FEEDING My *SARGASUM FROGFISH* He Grew So Much!! -Must Watch-

  • Published on Jun 30, 2021
  • This Is My Sargasum FrogFish, in this video I feed My FrogFish 2 Live Fish & 1 Shrimp all a day apart from eachother!
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Comments • 14

  • Ak Fishing

    What Should name the FrogFish?

  • Jake K
    Jake K 7 hours ago

    Awesome fish, just curioes how much do you feed him and how often and as well as how long have you had him

  • Sam Sole

    He’s gotten large!

  • Cameron Chadronet

    Well next time I catch one I'm naming it Kermit, so that's off the table. How about Cruela?

  • Lonnie Pawl

    He did get bigger