The Emperor's Throne Room - Return of the Jedi [1080p HD]

  • Published on Mar 26, 2015
  • Marvelously dark, the stage is set for the final showdown in Star Wars in the Emperor's throne room. Everything built up to this in the film and the tension in the air is amazing. Wonderfully atmospheric, The Emperor knows how to talk down to this young whippersnapper.
    Star Wars Blu-ray 2011
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  • Jason B
    Jason B 4 days ago


  • Jedi Knigh Revan
    Jedi Knigh Revan 4 days ago +1

    Luke skaywalker is gone

  • Jedi Knigh Revan
    Jedi Knigh Revan 4 days ago +1

    Troom Troom

  • Aussieroth7
    Aussieroth7 4 days ago

    Behold... the Sci Fi version of hell.

  • MC Studios
    MC Studios 9 days ago

    “Generator”...... nahh ima say “Genoratah”

  • porridge57
    porridge57 10 days ago

    A few minutes watching one of the originals reminds me how much better they are than the others.

  • GenericUsername
    GenericUsername 10 days ago

    Palpatine: "I look forward to completing your training"

    Luke: "dont worry, many years from now I'll try and murder my best friends kid"

  • josy rocha
    josy rocha 15 days ago

    Salve salve

  • saenzfiction
    saenzfiction 16 days ago

    When you take your son to work and he talks back to your boss.

  • Sancho Retáblez
    Sancho Retáblez 18 days ago

    3:03 Greatest TROLL of the entire galaxy.

  • Storm
    Storm 18 days ago

    How it feels going to the principals office

  • SavagePanda845
    SavagePanda845 20 days ago

    True Star Wars.

  • Shawna Graham
    Shawna Graham 20 days ago

    He is so fucking awesome!!
    Love the shield part!
    Classic Star Wars.
    Sorry but there can only be three

  • Damn do I love to shit

    Good lord people chill out over the new ones if you don’t like them don’t watch them no use in wasting your time ranting about them and stressing yourself We’ve heard the same rant from every 40- year old man who’s home alone ordering depression pizza.

  • W. L. Orodor Calaerchon
    W. L. Orodor Calaerchon 22 days ago +4

    "I am looking forward to completing your training. In time, you will call me...'master'."
    "Only a master of evil."

  • William Cutting
    William Cutting 23 days ago +5

    Ian McDiarmid deserved BAFTA,Golden Globe and OSCAR nominations.

  • Côté Obscur
    Côté Obscur 24 days ago

    "In time you will call me MASTAAAA"

  • Snipe •
    Snipe • 24 days ago +1

    Dew it

  • Mr. Baghdad
    Mr. Baghdad 25 days ago

    Marilyn Manson would play perfectly as Palpatine.

  • Beastman 00x
    Beastman 00x 26 days ago

    While you and your father battle for the fate of the galaxy, my troopers are destroying the teddy bear hoardes below.

  • Jason B
    Jason B 26 days ago

    some science to argue!%....hate!?

  • darthdude
    darthdude 26 days ago

    Ian looks infinitely more intimidating here than the prequels, he's more of a parody in those.

  • Christian Martinez
    Christian Martinez 28 days ago +2

    Oh I'm afraid the deflector shield will be quite operational when your friends arrive

  • Jedigauvin
    Jedigauvin 28 days ago

    3:07 he looks like my fricking principal it’s scary af

  • Phoenix Ramirez
    Phoenix Ramirez 29 days ago

    3.03 to 3.14 is so maliciously evil

  • Proximate Cause
    Proximate Cause Month ago

    I still don't see how that huge chunk of the superstructure and superlaser dish survived, and survived re-entry into Endor's atmosphere.

  • luis monreal
    luis monreal Month ago

    Jean Grey: the third one is always the worst

  • satinsguard
    satinsguard Month ago

    2:21 Faith in yo mama

  • forttastic
    forttastic Month ago

    a entire legion a entire entire legion of my best troops await them ummm

  • Jace
    Jace Month ago

    At 2:23 I'd like to think vader is privately thinking "Daaammnnn, my son has got some chops calling out my master. I've never been prouder"

  • wt8012
    wt8012 Month ago +3

    Episodes III and VI are my favourite Star Wars movies as they show Ian McDiarmid giving FLAWLESS performances as the Emperor.

  • jetnut89
    jetnut89 Month ago

    0:21 I love the contrast in the huge silhouette of Vader and little Luke.

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson Month ago

    But I’m Luke Skywalker

  • Jim Ike
    Jim Ike Month ago

    Well, three of the most powerful beings in the galaxy "a long time ago" in the same room! An VADER is the least powerful!! The circle is becoming complete. Sidious wanted Luke or Vader to take one or the other out.An Vader needed Luke to take out Sidious,Luke was turning Vader back to the light to take down Sidious.

  • TheTurnipKing
    TheTurnipKing Month ago

    What makes the original Star Wars Trilogy truly great is that they manage to strike a great balance between a sense of real people interacting and campy melodrama, and it's often on the strength of some of the performances.

  • Ace Senpai
    Ace Senpai Month ago +1

    "An entire legion of my best troops await them!"

    Heh. I guess Ewoks would be beyond best in the Imperial Military.

  • nico olsen
    nico olsen Month ago

    "best" troops? if that were the "best" troops of the empire. No wonder the regular troops are so bad at aiming. I mean yikes.....

  • Michael Kaduck
    Michael Kaduck Month ago

    Since Emperor Palpatine will be returning in The Rise Of Skywalker, I imagine we'll get a scene like this. (Only with Kylo Ren and Rey in Luke and Vader's positions, depending on the context). Look forward to Ian's final performance as Palpatine come December this year.

  • Oludotun John Showemimo

    Never underestimate Sidious. The fact that he took off Luke's handcuffs with just a flick of his finger shows how powerful he was with the dark side of the force.
    Not to mention a master of manipulation and very clever. The fact he was able to convincley seduce Vader/Anakin to the dark side of the force with deceitful promises to save his wife is a good example of that.
    Anakin easily believed Sidious deceitful promises.
    Sidious sensed the anger within Luke and was tempting him to give in and strike, therefore completing his transfer to the dark side of the force as his new servant and Vader's replacement.
    He also has a sick and twisted sense of humor and enjoys causing pain for his sadistic pleasure.
    Vader was the used tool Sidious no longer wanted as the injuries Vader sustained at Mustafar, severely cut down his Force potential and Luke was younger and had tremendous Force potential, hence Sidious wanted him to replace Vader.

  • Daryl Wright
    Daryl Wright Month ago

    Ian's acting! It can't be replicated. He means it, he feels it, he completely and utterly bodies Darth Sidious

  • Titijijo
    Titijijo Month ago


  • Benny G
    Benny G Month ago


  • Starhunter
    Starhunter Month ago +1

    Kinda makes me laugh when you realize that Ian mcdarmid had to swivel the chair with his feet

  • Egon Del
    Egon Del Month ago

    Luke's confrontation with the emperor had been cautiously prepared since Empire Strikes Back. This scene is one of the highlights from this trilogy. I can't think of any dramatic line of that quality in the trilogy by Disney. Even the prequels by Lucas came up with a comparable line (the confrontation between Obi-Wan and Anakin).

  • Wither Ninja
    Wither Ninja Month ago

    Oh the days when Star Wars has the best movies in existence.

  • xxSpike1989xx
    xxSpike1989xx Month ago

    It's crazy some people still think Ian mcdiarmid first starwars was episode 1.. it obviously him in roj.

  • Hockeytown/Broad Street Bullies #1 Fan

    Episode IV: A NEW HOPE

  • JPin
    JPin Month ago

    "Your faith in your mumma".

  • gibbs615
    gibbs615 Month ago

    Forget it Sidious, you are NOT turning anyone else to the damn dark side!

  • Sidious 68
    Sidious 68 Month ago

    Bow your knees lowly dogs

  • CooqiesRBLX
    CooqiesRBLX Month ago

    2:19 *SPEECH 100*

  • The Star Wars Professor

    In Revenge of the Sith when Anakin and Obi Wan enter the observation deck to fight Count Dooku that scene mirrors this scene exactly. When you go back and watch it a few times it is really cool foreshadowing.

  • Kuba Marciniak
    Kuba Marciniak Month ago

    Lord jesteś naj lepszy

  • Veritech Girl
    Veritech Girl Month ago +4

    (At the holodeck): computer, load up the Star Wars franchise, episodes 1 through 6 only! No bloody 7,8 OR 9!

    • William Costigan
      William Costigan 15 days ago

      (Looks at the true saga with longing) "Here's to ya lads."

  • julian wilton
    julian wilton Month ago +1

    This scene never gets old

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse Month ago +1

    Palpatine always reminded me of the evil witch from snow white.

  • Janni Turunen
    Janni Turunen Month ago +1

    This is the best star wars movie! :D

  • Andrew Villagran
    Andrew Villagran Month ago +1

    2:32 that's me when I check my grades

  • Adam Grunther
    Adam Grunther 2 months ago +1

    Yo mama’s so fat, Jabba the Hutt said “DAAAAMN!”

  • Gautham Ananthanarayanan
    Gautham Ananthanarayanan 2 months ago +1

    Me: Oh dear. It's Sidious.
    David Cross: Don't worry. We'll find a way out before the place is gonna explode.
    Mark Hamill: Great. Now I just have to fight Vader and I'll be in the high ground and I'll meet u there.
    Adam Scott: Yes. Now. Once we have to do it quietly and soft so they won't see us.
    Paul Rudd: I got something. Once I see the pod we can be in there so I can start it with Donald Glover.
    Me: Yes.
    Sidious: Welcome Scums and young Hamil. I had been expecting u.
    Vader: Here's his weapon.
    Sidious: I am looking forward to complete your training.
    Me: What. That's madness.
    Hamill: I can do this. I can trap Sidious and Vader so they won't use the force.

  • Tarlo The Boar
    Tarlo The Boar 2 months ago

    Palpatine is one of my favourite Star Wars characters by far. His appearence,his decades of manipulation of The Republic and fullfilling a Sith plan created 1000 years ago and being the first Sith to sucsessfully destroy The Republic and destroy most of The Jedi leaving only a handful of survivors.

  • Blue Bomber
    Blue Bomber 2 months ago

    Democrats have historically always been the most racist.
    They change their mannerisms and accent around minorities.
    They created and endorsed the KKK.
    They've owned the vast majority of slaves during slavery.
    If any blacks want reparations go knocking on the nearest Democrats door.

    • Shock
      Shock Month ago

      Wtf, you are such fool

  • Steven Stefano
    Steven Stefano 2 months ago +1

    Best villain in cinema.

  • Blackatsu
    Blackatsu 2 months ago

    2:15 what are they 6?

  • Lizard Wizard
    Lizard Wizard 2 months ago +1

    Best character in the entire trilogy.

  • Cocoa The Clown
    Cocoa The Clown 2 months ago

    Is this what happens when starwars fan meets the CEO of Disney?

  • Alexander Zapata
    Alexander Zapata 2 months ago

    Disney Star Wars is trash.

  • EastCoastLifestyle
    EastCoastLifestyle 2 months ago

    How did Star Wars go from this, to an MCU rip-off? George Lucas and Disney. That’s how.

  • Cali the Calico
    Cali the Calico 2 months ago

    This scene contradicts the idea that both Sith and Jedi regularly fight with light sabers. It seems only Dark Vader used a light saber because he was formerly a Jedi implying that most Sith or people who turn to the dark side are probably not Jedi since Jedi's are naturally adept at resisting the dark side of the force.

  • Cali the Calico
    Cali the Calico 2 months ago +1

    This is probably one of my favorite scenes from Star Wars.

    Something that I think is often overlooked in the original Star Wars trilogy is that the movies imply that only Jedi's used light sabers and that Darth Vader used one because he just happened to be a former Jedi. Given that Jedi are highly trained against the dark side, most people corrupted by the dark side throughout Star Wars history were probably rarely if ever Jedi. Anakin joining the Dark Side was probably an incredibly rare and shocking incident that nobody in the Jedi Order expected. The Jedi being as powerful as they were most likely used light sabers because it was a show of restraint as blasters and other weapons could be far more destructive and were easier to use. I imagine most of the time they were peace keepers and if they did use their light sabers it was after all other options were exhausted. As a group they were probably so self aware of their power that restraint was the only way of keeping themselves in check.

    Furthermore I think it is interesting that the Emperor's plan is for Luke to strike him down believing that his death would bring him into the dark side. Luke's killed plenty of people in the series but why does it matter that it's the Emperor? Maybe because the Emperor is the physical manifestation of the dark side which is a corrupting force that grows more powerful through emotions like hate and anger. Killing the Emperor would only cause the Dark Side to latch onto Luke transforming him.

    The shitty prequels were the first to show that Jedi routinely fought light saber wielding Sith and the extended universe book series and videogames followed it too. Ironically it's by far the less interesting option. After the liberal train wreck of Force Awakens the only way I can imagine kind of fixing the series is to bring back the dark side as a kind of physical manifestation of evil that feeds off of anger, hatred, and fear explained in the originals. Perhaps its aim is the spread of chaos and destruction and is diametrically opposed to the light side which seeks peace and harmony in the world.

    In the Force Awakens, JJ Abrams had a number of items that had ties to Skywalker lineage. When Rey wields Luke's lightsaber for the first time she sees glimpses of the Empire and of Luke's hand. Kilo Ren has Darth Vader's mask enshrined and has manufactured his own. And then the second movie happens but the writers were too focused on pushing a liberal agenda that they just made a piece of shit movie that abandoned Luke's legacy for a narrative that says that everyone can be Jedi. While it is very unlikely I can think of one way to kind of fix the next movie but it would involve the writers leaving their marxist ideology at the front door and actually trying to write a decent story without an agenda.

    Perhaps what corrupted Kilo Ren was Darth Vader's mask. It would explain why Kilo Ren turned to the darkside without any kind of plausible explanation. It was the symbol of Anakin's dark side. He went full dark side once he became Vader and is brought back to the light when he sheds at the end of Return of the Jedi. Perhaps Kilo idolizes it and the corruption of the Dark Side takes hold. Perhaps the reason Rey is good with the force is because Luke has force projected into her giving her his experience. Perhaps the quest in the new movie is to confront the source of the dark side which now resides within the ruined remains of the death star which we see at the end of the trailer.

  • 80MWH
    80MWH 2 months ago +2

    Vader's head-turn as Luke rebukes the Emperor, almost looks like he's thinking: "be quiet son, you're embarrassing me in front of my Master."

  • Darth Vader Skywalker
    Darth Vader Skywalker 2 months ago

    VADER IS THE BEST!!! Well, actually I also like the Emperor Palpatine. But I like more Darth Vader!!! He would be a great emperor.

  • Cristián Paris
    Cristián Paris 2 months ago

    Great, now even Palpatine's arc is ruined thanks to Jar Jar Abrahms. Kill the past if you have to, right?

  • DJ Deadbeat
    DJ Deadbeat 2 months ago +1

    2:19 Papa Palpatine essentially hits Luke with a "no u"

  • Archer, Emissary of the Gorgonites

    Damn what if palpatine wasnt lying. What if everything happened to plan and he actually wanted to die to come back later.

  • Craig Lee
    Craig Lee 2 months ago

    And yet Mark Hamill is a far leftist just like the Emperor and would like the government to rule our lives. What an idiot.

  • Pat Gogan
    Pat Gogan 2 months ago +1

    Hard to believe Mcdiarmid wasnt even 40 here

  • BronzeAlive
    BronzeAlive 2 months ago

    20 years later he would see Darkness in his nephew's mind, and come to the conclusion that attempted murder was the way to go about ending it, did we miss something!!!!!!!!???

  • Chef Love
    Chef Love 2 months ago

    The prequels can't compare to the Original Trilogy. OT is in a higher league

  • ItzDrama
    ItzDrama 2 months ago

    Who’s hype to see him back in episode 9?!?

  • KashelGladio
    KashelGladio 2 months ago

    0:16 I think it's safe to say that Luke got his height form Padme's side of the family...

  • erixon21
    erixon21 2 months ago +1

    Welcome young Rey. I have been experiencing you

  • Sci-Fi Admirer
    Sci-Fi Admirer 2 months ago

    This IS the last Star Wars movie! There is no 7, 8 & 9.

  • Lukas
    Lukas 2 months ago

    What would have happen when luke turned to the dark side ? Would the emperor kill darth vader because there can be only 2 siths ?

  • Mr. M
    Mr. M 2 months ago

    "Ah yes, a Jedi's weapon"... dude, you literally used one all the time in the Prequels.

  • ninetails625
    ninetails625 2 months ago +1

    the acting is sooo good

  • discriminate 6
    discriminate 6 2 months ago

    Roll it again

  • Ken Sama
    Ken Sama 2 months ago

    How could Disney ruin this? I want heads to roll X(

  • Chris Macias
    Chris Macias 2 months ago +3

    Welcome back Emperor Palpatine!!

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker 2 months ago +6

    Young Skywalker, I must say you’re here sooner than expected
    In time you will call me the senate

  • Pedro Henrique Haritsch
    Pedro Henrique Haritsch 2 months ago +2

    "no one's ever really gone"

  • Roxas Kings
    Roxas Kings 2 months ago

    1 to 6 best 7 50/50 last jedi ×_×

  • Chas. Rock
    Chas. Rock 2 months ago +1

    That rotating chair reminds me of THE VOICE, hehehehe :D

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M 2 months ago +78

    Best villain of ALL TIME, and he’s making a return!

  • Mason Powers
    Mason Powers 2 months ago +4

    Let’s be real, we’re all here because of

  • All For One
    All For One 2 months ago +3

    A weird day in "bring your kids to your work day"

  • Andragorans
    Andragorans 2 months ago

    I can't take those scenes seriously anymore after watching the Robot Chicken parody of Star Wars. Even by the end of the first I am in anticipation of the "Yo mama" fight.

  • Madeleine Thie
    Madeleine Thie 2 months ago +37

    Who is here after Star Wars: The Rise Of The Skywalker Trailer xD?!

  • JOE40341
    JOE40341 2 months ago +5

    I've been falling for 30 years niggas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tony Bonstead
    Tony Bonstead 2 months ago +1

    Who's here after the Ep9 trailer?