"MS DHONI"◆ insane wicket keeping skills.

  • Published on Apr 18, 2017
  • ms the best wicket keeper in the cricket history ever.
    Music :: fatrat xenegenous
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    Bleed Cricket  Year ago +1731

    Thank you all for 1 million views.

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      Ams Chat Day ago

      @Sahil Shah written farat xenegenous

    • Asim Siddiqui
      Asim Siddiqui 2 days ago

      But why this video ended????

    • umair nawaab zada
      umair nawaab zada 5 days ago

      Bohot Mehnat Se Aur Bohot Badiya Video Banaai Hai Aapne Dhoni Is A Best Captain In Cricket History

    • Moon Khan
      Moon Khan 6 days ago

      no doubt.....they are really insane.....love from Pakistan

    • Ams Chat
      Ams Chat 7 days ago

      make more

  • Mohammed ashraf husaini
    Mohammed ashraf husaini 54 minutes ago

    My legend

  • Heartless Amit
    Heartless Amit Hour ago

    M.S.Dhoni is best cricketer in India

  • Amit Sharma
    Amit Sharma Hour ago

    Dhoni be like: Pichhe dekh Pichhe 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jayram Ram
    Jayram Ram Hour ago


  • Saurabh Pandey
    Saurabh Pandey Hour ago

    Mahi became serious.

  • Rahul Verma
    Rahul Verma 5 hours ago

    Apni century k liye ball barbad krna bhul gay kya great tendulkar

  • Techspotter
    Techspotter 6 hours ago

    Now where is icc that always putting strikes on the vids. Mf.

  • Truth Finder
    Truth Finder 8 hours ago +1

    Great Keeper Dhoni Pa jee
    Love from Pakistan

  • Vishal Prasad
    Vishal Prasad 10 hours ago

    Ball pakad rha h ki machhli(fish) pakad rha h...😆

  • GOODS : n , movie time
    GOODS : n , movie time 10 hours ago

    Wicket kipero ka baaap MS dhoni

  • Ayush Bisht
    Ayush Bisht 11 hours ago +1

    Hit the like for Ms dhoni

    RAM BAHADUR SHARMA 11 hours ago

    3rd umpire on work...while dhoni behind the wicket

  • sivakumar jonnada
    sivakumar jonnada 12 hours ago

    Dis like kottinavallu chettayadavalu

  • Jeevan Reddy
    Jeevan Reddy 15 hours ago


  • shubh bhatnagar
    shubh bhatnagar 19 hours ago

    Dhoni is love

  • tariq khan
    tariq khan 19 hours ago

    Dhoni is the best.

  • Mkla Janardhana
    Mkla Janardhana 20 hours ago

    Dhoni is like a god one ☝️ and only ms dhoni😎😘😍

  • Koushik Biswas
    Koushik Biswas 21 hour ago

    Love u ..Mr dhoni, u won millions f hearts!!

  • surender vellutla
    surender vellutla 22 hours ago

    World top keeper dhoni

  • Nikita Sinha
    Nikita Sinha 23 hours ago

    Hes so fast i just think that the guy got bowled

  • Shahariar Zico
    Shahariar Zico Day ago

    Really he is one of the best wicketkeeper in the world.I hope our country will have get it better his.

  • Roaster Boy Sahil[RBS]

    If I was a Indian International team bowler I won't Target stumps with I would Target near Dhoni Rest is in his hands And My team Got a wicket you will seee

  • Aditya Kaushal
    Aditya Kaushal Day ago

    Nice this is my favurite player

  • Priyanka Aggarwal

    Dhoni ne apne bal p. Apne dum p sab hasil Kia aur virat ne puri team k karan kia... Bumrah jese ache bowler aur rohit jese batsman nai hote to pta nai kya Hota virat ka... Dhoni ne team ko bnaya Hai no 1 aur ajk tym me team virat ko no 1 bna rahi Hai... Kon kon agree Hai????

  • Stairway To Heaven

    I would've loved the commentary instead of the shitty music.

  • Patel Dipak
    Patel Dipak Day ago

    He is mahi bhai

  • vj.singh Singh
    vj.singh Singh Day ago

    Aisa wicket keeper bharat ko 100 saalo main nahi milega

  • Anas khan
    Anas khan Day ago

    Cricket ke. Bhagwano ka baap he dhoni

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  • Hyper Beast
    Hyper Beast Day ago

    mahi to indian team ki jaan hai
    love dhoni ❤❤❤

  • Ravi Chandran
    Ravi Chandran Day ago

    MS is always thala of cricket.. Amazing video.. Thanks

  • Sachin gaming
    Sachin gaming Day ago


  • Prem Ediga
    Prem Ediga 2 days ago +1

    1983,2011,2019 Indians cup

  • Suahant Verma
    Suahant Verma 2 days ago

    Ms dhoni like fans

  • Kumuda Prajwal
    Kumuda Prajwal 2 days ago

    Who will whach retard king of cricket msd

  • Vaishali Raut
    Vaishali Raut 2 days ago

    feeling so sad because Dhoni is going to retire.

    • Divs S
      Divs S 6 hours ago

      Hope not ☹

  • Ishaq Afridi
    Ishaq Afridi 2 days ago +1

    In cricket history Dhoni jesa wicket keeper nhe Hy love from Peshawar pakistan

    SUBHASH MOURYA 2 days ago

    Dhoni koi nahi ban sakta

  • Akash Nayak
    Akash Nayak 2 days ago

    I love dhoni

  • Asim Siddiqui
    Asim Siddiqui 2 days ago

    Why this video ended????

  • Aazir Ahamed
    Aazir Ahamed 2 days ago

    really a legend

  • Sandeep Ck
    Sandeep Ck 2 days ago

    Love u so much boss😘😘😘

  • azar khan
    azar khan 2 days ago

    i HATE MUSIC in good vdo.......just fuck offfffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  • Neeraj Verma
    Neeraj Verma 2 days ago +1

    Dhoni best keeper, best captain, best batsman, best finisher, best person h real life m bhi...
    Aur kya chaiye😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • antony reganson
    antony reganson 2 days ago

    No words....

  • Lazar Joseph
    Lazar Joseph 2 days ago

    Wow wow what a wicket keeping!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yash Sevak
    Yash Sevak 3 days ago +1

    I respect dhoni

  • Yash Sevak
    Yash Sevak 3 days ago +1

    DRS MATLAB Dhoni rivyu system

  • bhanu prakash gundlapaneni

    Lightening speed !

  • Krishna Mallah
    Krishna Mallah 3 days ago

    Dhoni fans like here

  • Yaseen Ahmed
    Yaseen Ahmed 3 days ago

    Wow Super fast DHONI ♥️♥️♥️

  • yajas konathala
    yajas konathala 3 days ago


  • Bikky Anirudh
    Bikky Anirudh 3 days ago

    What a mahn... 😍 😍

  • Ap Gaming
    Ap Gaming 3 days ago +1

    That is ms Dhoni for you

  • siddharth sandanshiv

    GOD of wicket keeping

  • Deepak Gidwani
    Deepak Gidwani 3 days ago

    i love you

  • Ashan Mughal
    Ashan Mughal 3 days ago

    I love u dhoni im fan to pakistan

  • Puneet Kapoor
    Puneet Kapoor 3 days ago

    Dhoni: tu jhuk mai lagau😂

  • Kishor Mili
    Kishor Mili 3 days ago

    Nice video Dhoni

  • sandy reddy
    sandy reddy 3 days ago

    Yes India won now against Afghanistan

  • Piyush Verma
    Piyush Verma 3 days ago

    Video is awesome .. music name please ?

  • muhammad hamid
    muhammad hamid 4 days ago

    kamran akmal is the best wicket keeper pakistan zindabad

  • ilmAcsha
    ilmAcsha 4 days ago

    MSD is love❤️

  • Nasir khan
    Nasir khan 4 days ago +1

    my fav player love from pakistan

  • pankaj sen
    pankaj sen 4 days ago

    He is tha only 1 in the hole world .

  • chandan behera
    chandan behera 4 days ago

    Warld ka keeping father

  • Amita Moghe
    Amita Moghe 4 days ago

    Greatest wicket keeper OF ALL TIME

  • Poonkodi Sivakumar
    Poonkodi Sivakumar 4 days ago

    Kohli waste MSD Best

  • Way to Wonderlust
    Way to Wonderlust 4 days ago

    Bleed blue MS. Dhoni .. where there is no umpire ..

  • Sandeep Sandy
    Sandeep Sandy 4 days ago

    Never replace MS DHONI place

  • alkeris ray
    alkeris ray 4 days ago

    Dhoni is sign of well confident 🔥

  • Star Shine
    Star Shine 4 days ago

    2 problems dhoni have , 1st to not catch on fast ball , 2nd shouting even when not out, hitting on wicket even if batsman on creeze , dumb black ass dhoni

  • madhusudhan lenka
    madhusudhan lenka 4 days ago +3

    The only keeper done PhD in keeping skills..it's mahi.. my mahi.. our mahi..

    CRISTIANO RONALDO 7 4 days ago

    Dhoni is legend that cannot be repeated

  • MeRin S John
    MeRin S John 4 days ago +1

    What a wicket keeper he is??!! Ohh just fabulous... Luv u mahi..ever best....

  • Julan Shrestha
    Julan Shrestha 4 days ago

    He is the sole reason i watch cricket 😍

  • Vandana Chaudhary
    Vandana Chaudhary 4 days ago


  • Balaji Balaji
    Balaji Balaji 4 days ago

    The legend 😎

  • Balaji Balaji
    Balaji Balaji 4 days ago

    Amazing skill 😎

  • anil kumar
    anil kumar 4 days ago


  • banavallu vamshi
    banavallu vamshi 4 days ago

    Tnx fr the extraordinary video

  • Nikhil Vartak
    Nikhil Vartak 4 days ago

    Dhoni Best Keeper in the World

  • hardik pandey
    hardik pandey 4 days ago

    I love you Mahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Nagakalyani Govathoti

    Love u Dhoni

    ICYツ GAMING 5 days ago +9

    Ball to Akmal: Catch me if you can😒
    Dhoni to Ball: Escape from my hands if u can.🙌

  • Harsha RC
    Harsha RC 5 days ago

    King msd

    ANIL KUMAR 5 days ago

    he is fast than a chetah and faster than a light⚡

  • Mohammed Shakkir
    Mohammed Shakkir 5 days ago

    A movie can be more dramatic

  • Gaming villa
    Gaming villa 5 days ago

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  • ভাঙা তারা

    The legend

  • Piyush khemka
    Piyush khemka 5 days ago +1

    Game of Mili seconds... Dhoni you beauty ! ❤

  • Dhrüv Bhãdøürïà
    Dhrüv Bhãdøürïà 5 days ago +3

    2.5k dislikers are fans of kamran akmal wicket keeping..

  • Muhammad Asim Khan
    Muhammad Asim Khan 5 days ago

    Respect for MS dhoni FromPakistan .he is best keeper batsman and on top he is Abest Caption unfortunately he is not leading the team

    KABITA BEHERA 5 days ago

    Nice keeping mahi

  • Shoeb Naim Khan
    Shoeb Naim Khan 5 days ago

    One of the best wicket keeper batsman In Cricket History And Best Captain Ever In Cricket Proud To Be Indian 🇮🇳 💪 💪 💪 💪

  • uday ayangale
    uday ayangale 5 days ago

    Incredible.. THALA DHONI😍

  • Amit Abh
    Amit Abh 5 days ago

    The music amazingly fots in the video link plzz

    BENGAL LOVER 5 days ago +2

    Nothing to say.. God of cricket we just love u so much sir.

  • Samrat Ashish
    Samrat Ashish 5 days ago

    Sabdhani hati durghatna ghati😂🤣😎 love msd