Eric Folmz 2 years ago +5

    jimmy norton the no friends kid

  • Joshua Roberts
    Joshua Roberts 2 years ago +7

    Jim Norton just thinks he's the bees knees... what a cottage cheese-eating tranny blanket of a scoundrel he is - i wish i had an atom smasher so i could go back in time and smash his face with it.

    • Rita White
      Rita White Year ago

      Leave my Jimmy alone

    • Matthew Roach
      Matthew Roach 2 years ago

      +Joshua Roberts haha classic

    • PanasonicTooth
      PanasonicTooth 2 years ago

      I can assure you sir an atom smasher is not necessary.

    • Joshua Roberts
      Joshua Roberts 2 years ago +2

      you are right, i lost an arm in the war.

    • Gee Blanco
      Gee Blanco 2 years ago +1

      You typed that one handed, I imagine.

  • John Moser
    John Moser 2 years ago +10

    Colin is the greatest. These videos and the Colin vs. Vos videos are the best.

  • baalzebub5000
    baalzebub5000 3 years ago +6

    So, Jim's a cuck, but I think that's a compliment to him.

    • John NoNameGibbon
      John NoNameGibbon 2 years ago

      Well, the thing about the term "cuck" is that it's usually meaningless. It's basically just another term for swinging. Because not everyone who does it does it out of a humiliation fetish. Many do it to watch their wife, usually, have something degrading done to herself. That's what Patrice did. And he fucked other women too.

    • Metal Mayhem
      Metal Mayhem 2 years ago

      I don't think what Patrice did is being a cuck. He got something in return which is considered swinging.

    • Squid Inc
      Squid Inc 2 years ago

      baalzebub5000 He's the Coolest Cuck Cockin'

    • John NoNameGibbon
      John NoNameGibbon 2 years ago

      Of course he is. He pretty much wears it on his sleeve and has admitted it before. Even Patrice has done that, by the way. He called it "watching your girl get smashed".

  • Desperado
    Desperado 3 years ago +5

    Jimmy trying to get political makes me bite my lips 'til they deflate.
    He always talks about how people with no entertainment experience take down comedy and yet he goes after guns, not only knowing anything about them, but with a MUCH more qualified speaker in the room...

    • ninjast4r
      ninjast4r Year ago +4

      I don't mind his opinions, but I LOATHE the gravitas with which he says them like he's a scholar. He's a know-nothing know-it-all.

    • John NoNameGibbon
      John NoNameGibbon 2 years ago +3

      Jimmy's politics have offended both my conservative and liberal sides. Like when he implied the US never backed dictators. Of course we do that shit! All we do is back dictators! But I love him.

  • JumpTheShark
    JumpTheShark 3 years ago

    I just want to listen to these guys bashing each other on their old bits forever...

  • StripedTiger
    StripedTiger 3 years ago +5

    CQ vs The gang's interview skills

  • BirdyLegs
    BirdyLegs 3 years ago +14

    CQ vs Patrice, please.

    • Matt Murray
      Matt Murray Month ago

      Marcvs Fvrivs Camillvs that benefits line was classic

    • Marcvs Fvrivs Camillvs
      Marcvs Fvrivs Camillvs 8 months ago +1

      "Shave that fucking horrible moustache."
      "He looks like a fucking Newark rioter from the 1960's."
      "He looks like Fats Williams and you're letting him talk!"

    • Jake
      Jake Year ago +1

      BirdyLegs Patrice was a lot like Colin. You could maybe do a Patrice vs Jimmy. But Patrice didn't let out his depression like Colin did.

    • Matthew Roach
      Matthew Roach 3 years ago +7

      should just be Patrice vs the world

    • N Word Joe
      N Word Joe 3 years ago

      colin and patrice were on together only a few times i think.

  • kingfappington
    kingfappington 3 years ago +6

    hahahaha "Mint tea!!" what an arsehole lil' Jimmy is haha

    • Rick Bowen
      Rick Bowen 8 months ago

      That is actually disgusting.I would be so skeeved out at ingesting Norton's saliva, considering his ...hmmm....indulgences.

  • Zareth Shahara
    Zareth Shahara 3 years ago +2

    Colin vs Colon - Thank You Mr. Berry - Sui generis. I assume, Bawby is next?

  • Zareth Shahara
    Zareth Shahara 3 years ago +3

    bulk comedy

  • Luke Parkinson
    Luke Parkinson 3 years ago +4

    CQ vs Bobby Kelly

  • Justin Bradford
    Justin Bradford 3 years ago +2

    Young Jimmy sounds like Bobo with either energy or ecstasy, or both.

    DAYTON DAYTONA 3 years ago +3

    51:17 AARDVARK!!!

  • Trembling Colors
    Trembling Colors 3 years ago +9

    When people complain about how O&J is nothing but boring conversations and shitty celeb interviews I just think 'don't you remember the last couple of years of O&A'? Just add Anthony and the callers shouting at each other about race, taxes, politics, etc. The shitty celebrity interviews and tip toeing around them is ALL Norton, you can't blame Opie for that. Colin really bashes him so accurately.

  • renewer
    renewer 3 years ago +17

    Jimmy tells Colin it wasn't a fuck you move that he un-followed Colin... saying he's not that good at being passive-aggressive... yet minutes earlier, he said he unfollowed ppl just as a big fuck you to them all....

    • Elemeno
      Elemeno 2 years ago

      Don't you think it's also bleuuurg that CQ didn't get back to Jim about his show?

    • MrMotoflou
      MrMotoflou 3 years ago

      +renewer yeah, that whole conversation (on Jimmy's end) had me cringing. bleuuuurg.

    • American Goy
      American Goy 3 years ago +2

      +renewer He's a worm, lovable, but still a worm.

    • Justin Bradford
      Justin Bradford 3 years ago +2

      +renewer Yup.

  • Carlos
    Carlos 3 years ago +13

    1:32:32 "Alright guys Allah Akbar see ya."
    Colin caught me off guard, laughed harder then i should've.

    • Carlos
      Carlos 3 years ago +1

      +CaptainPijak ayee thanks mate now other people can enjoy it too

    • Captain Pijak
      Captain Pijak 3 years ago +2

      +BadVoodo0 1:32:32

    MELEKH HA OLAM 3 years ago +3

    As far as Jim Norton's "profound" argument against the constitution being taken seriously, for one thing, the weapons to which civilians had access were the same as those which the military used. They didn't outlaw nor restrict ownership of gunpowder despite the fact that they were well aware of this V for Vatican terrorist plot thexvid.com/video/lBVrPurrqCw/video.html

    Also, as I think Anthony was alluding to, the second amendment doesn't give anyone the right to own anything. It is an acknowledgement, a delineation of the fact that yes, that is one of the rights that people have insofar as the fact that government has no right to prevent it is concerned. People have the right to own whatever they want with no government at all in the sense that no government has the right to restrict such ownership, but just as no one interprets this to mean that a child should be allowed by his or her family to buy a gun at the age of two, nor did the founders interpret freedom to mean sameness in terms of rights for all people, so should the natural role and function of each person as a human being dictate whether or not he or she actually possesses a certain freedom by nature.
    As for slavery, given that the prison population demographics show that it is necessary to keep many blacks in bondage, and the negative influence free blacks as a general group have exerted upon every western world nation in which their influence has been evident due to the prevalence among them of functioning on the basis of emotion and sensation rather than truth and fairness, it is difficult to say that slavery was definitely unjustified, and in fact, it undoubtedly ensured that many blacks did not wind up becoming tremendously violent murderers as they would have if left to their own devices in Africa, which is not to say they didn't have it within them, but that they were largely prevented from manifesting it, and I say this as someone who is descended from black slaves among others, and I am not vilifying all blacks, as I am aware of the decency and empathy of some.

    The reason that women, gays, and blacks are portrayed as having been so unfairly persecuted is because those responsible for creating that impression want to destroy the existing system (www.thezeitgeistmovement.com/) and they know that the aforementioned, who were always kept under control as the norm among most of humanity, if they were present at all, will accomplish that for them by way of consistently increasing their influence upon the western world's values and practices. That is the reason they have always been kept in positions of subservience!! Everyone knew that they would otherwise destroy everything!! It was recognized that these groups, by and large, don't have any sense of the importance of justice/fairness, and that they will act on the basis of emotion, on the basis of what gives them good feelings or bad feelings, responding positively to the former and negatively to the latter, REGARDLESS OF WHAT IS ACTUALLY DESERVED(!!!) instead of instituting the standard of justice and having people regard the truth as being of supreme importance.

    Has anyone else noticed how similar Anderson Cooper's reactionary, bitchy personality is to that which is demonstrated by Barack Obama in the Between Two Ferns segment he did? I understand the latter was probably joking to some extent, but nonetheless, to manifest something so similar means that you can identify to a degree with the mindset of a person. Am I insinuating that Barack Obama is gay? Absolutely not. He was obviously subject to high prenatal testosterone. However, given the great femininity of heterosexual white females combined with the high level of the primary female hormone estradiol within black males, a child resulting from such a coupling is bound to be more inclined toward restlessness, insecurity, and emotion-based functioning.

    And of course, those who are convinced that such ideas are overly simplistic just because they want and/or expect things to be more complicated and esoteric than they really are, a trap into which many intelligent but deceived persons fall, with my having been one of them for most of my life, will dismiss such straightforward reasoning entirely.

    It is somewhat ironic that they would do so, given that scientists often do the same thing. They come to hold to a position based on the fact that something follows logically, though they have not confirmed that it is definitely true.

    • Sam Bbk
      Sam Bbk 3 years ago +1

      Ok so yes and disorder is an interesting word.

      MELEKH HA OLAM 3 years ago

      @Sam Bbk That ideology, or those responsible for it, are the reason I suffer as you could never imagine every moment of every day, and that cannot be denied regardless of whether one believes the obvious dismissive claim as to what it is, which doesn't account for most of what it entails, or comes to understand and accept the truth about it. Either way, they are the cause. They are the cause of the marginalization of those who are legitimately out of their minds, because they and those like them from millennia ago brought disease and disorder into existence as detriments with which mankind is plagued.

    • Sam Bbk
      Sam Bbk 3 years ago

      How does this ideology affect your life? Not at all, moderately, you are driven by it?

      MELEKH HA OLAM 3 years ago

      @Sam Bbk Then what reference were you talking about? The Zeitgeist Movement? Those are the world communists I was talking about.

    • Sam Bbk
      Sam Bbk 3 years ago

      Mmm. I wasn't talking about the 'gunpowder plot videos'.
      Why did you bring that up?
      Oh....I get it. I bothered to actually read your drivel and responded to it. You are for some reason unable to do the same..
      People with power are interested in retaining power.
      Btw do you feel persecuted against (I don't need personal details)?

    MELEKH HA OLAM 3 years ago

    This will not be accepted by the average product of both a follower mentality and inculcation into the ways of the western world of the past hundred years or so, but a major falsehood which is believed to be true among many nowadays is that people need to delve into their deepest desires in order to be honest with themselves, when the fact of the matter is that, as ignorant and/or stupid as it will likely seem to those who have come to accept that acquisition of all knowledge possible by human beings is an intrinsically self-justified and thorough positive thing, people aren't supposed to know that much about what they would do or how far they would go, as it isn't important to what human beings really are and the mode of existence for which we were intended.

    • lam baster
      lam baster 2 years ago +1

      Kissai Sith Jen'ari uwotm8?

  • Carlos
    Carlos 3 years ago +29

    Holy shit Colin is like Jim Nortons weakness

    • gn
      gn 3 years ago +7

      As Patrice said, Colin is the head of their rat pack.

    • michi k
      michi k 3 years ago +12

      +BadVoodo0 yes lol he exposes him for the sack of shit he is

  • big mike obama
    big mike obama 4 years ago +8

    Resentful creep

  • culwin
    culwin 4 years ago +6

    Colin is a Twitter victim.

  • Teds Lead Hat emporium
    Teds Lead Hat emporium 4 years ago +10

    the whole show lost its touch after patrice died,they all seem disinterested and bored,and ant just acts like he doesnt want to be there,i wish it could've been vos and not patrice

  • John NoNameGibbon
    John NoNameGibbon 4 years ago +20

    Damn, the set of balls on Colin.
    Rewriting a movie as an extra.. damn.

  • richard gould
    richard gould 4 years ago +14

    ON IMDB: colin quinn. onlooker at mansion. crocodile dundee II. 1988

  • Deadlikecobain
    Deadlikecobain 4 years ago +43

    As much as I love Jimmy he doesn't stand a chance against Colin. Patrice is the only one that gave Quinn a fight.

    • Richer Prior
      Richer Prior 6 months ago

      Quinn did not come out on top 90% of the against Patrice

    • Richer Prior
      Richer Prior 6 months ago

      billybob thornton Quinn did not come out on top 90% of the against Patrice.

    • Richer Prior
      Richer Prior 6 months ago

      billybob thornton Quinn did not come out on top 90% of the against Patrice.

    • Jake
      Jake Year ago

      billybob thornton Wasn't it Matt Lauer called bewildered?

    • Felipe Segura
      Felipe Segura Year ago

      Yeah, because that fat funny black fuck was always niggardly when it came to letting people talk.