Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea | Premier League Highlights

  • Watch the highlights from Chelsea's Premier League trip to Newcastle.
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    Founded in 1905, Chelsea Football Club has a rich history, with its many successes including 5 Premier League titles, 8 FA Cups and 1 Champions League, secured on a memorable night in 2012. Famous former Blues include Peter Osgood, Gianfranco Zola, Dennis Wise, John Terry, Didier Drogba & Eden Hazard.

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  • Verdi Apri
    Verdi Apri 6 days ago


  • D Wingart
    D Wingart Month ago

    Agin no Pulisic for the Chelsea offensive juggernaut.

  • Fahad Patel
    Fahad Patel 2 months ago

    Lol Courtois was murdered for less.

  • Meli Ana
    Meli Ana 2 months ago

    Out kepa !!

  • Édouard Français
    Édouard Français 2 months ago

    Ziyech chelsea ???

  • Bayu Laksono
    Bayu Laksono 2 months ago

    2 last match lose & draw very bad , next must win !!

  • Agung Julianto
    Agung Julianto 2 months ago

    time is not good

  • Damion Anderson
    Damion Anderson 2 months ago

    We need the front 3 to be goal scorers not just running up on down on depending on the forward alone madness

  • Rizaldy Parera
    Rizaldy Parera 2 months ago +1

    KTBFFH 💙
    I don't care about it...That I know I Always Loved Chelsea 😁💙

  • Steven RKO
    Steven RKO 2 months ago

    Does anyone know why there is no premier league games this weekend??

  • Szymon 5.1
    Szymon 5.1 2 months ago

    what is the song ??

  • Raden Mas Said
    Raden Mas Said 2 months ago

    Why ?

  • Khanief Khan
    Khanief Khan 2 months ago +1

    James rudiger criten
    Kova kente jorginho© alonso
    Odoiy bats pulisic
    Please frank lampard 🧠👌🙏

  • Electric2Shock
    Electric2Shock 2 months ago

    Can't wait for angry rantmans video

  • Brendan Kennedy
    Brendan Kennedy 2 months ago

    If Newcastle had 2 decent strikes Newcastle would be top 4

  • ABMATC 507
    ABMATC 507 2 months ago

    70%, 7 vs 19 shot dan 2 vs 4 on target, ambyar dgn 1 goal di menit tambahan 90+4.
    peluang kante kyknya lbg bgs di umpankan lagi ke yg laen.

  • Raymond C
    Raymond C 2 months ago

    U know we can't even beat Newcastle and we have some hardcore fixtures coming up though. Arsenal, Leicester, Man U, Tottenham and Bayern lol.

  • George Coman
    George Coman 2 months ago

    Jesus Kepa.🤦‍♂️

  • Reis Wang
    Reis Wang 2 months ago +1

    Lampard out. Ernesto valverde in

  • Dennis Mor
    Dennis Mor 2 months ago

    Joelinton, come again mate, that header deserved to go in..keep working hard.

  • J-AY DON
    J-AY DON 2 months ago

    Kante don’t impress me
    Can’t finish not pass the ball like real pro

  • TheWhatysTV
    TheWhatysTV 2 months ago


  • Jude-kelly Osasere
    Jude-kelly Osasere 2 months ago

    Instead of Chelsea to go for Icardi then when he was unsettled at Inter Milan, no o they pretended that they had Aquero in Attack, see where we are now? Smh

  • Aditya Patel
    Aditya Patel 2 months ago

    Was a difficult one .. but Kepa should have kept it out. Still back him though.

  • Tom Allen
    Tom Allen 2 months ago

    I might be mistaken but Kante is just playing so far forward that most of the time he was even higher than Willian. Is this the coach's decision or just him I really don't like this new Kante role it's not his best role

  • Renan Virginio
    Renan Virginio 2 months ago


  • xogta caalamka
    xogta caalamka 2 months ago


  • wasiu yusuf
    wasiu yusuf 2 months ago

    What's with the stupid background music?

  • Divan Olivier
    Divan Olivier 2 months ago

    According to the captions, Lillian and her aunt were creating a lot of opportunities!

  • Deni Setiawan
    Deni Setiawan 2 months ago

    Stupid chelsea...

  • alip wee
    alip wee 2 months ago

    Keep fighting the blues

    OKELLO THE GREAT 2 months ago +1

    Chelsea fans,Easy.

  • asian drama ꦌꦯꦼꦟ꧀ꦢꦿꦩ

    New castle

  • ziyad hzeen
    ziyad hzeen 2 months ago

    فعلا اغبياء ولعبهم رديء لعب اطفال وليان
    وربعه ضيعوا4اهداف لا اعرف كيف سيفوزون على ارسنال

  • Rita Wanjiku
    Rita Wanjiku 2 months ago

    useless goalkeeper

  • thetorn2010able
    thetorn2010able 2 months ago

    Dani Olmo....are you blind??? 21 years,,,spanish,about 25 m...WAKE UP!!!!

  • Fadhlurrohman Azhari
    Fadhlurrohman Azhari 2 months ago

    actually, lampard does not want to participate in the transfer market, Chelsea players who forced to participate in the transfer market :))

  • fahri muhammad
    fahri muhammad 2 months ago

    come on werner or Sancho come to London

  • Peter Clinch
    Peter Clinch 2 months ago

    Boo hoo I'm crying....😎

  • Ishadi Zanpaqu
    Ishadi Zanpaqu 2 months ago

    Good job blues. Keep on spirit

  • Tukang bully
    Tukang bully 2 months ago

    Kalah lg bae anjir

  • van béet
    van béet 2 months ago

    There was literally not a single creative player on the pitch yesterday; no wonder why looked so devoid of ideas in the final third

  • M Vamshi
    M Vamshi 2 months ago

    Sancho CF
    Werner ST

  • Jv 2
    Jv 2 2 months ago +1

    🥺 4 weeks to Bayern Munich 🤮

  • daniel DV
    daniel DV 2 months ago

    Teams like Newcastle should be relegated don’t deserve to be in a top league like the bpl... football is meant to be entertaining but having 10 men in your own box defending for 89 mins takes the fun out of it, absolutely DEPLORABLE!!!!

  • torresd
    torresd 2 months ago +1

    Who needs Hazard?

  • Remi Sh.
    Remi Sh. 2 months ago

    How are we still fourth? 😂😂 We are stucked in that position!!!

  • G Pereira
    G Pereira 2 months ago

    Werner werner werner !!! Also we need a new keeper

  • Donny Yuliansyah
    Donny Yuliansyah 2 months ago

    You need Conte

  • illara syailendra
    illara syailendra 2 months ago

    Assssemmm . . . 😬🤭

  • Andrew Grange
    Andrew Grange 2 months ago

    As a Newcastle fan I feel for you Chelsea fans. Hahaha

  • Justin Wau
    Justin Wau 2 months ago


  • Begawan Sitompul
    Begawan Sitompul 2 months ago

    Kalah menang, Chelsea tetap di hati.
    Salam dari Indonesia

  • DN Tino
    DN Tino 2 months ago

    Dear oh dear Kepa what was that????? 👎

  • DN Tino
    DN Tino 2 months ago

    Kepa should have saved that ! That's weak in my books for a world class keeper....Naah

  • F G
    F G 2 months ago

    what a team proud of the boys, we only get better from this result. COYB.

  • S34EEL
    S34EEL 2 months ago

    We make millions of chances and never score we need a player who can finish the opposition makes one chance and it goes in

  • Wally Funk
    Wally Funk 2 months ago

    the goalkeeper is a joke!! .........................

  • A Man Apart
    A Man Apart 2 months ago

    Whenever Azpi moves to the right, the left side becomes too weak and shaky. Reece James injury was a massive blow.

  • Chiza Shungu
    Chiza Shungu 2 months ago

    This season top 4 will be Livpool,Manchester city,Leicester and Wolves.Chelsea will finish out of top 5.We are playing football with no plans....the way we are playing football it's like scoring goals it is not necessary,our defending it's like let them try if they can score.We are in mess.

  • Muldan EM
    Muldan EM 2 months ago

    Hahah LOL chelsea

  • mong Blue
    mong Blue 2 months ago +1

    Frank should stop with his so called dad-son relationship with the players ...especially those England players. Seriously I haven't had a good time watching chelsea since last season. I lost my hope in Chelsea being a top 4 team. I've seen enough of this similar performance and results.. And yet to see again in coming weeks... Zzzz

  • Nathaniel Beau
    Nathaniel Beau 2 months ago

    If you don't finish your chances . Well , this is some of the results you'll get .

    ADAM RAMADHAN 2 months ago

    1000 chance v 1 chance???

  • mong Blue
    mong Blue 2 months ago

    Those who think we deserves the credit to still be on top four, wake up... We must be thankful to Man Utd and spurs that we are in top four. On another season (like in 2015/16)we will be in 10th rn... These kids are really over rated. The fact that they are in starting eleven just takes things too lightly becos whether they play well or not they know they are the first choice. Like mount and Tammy. We need s new striker. And A CAM..we have too much DMs in our squad.

  • Damion Anderson
    Damion Anderson 2 months ago

    Willian is garbage on he keep starting we also need a clinical forward to make a difference

    • Damion Anderson
      Damion Anderson Month ago

      Sir willian is lost in every game willian have no confident he is play in our front 3 on not scoring willian start several match on dont even take a shot at the goal

    • Random Youtuber
      Random Youtuber 2 months ago

      I am sure you were cheering his display against Spurs, big boy.

  • Acme Leong
    Acme Leong 2 months ago

    Chelsea perform as if they don't have serious training session before de match

  • Emiya Mulzomdao
    Emiya Mulzomdao 2 months ago +1

    David luiz is better.......

  • kadwaro saudgazar
    kadwaro saudgazar 2 months ago

    I'm officially no longer a Chelsea fan😏😏

  • d
    d 2 months ago

    Half of them are not good enough to play in Chelsea, Mount, Barkley, Emerson, christensen, Hudson odoi, pulisic, Abraham, what's the worst, they play in first team....

  • Alan star
    Alan star 2 months ago


  • Angga Hirzi
    Angga Hirzi 2 months ago

    Wkwkwkk emerson

  • Isaac Amponsah
    Isaac Amponsah 2 months ago +1

    Please show highlights of Chelsea women matches

  • Miss Americana
    Miss Americana 2 months ago

    Sell Willian.

  • Cute boy ComPlex
    Cute boy ComPlex 2 months ago

    Don’t let this loss put you guys off once you find consistency we’re unstoppable

  • Haris Yasin
    Haris Yasin 2 months ago

    Come on chelsea wat r u doing

  • Nithin Neyyan
    Nithin Neyyan 2 months ago +1

    Lampard destroyed Chelsea 👍👍👍