• Published on May 4, 2018
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  • venkatesh prabu
    venkatesh prabu 6 minutes ago

    welcome to DC

  • yuchen su
    yuchen su 12 minutes ago

    very critical

  • Macinbop
    Macinbop 14 minutes ago

    Spider man movies were made by Sony. When marvel got the rights, they did it right. And a villain who doesn't see himself as evil or is t doing anything wrong, it's thanos. People get excited about avengers because all their favorite characters are going to be in one movie. All the 19 movies lead up to infinity war one way or another, that's why there are different phases. And they didn't make black panther before because there are much more popular super heros like iron man and captain America and the hulk, so if they make them first, they can actually kick off the franchise. The X-Men movies are marvel stories, but the movies aren't by marvel. People idolize the superheroes not because of their powers, but generally who they are. And there is no cult surrounding marvel. People just love the actors. And Stan Lee is God. He made most of the characters and groups u see in the movies today, so all this is because of him and Jack Kirby. And was batman v super very good? Was justice league good? DC has had 3 good movies ever. Wonder woman, Dark knight, and dark knight rises. Why don't u rant about DC movies? Bitch

  • KSI
    KSI 42 minutes ago

    I’m both anime and superheroes fan, honestly 18+ anime is way more unpredictable and interesting, eg :- deathnote, future diary etc, They May not be realistic but u can connect to the protagonist and also get attached to the story completely, Good anime aren’t for kids, grow up haters...

  • Dark Sider
    Dark Sider 2 hours ago

    So you say that you don't like Marvel movies yet you are criticizing adults and fans who still enjoy them, also there is nothing wrong with them seeing the actor in a costume on stage they are just excited to see them in person, that just goes to show how much low self-esteem you really have, if you don't like the movies then don't watch them but don't criticize adults and fans just because you don't understand how they still like Marvel movies, you have officially lot my respect.

  • Javier Chinchilla Rodriguez

    I got a fucking scary ad

  • Aea Desamito
    Aea Desamito 3 hours ago

    but did u watch infinity war. it's different now. all super heroes will lose

  • abishay forys
    abishay forys 3 hours ago

    “i am an eskimo! who am i supposed to idolize! i’m so lost!” 😂😂😂

  • Enderlord PGS
    Enderlord PGS 4 hours ago


  • MEGS-agario
    MEGS-agario 4 hours ago

    deadpool is a mercinarie

  • MEGS-agario
    MEGS-agario 4 hours ago

    70k dislike

  • Logan
    Logan 5 hours ago

    its like the disney princesses the way they try and make everyone feel special

  • Manuel Cuisiniez
    Manuel Cuisiniez 5 hours ago

    Felix: I'm not gonna spoil who dies in Infinity War
    Also felix: They're not going to stop making Iron Man films if he died, they're still making Spider-Man movies

  • Hey it’s that Kid
    Hey it’s that Kid 6 hours ago

    Did you see infinity war

  • sky martim
    sky martim 6 hours ago

    You forgot ghost rider

  • Josh Pollard
    Josh Pollard 7 hours ago

    You obviously didn't watch deadpool cause he took a different path from others

  • Josh Pollard
    Josh Pollard 7 hours ago

    Understood but Deadpool is actually the best 👀 he's funny af

  • Bufido
    Bufido 7 hours ago

    Why I like Marvel? Simple. I like shounen. You apparently don't. That's how opinions work.

  • The1Pumpkin
    The1Pumpkin 7 hours ago

    These days, there are no groups or clubs. There are cults.

  • Rishabh Singh
    Rishabh Singh 8 hours ago

    Comic Books> Animes
    but Animes>>>>Comic book movies
    1). Movies where that predictable ending doesn't happen- Civil War (The villain actually won, he planned to break the avengers and he did), Ragnarok (The whole movie was about preventing and stopping ragnarok, if you realize, Hela isn't actually the main villain, Ragnarok is), Winter Soldier (SHIELD gets infiltrated and destroyed, after WS, SHIELD no longer existed in the power it had). Besides being predictable, some movies focus more on character development or relation dynamics for example Spiderman Homecoming heavily focused on how Peter is just a teenager with greater than many will power, the show Daredevil actually focuses more on Matt Murdock's path of self righteousness. Also, Daredevil's action choreography is way better than John Wick.
    2). About CGI, we should be glad that production houses are actually relying on CGI instead of more practical effects, since it's more efficient and costs lesser. Also, of course superhero movies have to rely on CGI, if someone wants to show a scene in space, they can't literally shoot in it! In 2018, being a guy of tech and a creative artists, it's so orthodox of you to still support practical effects over CGI.
    3). Superheroes like Batman, Captain America, Daredevil can actually be a fairly good source of teaching self righteousness and ethics. There actions and decisions actually help. They can also prove to be a big inspiration for larger and growing will power. Idolizing superpowers is a different thing, and idolizing superheroes is a different thing.
    4). Superheroes like Ant-Man and Iron Man will be far more interesting to you if you realize the science behind them. You'll be fascinated to know the logic, the tech and scince. They can be inspiration for future technologies. Only a few know that Star Trek is the inspiration behind Mobile Phones, Bulletproof glass, Tractor Beams and whatnot. That TV show depicting a future came up with the idea first, then it became a reality. Superheroe movies shouldn't at all stop, they should just mean something way more than just an action-adventure flick.
    But in the end, you're partially right. MCU movies, at least the majority of them are absolutely shallow, and in the end rely only on CGI heavy action sequences. I mean, most of the people remember the climax of AoU or the Hulkbuster vs the Hulk fight sequence of the AoU, but only few realize that Ultron was a far more complex villain than shown, and same with Tony in Civil War. MCU movies in the end of the day, are just limited to there entertainment factor, and money making, nothing more.

  • Press Sart
    Press Sart 8 hours ago

    I hate them to

  • KayskolA
    KayskolA 8 hours ago

    7:20 I don't watch it much anymore but that's why I still love Supernatural and the actors who star in it. Not only are the characters hard working and have been through a lot, the actors themselves are good role models who promote and fundraise for real and importabt topics. They're also just good people. It's fun

  • KayskolA
    KayskolA 9 hours ago

    I don't really watch marvel movies either. I've watched Thor, Wonder woman, Dr strange, and black panther, that's about it.

  • Paul McKee
    Paul McKee 9 hours ago

    There's a lot bad with Marvel. Switch your brain off kind of films. So I agree with you on that front. However, anime is something I've tried watching a few times but I just can't enjoy them on any level. At least I have tried...

  • Mr. Plague Doctor
    Mr. Plague Doctor 9 hours ago

    Why is it that all “popular youtubers” don’t like marvel movies?

  • Simple_flowergilr miller

    I agree with Filex

  • SuperKoopaKaijuFilm s
    SuperKoopaKaijuFilm s 9 hours ago

    2:36.......infinity war

  • Jack Stoddart
    Jack Stoddart 10 hours ago

    wise words from pewds

  • PRAT1K
    PRAT1K 10 hours ago

    All da bastards who say pewds was wrong..... But anime?!?!!.. Don't mess with us!?!!!!!!.. K?.. And Naruto is not ur average shonen its the literal definition of emotions!!

  • Joseph Casey
    Joseph Casey 11 hours ago

    I'm gonna be a troll and say its visual affects not special for what you talking about

  • Sarah LaRock
    Sarah LaRock 11 hours ago

    I don’t understand the need some ppl have to idolize anyone in general. Like I don’t get why people exalt celebrities like they’re really that super special...

  • Mr_Blake's Web
    Mr_Blake's Web 11 hours ago

    What about infinity war?😁😁😁

  • Leafen
    Leafen 11 hours ago

    Your taste is why im not subbed to you.

  • GunbladeXBustersword
    GunbladeXBustersword 12 hours ago

    In their defense, tom hiddleston is really good looking

  • EsfixLock
    EsfixLock 12 hours ago +1

    Over saturation?? Really? didn't you grow your channel from constantly putting out game plays of basically the same crap? Not hating on you but your first point is ironic.

    T&H KINGDOM 12 hours ago

    Thanos won

  • Mini Wolf
    Mini Wolf 12 hours ago

    The only shounin anime that is different in my opinion is Gintama. Characters actually die and you don't know who. Sometimes it's the main character of that episode.

  • lander verbeek
    lander verbeek 12 hours ago

    waaait there are actually adults crying for the death off a fictional character? lmao

  • Sheldon Rossouw
    Sheldon Rossouw 13 hours ago

    logan pewds, but not hating

  • zakałapućkany
    zakałapućkany 13 hours ago +1

    Thor Ragnarok was fuckin AWESOME. You HAVE to watch it. I promise you wont regret. Oh and absolutely best superhero movie ever Unbreakable with Bruce Willis.

  • Madarashi™
    Madarashi™ 13 hours ago

    All types of entertainment is cancer. Final.

  • Super Trollman
    Super Trollman 14 hours ago


  • Ashraf Ahmed
    Ashraf Ahmed 14 hours ago

    where is the unsubscribe button?

    MUFFMAN 15 hours ago


  • FriedPasta !.!
    FriedPasta !.! 15 hours ago

    i am with you felix,I feel just like ya!!

  • Hussam Haider
    Hussam Haider 15 hours ago

    i like pewds ok , hes my favorite , but truth be told. i noticed that he always shits on anything that become famous and try to kill it just like the memes......

  • Matthew Salinas
    Matthew Salinas 15 hours ago

    U don't know the marvel storyline, if u did you'd see that there is depth to the movies

  • Anulcne Luth
    Anulcne Luth 16 hours ago

    Summary of the coments
    escapi reality
    argumnt flaws
    yor vid also the same agen nd again
    i hat8 u nows
    respek ech otters oponions
    i g0t marvl ads
    i dun getit
    disagre Wit you
    agree i hat8 marvel
    press like for my pet

  • Ramblin J
    Ramblin J 16 hours ago

    American psycho poster nice nice

  • Tristin McClain
    Tristin McClain 17 hours ago +1

    Yes they are all structured the same way but they have different material, different people really to different superheroes and it's more of a thing where we want to escape real life, not that they're the best movies that have ever been made, but if you use the argument that they're all structured the same way then There Goes almost every movie in your opinion, just saying

  • shubham jha
    shubham jha 17 hours ago

    Many people idolized GOD!
    Have you seen him?? Is he real??

  • 500 subs with only 1 scamming vids challenge


  • Perseus Pond
    Perseus Pond 18 hours ago

    Perseus Pond
    We like superheroes,not because I want their power or money.I like them because through all their experiences and stories ,they show the good/bad side of human,their virtue is what we adore.I like Spider-Man forever .And I always cry when I watch him die in 1610.I love him. I want to be brave,selfless and kind like him.(poor English,sorry)

  • Reel Trailers
    Reel Trailers 19 hours ago

    Watch Infinity War

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B 19 hours ago +1

    He's so salty because Disney cut off his contract

  • kamenballer
    kamenballer 19 hours ago +1

    I agree with pewdiepie here like damn even if this video runs an hour or two i will keep on watching because I get his point and I agree with him. I like watching Marvel and DC and their movies like the only time that I go and watch in cinema if the movie is a Superhero or Horror movie but that difference with me now is i only watch Marvel with Avengers title on it. At first maybe because It's my bias reasons since I'm more of a DC guy and a Spider-Man bias since I only watch SpiderMan movies in cinema even if it's a solo movie and I'm planning on watching all the future DCEU related title but no I came to the conclusion because of not liking "Every" solo film from Marvel is a bias reason for me because I feel the same way with DCEU I only like DCEU because of Superman, I became a Superman fan because of DCEU Man of Steel so I decided to only watch a Superman DCEU movie and Justice League movie like what I'm doing with Marvel with Spidey and Avengers movie so I will never feel this saturation or tiring feeling like what some people here gets because of Superhero movies.

  • Taine Davis
    Taine Davis 19 hours ago

    "the good guy always wins" literally avengers infinty war happens

  • Eric Olvera
    Eric Olvera 19 hours ago

    Dang that moment you realise felix is a cranky old man now :/

  • Dreaded Kitty
    Dreaded Kitty 20 hours ago

    im only on the first point, and hes wrong. He could say that about literally any other genre of movie. Most stories have the same story arc. I love pewds but hes kinda anti mainstream. (douchey)

  • aqua
    aqua 20 hours ago

    Finally someone said it!

  • Family Dog
    Family Dog 20 hours ago

    I love shonen anime. And it is still *BETTER* than marvel. This type of anime is totaly unrealistic, so unrealistic that it is became joke. (Great joke btw)
    Anime creators seems to be aware of it. And *embrace it*
    Marvel totally unrealistic too but they are trying to make look slightly realising. It ruins everything. It ruins all *epicness* but it does not add be more realism. It doesn't become more believable.
    I watched 15 marvel films in the cinema for last 10 years. Do not say I don't know what I am talking about.

  • bharath krishna
    bharath krishna 21 hour ago

    Iron man,black panther,dr strange,hawkeye,black widow,star lord....everyone MADE THEIR OWN POWERS

  • bharath krishna
    bharath krishna 21 hour ago

    Hey....Take civil war.....a normal guy beating 2 of the most powerfuo superheroes ever....does that conform to ur view that every superhero movie has a happy ending with the hero beating the supervillain !?!?

  • MrJimJam
    MrJimJam 21 hour ago

    I agree with you pewdiepie

  • giannis xalkis
    giannis xalkis 21 hour ago

    I dont like MARVEL MOVIES because its SHIT

  • Aero Floyd
    Aero Floyd 22 hours ago +1

    I grew up watching sesame street but that doesn't mean...... who am i kidding i still watch it everyday...

  • The Aelious
    The Aelious 22 hours ago

    Point 3: IMO the reason people idolize super heroes is either A, they want to be one or B, they want to feel protected by one. This point bugs me as well.
    Both at face value are ridiculous but the idea people can protect and help others with skills (powers) they have learned and cultivated is great.... if those who love superheroes followed it up. Most just put on a Captain America shirt (when he was still Captain America) and call it a day.

  • OndoyMark
    OndoyMark 23 hours ago +1

    You usually make good points Pewds....but you just seemed like a butthurt weaboo in this vid lmfao

  • Marvin Rei Miranda Jr.

    Well in the infinity war heroes aren't victorious in the end

  • gm gm
    gm gm Day ago +1

    ewwwww felix watches anime you are 3 year old ewwwwwww

    • Rizz CS
      Rizz CS 12 hours ago +1

      A lot of anime is aimed at adults, while all super hero movies are aimed at the 12-16 year old demographic. So your logic makes no sense, not that i expected a salty marvel fanboy to make any sense in the first place.
      Also, starting and ended your sentence with ''ewwwwww'' makes you look like a little kid. :>

  • Gustavo Mendoza
    Gustavo Mendoza Day ago

    Marvel is so mainstream now and DC is hated because of it when DC has been more successful in other aspects than movies
    1. Video games
    2. Animated series
    3. Animated movies
    4. Comic books
    The fan base that marvel has now is kind of annoying

  • Ahmad Izzman
    Ahmad Izzman Day ago

    its just business pewds. its just entertainment. its what people wants. its those people who didnt think like u do. like me. lol

  • Andy Flinch
    Andy Flinch Day ago

    I love Deadpool, but not a fan of the rest. I liked the original Spiderman as a kid. And I haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy, but My brother liked it. The only Batman I have ever liked is Adam West.
    Deadpool is the only one I know that I know of that are different from the other ones.

  • vincent mamac
    vincent mamac Day ago +1

    *Sponsored By DC*

  • Felipe Rowder
    Felipe Rowder Day ago

    & be sure that they will make a movie in which all dead guys are resurrected...

  • Ms. Talmania
    Ms. Talmania Day ago


  • Tanmay Das Kashyap

    you want Superhero movie to be real!!! That's the stupidest thing I have ever heard in your channel.

  • GrillTheClasher
    GrillTheClasher Day ago

    To each his own 🤷🏼‍♂️

  • SpaceEgg
    SpaceEgg Day ago

    Marvel movies are good but i dont get where all the megahype comes from

  • Buff Dough
    Buff Dough Day ago

    Infinity war comes out weeks later just to prove the great Pewdiepie wrong.

  • Kendell Rios
    Kendell Rios Day ago

    The watchmen... (Drops mic)

  • Xfushion2
    Xfushion2 Day ago

    I disagree with the digitalFX, sure Dark Knight flipped a real truck, but that's hardly why the movie is good.
    SFX wheter practial or digital are only there to make sure the movie looks good, they support the narrative but do not hold it just because something uses pratical fx does not make it a good movie nor engaging by itself.
    Take The Last Jedi for example it uses practical FX to "be an authentic Star Wars experience" and despite that is one of the worst movies ever made.
    Then There's Lord of the rings which has digital FX as it's bread and butter and the three movies are among the best ones ever made.
    Why? because the former script and story is horrible while the later is good, it does not matter if you presume about using practical effects if the movie is utter garbage.
    Also you can clearly see when someone put actuall effort into CGI, much like acting or practicalFX just look at Gollum (wich BTW would had never worked in practical) and tell me he's not belivable nor expressive. It took years to create him of not only animators, but designers and programmers. It's hard to believe but CGI takes actuall effort to make I don't know why people assume you just go Ctrl+M = monster or Ctrl+C = Car and that's it.
    As for Marvel movies... for the most part they have impressive quality CGI (like DR. Strange) but at the end of the day I like very VERY few, because the stories aren't very interesting to me.

  • RogueEagle
    RogueEagle Day ago +1

    Marvel is the one with the MOST toxic fan base i have seen, i don't mean ALL i mean MOST, to the point where if a movie has potential and reaches a high view/like rate above what would be expected and is not a part of MCU like Venom, they go to the lengths of trying to boycott the movie so that it won't reach all it could have, some fans of Marvel are nice people, but others...
    Marvel fanboys need to chill and stop acting like fanatics.

    • RogueEagle
      RogueEagle 16 hours ago

      sam rulz Salty much? get a life fanboy kkk

    • sam rulz
      sam rulz 23 hours ago

      stfu dccuck

  • Eric Cain
    Eric Cain Day ago

    Who gives a shit either way?

  • Leon Schmiedt
    Leon Schmiedt Day ago

    Ah your opinion makes me to engry reeeee

  • BestMasterBilly
    BestMasterBilly Day ago +1

    Superhero movies are an escape from reality, same as every other hobby anyone’s into. I don’t see what the purpose of roasting marvel was. There’s nothing wrong with the movies just like there’s nothing wrong with anime. The movies obviously appeal to a large number of people and I don’t see what’s wrong with that. And a lot of them do have their own artistic flair as well as important messages. The GOTG movies are a lot more colorful than the other marvel movies and are focused on family. I don’t see what is wrong with quirky jokes in movies, if you don’t like them then don’t watch them. No need for a video bashing movies that hundreds of people work a lot harder than any TheXvidr for the entertainment of others. Of course money is involved but you don’t become this successful on a franchise if your only interest is money. And I’m looking forward to Ant-man, another family themed light-hearted marvel movie.

  • Be Paranoid
    Be Paranoid Day ago

    infinitywar thanos wins

  • Be Paranoid
    Be Paranoid Day ago

    civil war villain dont have super power

  • jojo121
    jojo121 Day ago

    the thing about marvel movies is that almost every movie has something to do with infinity war, and other movie to come

  • pH3rD1N4nD
    pH3rD1N4nD Day ago

    Nothing left to say. Movies made for 25 year old man children

  • AK-47 Babe's Gaming Channel

    Marvel fans: *triggered*

  • Mr.Pool
    Mr.Pool Day ago

    *There is Cars 3 there... u know?!*

  • Ernest Vanegas
    Ernest Vanegas Day ago

    Stupid Twitch Thot

  • TheTDGamersTv Minecraft

    Marvel ads

  • astetik boi
    astetik boi Day ago

    Marvel is gay

  • Conysims
    Conysims Day ago

    8:10 I love Miraculous for the positive messages. 9:54 Also Miraculous.
    Just needed to share my love, sorry XD
    And yeah, I agree. I don't find Marvel movies very good either... and the jokes are terrible (just my opinion).

  • Pen Mage
    Pen Mage Day ago

    Naruto had the nine tailed fox, which gave him enourmous amounts of chakra and power and was used on multiple occasions to win fights that were completely out of his league (aka Haku)
    My name jeff

  • ExploreCraftCZ
    ExploreCraftCZ Day ago

    No because they save them in next avengers, i believe that. Next part will be biggest trash ever

  • ExploreCraftCZ
    ExploreCraftCZ Day ago

    Logan is like only great movie i ever saw from marvel. Only movie i truly enjoyed