• Published on Feb 4, 2018
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Comments • 384

  • lamia
    lamia Year ago +1

    i was craving chocolate so i literally ate nutella whilst watching this

  • Shania Davey
    Shania Davey Year ago

    Yum sooo jelous.

  • Maria Harris
    Maria Harris Year ago

    My birthday is world macaroni cheese day 😂😁😁

  • _RoseAndThorn_
    _RoseAndThorn_ Year ago +2

    I haven’t watched your vlogs in ages but after watching this I’m definitely going on a PB Binge 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  • Laura Drake
    Laura Drake Year ago

    Really enjoyed this video :) x

  • An ni
    An ni Year ago


  • Phoebe Taylor
    Phoebe Taylor Year ago +1

    OMG we had teletubby toast too

  • frances herr
    frances herr Year ago +2

    You inspired me to make pancake mixture so first thing tomorrow I can eat pancakes with nutella. 😋🥞

  • David Parker
    David Parker Year ago

    Nutella was said 29 time

  • Alice Hobbs
    Alice Hobbs Year ago +1

    I get so excited when Alfie vlogs when he gets together with everyone (we miss you Pop) ❤ Will definitely be celebrating world Nutella day🍫

  • Mini Me
    Mini Me Year ago +4

    Haven't watched Alfie in ages but clicked as soon as I saw Nutella

  • Alex 123
    Alex 123 Year ago

    Nutella and Alfie! My favourite things ❤️

  • freyaa
    freyaa Year ago +2

    Literally the biggest nutella fan 💕 #worldnutelladay

  • Tabby Ozard
    Tabby Ozard Year ago +1

    Is it just me or do you wish that you had that much Nutella in my life!!!!😝

  • Claire Houlihan
    Claire Houlihan Year ago +16

    Zalfie ure friends the sacconejolys are pregnant with their 4th child!!

  • Pinkpanda101
    Pinkpanda101 Year ago +29

    The Sacconejolys are pregnant

  • Susie Brown
    Susie Brown Year ago

    I love the way he says, “It is currently 1:04am in the morning.”

  • Chelsey Langford
    Chelsey Langford Year ago +3

    I'm so jealous of the Nutella seat 😂😂

  • Emma Barnes
    Emma Barnes Year ago

    can you send me some nutella jars to me alfie at @barnesemma56 thanks

  • Katie Armstrong
    Katie Armstrong Year ago +1

    What should you do if you don’t have Twitter/instagram/ Snapchat

  • Sophie Wallace
    Sophie Wallace Year ago

    #worldnutelladay I love Nutella please Alfie then I would get 2 of my favourite things you reading my comment and Nutella

  • Millie alexander
    Millie alexander Year ago


  • Bella Caruso
    Bella Caruso Year ago


  • Briony Harrisb
    Briony Harrisb Year ago

    I posted a picture a pic on insta and tagged you alfie xx

  • Emma L
    Emma L Year ago

    You can get really good cheap fake plants from home and bargains

  • Allie
    Allie Year ago

    I need all of that Nutella 🤤🤤🤤

  • Ana Petrila
    Ana Petrila Year ago

    now i’m craving nutella, great

  • Shareza M
    Shareza M Year ago +2

    Can we talk about how I've never tasted Nutella

  • Shantelle Smith
    Shantelle Smith Year ago

    This video made me feel so much better after a difficult day ♥️

  • Kelly Marrao
    Kelly Marrao Year ago


  • Ellie Mccarthy
    Ellie Mccarthy Year ago +65

    I love how their bedding has boobs on😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sophie Lee
    Sophie Lee Year ago

    Love this

  • Ellison Wright
    Ellison Wright Year ago

    omg Zoe and Alice your the cutest couple and you both enjoy what you do and that really inspires me xxx

  • georgia francom
    georgia francom Year ago

    I love all your videos Alfie !!!!!!

  • jjsweetie17
    jjsweetie17 Year ago +1

    My birthday is on world nutella day!

  • Sammy and J
    Sammy and J Year ago

    Huge fan of the vlogs! You guys continue to inspire us to make our own content, feel free to take a peek! Sammy and J x

  • lemon sparkle
    lemon sparkle Year ago

    Zoe(I mean.... If you're gonna pay us ) 😂😂😂😂😂 I'm dying #lbw

  • kaolaz Larne
    kaolaz Larne Year ago

    Nutella is actually my life and it’s the best thing EEVVVEERRRRR😁😁

  • Reem Nahdi
    Reem Nahdi Year ago

    I never knew World Nutella Day actually existed. Nutella is my life ♡. I could literally have it all the time

  • Shauna Lynn
    Shauna Lynn Year ago

    Breakfast of dreams 😍

  • Olivia Simone
    Olivia Simone Year ago

    Yum! Now I'm hungry

  • Kelly McGregor
    Kelly McGregor Year ago


  • Lula Playsss
    Lula Playsss Year ago +1

    Did you film the #KSIWeller Fight, as you were there because I saw you on the Live stream🥊xx

  • Naud Juliette
    Naud Juliette Year ago

    omg alfie, i m french and when i saw you making crepes i was laughing so much !

  • Spare Account
    Spare Account Year ago +271

    Alfie vlogging zoe singing in the shower was so hilarious 😂😂

  • Melissa Harshaw
    Melissa Harshaw Year ago

    I'd love the Nutella jars.keeping making sick videos🙏🎉😋😘😁😆

  • Janice Bjornson
    Janice Bjornson Year ago +2

    How many jars did it take

  • Georgia
    Georgia Year ago +6

    When is the sims series coming back?

  • Harry Lewis
    Harry Lewis Year ago

    Try a nutela bready

  • Molly Barclay
    Molly Barclay Year ago

    Your intros are amazingggg like they have glowed up!!!

  • BubbleFoxAlex
    BubbleFoxAlex Year ago +1

    All the Nutella treats looked so delicious!

  • Ellie Walling
    Ellie Walling Year ago +3

    ‘This is what we will be doing when we have children’ died inside 😮💕💕💕

  • kelly hill
    kelly hill Year ago +2

    I love nutella espically with pancakes

  • Craz23jfks sbjsjwjw

    Netella is best with crossants and sandwhiches! And loads of stuff Just my best Chocolate Spread ever!😁💜

  • Emily Hincks x x
    Emily Hincks x x Year ago +1

    LBW xxx

  • Darcie Smith
    Darcie Smith Year ago +1

    Hey ly #LBW squad like so he sees this xx💖

  • EE Gamer
    EE Gamer Year ago


  • Totally KotaLee
    Totally KotaLee Year ago +1

    Hahaha your dad is a genius!!

  • Macca
    Macca Year ago

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  • tiktoktea
    tiktoktea Year ago

    LBW! And oh my god this is already going to be the best video ever, I’m addicted to Nutella