Ariana Grande Carpool Karaoke

  • Published on Aug 16, 2018
  • James and Ariana Grande give each other a lift across Los Angeles, singing songs off her new album "Sweetener," channeling some Celine Dion and settling the score on whether Ariana is physically carried wherever she goes (she isn't).
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  • Kevon Seymour #KS27
    Kevon Seymour #KS27 59 minutes ago

    We need MJ oh wait he is to good for everything

  • Julia Sá
    Julia Sá 59 minutes ago

    Omg Ariana is very cutee❤💞💜

  • urichi mcadams
    urichi mcadams 59 minutes ago

    Love ariana so much ❤️❤️❤️

  • Road to 1000 Aufrufe
    Road to 1000 Aufrufe 59 minutes ago +1

    #2 Trend on Germany 🇩🇪

  • Katrina Perdue
    Katrina Perdue 59 minutes ago

    Her voice is out of this world

  • Cristea Alex
    Cristea Alex 59 minutes ago

    I liked this even before I press the button ❤️❤️❤️🤣🤣🤣🤣🌈🌈🌈

  • A_ P
    A_ P 59 minutes ago +1

    I love this video... One day I hope to be like her... And my name is Ariana❤

  • Richard Mccoubrie
    Richard Mccoubrie 59 minutes ago

    How u have not got Lionel Richie I do not know , come on James , u know it makes sense 😃

  • Rubén Fdz
    Rubén Fdz 59 minutes ago

    My favorite part: 6:40

  • Kiwecy Wright
    Kiwecy Wright 59 minutes ago

    She Owns her craft perfectly

  • saba habeeb
    saba habeeb 59 minutes ago

    What song at 12:10?

  • Lib Shepherd
    Lib Shepherd 59 minutes ago

    can someone please tell me what she has done to her hand it is all i can look at thanks x

  • Alexcis Gamess
    Alexcis Gamess 59 minutes ago

    Omgggg why is she so perfect😭😭😍😍😍😍

  • Bob Kurt
    Bob Kurt 59 minutes ago +1

    Wow that's a lot of damage

  • Hugo Alberto
    Hugo Alberto 59 minutes ago

    Finally I've been waiting forma this

  • Shane H
    Shane H Hour ago +1

    She's just another America-hating, liberal twat. However, I wouldn't kick her out of bed lol. I'd put a load of conservatism in her😂

  • Killer_ Wolf987
    Killer_ Wolf987 Hour ago +1

    Wow. My wig. Went flying with her vocals.

  • Mstudios
    Mstudios Hour ago

    Yessssss Quueeeeeennnn😂💞🌎

  • ºYlenia Lillyº
    ºYlenia Lillyº Hour ago +1

    Ahahaha 😂 Italy loves you Ari 💕

  • Emma Honey
    Emma Honey Hour ago

    When Ariana grande beats herself at singing

  • Lilly Selders
    Lilly Selders Hour ago


  • Olivia Lane
    Olivia Lane Hour ago


  • J Valentin
    J Valentin Hour ago

    I feel like I’m in a concert!!!!!! 🎊😍🎉

  • keady rascona
    keady rascona Hour ago +1

    I have chills listening to Suddenly Seymour oh my god please

  • Ariana Grande
    Ariana Grande Hour ago


  • Rhianna Dang
    Rhianna Dang Hour ago


  • Emma Rogers
    Emma Rogers Hour ago

    Wow. Cool

  • Daria Syuzeva
    Daria Syuzeva Hour ago

    Wow!! Love love love her!!

  • Comedy by Latina :)

    Dua Lipa pleaaaaaaseeeee

  • Gabriela Ortiz
    Gabriela Ortiz Hour ago


  • A Rottie
    A Rottie Hour ago +1

    This episode deserves to get a damn platinum award!!!

  • ASH M1811
    ASH M1811 Hour ago

    Omfg ur voice!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍 love it. Wish i could sing like u

  • Mambo Sloth
    Mambo Sloth Hour ago

    should’ve gotten a pinkity drinkity Sister :)

  • Sara X
    Sara X Hour ago +1

    Oh, my, ICONIC

  • Ben Mitchell
    Ben Mitchell Hour ago +1

    Usually don’t bother with comments, but oh my days she’s undoubtedly the best singer in the industry. Hands down.

  • Gustavo Alonzo
    Gustavo Alonzo Hour ago

    Her voice is so powerful and good, she needs new music

  • Freddie nehls
    Freddie nehls Hour ago

    Well that seatbelt was a waist of money

  • Denise dfr
    Denise dfr Hour ago

    please drive with Billie Eilish

  • Elizabeth Downie
    Elizabeth Downie Hour ago

    Not even kidding, their voices sound so good together

  • Gianelly Gargurevich

    Dang it I thought they were gonna show where Ariana hurt her hand

  • Nalley 17
    Nalley 17 Hour ago

    At least she's not on the news for a heroin overdose

  • ღDaniel Arianator AJღ

    Mas é tão linda essa minha rainha!!!!! te amo ARIANA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
    tava tão Ansioso por esse vídeo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa🤗😍

  • John Noordhoff
    John Noordhoff Hour ago

    Windows should be down!!!

  • Led.
    Led. Hour ago


  • Adriana Orozco H.

    this is really good but I didn't like 13:08

  • Maya and Blanca
    Maya and Blanca Hour ago

    God is a women and her name is Ariana Grande

  • Antonino Felice
    Antonino Felice Hour ago

    Ariana Grande sings better than Ariana Grande!HAHAAH
    omg what a fucking voice she has!!!! SHE IS THE QUEEN😍

  • Thomas
    Thomas Hour ago +1


  • Nicki _flower
    Nicki _flower Hour ago


  • Darren Jantjies
    Darren Jantjies Hour ago

    Reminds me of the old "Victorious" days!

  • Lily Overcast
    Lily Overcast Hour ago

    You need to do one with Niall

  • Lana Korencan
    Lana Korencan Hour ago

    My queen 👸

  • Jesse Jaay
    Jesse Jaay Hour ago

    *Me in the car sitting in LA traffic.*

  • Sara Podsecki
    Sara Podsecki Hour ago

    Wow. Just wow!

  • Briana Varela
    Briana Varela Hour ago

    waiting for the day for when james does a carpool karaoke with 5sos

  • killit lvst
    killit lvst Hour ago

    Autotune where? Those vocals are for the gods! 😍😍

  • TuckerDoesEverything

    Celine dion carpool karaoke?

  • Aziz Alemzay
    Aziz Alemzay Hour ago +1


  • L S
    L S Hour ago

    Wow. Now those are some pipes

  • MQQN
    MQQN Hour ago

    You definitely should do a Riff off with Ariana

  • Janine Johnson
    Janine Johnson Hour ago +1

    I just wanna know what happened to her hand

  • cheeky Ari
    cheeky Ari Hour ago +1

    she’s so cute I can’t

  • Pilar Martinez
    Pilar Martinez Hour ago

    I need someone who look at me the way James see Ariana 5:00

  • Fatima moon moon 0679

    #1 on trending
    Love ari she's a queen

  • Xenia •
    Xenia • Hour ago

    Please do a carpool karaoke with LITTLE MIX!❤️

  • Laisha Herz
    Laisha Herz Hour ago

    We need this with Brendon Urie 💛

  • Romulo Ribeiro
    Romulo Ribeiro Hour ago

    Nicki minaj carpool karaoke

  • Aziz Alemzay
    Aziz Alemzay Hour ago +1

    I was not exepting these two guys sitting in a Car.....

  • ririririPXN
    ririririPXN Hour ago

    I really wish James knew when not to sing

  • Katherine Baltodano


  • Josh Basckin
    Josh Basckin Hour ago


  • Craig Quirk
    Craig Quirk Hour ago

    Now I know if I had to go on a long road trip then the only person I would want with me is Ariana.

  • Eve Buley
    Eve Buley Hour ago

    Ariana’s voice is incredible 🎉😍

  • Paula Sofia
    Paula Sofia Hour ago

    12:07 That sounded awesome ☹️😍😍

  • Catalina Mullins
    Catalina Mullins Hour ago

    I love this!

  • Ween
    Ween Hour ago

    lovely how james can‘t impress ari :D

  • mjollner23
    mjollner23 Hour ago

    Drake called, he wants his " Ya" back.

  • Barry B. Benson
    Barry B. Benson Hour ago

    What happened to Ariana’s hand

  • souptroophat Esplin

    Who Is Ari granda

  • KaTara
    KaTara Hour ago

    Ariana voice😍😊

  • Elaina Flower
    Elaina Flower Hour ago +1

    Whats with her hand?

  • SnakeJaxon
    SnakeJaxon Hour ago +1

    He should do this with Amy Winehouse or Kurt Cobain. Or maybe Whitney Houston . That would be really cool.

  • Delaynie Thompson

    Do Céline Dion, Beyonce, Shania Twain,Spice Girls, Drake!!!!

  • Princess Montano
    Princess Montano Hour ago

    how can ariana grande sings better than her own song.?shesss really a good singer👍👍👍

  • sivertinio balodo

    her voice is so original

  • The Truth
    The Truth Hour ago

    Who else doesnt like Ariana but is here because she has a good voice

  • thedreadedzero
    thedreadedzero Hour ago

    "What size would you like?"
    "I'm gonna get a grande."

  • Savannah o'sully
    Savannah o'sully Hour ago

    I never realised Ariana's two front teeth were that big? Obviously no hate, shes gorgeous, i just didn't notice. xD

  • Aaron Sioco
    Aaron Sioco Hour ago +1

    I’m Speechless Ariana 😶 you’re so good ♥️♥️💛💛

  • KaTara
    KaTara Hour ago

    Omg you voice😍

  • saba habeeb
    saba habeeb Hour ago

    V need ‘why dont we’ boys in this car

  • carlos juan
    carlos juan Hour ago

    where the fuck is problem and break free?

  • Craig Clarke
    Craig Clarke Hour ago +1

    ICONIC we stan a talented queen

  • Dylan Byrne
    Dylan Byrne Hour ago

    So awkward

  • Leonie Petersen
    Leonie Petersen Hour ago

    Her voice gives me goosebumps

  • Enchanted's Speed Builds!

    Good job #1 trending

  • Sport Definiton TV

    you didn't do 'One last time'??? how???

  • Mia Salas Personal

    definitely my favorite carpool karaoke at the moment🤩

  • Blaze Beats
    Blaze Beats Hour ago


  • Jennifer Suess
    Jennifer Suess Hour ago

    1:09 OH MY GAWD