Rick and Morty Season 4 Opening Sequence | adult swim

  • Published on Nov 8, 2019
  • Season 4 of Rick and Morty returns to [adult swim] on Sunday Nov. 10th at 11:30pm.
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    Rick and Morty Season 4 Opening Sequence | adult swim
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Comments • 4 808

  • Owen Haslehurst
    Owen Haslehurst Day ago

    Does anyone know when this season will end up being uploaded to Netflix

  • Metokur's Hall of Mirrors

    is it still being written by bitchy man hating feminists? yeah? well, wont be watching then

  • S Wavey
    S Wavey Day ago

    Might sound dumb but when is this out in the UK?

  • Olav Georg Jaksholt-Nokevje

    Well that was a long episode

  • nword2001
    nword2001 Day ago

    thats looks like the double head goose of Adventure time finale intro

  • DindinYT
    DindinYT Day ago

    I love how thats literally the Gravity Falls theme song

  • FeNeRLiM4 Studios

    Krallar Gibi Geliyorlar!

  • Abraham Guevara
    Abraham Guevara Day ago

    а в конце, в голове прозвучала фраза: перевел и озвучил Сыендук

  • FuzzyAppleBong
    FuzzyAppleBong Day ago


    GLITCH Day ago

    where do u watch rick and morty season 4?

  • The Kellogg's chicken

    I like to imagine the goose is the one from untitled goose

  • TiF KOOK
    TiF KOOK Day ago

    Есть кто?)

  • Gengonglike Arbukle

    Did they just make fun of Doom Eternal?

  • doodle noodle
    doodle noodle Day ago

    0:20 OOTKA

  • paul mccollum
    paul mccollum Day ago

    When's it out on netflix

  • deusthemachina
    deusthemachina Day ago

    Please give me pickle rick
    I live in a cave and eat roadkill
    I wait for solenya, everyday

    FALIDASIGN Day ago

    We need 10 more seasons of Rick and Morty please!!!!!!

  • supreme keys
    supreme keys Day ago


  • Javier Gatica Ulloa

    Guys, I think I have discovered the pattern for the season 4 intro, based on the deads of morty that we can see in episode 1 I can conclude that the order is Fake, Real, Real, Fake,Real, Real and Fake

  • fighterwolfneon
    fighterwolfneon Day ago

    *seeing the sequence where Rick free falls towards mutant Morty planet*
    Please be an episode, please be an episode

  • Parzival 9090
    Parzival 9090 Day ago

    Ainda bem que não tiraram o tio lu "Cthulhu" 😱😊😊😊😊

  • Oi Stop
    Oi Stop Day ago

    I have no choice but to watch this on a dodgy site if I don’t want to watch it TEN DAYS LATER!!!

  • Calvin Reynolds
    Calvin Reynolds Day ago

    The Goose is Loose...

  • Andreas Møllevang

    Yo AS guys, why can't I watch in Denmark yet

  • Dubstep Generation

    0:16 what??

  • alisuo toko
    alisuo toko Day ago

    In the last scene before the the title card, is that a reference to Untitled Goose Game?

  • ALkerYT
    ALkerYT Day ago +1

    Most important 3+3=6

  • bambo wambo
    bambo wambo Day ago

    not even relevant

  • kubek do kawy
    kubek do kawy Day ago +1

    4 season RaM be in netflix?

  • Sigi Baes
    Sigi Baes Day ago

    This is so sick and worthy of watching!

    • alisuo toko
      alisuo toko Day ago

      I love the episode, please keep making this show forever

  • Vye Esport
    Vye Esport Day ago +1

    Hmm Again Jerry Is Not in the Sequence? PERFECT!

  • GearCat115
    GearCat115 Day ago

    The mcrib is back

  • Nicholas LoBaido

    Is that the 2 headed goose from adventure time

  • Danny Lang
    Danny Lang Day ago

    May god save us all, the end is upon us, forget that Cthulhu creature, I saw a two headed goose

  • PakoZ _
    PakoZ _ Day ago

    When will it be available on Netflix?

  • Isaac Xxx
    Isaac Xxx Day ago +1

    Sadly isn’t on Hulu yet

  • Golden Spatian
    Golden Spatian Day ago

    Untitled Goose game gone wrong

  • David Hold
    David Hold Day ago

    SJWs incoming

  • Ommf Police
    Ommf Police Day ago

    Oh no its the goose

  • K D
    K D Day ago


  • Ryan Holt
    Ryan Holt Day ago

    Wtf is this in my inbox?
    I’m not even subbed

  • Shenje Shimozuru

    Season 4? Cool i think the best trailer part is the goose part

  • ЭЛС
    ЭЛС Day ago

    Well....that was kind a shit,but i liked it!

  • 223 Jxstin
    223 Jxstin Day ago

    Who else forgot about jerrys existence?

  • Trickyy
    Trickyy Day ago

    I love the episode, please keep making this show forever

  • mixio hili
    mixio hili Day ago

    I literally just watched Jason and a The Argonauts.

  • Oscar Yanez
    Oscar Yanez Day ago +1

    Is giant morty naked?

  • sleepy
    sleepy Day ago

    When it coming on Hulu

  • A Bag o’ Chips


    • mixio hili
      mixio hili Day ago

      he either knocked Morty unconcious or stunned him with how hard he smashed his head into the glass.

  • DIPA
    DIPA Day ago

    Oooooooo my GOD

  • nishapoo
    nishapoo Day ago

    BEST 1 yet

  • Will B
    Will B Day ago

    bruh when will it be on netflix

  • bladerj
    bladerj 2 days ago

    are we ever going to see the clhuthu :

  • Lil Kay Kay
    Lil Kay Kay 2 days ago

    Sayyy less 🔥💥

  • TheMeltedEntree
    TheMeltedEntree 2 days ago

    what the fuck an episode was meant to start after

  • Swordmasterrapgaming 123

    I knew it that rick and morty won't be cancelled

  • Edd?
    Edd? 2 days ago

    Not at all fascistisch

  • Wargen
    Wargen 2 days ago

    OH MY GOD IS THAT A TWO HEADED GOOSE? thats so creative and smart it brought a tear into my eye.

  • Tancredi De Simone
    Tancredi De Simone 2 days ago

    why the fuck is the premiere not available in some countries?

  • Howyaduing
    Howyaduing 2 days ago

    I wonder which one of theses intro clips might actually be in this season?