Building a PC with my 3 Year Old... Again!

  • Published on Apr 3, 2018
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Comments • 16 697

  • TyRackTDP
    TyRackTDP 14 hours ago +1

    She's better than Dennis lol

  • fitz
    fitz 15 hours ago

    linus can you be my father XD

  • Bowsette
    Bowsette 15 hours ago

    Awe 💯💘

  • Riccardo Simonetti
    Riccardo Simonetti 17 hours ago

    ahhahahahhahaha omg she's sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cuteeeeeee ahahhahaha

  • Benni Traub
    Benni Traub 20 hours ago

    no thanks XD
    she is very polite

  • The Ghost
    The Ghost 22 hours ago

    Who's here before they knew Linus was married

  • Jackson Flynn Veitch
    Jackson Flynn Veitch 23 hours ago

    1.8k people have no soul

  • Kervin
    Kervin Day ago

    Canadian + Asian = The most polite child in the planet.

  • epro911
    epro911 Day ago

    what kind of hartless person dislikes a video with a 3 year old in it

  • MysteryBlock
    MysteryBlock Day ago

    2:08 and it’s small, just like you

  • James Reynolds
    James Reynolds Day ago

    She sounds like boo from monsters inc

  • Mr_Asian
    Mr_Asian Day ago

    Now that is a great dad

  • Hyder Hadi
    Hyder Hadi Day ago


  • AdineX 2
    AdineX 2 Day ago +1

    That's pretty weird. Your daughter has no earrings, but you actually have.

  • Liam Morris
    Liam Morris Day ago

    She instantly drops it or just uses it 4 peppa pig you could have just got her a amazon kindle tablet 😂

  • Aslak Myhre
    Aslak Myhre Day ago

    4:53 yeeeah... Those dont exist anymore😬😬

    Also "screw this and screw that "

  • mohammad hosein moghaddam

    Oh my god
    I really need that system but blue

  • Naomi Waters
    Naomi Waters Day ago

    *"Dad, you dropped it!"*

  • Zentro
    Zentro Day ago

    i asume you girlfriend is asian

  • Dutch Minecraft Guys

    I don’t like ur fittings 😂

  • Young Abstract
    Young Abstract Day ago

    Few months later: RTX 2080Ti

  • MLassen
    MLassen Day ago

    You win dag of the year

  • Brickmotion
    Brickmotion Day ago

    I don't want to turn my computer on, I just want to play on my computer.

  • JaouadStreams
    JaouadStreams Day ago

    When a three year old beats your pc 😂😂

  • Injigo
    Injigo Day ago

    3 year old, has a better PC than me.
    i'm jealous.

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson Day ago


  • GumJuice
    GumJuice Day ago

    "What colour would you like them to be?"
    "Um.. blue."

    I bet she's the coolest kid in school

  • Sylor
    Sylor Day ago

    this is the cutest thing I've ever watched

  • Hans Nyström Pastor

    Linus, i have to say that your gf cheated you with an asian guy, clearly your daughter its half on, dude.

    • Hans Nyström Pastor
      Hans Nyström Pastor Day ago

      yo, +Minami actully, its half asian? XDDD i thought it was adopted, cause you know

    • Minami
      Minami Day ago

      Well his wife is in fact asian so it makes sense that his daughter and son are half asian. :)

  • Nguyen Hai Duy
    Nguyen Hai Duy 2 days ago

    Technically this is 2 kids host the show 😝😝😝

  • RYRY1002
    RYRY1002 2 days ago +1

    star wars on her shirt. copyright and trademark.

  • GW_Xray
    GW_Xray 2 days ago

    The thumbnail looked like a sewing machine

  • Ted The Crazy
    Ted The Crazy 2 days ago

    ‘Painting the computer with water may be a problem’

  • daniyal niazi
    daniyal niazi 2 days ago

    This 3 years is building a pc which has a ram more expensive then my pc.......and im 22...

  • SoaR Ghost11
    SoaR Ghost11 2 days ago

    u give a 3 year old girl a pc a powerfull pc and i dont have a pc well thats nice

  • Zayyan Samad
    Zayyan Samad 2 days ago +1

    5:50 the kids’ like i have to make it a Linus video!

  • Muhammad Rafif Fauzan

    7:41 Linus became a good daddy :D

  • Alex Fok
    Alex Fok 3 days ago

    she has a better rig than me...

  • Lukas S
    Lukas S 3 days ago

    7:55 that gave me a heart attack..

  • Victor Miller
    Victor Miller 3 days ago

    That's is so sweet Linus that is amazing! Maybe someday I can do that with my daughter.

  • The Whale of the North

    Linus please teach me like this. Maybe this way i would understand buildingvideos.

  • JoloFNBR
    JoloFNBR 3 days ago

    7:50 you shouldn’t be doing drugs around 3 year olds

  • Blinded Blade
    Blinded Blade 3 days ago

    Linus did this to show that he can afford to give his 3 year old a better pc than us

  • Retro Video
    Retro Video 3 days ago

    A 3 year old has a pc with liquid cooling I’m done

  • iTz Haakon
    iTz Haakon 3 days ago

    i dont even have a computer and im 10

  • Fluxz
    Fluxz 3 days ago +1

    damn. she got a better pc than i have ever had.

  • Swift Bow
    Swift Bow 3 days ago

    TOO CUTE!!!!!

  • Aryaman -The Kid
    Aryaman -The Kid 3 days ago +1

    I think she is really bored!

  • Griffin Chace
    Griffin Chace 3 days ago


  • TahaI456
    TahaI456 3 days ago

    honey do u want to stop playing roblox on UR CUSTOM BUILT 5000 DOLLAR WATER COOLED GAMING PC
    N O T H A N K S
    ⚆ _ ⚆

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor 3 days ago

    *drops cpu into socket* NOOOOO

  • Elizabeth McFerran
    Elizabeth McFerran 3 days ago

    Oqhhahhahhhahahusdgvgwdrywrryusfrgyu I breathed very heavy when she put stuff in.

  • Jeez Gaming
    Jeez Gaming 3 days ago


  • Jeez Gaming
    Jeez Gaming 3 days ago

    i wish he was my dad

  • Adrian Schmid
    Adrian Schmid 3 days ago

    I give a like because its sponsored by intel and i love intel, if it was sponsored by amd i would give dislike.

  • The Ultimate Player
    The Ultimate Player 3 days ago

    Linus, your children are cute! Both of them are very interested in the build!

  • The Ultimate Player
    The Ultimate Player 3 days ago

    Hey Linus! Sorry, but your children are still too young to do do a PC Build with you. I think you should do with them when they turn 10 or 11.

  • zac sweeney
    zac sweeney 3 days ago

    i have the same power suply

  • z3 0r4nG3 C4Rr0t
    z3 0r4nG3 C4Rr0t 3 days ago

    Literally why do people dislike this?

  • RockyRoad Magic
    RockyRoad Magic 4 days ago +1

    can you carry this for me?
    no thanks its too heavy
    linus: (faceplants) this is gonna be a difficult video

  • Ter0zak
    Ter0zak 4 days ago

    Now nobody has an excuse to be scared of building a PC

  • Alexander Gardias
    Alexander Gardias 4 days ago

    this kids pc is so mutch better than mine i have a old ryzen graphics card in mine

  • Apokat
    Apokat 4 days ago

    hey linus! can i be your son for a day and can we build a pc too ? :o

  • Aryaman -The Kid
    Aryaman -The Kid 4 days ago

    Lol, I thought you were virgin.

  • TheBloodSniper1
    TheBloodSniper1 4 days ago

    Dang,linus do you adopt kids? I will gladly be your son lmao

  • Mattias Müür
    Mattias Müür 4 days ago

    "OH WOW THATS TIGHT" lmfao

  • Mike Apocalypse
    Mike Apocalypse 4 days ago

    to make a compuuuuuuuteerrrrr lmao im dead

  • Luke Bell
    Luke Bell 5 days ago

    (Paints computer with water)

  • Michal Cieśla
    Michal Cieśla 5 days ago

    Linus please adopt me

  • yeet my meat
    yeet my meat 5 days ago +1

    u know... I am open for adoption

  • diederik eding
    diederik eding 5 days ago

    How many times did he say great job?? 🤣🤣

  • J1824
    J1824 5 days ago

    why would anyone dislike this video?

  • EverBlue Gaming
    EverBlue Gaming 5 days ago

    How many times does he say Good job lol

  • LCSMusic
    LCSMusic 5 days ago

    I don't normally like kids, but this is pretty adorable

  • Michał Włodarczyk
    Michał Włodarczyk 5 days ago

    Linus is the most patient guy I've probably ever seen XD

  • Ankit Saha
    Ankit Saha 5 days ago

    What would a 3 year old do with an i9? And what would a 20 yr old like ,me do with an A8?

  • cha Sarmiento
    cha Sarmiento 5 days ago

    7:30 Titanic's ending ( LTT version)

  • Sabith Pkc Mnr
    Sabith Pkc Mnr 6 days ago

    *..NO THANKS..*

  • The Gameing room
    The Gameing room 6 days ago

    your daughter is adorable

  • SebNasti
    SebNasti 6 days ago

    Cmon why must your children flex on us with best quality stuff? We would just get Japan made computer hardware gotta admit

  • Flaming_ Neo
    Flaming_ Neo 6 days ago

    You have children!?

  • Harvey Hanaya
    Harvey Hanaya 6 days ago

    lets accept the reality guys that 3yrs old has a beast PC compare to all of us. damn it world i need to die..
    N O T H A N K S

  • TheLicheKing
    TheLicheKing 6 days ago

    Linus sorry but your old AF

  • AnDinh Tran
    AnDinh Tran 6 days ago

    He’d better not let that little girl keep that Computer! She will grow up spoiled. That has an i9-7980 XE, 32 GB of DDR4 2400 RAM and a GTX 1080TI she cannot possibly have that. She needs to grow up and learn value in what she has.

  • ZR - A | RedDefault
    ZR - A | RedDefault 6 days ago

    When a 3 yr old GIRL has a better pc than you

  • vishal das
    vishal das 6 days ago

    Oh God ! Plz No !! Gender bias in pc build .

  • timesnow 1978
    timesnow 1978 6 days ago


  • M R Shylesh
    M R Shylesh 6 days ago


  • Phi Welch
    Phi Welch 7 days ago

    When his three-year-old has a better PC than what I got when I saved up for half a year working at a fast food restaurant :/

  • Fatima Hontiveros
    Fatima Hontiveros 7 days ago

    i LOVE how he's teaching all these to his daughter. Dad's usually just ignore their daughters in these coz it's not "girly stuff". A+ parenting

  • jerryteacup
    jerryteacup 7 days ago

    ... But with that said, that was awfully cute, Linus. :)

  • jerryteacup
    jerryteacup 7 days ago

    Even your daughter knows you drop things on your vids! :D

  • Dhruvarshi Das
    Dhruvarshi Das 7 days ago

    "Screw this"---> Points to screw
    "Screw that"-----> Points to the computer. LMAO!!!

  • oldcracker
    oldcracker 7 days ago

    Too bad Caselabs folded.

  • 王翰儒
    王翰儒 7 days ago

    Now Linus knows what every brand rep feels when they invite him into their CES show room.

  • daniyal sajid
    daniyal sajid 7 days ago

    I'm actually jealous of a 3 year old ❤ she's so perfect and adorable 😍😍

  • Bosan
    Bosan 7 days ago

    you have a beautiful daughter sir

  • picshare
    picshare 7 days ago

    SO CUTE !!!

  • Quinten Mandema
    Quinten Mandema 7 days ago

    It would be so hard to be the crew for this video i couldn't even watch without laughing

  • Sonicbolt
    Sonicbolt 8 days ago

    Must be horrifying to have a 3 year old who has an insatiable lust for snipping when you work with wires for a living.