NBA Star Blake Griffin vs. Jeff Ross - Uncut - Roast Battle III

  • Published on Aug 29, 2018
  • For the Roast Battle finale’s main event, Roastmaster General Jeff Ross faces off against NBA All-Star Blake Griffin.

    About Roast Battle:
    Roast Battle pits two rising comics against each other in an all-out war before a panel of judges including Roastmaster General Jeff Ross. Childhood traumas may be dredged up, and painful divorces might be mocked, but these battles always end in a hug.

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Comments • 5 076

  • Comedy Central
    Comedy Central  Year ago +182

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    • Alfredo Gonzalez
      Alfredo Gonzalez Month ago

      Blake won tf

    • Dęę Måçk
      Dęę Måçk Month ago

      Jeff Ross with hair looks like a character from FRAGGLE ROCK !

    • william perkins
      william perkins 4 months ago +1

      Anthony says Nikki makes it hard. . . . YES! She did.

    • Russian Penis
      Russian Penis 6 months ago +1

      In my opinion Blake won,but i would of ended his last roast differently,i would of said"it does not matter what her name is" be perfect ending.

    • BIG MIKE10
      BIG MIKE10 9 months ago +1

      Comedy Central Blake should have won ‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • Ryan Grant
    Ryan Grant 16 minutes ago

    This whole thing is cringeworthy. I felt embarrassed for both of them. The only somewhat funny jokes are in the comments.

  • mgkpraesi
    mgkpraesi 20 hours ago

    17:40 Someone dont like Jeff´s act at the end.

  • mgkpraesi
    mgkpraesi 20 hours ago

    She voted for Jeff to not hurt him.

  • Vika  Yabaki
    Vika Yabaki Day ago

    Damnnnn Blakeee

  • Eric Smithner
    Eric Smithner Day ago

    Jeff lookin like he works at ups


    Jeff looks like Dr.Evil got his pants ripped by mini me lol 😂

  • Lil Lannister
    Lil Lannister Day ago

    I wanna fuck the shit out of Nikki...That’s everything i have to say.

  • Jorge Barreto
    Jorge Barreto Day ago


  • lloganmusic
    lloganmusic 2 days ago +1

    You dont wanna be the Lebron James of rosting that just means that your not the best and your overrated, because you have more finals losses than wins.

  • S M
    S M 2 days ago

    Blake is actually funny!
    They were both such great sports 🤣

  • thebennylee
    thebennylee 2 days ago

    17:44 ok eeeasy Pete, just stick to.. whatever the hell it is you're doing these days

  • Chad Jones
    Chad Jones 2 days ago

    He must have been talking about obama the criminal president

  • ratili0
    ratili0 2 days ago

    Anyone else noticed the girl's tits behind Nikki Glaser at 5:14?

  • DoctorCataclysm
    DoctorCataclysm 3 days ago +1

    The red shirts and the sound effects need to go away.

  • Bhagyaveer Manjunatha
    Bhagyaveer Manjunatha 3 days ago +2

    Blake was clearly the winner if it wasn't for the drag in the end!

  • James McClaren
    James McClaren 3 days ago

    Can’t even watch one comedy these days without a comment about our president. Fuck you liberal trash, learn to respect the elect.

  • nonyabusiness
    nonyabusiness 3 days ago

    im the real winner for being able to see the goddess Nikki Glaser.

  • Victor Angeles
    Victor Angeles 3 days ago

    I actually like the guys in the red

  • Rob McGreevy
    Rob McGreevy 3 days ago

    Blake lives matter! Blake lives matter!

  • yougotservedyo
    yougotservedyo 4 days ago

    nice to see pete Davidson. thought he suicided

  • Ivory Crest
    Ivory Crest 4 days ago

    Pete Davidson didn't like jeff kissing up to blake griffin

  • Sergio Murillo
    Sergio Murillo 4 days ago

    I wonder when they’ll do the rematch.

  • hector andrade
    hector andrade 4 days ago

    This is not that entertaining

  • rmnvishal
    rmnvishal 4 days ago


  • Amkwa Nakuumba
    Amkwa Nakuumba 5 days ago

    Blake won though

  • Jimmy Rustling
    Jimmy Rustling 5 days ago

    3:48 for the start of the roast. You are welcome.

  • Gavin Khosa
    Gavin Khosa 6 days ago

    Kendall joke was really good

  • Jane Merry
    Jane Merry 6 days ago

    Eghhh. This shit is just the worst kind of scripted humour. While Jeff and Blake would be and are great on their own. It is so obvious that some producers or someone altered the formula to give this production a 'better' chance at making it past the pilot and getting a contract for maybe one season. Jeff unfortunately doesn't have the weight to demand his show to go a certain way and so it becomes another gimmicky Hollywood production. I really don't know how else to phrase it. I don't like thinking about these abominable creations that Hollywood production lifers create out of original ideas, carved down for generic family-friendly audiences.

  • Jane Merry
    Jane Merry 6 days ago

    Lol those dumbass cheerleaders trying to high five Black Griffin when he's just waving/acknowledging the crowd. Then the red shirt gang? Wtf that shit is so distracting and needs to be done away with.

  • calisurfer04
    calisurfer04 7 days ago +7

    The ppl in red shirts need to die.

  • Travis Wolford
    Travis Wolford 7 days ago

    Did nobody see the Bert kreisher stand in at 15:48

  • Mc Death
    Mc Death 7 days ago

    im here for Nikki, so hot

    • Mc Death
      Mc Death 5 days ago

      @Hillary Bright you listen to noone forever? sad

    • Hillary Bright
      Hillary Bright 6 days ago +1

      said no one, ever

  • Stonaldinho
    Stonaldinho 7 days ago +3

    If Jeff Ross had Pete Davidson's eyes he'd be Uncle Fester.

  • Martin Short
    Martin Short 8 days ago

    Y'all notice Pete Davidson doing jerking off motions at the end 😂


    Judges roast jeff ross

  • Rumpel stiltskin
    Rumpel stiltskin 8 days ago

    God that guy suuuuuucks

  • GiGiBizet
    GiGiBizet 8 days ago

    Fuck y’all. That Haitian joke was HILARIOUS

  • J78Kio
    J78Kio 8 days ago

    fucking hate those wild n out douchebags

  • Davey Beuy
    Davey Beuy 8 days ago

    We both got fkd over by the Clippers

  • Ian Riordan
    Ian Riordan 9 days ago +2

    I’d love to stick a fork in the red t-shirt guys eye.

  • Antonio DS
    Antonio DS 9 days ago

    They should take this whole show and roast it. Not like in comedy roasting, like actually throw it into a fire until its charred and have a fat guy eat it whole, crap it out in a dirty toilet and flush it along with the rest of the giant turds to a faraway sewage dump behind a city where nobody goes to. Seriously they should just change the channels name to “Central”, because there hasn’t been any Comedy there for years.

  • maris mellla
    maris mellla 9 days ago

    i hope hes better at basketball then he is with standup

  • James White
    James White 9 days ago

    those cheer dudes were obnoxious

  • Jorfizle23
    Jorfizle23 10 days ago

    That announcer was annoying af

  • The Dancer Genos
    The Dancer Genos 10 days ago

    Bro did dude in the red flash his lil cockaninny? That’s raw af

  • Ariblood77
    Ariblood77 10 days ago +1

    Hahahahah at the end there when jeff gives vlake rookie roast battler of the year, that one dude obviously didnt agree hahah

  • Sarah Adams
    Sarah Adams 10 days ago

    I'm waiting for Blake to date tiffany haddish
    And create a wonderful funny family

  • Michael Sukeforth
    Michael Sukeforth 10 days ago +1

    Pete Davidson @ 17:43

  • Kien D Luu
    Kien D Luu 10 days ago

    Nikki glaser is fine af

  • Jo Fough
    Jo Fough 11 days ago +4

    That Haitian joke was the funniest and everyone was such a dweeb about it 🙄🤪

  • Trumpy Bear
    Trumpy Bear 11 days ago

    I actually felt bad for Jeff Ross. It was almost like he shrank down to that little boy getting pick on in front of all the other kids. It was sad and you could see by the end of the show he just wanted it to end. He bragged, which to be fair he is amazing at the roast but he lost and the bragging made it hurt worse in the end. Then two people tell him another guy on the show is the goat on his show.

  • Trumpy Bear
    Trumpy Bear 11 days ago

    Blake Griffin is f'ing funny.

  • Checo Flow
    Checo Flow 11 days ago

    That last part was awkward af

  • Jett Wilkinson
    Jett Wilkinson 11 days ago

    This is so over the top lol

  • Jayjay Myers
    Jayjay Myers 11 days ago

    Please remove the dickheads in red it’s dumb

  • Jack Cooper
    Jack Cooper 12 days ago

    Get fcked

  • conceptcs
    conceptcs 12 days ago

    The Kendall jokes were the nail in the coffin. That rebound joke was fking genius

  • Joey Lawrence
    Joey Lawrence 12 days ago

    Burn in hell Eric Gilbert

  • anthony ramos
    anthony ramos 12 days ago +3

    Blake: the last girl Jeff f@cked?
    Everyone watching: YOUR MOM