What Language Am I Speaking? (Round 2) | Lineup | Cut

  • Published on Mar 5, 2019
  • Our #lineup guessers try to figure out what language these strangers are speaking to them
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    What Language Am I Speaking? (Round 2) | Lineup | Cut
    #Cut #Lineup #Challenge
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Comments • 30 213

  • Agdal.cs
    Agdal.cs 9 hours ago +1

    Try Danish

  • Daniel Eliassenfgh618
    Daniel Eliassenfgh618 9 hours ago +1

    The guy who spoke Russian couldn't even pronounce a single word properly lol

  • Benjamin Neammanee
    Benjamin Neammanee 9 hours ago

    I literally burst out laughing when I heard the other woman said Klingon.

  • Fati Mamedova
    Fati Mamedova 9 hours ago

    This dudes Russian was awful like lmao no offense I thought he was speaking something else

  • RainbowWolf Gaming And videos

    Do Norwegian

  • OMJ_Nickanden
    OMJ_Nickanden 9 hours ago

    the tall man are from the walking dead i know it

  • Fahri Hamdani
    Fahri Hamdani 9 hours ago

    Cao ni ma

  • Subscribe,to Pewdiepie
    Subscribe,to Pewdiepie 10 hours ago

    His urdu was soo bad

  • Himanshu Kapoor
    Himanshu Kapoor 10 hours ago

    Indian one was soo bad

  • Duolingo Bird
    Duolingo Bird 10 hours ago

    That purple dude sounded like a maniac lol.

  • Arteh
    Arteh 10 hours ago

    9:40 Dude had the worst accent, might as well had got a Native English speaker to try.

  • greenapplejuice23
    greenapplejuice23 10 hours ago

    i want to fuckie that bitch in blu

  • minegunvany
    minegunvany 10 hours ago

    Pretty shit russian

  • Joni Hämäläinen
    Joni Hämäläinen 10 hours ago

    I would have liked to see a Finnish person. It sound funny and it's hard to speak too. My English is better than my Finnish and I was bord here.

  • FunkyDoolittle
    FunkyDoolittle 10 hours ago

    WTF was that at 10:00 min dude doesn't even speak his own language lol

  • FunkyDoolittle
    FunkyDoolittle 10 hours ago

    BEST ANSWER 4:08 MIN SAVAGE hahaha

  • FunkyDoolittle
    FunkyDoolittle 10 hours ago

    cute girl Yana....of course the American fucked up wasnt surprised

  • ayy lmao
    ayy lmao 10 hours ago

    in 8:28 she dont know how to speak Hebrew, and she has a strange accent

    KriKri BROTHERS 10 hours ago

    beginning of the video’s russian was real bad.

  • JannyKey007
    JannyKey007 10 hours ago

    I usually don't comment on videos but wth was that Russian? Firstly, I would have been super confused if a dude was talking with such a heavy accent to me but also the things he was saying - there were not appropriate things to say (as you might have figured if you read the subs). Super disgusting talk. Not cool, man, not cool!

  • Keren K
    Keren K 11 hours ago

    im sitting in my bed doing nothing like usual then the girl came on and started speaking Lingala and i got gasseddddddd XD i was understanding everything

  • satanica
    satanica 11 hours ago

    Terrible russian))))))))
    english in russia not that great too though

  • Harind Arvati
    Harind Arvati 11 hours ago

    Im so sad about the native american language.. I hope he made a recorded dictionary somewhere...so the language can be archive and learn..

  • Maike Baier
    Maike Baier 11 hours ago

    Who is that guy who raped everyone😂😂😂😂

  • Lily Schumann
    Lily Schumann 11 hours ago

    Ok I'm German and I'm learning Russian since almost 5 years (I'm still horrible in it😂) but even I heard the accent... maybe cause I have the same weird accent 😂

    STARz DOX 11 hours ago

    rush b cyka

  • בובו גרד
    בובו גרד 11 hours ago

    she need to learn how to speak hebrew

  • James s
    James s 12 hours ago

    That girl In the blue...

  • Jenine Young
    Jenine Young 12 hours ago

    Oh the Native American man is so handsome!

  • Zack Sixoor
    Zack Sixoor 12 hours ago

    CONGO 🇨🇩🇨🇩🇨🇩

  • Vanessa Keller
    Vanessa Keller 12 hours ago

    The first man is cringy.

  • ItzFuryBlitz
    ItzFuryBlitz 12 hours ago +1

    The Urdu guys sucks so bad

  • Emma Bronsgeest
    Emma Bronsgeest 12 hours ago

    Ooof that's some archaic Dutch.

  • Amna Moqbil
    Amna Moqbil 12 hours ago

    Fuuccckkk Jenny is hottttt

  • Carlos Lasprilla
    Carlos Lasprilla 13 hours ago

    fuck I knew it was mongolian

  • khmer ps4
    khmer ps4 13 hours ago


  • Pat 652
    Pat 652 13 hours ago

    Omg, that girl that says, say something spicy to me, is me. I love any other language. 💜

  • Argus Panoptes
    Argus Panoptes 13 hours ago

    7:04 that’s quite pretty 😂😂

  • Lauren Williams
    Lauren Williams 13 hours ago

    I just want to know who is the girl at 3:50 because she is fine 😍😍

  • Lisa Matlhodi
    Lisa Matlhodi 13 hours ago

    The "suck my dick passionately like a real whore" part killed meeee😭😂😂😂😂💀

  • Argus Panoptes
    Argus Panoptes 13 hours ago

    Yanna’s instagram....ppl ?

  • CSR 2 Jr
    CSR 2 Jr 13 hours ago +1

    Ullu ka pattha isn’t owl fucker

  • Leirbag
    Leirbag 14 hours ago +1

    That was the worst Russian I have ever heard in my life. I had to listen twice to understand what he was trying to say

  • HaagenseN
    HaagenseN 14 hours ago

    try to get an Danish person on the show :D

  • Rey Bat
    Rey Bat 14 hours ago

    Who is the girl in the denim dress, I mean WOW

  • Darya Solomon
    Darya Solomon 14 hours ago

    The one speaking Hebrew did an awful job omg

  • Mika Sela
    Mika Sela 14 hours ago

    The woman speaking Hebrew doesn't even know how to speak it correctly 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️

  • Soksy
    Soksy 14 hours ago

    Russian guy
    Is sooo bad

  • fluffiedre
    fluffiedre 14 hours ago

    Russian is a very sexy language

  • Ava Shortt
    Ava Shortt 14 hours ago

    You should get someone to speak a Gaelic language, it would confuse people so much

  • Kike Battaglia
    Kike Battaglia 14 hours ago

    I really wish that you would bring some Italians! That would be great to see

  • zoe hart
    zoe hart 14 hours ago +1

    omg those girls were so cute speaking dutch/flemish

  • Arina V
    Arina V 14 hours ago

    It's so offensive that the guy,who spoke Russian,came up with such terrible words and such an unpleasant voice sound!!! Doesn't he know any other phrases? It was like he disgraced all the Russians for the audience :(

  • r e n a
    r e n a 14 hours ago

    “Where are you from?”

  • NkJ B
    NkJ B 14 hours ago

    Lingala!! Yes, yes, yes!!!! 🇨🇩🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿

  • DaSh2016
    DaSh2016 14 hours ago

    Russian speaking man wasn’t actually speaking Russian, he made sooo many mistakes and his accent was so terrible that a native Russian speaker could hardly understand what he said 👎

  • Felicia Rafailov
    Felicia Rafailov 14 hours ago

    The Hebrew and the Russian was so off

  • Mathilde vandoorne
    Mathilde vandoorne 15 hours ago

    Bruh I'm dutch

  • Finna Woke
    Finna Woke 15 hours ago +1

    Why does everything have to be about fucking and sex?! Jesus Christ!!
    Have we really devolved this much?!

  • Maayan Epstein
    Maayan Epstein 15 hours ago

    Just so you know the Hebrew girl was really off. That's not how you say I love you , but good for her for the effort :)

  • Martin Žunec
    Martin Žunec 15 hours ago

    the tall white guy is someone you wanna go grab a beer with and have brilliant conversations

  • Zulaha Sabir
    Zulaha Sabir 15 hours ago

    Urdu speaker 😂

  • dmitriid
    dmitriid 15 hours ago

    To go on:
    - the US have the largest Jewish population in the world, you couldn't find a single native Hebrew speaker
    - the US have a huge Russian population, you couldn't find a single native Russian speaker
    - the US have a huge Pakistanian population, you couldn't find a single native Urdu speaker
    - the US have a huge population of Dutch descendants, you couldn't find a single native Dutch speaker
    That's just lazy

  • JhonnyBoy
    JhonnyBoy 15 hours ago

    very cool video!
    the one that speaked hebrew though spoke really poorly, sorry :P

  • Sovarun Invan
    Sovarun Invan 15 hours ago

    I am Cambodian and that last guy was awesome I love u #cambodian #khmer sur sdey(hello)

  • dmitriid
    dmitriid 15 hours ago

    Why the fuck did you 1) use those texts for Russian 2) not find a native Russian speaker? And no, that guy "with a degree" can't even speak Russian properly.

  • Itay Hatzuel
    Itay Hatzuel 15 hours ago

    The Hebrew one was WAY off.

  • Super T
    Super T 16 hours ago

    That Urdu guy was disappointing

  • Annywind
    Annywind 16 hours ago

    Was it so hard to find a real Russian?

  • Ester Notarius
    Ester Notarius 16 hours ago

    How she said "i love you" in hebrew was wrong😂

  • Ruby Schwarz
    Ruby Schwarz 16 hours ago

    that wasn't Hebrew ... that was google translate level ... got the basics fucked 😂

  • noa elfasy
    noa elfasy 16 hours ago

    The hebrew was just wrong..

  • Black Dynamite
    Black Dynamite 16 hours ago

    The Latina guesser is a nut. “ is that African”

  • Donovan Simmons
    Donovan Simmons 17 hours ago

    It's weird that I could understand half of what the Dutch lady was saying and I don't even speak Dutch...

    THE MASKEDMAN 17 hours ago


  • Chingum Kumar
    Chingum Kumar 17 hours ago

    Ullu ka patha doesnt mean owl fucker

  • Reem Abdull
    Reem Abdull 18 hours ago

    Ughh! I was waiting for arabic ;-;

  • Alex Semion
    Alex Semion 18 hours ago

    7:52 wtf, degree in russian language?? my children talk russian better than him... His russian is horrible... He made more grammar mistakes than I even can imagine... degree in russian language lol

  • first name chloe
    first name chloe 18 hours ago

    7:03 *I am disgusted* Never have I ever heard someone curse like that in russian. My mom would slap this man 🤭

  • first name chloe
    first name chloe 18 hours ago

    0:39 I am screaming (I’m Belgian too)

  • Puvali Chatterjee
    Puvali Chatterjee 18 hours ago

    The guy speaking urdu... uff. As an actual native speaker of hindi/urdu, that accent instantly hurt my ears, ugh. Then the singing, wtaf was that. And then he went all "oooooh" when the other guy guessed he was speaking an Indian language and said that it is spoken "mostly in Pakistan" - (a) there are ~51 million urdu speakers in India and ~16 million urdu speakers in Pakistan (census data), and (b) Pakistan used to be a part of India, so although it is the official national language of Pakistan, it is also one of the 22 official languages in India and is originally an Indian language. Also, because I'm petty, "white person" (gora) and "horse" (ghoda) don't sound the same to anyone who speaks urdu. At all.

  • Sok Sovanvirakboth
    Sok Sovanvirakboth 18 hours ago

    ចុយ ហាហាហាហា

    IDI SKIY 19 hours ago

    I'm Russian German and honestly I couldn't make out most of the words that one dude said. I thought it was something like Hungarian or Romanian when I heard him. The languages are similar in certain aspects but his Russian accent isn't that good

    ICY TURBOFLEXER 19 hours ago

    That Russian guy has a really bad accent

  • Adi Harongi
    Adi Harongi 19 hours ago

    That's hebrew but without an Israeli accent

  • Aurelia Lyka
    Aurelia Lyka 19 hours ago +1

    That is me when making friends with different language..
    "How to curse in your language?"
    Like seriously 😂😂😂😂

  • Meri Dolbakyan
    Meri Dolbakyan 20 hours ago

    Can I be honest and criticize a little. The guy who spoke Russian was really bad at it. Im Russian, and I know what Russian is and what it sounds like, and I could barely understand a thing he was saying. Like no offense man, but you sucked at it, you could barely pronounce any word correctly. The only word you said right was the curse word “suka” (сука) which means “bitch”.....

  • 64impala64impala
    64impala64impala 20 hours ago

    10:24 "where you from?" "Kansas" legit

  • kbugay
    kbugay 20 hours ago

    so fkn Bad russian................ "TI hochech Pirispat Minya"
    English in video translate " You want to fuck with me .........."
    "TI hochech Pirispat Minya" means = you want sleep me ?
    the way it sound its the way he said it .
    Fkn Paid Actor.
    "Privet kak vas Dela" .............. WTF .... Fkn #Cut try to translate Before this this kind of shiit Go Online ... i stoped here and fk this Unsbscribed. 7:17

  • ניר דערי
    ניר דערי 20 hours ago

    Mmm.. that's not Hebrew

  • Aaron Ax
    Aaron Ax 20 hours ago

    Ummm Yana is perfectttt

  • Captain Price
    Captain Price 20 hours ago +3

    I wish there was someone that said "Allahu Ahkbar" and the person that heard ran

  • GabyTk10
    GabyTk10 20 hours ago

    The guy in white... I wanna date him 😍

  • Sergio Franco
    Sergio Franco 20 hours ago

    4:10 lmao!!!!!!!!!!

  • Deprived Noob
    Deprived Noob 20 hours ago

    Owl fucker lmaoo oh my god I'm keeping that

  • xxDestinyFrxnsjexx _
    xxDestinyFrxnsjexx _ 21 hour ago

    Well I knew it was Dutch right of the bat even tho my native language is papiamentu and my favorite one is English and I'm 15 years old and I can understand Spanish and Portuguese

  • ᴏᴜᴛsɪᴅᴇʀ
    ᴏᴜᴛsɪᴅᴇʀ 21 hour ago +1

    You should hear Malayalam 😂☠️

  • LeaF MaGiiC
    LeaF MaGiiC 21 hour ago

    I could barley understand his russian without the subtitles

  • Triceptorats Production

    What if you prank all the language speakers and find someone who can speak all their language. Lol that would be hilarious

  • TheBeofox
    TheBeofox 21 hour ago

    When you here the gutturals at least three times in two words. Its definitely hebrew.