• Published on May 4, 2018
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  • Michele Oldrati
    Michele Oldrati 22 minutes ago

    I don't disagree with Pewdiepie but superhero movies are all similar because they follow the same archetype of the hero's journey due to how humans as a specie have a collective unconscious that creates archetypes such as that of a hero, that are repeated time and time again through stories.

  • Jashin- Senpai
    Jashin- Senpai 38 minutes ago


  • Charlie Rogers
    Charlie Rogers Hour ago

    Infinity war

  • Adeeno
    Adeeno Hour ago

    irin man

  • Nadhira Natasha
    Nadhira Natasha 3 hours ago

    those who disliked this video can't respect pewd's opinion. what a closed-minded people

  • Birgitta Lusmägi
    Birgitta Lusmägi 3 hours ago

    What about Civil Wor that didnt end happily

    • TheodoreOnTheTheremin
      TheodoreOnTheTheremin 57 minutes ago

      +Birgitta Lusmägi I see your point

    • Birgitta Lusmägi
      Birgitta Lusmägi Hour ago

      I know that everyone has theyr own point of view and i have no problem with that.He just said that all the endings are kinda predictable.
      Villain is bad ,heroe is good and the good wins at the end. I see his point. Im just pointing out that The Civil Wor was different. There were no good or bad guys and at the end everyone kinda lost.

    • TheodoreOnTheTheremin
      TheodoreOnTheTheremin Hour ago

      His point isn't that they should end unhappily, his point (at least by my interpretation) is that most of the time it will not stay that way or it won't just end there, ambiguously

    • TheodoreOnTheTheremin
      TheodoreOnTheTheremin Hour ago

      And yet there's another Avengers movie

  • William Wood
    William Wood 3 hours ago

    Then infinity wars came out

  • PanVids
    PanVids 3 hours ago +1

    Pewds I don't feel so Good!

  • Ik Ben Er Pik.
    Ik Ben Er Pik. 4 hours ago

    Deadpool 2. That one is a little bit different

  • Patrick Massman
    Patrick Massman 4 hours ago

    Not Logan

  • Some Guy Paragon
    Some Guy Paragon 4 hours ago +1

    Than infinity war happened...

  • Airto Duprez
    Airto Duprez 5 hours ago

    he has some good points, but Stan Lee IS a god.

  • Javier Cruz
    Javier Cruz 5 hours ago

    Damn, the more vids I watch from you the more I see there's light in this too sensitive and offended world. You rock man!

  • Phil Swift
    Phil Swift 5 hours ago

    I remember seeing somebody replying to a comment in the comment section correcting somebody’s grammar, and then the other dude made almost an entire paragraph saying how dumb he was, even after he said to not be mad at him. This is one reason why I don’t really like TheXvid’s community.

    CRUZ PVLACE 8 hours ago

    from day to day I like pewds even more

  • Liam Daily
    Liam Daily 8 hours ago +1

    Infinity wars

  • harvster395
    harvster395 8 hours ago +1

    Infinity war

  • Wilde And Free
    Wilde And Free 9 hours ago

    I'm not a Marvel fan and I don't enjoy the kiddy house style of the MCU. But I think Fox's recent R-Rated X-Men films (Deadpool, Logan, Legion etc.) are outliers to this. They've done far more to innovate on the genre than Marvel has in 10 years.

  • Nuggy Sauce
    Nuggy Sauce 11 hours ago +2

    “But infinity war was different it didn’t end in happily ever after” uh there’s still another part they will come out with.. for all we know it could just be the same format prolonged.

      1000000000 views 7 hours ago

      nuggy sauce if it is it would get a'lot of shit i'm pretty sure half the heroes in that movie are gonna die marvel isn't stupid enough to do that

  • Christopher Baxter
    Christopher Baxter 12 hours ago

    Pewds makes a video hating on marvel...


  • Azizah Vina
    Azizah Vina 13 hours ago

    there's just too many movie
    or i'm just too lazy to catch up

  • Tayyab321
    Tayyab321 14 hours ago +1

    There's INFINITY WAR in which the VILLAIN DOES WIN!

  • Mary Cat
    Mary Cat 14 hours ago

    I love Iron Man because he doesn't have super power, I actually started to learn robotics to become like Tony Stark :D

  • ❮•••❯İshak beyツ

    You dont like marvel ha mmm.......


  • Muhammad Alwan
    Muhammad Alwan 15 hours ago

    Haha I literally fall asleep when I watched Infinity War, soooo boring

  • Giano Pecchenino
    Giano Pecchenino 20 hours ago

    Says all marvel movies has a happy ending... Infinity War comes out...

  • NaruHana
    NaruHana 21 hour ago

    I feel like felix has reached just that point in a rich persons life where his perception cannot just be on par with most of us. We enjoy movies because there fun to watch is not a valid argument anymore with felix because unlike us that just watches it for the laughs and kicks, felix actually tries to find substance in his movies because funny and eye candy doesnt cut it anymore with the person that felix has become. I may not be stating this the way you like it felix haha but I am no hater and I have always loved your content ^_^

  • David K
    David K 22 hours ago

    2:37 Infinity War, Civil War, but yeah I get your point

  • ThatWeirdArtKid
    ThatWeirdArtKid 22 hours ago

    if you say that you like the dceu im leaving.

  • Alizeiah Phoebe
    Alizeiah Phoebe 23 hours ago


  • Alex the great
    Alex the great Day ago

    why is this being recommended?

  • Hafizh Alhuda
    Hafizh Alhuda Day ago

    I agree with you, i enjoy marvel movies especially infinity wars, because somehow it's less cheesy and maybe using new formula. Even though it'll be using the same formula in Avenger 4 (i assume) but we'll gloss over that for now. The point that i'm agreeing with is that it's too much CGI, it's awful. The scene where Stark and Parker hitchhiked to Titan is so unbearably horrid. 300M for that, i mean come on. How hard is it to use practical effect once in a while? look at Nolan and his movies. And the jokes!!! for fuck sake what is wrong with marvel? can we enjoy a moment of suspense or intimacy at least once? they always have to fucking ruin it with cheesy, lowlife level joke that somehow they think it's clever, Or they think that the audience is stupid enough to enjoy that sort of jokes. Anyway, i don't know how to end this comment.

  • AJ Frames
    AJ Frames Day ago

    the villian wins in infinity war

  • littlexii
    littlexii Day ago

    i think its more abt the characters than anything else, i agree with some of ur points but for me its all abt the characters that i love and their personalities and development

  • Cody Forrest
    Cody Forrest Day ago

    It’s all okay cause of the lead up to thanos ending that streak

  • Giancarlo Vidal
    Giancarlo Vidal Day ago

    Infinity War

  • Rene Veldman
    Rene Veldman Day ago


  • Lysets vokter
    Lysets vokter Day ago

    X men is owned by Fox.. Not the same...
    I don't like marvel movies made by Disney 😷
    Anime is for children.... Same with super heroes..

  • frogquen xx
    frogquen xx Day ago

    superheroes don’t always win... I’m still having Infinity War depression

  • Cale Gilbert
    Cale Gilbert Day ago

    You are the John wick of TheXvid homie love the videos keep it up kicking so much ass 😂

  • aisyah putrii
    aisyah putrii Day ago

    poods got a point

  • mercy smith
    mercy smith Day ago +1

    Am I the only person who actually full heartedly agree with Felix’s opinion?. They’re just way too overrated ( the marvel movies ) and the industry is just milking it to get more profit since the hype is still happening and people just keep demanding these mundane movies to be produced.

  • Mason Licona
    Mason Licona Day ago +1

    Infinity war?

  • ThePhoenix 101
    ThePhoenix 101 Day ago +1

    One: Marvel movies ARENT only for teens
    Two: The heroes lost in Avengers Infinity War
    Three: Not all villains want to destroy the world. Some want revenge and some want peace (THANOS in his mind)

    • Guyfromwa
      Guyfromwa 13 hours ago

      ThePhoenix 101
      One: right, he forgot little kids.
      Two: It's a two-part movie
      Three: He's doing that by killing half the universe/galaxy/whatever. That's still destruction.

  • Century ZERO
    Century ZERO Day ago

    I respect your opinion but, PSA:

    Good day.

  • Helm Thunderson
    Helm Thunderson Day ago

    I agreed with you until you started to actually criticize people for enjoying the movies. Like, I get it. You are pretty fed up with the toxic part of comic book fans. But don't go calling anyone who likes Marvel Movies immature like you did when you mentioned shounen being targeted towards teenagers.

  • Emma Inderhaug
    Emma Inderhaug Day ago

    2:37 infinty war but its only part 1 so you know what imma shut up

  • Comic book gamer

    I prefer dc comics, so much better than anything made by marvel

  • Jephener Ben
    Jephener Ben Day ago

    4:28 how didn't he get demonetized

  • Prajwal Jayaraj
    Prajwal Jayaraj Day ago

    It's satisfying to see Pewdiepie grow up and mature and smarten up. Thank you Felix for speaking your mind( that is the reason I came back to your channel). This guy is like an honest, wise, analytical pop-culture journalist. I grew up on DC and Marvel comics and I feel the same way as Felix does. Though Marvel is trying hard to innovate. Winter Soldier was a political thriller and it dealt with themes like betrayal, immoral espionage,and friendship among other things. And Stan Lee doesn't deserve the worship he gets as there were many others who contributed to the comic books. Ever since they replaced Whedon with the Russo brothers, things are looking up for Marvel. They're close to breaking out of the formula. As a 16 year old, I can see through these movies,. The problem is people are idiots and they lack individualism. They go with the flow. They don't stop and think about something. They think,"Do, people like it? OK they do? Great, I like it too!". And it's people like this that piss me off. People like Neil Gaiman also grew up with comic books you don't see him gushing over Thor's new haircut or Thor's new hammer or Thor's new underwear. Those idiots at Marvel rejected his script fr a Doctor Strange movie in favour of the formulaic, Doctor Strange we got.
    The sad thing is that the same ids who asked me If I was Dracula for Haloween[I was Doctor Strange(this was like 5 years before the movie came out and no one knew him)] now have Doctor Strange phone covers and wallpapers and t-shirts and so on.

  • Detective David Mills

    Blade >>>>>>>> Black Panther

  • Sam Martin
    Sam Martin Day ago +1

    Infinity war did it differently xD

  • David Umali
    David Umali Day ago +2

    Tbh pewds. I agree but

    Have you seen Thor ragnarok, Black Panther, Ant man and the wasp plus infinity war? Maybe? Maybe not? Marvel created Movies with the same formula for years and now they made it different. They packed character arc, character development, romance and humor. But I agree nonetheless because it's your opinion

  • Krizia Garcia
    Krizia Garcia Day ago

    I'm both a anime fan and Marvel fan, and I respect your opinion 🙏🏻💕

  • J E
    J E Day ago

    2:42 Avengers infinity war Lol

  • Sean Johnson
    Sean Johnson Day ago

    I dont like marvel movies either. Long time Xmen fan, but the movies suck

  • Zanikan T
    Zanikan T Day ago

    marvel is good but i do not understand

  • DeathInMoonlitShadow

    As a adopted person, Guardians 2 is deep as hell for me. Figuring out yondu was the dad he always wanted gets me every time.

  • The Jacob Howell

    Thank u PEWDSSSS EXACTLY , it’s bs!!! And annoying , they act like just bc somebody isn’t their skin color you can’t idolize them .

  • Boombitty Bipz
    Boombitty Bipz Day ago

    the first fire-fight in john wick I is AWESOME. Personally, I also like the Kingsmen movies, in spite of the special effects. I love Colin Firth and they are more believable, if not somewhat hokey.

  • Boombitty Bipz
    Boombitty Bipz Day ago


  • ajayZX1
    ajayZX1 Day ago

    I hate marvel movies and I agree

  • Mate Reacts
    Mate Reacts Day ago

    infinity war went a different way thanos won

    1000000000 views 2 days ago +1

    wrong in civil war the heroes loose and fight each other and who cares and their superheroes they all have to win at the end or else the whole franchise would stop and a'lot of superheros are gonna die in the second part of infinity war so that's gonna be really different, it's also satisfying seeing the bad guy lose at the end and but overall just seeing heroes and villains kicking ass is entertaining they can also be really relatable and lots of kids look up to them and watch their movies or read comics as a way of escaping when some shit is going on in their lives or because the heroes have the same problem in their life, and id rather have a kid look up to spiderman than jake paul and i can say the same for anime as well, like when i first started watching naruto i related to him a'lot but you seem to have had a great childhood so i don't really except you to understand. Also, not being a dick but aren't your videos all the same lol

  • Ella Selth
    Ella Selth 2 days ago +1


  • Chris hogan
    Chris hogan 2 days ago

    If you could though look up watchmen that's a super hero movie I feel like you could enjoy but it's also not marvel

  • Chris hogan
    Chris hogan 2 days ago

    I really love marvel movies but I completely understand where he's coming from you keep having your opinions

  • Zero Citizen
    Zero Citizen 2 days ago

    Listen, Felix. I watched this video three months ago and I still can't get it out of my mind. You made me feel inferior for liking something. I know it's not your problem. I hoped that typing his out would make me feel better. If it doesn't, well, I guess I'll be talking about PewDiePie in therapy.

  • Macedonian Hack Club

    DC is underrated

  • Sayia
    Sayia 2 days ago

    I would actually like to see an Eskimo superhero movie lmao

  • Steve Knobs
    Steve Knobs 2 days ago

    Im so shocked reading the comments. cuz pewds did it... he achieved a comment section of my dreams. People stating opinion as opinion, and not trying to spam their opinions in everyones(my) face.

  • Marvel titan123
    Marvel titan123 2 days ago +1


  • Eden Haines
    Eden Haines 2 days ago

    Finallyy!! They are 100% overrated. And for some reason im the only one in my friend group who is crazy enough to think so. With all the money and time gone in to the movies there not thought out or original in any wayy

  • dooms daisy
    dooms daisy 2 days ago

    What's funny is he criticized the nostalgia aspect but I'm legit only watch him for nostalgia

  • Caleb Sandoval
    Caleb Sandoval 2 days ago

    So glad there’s someone who tells it like it is!!

  • Hey There
    Hey There 2 days ago

    I understand that u don’t like the MCU and I have the right to I can’t argue with that but u said atleast naruto worked hard to get powers... but so did iron man to create the suit and black panther to become king of wakanda and Bruce to create the hulk serum thingy and a lot more superheroes like Batman or the arrow

  • I'm Going To Swim to Korea because I'm broke

    I’m pretty sure the video is sponsored by DC

  • Barbara Quaye
    Barbara Quaye 2 days ago

    "The Bachelor/Bachelorette" literally has a worse plot line and audiences keep tuning in by the millions. #OddAnimalBehavior

  • socially tired
    socially tired 2 days ago

    Marvel is boring to me cause I've grown up with DC and DC have more interesting characters and stories with a dark side that not all have a good ending which I love. But Marvel always have a good or same endings. Besides Deadpool and X-man. Marvel had a good fucking idea thennnnnnn back to the boring shit.

  • WalrusRider
    WalrusRider 2 days ago

    Wonder Woman has been my fav Super Hero movie the last few years. The 1978 Superman movie still rocks

  • Zohayr Asym
    Zohayr Asym 2 days ago

    DC for lyf

  • Trent M
    Trent M 2 days ago

    I agree

  • Annisa Nuriowandari
    Annisa Nuriowandari 2 days ago

    Lol true. It's just predictable, similar plot, and it's so popular that TV is going to air it someday, so why pay for the movie ticket?

  • Zhou SY
    Zhou SY 2 days ago

    I think criticising anime to defend Marvel movies isn't a very valid comeback. Given that anime is basically just another form of entertainment, not a single genre. Even though I won't disagree that a lot of anime series are formulaic and bland to me nowadays but my opinion still stands.

  • McCauley Baker
    McCauley Baker 2 days ago

    If you think about it Pewds, your LWIAY’s are basically the Marvel movies of TheXvid...

  • Zoe Schultz
    Zoe Schultz 2 days ago

    "Give me one out of these 30 movies that the hero doesn't win"
    Infinty war.

    • IndoFilm484
      IndoFilm484 2 days ago

      Zoe Schultz yea and then part two comes out and whoops, still the same cheap story

  • _ _
    _ _ 2 days ago

    I don’t like marvel movies either, dc as well, all in all, I never liked superhero movies..... all ‘popular’ movies in general actually. I already lost all my interest in anything movie related that’s too hyped up, especially ones with ‘defensive, obsessed fans’ and people taking advantage of said fans’ obsession with it. All of it, spoiled and ruined.

  • Ashley Lewis
    Ashley Lewis 2 days ago

    You clearly don't watch the movies. So you don't get an opinion plus half the movies you listed aren't in the MCU!

  • Justin Shuster
    Justin Shuster 2 days ago

    2:40 Logan, kind of at least

  • joy ektum
    joy ektum 2 days ago

    don't like them either don't worry

  • GO! Go! Zeppeli!
    GO! Go! Zeppeli! 2 days ago +1

    You make a lot of sense!!
    The idolisation of those heroes are crazy.....

      1000000000 views 7 hours ago

      people idolize them because them because of what they thrive for or because they can relate or because they have some shit going on in their life and so do the heroes

    MEHERNOSH. M.F. 2 days ago

    Wht bout infinity war

  • PushySaiyan
    PushySaiyan 2 days ago +9

    I like anime, I like marvel movies, anime stories are way better and have more value to them, all marvel movies are the same

    • Blazera _123
      Blazera _123 4 hours ago

      1000000000 views you forgot about Deadpool

    • Bagrat
      Bagrat 4 hours ago

      what you mean??? the hero won in infinity war?!?!

    • Okan Özalan
      Okan Özalan Day ago

      Nope everything has the same story line

      1000000000 views 2 days ago +2

      witch ones? cause the heroes in infinity war lost and ik some will come back but most will die, civil war was different, the villain in spider man was like a drug dealer trying to provide for his family the best he could, and the vililan in black panther wanted to help the black communities, logan was really different

  • assetruler 69
    assetruler 69 2 days ago

    Every time PewDiePie makes "smart" videos like that in which he does sounds like he is somewhat grown man(almost kinda) it makes me feel strange about all that wierd stuff he does to appeal to his audience. I am talking about all that playing a fool which he does. Is_this_a_meme_intoxication.jpg

  • kuronekouhai
    kuronekouhai 2 days ago

    Agree with all your opinion except that i like logan and wolverine.his story are da BOMB....although logan ending are quite different from its marvel comic(based on what my brother told me) but it is entertaining....

  • Alish Rai
    Alish Rai 2 days ago


  • NegX
    NegX 2 days ago

    "Thots that shouldnt be controversial"

  • Ryan Mah
    Ryan Mah 2 days ago

    I agree with your points but there are some movies that are actually good and don't fall into your criticisms. These include:
    All of the Iron Man movies:
    The point of the Iron Man movies isn't the good guy stopping the bad guy's plan. No one cares about the bad guy. They're just plot devices. The point of these movies is to see how Tony Stark evolves. Tony Stark actually worked for his powers unlike the other Marvel Superheros
    Thor Ragnarok:
    Anyone who's watched this movie will know that it is a Marvel movie in name only. A majority of the film is just Chris Hemsworth being Chris Hemsworth.
    Spider Man Homecoming:
    This film wasn't about the good guy defeating the bad guy. It was about how a regular teenager would operate in a world full of superheroes
    Doctor Strange:
    Purely a popcorn flick. This film is good because of the action scenes alone. Also, it was pretty clever at times.

  • Wing Ridden Angel
    Wing Ridden Angel 2 days ago

    honestly, i do agree about the movies. the part i don’t understand is why you would make an entire video complaining about them, rather than just stop watching the damn things. makes no sense. must be struggling to come up with ideas because this rant was about the most unnecessary rant i’ve ever watched. i’m a fan, but this was honestly pointless. if you hate the Marvel movies and you’re sick of them being so predictable then stop watching them.. i don’t watch movies that i hate. i don’t get what that accomplishes or what one would get out of that. is it enjoyable to sit there and say “hey you know, i hate this type of movie, so let me watch several of them and go on a rant about how bad i think they are”.?? is that fun? like i don’t disagree with you having this opinion and i don’t think you’re wrong for having one, but i don’t see a whole video on the subject being that necessary. if you hate it, don’t watch it. that would be like me purposely eating a meal i know i don’t like, then going online to tell everyone how much i hate it. you make it sound like you continue to watch Marvel movies, yet you can’t stand them due to saturation, predictability, etc... what purpose does this serve?

  • Clara Boime
    Clara Boime 2 days ago

    You forgot Deadpool again