The Emperor's Throne Room - Return of the Jedi [1080p HD]

  • Published on Mar 26, 2015
  • Marvelously dark, the stage is set for the final showdown in Star Wars in the Emperor's throne room. Everything built up to this in the film and the tension in the air is amazing. Wonderfully atmospheric, The Emperor knows how to talk down to this young whippersnapper.
    Star Wars Blu-ray 2011
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  • JeepusChrystler
    JeepusChrystler 8 hours ago

    _Oh... I'm afraid the fan boycott will be _*_quite operational_*_ when Episode IX arrives..._

  • darkm12
    darkm12 Day ago

    Notice that Palpatine knows the proper, safe way to set down a weapon next to his throne, unlike other silly villains..

  • The Jedi Sentinels
    The Jedi Sentinels Day ago +1

    Star Wars episodes 4-6: God level player
    Star Wars episode 1-3: Pro level player
    Star Wars episode 7-8: Noob level player

  • Lucywon
    Lucywon 2 days ago

    Sheev Palpatine was a very happy man.

  • scylla019
    scylla019 3 days ago

    The last laser master

  • Arvind Talukdar
    Arvind Talukdar 3 days ago

    I like how Palpatine states “a Jedi’s weapon”. As if Sith Lords don’t carry a weapon.

  • Azathoth Hastur
    Azathoth Hastur 4 days ago

    I feel bad for people who went to college 1990 on programmed to be losers and never experience good art

  • blazodeolireta
    blazodeolireta 4 days ago +1

    I see the new "owner" has started taking down your vid. they really belongs to the Sith.

  • Yoel Azar
    Yoel Azar 5 days ago

    3:02 McDiamird's teasing is so good. He knocked it out of the park in this scene.

  • Michael Garcia
    Michael Garcia 6 days ago

    Parts of this film were cheesy, but other parts were pure badass.

  • Social Deer
    Social Deer 6 days ago

    The Emperor just counting stars as he waits

  • Jaegar Heathman
    Jaegar Heathman 7 days ago

    3:36 "You want this don’t you"

  • T 21199
    T 21199 11 days ago

    Take your son to work day: Star Wars edition.

  • Rooster
    Rooster 11 days ago

    Star Wars... before Kathleen Kennedy and rian johnson f’ed it up

  • Angry Leprechaun
    Angry Leprechaun 12 days ago

    1:59 That cackle sounds chills down my spine.

  • Ryan Ramkissoon
    Ryan Ramkissoon 13 days ago

    Best movies ever. Best dialogue

  • gmshadowtraders
    gmshadowtraders 16 days ago +1

    I love the dialogue in this! So badass! You can't have this today of course, instead we got this pussy faggit shit.

  • Derek Gabrys
    Derek Gabrys 19 days ago

    The only reason why I rate Jedi a little below "A New Hope" and "Empire" is because of the Ewoks. It was a little too cute for me. Having them in the movie was fine but their role in defeating The Empire was a bit too big for forest creatures.

  • Paul A. Jules III
    Paul A. Jules III 19 days ago

    Hollywood have been showing us the way all the time....but they paint it as hideous, evil; The Dark side is the side that will liberate...the Light is warmongering and violent with no Order. Even Thanos is the Hero.

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee 20 days ago

    3:35 Luke should've spun the light-saber around then while it's pointing at the emperor switch it on take him out

  • Jack Napier
    Jack Napier 20 days ago +1

    Fabulous set design.
    For 1983, it’s amazing how much better than the new cheap Disney-fied Star Wars of today.
    FYI the throne room is located on a spire on top of the Death Star not inside it.
    Super cool.

  • Giovanny Alpizar
    Giovanny Alpizar 20 days ago

    Sometimes I wish there were more scenes with Palpatine in it. But this alone along with the rest of the film is good enough. I just like this character. It’s not like Vitiate where he’s this young, strong, and powerfully looking being dressed in white. He’s fitted in darkness. That’s all he is and needs.
    And the Force Lightning. 👌 Mastapiece!

    IMPERIAL 23 days ago

    Good to know Anakin was able to turn back again

  • Dan The Man
    Dan The Man 24 days ago +1


  • Joshyyy J
    Joshyyy J 26 days ago

    I love how all bad guys have a British accent hahahah

  • Electro Rebel
    Electro Rebel 26 days ago

    Ets just pretend disney starwars doesnt exist

  • Feck off
    Feck off 26 days ago

    This is fine and all, but where's all the forced DIVERSITY?!?
    Seriously though, I fucking miss when Star wars was an epic story and not a tool for fake wokeness...

    • Rhsims
      Rhsims 20 days ago

      I hate the new Star Wars too, but just so you know, if you think that Star Wars was never about "wokeness" then you clearly didn't watch the movies or read the books....George Lucas even stated that the Battle of Endor was based off the Vietnam War. The Rebels/Ewoks were heavily based off the Viet Cong. Also all the politics in the prequels were based off Bush Era politics. The Clone Wars made several references to Bush Era fear tactics. They weren't overt, but they were definitely there. The quote that Obi-Wan makes "Only a Sith deals in absolutes" and Anakin stating "You're either with me or against me" is a direct quote from Bush who stated that the countries of the world are either "with the United States or against it". In a nutshell, George Lucas was always hinting at a political agenda. If you want to hate the sequels that's fine, but hate them for the bad writing, horrendous cohesiveness and tired tropes. Don't hate them for some fantasy revolving around right-wing garbage politics.

  • Saddam Hussein
    Saddam Hussein 26 days ago +1

    Uncle Palpi is baaaaack, i mean....... *THE SENATE* is back

  • HrodebertUbe
    HrodebertUbe 28 days ago

    @0:53 Luke in his head - "Ah shit, I could 've done that..."

  • Dean Whyte
    Dean Whyte 28 days ago

    Vader was the chosen one all along

  • Ron White
    Ron White 28 days ago

    “You’re wrong. Soon, I’ll be dead. And you with me.”
    “You, like your father, are now mine.”
    WTF happened to REAL Star Wars!?! Oh yeah, Disney’s greed.
    R.I.P. Kenny Baker, Carrie Fisher, Peter Mayhew, and Gary Kurtz.

  • Brad Hoover
    Brad Hoover 29 days ago

    Thanks Disney for FUCKING IT ALL UP!!!

  • jkdbjjconnection
    jkdbjjconnection Month ago

    Should have told Luke the story of Darth Plaugus the wise.

  • Kieran Perry
    Kieran Perry Month ago

    I love how the subtitles say 'by' right at the end.

  • verkaforever
    verkaforever Month ago

    0:56 You're welcome.

  • M1strzu
    M1strzu Month ago

    For me now its clear. Palpatine int this scene want to be killed by Luke, a then he can take his body. Now watch scene with Snoke. Snoke is Palpatine for sure

  • Wally 1970
    Wally 1970 Month ago

    He needs a little sun , or at least a tanning bed

  • joel . joel belanger
    joel . joel belanger Month ago +1


  • Rodion Raskolnikov
    Rodion Raskolnikov Month ago

    This is nothing compared to Rose Tico.

  • Anthony West
    Anthony West Month ago +1

    Vader at 2:44 was like "Damn you are one sadistic freak even i'm not that evil"

  • joel . joel belanger


  • John B
    John B Month ago

    Heel par excellence, baby-face comeback perfect mania.

  • John B
    John B Month ago

    Nothing beats this Shake style story-telling. Now if only we stood up to the elitists like Luke.

  • Tom Bennett
    Tom Bennett Month ago +8

    Most intense ‘Bring Your Kid to Work Day’ ever!

  • joel . joel belanger
    joel . joel belanger Month ago +1


  • joel . joel belanger
    joel . joel belanger Month ago +1


  • William Scott
    William Scott Month ago

    Hey, hey. Look who I brought - Family Guy

  • Darth RJ
    Darth RJ Month ago

    Your faith in your friends is yours

  • Sealion Studios
    Sealion Studios Month ago +1

    2:28 This line, the music and the delivery by Ian really gives you that sense of weight that this man has manipulated not just the events of this film, but the ENTIRE saga itself. Masterful writing, directing and composing in ROTJ.
    Even if a prequel trilogy was never made, you'd still feel it.

  • ElliShushi Vlogs
    ElliShushi Vlogs Month ago

    Perhaps Disney should keep to back stories. They can never top these bois

  • Kyle Engelmann
    Kyle Engelmann Month ago

    Tired of you idiots bashing The Last Jedi still. It’s been a year and a half so grow up.

  • Phoo Yeah
    Phoo Yeah Month ago

    I was so looking forward to see how Luke would evolve from this young hero into a Jedi Master greater, wiser and far more powerful than Yoda. But instead we got a desperate old man that does nothing and died from simply using an astral projection after spending half the movie to finally put himself back on track. Fuck you Rian Johnson

  • Alex The Awsome
    Alex The Awsome Month ago +1

    This scene is so good that lucasfilm or rian johnson had to copy this scene for episode 8

  • 351cleavland
    351cleavland Month ago

    Luke: Your overconfidence is your weakness.
    Palpatine: Your faith in your friends is yours!
    Vader; Ooow, snap!

  • Aaron Black
    Aaron Black Month ago

    Disney is the Emperor boasting about their new Star Wars and Luke is the resisting fan base. “Your over confidence is your weakness.” And like the Emperor taking the shaft, that’s their profits as the f’d this franchise.

  • tony fendex
    tony fendex Month ago

    This is the REAL STAR WARS--NOT Disney CRAP!!!!

  • KT
    KT Month ago

    Guards, leave us.
    Guard: Man. I have been wanting to take a dump for ages!

  • Wabbit Twacks
    Wabbit Twacks Month ago

    Luke: "Your overconfidence is your weakness."
    Emperor: "Your faith in your friends is yours. And who told you I was incontinent? "
    Luke: "Your hearing sucks, too!"

  • Don Juan
    Don Juan Month ago

    @1:14 love the way Vader is like oh No you didn't. reacting to Luke's sass towards the emperor.

    THE REAPER MAN Month ago

    It is pointless to argue with him, my son. I should know!