How Valverde Has Changed Barcelona | Has Valverde Failed At Barcelona | Valverde Tactics | Messi

  • Published on Jun 7, 2019
  • Since Ernesto Valverde took over from Luis Enrique, there was initially a mixed reaction to his appointment but of late, most Barcelona fans want Valverde out. But how did Barcelona get to this point? Watch the video to find out.

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Comments • 974

  • Football Made Simple
    Football Made Simple  6 months ago +138

    Hi guys,
    What video would you like to see next?
    As always, any advice on how to improve the videos is welcomed.

    • AGENT 357
      AGENT 357 10 days ago

      Chamge the title to how valverde destroyed Barcelona

    • AGENT 357
      AGENT 357 12 days ago

      Evolved under Valverde? You mean devolved

    • milan basil
      milan basil 2 months ago

      Please make real madrid under zidane

    • IE
      IE 3 months ago

      I prefer this type of video rather than 4-3-3 and 4-4-2 videos. The latter kind of videos are confusing and leave me bewildered by the end of them.

    • John Mckinney.
      John Mckinney. 3 months ago

      Lion king meets Alladin!

  • Eldiboi Al-Taihai
    Eldiboi Al-Taihai 5 days ago +1


  • 6ixNine-getsRaped
    6ixNine-getsRaped 7 days ago

    Pep:After we lose the ball we have 5 seconds to get it back!
    Valverde:Messi will carry us

  • Triple B
    Triple B 12 days ago +1

    Luis Enrique Or Pep Guardiola Must Return, Choose One. There's A Both Of Course, But Which One First?

  • Jean C Louivil
    Jean C Louivil 13 days ago

    Barcelona is stupid to hire him and more stupid to not fire him

  • Tigre101
    Tigre101 14 days ago

    Good. Please keep him as your manager for the next 100 years. Special club? Hahahahaha!

  • Harold Picault
    Harold Picault 14 days ago

    Valverde should go back where he came from. He's suck.

  • Army of christ
    Army of christ 15 days ago

    Pepe Guardiola,Tata Martino or Luis Enrique have tiki Taka skill👍👍💪💪...
    only Ernesto Valverde kick out from Barcelona no tiki Taka skill very poor and so far drop 👎👎👎

  • Asif Shahriar
    Asif Shahriar 16 days ago

    He promoted 10 players, well and good.
    But how many did he actually use? And in what manner?

  • Football Fans
    Football Fans 26 days ago

    valverde never high press thats a lie

  • Erwin Dannie
    Erwin Dannie 28 days ago

    Valverde? Shit

  • Muhammed Asif
    Muhammed Asif 28 days ago

    The main thing that now barcelona need is a good defendrt oique is not doing anything againist liverpool that they won 4 0

  • Sakib Gazi Rahman
    Sakib Gazi Rahman Month ago

    Ronald koeman we want

  • Harshit Adarsh
    Harshit Adarsh Month ago

    Guys please sign this petition for Sacking Valverde and share this as much as you can. We want our old barca back ❤️. #ValverdeOut

  • Pabitra Halder
    Pabitra Halder Month ago

    Erik ten hag or quique setien would be the best choice for Barca.

  • Joshua Louk
    Joshua Louk Month ago

    New to the Chanel. Avid Barca fan and I think you hit on the nail especially looking at current season. Current potential coach I would say ten hag or koman but dream would be xavi or pep

  • Paolo Antori
    Paolo Antori Month ago

    What happened against Roma and Liverpool was a pure disaster. I prefer a trainer like Tata Martino, we got knocked out against Atletico Madrid ,a tough team after two draws 1-1 and 0-0, still a lot better than losing 3-0 or 4-0 after winning with 3 goals difference at home. Too sad it happened for two consecutive seasons.

  • Ishrat Shaheen
    Ishrat Shaheen Month ago

    Hoe Val killed Barca!

    SUPERSTAR_H_GAMER Month ago +1

    He had a good record with youth Bilbao
    Because all bilbao do is promote youngsters because of their basque only philosophy

  • Miguel Pereira
    Miguel Pereira Month ago

    Can you make the argument that Messi has almost single-handedly saved Barca from total collapse?

  • Matteo Brunetti
    Matteo Brunetti Month ago

    Sembra Nixon

  • Tshewang Namgay
    Tshewang Namgay Month ago

    Valverda was one brain and hard work only in laliga and very stupid to champion and copa. Because he used laliga idea in champion and copa, so that is his huge mistake. So i say one brain use is dangerous though he gain only one way he should fuck off

  • ashish gurung
    ashish gurung 2 months ago

    Hope xavi comes 😢😢😢 soon.
    Can’t expect a cup for this season under valvarde

  • abhijith thampi
    abhijith thampi 2 months ago +1

    As a Madrid fan, I immensely dislike how Valverde manages Barcelona. I hated Rijkaard' and Pep's Barcelona for beating the pants of Real but they did it beautifully. I even had no problem with Enrique, as he extracted the best out of 3 world class players and showed what madrid couldn't do with the BBC. But Valverde is so bad I've stopped watching Barcelona matches. I only watch highlights of both teams these days.

  • Wes LeFlore
    Wes LeFlore 2 months ago

    Keep doing what you're doing. Love this show and all Onefootball shows.

  • Red Pill X X
    Red Pill X X 2 months ago

    You sound South African bro

  • Gian Eduardo
    Gian Eduardo 2 months ago

    How Valverde ruined FCB

  • IDavin_XL
    IDavin_XL 2 months ago +1

    tactics: *messi*

  • Mayuresh Kulkarni
    Mayuresh Kulkarni 2 months ago

    The problem with Valverde still is that he does not have a plan B, most of the times! wasted player careers of Malcom which was not used so frequently although he scored important goals and selling off Paulinho which was revelation in his first season,. (will rate Paulinho more than Vidal in terms of impact on pitch) , not giving more enough chances to younger players. His ugly reaction and bad subs has cost us CL semis big time ! we could had a unbeaten first season but he messed up big time against Levante! Overall I HATE VALVERDE ! PLEASE FUCK OFF!!!!

  • yg - shemz sk
    yg - shemz sk 2 months ago +1

    This is how many people want valverde out barcelona don't play tiki taka they play valverde 😂👇

  • Ammal Adhikari
    Ammal Adhikari 2 months ago

    Title is misleading it should be how valverde destroy Barcelona

  • GamenMetIwan
    GamenMetIwan 2 months ago

    Or... the overall level of LaLiga teams and other teams in UCL have increased...#ValverdeOut

  • Jomaalespe
    Jomaalespe 2 months ago +1

    How Valverde has changed Barça: 💩

  • Jiten Parmar
    Jiten Parmar 2 months ago

    Great content....really appreciate the video.....👍

  • BBallMOU
    BBallMOU 2 months ago

    To understand everything just watch footage of Valverde talking shit about his former coach (Johan Cruyff). Valverde hates Cruyff, and he doesnt like FCB style of playing. He plays more like Mourinho. He is a coward, and he doesnt know how to manage a team. The only thing that he knows how to do is to keep the 'important' players happy, thats how he managed to keep being the coach for third season. If we had a competent president Valverde would have not stayed for more than 2 months in FCB.

  • Κωστας Μπουρμ

    just sign quardiola that man is the best coach.....

  • Cliff De Zoete
    Cliff De Zoete 2 months ago


  • Archangel Tyrael
    Archangel Tyrael 2 months ago

    The Real that he beat to win the title were one of their worst teams. That’s why they won the CL?

  • Archangel Tyrael
    Archangel Tyrael 2 months ago

    With the ‘bad coach’ they still were 3-0 up against Liverpool and 4-1 against Roma. The pretty much same players played the second match with the same tactics. Their attitude cost them the CL twice. They played carelessly, “we are up so we aren’t going to lose”. You can’t just blame Valverde fo this. Everyone is to blame here, the players for being careless, and depending on Messi too much.

  • Varun Madhavan
    Varun Madhavan 2 months ago

    Coutinho : 140 Mil, Dembele: 120 Mil, Suarez 70 mil, Messi - release clause: +Infinity
    Origi: 10 mil, Shaqiri: 13.5 mil, Henderson: 20 mil, Wijnaldum: 25 mil, James Milner: Free, TAA: youth system, Robertson: 8 mil.

    Have Barcelona become the new Madrid?

  • Sinisa K.
    Sinisa K. 2 months ago

    Hi is a bad coach... why? Simply couse they dont play good (no metter what is end score)... sooner or later it will start to show itself on league table, they can forget about champions leauge this year...
    There is somethimg bad happening in Barcelona...the board is doing awful job, just buying hyped players (to satisfy fans) with no real planing. And they also dictate first team witch is not suposed to be that way. So Valverde good or bad can just leave as soon s he can couse club is going downwars very fast
    Board should also (finaly!) be exposed as uncompetent

  • Carlos Rivera Fernandez

    10:45 Malcom could have succeeded so well if Valverde actually gave him some play time.

  • Om Patil
    Om Patil 2 months ago +1


  • Forme pohlong Pohlong
    Forme pohlong Pohlong 2 months ago

    He won those titles because of Messi 's outstanding form

  • Marc Agüera Gómez
    Marc Agüera Gómez 2 months ago

    Athletic de bilbao*

  • Amardeep s pradeep
    Amardeep s pradeep 2 months ago +1

    Who else want Xavi to become the manager?? Common Barca Fans
    Forza Barca😍

  • Mahaboob Mokammel
    Mahaboob Mokammel 2 months ago

    Fake Val. It was just for Messi. Even I catch Barca without any knowledge the League wud hv won by Messi. May be even without coach like such no brain Val.

  • Abu Bakarr Turay
    Abu Bakarr Turay 2 months ago

    for me i would have prefer xavi than any other coz i believe he can transform barca it style of playing

  • Abu Bakarr Turay
    Abu Bakarr Turay 2 months ago

    a coach like valverd is too weak for barcelona he don't know who to start or to bench

  • Jomaalespe
    Jomaalespe 2 months ago +1

    Valverde is an horrible coach!
    Go home now, carajo!!!

  • Mahan Vahabzadeh
    Mahan Vahabzadeh 2 months ago

    honestly this is coming from the bottom of a Barcelona fan. fuck you valderde your a absolute disgrace to the name and badge

  • بندن ديرا
    بندن ديرا 2 months ago +1

    VALVERDE is the shittiest thing has ever Barca had in its entire history

  • Max UFO
    Max UFO 2 months ago

    They are dependant on messis penalty ?!?!? Wtf ???? He scored the most out of penalty box this season !!!! Wanna discredit like ronaldo fans constantly do ??? Be respectful a bit !!

  • Max UFO
    Max UFO 2 months ago

    Bro barca is not for example getafe to consider the league title a win !!! This is what we got used to it !!!

  • Wtfhow
    Wtfhow 2 months ago

    let you know what we think of Valverde?
    Here's your answer : #ValverdeOut #BartoGangGTFO

  • Fich Snitch
    Fich Snitch 2 months ago

    Yes valverde sucks

  • Kopkidcrazy kloppo
    Kopkidcrazy kloppo 2 months ago

    One man team

  • Naeem Azuari
    Naeem Azuari 2 months ago

    Valverde out

  • Brook Gebreeyesus
    Brook Gebreeyesus 2 months ago

    Sorry to say this bro but usually if not injured Ousmane dembele was the one who was played down the left hand side.

  • Highhriser
    Highhriser 2 months ago

    the key is highh pressure