NBA Star Blake Griffin vs. Jeff Ross - Uncut - Roast Battle III

  • Published on Aug 29, 2018
  • For the Roast Battle finale’s main event, Roastmaster General Jeff Ross faces off against NBA All-Star Blake Griffin.

    About Roast Battle:
    Roast Battle pits two rising comics against each other in an all-out war before a panel of judges including Roastmaster General Jeff Ross. Childhood traumas may be dredged up, and painful divorces might be mocked, but these battles always end in a hug.

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Comments • 3 542

  • Comedy Central
    Comedy Central  3 months ago +28

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    • BIG MIKE10
      BIG MIKE10 19 days ago +1

      Comedy Central Blake should have won ‼️‼️‼️‼️

    • S cc
      S cc Month ago

      Black ppl just are not funny. Especially trying to compete with Jeff is ridiculous.

    • HunterWasHere517
      HunterWasHere517 2 months ago

      Comedy Central wait, hillary’s the president?

    • oMFg Wonder
      oMFg Wonder 3 months ago

      get Thee Kraig Smith on here please he'd own Jeff Ross

  • Jack Star
    Jack Star 3 hours ago

    If Jeff had actually gone hard, Blake would have been in tears. Jeff is one of the best roasters in the world

  • Brad W
    Brad W 12 hours ago

    What’s with the cringy people that run on gay af

  • TheOyadGamer !!!
    TheOyadGamer !!! 21 hour ago

    Blake won

  • Mike Drama
    Mike Drama Day ago

    The NBA guy wasnt funny at all. Embarresing to watch. Jeff killed it like he always does. Well done Jeff!

  • Stefan Stoykov
    Stefan Stoykov Day ago

    If I was jeff i would have said "So he is calculating who the last girl i fucked is ... and he also compared me to Darth Vader. I guess what i want to say is Blake I am your father"

  • Seamus
    Seamus Day ago

    How tf is this a fair battle

  • Master Of Dizaster


  • Itz LilUnforgot3n


  • v1 ryus
    v1 ryus 2 days ago

    No way Jezelnik is as funny as Ross - Ross destroyed him at the Charlie Sheen roast

  • Derek Cantwell
    Derek Cantwell 2 days ago

    Wow if told anyone of Blake's jokes to anyone in school I would get beat up for being a dumbass.

  • zic zac
    zic zac 2 days ago

    Thank you, next

  • andrea piro
    andrea piro 2 days ago

    i do think it was very close , i never saw these kind of show , first time XD very funny.
    But the last joke, i was so much expecting as answer like " what? you can't remember how your mother look like?" lol

  • Asbestos Fish
    Asbestos Fish 3 days ago

    *_that entire building could be blown up and I would feel only joy._*

  • Mary Burney
    Mary Burney 3 days ago

    Blake did really good for his 1st time roasting but that last joke took entirely too long and wasn't that funny thats why jeff won and he's still the roast master

  • Don Reuter
    Don Reuter 3 days ago

    Lawrence is good at piano!!!!!!

  • Aleera Nordborg
    Aleera Nordborg 3 days ago

    Who is the judge on the right?

  • Ed So
    Ed So 4 days ago

    Blake really won but we know why Jeff really won

  • BaseballGOD 18
    BaseballGOD 18 4 days ago

    Blake should have won

  • Charlie AnC
    Charlie AnC 4 days ago

    I like how Ross walked in like a basketball player

  • ChocoFly J.MoCo
    ChocoFly J.MoCo 4 days ago

    All of Blake's jokes = ur ugly lol

  • VoiD
    VoiD 5 days ago

    *triggerd clippers fans incoming

  • Jack Lindsay
    Jack Lindsay 5 days ago

    Why do Americans go so over the top I don't get it, what's with the basketball people.

  • jonnyQuest
    jonnyQuest 6 days ago +3

    These guys were both great, but the hype stuff with the sound effects and people jumping around was stupid. Like most TV today, the stupid side stuff nearly ruined the talent on the stage. Nobody tunes in for the hype!

  • The Tantrum
    The Tantrum 7 days ago

    This is the white version of wild n out 😂🤣😂🤣

  • Charles Babu
    Charles Babu 7 days ago

    Blake Griffin’s writers did a great job!

  • Megan Simpson
    Megan Simpson 7 days ago

    were they not allowed to be mean or something?

  • Aidan Lindeman
    Aidan Lindeman 8 days ago +1

    The joke about Trump being a criminal was dry and made it even worse since it's not true.

    • Ottoman
      Ottoman 5 days ago

      Mehhh republitard crying about a fat peice of shit liar! Vote Bernie 2020 or burn in hell fire hick!

  • Sophia Buchanan
    Sophia Buchanan 8 days ago

    blAke has no hairline just like spongebob and he’s salty like mr krabs

  • RyanXRayne
    RyanXRayne 8 days ago

    This is basic mainstream roasting. Nobody here is as funny as Kraig Smith lol

  • Yash Rathore
    Yash Rathore 8 days ago +1

    Omg!! Jeff ross is a three balled virgin
    Got that? Ball-bald?

  • Delilah Lee
    Delilah Lee 9 days ago

    The kendall jenner joke i can't

  • Jay brezz
    Jay brezz 9 days ago

    Who THA FUCK is the DUDES in them red shirts👎lame

  • hxuse
    hxuse 9 days ago

    lmao @ the detroit joke.. 🤣

  • Danny Eric Benavidez
    Danny Eric Benavidez 10 days ago

    Catching a werid in aliving color kinda vibe here it was kinda weird and distracting

  • Lil Haji
    Lil Haji 10 days ago +1

    Show starts at 05:00 you're welcome.

  • Sid Pandya
    Sid Pandya 10 days ago

    17:43 lol Pete at the end

  • Erick Herrera
    Erick Herrera 10 days ago

    Jeff Ross 💀💀💀💀💀destroyed this niggas

  • fist_with_a_beard
    fist_with_a_beard 10 days ago

    good roasts bu the stupid ass show they making around it kinda kills the whole thing. Fucking noises and spazing retards at the corner...

  • Spiderman
    Spiderman 11 days ago

    Who even is Pete Davidson?

  • GRIPPER _80
    GRIPPER _80 11 days ago +1

    So Jeff has listened to JMX disstrack

  • Daniel Studart
    Daniel Studart 11 days ago

    Jeff definitely won oc

  • Gary Brabbs
    Gary Brabbs 13 days ago

    Ross is Boss

  • D_vvv_ey
    D_vvv_ey 13 days ago

    Blake should of won it

  • rened berberabe
    rened berberabe 13 days ago

    Best roaster of all time? DON F'N RICKLES!

  • Randy Valverde Rojas
    Randy Valverde Rojas 14 days ago

    Lost opportunity by Jeff, he should've offered a hint on the last girl fucked joke and then ask him his age xD

  • Matthew Black
    Matthew Black 14 days ago

    Jeff looks like 300 pounds of chewed bubblegum

  • Genius Kidd
    Genius Kidd 15 days ago +1

    The Grinch won.
    Blake should stick to playing with balls.

  • Daniel Gon
    Daniel Gon 15 days ago

    Wait so Peter has a older son instead of Meg and cris?

  • varun tandon
    varun tandon 15 days ago

    blake griffin should have won

  • KingCarnagE !
    KingCarnagE ! 15 days ago

    Blake won in my opinion

  • knockitofff
    knockitofff 16 days ago

    Me, still waiting on Pete Davidson's reason for ever being on tv..................................

  • CadillacRoyal1
    CadillacRoyal1 16 days ago +1

    Blake was pretty funny.

  • ProdigalLink
    ProdigalLink 16 days ago

    Oh look an irrelevant cable TV channel getting political... and someone needs to bury that Steve-o looking retarded motherfucker

  • 5lim
    5lim 17 days ago

    Kyries is better and he is from West Orange NJ rep

    EDWARD SUTTON 18 days ago

    i would have roasted jeff by starting by looking so gay walkin up with male cheerleaders get yo ass out of here

  • UltimateGaming
    UltimateGaming 18 days ago

    get plain potatoes against him

  • Victor Jaime
    Victor Jaime 18 days ago

    he could of said the last girl he fuck was his mom but she never told him that

  • Honolulu101
    Honolulu101 19 days ago

    this just shows u dont go near Kendell or ur gonna get roast like Blake and justin Beiber

  • Colton Wilson
    Colton Wilson 19 days ago +2

    Blake was more funny. But Jeff had better roast

  • karleah bellinger
    karleah bellinger 19 days ago

    id let jeff smash

  • Sebastian Chmara
    Sebastian Chmara 19 days ago


  • Rudra Jha
    Rudra Jha 19 days ago

    Jeff is formidable
    Jeff is best

  • Gxming Gxrl
    Gxming Gxrl 19 days ago

    12345678 CHINS in my bank account 🤨??? Like wtf.

  • Nickolis Todd
    Nickolis Todd 20 days ago

    Pete Davidson's attitude sucks.

  • Emmanuel Dov
    Emmanuel Dov 20 days ago

    Jeff is the greatest of all time

  • Beck Stein
    Beck Stein 21 day ago

    Blake could’ve done all Jew jokes.

  • Truth Detector
    Truth Detector 21 day ago

    who was Blake's ghost writer for this, Jeff?

  • Ryan Skelton
    Ryan Skelton 21 day ago

    Jeff pulled punches so Blake didn't cry

  • Tyran Burnett
    Tyran Burnett 22 days ago

    This shit is not funny

  • Phat Ho
    Phat Ho 22 days ago

    Wow ginger ale got some skills

  • Lord Sourmash
    Lord Sourmash 23 days ago

    One of the worst shows to ever come on Comedy Central.

  • Chris Sawyer
    Chris Sawyer 23 days ago

    Griffin should've said best roast master was Greg Giraldo. Would've been way funnier

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson 25 days ago

    Blake lives matter! Blake lives matter! lol

  • Kobe Bryant
    Kobe Bryant 25 days ago


  • biggest D
    biggest D 25 days ago

    If you have to explain your jokes there not funny 🤔

  • Curtis Wallen
    Curtis Wallen 26 days ago


    T WARRIOR 26 days ago

    It's not funny when the roast are written😐

  • g metz
    g metz 27 days ago

    Pete was biased for sure.

  • starduck2
    starduck2 27 days ago

    It's not really fair to compare ANYONE to Jeff, but he indeed did better and it's not a perspective thing as the other was a newbie to this, the BEST needed to wind and it was Jeff, so I am glad it worked out! Otherwise this would be SO bouht it would make me cringe!

    THE MAN 27 days ago

    Imagine if Greg Giraldo was still alive...

  • Barrier Boy
    Barrier Boy 27 days ago

    Pete Davidson looks like a syringe on Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s sink. An unfunny syringe

  • Barrier Boy
    Barrier Boy 27 days ago

    I didn’t expect Blake to sound like such a millennial bore. I guess he roasted me

  • Sener
    Sener 27 days ago

    I wish that bit about the last girl that Jeff Ross fucked would've gone on longer. That wasn't embarrassing at all.

  • Tyler Robison
    Tyler Robison 28 days ago

    I'm disappointed nobody clowned on the fact that Jeff Ross was dressed like the lead singer of AC/DC, but I guess that reference would have gone over the younger audiences heads.

  • Dante Franklin
    Dante Franklin 28 days ago

    Blake is alright

  • Marcus & Dhymond
    Marcus & Dhymond 28 days ago

    I Feel Lik Jeff Was Low - Key Being Racist...

  • colombsnow 0007
    colombsnow 0007 28 days ago

    The 3 fucking idiots in red jumping and acting like fucking retarded morons? Nobody cares about you assholes specially that one with the huge pick nose he got on. That motherfucker can smoke a cuban cigar in the rain no problem.

  • Paul Sharp
    Paul Sharp 28 days ago

    SEE 10:15 I dont get what tf made him do the extras... Just sit tf down, and enjoy the show... Ain't that why they hire hypemen to get audience involved... ijs

  • Paul Sharp
    Paul Sharp 28 days ago

    Those guys sitting in the chairs in the front with red shirts, are lame AF, literally no need for them...

  • fabricetraub
    fabricetraub 28 days ago

    obviously this is rehearsed.

  • Charlie artalejo
    Charlie artalejo 29 days ago

    After the long joke of Blake saying who was the last girl Jeff fucked? Then sitting down...
    Jeff come back with
    Jeff: "Son, It was your mom."

  • Daniel Dvorak
    Daniel Dvorak 29 days ago

    Blake killed Ross!

  • Daniel Dvorak
    Daniel Dvorak 29 days ago

    I forgot why I never watched Jeff Ross, but now I remember.

    CAC CAC 29 days ago

    Morgan Freeman bleached damn

  • Bo Rood
    Bo Rood 29 days ago

    Griffin won. The ugly fat dude wasn't funny at all.

  • Champa Sama
    Champa Sama 29 days ago

    Respek to Blaque for this. Why is Jeselnik there? Didn’t Patrice tell him he was grounded?

  • To sh
    To sh Month ago

    In the last joke, Jeff could have easily said "I fucked your momma"

  • Teng Zhang
    Teng Zhang Month ago

    If Eminem never found music, he would be Jeff Ross

  • Luke Long
    Luke Long Month ago

    Rotflmao hahahaha space jam alien omg I can't even typpe habaha