Blind chef Christine Ha - Vietnamese Catfish - MasterChef USA Audition (Season 3 Episode 1)

  • Published on Jun 17, 2012
  • Chefs rely heavily on their sense of taste and smell to cook -- especially if they're blind like MasterChef contestant Christine Ha.
    "I have to depend a lot more on the other senses to cook -- taste, smell, how certain ingredients feel," she tells PEOPLE. "I'll know if a piece of meat is close to being done by how it feels against my hand or utensils."
    Christine, 33, has been diagnosed with neuromyelitis optica (NMO), a condition of the central nervous system that affects the optic nerves and spinal cord.
    "The very first bout I had was in 1999," she says of the condition. "It only happened in one eye then. It didn't recover completely so I learned to adjust to seeing out of one eye. In 2004, it decreased to the level where I could no longer drive. In 2007, it decreased to where I am now. I have to use a cane to walk around or take somebody's arm and be guided."
    Christine is ready to prove herself on the show, which premieres Monday (9 p.m. ET) on Fox. "It's hard to see ingredients," she says. "I have to figure out by smell and touch if an ingredient is fresh. Cutting with knives -- fortunately, I'm pretty careful and I have a proper knife technique. Since I've lost my vision, I've cut myself once. And it was minor. I've never had to get stitches. It's really about being organized, careful and using my other senses."
    And she won't be getting any special help from the judges Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich. "Joe, Gordon and Graham didn't treat me any differently," she says. "They told me what was wrong and right with my dish. There was constructive criticism. I feel like they judged fairly."
    Still, nerves were a factor for Christine when she began the competition. "I had never been this nervous in my life -- even on my wedding day," she says. "It was the most anxiety I've felt in a day. It's already scary to be in an environment you can't soak up visually what's happening around you. It was challenging and scary."

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  • masey
    masey 23 hours ago

    "I'm gonna be the next Masterchef!" If only she knew!

  • Laura Huynh
    Laura Huynh 3 days ago

    Clay Pot fish is the best comfort food. Christine is a legend.

  • k11h12
    k11h12 11 days ago

    she's blind but still very beautiful

  • Lucius Nguyen
    Lucius Nguyen 15 days ago

    I think 1000 blind people clicked the dislike button ( Copy )

  • Blind Luck
    Blind Luck 18 days ago

    I am quite offended that she claims to be blind. She is actually visually impaired, there’s quite a difference

  • idsofisoncaoisnc
    idsofisoncaoisnc 21 day ago

    You are an inspiration to the whole world christina God bless you dear . You prove that talent only needs a heart full of passion . Mind-blowing absolutely phenomenal .

  • surfinmuso
    surfinmuso 22 days ago

    omg -the bullshit with her walking up with the cane when she was being lead by someone-what do u need the cane for if u are being lead?. What a load of over-dramatized crap. She is pathetic-using her very questionable "disability" to scrape up sympathy points for the food. Funny how she has no problem locating things on her bench, putting stuff in a pot, looking directly at camera etc etc. An actual blind person would have to "feel" for these things to find them.U lot are pathetic suckers.

  • MrTriped
    MrTriped 22 days ago

    Plot twist: she is not blind and cheated everyone

  • getdrinking
    getdrinking 23 days ago +1

    With the best will in the world, she was never going to be able to compete properly on the show given the challenges that we see on a weekly basis, which invariably revolve around fast movement in and around kitchens.

  • Siyathokoza Zulu
    Siyathokoza Zulu 24 days ago

    i'm so fucking ungrateful

  • David Bourff
    David Bourff 24 days ago

    It's almost like the tin men got some oil for their rusty ass hearts

  • surfinmuso
    surfinmuso 25 days ago

    What a croc of shit-that woman is not blind. Way to hype the bullshit guys. u suck

  • Hammerschlägen M
    Hammerschlägen M 25 days ago

    They all felt sorry for her. She got the sympathy vote. Pure and simple.

  • Pope Francis
    Pope Francis 25 days ago

    All the dislikes were people who had their phone upside down

  • rai apuri
    rai apuri 25 days ago

    Wow love the attitude gurl keep it up

  • PyroJayxX
    PyroJayxX 25 days ago

    but u cant see...

  • Anna Anna
    Anna Anna 25 days ago

    Anyone can do anything they want even if they are blind

  • Hưng Lê
    Hưng Lê 25 days ago

    love vietnamese

  • hatershatehateha tehate

    Is she blind or can she see something

  • Lam Tran
    Lam Tran 25 days ago

    đĩ mẹ thằng mập khinh người

  • J O
    J O 25 days ago

    she is not blind,lol.

  • bill nguyen
    bill nguyen 25 days ago

    Now thats how you supposed to represent my fuckin flag 🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

  • 3593steelpiranha
    3593steelpiranha 25 days ago

    asians are good in seasoning their food. that is no joke. that's why she can win masterchef. not because her disablity.

  • Robert Hartzell
    Robert Hartzell 25 days ago

    Let's just hope she washes her hands???

  • Myron Kapetanakis
    Myron Kapetanakis 25 days ago

    Is that true that she won and then opened a restaurant with NINO???

  • Peter Girgis
    Peter Girgis 25 days ago

    Wow I. Cried she is so intelligent and absolutely amazing

  • Swaying Palms
    Swaying Palms 25 days ago

    May God protect her in the kitchen😢

  • Apple Peel
    Apple Peel 25 days ago

    Idk how can a blind person cook?

  • 20PINKluvr
    20PINKluvr 25 days ago

    Shes like Daredevil but with cooking and food. Her other senses have been enhanced without her vision sense

  • Andrew Corbett
    Andrew Corbett 25 days ago

    She's awesome

  • Ari X
    Ari X 25 days ago

    Who's cutting onions?! 😢

  • Jack Swift
    Jack Swift 26 days ago

    If shes blind then i'm king kong !😂😂😂

  • #awesome7 Lol
    #awesome7 Lol 26 days ago +2

    I’m inspired omg love this episode

  • aRandomAvocado
    aRandomAvocado 26 days ago

    She's the red nose reindeer

  • c l u e l e s s P otAtO

    Gordon Wow count:*never ending*

    SAKURA 26 days ago

    4:33 For some reason I feel like Joe wants to cry

  • Diane Rondoli
    Diane Rondoli 26 days ago

    Asian food really needs rice 😍

  • wong fatt ying
    wong fatt ying 26 days ago

    First judge mind : this would be so much better with the rice
    Second judge mind : im speechless
    Third judge mind : she is better than any other normal chefs so far
    Ps . I know their names just dont know how to spell it

  • Rose Ribcage
    Rose Ribcage 26 days ago

    So impressed by her.

  • Purple Dolphin
    Purple Dolphin 26 days ago

    This touched me on different levels

  • UwU
    UwU 26 days ago

    I can’t watch this it’s too pure.

  • J Metric
    J Metric 26 days ago +1

    5:24 I think joe cried a bit 🙃

  • _ _
    _ _ 26 days ago

    United States Stats:
    Sexually hungry men for a cute blind woman's pussy and a relationship: 10,000,000
    Women that would even consider dating a blind guy: 50

    • ももこ〜
      ももこ〜 26 days ago

      Women who consider dating men describing themselves the way you did: 0

  • GhostReaper TheCodex
    GhostReaper TheCodex 26 days ago

    The first time home ate in front without looking at them while eating

  • tuan amirudin
    tuan amirudin 26 days ago

    Tears in my eyes every time seeing this

  • midninte ranger
    midninte ranger 26 days ago

    This woman is so amazing love her she is a WARRIOR

  • Shane Goodman
    Shane Goodman 26 days ago

    I know i shouldn't be laughing but when she said it looks better on the bone I died a little

  • Christopher Lewis
    Christopher Lewis 27 days ago

    Dammit!! I'm crying and hungry

  • Axis
    Axis 27 days ago

    I am in tears. That was fantastic.

  • Aaron Banzon
    Aaron Banzon 27 days ago

    Can she earth bend?

  • I Q
    I Q 27 days ago

    I swear to God if someone doesn't like this girl they need therapy. I friggin cry every time I see that beautiful smile.

  • nanzeeba ibnat
    nanzeeba ibnat 27 days ago

    all her videos are popping up as recommendation and I'm glad they are because she's so inspiring

  • XenaWQ
    XenaWQ 27 days ago

    I can’t watch this without crying myself bless her x

  • Jiro the Shiba Inu
    Jiro the Shiba Inu 27 days ago

    She’s beautiful inside and out, great passion, I would love to have that kind of desire to be the best chef, she said she will be the Masterchef. She already was from the beginning

  • Saku Ragi
    Saku Ragi 27 days ago

    Wow :)

  • Edward Sudjono
    Edward Sudjono 27 days ago

    she used way too much onions.. dammit.. my eyes are all watery right now because of that..

  • Héřühçţëř vųřůçtàe EJĶİRŐ - Speed Cuber

    Ah my favourite type of food...

    • VeRyRESpECt
      VeRyRESpECt 26 days ago

      Héřühçţëř vųřůçtàe EJĶİRŐ - Speed Cuber Rice with pineapple pizza?

  • Panda Warrior13
    Panda Warrior13 27 days ago +1

    Chef(her):What am I cooking?
    Assistant Chef:.........the dog

  • Panda Warrior13
    Panda Warrior13 27 days ago +1


  • Purna Khatiwada
    Purna Khatiwada 27 days ago

    1000 people dislike this? Why? Someone who did that, private message me and explain cause there is no one else that is trashier than you.

  • Patricia Westbrook
    Patricia Westbrook 27 days ago

    I caught two taquitos on fire in my microwave once

  • jayco palmes
    jayco palmes 27 days ago

    Amazing woman! I’m tearing up 😭👌👏

  • Isaac Jhon
    Isaac Jhon 27 days ago

    And she won the masterchef :)

  • NaNa Po
    NaNa Po 27 days ago

    I didn’t see the title so *i didn’t even realize she was blind* until I saw her with the walking stick

  • JT Black Storm
    JT Black Storm 27 days ago

    She made me cry god bless her

  • AnnaSun27
    AnnaSun27 27 days ago

    I love that she didn’t use it as a way to make everyone pity her. I feel like most people who have a disability or have some horrific past tend to use it to get ahead in competition shows. She did not do that. She was so happy at the end, I could feel it! What a wonderful woman.

  • JoybuzzahzTV
    JoybuzzahzTV 27 days ago

    I hate when American people say CARE-UH-MEL. It's the United States, we say Carmel.

  • Yopo Opo
    Yopo Opo 27 days ago

    god knew best

  • René Casaña
    René Casaña 28 days ago

    4:30 - 4:46

  • MA S
    MA S 28 days ago

    this is inspiring! holy shit!

  • MA S
    MA S 28 days ago +2

    shes like the Daredevil of cooking

  • Kanchan Singh
    Kanchan Singh 28 days ago

    Beautiful dish 👌

  • Englebert Villegas
    Englebert Villegas 28 days ago

    tears streaming down my face ugh ! inspirational woman

  • Kal Val
    Kal Val 28 days ago

    Who else thought that fat guy was a fat dyke until he opened his mouth

  • James Guo
    James Guo 28 days ago

    I just realised that she lies, in one of her videos, she said that she isn't fully blind and can see some outlines and stuff in her personal video but in here she said that 'she cannot see at all.' which is the truth??

    • ももこ〜
      ももこ〜 26 days ago

      She meant that she is legally completely blind. She is fully blind, but she can somewhat recognize shadows. People think this is “not fully blind”, but it is.

  • Aleksandar Grbic
    Aleksandar Grbic 28 days ago

    I'm in tears... May God bless her soul!!

  • Jimmy Lynham
    Jimmy Lynham 28 days ago

    Tell you what....I'm a isis hating, deer killing, beer drinking, wrench turning wild animal andddddd if that video doesn't just hit a spot with everyone I don't know what will. Good for her

  • Alexandra Villalobos
    Alexandra Villalobos 28 days ago

    I'm so proud of this woman

  • Xenoz Da Fortnutter
    Xenoz Da Fortnutter 28 days ago

    Damn and I’m just here eating Oreos and drinking water.

  • Bling-Bling Boy
    Bling-Bling Boy 28 days ago +3

    3:43 ummm..

    • ももこ〜
      ももこ〜 26 days ago +2

      Well, she THINKS it looks more appealing

  • Shelley Smith
    Shelley Smith 28 days ago

    I love her.

  • Aaron Ongley
    Aaron Ongley 28 days ago

    Just because she is blind doesn’t mean she can’t do things people who can see can do, if they put there heart and soul into what they want to do then a blind person can do anything they want and achieve great things and even become top chefs! A disability does not define you as a person atall, its just something that that person has to deal with and learn to live with but that does not stop that person achieving their dreams and goals in life. Well done to her and what she achieved, she may be blind but she believed on herself and chased her dream and she made it and the judges believed in her and knew she could do it and she proved to everyone that no matter what your disability you can still achieve anything you want!!

  • Reece
    Reece 28 days ago +2

    3:43 I think it _looks_ more appealing.
    *_Kowalski Analysis_*

    • ももこ〜
      ももこ〜 26 days ago

      * “I THINK it looks more appealing

  • Edward kenway
    Edward kenway 28 days ago

    Maybe her perception has transcend to sixth senses!

  • Jiro Yoshino
    Jiro Yoshino 28 days ago

    Brought a tear to my eye

  • Hulkmutant_HD
    Hulkmutant_HD 28 days ago

    i would kill 800 people to taste her dish i ever imagine how blind people cook

  • Thotty DaGod
    Thotty DaGod 29 days ago

    Oh so they just gone not tell you she blind huh

  • Just Bruce
    Just Bruce 29 days ago

    This got me😭

  • rudy rush
    rudy rush 29 days ago

    aside from all else that catfish bone in looked FLAME.

  • Jetdot37
    Jetdot37 29 days ago +4

    Imagine if he actually gave her a black apron. She would never know!

    • ZenoDovahkiin
      ZenoDovahkiin 28 days ago

      The results are in. You are a horrible person. I'm serious, that's what it says.
      jk :D

  • Compa Nacho
    Compa Nacho 29 days ago

    weird flex , but ok

  • E
    E 29 days ago

    Fuck that was depressing to digest that struggle of a bright fighting woman

  • Drift N.
    Drift N. 29 days ago

    5 minutes?!?! 🙀🙀🙀

  • Adventure Donut
    Adventure Donut 29 days ago

    I'n feeling something in my heart...🙁☹

  • Laura Colafranceschi
    Laura Colafranceschi 29 days ago

    Am I the only dumbass who thought she was faking the blindness because there was catfish in the title?

  • Honey Comb
    Honey Comb 29 days ago

    Houston Texas BABY

  • Aiman Anuar
    Aiman Anuar 29 days ago

    I can't even cook,she is good.

  • ESC Bill
    ESC Bill 29 days ago

    I love her ! She is great !!!

  • Crusty Burger
    Crusty Burger 29 days ago

    Is it me or does this seem kinda fake

    • Gaydeadandleftonread
      Gaydeadandleftonread 28 days ago

      What? It's not Christine Ha is actually blind. I'm pretty sure she has a TheXvid channel

  • Shynne Balbino
    Shynne Balbino 29 days ago