Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History - Part 10

  • Published on May 12, 2018
  • My attempt at making a documentary showcasing the life of Christian Weston Chandler, as comprehensively and entertainingly as possible.
    Part X begins with Aunt Corrina's funeral and concludes with Robert Simmons V's church visit.
    Highly encourage all to visit and support the cwcki, which was extensively used during my research. The admins of the aforementioned site are a swell bunch of folks.
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  • Marley Von Hoffstein

    "Max", "Clyde" and the rest of the trolls are the most cowardly bullies ever! I'd love to get 5 minutes with them and my baseball bat.

  • Marley Von Hoffstein

    "Max", "Clyde" and the rest of the trolls are the most cowardly bullies ever! I'd love to get 5 minutes with them and my baseball bat.

  • Millicent Bystander

    The trolls only deserve loathing and contempt. They are vile and cruel. Chris has an intellectual disability that renders him unable to understand what they are doing to him. Only truly disgusting people bully the disabled.

  • Kingofdoomgloom
    Kingofdoomgloom 4 hours ago

    As a Christorian I have to say this is the most comprehensive series I’ve ever seen so far! I really enjoy the fact that you don’t crack any jokes or make fun of Chris and just tell us the facts. I’ve actually learned about events in Chris’s life that I never knew about before. I applaud you good sir for such a fine series, can’t wait for the next episodes!

  • roadrash90
    roadrash90 4 hours ago

    Max is the reason why people shoot up schools.

  • Sean Huesman
    Sean Huesman 5 hours ago

    Shit fowl not even funny

  • Sean Huesman
    Sean Huesman 5 hours ago

    I'm really tryna smack this lil bastard on god

  • Sean Huesman
    Sean Huesman 5 hours ago

    Wtf am I watching

  • Ryder AZ
    Ryder AZ 8 hours ago

    You may be #3 on UK trending, but in the U.S, you are being outclassed by great content like Buzzfeed’s “$3 VS $100 Fries”

  • La Trace
    La Trace 9 hours ago +1

    Ok, so I literally just spent the entire day watching all of these videos... and wow. The kids who perpetrated this stuff on Chris need to be prosecuted. This stuff is criminal. Absolutely sociopathic behavior.

  • Kafka Crow
    Kafka Crow 12 hours ago

    man, max sounds like a spoiled 12 year old brat with no friends and no control from his parents. What a dickhead. Fuck this kid. I genuinely feel empathy for Chris.The shit he's had to go through just isn't fair.

    • Kafka Crow
      Kafka Crow 11 hours ago

      And for a guy with the degree of mental incapabilities he suffers, Chris shows a lot of genuine mental toughness and strong resolve when he's able to accept the truth of the situations he's dragged into. Sure, he's still in a world of his own - but its a world of his own creation where he's able to be happy - how dare these trolls try to take his instances of happiness from him.

  • Tim Grungus
    Tim Grungus 12 hours ago

    When’s the next ep

  • Meaningless Modern Existence

    Episode 11: The Pickleman Cometh

  • SidiousRed
    SidiousRed 13 hours ago +1

    This is honestly one of the most depressing series i have ever watched, what the fuck is wrong with people that their life is so pathetic they have to get their kicks tormenting someone like this? it's a wonder he didn't commit suicide, honestly.

  • SpookyHelder
    SpookyHelder 14 hours ago

    I never thought there was a defense to end net neutrality until I saw this video

  • Bumper Bonnie
    Bumper Bonnie 15 hours ago

    those trolls went too far
    jesus christ

  • Marielle Siltori
    Marielle Siltori 17 hours ago

    It's frightening how these people get so much pleasure out of psychologically torturing someone like that.

  • Jigglypuff's Butt
    Jigglypuff's Butt 17 hours ago

    This isn't trolling. This is emotional and physical torture... a really hard watch

  • Ion
    Ion 18 hours ago

    "Julie never existed, Chris. She DIED FIVE YEARS AGO"
    Wait what
    Is there something we don't know of BlueSpike's life?

  • DeanBetamberine
    DeanBetamberine 18 hours ago

    BlueSpike obviously was never being parented either. Nobody heard someone saying "shove it up your ass" and thought, "what does my child mean by that?".

    • DeanBetamberine
      DeanBetamberine 18 hours ago +1

      I mean, the only people who would bully someone handicapped, are people who know they could not bully anyone else. A lot of the things which BlueSpike said to Chris, are likely things his parents or other bullies have told him, "you're crying aren't you, you're pathetic" (words to that effect), I hope he's getting his ass beat now but he knows above age 18 that shit won't fly and he could go to jail, some people don't grow up, they just stop doing things they could go to jail for, once they are of age to go to jail!

  • Spooky Boi
    Spooky Boi 18 hours ago +1

    These trolls are awful people. I think the casual internet prank is fine, but these people just take it to far with their fucking hacking.

  • DeanBetamberine
    DeanBetamberine 18 hours ago +1

    That BlueSpike guy was not a normal 13 year old. There are normal 13 year olds, then there are 13 year olds who bully others, then there's 13 year olds who will bully a mentally handicapped person to such an extreme degree that those commenting below had to stop watching! Those are 3 types of people, their age is irrelevant.

  • Pedant Czepialski
    Pedant Czepialski 19 hours ago

    I still enjoy these, but they are not as good as the first 3 which were very informative, but at the same time felt brief. I think it all boils down to the fact that there is not much new stuff written here by Geno himself. The series kinda turned into a compilation of long audio logs. But I guess it's inevitable when so much of them was actually preserved.

  • VentureSonic
    VentureSonic 19 hours ago

    I haven't bothered going too indepth in the Chris Chan mythos until now. God, sometimes I feel wrongly sympathetic towards him, despite the fact he's such a huge cuck. He refuses help, despite desperately needing it. His ideas aren't original, he isn't that bright, and he constantly blames it on his Autism. However, the trolls do go a bit too far with Chris, thought aggression is the only way it would be hammered into Chris' thick skull. But BlueSpike; took it to far. Thought he was good at first until THIS happened.

  • Sem Brami
    Sem Brami 20 hours ago +4

    10 parts what the hell, are u insane man

    • GenoSamuel2
      GenoSamuel2  19 hours ago +1

      Next Saturday.

    • Gory Boyz
      Gory Boyz 19 hours ago

      Can you clue us in when part 11 will hit the webs?? *sits and waits patiently*

    • GenoSamuel2
      GenoSamuel2  19 hours ago +3


  • Jerkakame
    Jerkakame 21 hour ago

    who are the most autistic? chris-chan or the trolls?
    those people are not mentally healthy

  • pablo ramirez
    pablo ramirez 21 hour ago

    its not abut autism or any mental issue, its about his life experience, all the trolls and familly had molded chris into this selfish entitled shit who doesnt even know what a true human interaction even is... its like all the psychos in jail, if you search for his stories, they all have a story of horrendous violence and rape, what did you all expect after years of years of backstabbing, treason, coertion, etc. Chris believes everyone is a troll, and normal people who try to help him are the "trollest" for him, he doesnt know about normal interactions, he only knows 13 year old kids talking like a bad guy from an anime and the shitty interactions that his family gave him, isolating him and putting him on a normal school full of shits like the trolls on the video. If anyone is in fault for chris, its all of us, hes not even entitled to his destiny, hes just living the only way he knows.

  • Brucethetriple
    Brucethetriple 23 hours ago


  • Brucethetriple
    Brucethetriple Day ago

    I wish some of his trolls got doxxed. I want to start a kickstarter to go full Jay and Silent Bob on these people.

  • Tony Fuchss
    Tony Fuchss Day ago

    I look forward to these as if they're a television episode of a show I'm invested in
    I consider myself a pretty learned christorian and your videos touch on everything I wanted from a series based of Chris Chan

  • Alex G
    Alex G Day ago

    All I garnered from this shit was fucking losers telling other fucking losers that they are in fact a fucking loser. I seriously now feel stupider for having listened to some of this utter shit. Literally all involved need to kill themselves immediately.

  • iiObstaclesii
    iiObstaclesii Day ago

    I know this comment is a but late, but could you do a side/follow up series of CWC trolls or atleast the people he's interacted with? I'm kind of curious to see how people that invested countless hours into trolling and tormenting a Austic man ended up.

  • GameFreak982928
    GameFreak982928 Day ago +1

    I’ve been trolling for years and Blue Spike went waaaaaaaay the fuck too far. Trolling is only trolling if it’s funny. I found that really hard to watch, man.

  • TarantulaColin
    TarantulaColin Day ago

    Dude these are fucking awesome

  • uncleblunts5
    uncleblunts5 Day ago

    This series went from funny to just plain sad, and i feel nothing but disdain for the trolls involved.

  • Michelle Smith
    Michelle Smith Day ago

    The only saga you can't side with the anti-sonichu dudes on.
    ya know, before the leviticus bit.

  • Hiena Secreta
    Hiena Secreta Day ago +1

    i dont know how i ended up here, but i just watched that 10 episodes back to back
    also, as much as chris was a fucking idiot, bluespike gone too far man

  • Aquianse
    Aquianse Day ago

    Anxious for the next part!

  • Wen Bilson
    Wen Bilson Day ago

    If you abuse people with mental disabilities you’re a real cunt.

  • AtomTuk
    AtomTuk Day ago

    I'm sorry but 'mass debate' 11:30

  • Mia wood
    Mia wood Day ago

    Sick.. makes me wonder if BlueSpike have some serious mental issues..

  • Virtual Kissing
    Virtual Kissing Day ago

    This is sad

  • Reptile Man
    Reptile Man Day ago

    what made him this way: autism
    what is the attraction: he's a total idiot
    what keeps us fascinated: he's a total idiot

  • Elena Davila
    Elena Davila Day ago

    I can actually hear BlueSpike's braces

  • Lanthinum
    Lanthinum Day ago

    These audio recordings never get easier for me to listen to. Sure, Chris is a nasty pervy man-child, but BlueSpike is fucking psycho for having done this.

  • Bruce Forte
    Bruce Forte Day ago

    I'm going to KILL Max.

  • The Psychedelic Mystic
    The Psychedelic Mystic 2 days ago +2

    I saw a comment on the last part suggesting you release a DVD set when every part is finished; I couldn’t agree more: I WOULD BUY THIS, THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE WEB SERIES OF ALL TIME. The amount of coverage in this series is astounding, and I would proudly have this on display forever.

  • Kim Jones-panting
    Kim Jones-panting 2 days ago +3

    When is 11??? I am obsessed

  • BAZZ B
    BAZZ B 2 days ago

    Fuck that faggot ass kid... 😒

    Fucking trys to hard!

  • xHip
    xHip 2 days ago

    bro this is the darkest shit ive ever seen on the internet. what the fuck? It only gets worse as the parts go on!

  • ditc210
    ditc210 2 days ago

    Max /BlueSpike is the True FAGGOT here.what straight man watches and enjoys seeing another man shove something up his ass?

  • ditc210
    ditc210 2 days ago

    Max sounds like a 10 year old schoolgirl...i know for a fact he wasnt over 14 at the time

  • Generalsaurkraut
    Generalsaurkraut 2 days ago +2

    Jesus, that BlueSpike kid is a sick fuck. Has to go beyond even sadistic trolling. Who the hell would spend hours and hours of their life having phone sex with Christ Chan just for the luz. Kid needs to be doxxed and put in an institution before he becomes a member of congress or something.

  • Tweezer Salad
    Tweezer Salad 2 days ago +1

    Bluspike is a shitty person, but shouldnt this Clyde Cash troll be under investigation for accompanying and egging on a minor to be involved with virtual sex acts with an adult man? Sure Chris didn't know, but those involved did. Its honestly creepy and bizarre how everyone seems to glance over this fact.

  • Adam Thompson
    Adam Thompson 2 days ago +1

    liquid chris soon I hope

  • R G Q
    R G Q 2 days ago

    do bluespike's parents own any guns? asking for a whole bunch of uneasy friends

  • rayblack2004
    rayblack2004 2 days ago +1

    Where is part 11?

  • Doozei
    Doozei 2 days ago


  • JXZX1
    JXZX1 2 days ago

    Kids are cruel.

  • Wandering Saltkeeper

    People REALLY don't understand actual autism..I've always felt bad for the poor guy. He just doesn't understand stuff, and he was left out to roam freely..It's such a spectrum, too, though. It's so. Complex. But, yeah. I've never thought him inherently wrong-He thinks he understands stuff, too. But all of these..Faggots just. Torture him. It's disgusting.

    • lindinle
      lindinle 2 days ago

      But what you want to bet that he hears running water all the time?

    • lindinle
      lindinle 2 days ago

      i mean shit his mom was 40 when she had him. and his dad was 60. Autism is the least of your concerns.

    • Shannonbarnesdr1
      Shannonbarnesdr1 2 days ago

      yeah i really dont believe he is autistic, i mean he might be, but he has many many many other issues and is very mentally ill.... i do think he was wrongly DX'd

    • lindinle
      lindinle 2 days ago +1

      its not just autism you know
      he never really got properly diegnosed.

  • Ben Foster
    Ben Foster 2 days ago

    I can never be suprised by chris chan

  • Roland Thomenius- Stearns

    Honestly man
    this is a great series. You put so much effort into it,
    you cold write a book

  • Lamont Coleman
    Lamont Coleman 2 days ago

    Holy fucking shit, I remember watching a video on this Chris chan stuff and how it’s basically some asshole who can’t help being an asshole due to autism and got trolled a whole lot... but this is a WHOLE new level, in fact it’s a completely new game I don’t know what I’m witnessing but this is disgusting and everybody involved should be deeply ashamed

  • SuperAble
    SuperAble 2 days ago

    Anything new today?

    ROCKMAN GILLA 2 days ago

    2:00 Virgin

  • RandomBalo
    RandomBalo 3 days ago

    "expressing his disdain for bluespike and billy mays." bahahaha you have the best phrases in these videos

  • RambleTash
    RambleTash 3 days ago

    "Then cry, Chris. Then cry." WHAT THE HELL KIND OF SUPERVILLAIN

  • Aya
    Aya 3 days ago

    Blue spike is a lil shit, hes going to grow up to be a psychopath. honestly how could someone do that to another person?

  • GoldSaint Luis
    GoldSaint Luis 3 days ago

    5:20 I wonder what he said to make Chris chimp out like that

  • Stupid Darkwraith
    Stupid Darkwraith 3 days ago +1

    I want BlueSpike to have a medallion shoved up *his* ass rn

  • Keith Calhoun
    Keith Calhoun 3 days ago

    "Christian, he's ahhhhhhhhh... he's high functioning autistic, but he's come a long way."

    • Keith Calhoun
      Keith Calhoun 3 days ago

      My dad used to shout "INPUT!" at me like Johnny 5 when he got mad at me. Recognizing that sigh hurt a bit.

  • Keith Calhoun
    Keith Calhoun 3 days ago

    I fear intimacy in its many forms because of Max/BlueSpike.

  • Sappen K
    Sappen K 3 days ago

    I absolutely love this series, but I can't help but feel somewhat sorry for him. I realise what a terrible human he has been... But the trolling and it's extensiveness/effort is quite disturbing.

  • EmbiggenedJ
    EmbiggenedJ 3 days ago

    My theory is that there are people in mainstream media who are aware of Chris and would love to do something on him, but are literally waiting for him to die because doing anything on him before then would cause drama if it took off and potentially be career suicide in any case.

    • lindinle
      lindinle 3 days ago

      why career suicide. this shit would be real PRIME material for that "internet ruined my life" show.

  • Jaxxo Jaxxo
    Jaxxo Jaxxo 3 days ago

    Bob seems so sweet, obviously there's issues with him but i wouldnt mind going to the chippy with him or something.

  • Alexei Galloway
    Alexei Galloway 3 days ago +2

    Out of all the trolls, I fucking hate blue spike the most

    • Alexei Galloway
      Alexei Galloway 3 days ago

      lindinle that has almost nothing to do with anything I said

    • lindinle
      lindinle 3 days ago

      to be fair. we both he he didnt put the medallion inside his rectum. he most likely put it between his shit caked cheeks.

    • Alexei Galloway
      Alexei Galloway 3 days ago

      lindinle OK I just remembered the shit he did later on in his life, I know your gonna bring that up, but instill think he didn't deserve it regardless

    • Alexei Galloway
      Alexei Galloway 3 days ago

      lindinle look I don't like Chris as much as the next guy, I'll go so far as even to say he deserved everything else that happened to him, but this was straight abuse and i just believe no one deserves that, he never harmed anyone or did anything evil, Chris is just an idiot who doesn't understanding social protocol

    • lindinle
      lindinle 3 days ago

      gallows humor. and its a kid fooling a guy with a bad falsetto voice. and honestly i dont feel sorry for chris in all this. he got warned that it was a troll. he didnt listen to them. people would call me an asshole but come on.

  • Liminal Quartz
    Liminal Quartz 3 days ago +1

    This is legitimately terrifying. Bluespike is a fucking psychopath.

  • Crimson Cult
    Crimson Cult 3 days ago

    BlueSpike is the only thing in the whole Chris Chan saga more despicable than Chris himself!

  • Danny Do
    Danny Do 3 days ago +1

    He didn't deserve that.

    • lindinle
      lindinle 3 days ago

      i would say he did. mainly because people tried to warn chris, but he didnt listen.

  • Aya The Jerk
    Aya The Jerk 3 days ago +3

    Somehow I feel like Clyde have a good side. Not saying he's innocent but he's actually giving him good advices.

  • Robert Harris
    Robert Harris 3 days ago

    I appreciate this series for being an unbiased look at Chris-Chan. I will add that this episode definitely warranted the warning at the beginning.

  • Jew Shekel
    Jew Shekel 3 days ago


  • Colin Hatton
    Colin Hatton 3 days ago +1

    Go check out his current youtube channel: CWCvilleGuardian. The state of him and his mother are getting really grim

    • lindinle
      lindinle 2 days ago

      your welcome
      it has been 11 days since Chris begged for money.
      It has been 13 days since Chris uploaded pages for #12-9, #14, #15, or #16 to meet his paid obligations to the Sonichu comic.
      It has been 3158 days since Chris applied for a job.

    • Squidge
      Squidge 3 days ago

      They even have a counter on the cwcki for the last time he applied for a job, pretty sure its over 3000 days last I checked.

    • lindinle
      lindinle 3 days ago

      dude. WE ALL KNOW he dosent work. its not really a secret.

    • Squidge
      Squidge 3 days ago

      People are speculating that the "homeless saga" is about to begin, but I think his white knights will step in and save him again. Their finance is getting way worse now, ever since Bob died. I know for a fact Chris doesn't work, and his mother probably doesn't either so it doesn't exactly help their situation.

  • Antoine King
    Antoine King 3 days ago +1

    You know it's sad that Chris doesn't know Billy Mays, So that shows that he don't wash his clothes.

    • Antoine King
      Antoine King 3 days ago

      lindinle Like it took a minute to realize who he was?

    • lindinle
      lindinle 3 days ago

      but you know what im saying? his tone when he says "i dont know who the hell that is"

    • Antoine King
      Antoine King 3 days ago

      lindinle Oh I was about to say if you don't know him Chris Chan, then you are not human!

    • lindinle
      lindinle 3 days ago

      no. he knows who he is. you can tell by the tone.

  • Andrew Birkett
    Andrew Birkett 3 days ago

    These are brilliant

  • jimmy russels
    jimmy russels 3 days ago

    Absolutely fucking awful the way people have treated him, genuine fuckerys. Im all for winding someone up every now and then for the funnies but not breaking a person thats awful

  • Lupostehgreat
    Lupostehgreat 3 days ago

    Yo, Chris got play of the game when he dropped a Boondocks reference while BlueSpike was trying to get him to say heinously racist shit.

  • Nina
    Nina 4 days ago

    God this video is rough.

  • 1wagurl
    1wagurl 4 days ago

    What they did is really fucked up. I know CWC was really messed up. But this whole episode was so evil. He is autistic good gracious. These trolls are vile.

  • Pickles N Vodka
    Pickles N Vodka 4 days ago

    Please dont stop making these you are amazing

  • Lisa McNeil
    Lisa McNeil 4 days ago

    This was honestly fucking disgusting to sit through.

  • Simply Bradley
    Simply Bradley 4 days ago


    • lindinle
      lindinle 3 days ago

      the show is a derivative suckfest and you know it.

  • Dylaneggs
    Dylaneggs 4 days ago +21

    Chris is scary. The trolls made him believe he caused the death of two people and reacts with little to no sympathy. My god, when he was told someone killed themselves because of no new Sonichu he said "so much power..." Like wtf, he's so disconnected from reality.

    • lindinle
      lindinle 3 days ago

      if chris had the littlest amount of drive and initiative. he would be a rapist.

  • Michael Hegwald
    Michael Hegwald 4 days ago +1


  • OyeJaPinoY
    OyeJaPinoY 4 days ago

    is it possible for someone to troll max?

  • Any_Better_ Ideas-SA

    That’s so fucked up..

  • Funk Overload
    Funk Overload 4 days ago

    32:19 Ok, Chris chan is a pretty bad person, but going to his fucking church to troll him? That is 50 steps way too far. I'm Ok with trolling but as a Christian this is one of the most disgusting things done by Chris chan trolls.

    • lindinle
      lindinle 3 days ago

      .....really? kid tricks him into sodomizing himself and making him go to cleveland. Yet you take issue with the church part.

  • Doll Maki
    Doll Maki 4 days ago

    Wonderful job. You have documented much more details.

  • SpukiTheLoveKitten75

    What's really sad is that even when Chris tried to do the right thing and taking the troll's advice, they sabotaged that, too!
    In fact; Whenever Chris tried to do anything resembling self-improvement or selling his weird art on the web or whatever, the trolls would mess with that. Chris could never win!
    He obviously is so messed up that he can't hold down a normal job and seeing his Sonichu stuff online would have been a nice way to make a few extra bucks. Sure, he'd often ruin things himself with procrastination, overpricing or not bothering to actually mail the stuff but much of it was also trolls messing with him on ebay and such.
    This Chris-Chan thing seemed funny at first (and some parts are still pretty silly and Chris is ridiculous) but all that cyberbullying and the condition of himself and his environs is just depressing.