Ultimate Compact Titan XP Gaming PC 3

  • Published on Feb 3, 2018
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Comments • 2 686

  • AgentAY
    AgentAY 3 days ago

    7980xe and titan xp powered by a sfx psu? wouldn't those two parts need like 700watts alone

  • A Mouse
    A Mouse 3 days ago


  • Ron S
    Ron S 5 days ago

    $2,000 just for processor?.

  • savecityofheroes savecityofheroes

    Linus you many want to do that video again well there is a V3 version next gen www.dan-cases.com/dana4.php

  • Turtle God
    Turtle God 24 days ago

    I’m to poor

    CENTRIC 26 days ago

    Oh yea yea

  • Mortimer Harley
    Mortimer Harley 27 days ago

    I love the non copyright start wars music 😂😂

  • Max AranaJr.
    Max AranaJr. 28 days ago

    What was the over all cost $$$$$ ?

  • VerDeLanceDeNigro
    VerDeLanceDeNigro Month ago

    yall are dumb, modified the card to block the whole system..

  • Itsm3 K1L0
    Itsm3 K1L0 Month ago

    I got this pc

    Then i woke up

  • Preston Gallegos
    Preston Gallegos Month ago

    Could I get a price for how much it costed YOU to build?

  • Nolan's Videos
    Nolan's Videos Month ago

    Oh no no

  • SilverSnake
    SilverSnake Month ago +1

    Is this video sponsored by monster?

  • Markus Brunner
    Markus Brunner Month ago

    why gaming on a 7980XE and not a 8700k?

  • TOFIK89
    TOFIK89 Month ago

    Hi what software you use for stress testing on video ???

  • G7ost
    G7ost Month ago

    *Who else watching in 3019?*

  • Niklasfrilander
    Niklasfrilander Month ago

    anything i search about computers in youtube the first video always is made by linus. and im very glad.

  • Amenays
    Amenays Month ago

    2037 anyone

  • superzombiesamm
    superzombiesamm Month ago

    What about 4 way sli

  • Simonstar
    Simonstar Month ago

    2019 CES event :)

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson Month ago

    Linus more space bolt two of those cases together no it won't be the smallest call it the the tinyish pugg pc

  • minimad24
    minimad24 Month ago

    I really wanna build a small gaming pc but I’m too scared as never done one and it be expensive mistake if I mess up

  • Mustafa Hussein
    Mustafa Hussein Month ago

    Just mount it outside the case, it’ll look awesome

  • Dr. Zippy Mcscoots
    Dr. Zippy Mcscoots Month ago

    Wheres the dvd drive?

  • Finky Plaze
    Finky Plaze Month ago


  • Collin Bus Lines Inc.

    HA my gtx 1050 ti has a stable clock a 1700mhz

  • Ninja Gamer
    Ninja Gamer Month ago

    Please give it to me it looks soooooo good

  • Dre Gramlich
    Dre Gramlich Month ago

    prices of all parts and total build cost would be nice as well as a head to head with the best gaming rig that could ever be built.

  • SH00K1E
    SH00K1E Month ago +1

    Was it just me who saw when he totched all the CPU pins at 1.55-1.58

    • John Cabell
      John Cabell Month ago

      It only matters if you bend one of the cpu pins on the motherboard.

  • EmberDragon
    EmberDragon Month ago

    I really wish someone did a proper mini pc gaming build

  • Tater Tot
    Tater Tot Month ago

    Great Video! What would you suggest for a mini computer to run my phillip hues for my TV? For watching Netflix and youtube videos? Hope this question is OK to ask. Thanks in advance.

  • Carl Johnson
    Carl Johnson Month ago

    5 03 the rad fan is uhhh pulling air from the radiators side?shouldnt it be mounted the other way? In a push - towards config? Correct me if im wrong

  • TopHat Videos Inc.
    TopHat Videos Inc. 2 months ago

    Thanks to this, amazon decided to reserve the parts for prime members only, because of their popularity

  • Teun Segers
    Teun Segers 2 months ago

    Louqe Ghost s1 is a much nicer solution

  • Apple Fan Boy BMW
    Apple Fan Boy BMW 2 months ago

    What will happen if I install windows xp on this machine ??? Would it run gta V everything max at 100fps ?

  • Katie Persons
    Katie Persons 2 months ago

    So what made the clicking noise at boot up?

  • Katie Persons
    Katie Persons 2 months ago

    The G-force will be with you. Always.

  • Habib Bhatti
    Habib Bhatti 2 months ago

    Linus I built with but with a titan V, and a xeon E5-2699 processor

  • ProfessorOzone
    ProfessorOzone 2 months ago

    How much?

  • Dan Avram
    Dan Avram 2 months ago

    Total price?

  • Bruce Leroy
    Bruce Leroy 2 months ago

    Price ?

  • scumo mcbee
    scumo mcbee 2 months ago

    Make a smaller one please!

  • Tropical Fruitful
    Tropical Fruitful 2 months ago

    How much does it cost?

  • Tropical Fruitful
    Tropical Fruitful 2 months ago

    That’s what she said 2:22

  • Richard Moore
    Richard Moore 2 months ago

    Click bait

  • ByyakoKitsune69
    ByyakoKitsune69 2 months ago

    small but swol!

  • KnightMD
    KnightMD 2 months ago

    It's missing the final step: Giving it away for me.

  • Intimidate45
    Intimidate45 2 months ago

    Can I buy one of those motherfuckers pre built and if so how much would it cost.

  • Maxime Santa
    Maxime Santa 2 months ago

    i need temps for i5 7600k

  • cowrevenge
    cowrevenge 2 months ago

    I am moving to Japan and would like to take my PC with me. This case looks amazing but isn't available to buy. I currently have a mini 1060 and a full size tower. What case should I buy? I am ok with no hdd slots or RGB. I have not purchased anything, but would like to keep using my 1060 as I everything I currently do works just fine. I am considering a 512gb m.2 and using an external 4tb.

  • kage ryuz88
    kage ryuz88 2 months ago

    I have been trying to decide on what type of computer I should build for my son he wants to play fortnight and Minecraft mostly and maybe some higher games that I have like gtaV and Black ops 4 so any ideas on the case size and the hardware I was thinking for hardware using pcpartpicker.com/list/9D9XFt
    If anyone has any ideas send me a message please

    • kage ryuz88
      kage ryuz88 2 months ago

      +Joshua Holliday yeah I was thinking about going with the nvme m.2

    • Joshua Holliday
      Joshua Holliday 2 months ago +1

      Depending on when you want to build, AMD has their new CPUs and GPUs coming out, they have a CPU that will be $30 dollars cheaper, and if its like the current gen, comes with a really good cooler, so you wouldn't need the water cooler. So, you could use the money saved on CPU/GPU and either get a RTX 2070/2080 or wait for the GPUs, they have one that competes with the RTX 2070/GTX 1080 for $250. So, if you could wait, you could build something just as powerful for cheaper, or more powerful for the same price. Also, replace the SSD with an NVME type drive.

  • Gas Mask
    Gas Mask 2 months ago

    What is up with companys and that ugly ass fan color

  • Godrole 2
    Godrole 2 2 months ago

    When a smaller pc is better than yours

  • Alexandria UP_ON_CLOUD_9

    Best pc ever

  • highview seeker
    highview seeker 2 months ago

    anyone delid a 1800x ?

  • Mrniksutin
    Mrniksutin 2 months ago

    2018 Pcs became Toasters.

  • JBL Bass Tester
    JBL Bass Tester 2 months ago +36

    december 2018 anyone?

    • JBL Bass Tester
      JBL Bass Tester 13 days ago

      UNKNOWNGAM3r oki

      UNKNOWNGAM3r 14 days ago

      No, September 2004.

    • Hackr Boi
      Hackr Boi Month ago +5


    • CaptainSlap
      CaptainSlap Month ago +1

      Yup me, looking for a small PC with good power behind it, got any recommendation for premade pcs or any good parts?

  • Official TeeRPaaK
    Official TeeRPaaK 2 months ago

    this is crazy....

  • apogeus2
    apogeus2 2 months ago

    i don't believe in proper cooling with this case

  • Kisame Hoshigaki
    Kisame Hoshigaki 2 months ago

    Bet the power supply was a bitch to install and plugging in all the wires.

  • Nelson Pun
    Nelson Pun 2 months ago

    Can some company please make a reasonably priced version of this case?

  • Super terrific R
    Super terrific R 2 months ago

    what was the cost of the build?

  • TimmyAye
    TimmyAye 3 months ago

    Where did he get the glass side panel??? Please help

  • rohanzo1
    rohanzo1 3 months ago

    cool pc but that shit wont last as long as a atx build

  • Le Magicien
    Le Magicien 3 months ago

    I cringed so hard, when you touched the pins on the cpu...

  • Daruyos Daruyos
    Daruyos Daruyos 3 months ago

    6:19 Linus! Stay determined!

  • Daruyos Daruyos
    Daruyos Daruyos 3 months ago


  • Frederick Dijkhoff
    Frederick Dijkhoff 3 months ago

    Is there any update on this? any new small form factors or is this the current way to go for a small form factor gaming pc

    CALEB POLEY 3 months ago


  • Master Ed
    Master Ed 3 months ago

    I have a smaller thing, how do I shove a graphics card in?

  • Kenneth Meyerson
    Kenneth Meyerson 3 months ago

    Made the same build, but cabling is a mess. CPU temps with a 7940x delided are not nice. Going to have to tear it apart and try again. NVMe also thermal throttles.

  • Cícero Chaves
    Cícero Chaves 3 months ago

    Please man, just take your phone from your pocket when you record your videos, it´s pretty ridiculous when you´re constantly pressing the buttons on your pocket. Maybe turn off the notifications while recording????

  • Julián Murillo
    Julián Murillo 3 months ago

    *Automatic subtitles* : ...The assrock...

  • Mason Bonner
    Mason Bonner 3 months ago

    did anyone else have some audio problems during this video?

  • Bob Bach
    Bob Bach 3 months ago

    The purpose of going small other than desk space is to carry.. no handle? This looks like it will work well with my Lian Li TU200, upgrade. Liking that MB with 4 dimm slots!

  • Kat Draco
    Kat Draco 3 months ago

    and here i am with my Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced full tower case

  • Geoff Marsted
    Geoff Marsted 3 months ago

    Where’s the RGB?

  • asmallcube
    asmallcube 3 months ago

    Got to love the non copie right music

  • GunQuickie
    GunQuickie 3 months ago

    My Mini-ITX rig is not as uber good as this, but its pretty cool. Check out my Mini ITX Gaming PC (No SSD/HDD) for less than $650. Search "283225486455" on EBAY.

  • Agent Venm
    Agent Venm 3 months ago

    I thought this was a egpu at first

  • Alishan Vakhtazimov
    Alishan Vakhtazimov 3 months ago

    The pc wants to grow up like their brothers, a mid tower.

    Hes got a long way to live

  • Supa Blabluble
    Supa Blabluble 3 months ago

    1:19 he puts thumb down when he says link below

  • Mekhia Khiev
    Mekhia Khiev 3 months ago

    Wow, it use to take a whole room for a computer to function, and its no where near as powerful as this

  • Tj & Ja
    Tj & Ja 3 months ago

    can someone pick up my jaw? it fell off.

  • LEg CramP
    LEg CramP 3 months ago

    Meanwhile there’s me with a gt 210 playing a pubg mobile emulator at 15 FPS

  • Jivan Toor
    Jivan Toor 4 months ago

    6.49 when you finish

  • Pavilion
    Pavilion 4 months ago

    I want one...

  • Valdemar A. D. Lassen
    Valdemar A. D. Lassen 4 months ago


  • erik hall
    erik hall 4 months ago

    How many shirts does Linus actually own?

    • erik hall
      erik hall 4 months ago

      I think I've counted about 4 different ones in the maybe 50 videos Ive watched lol

  • NullGecko X51
    NullGecko X51 4 months ago

    best linus build ever !

  • DMX Lasxhxdivids
    DMX Lasxhxdivids 4 months ago

    *drops a one-thousand-dollar video card*

  • Ned Reid
    Ned Reid 4 months ago

    RIP the 545LC....

  • Matthew Shields
    Matthew Shields 4 months ago

    I've got an idea you guys should put a CPU that draws more than twice as much power as my laptop.

  • Phant0m
    Phant0m 4 months ago +1

    Somebody make a pc parts picker page for this please.

  • Любомир Мужик

    Ти далбайоб, корчиш з себе придурка.

  • Koi Fesh
    Koi Fesh 4 months ago +169

    It's time once again for a small form factor beast this time using a 2990wx and an rtx 2080ti

    • AdventurerIX
      AdventurerIX Month ago +2

      +Nororlol 4life Can do it with the 7980XE instesd ASRock makes a Mini ITX board for LGA 2066

    • Nororlol 4life
      Nororlol 4life 3 months ago +2

      but ur limited on micro atx which is a bigger form factor

    TOBY DEE 4 months ago

    I like mini gaming pc, and I want... :)

  • Pubg Chicken Eater
    Pubg Chicken Eater 4 months ago

    what kind of mid tower is that. Pc case name please

    HZWN NZR 4 months ago

    Did he just put the case on top of GPU to demonstrate the Noctua coolers?