Watch American Horror Story: Apocalypse Trailer


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  • American Eagle
    American Eagle 56 minutes ago

    this show is pure fucking garbage and nothing but a waste of time

    HAKATAPAWA 2 hours ago

    Where is Marie Laveau! I want Marie Laveau in this season!

  • Eter Puralis
    Eter Puralis 2 hours ago

    yikes, epilepsy warning much!
    Looks promising tho

  • _abbie_ 2004_
    _abbie_ 2004_ 4 hours ago

    I mean i absolutely love Evan but i was just wondering if Tate was returning? Coz i heard some stuff about evan filming some scenes for him???

  • Chris Gold
    Chris Gold Day ago

    Hail Satan

  • Kean Cantos
    Kean Cantos Day ago

    Well this is going to be fun 😏


    Hail Satan indeed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • aluramagik
    aluramagik Day ago

    Oh so the three on the ground is Coco, Mallory, and Dinah when Cordelia and them arrive I was wondering who they were when I was watching this trailer, I can't wait.

  • Mapekuusysi
    Mapekuusysi 2 days ago

    i'm too scared to ever watch this

  • Doireann Foley
    Doireann Foley 2 days ago

    *youuuuuuu biiiiittccchhhh*

  • Joris Tarnoczy
    Joris Tarnoczy 2 days ago

    People watch this for fun?
    Is this what we want?
    Have we really become this desperate?
    Whatever happened to praising and being grateful, I humbly shake my head to this filth.

    • xavono _
      xavono _ Day ago

      Then leave, you don't have to watch this if you 'humbly shake your head'

  • Chiara Amendola
    Chiara Amendola 3 days ago

    ok so who else is in love with the Antichrist?

  • Kraken
    Kraken 3 days ago

    I need season for zombies

  • Dienniffer Foly
    Dienniffer Foly 4 days ago


  • evy being evy
    evy being evy 4 days ago

    It's just not as good a the others you guys

  • Ezechiel
    Ezechiel 4 days ago

    well hellooo latex-boy

  • Reece Qwerty
    Reece Qwerty 4 days ago

    I hope this one is good, the Last 2 seasons were fking terrible

  • kawaii mica
    kawaii mica 4 days ago

    Not my proudest fap

  • Anonymous 0387462
    Anonymous 0387462 4 days ago

    Some say that the baby from season 1 “murder house” was the antichrist

  • Stacey Kershaw
    Stacey Kershaw 4 days ago

    Has anyone else thought and noticed that outpost house there in looks like it could be Roanoke house .I think it is

  • Wartex Playz/With BTS Cause Im A BTS LoVER!

    That mean There Are On the coven/witch house

  • Josh Nelson
    Josh Nelson 4 days ago

    Dumbest show ever

  • Geraldine Rodriguez
    Geraldine Rodriguez 4 days ago

    Que cochinada es esta!

  • Undisclosed Identity

    Behold the Matriarchy

  • juicy mankut
    juicy mankut 5 days ago

    im just here for that hot guy

  • Lewis M Martin
    Lewis M Martin 5 days ago

    I love this show so much.......

  • Shteno
    Shteno 5 days ago

    This definitely 'smells' like a hardcore PIECE OF SHIT! Am I right? Answer me, the ones who;d seen it (but this goes for those who actually know what a truly good film is, after that, a truly good horror), because I was looking to watch a horror I hadn't seen, and accidentally came up on THIS. So I though I check it out!
    But... it definitely looks like some serious bowl of shit! Therefore, I'll leave it aside for now, till someone (at least) tells me something about it!

  • CL's mole
    CL's mole 5 days ago

    So many witches revived again? That's what i want to see

  • Chicken Permission
    Chicken Permission 5 days ago

    It looks so fucking random. You better step up your game ahs.

    TEMI LONDON 6 days ago

    This doesn’t even look AHS at all

  • MimiFirstTime
    MimiFirstTime 6 days ago

    very disapointed by the first episode its just sucked

  • Yvonne D
    Yvonne D 6 days ago


  • Denis Araujo
    Denis Araujo 6 days ago

    Where is Jessica Lange in this trailer? Baddest witch in town!

  • Thuhfa Hafiz
    Thuhfa Hafiz 6 days ago


  • Mariska Fun
    Mariska Fun 6 days ago

    I just watching episode 1 and its so good and promissing.. Absolutly I will watch all of this season 8, but I still think they are out of topic because this is not a horror story..

  • Campanella
    Campanella 6 days ago

    OMG Misty Day is baaaack

  • Ms Kitty
    Ms Kitty 7 days ago

    Christ The King 🙏

  • Renatenha A
    Renatenha A 7 days ago +3

    I'm watching AHS: Coven and is just....stupid. I can't understand why the hype. One character is more stupid and annoying than the other, a bunch of psicos acting like a 5 year old, they kill people as if was normal as open a bag of doritos, specially Fiona, she is the supreme, the supreme of make you rate her (aside from Cordelia)
    This show rely only on gore and nothing else.

  • dreadghoul23
    dreadghoul23 7 days ago

    This show is so feminist they always have bitches win smh

  • Catalina
    Catalina 7 days ago

    I’m really the only one who hopes to see Taissa back? But thank God we still have Evan and Sarah!

  • silver1 8spoon
    silver1 8spoon 7 days ago

    fuck me up

  • Amberlance
    Amberlance 7 days ago

    Is that Tate Langdon son I see?

  • Amberlance
    Amberlance 7 days ago

    Omg first episode is out!!! Surprised my skin is able to contain my excitement!!!
    :D :D :D

  • fly
    fly 7 days ago



  • Little Miss Witch
    Little Miss Witch 8 days ago

    Too much going on to make sense of it. As with every AHS trailer 🙄

  • Nikko
    Nikko 8 days ago

    This looks more disturbing than entertaining idk if I’ll watch (

  • Double Guitars
    Double Guitars 8 days ago

    Ah Yay It's Mary Cherry.

  • Lucy Baldwin
    Lucy Baldwin 8 days ago

    the lack of stevie nicks in this trailer bothers me

  • Corvo Auditore
    Corvo Auditore 8 days ago

    wow wow wow wow what? this looks awesome!

  • Joshua Munoz
    Joshua Munoz 8 days ago

    Yeaahh rubber man !!

  • phil murphy
    phil murphy 8 days ago

    Hail Henry

  • Ice Queen
    Ice Queen 9 days ago

    Please come out on Netflix. Why was Cult not on Netflix. Found Roanoke slightly boring. 😒

  • Paul SWEN
    Paul SWEN 9 days ago

    Coven and first season? o:

  • panda bootay
    panda bootay 9 days ago

    that classic, rubber man too.... i'm so excited to watch this on Netflix! i mean, its already out... what am i waiting for?! I don't know... I'M SO EXCITED!!!

  • Nicole Reign
    Nicole Reign 9 days ago

    How is this possible are they all dead?


    Heil Satan

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  • Trish Alvarez
    Trish Alvarez 9 days ago

    That's right. We all miss Taisa and Jessica. AHS ain't complete without them

  • Meso
    Meso 9 days ago

    I hope this season is better then the last one that was absolute garbage.

  • BeautifulXDreamer94
    BeautifulXDreamer94 9 days ago

    I really wanna see Zoe and Kyle.

  • P Piper
    P Piper 9 days ago +8

    Sarah Paulson is the only one who can save AHS after Jessica Lange.

  • Fernanda Marques
    Fernanda Marques 9 days ago

    Oloko meu!!!

  • Stefan Ackermann
    Stefan Ackermann 9 days ago

    Jesus... this is terrible. The writers keep trying to outdo themselves season after season and it’s just not working. It hasn’t since HOTEL. It’s messy and boring. None of the characters have been likable the past few seasons. I mean, what is this season even about? The Handmaid’s Tale meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre and any overacted soap?

  • Mia. W
    Mia. W 9 days ago

    U BITCH.

  • Artsy Fartsy
    Artsy Fartsy 10 days ago

    Can't wait to love the first half of the season only for everything to fall apart in the second half for like a 5th time already.

  • Sam Weaver
    Sam Weaver 10 days ago +1

    I’m so ready for the Apocalypse!

  • emily S
    emily S 10 days ago +2

    I honestly just clicked for Evan

  • Aleksa Marinkovic
    Aleksa Marinkovic 10 days ago

    Please just don't bring MH and Coven characters just to kill them off, like they did with Queenie. What's the point?
    Btw I don't think Cordelia will die, plus why would they put her "death" in the trailer, it's stupid.
    And for all people who are complaining "Where is my crossover?" etc. Bitch it's the first episode, we can't just start a story like that. Be patient, I know it's gonna be epic, trust me

  • Isabel
    Isabel 10 days ago


  • danielcraft1971
    danielcraft1971 10 days ago

    Is there some kind of bdsm fetish revival going in the US at the moment?

  • TOGI19920801
    TOGI19920801 10 days ago

    Thankyou Kim young and Tromp

  • Simply Sara
    Simply Sara 10 days ago

    bitch i’m only on season 4 god i have to catch up on what happening

  • Jeff Murphy
    Jeff Murphy 10 days ago

    Looks pretty wack

  • Lulu Vi Britannia
    Lulu Vi Britannia 10 days ago

    Wow, this series sank very low. After an excellent season 7, this Apocalypse really makes me feel like it should be the end... of the series. The actors are bad, the characters are literal nobodies, everything about the visuals is ugly (the environments, the suits, the make up, the FX, NOTHING is done well!), the episode is slow as hell and as dumb as cliché.
    I'm out. I had a really bad feeling for this season (considering the group of Coven is coming back), and this first episode made it worse.

  • Hendra Dwi Cahyo
    Hendra Dwi Cahyo 10 days ago

    I don't like the last season, hope this season would be good.

  • Eduardo
    Eduardo 10 days ago

    1:07 "é, eu sei"

  • ErnestoTheThird
    ErnestoTheThird 10 days ago +1

    Should I watch season 8 without watching the previous seasons?

    • Aaron Murphy
      Aaron Murphy 9 days ago +1

      ErnestoTheThird season 8 is a crossover season of murder house and coven (seasons 1 and 3) I’d recommend you watch those first

  • Wolfy AMV
    Wolfy AMV 10 days ago

    it's like 10 Cloverfield Lane

  • Annnemarie Ehlyda Robb

    Can’t wait for Apocalypse to come to Netflix Uk
    Cult finally appeared this week, I watched the whole season in 2 nights 🤷🏼‍♀️🖤

  • anand altantsog
    anand altantsog 10 days ago

    Does this takes places after?

  • herx_dj
    herx_dj 10 days ago

    Where can i watch it online for free?Cant find it anywhere💔

  • Gil Shoham
    Gil Shoham 10 days ago +1


  • Aoi Shania
    Aoi Shania 10 days ago +1

    Wheres taissa

  • alx xox
    alx xox 10 days ago


  • Georgia Searle
    Georgia Searle 10 days ago

    0:55 *damn tate back at it again*

  • Greg K
    Greg K 10 days ago

    Ahhh I see coven im thrilled

  • Nancy Wood
    Nancy Wood 10 days ago

    I'm going to be ill: the opening of AHS S08 subjects us to watching a rich Jewish Princess run to her Billionaire Daddies Jet & escape L.A.'s Nuclear Armageddon with her Jewish Hairstylist & " Nanna (who's a Widow to the former owner of MGN Inc.) while all the 'GOYS' & 'Gentiles' run, fight & die around her. If this isn't a Fantasy of the (Fake) "Jewish" Fanatical Supremacist Kazarian Mafia who runs the Banks & Hollywood, I don't know what is.
    And guess what? The opening credits suggest they're all SATANISTS with related imagery, JUST LIKE IN REAL LIFE folks!
    This show has sunk to new & even greater depths of depravity. Disgusting.

  • Ömer Ceylan
    Ömer Ceylan 10 days ago

    jessica lange?

  • Rafael Camargo Urango
    Rafael Camargo Urango 10 days ago

    Freaking amazing and entertaining show. Best TV show of this decade so far.

  • Jaś Wnuk
    Jaś Wnuk 11 days ago +1

    So where everybody See in This trailer Cordelia being eaten by zombies? Beacuse I'm watching this for 200 time and I still can't See it

  • ogonek
    ogonek 11 days ago


  • Chapperz 994
    Chapperz 994 11 days ago

    When did AHS become a comedy 😥

  • Hiếu Bùi
    Hiếu Bùi 11 days ago

    damn you ASH. RIP Stu :'(

    • Jaś Wnuk
      Jaś Wnuk 11 days ago +1

      I felt sooo bad when they killed him :/

  • lahalhalha
    lahalhalha 11 days ago +1

    This looks like a cross of the 100 and Handmaid’s Tale and I’m HERE FOR IT!!

  • arronplanet
    arronplanet 11 days ago

    A wig just flew past my window !

  • lokidoki kittens
    lokidoki kittens 11 days ago

    Hell yeah

  • Amazonia
    Amazonia 11 days ago

    Who want to watch this with me? 👍

  • Tozafa
    Tozafa 11 days ago

    Where can non-Americans and non-Brits watch it?? FX is not available in my country and it is not on Netflix

  • Ismail Meziani
    Ismail Meziani 11 days ago

    I can't wait...