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Drake - Scorpion Review | The Joe Budden Podcast

  • Published on Jul 4, 2018
  • The guys discuss Drake’s new album “Scorpion” and reveal their favorite tracks. They also analyze the lyrics that appear to be aimed at Kanye.
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Comments • 5 974

  • Mr. Makeithappen
    Mr. Makeithappen 13 days ago

    Great breakdown Budden

  • BB Karma
    BB Karma 18 days ago

    After watching this video Scorpion is wayyyy harder to me

  • Ricardo Getrouw
    Ricardo Getrouw Month ago

    What song did parks produce on the drake album

  • John Ocampo
    John Ocampo Month ago

    Kanye is a snake. They keep trying to come for drake but who always comes out on top lol like one at a time boys damn.

  • Thami Lolwane
    Thami Lolwane 2 months ago

    The Pre production on this episode was nuts😂😂😂

  • Paul Stastny
    Paul Stastny 2 months ago

    39:04 Does Joe know Mouse is a character?

  • Loso Banks
    Loso Banks 2 months ago


  • Ryan Meadors
    Ryan Meadors 2 months ago

    Love this podcast but Rory is mad annoying bruh. Jokes are lame as drakes legs in degrassi and he’s a ginger. Gingers shouldn’t be allowed to speak

  • Midnight Justice
    Midnight Justice 2 months ago +1

    Joe budden lowkey a hip hop genius

  • 71Trey
    71Trey 2 months ago

    This made me gain a totally new perspective of joe I felt all the shit he was saying

  • Iam _ad
    Iam _ad 3 months ago

    He shouldn’t even have talk about the kid on the album everything else is good to me side B is very underrated. Ppl don’t understand without singing drake we wouldn’t have Drake and this came full circle for Drake side B I love it

  • Eleidy B
    Eleidy B 3 months ago

    Joe be so on it. His analogy is on point.

  • Strib
    Strib 3 months ago

    SCARY how right he was.

  • 32 Su
    32 Su 3 months ago

    Loyalty is forever by 32 Su on TheXvid listen.

  • Lavish BaStard
    Lavish BaStard 4 months ago

    This nigga Joe Budden is a dweeb. Damn. (Intelligent guy tho).

  • Ced_Rez
    Ced_Rez 4 months ago

    I still need that drake best to worst songs list

  • G Niko
    G Niko 4 months ago

    Joe's Drake impression is on point

  • Declan
    Declan 4 months ago +1

    Nothing Is The Same lowkey is the best album

  • Alejandro2raw
    Alejandro2raw 4 months ago

    Joe a real ass nigga😂😂💯

  • The Nubster
    The Nubster 4 months ago

    Joe is such an autistic little cunt. Go get hit by a car and watch your family suffer you sadistic faggot. Very professional walking off on Migos like that.....You are not wise you are fucking aids.

  • James SOLDIER Austin
    James SOLDIER Austin 5 months ago +1


  • ariana hi
    ariana hi 5 months ago

    mob ties was one of the bests of the album

  • Mike
    Mike 5 months ago

    Rory sound like a straight mister me too this whole episode

  • Mike
    Mike 5 months ago

    I keep playing it over this episode so slept on so fucking fire

  • Mike
    Mike 5 months ago

    Joe episodes like this I fuck wit u heavy . Joe called this July 4th. Drake just released his interview with LeBron we finding out around October 15 what joe said on July 4th

  • Tanka Thomas
    Tanka Thomas 5 months ago +1

    You ever just go back and listen to joe budden that nigga be on point

  • Know your facts and keep it 100 B

    He definitely throwing shots at Kanye saying he smashed Kim k

  • Bernardo Padilla Baez
    Bernardo Padilla Baez 5 months ago +1

    Yooo Drake just proved Joe right on everything with the Shop interview with lebron

  • Kalishia Watford
    Kalishia Watford 5 months ago

    Folks be hating on Joe but that man be on his shit. Predicted this whole situation. Wow

  • What Happened
    What Happened 5 months ago

    im a little late but nothing was the same in my opinion is the #1 drake album but thats just me. anyone else?

  • B00sted STI
    B00sted STI 5 months ago

    12:48 .. you’re welcome

  • The Angry Gentleman Groom Haus Las Vegas

    Is there more is prolly his best joint on there lyrically

  • Milly Milly
    Milly Milly 5 months ago +1

    Joe was right!!!!!!!!! Drake confirmed it

  • Ellen
    Ellen 5 months ago +6

    Came back just to hear this after Drake's interview. I need a life lol

  • Ser Davos Seaworth
    Ser Davos Seaworth 5 months ago

    Pusha T knew about the kid before the Wyoming meetings you fucking idiots

    • Mike James
      Mike James 5 months ago +1

      Ser Davos Seaworth how u know

  • angrytacos
    angrytacos 5 months ago

    budden got some insider knowledge lol

  • Know your facts and keep it 100 B

    I don’t think people understand the lyrics and not getting how Drake is very calculated in genius way u have to hear a few times then just pass it then just miss it

  • Josh Schultz
    Josh Schultz 5 months ago +1

    Mystic Budden

  • Manny Valenzuela
    Manny Valenzuela 5 months ago

  • DJ ShaqTown
    DJ ShaqTown 5 months ago +1

    Got damn Joe was on point with his conspiracy theory!! Jesus...

  • J. B.
    J. B. 5 months ago +1

    *whispers* Joe didn't predict all of this himself, Drake told him everything.
    *backs away slowly*

    • Know your facts and keep it 100 B
      Know your facts and keep it 100 B 5 months ago

      J. B. I doubt that he told all this to Joe this is his job he criticizes everything he knows the codes to the music just saying

  • J. B.
    J. B. 5 months ago +1

    Welcome, new listeners who are here after Drake on #TheShop. Us regular listeners been knew the entire story months ago, as you can see, but we are glad that you have caught up. Enjoy.

  • MeMe Smith
    MeMe Smith 5 months ago

    What does no cap mean?

  • Gadjjet
    Gadjjet 5 months ago +1

    Joe smart af. This nigga Sherlock Holmes-ed this whole shit with like 2 verses.

  • HeyHeaux kennedy
    HeyHeaux kennedy 5 months ago

    Damn you hit the nail on the Fucking head!!! Way before the drake lebron interview!!!!!

  • BlessSQA
    BlessSQA 5 months ago +1

    Man now I wish drake woulda dropped that diss record

  • RonomanRpper
    RonomanRpper 5 months ago +5

    How the fuck did Joe predict every detail, this is crazy.

  • Yuneer Gainz
    Yuneer Gainz 5 months ago +13

    This is why; despite how everyone might feel, Joe Budden is about the culture. The fact that like many MCs that listen to music beyond the sound, he was able to decipher all this before the HBO

  • Yusuf Katagum
    Yusuf Katagum 5 months ago +3

    Joe a fucking genius 🔥🔥🔥

  • 5 months ago +19

    Lol like if you just watch the shop and came back to check this story been out!

  • Daphne Bell
    Daphne Bell 5 months ago +5

    Joe Budden was right 😳

  • Felicity miss Fels
    Felicity miss Fels 5 months ago +14

    Coming from The Shop HBO with LeBron & Drake, this is so accurate. How did Joe know all this??

    • Brandon P
      Brandon P 5 months ago +1

      Joe not only knows Drake to an extent, he's a rapper he can read between the lines.

  • S O S
    S O S 5 months ago +28

    Joe bodied this analysis wtf

    RIEALITY 5 months ago +4


  • Kiriana Allen
    Kiriana Allen 5 months ago +171

    Anyone else here after Drake’s interview with Bron?

  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams 5 months ago +26

    Joe called it here and crazy how the drake and LeBron interview. It line up.

    • Brian Williams
      Brian Williams 5 months ago

      How did push a T know about the kid if the source it came from was Kanye? It has to been at that meeting. The time line shows it. Cause if pusha knew about it before the meeting. He would have put out that record a long time ago.

    • Ser Davos Seaworth
      Ser Davos Seaworth 5 months ago

      Brian Williams
      Lies are being spread. Pusha T knew about the kid before the Wyoming meetings.

  • Ilikecookies
    Ilikecookies 5 months ago

    The white guy next to Joe is trash..your a punk

  • David Dokubo
    David Dokubo 5 months ago +3

    Is this guy a covert operative or something he's spot the fuck on with this analogy like almost word for word

    • Ser Davos Seaworth
      Ser Davos Seaworth 5 months ago

      David Dokubo
      It’s because it’s not actually true. Pusha T knew about the kid already.

  • Julian REC
    Julian REC 5 months ago +19

    after listening to that barber shop talk between lebron & drake and hearing him confirm everything joe theorized, there’s no secret that joe budden knew this info before hand

    • Ms J
      Ms J 2 months ago

      +Aaron Drake's payroll. Joe hates Kanye

    • Aaron
      Aaron 5 months ago

      He's on Ye's payroll 100%

  • Akbar
    Akbar 5 months ago +10

    Joe was right

  • Tony Nguyen
    Tony Nguyen 5 months ago +66

    Just came back after watching drake and lebron in barber talk, Joe Budden just broke down everything drake has said in the barber talk! Genius!!!

  • Rambo
    Rambo 5 months ago +2

    Joe budden the fucking mystic

  • Jason Pierre
    Jason Pierre 5 months ago +78

    So crazy how budden was completely right lolll. Drake admit hisself he changed it on “the shop” with Lebron

    • Zeke Jackson
      Zeke Jackson 2 months ago +1

      +beat jupiter push said it himself, in his conversation with Joe budden

    • beat jupiter
      beat jupiter 5 months ago +2

      Ser Davos Seaworth I’m not saying you wrong, where did you here that from tho?

    • Ser Davos Seaworth
      Ser Davos Seaworth 5 months ago +2

      Pusha T knew about the kid before the Wyoming thing. Lies are being spread.

    • Stephen Cofield, Jr.
      Stephen Cofield, Jr. 5 months ago +4

      Crazzzzzzzzzzzzy! Came back here immediately.....

  • No Second Chances
    No Second Chances 5 months ago +124

    Once again Joe Budden predicted this whole shit

  • Brett Rhyno
    Brett Rhyno 5 months ago +13

    By far the best Scorpion review I have seen, this deserves more recognition.

  • Ronald Campbell Music
    Ronald Campbell Music 5 months ago +5

    I thought the album was ... AITE... until i watched this review and listened with a different hear. I LOVE IT!

    • impalaboy 89
      impalaboy 89 5 months ago

      Yeah me 2 I really like the album now

  • MakeItADreDay
    MakeItADreDay 5 months ago

    I don't trust nothing this has been has to say

    • Hutchi 333
      Hutchi 333 5 months ago

      MakeItADreDay the jokes on you dummy. Drake literally confirmed Joe's 'theory' in the LeBron interview

      HOTV BARSCHOOL 5 months ago +2

      He was right tho

  • Enobong E
    Enobong E 5 months ago +1

    He’s fascinated, no wonder I see this guy as a hater

  • HennoXD
    HennoXD 5 months ago +21

    Drake - Can't Take A Joke "They think they run the town til we run them out of town" has me looking at this Kanye back to Chicago movement a little funny

    • HennoXD
      HennoXD 5 months ago +4

      "Gotta dip from where they stay, they bound to relocate, everything will be ok, just stay up out my way"

  • トイレの花子
    トイレの花子 6 months ago

    budden how you talk with all that cock in ur mouth? you retired garbage.

  • Mason Rowley
    Mason Rowley 6 months ago

    Budden is such a fuckin dumbass everytime this whiteboy goes “hmm” it’s because Joe is missing out on huge facts lmao. Joe thinks he’s coming up with this big ass theory and white boi is like “yea its actually all on duppy freestyle”
    Budden : “I know but now that the album is out I feel like he says it all on the album”
    Lmao nigga stfu you’re kinda dumb foreal 😂, this white boy goes into depth on how shit connects and Joe’s like “wow look at you being all well thought out about this when I’m just trying to lowkey throw more shade than necessary like always and keep it shallow lol” kids like “I like Drake..?” LMAO

    • Mason Rowley
      Mason Rowley 5 months ago

      LMfao kiddo the Joe was right about what happened with Drake and Kanye and the ‘luck is on your side’ line and missed out on like EVERYTHING else. Didn’t even fucking get to 8/10 and brake down how Drake was high key still stinging at Pusha. COMPLETELY diverted the subject when white boi mentioned drake called him a goofy/dissed him at all hahaha. Damn that shit was funny

    • Hutchi 333
      Hutchi 333 5 months ago

      HOTV BARSCHOOL lol let these clowns know. Conspiracy theorist Joe don't play. 😂

      HOTV BARSCHOOL 5 months ago +2

      Welp Joe was right. Go sip some tea

  • king lou
    king lou 6 months ago

    I love drake but that album was wack. Still better than most tho.

  • Tanndo Baloyi
    Tanndo Baloyi 6 months ago

    i should be watching The Walking Dead

  • Tanndo Baloyi
    Tanndo Baloyi 6 months ago

    didn't give the album enough time to grow

  • Abstract The Entertainer

    44:24 😂😂😂

  • liabia99
    liabia99 6 months ago

    I loved more life. i can listen to that entire playlist and not skip a song! i agree with rory

    OVOXOASAP HERNANDEz 6 months ago

    How old this niggg saying one when he gets off the phone

  • Freddy Tejeda
    Freddy Tejeda 6 months ago

    Who grips the mic and like to kill there friends, is that a jab at ye”s today i thought about killing you

  • marcosfh10
    marcosfh10 6 months ago +1

    Bruh Joe was right about everything he said months ago, everything coming to light now. Shits crazy!!

  • Jamal Fenning
    Jamal Fenning 6 months ago

    Joe has a great
    knack for Radio. I knew about his mu$ic . But the podcast road is a great Wave. I like it... [pause]

  • xlSneak-_
    xlSneak-_ 6 months ago +2

    Drake fucked Kim, no cap! The clues are all on side A.... Kiki do you love me is about Kim

  • Grand Champ
    Grand Champ 6 months ago

    40 minutes, reviewed two songs. wtf lol

  • T Gray
    T Gray 6 months ago

    Let me get a joe Budden joe rogan pod cast 🤣

  • Vernon Jordan, II.
    Vernon Jordan, II. 6 months ago +7

    Scorpion and Nothing was the Same are his lyrical triumphs

  • The Scenery
    The Scenery 6 months ago +1

    “Take ya blackberry get out of there !!” 😂😂💀💀

  • Sarina S
    Sarina S 6 months ago

    I hope y'all do a Top 10 Drake tracks video. With a mix of hits, r&b and rap

  • brian Skillz
    brian Skillz 6 months ago

    When joe talk about rappers subliminals....i love it. Break it down fam....drake a child of jayz. Whole subliminals songs smh petty as a mofo lol

  • Ty M
    Ty M 6 months ago

    You stupid niggaz got me talking like yall now lol "cohesiveness" in mals voice lmao

  • Trevor Smellington
    Trevor Smellington 6 months ago


  • Reginald Walker Jr.
    Reginald Walker Jr. 7 months ago +2

    I thought I liked Scorpion but this album review and bar breakdown by Joe B. has got me liking this album even more. Wow! Very impressive!

  • yung huncho
    yung huncho 7 months ago

    Why did they hang up on mal that nigga funny.. I don’t get it 😂

    DANNIE MONTANAMAXXX 7 months ago +1


    DANNIE MONTANAMAXXX 7 months ago +1

    QUESTION... WHY IS NO ONE SPEAKING ON MAC MILLER??? or did I miss that podcast?? I believe his album comes out this month first single is 💣💣💣💣💣

  • Kandi
    Kandi 7 months ago

    I love how u broke down 8 out of 10

  • MrMelloCountry
    MrMelloCountry 7 months ago

    The shots at Ye are weak. Ye ain't a rapper, plus no one likes him now anyway.
    Until he comes back at the DEMOLISHING that was "The Story of Adidon", I don't care about Aubrey smacking around CoonYe.

    • MrMelloCountry
      MrMelloCountry 6 months ago

      So? Come at PUSHA.

    • xlSneak-_
      xlSneak-_ 6 months ago +1

      MrMelloCountry What about Drake smacking Kim’s cheeks, and Kiki do you love me is referring to her?

  • Benson Sibiya
    Benson Sibiya 7 months ago

    Joe you're a genius for uncovering the "It's only 'Good' in my city because I said so" line. Other than that I would say it would be nice to appreciate Drake's lyricism. To critique means to analyze and point out the good and the bad. Don't let your - whatever this is, shadow your true opinion about the guy's craft.

    SHOT BY NOLAN 7 months ago

    I know budden memory is super trash but i recall him being “pleased with more life” quote unquote.

  • Michael S
    Michael S 7 months ago

    To me it looks like Kanye thought if he could get Pusha t to beat drake in a beef that it would make drake fall off and give them the light(ye and push)but Scorpion was still Very successful.

  • Hasan Shah
    Hasan Shah 7 months ago +1

    *If a nigga hatin call him Joe Budden*

    • Ty M
      Ty M 6 months ago


  • Saint Louis
    Saint Louis 7 months ago

    Holy shit Joe you opened my third eye