Jack Eichel on his trade to the Las Vegas Golden Knights | The Point

  • Published on Nov 3, 2021
  • John Buccigross is joined by Jack Eichel following his trade from the Buffalo Sabres to the Las Vegas Golden Knights. Eichel is currently awaits procedure to fix his injury that the Sabres wouldn't allow, but the Golden Knights will.
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Comments • 59

  • Christian Rios

    As a sabres fan I’m sad to see Jack go, but I’m excited to see him do well. I want the best for him

  • Mr
    Mr  +53

    NHL answer starter pack, --> "I feel pretty good" ,"pretty special", "pretty good opportunity", "i'm excited", "special place", "and uh", "pretty surreal", "really excited".

  • A. Nicholson

    I am hyped for Eichel, he is the piece Vegas needed to have an overall well rounded team. This makes up for the fluery, and reaves, now tuch in my opinion.

  • Carlos Halabi

    Man is a stud . Happy for you eichel

  • G C
    G C  +9

    Buccigross asks the direct questions! Went right after the questions about the surgery.

  • Psychozen 71

    This is why on draft day you take the over payment trade. buffalo should of done it this year too on draft night. When McDavid was awarded/ drafted by oilers buffalo should of traded the 2nd over all to many teams that offered several years of draft picks just like this year.

  • andrewzy

    Buci he didnt want to be a sabre anymore check his interview with Friedman. There was discord since Adams came in and because he wanted to do his own rebuild and Jack didnt wanna be apart of it anymore nor did Sam , they both Kinda gave up. I get it, i understand it, but that is not the kind of things you want from a Captain at that time. So theres that. Right there when he came to terms with that he was done as a Sabre and we cant have leaders on this team that just wanna give up when this dont go as they are planned. Stevie Y didnt give up when we was a Redwing Captain during thier Dark days.

  • Brendan Dimitri

    “‘Yea I hurt myself. I hurt my nose.’- Kenny Powers’ - Jack Eichel

  • Kenny James

    At this point, I'm ashamed to admit I'm a Sabres fan, but this guy is getting a raw deal from a lot of the Sabres clueless portion of fans. If you look up disk replacement surgery, you will see that if it's not successful, you can still get the fusion surgery. So why, if you are the sabres, don't you let him get the disk replacement surgery and if it doesn't work then you can have him get the fusion surgery? Because it really wasn't about that it was about the Sabres not wanting to spend money on expensive players when they could stay at the bottom of the league with a bunch of league minimum wage players, which is exactly what they have done. That's why eichel is gone, and that's why reinhart and risto are gone as well. Because the sabres think they can sell tickets to their clueless fans while spending the least amount possible on players. And to all the dimwits throwing around the claims that Eichel is a locker room cancer or coke addict - show us your evidence. All you've got is, I heard it from a guy or some such bullshit. Was rhino or risto also a cancer? Were they coke addicts? This is the EXACT same thing that happened to Oreilly when the sabres ran him out of town. He was supposedly a locker room cancer, yet the next year, on his new team, he was cup mvp. But you keep supporting and defending a team that is basically filled with AHL rejects and think that you're getting a great deal from the Sabres organization, and they will keep serving you this plate of feces.

  • Randy Ip

    Dude doesn't move his neck for the entire 5 minute video

  • Paul Rath

    I'm expecting Jack's neck to miraculously be healed in a very short time, and he will be playing much sooner than anyone imagines. Let's just say he and his agents were doing all they could to get him traded from the Sabres.

  • Mario Vaccarella

    The NYRs Or Chicago Would've Had More To Offer

  • Greenrock Property Services

    My 11 year old son just took every Eichel poster off his walls in his room

  • SMG Community 🤓🤡

    vegas fans should be super pumped.. hes gonna come back in time for playoffs..

  • dan b

    I get it, glad for him, glad he’s gone too.

  • Rife
    Rife  +1

    That Dylan shirt tho....

  • Christian Andersson

    damn if Buffalo let Puch wear nr 89 cuz that number is Mogilnys

  • Jakub Votýpka

    Dude is listening to Marvin Gaye, nice!

  • Desertdog 34