Seattle Native Amber Matthai On The City's Drug Epidemic

  • Published on Oct 9, 2018
  • Seattle Native Amber Matthai On The City's Drug Epidemic
    "When I do my yard work, I have to always look for needles now... if they're not going to prosecute people for property crimes, open drug use, theft, right to feed their habits, then it just attracts more crime." Seattle native Amber Matthai tells Colion Noir about how the city's explosive drug problem is hurting the law-abiding. A problem the city's mayor won't deal with. A problem the city is indirectly encouraging.Check back with NRATV over the next week, as Colion Noir gives an honest look at the problems plaguing Seattle, Washington, the politicians who ignore them and the people impacted by them.
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Comments • 213

  • Daniel S
    Daniel S 3 months ago

    Wow, I used to live in Lichton Springs. Not a great area to begin with (just off Aurora, north of Greenlake). Can’t even imagine it now.

  • jamaal Samson
    jamaal Samson 3 months ago

    Gay ass fuck

  • Orlando Williams
    Orlando Williams 4 months ago

    Black folk....let them die off and help and teach your own folk...what are you think...

  • Witch Ghost
    Witch Ghost 6 months ago

    I'm sorry, but I don't consider people who have only lived here for 7 years a seattle native...

  • Todd Noebel
    Todd Noebel 8 months ago

    This is what happens when philosophically appealing "feel good" ideas clash with the reality of life. Just because you imagine an outcome doesn't mean that's what will happen reality disrupts the dream.

  • haltry
    haltry 8 months ago

    How the f%#k did "safe needles" program lead to not arresting people, littering being allowed everywhere, ect. This doesn't make senses, somewhere this has a group and/or a politicians stink on it.

  • O
    O 8 months ago

    Now wait, they obey the law with the needles, but break other laws. Now I'm really confused, but mostly because you have a problem with all this. The liberals can always move, get back into politics and ruin yet another city and repeat...

  • Ranting Guy
    Ranting Guy 9 months ago

    I live in Seattle and the city does enable, police are useless, if you call them for a tresspassing homeless person they will likely take 40 minute up to at worth 2 hours to respond. At my place of work we'v called, waited two hours, and called again. I'v seen people so drunk in public they could not move from the sidewalk they collapsed on, the police arrived, physically picked the guy up, carried him across the street, laid him back down and looked at me and my coworker and asked "This good?" and we'r like "Well yeah thats off the property but uh... dont you arrest people for being THAT drunk or high in public?"
    I had to hit rock bottom to get my life together, what the other guy said in one of his videos about people having to hit rock bottom to do better in life is true, it's the only way to begin climbing out of the hole. This city makes it possible to survive as an addict with no accountability on your own. They provide the needles, currently they even provide a tiny-home village where they LET users and addicts shoot up in the safety of a tiny home. Their trying to kill the problem with kindness but for every 1 person who actually accepts that help and has that kindness affect them in a way that they begin actively trying to better their life, there are 20 shitheads taking advantage of it and even getting to the point they feel entitled to these services.
    Because the city does nothing about the tents and camps they set up everywhere a large portion of the homeless population are very aggressive and disrespectful of private property because they know they wont be arrested, they wont be charged, there is no consequence other than a conversation with police officers who are tired of having the same conversation 10 times a day with the same type of shithead people and take ages to show up in the first place.
    It has made such a beautiful city so disgusting, and all the while most of the politicians are focused on guns, education, a select few on healthcare, and other issues, it seems ANY issues are preferable to homeless and drug addiction. Right now this city and state are doing fine with guns, we dont need more legislation about that, education always needs improvement but when is that new? That's every single city and town everywhere in America, everyone always wants better schools and aside from their social awkwardness I dont feel like children this age are dumb, their smarter than I was at their age so we'r doing fine on education anyway. I'm rambling but the essence of it is that tough love, the hardest kind to get addicts to accept, is also the only kind of love that will solve this issue, we can hand-feed them everything they need and then ask nicely that they stop and get their life together, we have to be like "Hey, you want to get your life together? Show me the effort and il lend a hand, but im not wasting my time on a bullshitter."
    They(The addicts) have to learn to be more self reliant if they want to get better, and they will never learn that as long as this city continues to baby the problem and overall ignore it when it comes to voting time.

  • Nasty Nate OutDoors
    Nasty Nate OutDoors 9 months ago

    Tbh guns helped me kill my free time once I hit bottom. I joined a clinic. Started a new job. For the biggest company from Seattle..Amazon..but at a site here in VA. I worked nights and dropped everyone but immediate family. On slow nights I would research AR-15s. I grew up around guns but sold all of them to feed my addiction. I was at a place before sobriety that I fed my habit to be functional. I couldn't afford to have enough to get a real high. I have almost 4 years without a drug or drop of alcohol. I got obsessed with AR-15s and slowly bought parts to build my first.......and then my second. Renewed my ccw and got a few pistols. Any off time was spent with family or at the range. Target shooting became my meditation.

  • Rct Sombra
    Rct Sombra 9 months ago

    I was told back in the mid 1990s that there were consistently something like 500,000 heroin addicts in the US at any one time, and had been that way for a number of years. Some would die, and new addicts would take their place, neither increasing or decreasing the numbers. Then someone in the Western Hemisphere figured out how to synthesize/refine western heroin to the appearance of that produced into Far East, coupled with higher production volumes. What is not necessarily fully understood is how legally prescribed opioids fueled the addictions and has effected the demand. I do not know how many of the addicts living on the street plaguing urban communities first became addicted. Some studies have indicated that there is a correlation between opioid (and likely other drug) addictions and early childhood trauma. The NRA (life member, BTW) is certainly not perceived as a civil rights organization or an organization with a mission to positively affect social change, but your approach, apparently with the NRA’s blessing, is certainly leading the Association on a new mission. I would strongly encourage you to request American Rifleman editors to include print articles of this nature for the members who either don’t surf You Tube, or don’t always have time... Thanks again for stepping up.

  • HD Jake
    HD Jake 9 months ago

    I have lived in Seattle my whole life , well 15 mins south of Seattle in the Kent , des Moines, and auburn area and I currently am a UPS driver in Seattle and ballard and I love my city but I'd be lying if I said things aren't rough rite now, the past 8 years have been bad. This city is beautiful but downtown has to be changed something must be done

  • Bob jones
    Bob jones 9 months ago

    Liberals idiots want to have shoot up houses for the junkies, with medical staff to help them get high. Crime is already through the roof in San Francisco. Once these places open up San Francisco will look like mad max thunder dome

  • Amber Bamber
    Amber Bamber 9 months ago

    As requested by some of the commentators, here is the PDF sent to me by Seattle Police Department's Data-driven team. This is where the 103% YoY crime increase and 100% Y2D numbers cited are from (the blue are actual crimes). I have been working with SPD since April when a few of us discovered the public crime records were corrupt. The goal was to see if there was data to support our anecdotal experience. Additionally, crime impact on my neighborhood was a success criterion by the city for encampment renewal. Furthermore, SPD's data-driven team will be releasing crime rates for all neighborhoods where there are city-sanctioned encampments. Link:

  • Arthur Clements
    Arthur Clements 9 months ago

    So it's a base-camp for addicts...thank you left-wing government for subsidizing self-destruction and depravity.

  • demonkogure99
    demonkogure99 9 months ago

    They're turning it into another San Francisco! I know because I went there last year with friends and there was homeless people on the sidewalks and I did see human poo and drug needles on the ground, Especially at the bart station

  • Bassin’ with Brandon
    Bassin’ with Brandon 9 months ago


  • Vejitasei
    Vejitasei 9 months ago

    So I'm a physican in the Seattle area. Here's the issue, the IVDU issues and homeless issues in the greater Seattle area are 100% location based. Not the fault of the citizens in the area, but basically the 'caring people' have allow camps to be setup in certain parts of the city (some legal some not) but NOT in their neighborhood :) So it's the standard "we want to feel good about ourselves, and show we care; just as long as we are not actually affected by it." And that's Seattle politics in a nut shell. Caring and feelings are more important than anything else, and the people that set polcy are not (really) affected so...My heart really goes out to some of the smaller communities in the Kent area (real brief, Kent is south of Seattle and considered the 'more poor / trashy' area). It's not as bad as some would have you believe, but for the families that worked really hard and are trying their best; they get crapped on if a camp opens in their area. They can't fight it, if they try they are attacked for not caring or being racist / etc. They can't sell, because no one will buy and the property is worthless, and the worst part this is a situation where it actually isn't their fault. Through no fault of their own the powers that be either allow or create a camp near them...

  • Dylan Straub
    Dylan Straub 9 months ago

    Time to get out the gun and go hunting.

  • Thomas Shuman
    Thomas Shuman 9 months ago

    I’ll say again as a life long resident. It is run by children, unfortunately it is occupied by a majority of them as well. It didn’t use to be this way. They came from all corners of the country as of late to destroy this beautiful city. Soon I will have to leave.

  • Naeem Majors
    Naeem Majors 9 months ago

    can someone post a link to these statistics she is using. I've tried to find articles stating crime has doubled in the past year, but can seem to find any

  • Jesse Bach
    Jesse Bach 9 months ago

    I'm a former addict. They need to start arresting people. 30 days in jail does wonders to give you time to reconsider you life and get sober enough to maybe stay sober.

  • Mike Yerke
    Mike Yerke 9 months ago

    I’m a CNN fan.

    Colion Noir Network. 🇺🇸

  • jeremy beverly
    jeremy beverly 9 months ago

    Been with you since the Glock 21 review but all I see is thighs right now.

  • hoot1141
    hoot1141 9 months ago

    It always blows my mind when a conversation regarding drug problems never even hits on the obvious solution. This channel especially should be talking about solutions. Instead it talked about getting a gun for protection. Protection from what? From criminal drug users. So why would you not talk about fixing the drug problem?

  • The Patrioteer
    The Patrioteer 9 months ago

    Screw these cities. They get what they voted for. They want junkies and illegals calling the shots, OK. Just dont' expect the tax payer to foot the bill, or feel sorry for you.

  • IEatModels
    IEatModels 9 months ago

    seattle is garbage lib-tards ruined it

  • OspreyBravo18
    OspreyBravo18 9 months ago


  • John Hasse
    John Hasse 9 months ago

    Cannabis is NOT injected. If people using 'weed' were not persecuted, there would be virtually no need for needles, and the deadly stuff most people use.

    • Roger Schnepf
      Roger Schnepf 9 months ago

      John Hasse recreational weed is completely legal in Washington state and Seattle this isn’t a weed isn’t legal problem, it’s a junkie problem who would rather mess with hard shit instead

  • Weedus
    Weedus 9 months ago

    i know a simple solution.... give the People Methadone for free !
    i can promise you 70 to 80 % want to get clean but its impossible cause the withdrawal is too bad...

  • Ben Widrig
    Ben Widrig 9 months ago

    Went to Seahawks home game sunday didn't bring my concealed due to NFL rules and scared car would be broken into and get taken by the homeless after the game 4 cars where broken into and my every day tactical bag with my daily survivals needs was taken Seattle PD needs to fix this, good video CN keep them coming

  • Micah Edwards
    Micah Edwards 9 months ago

    This is fucking insanity ! !

  • Erich Lee
    Erich Lee 9 months ago +1

    Every Democrat run city has the same problems. The problem is Democrats are wrecking the joint.

  • Redant23
    Redant23 9 months ago

    Need me a CN hat

  • booshido
    booshido 9 months ago +1

    Remember when the only needle talked about in seattle had to do with space?
    Now they want space to use needles.

  • John Knapp
    John Knapp 9 months ago +2

    Biggest problem in Seattle are the politics and I would be willing to bet she voted for some of the fools running the city. I may be wrong but odds are in my favor. Lord knows she is paying enough in taxes to have a cop stationed on her street.

    • Amber Bamber
      Amber Bamber 9 months ago +1

      You'd lose a lot of money if you made that bet. Taxes, yes. Durkan is horrible, Moon would have made Sawant seem docile.

  • Nym Alous
    Nym Alous 9 months ago +1

    3:52 "You're not helping them, you're harming them." She's got it right. She also said something to the effect of this: enabling drug users to use their drugs doesn't cause them to stop using drugs.

  • SoupMock
    SoupMock 9 months ago +1

    I didn't see ANYONE trying to help when the crack epidemic hit. The solution was lock them up.. mainly Blacks. Now that there's a drug that Whites are mostly affected by... lets get them help, they're sick! Not with MY tax dollars!! Lock their ass up!

  • J. A.
    J. A. 9 months ago +7

    Vote Democrate to bring these problems to a town near you! Nothing says freedom like walking out your front door and stepping on a needle.

  • M249MachineGun
    M249MachineGun 9 months ago

    end the war on drugs and watch as gun violence drops. you never see the pharmacist at CVS having a shootout with the pharmacist at Walgreens.
    if someone wants to be a junkie, then let them get their drugs and paraphernalia from tax-paying businesses under license instead of a criminal gang.

  • FlamQ Dbltap
    FlamQ Dbltap 9 months ago +1

    Good luck getting a permit in Seattle.

    • Roger Schnepf
      Roger Schnepf 9 months ago

      FlamQ Dbltap Washington state is a shall issue state when it comes to concealed carry permits and as long as you don’t have a disqualifier like domestic violence etc.. you will be given a permit. The state constitution does not allow county’s to deny them. Seattle and Washington has its problems some getting worse but getting CC permits is not one of them.

  • mike s
    mike s 9 months ago +13

    Thank you NRATV. The American people NEED to see what the Democrat policies have done to our cities, so we can wake people the hell up and get things CHANGED. God bless you President Donald Trump 2020!!!

    • kaliki76
      kaliki76 9 months ago +1

      Oh is that why he's interviewing these progressives? I was wondering why

  • Jim Knight
    Jim Knight 9 months ago +1

    OK, if they're going to handout needles then they should also provide a place for them to do their drugs
    I don't have a problem with people getting buy if other people are not part of that crowd then they shouldn't have to put up with this BS

  • OUR Republic- Never Give In

    I wonder how much of this (obviously by design) has to do with Agenda 2030 and pushing people out of areas???

  • brendon boot
    brendon boot 9 months ago +2

    Mr. Colion Noir, you need to come visit Albuquerque, New Mexico and get some of the stories out here. Albuquerque is #1 in the nation for vehicle theft and robbery and #4 in the nation for violent crime.

  • OUR Republic- Never Give In

    A demoRAT controlled city that has a drug and crime problem? Seems to be a pattern.

  • Derek Davis
    Derek Davis 9 months ago +1

    Exact same thing is trying to start up in mpls, mn! Vote! Don’t forget that they want to disarm you at the same time!

  • Max R
    Max R 9 months ago

    I'm so confused about how a city and state proceeded with the psychological mental work of thought and end up with the words " this is a good idea " in their mind. They might as well have said 2+2=5, crazy.

  • MrZipperhead16
    MrZipperhead16 9 months ago +1

    It's your town and you have to live there but seriously, how stupid do you have to be to continue to allow that shit?

  • sman7290
    sman7290 9 months ago

    Round up all the heroin addicts in the encampment, put them all in an enclosure with no food and no water, and throw in five doses of heroin power day. I'll bet the problem will take care of itself.
    Yeah, I know it's cold. I'm past the point that I give a fuck and I'm tired of paying for their shit.

  • Matt B
    Matt B 9 months ago

    This bitch loves crack

  • ChronicSmoka73
    ChronicSmoka73 9 months ago +1

    Colion I love you fam,but please do a video on the FAILED drug war that dope Nixon did.

  • ge st
    ge st 9 months ago

    Follow Switzerland's example. They had the worst heroin addiction in Europe along with all the shit that goes with it: crime, HIV, etc.
    Now they have one of the lowest crime and HIV transfer rates in Europe related to heroin addiction.

    • Alex Moore
      Alex Moore 9 months ago +1

      ge st well what exactly did they do?

  • pir8prod
    pir8prod 9 months ago +3

    We need to start requiring needle exchanges instead of distribution.

  • Oregon Outback
    Oregon Outback 9 months ago +5

    Maybe they should set up these camps in the front yards of the politicians that passed these laws. Let them deal with it on a daily basis.

  • The.Otis.Burger
    The.Otis.Burger 9 months ago

    I feel for all of my friends/family on the west coast. Some of them have left, while others are sticking it out and trying to fight back. We need to see a shift in public policy in these once great cities (like Seattle, portland, San Fran, LA) and y’all need to vote out these corrupt politicians as soon as possible!

  • Mark W
    Mark W 9 months ago

    F**king Seattle, what a joke!

  • Ams B4DaFunk
    Ams B4DaFunk 9 months ago

    For the ProgessiveSupremacists, all forms of
    dependency is an exploitable asset.

  • Murky Lurks
    Murky Lurks 9 months ago +10

    Seattle is a cesspool... seems like a civilization in decline.

    • Murky Lurks
      Murky Lurks 9 months ago

      I'm from California - an area of the state that is not suffering like that. The cost of living is probably worse here though. But the open drug use, the number of homeless has definitely spiked here but it seems that the pacific northwest is particularly advanced in the "shit-show" department; all I can do is hope that seattle is not our future.

    • kevcom82
      kevcom82 9 months ago +1

      Murky Lurks and the cost of living is becoming insane! Just like California and New York. What do these states have in common? One single common denominator.

  • Stop Feasting
    Stop Feasting 9 months ago

    do the sf tenderloin next lmao

  • john peck
    john peck 9 months ago +27

    I’m an armed guard in Seattle if you want to talk to someone who has to deal with these people daily hit me up
    What has to happen, king county needs to pull its head out of its butt and vote out the radical left liberal democrats

  • adaboy4z
    adaboy4z 9 months ago

    This is so strange. Just like our Hospital making a smoking patio with covered tables and chairs for patients and visitors. Patients go out and smoke and come back needing a breathing treatment and placed on oxygen!! 😧

  • Naeem Majors
    Naeem Majors 9 months ago +4

    Lmao! Hilarious......... the point of handing out needles it to try to prevent the spread of disease.... same as handing out condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancies and disease

    • Amber Bamber
      Amber Bamber 9 months ago

      No, they are related. There is no needle exchange. Addicts who use share and reuse needles regardless of free supply. And do you really think they have the mental faculty after shooting up to properly discard their needles?

    • Naeem Majors
      Naeem Majors 9 months ago

      ok, these are two different issues.

    • Amber Bamber
      Amber Bamber 9 months ago

      My two neighbors, both stuck by needles in their own yards, would beg to differ.

    • M249MachineGun
      M249MachineGun 9 months ago

      Alex Moore I think that careless disposal of needles should be the serious crime here. getting high is personal, endangering the public is not.

    • Alex Moore
      Alex Moore 9 months ago +2

      Naeem Majors still doesn’t seem good if they just toss them wherever

  • Zanti Misfits
    Zanti Misfits 9 months ago

    The consequences of progressive liberalism.
    It will get much worse before it ever gets any better.

  • GID BT
    GID BT 9 months ago

    It is a real shame to see any city in this country decline due to drugs.

  • Lex Jones
    Lex Jones 9 months ago

    Sad part is the people trying to take our right to protect our selves know and receive the statistics throughout each city which leaves the question of what the real agenda is

  • AttentionJunkie
    AttentionJunkie 9 months ago

    I lived in Washington for a couple years and I dreaded going to Seattle but only because of the traffic and snooty people. I remember seeing quite a few tents on the interstate embankment but never encountered any addicts or homeless people but I avoided Seattle when I could.

  • Hawk66100
    Hawk66100 9 months ago

    Seattle, another liberal run shit hole. Smh.

  • Robert Kielczewski
    Robert Kielczewski 9 months ago

    Start shooting or hanging heroin dealers. No slap on wrists punishments.

    • ge st
      ge st 9 months ago +1

      In Saudi Arabia they behead dealers and even users once a year in town squares, in public with a sword.
      Why do they do it once a year?
      Because it doesn't work.

  • AN N
    AN N 9 months ago

    ....and people say there is no such thing as ZOMBIES!!!!!

  • DachshundsRule
    DachshundsRule 9 months ago

    Man, I know this is going to sound cold, but maybe it's time to let nature take it's course. This program is obviously not helping the addict, and it's endangering the locals. If these people aer determined to self-destruct....let 'em. You can't stop people doing what they're determined to do, any more than you can stop gun crime by disarming honest law-abiding folks.

  • WereSquatch
    WereSquatch 9 months ago

    The best way to end the opioid epidemic is to go harder on marijuana. Jeff Sessions told me so...

  • Liberty or Death
    Liberty or Death 9 months ago +52

    The leftist politicians who’ve engineered theses encampments live in gated communities with armed guards, far from the social mess they create.

    • daniel schachter
      daniel schachter 9 months ago

      Tom Lee duh but they aren’t the creators/enablers

    • Vejitasei
      Vejitasei 9 months ago

      Live in the Seattle area. Not so much gated communities with armed guards, as much as just not in their neighborhood. But what actually happens is in the nicer areas we demand, expect and allow the police to do their job. I live in NewCastle (which is upper middle class+ mostly). We don't have ANY homeless camps, and it's rare to find needles in parks. BUT go south to Kent, and camps are everywhere and with them all the above problems. People here are very focused on feelings > facts. And you have to understand that the greater Seattle area is not as big as some other cities. Also, the cost of housing here is insane. Traffic is also horrible (for a large number of reasons, with almost never ending road work / closures). So what happens is that the poorer areas get crapped on, and the nicer ones are doing GREAT! In the nice areas we price out most of the poorer people, round up and move out all the homeless, and actually allow the police to do their job.But in the poorer areas (I'm a physican working in the Kent / Renton area) they concentrate all these homeless camps and don't enforce the laws. The expected results follow...

    • Tom Lee
      Tom Lee 9 months ago

      @Erik der Heftig hahahahaha

    • Erik der Heftig
      Erik der Heftig 9 months ago +1

      @Tom Lee nah, they conceal carry

    • Tom Lee
      Tom Lee 9 months ago +1

      And im sure the "rightest" politicians do also lol

  • Charles Holzschuh
    Charles Holzschuh 9 months ago

    China abducted Interpol chief and forced him to resign.

  • Cc Smith
    Cc Smith 9 months ago

    Exactly stop Societal enabling.

  • Florida*ARMY*VET
    Florida*ARMY*VET 9 months ago +1

    Liberals destroy everything they touch!

  • Michael Gee
    Michael Gee 9 months ago +17

    Love seeing all of these Seattle videos. I my wife and I lived in Seattle for almost 10 years and we had to move to the suburbs across lake Washington to get away from this madness. I work for a tech company downtown right next to Pikes Place Market and they do not allow us to carry at work. So essentially I commute to the problem area and risk losing my job if I exercise my LICENSED right to self defense. Crazy people in this town.

    • daniel schachter
      daniel schachter 9 months ago

      Michael Gee Right on I’m with yah....I feel safer in this crazy world carrying. I lived in Seattle as a kid and loved that city. It’s sad to see the lefts influence on that beautiful city. Anyways have a great one

    • CalamityEnsues
      CalamityEnsues 9 months ago

      @Michael Gee if you saved employees from being senselessly slaughtered I'm sure another tech company would gladly hire you.

    • CalamityEnsues
      CalamityEnsues 9 months ago

      @Michael Gee you also said "if".

    • Michael Gee
      Michael Gee 9 months ago

      daniel schachter yeah this isn’t my real name or photo lol. But I hear ya. Honestly we don’t work in any type of federal building or anything where they could search me without a warrant. It is just a policy and I am in compliance with all laws. I also know that I am not the only one. It is literally a feel good policy they have because they feel they ought to

    • daniel schachter
      daniel schachter 9 months ago

      Michael Gee posting on a public forum that violates your company policy isn’t smart. However I’d carry too so good on you. Where I work I get searched at the minimum twice a week including vehicle search in and out of the facility. However I could absolutely still have one in my vehicle they aren’t that thorough lol

  • LeJacz Chamchowski
    LeJacz Chamchowski 9 months ago

    you wonder why people always offing themselves in seattle

  • Andrew L
    Andrew L 9 months ago +3

    Come to eastern Washington. Especially the tricities.

    • TGuard00014
      TGuard00014 9 months ago

      Eh Pasco is pretty sketchy. Saw a lady having a meth freakout last time I was there and I was only there for a hot minute.

    • john peck
      john peck 9 months ago

      Young Clock you mean crackima?

    • Jon Conley
      Jon Conley 9 months ago +1

      It is extremely depressing to watching Washington state - one of our most beautiful states - becoming such an eyesore and such a health risk due to the unforgivable behavior of the incumbent Democrats.
      Vote Red and Vote NO on I-1639 and tell all of your friends to do the same.
      A gun store owner in Vancouver, WA is putting together a fundraising effort to ramp up advertising in opposition of the gun control measure (which people can start voting on starting this week). If you can contribute, I recommend you do so.

    • Jon Conley
      Jon Conley 9 months ago +1

      Seattle isn't the only part of Washington at risk of being lost to crime. The incumbent Democrats of our state are attempting to disarm law-abiding citizens with a gun control measure on the ballot (which you can vote on as early as this week).
      Vote NO on I-1639 and tell all of your friends to do the same.
      A gun store owner in Vancouver, WA is putting together a fundraising effort to ramp up advertising in opposition of the gun control measure (which people can start voting on starting this week). If you can contribute, I recommend you do so.

  • big E
    big E 9 months ago

    Gosh wonder what the nexus is with these liberal bastions cities- OH YEA, moronic liberal leftist policies!! Wake up fools. Citizens shot a few of these druggy thugs, maybe they’d pull heads out & get rid of the “political climate”.

  • Christopher
    Christopher 9 months ago

    Raise Taxes and Raise Welfare so more people are depend on the STATE. Then take away guns and legalize all drugs … gangs will go away and turn in their guns.

    • Clan Lightfoot
      Clan Lightfoot 9 months ago

      LMFAO please don't reproduce. Keep getting your free needles, one day you might get sober and wake the fuck up.

  • SanguisNoxify
    SanguisNoxify 9 months ago

    it's wild to me that they could mishandle this problem so hard and yet still have a job come election time, and this is coming from a person who isn't even strongly against the ending of the "drug war".

  • Bosco Baracus
    Bosco Baracus 9 months ago +31

    It’s unreal how much the 80’s are making a comeback.

    • Ben Stepanek
      Ben Stepanek 9 months ago

      @EaterOfWorlds78 prove it

    • EaterOfWorlds78
      EaterOfWorlds78 9 months ago +1

      stoned serpent, no just in the inner cities that they (the U.S. government) flooded with drugs.

    • stoned serpent
      stoned serpent 9 months ago +8

      I doubt they let homeless junkies shoot up smack in suburban neighborhoods and then steal people's stuff without consequence in the 80's.

  • bbs540
    bbs540 9 months ago +4

    free needle distribution most definitely isnt harming, its based on the model of "harm-reduction" to keep that addict alive and damaged least as possible until they finally get clean. I was an IV heroin addict and i couldnt be more grateful that i was able to buy needles at the pharmacy because where i live most cant do that, and because i was able to get new, clean needles, ive been clean now from all drugs including marijuana and alcohol for almost 3 years without HIV, Hep C, or any serious health effects

    • Jon Conley
      Jon Conley 9 months ago +2

      I live in Seattle and I'm gonna have to disagree with you, bud. I'm glad you got clean, but a large percentage of our addicts are severely mentally defective sex offenders and career criminals. I've personally helped a few Down-On-Their-Luck people who just needed some food and helping hand; but more often than not, I've either been on the receiving end of threats, the victim of property crime, dodging needles, et cetera.
      Many of our "homeless" populace views it as a "lifestyle" and will turn down free housing, help, food, and so forth. They often travel from out-of-state to take advantage of the fact that Seattle Police do not enforce the law and that our city government refuses to prosecute for property crime.
      Every single day, I can point out at least one used needle on the sidewalk. And don't even get me started on public parks or places where kids play. These career junkies are getting hundreds of disposable needles -- there's no "exchange".
      Yes, it's important to help those in need (especially those who aren't abusing drugs or committing crimes, but just had a streak of bad luck); but it's pointless to continue pandering to and enabling those who refuse it.
      Good luck in your field. I sincerely hope you're able to help people.

    • bbs540
      bbs540 9 months ago +1

      its between 40%-60%, 40-60% of heroin addicts get clean according to the That might be sarcasm but i don't see that as such a bad idea, i work in the field of addiction now and if addicts got a steady supply of drugs there would be no drug dealing, there would be no burglaries, no drug related homicides, no armed robberies related to drugs which id say 95%(bullshit number i just made up) of armed robberies is related to drugs, etc. i don't see how that's a bad thing. Yes clearly its not working in Seattle and that's because they have not implemented it correctly. There are PLENTY of examples where it has worked successfully, you can't base the premise of needle exchanges off the failures.

    • big E
      big E 9 months ago +4

      bbs540 - and so what’s the stats on them “getting clean.” If you watched video you’d clearly see this distributing the needles isn’t helping- why not just give them the drugs too, so they aren’t having criminalize others to feed their habit?

  • A Moose
    A Moose 9 months ago +13

    I live near chico California and it is the same story.

  • EaterOfWorlds78
    EaterOfWorlds78 9 months ago +3

    End the federal "war on drugs" and all these problems mostly disappear.

    • EaterOfWorlds78
      EaterOfWorlds78 9 months ago

      Or were you referring to historical liberals like Nixon, Anslinger, Reagan, and G.H.W. Bush?

    • EaterOfWorlds78
      EaterOfWorlds78 9 months ago

      Staunch liberals like Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions?

    • M249MachineGun
      M249MachineGun 9 months ago

      80% of gun murders are between drug gangs. no drug profits, no drug gangs, no drug murders. the liberals need the drug war to justify their war on guns to disarm Americans.

    • ge st
      ge st 9 months ago +1

      The addiction will not, but all the other crap that comes with it will.

  • scarmenl
    scarmenl 9 months ago

    I keep saying it and people think I'm nuts but we the law abiding need to start putting together citizen security for our neighbourhoods. And, or get together and hire security! When you let the the nut cases have power this is what you get!

  • Liberty Or Death
    Liberty Or Death 9 months ago +1

    /GOLF CLAP for the Libtards running this shit show 👍👏😆

  • A Wanderer
    A Wanderer 9 months ago

    It is one thing to not infringe on a persons liberties (if they chose to do drugs, that is their choice), it is another thing to turn a blind eye to someone violating the liberties of another however. (property rights) Taking that even further, it is one thing to not infringe on their rights to choose what to do to their own bodies (bodily autonomy), but to actively enable it is simply wrong (giving them needles). You do not reward stupid behavior, even if you have no justification to directly stop them at that time.

    • A Wanderer
      A Wanderer 9 months ago

      @stoned serpent As a side note, I think there is sufficient evidence to suggest sabotage in this Seattle case.
      The people voting for a change are not typically the ones implementing said change and I am having a difficult time understanding why your suggestion of an exchange program is not being implemented properly here so I fully recognize that in this specific example, it cannot properly reflect on the plan you propose.

    • A Wanderer
      A Wanderer 9 months ago

      @stoned serpent Valid point.
      Let's look at the presented comparison.
      If a War is not funded, it can potentially result in invasion by a foreign power. The consequences could range from mass genocide to loss of land on a large scale, thus the scope of potential damage is massive and not easily managed. That is one extreme, the other extreme is that not funding a specific war simply does not lower gas prices, and it is completely understandable why people would not want to support that.
      On the worst spectrum of needle exchange we have needles being left in places they should not be, a nuisance for sure, but not really comparable to genocide. On the best end of the spectrum it does greatly help reduce needle exposure to the general public.
      So I can't really say that example holds up under further review as the examples are not truly comparable given other variables.

    • stoned serpent
      stoned serpent 9 months ago +1

      @A Wanderer that is a valid concern- and I'd prefer that these things be funded by non profit organizations with donations instead of tax payers funding them. That said, the same line of reasoning can be applied to war- pacifists don't want to fund any wars, and I don't want my tax dollars funding the CIA meddling in other nations.
      Ultimately, the problem of government funding these things with taxes from people who don't want their money going to facilitating the addiction of people who are hooked on hard drugs is a concern, but I'm also quite opposed to dirty used needles getting stepped on by someone and that person getting diseases from it; and I think a properly implemented needle exchange reduces the risk of that happening. Unfortunately, these often aren't properly implemented and they are tax payer funded; but hopefully those two things can change.

    • A Wanderer
      A Wanderer 9 months ago

      I can see the merit in your train of thought.
      My concern is also that subsidizing that out of the pockets of people who do not condone said action is extortion itself.
      As well intentioned as the reasoning may be, and even if applied correctly in the manner you describe, that does not justify extorting money from taxpayers to fund it who may personally object.

    • stoned serpent
      stoned serpent 9 months ago

      @A Wanderer you simply don't give a needle to someone who isn't turning in a needle, and make that policy clear. The alternative is that, however they get needles and wherever they get them from, dirty used needles end up in parks and on the sidewalk.

  • chizplayaz
    chizplayaz 9 months ago

    The opiate epidemic is the biggest issue facing this country that no one is really talking about. Thousands of Americans die each day from it and astronomical amounts of crime are due to the opiate crisis. I’ve never seen something like this and i can’t figure out why the media and government aren’t focusing more on it.

    • Terri 634
      Terri 634 9 months ago

      The crack epidemic had the same results. No one cared then people just turned a blind eye to what was happening.

  • Brooke99
    Brooke99 9 months ago +9

    Disgusting. And there is no question that the junkies have minimal consequences, but if a woman, like her or the one with the drug addict in her garage had to defend herself with a firearm, they'd be prosecuted to the hilt!

    • kevcom82
      kevcom82 9 months ago +1

      Vote this nonsense out! Stand up and let your district representatives know how you feel! Their position exist for your voices to be heard! Doing nothing will never change a thing! And vote these yahoos that support this nonsense out!

    • Keith Smash
      Keith Smash 9 months ago +1

      Exactly my friend, thank you!! This is getting out of hand but what are we people gonna do about this crap ?

  • Joshua Reed
    Joshua Reed 9 months ago +12

    If I had a family member that overdosed in Seattle after being given a needle by the state, I would take as many legal actions as possible to sue the state for negligence.
    In hospitals, needles are handled and disposed of with extreme care so nobody can accidentally poke themselves and catch who knows what kind of harmful diseases, but the state is just handing them out like candy.

    • Wingnut 429
      Wingnut 429 9 months ago

      We also have facilities for them to shoot up in, with, I believe, two medical attendants. When they overdose, the hit em in the chest with a shot and they come back to life sober as can be. That way they can do it again. So no worries! It was explained to me that this was implemented to stop the ambulance rides, hospital stays and meds that were never getting paid for.

    • superbarnie
      superbarnie 9 months ago

      Ric and Beau, you make valid points regarding the differences in legality, funding, and intent, however, that does not invalidate my point. What I was saying is that it is silly to sue someone else, whether that be the gun shop or the State, for one's own mistakes. Not measuring dose correctly, and shooting one's own foot, are both mistakes are that are easily prevented. Whoever commits that mistake has no one to blame but themselves.
      To be clear, I am not supporting government funded needle giveaways, though I think there would be nothing wrong with selling said needles at a fair price. The point I am making is simply a matter of responsibility.

    • Beau Leidig
      Beau Leidig 9 months ago +2

      Your analogy is off, because in this case the government is giving away the needles for free so that people can use said needles to specifically break the law and harm not only themselves, but also the community around them. Gun shops are not government funded, nor are they giving guns away for free to anyone, especially to people that they know are specifically obtaining a gun for the expressed use of committing a crime.

    • superbarnie
      superbarnie 9 months ago

      Er, what? You can buy guns and ammunition at the local gun shop. Does it make sense to sue them if you shoot yourself? Your ammunition analogy doesn't even hold, its not like the State is providing heroin along with the needles or anything.

    • Joseph McPhail
      Joseph McPhail 9 months ago +2

      @superbarnie Not even close. The State didnt give him the ammunition to shoot himself with, but the State did give them needles.

  • Will Right
    Will Right 9 months ago

    Great video

    MONSTA 9 months ago

    In the minority neighborhoods lol... you know the answer to the question before you asked.

  • Justin K
    Justin K 9 months ago +7

    Why don't the citizens of Seattle file a lawsuit against the city of Seattle that is enabling this Behavior

    • Justin Meyer
      Justin Meyer 9 months ago +1

      What would the basis of the lawsuit exactly? Lol. The issues of Seattle are the issues faced in Portland. Local politicians do not care whether or not you feel safe or are safe. When it comes down to it votes are all that matter to them and spending tax dollars are failed social programs. Anyone who lives in Seattle is not forced to live there, if they do not like it they can move. That is the mentality of the local politicians in both Seattle and Portland. You have all the street dwellers centralized in the city center force all the non street dwellers out into outlaying suburban areas. Unfortunately the street dwellers are incredibly mobile and go wherever property crime is easiest to support their habits. Those areas are the suburban areas

    • ruststar
      ruststar 9 months ago +5

      Justin K because they voted the morons making those laws and are too arrogant to admit they made a mistake.

  • michael johnson
    michael johnson 9 months ago +44

    This is his second video from Seattle. After these videos I don't know why anyone would want to live there.

    • Ben Nickels
      Ben Nickels 9 months ago +1

      Seattle was one of the best cities in the US until about 2006

    • Matt H
      Matt H 9 months ago

      @The Eastern front You missed my point entirely. The person I replied to was using two very short videos to judge a city. That's like somoene who watches two short videos on the possible dangers of firearms and then decides they're anti-gun. You can't hold a valid opinion on something from a simple 7 minutes and 53 seconds of video.

    • Matt H
      Matt H 9 months ago

      @Fafhrd Kreig I have been to Seattle many times. I am well aware of what it's like. Yes, it has a high homeless population. Don't like having to deal with homeless people? Don't live in an urban environment. The fact that a homeless encampment made your friend feel the need to ask you to "cover the door" because you daily carry tells me everything I need to know about the type of person he is. The fact that you agreed tells me everything I need to know about the type of person you are. Keep living in your fearful little fantasy world.

    • The Eastern front
      The Eastern front 9 months ago

      Fafhrd Kreig Oh really? Good to know! Prices have been so high there in the last couple years I dont go, but this would be fun. I wonder if my neighbor buddy will be taking his collection. All WW2 stuff from german and russian perspectives.

    • Fafhrd Kreig
      Fafhrd Kreig 9 months ago

      front well about the only time I go through Seattle usually is at about 730 am on a saturday or sunday on my way to the WAC gun show in puyalup. Check out the October show it is the annual collection show it always has great displays.

  • MrFloppy19
    MrFloppy19 9 months ago +44

    Dont you just looooooove democrat enabling policies????

    • daniel schachter
      daniel schachter 9 months ago

      No I really don’t lol

    • TheDarkAngel
      TheDarkAngel 9 months ago +1

      @Jim Knight ok now understand what you're saying. Your suggesting a policy that set up specific areas where they can shoot up, but not be of harm to other people.

    • Jim Knight
      Jim Knight 9 months ago

      Well Angel then it seems that this program wasn't very well thought out. I've seen programs like this work but the only reason they work is because these people had a place where they could shoot up where they didn't bother anyone

    • TheDarkAngel
      TheDarkAngel 9 months ago

      @Jim Knight get what you're saying about limiting the spread of HIV but that is starting to lose it's value in this situation. Since they're no longer required to return the needles they're just left in random places and like the video said people have been accadently stabbed by those needles which I know isn't the addict's intention, but sadly it a consequence none the less.

    • MrFloppy19
      MrFloppy19 9 months ago

      @ChronicSmoka73 i never said that wasnt a joke either. It is.

  • dbpheds
    dbpheds 9 months ago +17

    But yet they don’t want legs citizens protecting themselves with firearms

    • dbpheds
      dbpheds 9 months ago

      Joshua Schwartfigure if you seen the other post then you know it was a auto correct problem lol

    • dbpheds
      dbpheds 9 months ago

      Fucking iPhone lol

    • Joshua Schwartfigure
      Joshua Schwartfigure 9 months ago

      @dbpheds okay. Well just to let. You know you misspelled legal on this comment.

    • dbpheds
      dbpheds 9 months ago +3

      Joshua Schwartfigure to drive the point home ! Jk lol fucking internet speed was being dumb and said I kept timing out lol I guess it posted it twice

    • Joshua Schwartfigure
      Joshua Schwartfigure 9 months ago +1

      Why did you post this twice?

  • dbpheds
    dbpheds 9 months ago +88

    But yet they don’t want legal citizens protecting themselves with firearms

    • Jeff
      Jeff 9 months ago

      Vote those people out and get the help you need for your state. November is coming it’s time to take back your free states people.

    • dbpheds
      dbpheds 9 months ago +1

      Frederick Kaludis yep and I wouldn’t blame you for it but old or not carrying is just better I’m fairly young competed in combat sports for many years I still won’t try to pretend I’m chuck Norris and get into a fist fight I rather chuck duces and go home I have a son who’s usually always with me I’m not about to leave him alone while trying to fight and get stabbed by some dumb ass who got his ego hurt from being knocked out or have their friends jump me nope I’ll keep it pushing and if they threaten me or my son well I really don’t care about their life they made a choice so deal with the consequences

    • Frederick Kaludis
      Frederick Kaludis 9 months ago +1

      dbpheds well they have tried banning standard cap magazines, assault rifle, taxing firearms and ammo. This village crap just don’t work. If a death wish movie starts to play out in Seattle do you think the cop would try to solve the drug crimes or the murders. If I were living there I’d have my Springfield with me 24 hours a day. I’m an old man with disability’s so if someone confronted me they could injure or kill me very easy so deadly force would be on the table.

  • Jess
    Jess 9 months ago +8

    Damn junkies

  • Brian Kerr
    Brian Kerr 9 months ago +7

    legalize all drugs … gangs will go away.

    • Bob jones
      Bob jones 9 months ago

      Yea ok this way more morons can get high and I have to pay even more taxes to support even more junkie losers

    • M249MachineGun
      M249MachineGun 9 months ago

      I would rather have heroin and meth sold by licensed pharmacists instead of street gangs. at least then users can be put on a list, and violent gangs lose that revenue stream.

    • Branon Fontaine
      Branon Fontaine 9 months ago

      Brian Kerr...there's no way in hell that you're parents are not directly related, that's blatantly apparent after the comment you left has THAT high of an inbred-type of retardation level within it.....

    • ChronicSmoka73
      ChronicSmoka73 9 months ago

      Christopher Preach brother! People don’t wanna hear the truth!!!

    • ChronicSmoka73
      ChronicSmoka73 9 months ago

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!