• Published on May 4, 2018
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Comments • 116 573

  • sz azert
    sz azert Day ago

    I don't like marvel movies either but many of your ponts were just invalid

  • Kitten Comics
    Kitten Comics Day ago

    i hate em too... were even!!!!!!!! :3

  • amoto ghy
    amoto ghy Day ago

    to sum it up : it's boring.

  • Alfie Maunder
    Alfie Maunder Day ago


  • noponwisdom t
    noponwisdom t Day ago

    ironman have souper power

  • julioCesarNO
    julioCesarNO Day ago

    Aaaannnd... he got disliked bombed

  • Rajdeep Sengupta

    Civil War was completely different

  • Armaan Khan
    Armaan Khan 2 days ago

    You're right bro.. marvel sucks and their fanboys are 9 year old kids😂

  • Joshua Mark
    Joshua Mark 2 days ago

    Personally. I don't mind being able to see where the story is going. I read a LOT, and because of that, I can see where the story is going most of the time, no matter the genre, as you will find that most stories follow very similar rules in progression, and even if two stories are almost completely different, you'll find you can still guess what will happen next in most cases. I just want to tell pewdiepie he shouldn't ever get into reading, since he probably wouldn't be able to handle knowing how everything will generally go.

  • Eddie Nolan
    Eddie Nolan 2 days ago

    The good thing about infinity war is that a lot of characters got killed which means less marvel movies

  • Cynthializ 98
    Cynthializ 98 2 days ago

    Deadpool 2 is different I think, no?

  • Random User
    Random User 2 days ago

    Jesus Christ these comments

  • Patrick Chen
    Patrick Chen 2 days ago

    Ok but this is low key true pls don't attack marvel fanboys

  • Lina
    Lina 2 days ago

    My sister actually believes in all the stuff that happens in Marvel movies...

  • joseph roszell
    joseph roszell 3 days ago

    You missed a few hulk movies and I really have a hard time thinking the Incredible Hulk movie syncs up with the avengers I mean I mean is anything referenced in that movie maybe it's not canon or was hulk cheating on Betty with black widow? Everyone always gives Thor shit but where the fuck is banner and Betty? And I really like the Incredible Hulk but if it's avengers canon then they have a very of the super soldier serum in cold storage???whee in the avengers they say the hulk was created trying to recreate the super serum.

  • Muge .Oskay
    Muge .Oskay 3 days ago

    6:45 sounds like Marizia hahah

  • The5armdamput33
    The5armdamput33 3 days ago

    "Over-saturated and formulaic"
    < You laugh, you lose....
    "All the bad guys want 'destruction' and the good guys want 'peace'
    > Try watching one, please....
    > Didn't you use 'Deadpool' as an example??
    > And let's excuse DC for this as well....

  • Kiwča
    Kiwča 3 days ago

    I The Avengers Infinity War superheroes lose and vilian win😅 This is sad😕 And Marvel had Venom and he is vilian.... This is good film, watch this and you will like Marvel😅❤

  • Jake Villarino
    Jake Villarino 3 days ago

    Look I love marvel movies hahaha I grew with it but I also grew up with pwediepie. He just has opinions.

  • Luke Sewell
    Luke Sewell 3 days ago

    You crossed the line from freedom from criticism when you said adults who like Marvel are weird. You condescendingly state that people who like Marvel creep you out and then say “oh like whatever you want i don’t care” when you obviously do. It surprises me that you could actually think less of the human being just because they enjoy watching some mindless action.

  • Luke Sewell
    Luke Sewell 3 days ago

    Felix, your first argument is what we call basic story structure. One person wants something (Protagonist) other person/thing is in the way ( Antagonist).

  • sallen624
    sallen624 3 days ago

    I taste...salt.

  • Vancatcutie 1248
    Vancatcutie 1248 3 days ago

    All the likes are from DC fans

  • Vancatcutie 1248
    Vancatcutie 1248 3 days ago

    Watch the movies first also if u didn’t know they arent all the same are all of them with the same title no so they aren’t all same

  • Killacam Hi
    Killacam Hi 3 days ago

    I agree

  • Joseph Kony
    Joseph Kony 4 days ago

    Just look at the butthurt fanboy counter. 73k teenagers stayed home from school to write an essay in your comments. *That's a superpower.*

  • Anjitha Naduvath
    Anjitha Naduvath 4 days ago

    I love marvel. U don't. U have your likes and dislikes and I respect that. But if you want to know 'who even cares about the next antman movie?' ...just check their box office collection.

  • Lich King
    Lich King 4 days ago

    Thin skinned, Marvel fanboys in the comments.

  • Gakkari Aki
    Gakkari Aki 4 days ago

    Thank you. I've been saying the same thing for a while now. They just dazzle the audiences with explosions and a little humor without offering any real substance. And the way they always beat the villains pisses me off. If you can't just outright beat em in a fair fight, use some cheap and convenient trick or tag team their ass like a bunch of sore losers. Forget getting better or stronger, that's for anime weebs! They're fun to watch, sure, but ultimately it's just tiresome at this point.

  • GameRocket 1
    GameRocket 1 4 days ago

    Boy wait till you watch Infinity War.

  • Isabella Soreco
    Isabella Soreco 4 days ago

    "If at least one of these movies went on a different path"

  • Floppy Disk
    Floppy Disk 4 days ago

    You have no idea how many kids idolizing Tony Stark. A few of them is actually design their iron suit or other imaginary technologies. But of course Felix, with ur logic it's better for them for idolizing Naruto.. Geez

    BUCKYUFO // UK 4 days ago

    you are bald

  • Hana Jafari
    Hana Jafari 5 days ago

    i feel like he hasn't seen infinity war

  • L_sur69
    L_sur69 5 days ago

    I recommend you watch zankyou no terror it's a very interesting and plot twisted anime

  • Holz Hauer
    Holz Hauer 5 days ago

    Marvel is shit!

  • XpertGreek Gamer
    XpertGreek Gamer 5 days ago

    I stopped carying about movies after spiderman 3. And i liked spiderman 3............ Still Marvel is better than DC but very, *_VERY_* flawed.

  • melanie melisa
    melanie melisa 5 days ago

    It's understandable , it's his personal dislike towards marvel,
    I felt the same feeling as Felix about the ending is predictable and all but I still enjoy the movie nevertheless the ending because I want a good ending and if it's a sad ending I wouldn't mind either (except the crying for 24 hours straight and when u finally move on then someone came in and reminded u about the scene and just brought back the tears)

  • Dani
    Dani 5 days ago

    When he said that the fanbase was weird, he actually meant cringy ;)

  • cody roy
    cody roy 5 days ago

    welp time to sub to t series

  • pete mathew
    pete mathew 5 days ago +1

    Thats why me and Felix watch Anime...

  • Momo MD
    Momo MD 6 days ago

    I guess it's like being tired of cheap Disney movies

  • Victor Siwaphiwe
    Victor Siwaphiwe 6 days ago

    I am a fan of Marvel movies but I gotta say that Pewdiepie has some actual good valid points which I agree with.

  • Victor Siwaphiwe
    Victor Siwaphiwe 6 days ago

    Thanos won in Infinity War and he's a supervillian.

    • Mine haverok
      Mine haverok 6 days ago

      You think that in Infinity War part II they won't reverse almost everything he did?

  • chandler tribbiani
    chandler tribbiani 6 days ago

    I love PewDiePie but the things he said here just a bunch of crap and irrelevant

  • Wesley Namney
    Wesley Namney 6 days ago

    There’s a cult?

    [JESSICA] 6 days ago

    This is a fantastic video

  • Garret Abeyta
    Garret Abeyta 7 days ago

    Don't look at the comments...cancerous

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous 7 days ago

    I just wanna say Pewds is wrong on some parts, for one Iron Man actually doesn’t have powers, and did work hard to make his suits. Also Black Panther is good because it embraces African culture, and Infinity War doesn’t at all follow Pewd’s pattern of Superhero fights bad guy and wins.

  • Emily DeVaney
    Emily DeVaney 7 days ago

    Hey man dont fuck with my X-Men movies. Im just gonna pretend you didn't make this video

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous 7 days ago

    There are too many Spider-Man movies, who needs to see Uncle Ben get shot 10 times

  • General Grievous
    General Grievous 7 days ago

    I love most marvel movies but Infinity War wasn’t the best

  • Simrri Salazar
    Simrri Salazar 7 days ago

    Dont worry pewdiepie, marval sucks ass, a couple good movies, to me is just the two deadpools and spooderman homecoming, that was such a great movie, but besides that pretty boring, fell asleepp through most of them

  • Pradeep Narula
    Pradeep Narula 7 days ago

    Have you not seen infinity war?



  • elena S.
    elena S. 8 days ago +1

    'Superhero wants peace, supervillain wants destruction' that's not even half of the marvel movies. You should probably watch them before reviewing them and saying why you don't like them.

  • Syyner
    Syyner 8 days ago

    Congrats. You're dead inside lol

  • The Movie Scenes _
    The Movie Scenes _ 8 days ago

    Haha pewdiepie tries to Defend his Channel because makes more money

  • Jay Yadav
    Jay Yadav 8 days ago

    Dc is the best(actually I'm a comic book fan).

  • Bijhan
    Bijhan 8 days ago


  • Killer fox 5
    Killer fox 5 8 days ago

    Wait has avengers infinity war out when this video was released?

  • Dervy 593
    Dervy 593 9 days ago

    Jesus Christ people really do like marvel people r actually wasting there time on y they love marvel and how each marvel movies is different is I’m sure people have better things to do

  • Lich King
    Lich King 9 days ago +2

    All superhero movies are stupid IMO. They're so cliche, and are the same old things over and over. And the ending to Infinity War was so predictable.

  • Jonah Ginsburg
    Jonah Ginsburg 9 days ago +1

    i agree marvel is repetitive but its still good plus dc suck in my opinion though

    DIO ZLATAN 9 days ago +1

    Watch Watchmen

  • Probably Sleeping
    Probably Sleeping 9 days ago

    "Why did it take 18 films for Black Panther to come out?" Because the MCU has a fucking timeline. Marvel can't just release Black Panther then Captain America, they need to show to audience how it all started or begin.

  • misfit danzig
    misfit danzig 9 days ago

    I like marvel films! just not the mcu! Too many crossovers and I hate when fans say/ write DC sucks. Well DC came out first and marvel 2nd. But they always like the mcu films not the comics.

  • New Colors
    New Colors 9 days ago

    but pewds. its s u p p o s e d to be unrealistic. how can we make something unrealistic feel real. you cant. cus its not real. also nyeh anime weeb headass

  • R. Randy Afriansyah
    R. Randy Afriansyah 9 days ago

    TEENAGER" thats the point

  • supanhan lavanathan
    supanhan lavanathan 9 days ago

    This is his opinion and is the truth.

  • Aakash R
    Aakash R 9 days ago


  • Aakash R
    Aakash R 9 days ago

    Spiderman is the best marvel film

  • mcarlin molin
    mcarlin molin 9 days ago

    infinity wars...

  • mcarlin molin
    mcarlin molin 9 days ago


  • Anthony Johnson
    Anthony Johnson 9 days ago

    He just hated Marvel movies because of how often punching Nazi's is an aspect in them.

  • Ivan Garcia
    Ivan Garcia 9 days ago

    I agree people do follow superheros as idiols but, I dont agree that theres no morals in super heros. I mean I get a lot of my morals from Vegeta and Goku from DBZ. Vegeta has pride and self worth in himself and the people he cares about. No matter what he always pushes himself despite the odds. Goku teaches to have love and compassion with people because you never know if they will end up as allies. I had friends who were rivals at one point and next thing you know we are like brothers. Goku has this unbreakable character persona and despite sometimes being surrounded by terrible people or going through a hard time. He always manages to be naively optimistic and a good person, thats something I wish people more often can do in real life. Its insane people are so depressed and the suicide rate has increased dramatically, to point killing yourself is the leading cause of death in the West.

  • L0rd G3nom
    L0rd G3nom 9 days ago +1

    Wow finally someone is speaking the truth! I used to like superhero movies when they were released every 2 to 3 years. But now, I am sick of them and I want them to go away, DC and Marvel alike. My reasons for this are: 1. majority of them follow the same plot, 2. they are all highly predictable, 3. they discourage movie studios from actually making artistic movies, since they can just make superhero movies and make a gazillion dollars. Oh and lastly, I hate superhero movies because the fanboys are so cancerous, I mean the comments they make on youtube, good god, it's just a fucking movie mate, chill the fuck out.

  • Uganda Nano
    Uganda Nano 10 days ago +1

    I'm really disappointed in your opinion Felix...

    • Uganda Nano
      Uganda Nano 8 days ago

      +Professor Oak no, I'm disappointed in why he does hate them, all of his opinions are childish and he doesn't know that half the videos in the video aren't for marvel other companies bought the rights and they are wanted to gain money fast, the x men series amd the fantastic four was for Fox, the spider man series and the amazing spider man was for sony, and MCU was for marvel

    • Professor Oak
      Professor Oak 9 days ago

      Because he doesn't like Marvel movie?

  • Cloud Strife
    Cloud Strife 10 days ago +1

    this comment section will be a great war between 2 or more great nations...

  • First Sur
    First Sur 10 days ago +6

    too many "childish" "illogical" "weird" "everyone is entitled with their own opinion" comments here.
    just let pewds not like what he doesnt like, and let yourselves enjoy marvel without trying to feed someone else with your own likes

    • First Sur
      First Sur 3 days ago

      +Luke Sewell isnt it just to not offend those ppl??
      im also a marvel fan, not a diehard, but still consider myself as a fan.
      but i rlly just dgaf abt what pewds say. just keep loving marvel movies haha.

    • Luke Sewell
      Luke Sewell 3 days ago +1

      First Sur Well considering he blatantly insults adults who like the films, and then says “oh but like whatever you want to ...” is kinda just a front for his judge mental beliefs.

    • Axel Northwood
      Axel Northwood 5 days ago +1

      Nice say

  • Timexy Emerald
    Timexy Emerald 10 days ago

    Did’t agree to the viseo....liked it anyway

  • LimitedEdition
    LimitedEdition 10 days ago +1

    Hey we're all different people, different opinions, different likings. You guys need to know that

  • LimitedEdition
    LimitedEdition 10 days ago

    *infinity war*

  • Thanh Vo
    Thanh Vo 10 days ago +1

    It's great seeing those comments bragging about Pewds' opinion lmao

  • Sujay Saseedhar
    Sujay Saseedhar 10 days ago +2

    Okay, people scrolling to the comments, before you nitpick on every point made in this video. Pewds, Felix, I have watched your channel for years now, but you need to hear me out. 0:41, yes, I guess you do have sort of a point there, but you must admit DC's even worse, Superman, Superman II, Superman III, Batman, Batman II, Batman III, Batman IIII, Superman IIII, Batman Begins, TDK, TDKR, Man of steel, etc. I am not angry at this, I respect that this is your opinion and think you are brave to post a video on this knowing you will get so much hate, but how many of these movies have you seen? Yes, it is the same thing the first few movies with Iron Man and the Hulk, though as the movies progress, so do the writers, and directors. Civil War: A movie about a once united team torn apart by different beliefs and government issues. Thor Ragnarok: The movie that gave a bigger aspect on a hero that is mostly seen as serious, and made him more likeable to watch, learning from their mistakes from Thor 2, and forcing him to overcome problems beyond him. Spiderman Homecoming: It shows Peter Parker at slight different angles from the other films, showing his weaknesses, and overcoming them in times of need. I could go on but I know even I would get bored of this. And my last point, Idolization(Im pretty sure thats a word). Here is what you got wrong pewds, people idolize these heroes not because of the powers they posses, but because of how they create characters who are human enough we can see ourselves or who we want to be. Captain America's selflessness and his ability to stay true to his moral values, and how Iron-Man goes from a selfish person not caring one bit that the weapons he designs hurt people, and reforms himself to a selfless and caring person who is willing to risk his life to save others. @8*%$(Christian Channel) I just realized how much I typed in one comment, anyways, yeah that is all there really is for me to say.

  • Dylan Mangezvo
    Dylan Mangezvo 10 days ago

    Is he a DCEU fanboy

  • Dylan Mangezvo
    Dylan Mangezvo 10 days ago


  • Angel Salgado
    Angel Salgado 11 days ago


  • nozza brah
    nozza brah 11 days ago

    anime is gay lol

  • Виктория Райская

    лайк, кто из России, сука блять! :D

  • amr_ 2k
    amr_ 2k 11 days ago

    So true... Although deadpool is great and worth watching

  • Potato Quality
    Potato Quality 11 days ago

    Dude, Naruto literally gained the nine tailed fox right after being born. Just like Spiderman, he put no effort for those powers.

  • Pharah
    Pharah 11 days ago +1

    Did felix even watch Infinity War?

  • Asttron james
    Asttron james 11 days ago +1

    You're a D.C. fan.You talk about relying on special effects well did you watch Captain America Winter Soldier most of it was real.Marvel movies are for teens cause they're made by Disney but X men F 4 Logan and Deadpool are not for kids.In fact they don't even belonged to Marvel they were sold to Fox studios.

  • Trexatron
    Trexatron 11 days ago

    7:10 is everyone watching this video

  • Renegade Operative
    Renegade Operative 11 days ago

    I'm just here to add my routine dislike.

  • Richardw77
    Richardw77 12 days ago

    U don’t like marvel 😡😡🤬

  • Comsing8
    Comsing8 12 days ago

    You are my hero.

  • Hi there white people I find your IGNORANCE CUTE


    • Udit Choudhury
      Udit Choudhury 12 days ago

      Why are you commenting *everything in bold* if it's not a big deal for you.

  • answer
    answer 12 days ago

    Excuse me, WTeeeeeee?