Is LIDAR easy to use for hobbyists? DIY Roomba? Obstacle Avoidance System for Robotics

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
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    In this video we will have a closer look at a commercial LIDAR sensor for hobbyists. We will find out how the sensor manages to measure the distance to objects placed all around it and how we can use this data with a computer and an Arduino. At the end I will then create a small robot which uses the LIDAR system to "crudely" navigate through a room. Let's get started!
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  • GreatScott!
    GreatScott!  4 months ago +621

    Small correction: The speed of light is of course 299792 km/s, not 299792 m/s. Sorry.

    • MoonJumpMania
      MoonJumpMania 7 days ago

      I went straight to the comment section to find this comment

    • savitri devi
      savitri devi 10 days ago

      299792458 m/sec

    • Vicente ElGamer
      Vicente ElGamer Month ago +1

      Whaaaaaat? 80$ for a cheap rotating laser and a cheap STM32?! I can diy It for like 15$. If I knew how to program of course...

    • Uwe Zimmermann
      Uwe Zimmermann Month ago

      @Alex Bristor there are ways to measure the return time over short distances, but in the case of cars and parking sensors: these still today use ultrasound.

    • Alex Bristor
      Alex Bristor Month ago

      @Uwe Zimmermann For ages I've been wondering how it was possible to measure the time taken for the the radar / laser pulse to return for such short distances now being used by cars. For example 1m away is a return time of about 6.6ns. Recently I saw this TheXvid video where the guy built a radar, from this point in the video, he explains how the easily measure the distance,

  • Satyendra Nishad
    Satyendra Nishad 4 days ago

    GreatScott, which battery u used in this project? and how do u get 5v out of a battery? R u using some kind of buck/boost converter? Pleas reply!

  • Darian Kimberly
    Darian Kimberly 7 days ago

    I like that the errors have typos

  • Angelo Arrifano
    Angelo Arrifano 18 days ago

    The video implies the Rombas use LIDAR which is not accurate. Neato were the first company using LIDAR (using beam triangulation like in this video, not time of flight) for robotic vacuums, they own the IP for those. For this reason high-end Rombas use a low resolution camera to find obstacles, not LIDAR.

  • micha egi
    micha egi 19 days ago

    I really like your videos, but this time there was a major flaw. The showed LIDAR do not use the time of flight for distance measuring. As stated in the documentation it is doing triangulation. So it is a kind of camera that search the laser beam. The postition in the image gives the angle and this is the needed information for triangulation.

  • alejandro martinez
    alejandro martinez 22 days ago

    Thanks for the video. However, if v stands for the velocity vector, consider using |v| as the magnitude of v instead of v itself.

  • Jason Grooms
    Jason Grooms 22 days ago

    The coupon code has expired.... :(

  • Jim G
    Jim G 24 days ago

    Coupon code does not work !

  • eko fidias
    eko fidias Month ago

    Give me the code please, to

  • jagadish b
    jagadish b Month ago

    Thanks I hate it - Elon musk
    😂 Said this before

  • frytk4
    frytk4 Month ago

    The coupon code you entered is not valid or has expired. :

  • Javier RO
    Javier RO Month ago

    Hello!. Help please. What kind of technology would you recommend me to study to be able to detect human precense in a room and prevent a robot arm from hitting humans, and after recognizing the human dimensions and position, changing its trajectory until it reaches its final destination. I was thinking about tensorflow, however I need something more three-dimensional.
    Thank you!

  • Mohit Bling
    Mohit Bling Month ago +1


  • Francesco
    Francesco Month ago

    do you make a video with pixycam?

  • Emilio Sagichnicht
    Emilio Sagichnicht Month ago

    kein ding kollege einfach alles blau machen dann is verständlicher, versuch doch mal das blatt in einen eimer blaue farbe zu stecken vielleicht werden wir dann alle auf einmal genies

  • Ian Oliver
    Ian Oliver Month ago

    Here's my very short and to-the-point rant against the capitalization of "lidar" (as "LIDAR" or "LiDAR", both commonly seen): 1. You don't capitalize the analogous acronyms "radar" and "sonar" as "RADAR" and "SONAR" or "RaDAR" and "SoNAR", do you? 2. When the word was coined, the very first times it ever appeared in print, it was printed in all lowercase.

  • eko fidias
    eko fidias Month ago

    Hii great scott, can you give me the roomba arduino sketch

  • Andi Septian Nasruloh
    Andi Septian Nasruloh 2 months ago

    Where I can find the arduino code like this? Please help me

  • z244824
    z244824 2 months ago

    fialed! Lol

  • 五零四一
    五零四一 2 months ago

    Can you please show us what happens when it is pointed at a mirror? Will it understand that it's a mirror or see it as another "room"?
    Thank you

  • jay long
    jay long 2 months ago

    Explanation of the tear-down was nice

  • dimitris kiropoulos
    dimitris kiropoulos 2 months ago

    Can we make a radar with arduino and the ultrasonic sensor with bigger distance than 40cm only??? If not can we make own lidar sensor plzz answer thank you

  • Liam Hi
    Liam Hi 3 months ago

    Can you please explain what’s
    I am so confused

    • Vistrus
      Vistrus 2 months ago

      You should have learned those terms in school

  • Fernando Velasquez
    Fernando Velasquez 3 months ago

    Thanks for the subscription to elektor

  • Adnan Sikandar
    Adnan Sikandar 3 months ago

    How a quartz oscillator works? Can you make a video on that?

  • ItsJustMe
    ItsJustMe 3 months ago

    But remember, “LiDAR is a fool’s errand. Anyone relying on LiDAR is doomed.”

    THE BRAIN 3 months ago

    Pleas make keyboard which can code arduino

  • Hina Hina
    Hina Hina 3 months ago

    Make a jet hoverboard flying make it make it please

  • EndOfLineTech
    EndOfLineTech 3 months ago

    Lidar is a scam

  • Kumartheffar
    Kumartheffar 3 months ago

    isn't that the speed of light in a vacuum? isn't the speed of light in a pressurized atmosphere slightly slower?

  • Viktor Villanyi
    Viktor Villanyi 3 months ago

    I am watching your videos for a while now.
    As you are very clever to do electronic staff.
    I thought I will ask you about my idea.
    I would like to monitor the power consumption in my house. There are some products like that, like the very expensive ct current monitoring device.
    There is must be some cheaper solution. Sonoff has that smart current monitoring device but that is only good for up to 15amp. It works with a shunt system and not ct.
    It would be good if you can convert that sonoff current monitor device to ct system somehow.
    Do you think is it possible?

  • Vilas natalkar
    Vilas natalkar 3 months ago

    Sir you previously made a launchpad...So can you please try making a midi dj controller....Plzz..A basic one or atleast tell how to make the a single deck

  • BIG M
    BIG M 3 months ago


  • Lorenzo Carelli apd
    Lorenzo Carelli apd 3 months ago

    Please can you make video on atmel studio 7, I love your video, they are so hard to edit and made.

  • William WATKINS
    William WATKINS 3 months ago

    2:28 I don't think this is how reflection works ^^

  • Wikt Wikt
    Wikt Wikt 3 months ago

    Make audio mixer using moduls

  • Sagnik Pramanik
    Sagnik Pramanik 3 months ago +1

    Please upload a video fast. I am going to fall sick if I don't get your video

  • Ryutaku Zaki
    Ryutaku Zaki 3 months ago

    “Unreadable science” xd

  • Bolo de Mel
    Bolo de Mel 3 months ago

    Lidar is used on Neato, not Roomba...

  • Lost angel
    Lost angel 3 months ago

    Is it possible to DIY LIDAR !!

  • David Winchester
    David Winchester 3 months ago

    How does stm32 work and do you have its code

  • Steven Mö
    Steven Mö 3 months ago

    Super gemacht....Vielen Dank dafür....Es wäre jedoch schön so eine Erklärung in deutsch zu sehen. Viele würden sich darüber sehr freuen.
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

  • MisterG
    MisterG 3 months ago

    Thank you (and Elektor) for the subscription

  • ƴɘʌʀɩ ɓɘʌwʌʆʌ

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  • Pythagoras Desaster
    Pythagoras Desaster 3 months ago

    That's funny, I'm really good in writing Code, but still bad in elektronics, we should do a Project together Mr. Scott.

  • Sivakumari Bandalamudi
    Sivakumari Bandalamudi 3 months ago +1

    Once test the coin sensor plzz scott

    MECHANICAL HVAC-R 3 months ago

    Great innovative ideas generate after watching ur videos and can understand the theory which we learnt in schooling

  • michael timothy
    michael timothy 3 months ago

    Scott plz build and aquarium controller using raspberry pie

  • Matteo Forzan
    Matteo Forzan 3 months ago

    I have been a fan of yours for a long time, my passion in addition to electronics is walking in the mountains, I often see deer and ungulates in general. I tried to see a night vision device to be able to see them, but unfortunately they cost too much for my pockets. would it be possible to create a viewer that at 50 - 60 meters allows you to see the animals without disturbing them and get too close, with low costs, or at least with costs lower than those currently on the market? sorry for my english junk

  • Mr conker
    Mr conker 3 months ago

    can you make a mri scanning machine

  • matas zyb
    matas zyb 3 months ago

    @greatscott please make a video how to make a wifi router

  • xyz122
    xyz122 3 months ago

    Use a raspberry pi instead of Arduino and code in Python. Lidar information can be easily extracted also the Arduino serial baud rate is pretty useless after 115200

  • Tech Land
    Tech Land 3 months ago +1

    Hey I just found this and I was wondering if you can do a similar 3d printed motor?

  • Shubhankar Mandal
    Shubhankar Mandal 3 months ago

    Sir Every week 2 new video upload

  • MitsuZer0G
    MitsuZer0G 3 months ago

    When will you make another Q&A video?

  • DFX2KX
    DFX2KX 3 months ago

    That is a suprisingly affordable sensor, truth be told.

  • cenation trap
    cenation trap 3 months ago

    Sir it was 299792458 m/s you missed 458 and made the light alot slower to travel.

  • Nathan Lanier
    Nathan Lanier 3 months ago

    Can you do another in depth induction heater, 25 attempts and at least 200$ later and I still cant get it to not blow up

  • Nicolas Wannen
    Nicolas Wannen 3 months ago

    Hey GreatScott, You are promoting JLCPCB in your videos so I did order some prototype pcb for my project and let them send to germany via dhl express. in the end for 20eur goods (10boards), I have paid 30eur shipment and 23eur cash for import taxes at my door... what a shame! Obviously germany doesnt want people producing goods in China...How do you do it ??? Anyway, keep up the good content !

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