We Break FaceApp to See How It Works

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
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    The Crew experiments with the popular app "Faceapp" to see if they can figure out how it works, and the results are.. interesting.
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Comments • 2 476

  • TheJeannag
    TheJeannag Day ago

    Niko's laugh everytime a cat appeared on his screen X'D

  • assblaster22187
    assblaster22187 Day ago +1

    Been a year, they ain got it yet.

  • Wis tick
    Wis tick Day ago

    Kid: lets put young effect on
    Kid puts young effect on
    Kid disappears
    The kid will never come back
    The End

  • Taavi Vajanto
    Taavi Vajanto Day ago

    Yeeeeaaaah 2030 yeah u got it rigth noooothings going to happen 2020 *coughs*ww3

  • Bjourne
    Bjourne 3 days ago

    But the app took Ian McKellen's tiny black line under his eyes, and accurately made the wrinkles around his eyes. It's gotta be looking for more than just eyes, nose and such.

  • Xavier Rodriguez
    Xavier Rodriguez 3 days ago

    the app turned the drawing into a coomer lmao

  • Jody028
    Jody028 4 days ago

    1:06 this in 2020

  • guilherme siqueira
    guilherme siqueira 7 days ago

    The Ego on this guy... Seriously...

  • Vedant Agrawal
    Vedant Agrawal 8 days ago

    Try FaceApp on Anil Kapoor!!

  • Green
    Green 8 days ago

    kinda screwed up that this is what highschool does instead of inspiring passion
    school: hey student you've seen a million examples of what an essay looks like, can you just make me a new essay
    student: i have don't have the motivation, passion, or sleep to want to learn but yeah i guess, here you go
    school: aight cool, here's your diploma... What do you mean you have no direction for your future?

  • Green
    Green 8 days ago

    6:12 that face when he puts your stuff in jello again

  • SIV
    SIV 9 days ago

    Question is, does it make the same type of face on a white board every time? or is it randomized 🤔

  • engineeringsquirrel
    engineeringsquirrel 12 days ago

    Use that aging program on Keanu reeves and Paul Rudd. Those two never age.

  • Emerald
    Emerald 14 days ago +22

    2:22 He laughed in the "Up" main theme melody

    • Matthew Gordon
      Matthew Gordon 2 days ago


    • Emerald
      Emerald 6 days ago


    • The Gamist
      The Gamist 6 days ago +1


    • Emerald
      Emerald 11 days ago

      @Tuck_Rex agreed lol

    • Tuck_Rex
      Tuck_Rex 11 days ago

      this needs to be a video lmao

  • MGYT50 Empire
    MGYT50 Empire 15 days ago

    This is a *NIGHTMARE*

  • Lt Scouton
    Lt Scouton 15 days ago

    Cursed image

  • no u
    no u 15 days ago +2

    no, I won't sub, iPhone bad

  • TehMatrixeh
    TehMatrixeh 16 days ago

    i look like Bruce Lee

  • K DV
    K DV 16 days ago

    the great war of 2020*

  • datlazylemon
    datlazylemon 16 days ago

    1:06 almost predicted WWIII

  • Steph Ss
    Steph Ss 18 days ago

    Take photos of celebrities, before they got cosmetic surgery, and compare what they look like now.

  • Kensu
    Kensu 19 days ago

    They could've done Keanu Reeves

  • dolan duck
    dolan duck 19 days ago +1

    2020, I think you mean

  • John S. Davies
    John S. Davies 19 days ago +1

    Quick reminder to check for the video face app guys!!

  • SirHunter
    SirHunter 19 days ago

    the whiteboard face drawing looked like Hank Hill

  • TheKing
    TheKing 19 days ago

    4:45 61 + 34 = 95 Where is the remaining 5 percent?

  • Luiz Felipe
    Luiz Felipe 19 days ago

    you've seen a million of JS libraries, create more

  • Uden Ricablanca
    Uden Ricablanca 20 days ago

    0:18 Logan looks like his mom

  • Logan Emanuel
    Logan Emanuel 20 days ago

    Please check out artbreeder it’s great

  • Arnold Alo
    Arnold Alo 22 days ago

    2:12 Oh no it's Palpatine!

  • GondorTheLAme
    GondorTheLAme 22 days ago

    You guys made pewdiepie

  • zach oellrich
    zach oellrich 24 days ago +1

    Please do a step by step tutorial how a beginner can make a deepfake from home laptop

  • Dominic Ballinger
    Dominic Ballinger 25 days ago

    Something tells me someone here works for another place too

  • Mr.minecraftblockman Mine


  • Amanda Snider
    Amanda Snider 27 days ago

    I used the app and a website called facemorph to "design" a character for my stories... Basically making a somewhat realistic face to show people what my character may look like if they were played by an actor. I used facemorph to morph celebrities faces together mixed with some faces on Google to add ethnicity. For example, I had an idea in my mind's eye of my character, I looked for faces that looked similar and mixed them. I wanted to do one of my characters who has native heritage mixed with some German an matis. I found faces that looked similar that were mostly native (except I couldn't find many) or Mexican (because many have native ancestry) as well as some white faces and a few Asian faces because some native tribes in north America can be traced back to Asia. Once I got the face I wanted, I ran it through faceapp to add a smile or different hair, age it up or down or add facial hair.

  • Chris Dark
    Chris Dark 28 days ago

    I will pay you $1000 to deep program my tinder profile to be handsome, 100% srs

  • The Canucklehead
    The Canucklehead Month ago +1

    That scream sound you guys always throw in kills me every time i hear

  • Jake Cathey
    Jake Cathey Month ago

    Looks like the dad from ‘Get Out’

  • itsw4d3
    itsw4d3 Month ago

    Niko interrupting himself explaining AI stuff by cracking up at the cursed cat pictures he created might be my favorite part of this video

  • Nekro
    Nekro Month ago +1

    *Old Niko looks like George Lucas*

  • New Jork
    New Jork Month ago +2

    What if you aged digitial characters like thanos or something?

  • Pedro Henrique Jatobá Marcom

    I've just subscribed, what a great channel!
    Would you mind trying to break Remini?

  • Aykay Boarding
    Aykay Boarding Month ago

    No one gonna talk about dust Cmike?

  • R W
    R W Month ago

    oh, so you ask the computer and it just does it for you... amazing tech insight , thanks

  • Kryptonite Effect
    Kryptonite Effect 2 months ago

    When he said, "It looks like a member of BTS," I couldn't help but laugh 😂

  • Milø
    Milø 2 months ago +1

    1:00 he looks like the antagonist in get out

  • Movie Clips - Everything
    Movie Clips - Everything 2 months ago +1

    😂 He is Rıdvan Dilmen 6:12

  • Muhammad Hassan Amin
    Muhammad Hassan Amin 2 months ago

    The brucelsee part was really amazing 😂

  • Ritu Sarkar
    Ritu Sarkar 2 months ago

    Danny Gonzalez?

  • Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Slayer 2 months ago +32

    Old guy : **tries to use an old face filter**
    FaceApp : **shows the picture**
    Old guy : **surprised**
    FaceApp : **showed a picture of a grave with his name**

  • helmet098
    helmet098 2 months ago

    Weird science was ahead of it's time

  • Nioxre
    Nioxre 2 months ago +1

    0:51 me coming off of a late closing shift and into an opening shift the very next day

    REDxFROG 3 months ago

    The moment the software catches a young VIP, it will just generate a picture of the real older one.......
    Just like the could do the joke with Bruce Lee.
    They can tell the software what to do with his face.

  • 10secondsrule
    10secondsrule 3 months ago

    That’s Conan O’Brien

  • Andre niki
    Andre niki 3 months ago

    Now seriously, this guys are like telling for years now that people is watching but they are not subscribed. What the fuck people? if you enjoy the work of this guys please considerate subscribing and supporting them for even more and better content!! If you watch these videos and you are not subscribed you should know that you are a trash person. Peace out

  • Marshall Bros
    Marshall Bros 3 months ago +1

    Bruce Jenner tries out face app and gets a woman...
    Everyone else: wait this app has a gender swap feature?!?!?!

  • Anime Thanos
    Anime Thanos 3 months ago

    Microsoft paint 8:45

  • Huniox
    Huniox 3 months ago

    *all I really do with faceapp is put teeth on my cat and post it on facebook* 😔👊

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Bespeckled Celphalopod

    Jake looks like chucm norris

  • Alyssa Dyer
    Alyssa Dyer 3 months ago

    When he started doing the input out thing it made me think of doodle bob from Spongebob. 😂