dear parents... // original song by tate mcrae

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • dear parents... // original song by tate mcrae
    heheh well this is different. what do you guys think?? ALSO go to my instagram @tatemcrae and comment what i should write my next song about :))))
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  • Tate McRae
    Tate McRae  7 months ago +4527

  • Leiloni Hernandez
    Leiloni Hernandez 14 minutes ago

    U have a wonderful voice

  • Daniela the meme of the century

    I just went thougth a break up everything seems diffrerent and I was at recess and some STUPID kid said i heard you had a break up he dosent love you anymore and i said I KNOW and when I realized the guy i was dating did not EVER bring up anything to talk about i was always giving him notes And I was the only one who gave him hugs he didnt like me sense the start sense I found about that the days have been trashy

  • Jay Bri
    Jay Bri Hour ago

    I’m almost 12 and I relate to all this... is this bad? 😭😭

  • Alexa
    Alexa Hour ago

    Im tired of putting a fake smile on my face just so my siblings wont act like me one day

  • Golden Gamer
    Golden Gamer Hour ago

    this song hit me way too hard

  • Ashley Kim
    Ashley Kim 2 hours ago +1

    *We know more than we tell you, promise I’m overthinking quite a lot”
    Blew my heart up like a bomb😭

  • Elliott Chapman
    Elliott Chapman 2 hours ago +1

    put this on spotify!!

  • Maddy Gar
    Maddy Gar 3 hours ago

    why am i crying right now?

  • Alexandra Kate
    Alexandra Kate 4 hours ago +1

    They say we're crazy and useless making stupid excuses to go make bad decisions when were hurt and we're not crazy romantic's but we still know what a heart is and know that when it's cracked it really burns🤐

  • Aleeyah carlos
    Aleeyah carlos 4 hours ago +2


  • Sandy Lerelele
    Sandy Lerelele 4 hours ago

    Tu voz es una de esas que engancha, creételo.

  • Life is Destiney
    Life is Destiney 4 hours ago +1

    Been here since 100k 🤪 don't forget me when you go huge!

  • Marina Hernandez
    Marina Hernandez 5 hours ago

    Has this happened to anyone else?

    I was with my father and he started blaming me for something i didn't do... and he acted like I was not one of his problems.. My dad never believes what i tell him, and he's never on my side

    AVEREY BARRERA 5 hours ago +1

    parents 😒😍

  • Heather Wilson
    Heather Wilson 6 hours ago

    the -we know more than what we tell you- part everyone can relate to:

  • Sara Graversen
    Sara Graversen 7 hours ago

    this is talent

  • Dillan Pretorius
    Dillan Pretorius 8 hours ago

    Your voice is amazing!

  • Wise Fool
    Wise Fool 8 hours ago

    These comments are breaking my heart

  • masih segel
    masih segel 14 hours ago

    Now my age is 12 and feel stressed because of school

  • Itz dameh
    Itz dameh 23 hours ago

    Really they said you useless??

  • Tibletz Lounsbury

    This is relatable and I'm younger than 16 so...
    This is a great song
    I love ur music

  • Anne-Catherine Montigny

    You are incredible Tate.

  • Charlotte Vanessa

    can someone tell me how she edits the sound until her voice echoes?

  • Alana B.
    Alana B. Day ago

    Hey could anyone help me with chords on this song for piano? I can't quite make out her fingerings and I'm new to this whole thing... I want to perform this but kinda need chords...

  • Clobo3000
    Clobo3000 Day ago

    This is amazing, i've been listening to this song on repeat for at least a week while i've been studying for assessmnets. THANKS!!! Your music is unbelievably awesome!!

  • The Looney Kids
    The Looney Kids Day ago

    Great singing! Keep up the good work

  • jessica padilla-hernandez

    I wanna be like her >:c

  • xXLunar_EclipseXx

    I love this song AND ALSO YOU

  • Ebrii i
    Ebrii i Day ago

    can u sing me to sleep pls🥺🦋💗

  • I hate People
    I hate People Day ago

    All i ever wanted was a "I love you" for 11 years...

  • jake barwick
    jake barwick Day ago

    Im a 14yr old boy and i relate to this so much

  • Mackenzie Vlogs
    Mackenzie Vlogs Day ago

    My mom got bad me for crying because she called me stupid and a failure. The only person who understood me died a year ago and life is just pain

  • • Unknown •
    • Unknown • Day ago

    I waited all day to come home and listen this. It’s been 5 times and I can’t stop hitting reply button

  • randomBLONDE Vlogs

    One song I always come back to from her would definitely be this one because even though I’m not 16 or whatever I’m a teenager so I understand this and its hard trying to do things that we can’t do or not doing doing something altogether. We talk we just keep it to ourselves most of the time cause that’s how we find a way to cope with things and we’re not out here doing drugs and we’re getting yelled at by our parents for the most stupid things. I understand they try to protect us but sometimes they need to lay off cause we could be doing so much worse than what we do. It bugs me that parents don’t understand cause they didn’t go through this when they were a teen they don’t understand us so they get mad at us when we didn’t do anything. When we keep stuff to ourselves it’s because we don’t feel like talking to anyone about it. We try to do good in school but it’s hard. We try to succeed in life but that’s hard to. I don’t get why parents don’t understand and we really do know more than parents think we do they just don’t know what we know so when we’re upset or something they yell at us saying knock off your attitude or your being dramatic. I remember one time in my life I was having a horrible 3 months and I was upset so when I would talk it sounded like I had an attitude but I didn’t I was just upset and I want going to tell them why.....the sad part is we trust our friends sometimes more than our own family. We want to tell our parents things but we know they will go off on us. I feel like all parents need to read this so if your reading this comment thank you for taking the time to read it and if u would like you can show your parents instead of explaining to them because I think I hit everything that happens in a teenage mind or life

  • france ceperez
    france ceperez Day ago +1


  • Elizabeth Smith
    Elizabeth Smith Day ago

    Even though I'm not 16, I can relate to your songs so much. I love you 💗

  • Annie Clark
    Annie Clark Day ago

    and your not on the radio...why????????/

  • Yazmin Graciano
    Yazmin Graciano Day ago

    Why do you look like olive from sydnye to the max

  • Eazy Squad
    Eazy Squad Day ago

    your inspiring me

  • QuirkyDreaminq
    QuirkyDreaminq Day ago

    Can you put this song on spotify it's a great song

  • Stephanie Arambula
    Stephanie Arambula Day ago +1

    I'm just a 12 year old amd i have all these deep thoughts deep in my head and I will never let them out .

    • Mari_Aesthetic
      Mari_Aesthetic Day ago

      I’m exactly the same and I’m also 12. I hate when people judge me and assume something about me before they actually got to know me

  • Twinkle UwU
    Twinkle UwU 2 days ago

    I finally convinced my mom to take me to the doctor because I want a real diagnosis for my depressed feelings and not have to hear my ,I'm saying "cheer up there is nothing to sad and anxious about!"

  • Artsy Waffle
    Artsy Waffle 2 days ago +2

    My parents literally made me cry hit me and hurt me and not even once a sorry

  • Broken soul
    Broken soul 2 days ago +1

    Omg ur voice is amazing and ur so beautiful too

  • Anisah Mohammed
    Anisah Mohammed 2 days ago

    Is soon as I heard this song I burst into tears because I can relate to all of this. And yet all I ever do is keep it all inside because I’m afraid, hurt, and depressed because I can’t tell anyone anything because they’ed call me “dramatic” or “sensitive” because I have gone through a lot at the age 2- so on. I am 11 now and am about to turn 12. And everything she said and more is true. And I just can’t handle it anymore it’s breaking me. Us kids are ignored and treated like we don’t have feelings and for what, because of our age. People don’t know the pain kids go through and they never will. But with the help with people like her who are willing to speak up about it will help us get through it.

  • AlexaSoExtra
    AlexaSoExtra 2 days ago

    Omg I read your bio it touched me 😭😍💖

  • ANAmati0ns
    ANAmati0ns 2 days ago

    Keys? This is just beautiful I wanNa PlAY iT

  • ali antle
    ali antle 2 days ago

    i want this on spotify

  • Umara Mubeen
    Umara Mubeen 2 days ago

    i've listen to this over about 50 times and i am not joking even 1%

  • Samiha Carrim
    Samiha Carrim 2 days ago +1

    _people change_

  • Samiha Carrim
    Samiha Carrim 2 days ago +2

    I am grateful for my life and my whole family is fantastic and I thank god every day for my life, but the only problem is school, and my parents are amazing but they don’t understand me often ( I still love them loads) but some of these lyrics hit me but idk why😂🙈

  • Britney sings
    Britney sings 2 days ago +1

    I swear how r u not a famous singer ur amazin

  • {Stars}
    {Stars} 2 days ago +10

    Parents: Back in our day, Depression didn't exist.

    The Great Depression : Am I a joke to you?

  • Drama Llama Queen Productions

    If I tell the truth you most likely won’t believe me,
    If I lie, you’ll get mad..
    If I stay silent you’ll keep demanding.
    If I change the topic, you’ll change it back,
    If I cry, you’ll say I’m useless.
    If I get mad, you’ll get angrier.
    If I leave the room, you’ll tell me to stop.
    If I don’t move, you’ll think I’m sick.
    If I’ll stare, you’ll tell me to stop staring.
    If I look away, you’ll tell me to look at you.
    But I can’t say what I feel, because you’ll abuse me.
    *what do you want me to do?*

  • Akyela Martin
    Akyela Martin 2 days ago

    I put a smile on my face whenever I’m in public but in reality I’m hurting inside so I go home and cry by myself

  • Lizzie Olmstead
    Lizzie Olmstead 2 days ago

    I am 11, and shouldnt be relating to any of these. "Hate that youve been saying im dramatic." "immature because i just dont wanna talk" many more lyrics which i relate to and shouldnt

  • Judy Hernandez
    Judy Hernandez 2 days ago

    I'm only Ten and I have depression

  • I'm so silly silly
    I'm so silly silly 2 days ago

    Your gonna be a big time singer one day

  • Violet_ Hue
    Violet_ Hue 2 days ago +2

    You've inspired me so much!!💜💕💞💖💔