• Published on May 15, 2017
  • The Mandela Effect reacted to by College Kids!
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    The College Kids react to The Mandela Effect. Watch to see their reactions!
    This episode features the following reactors:
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Comments • 8 739

    REACT  Year ago +3231

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    • CR33 4 LIFE
      CR33 4 LIFE Year ago +44

      Hey FBE team what's up...anyway i still don't see the reaction of the adults,college kids,elders,parents,teens on Ip man dojo scene...so please I wanna see there reaction.

    • Mr.Sound
      Mr.Sound Year ago +45

      REACT i

    • obadiah escamilla
      obadiah escamilla Year ago +1

      REACT he actually says "No, I am THE father," not I am YOUR father

    • Ella Redlon
      Ella Redlon Year ago

      Another one is cheez-it not cheezits

    • PokeFreinds Go
      PokeFreinds Go Year ago


  • Vasilije Prvulovic
    Vasilije Prvulovic Year ago +7

    Remember when everyone believed in illuminati? Well, this is the same thing... people are just tripping

  • Stuart MacFarlane
    Stuart MacFarlane Year ago +5

    almost burst into tears when he said "stoof"

  • Yes
    Yes Year ago +4

    bandanna guy doesn't know the difference between grammar and spelling

    • Cry Baby
      Cry Baby Year ago

      EliteMyth I was thinking the same thing

  • mariana c.
    mariana c. Year ago +1

    4:02 me when i first knew about the mandela effect

  • Emily R
    Emily R Year ago +7

    Jeannie is wrong about the Shrek thing too 😂 Farquaad also says 'Magic Mirror'

  • Couch K
    Couch K Year ago

    when dre by beats is actually dr. dre by beats... MANDELA EFFECT!!!!!

  • thefallingpi
    thefallingpi Year ago +8

    And spelt is actually spelt spelt.

  • g8kpr3000
    g8kpr3000 Year ago +11

    Mirror Mirror on the wall is from the original Grimm tale. That is probably why "everyone says it that way". Why Disney went with "magic mirror" is anyone's guess.

  • William Larsson
    William Larsson Year ago +4

    I only thought she said "Mirror mirror on the wall" because she does in fact say that in the Swedish version ("Spegel spegel på väggen där") and I've never seen the English version.

  • ReCactus
    ReCactus Year ago +1

    If you want to make reaction videos, try ReCactus App! It's the best way to make reaction videos!

  • OnlyUseMeGun7
    OnlyUseMeGun7 Year ago

    Isn't the white filling in the Oreo called 'stuf'? and thats why it only has one f on the package? Or did I just make this up when I was younger and stuck with it cause I don't remember where I heard it from.

  • Victoria Pena
    Victoria Pena Year ago +5

    But...Lord Farquad also says "Magic Mirror"...

  • HA Gonzalez
    HA Gonzalez Year ago +1

    No, i am THE father

  • Avery Simoens
    Avery Simoens Year ago

    My mined has been blown

  • AdrielTheDooper
    AdrielTheDooper Year ago +2

    Who the hell thought about this "different dimension" bull crap? Its all miss information, people not really paying attention to what it was, or other people telling them lies cause they didn't pay attention either.

    • AdrielTheDooper
      AdrielTheDooper Year ago

      Ana Castaneda If people can show me some of those then maybe I'll believe it a little.

    • Ana Castaneda
      Ana Castaneda Year ago +1

      AdrielTheDooper Actually some people have proof like pictures proving that in fact at one point one thing looked different at a certain point.

  • Sophia!
    Sophia! Year ago

    I swear to fleeping God that it was "mirror mirror on the wall" DOOD THEY MADE A MOVIE CALLED "Mirror Mirror" and it was a frikin snow white story!!! SO DON'T EVEN TRY ME WITH YOUR "magic mirror" CRAP

  • Mariam A.Hussain
    Mariam A.Hussain Year ago

    teens react to poppy theory

  • James C.
    James C. Year ago +1

    Wite out is spelled without an h

  • Ryan Clay
    Ryan Clay Year ago +1

    The man with the Link shirt is yes.

  • Chaos Gospel
    Chaos Gospel Year ago +4

    "STOOF?" XD

  • _.LemonBoy. _
    _.LemonBoy. _ Year ago +2

    Do a part 2 pls

  • Triiple Shiive
    Triiple Shiive Year ago +3

    C R E E P Y

  • Luke Csermak
    Luke Csermak Year ago +91

    these people are saying like, "just because you're wrong and so many other people are wrong with you doesn't mean you're right, you're wrong" then complaining like NO THaTS NOT trUe THIs IS CraZY IM DEFIniTElY rIGHT SINCe OthER PEOPlE SAy THe SAme THiNG

    • Lugii
      Lugii Year ago +13

      (*insert mocking/chicken spongebob here*)

  • Luke Csermak
    Luke Csermak Year ago +7

    These people are just stupid.

  • c oyote
    c oyote Year ago +7

    love how they get upset about grammar when they spell colour without the u ;)

  • Jan Jurečka
    Jan Jurečka Year ago +5

    Apart from darth vader, pikachu and looney tunes, I've never seen the other things. Are they just exclusively american?

  • video gamer somthing

    5:09 serious pokemon fans like me knew that ._.

  • Christian Takkebos
    Christian Takkebos Year ago +7

    Stupid privileged idiots

    • big sosig
      big sosig Year ago +1

      Xander Galusha OOOH YOU GOT HIM

  • wuziq
    wuziq Year ago +5

    "stoof?" lol perfect

  • Scruffy Rex
    Scruffy Rex Year ago

    yuh blew it

  • Rivers Smith
    Rivers Smith Year ago +10

    No i am your father

  • Mr Void
    Mr Void Year ago +5

    I thought it was Double Stuffed..

  • Simon Restrepo
    Simon Restrepo Year ago +4

    NO YOU DIDNT DO THE FORREST GUMP ONE EVERYONE THINKS HE SAYS "Life IS like a box of chocolates" but he actually says "Life WAS like a box of chocolates" LOOK IT UP

  • Aubrey W
    Aubrey W Year ago +7

    I was hoping they would show 'I write sins not tragedies' and that it says 'A' instead of 'The'

  • A Magrisi
    A Magrisi Year ago +2


  • Junk Mail
    Junk Mail Year ago +17

    Fail. You didn't find an Asian man to complete your cast.

  • Jazzy Guitarist
    Jazzy Guitarist Year ago +48

    did you guys really just realize that Double Stuffed Oreos have 1 F?

  • Snazzy Breadstick
    Snazzy Breadstick Year ago +5

    Am I the only one who knew that Double Stuf oreos doesn't have an extra F?

    • Evie S.
      Evie S. Year ago

      Natsukashii Lps yeah I knew that too lmao. i knew most of these except the genie one XD

    • Meta
      Meta Year ago

      I did

    • TheMagicalCat
      TheMagicalCat Year ago

      Natsukashii Lps it looks weird

  • sushi777300
    sushi777300 Year ago +1

    Oh Beau 😍😍

  • Jaksys
    Jaksys Year ago

    Oof, wow, both my work shoes AND my glasses are Skechers brand and I even went, "Wait..." and took my glasses off to check. xD

  • tyler roberts
    tyler roberts Year ago +2

    it's so obvious that curious george doesn't have a tail... he's a chimpanzee...

  • Kitty Biersack
    Kitty Biersack Year ago

    i knew the oreo one

  • Kumamon D
    Kumamon D Year ago +4

    It's probably because we don't pay attention to details

  • deulaire
    deulaire Year ago +3

    i am jungshook

  • P.Quinn Official
    P.Quinn Official Year ago +1


  • Teliki Mouse
    Teliki Mouse Year ago +1816

    wait people thought curious George had a tail I only watch a couple of episodes when I was young even I knew that

  • Ana Paz
    Ana Paz Year ago +1


  • Crushed
    Crushed Year ago +8

    I always thought it was "Luke I am your father.", "No you aren't!" "No, I am your father."

  • Orbit
    Orbit Year ago +1

    Why am I not shook about this? I know everything? People thought Looney Toons? wow.

  • TeamAtFort
    TeamAtFort Year ago +1

    Did you know that on the doom cover doomguy is holding one gun?

    YESHUA'S CHOSEN Year ago

    can anyone else remember mgruff the crime dog smoking a detective pipe? with a sherlock holmes hat? please respond before looking it up, or it will change your memory. thanks!

  • Charl77
    Charl77 Year ago +5

    For the Oreo thing it's both, search double stuf online.

  • Flamingføx3
    Flamingføx3 Year ago +6

    captain crunch

    is actually cap'n crunch

    • Flamingføx3
      Flamingføx3 Year ago

      QT is spelt QuickTrip right?

      it's actually spelt QuikTrip

  • Go Lem
    Go Lem Year ago +1

    Spieglein, Spieglein an der Wand...

    • Sensel3ss
      Sensel3ss Year ago

      Since it is a german fable the indeed is correct in german. Maybe someone just translated it word by word which became "Mirror, mirror on the wall".

  • thelegend27
    thelegend27 Year ago +3

    What about Queens "We are the chapions" At the very end of the song they dont say Of the world and that legit shook me

    • thelegend27
      thelegend27 Year ago

      Kitty Biersack its ok i know how you feel

  • Sumr Alhamdani
    Sumr Alhamdani Year ago +2

    I remember Darth Vader saying "Luke, I am your father in those exact word

  • Captain Chumbuwumba
    Captain Chumbuwumba Year ago +2

    Is it just me or am I the only one who already knew so it's not considered the "mandela affect" for me cx

  • 47402jade
    47402jade Year ago

    I have nothing to say

  • Ivan Maars
    Ivan Maars Year ago +1

    If they didnt exist, how did they get the images correct?

  • iTz Kevin
    iTz Kevin Year ago +5


  • MysticVids
    MysticVids Year ago +4

    I cant stand people who make gramer faults

  • Emily Baez
    Emily Baez Year ago +8

    I feel like anything that has to do with spelling with the mandel affect isn't really apart of the affect, because it's just how brain comprehend and read things that will get you confused or mixed up. But this is just my opinion other people may feel differently about it.

      SCAW FACE Year ago

      i was telling myself that too...but the mona lisa, the thinker, the american gothic and christ the redeemer in rio are all different...the thinker is vastly different in many ways...it was just too much to deny it anymore.

  • Santhuri Badal
    Santhuri Badal Year ago +3

    What is weird about this is because I've never been affected by the Mandela effect?

    • Blast King
      Blast King Year ago

      nah you can take it as your dimension haven't changed

  • Original Username
    Original Username Year ago +11

    I thought it was
    "No luke, I AM your father"

    • araknidude
      araknidude Year ago +1

      So did I, until I saw Empire Strikes Back again

  • Game Nova
    Game Nova Year ago

    Double stuff oreos doesn't have double f's wtf Oreo company

  • Game Nova
    Game Nova Year ago +1

    Am I the only one who knew everything?

    • Sly
      Sly Year ago +3

      Game Nova you put a comment about not knowing the Oreo one

    • Bidhya Rimal
      Bidhya Rimal Year ago +1


  • Original Username
    Original Username Year ago +2


  • Lilian the elf
    Lilian the elf Year ago +1

    I noticed George had no tail

  • DJ Weapon
    DJ Weapon Year ago +4

    Mandela effect.
    Also know as a lot of people mishearing and mistakenly seeings things or "correcting" things to make sense in context and spreading it to such as a degree in pop culture that its considered my the majority of the population as true, when in fact, it is not.
    Also known as bullshit.

  • SomeEarth
    SomeEarth Year ago +1

    MY LIFE IS A LIE.........................................

  • Knivez
    Knivez Year ago +1

    the Loony Tunes one makes sense because it also showcased the amazing musical talent WB had working with them. Every action​ is sound tracked. They​ even had jazz greats play and animated into the show.

  • pringelsthegamefreak

    Whos the woman talking in the background?

  • S186 Fiction
    S186 Fiction Year ago

    When Nappa said the popular phrase "Its over 9000!!!!"
    It was actually a dub mistake. In the manga its over 8000.

    • Blast King
      Blast King Year ago

      mistake? i doubt it. in the sub it was 8000
      perhaps 9000 is easier to say in english

  • Kaden de Yong
    Kaden de Yong Year ago +3

    7:43 *Farquad, not Farqaul

  • Infinitely Inspirit
    Infinitely Inspirit Year ago +3

    Am I the only one not surprised by the Mandela effect? It's pretty common for people to make mistakes like this

    • Infinitely Inspirit
      Infinitely Inspirit Year ago

      Tristen Becci Makes sense, I honestly don't see what's so amazing about it (no offense)

  • Trvp Game
    Trvp Game Year ago +9

    Grammar isn't the same thing as spelling.

  • Isabella Murungi
    Isabella Murungi Year ago +6

    finally someone says that curious George doesn’t have a tail...yet they call him a monkey..😥

  • J&C
    J&C Year ago +2

    magic mirror doesn't have that much finesse as mirror mirror? wat lol

  • C- Series
    C- Series Year ago +5

    I always knew it was
    No, I am your father

  • Geeky Geek
    Geeky Geek Year ago +2

    I knew the febreze one

  • Pair-O-Dice
    Pair-O-Dice Year ago

    Farquad said Magic Mirror

  • sobr gal
    sobr gal Year ago +4

    Next time can you pick people that know how the Mandela effect goes.

  • Nkechi Ezeigbo
    Nkechi Ezeigbo Year ago

    am I the only one that noticed that Beau is humongously tall

  • Adyson Scott
    Adyson Scott Year ago +5

    How have they never heard of the Mandela Effect? It's been a big thing for a long time.

  • Gavin Clark
    Gavin Clark Year ago +3

    In re mastered versions of Star Wars, Vader says Luke, not no

  • ProGusBus5432
    ProGusBus5432 Year ago +4

    But in descendants the daughter of the evil queen said mirror, mirror on the wall. This movie is from DISNEY!!!!!!

  • ElWajiro 305
    ElWajiro 305 Year ago +3


  • Niño gaming
    Niño gaming Year ago

    It's true

  • Grayson Myers
    Grayson Myers Year ago +2019

    jokes on you, I've been calling them double stuffed my whole life

  • wabi
    wabi Year ago

    Does Mickey mouse have a tail?

    • Knivez
      Knivez Year ago +1

      Red_Toad 64 but he doesn't​ wear suspenders. Just the buttons on his shorts.

    • Blade Cando
      Blade Cando Year ago

      Red_Toad 64 yes

  • Katrina Brave
    Katrina Brave Year ago +7


  • Shao Xun Leong
    Shao Xun Leong Year ago +2

    Nelson Mandela right?

  • Jeff
    Jeff Year ago +6

    Double stuff Oreo in the uk is spelt correctly as Stuff so this is not a Mandela effect worldwide, maybe in the USA, Stuff is mis-spelt to Stuf. Though now they are just know as Double Oreo here.

  • Jacob Or what ever
    Jacob Or what ever Year ago +3

    Ceeeeeeeeern cern cern go look up mandala affect cern

  • Warhawk
    Warhawk Year ago +83

    Did it bother anyone else that none of them used the proper dramatic pacing of the actual Darth Vader quote?
    They didn't give the proper amount of dramatic pause after the "no".

  • Paguiobaby101
    Paguiobaby101 Year ago +73

    " stuf " WHY AM I DYING😂

  • AI1 : All In One
    AI1 : All In One Year ago +7

    *At the start*
    Blackpink in your area🎶

  • Fath Aja
    Fath Aja Year ago +2

    After watching Thoughty2 explanatiom, I m not curious anymore

  • Reanna Towns
    Reanna Towns Year ago +4

    this has been around for forever. how are they just now reacting to this??