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  • Published on May 9, 2022
  • K-Pop's favorite boy band has it all- talent, looks, charm, and an INSANE fashion sense. On this episode of with , the boys deliberate HARD topics like denim or leather, pink or grey hair, mountains or ocean, and MORE. Be sure to watch along to see if the boys would DRIP ✅ or DROP ❎ these trends. Wanna play more Drip Or Drop? Well, you're in luck! Click here to binge-watch MORE of your favorite celebs:
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Comments • 2 043

  • Xavier
    Xavier 16 days ago +3595

    Seungmin can truly say anything and they will laugh their butts off

    • youcancallmeEm
      youcancallmeEm Day ago

      Didn't expect u on a straykids video tho😂🤣🤣🤣

    • JO☆
      JO☆ 5 days ago

      Wait you're verified?? 😭

    • Stray Universe°
      Stray Universe° 11 days ago +1

      Oh you are stay too!!!

    • Chan's Laptop
      Chan's Laptop 13 days ago +2

      I feel like at this point, we all would

    • DeeNe Stuff
      DeeNe Stuff 14 days ago


  • Jungwon's Left Toe
    Jungwon's Left Toe 16 days ago +1008

    I love that Chan would notice MInho being quiet during the interview and would try to include him by asking him questions. It's the small things that count. :') Chan you're so kind :)

    • army, moa
      army, moa Day ago

      дадада, чан очень хороший лидер..

    • MommaJB2005
      MommaJB2005 13 days ago +52

      I thought Han did that too when he responded in Korean and looked up at Minho, to try and include him. So cute 🥰 how they watch over him and include him.

    • lianne.
      lianne. 16 days ago +35

      True,it's why i'm so soft for him☹ he's the best

  • Najada Pryce
    Najada Pryce 17 days ago +1517

    I love how everything seungmin says, hyunjin laughs and repeat it. He is literally the funniest person on earth to them.

    • jen
      jen 15 days ago +10

      absolutely ✨

  • Yuki Tearm
    Yuki Tearm 17 days ago +1693

    Stray Kids talking about sneakers,
    Han: 'You like chocolate?'
    Chan: Done with Han's randomness
    Seungmin: 'GET OUT'

    • Wu Ji
      Wu Ji 4 days ago

      @Hurt Cobain omg big brain😭😭😭😭

    • Hurt Cobain
      Hurt Cobain 9 days ago +7

      I thought he said that because dogs can't eat chocolate or smth😭

    • Линская Светлана
      Линская Светлана 11 days ago +5

      You didn't get the joke

    • Sr Perpetua M
      Sr Perpetua M 15 days ago +50

      Reminds me of when he said, I’m not two, I’m not three, I’m Han 😂😂 Smart man

    • js
      js 16 days ago +121

      It's because "sneakers" sounds like "Snickers" the candy bar lol. Seungmin didn't approve of the word play.

  • Eironie
    Eironie 17 days ago +4049

    "It's food, Chan!"
    Seungmin really be taking advantage of English-based interviews so he can drop the honorifics! 😂

  • juststay~~
    juststay~~ 17 days ago +1767

    Bangchan staying true to his love for black outfits yelling " BLACK" is just so cute😆

  • Duygu Y
    Duygu Y 17 days ago +973

    I love how Hyunjin always laughs when Seungmin tells a joke. He's literally Sugmins biggest fan.

  • Baby Lee Know… ahh yeah sure

    13:03 I love the face Lee Know makes here like it’s so cute and funny he’s like OMG I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THAT 😂 it’s absolutely adorable I love it
    And when chan says “let’s all go to Australia” is just I can’t anymore- like how can you be that sweet and that cute

  • Rakhi R Shenoy
    Rakhi R Shenoy 17 days ago +914

    I loved how everyone waited patiently for changbin to complete his sentence. He improved so much in his english, hyunjin too.
    Seugmin : breathes
    The whole skz : haha too funny
    This interview was so chaotic as always and thats why we love them.
    Skz make stay stay❤

  • Lonely Wolf
    Lonely Wolf 18 days ago +9506

    I don't think enough people realize how cute it was of Changbin saying he likes beanies, because he is Binnie!! ISTG THIS MAN....

    • hanniehwa🌸💎
      hanniehwa🌸💎 10 days ago +1

      Nah cuz that had to be my favorite part… along with his other adorable moments tho like his “just my idea” and “i like him” I love when he makes English comments in tinyy T-T

    • SPearB
      SPearB 14 days ago +2

      one of many reasons why he’s my ult💍

    • DrGreenthumb820803
      DrGreenthumb820803 15 days ago +5

      I don't think enough people care either. It's a travesty.

    • Rat playz
      Rat playz 16 days ago +3

      FR HES SÓ CUTE 🥰😭🫶🏻💜

    • Shifter
      Shifter  17 days ago +6

      Frrr he’s so cute 😭😭

  • Fernanda
    Fernanda 17 days ago +242

    hyunjin imitating or laughing hard at literally ANYTHING seungmin says always gets me, love those 2

    • Mortuus Nox
      Mortuus Nox 4 days ago

      isn’t he making fun of him lowkey?😳

    • Mack Na
      Mack Na 7 days ago +1

      And at changbin's pasta color joke 😂

  • Lizzie
    Lizzie 17 days ago +202

    I hope Lee Know is doing alright, he seems very tired and I hope he is getting the rest he needs ❤️

    • Lizzie
      Lizzie 11 days ago +3

      @Jaksen Lane Yeah, I hope he feels more comfortable and gains more confidence in interviews like this

    • Jaksen Lane
      Jaksen Lane 12 days ago +21

      He’s probably incredibly nervous as it’s an “English” interview, I’ve noticed he does better anxiety wise in Korean interviews, he’s still learning English so he’s probably trying not to “embarrass” himself when we truly wouldn’t mind if he messed up some.

  • Laila
    Laila 17 days ago +490

    Chan making sure Lee Know talks/explain his reason for his opinion is so heart warming 🥺

  • random _girl
    random _girl 17 days ago +232

    The ways Seungmin's just staring like that at 7:43 😐 for several seconds while they discuss pasta and pastel in the bg has me wheezing😂
    Also at 11:14 why'd he suddenly go 😐 for a few seconds and then proceed to tell "ITS FOOD CHAN" ....ISTG this kid😂

  • 마리
    마리 18 days ago +3728

    i love how seungmin takes every opportunity he gets during interviews in english to drop honorifics and call chan without hyung 😂😂😂

  • Changg
    Changg 17 days ago +80

    The way they are so patient with Changbin when he speaks English is the cutest thing ever

    • pinkerhero
      pinkerhero 11 days ago +1

      it's also bare minimum respect for a friend

  • Sara Mobili
    Sara Mobili 16 days ago +175

    7:55 changbin's laugh is everything and his "pasta aglio olio" it's just 🤌🤌

  • WittyHabits
    WittyHabits 16 days ago +90

    Not a fan, but this group is so genuine, especially their leader ❤

    • chivan06
      chivan06 11 days ago +4

      Our family always welcomes you, hope one day you’ll become part of STAY! Have a nice day!

    • Vgbvb Vhcvv
      Vgbvb Vhcvv 14 days ago +6

      @WittyHabits Thank you for this :)

    • robyn browne
      robyn browne 14 days ago +10

      @WittyHabits we appreciate that thanks 🙏🏽❤

    • WittyHabits
      WittyHabits 14 days ago +13

      @robyn browne yes ive watched some of their clips, and they are so awesome and sweet 🥰

    • robyn browne
      robyn browne 14 days ago +10

      i love how you are not a fan but know the leader lol 😂

  • yoongi Min
    yoongi Min 17 days ago +312

    Omg seeing Changbin is willing to speak, he just leveled up, and Felix was helping him throughout the conversation, im beyond proud

  • D. S.
    D. S. 18 days ago +5394

    Their apologies when jokes and comments don't land are so cute.

    • Vero Cordova Borges
      Vero Cordova Borges 14 days ago

      Hablan muy bien el inglés, que estudiosos!

    • D. S.
      D. S. 16 days ago +1

      @Khyah Austin that's ok! HAN would probably be happy someone appreciates his humor :)

    • Khyah Austin
      Khyah Austin 16 days ago +10

      @D. S. I thought it was funny😭😭

    • Bloxburgbabby
      Bloxburgbabby 17 days ago +1

      @D. S. ohhhh 😭

    • D. S.
      D. S. 17 days ago +34

      @Bloxburgbabby sneakers the shoes was the choice and he said "oh, you like chocolate" because of the snickers chocolate bar

  • sinyeeee
    sinyeeee 17 days ago +68

    changbin trying his best to express his thoughts in eng is SO CUTE

    • pinkerhero
      pinkerhero 11 days ago +2

      it's impressive of him to participate that way at least

  • Kaitlyn Weeks
    Kaitlyn Weeks 14 days ago +75

    It's super cute and encouraging to see them all speak english and not just Chan, Felix, and Han. It's tough to express yourself in a language you are not super familiar and instinctual in. This is one of the many reasons why I will stan this band forever :)
    Also, I love how excited Chanbin gets at anything food related lol

  • Nari
    Nari 17 days ago +55

    No matter who you are or what you say, you can always count on Hyunjin to laugh at your joke. This man will laugh at ANYTHING lmao

  • catdaddie
    catdaddie 16 days ago +50

    the way jeongin says "SPICY 😁 I LIKE IT😁 OH MY GOSH!!😁" at 11:35 makes me want to cry, i love him

  • D. S.
    D. S. 18 days ago +3319

    Seungmin can truly say anything and they will laugh their butts off

    • steamedbryce
      steamedbryce 17 days ago +3

      That's because he's a whole comedian

    • idk
      idk 17 days ago +4

      especially hyunjin

    • Gold_coin
      Gold_coin 17 days ago +3

      @Anita U Periodt!

    • D. S.
      D. S. 17 days ago +13

      @ANITSU dropping the honorifics and enjoying every second of it haha

    • ANITSU
      ANITSU 17 days ago +11

      I still can get over "IT'S FOOD, CHAN"

  • SimoneXOandCo
    SimoneXOandCo 17 days ago +94

    Changbin just lives for puns in these English interviews. Beanie for binnie, pastel or pasta, sour and shower, skiing because they’re skz. Of course the guys try to restate their opinions by just getting increasingly loud. 🤣

  • forest demon ddaeng
    forest demon ddaeng 16 days ago +61

    2:04 changbin meaty boy and english king
    3:14 binnie thicc boy 🔥
    5:14 hyunjin clowning seungmin lmao
    7:01 same chan black clothes are the best
    9:45 lol han
    11:40 binnie so proud of his joke, cute english king
    12:54 minho cutie
    13:15 han just so entertaining i love him, also love hyunjin's laugh thru this whole thing lol

  • Dreamy_Mary
    Dreamy_Mary 17 days ago +54

    06:04 I think Hyunjin said 'long hair' actually... although it doesn't matter because both styles suit him very well.
    and the Pink Changbin has to happen (if he really wants too)!

    • Himari
      Himari 14 days ago +6

      I agree. I think hyunjin and felix said "long hair"

  • CyUpid
    CyUpid 15 days ago +46

    the way chan speaks to and treats his kids is so heartwarming /w\ he clearly holds so much love for each and every one of them, you can tell this is his passion; sharing music with the world with his favorite people

  • Fatima
    Fatima 17 days ago +85

    I love how Seungminn always gets onto Han for his jokes 😂😂 Like when he said "Lee Yes? No, Lee Know" and he came at him with boxing gloves 🤣❤

  • Zaina McAdam
    Zaina McAdam 17 days ago +122

    Also, can we say the fashionistas are sitted at the front! Because Hyunjin & Han's fashion never miss!! And I.N. & Felix always have something cute on. I mean even in this video it shows! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Aura
    Aura 15 days ago +19

    13:47 "Not maybe!"
    ...."I'm sorry"😂😂 these guys crack me up love them all!!

  • Grace Creager
    Grace Creager 17 days ago +15

    Seungmin's face right before he says "it's food Chan" is priceless it's like he's debating whether or not to say it lmao

  • Clueless
    Clueless 17 days ago +1155

    *"who is your fashion icon?"*
    Hyunjin: *"JYP"*
    Chan: *"yeah reallyyy?....."* *[disturbed 1]*
    Han: *"Ohh are you sure?"* *[disturbed 2]*
    Everyone: *[speechless af]*
    Chan: *"suits you"*
    Hyunjin: *"Ohh what?? 😐"* *[now disturbed]*
    Then how about a 2022 ver of jyp clear pants Hyunjin??? Lmao

    • Nightfury
      Nightfury 9 days ago +9

      not the clear pants 😭

      L0STDARL1NG 11 days ago +24


  • Livelaughlove
    Livelaughlove 17 days ago +49

    4:29 “ *SpOnGeBoB SqAuRePaNts* ” seungmin literally just looks for the right opportunity to throw in every joke. Hahahahha. He’s hilarious. PLS LMAO
    I love their chaotic energy in this interview (and every other one as well) they make everything so fun and entertaining to watch. *Stray kids everywhere all around the world* !!

  • 성메건
    성메건 16 days ago +20

    7:58 and 7:59 Changbin is literally so cute I’m literally obsessed with his cuteness here😍

  • Tana
    Tana 17 days ago +20

    This was sooo funny the random noises, seungmin's jokes, hyunjin's laugh, and just everyone being funny ughhh i love them

  • Kpoplover4life
    Kpoplover4life 14 days ago +17

    Seungmin is so cute especially these days. Just portraying his adorable puppy personality and bubblyiness I love him so much and loved hearing his opinions! Lol when Hyunjin said he likes JYP style, all the members: huh? oh what really? Are you sure it suits me Chan? hAhA.

  • Dana Lara
    Dana Lara 17 days ago +18

    "so I could've where a flamingo on my shoulder?" - Han Jisung 2022
    Omg I love this guy😂🤣😍 I laugh so loud at that

  • jusyhere
    jusyhere 15 days ago +15

    11:26 okok last one i promise (or not) seungmin saying ‘its food chan!!’ omfg this man is a whole comedian now i understand why hyunjin laughs at everything he says/ does like he breaths and i’ll be on the floor laughing (with hyunjin) ((i wish))

  • alice
    alice 16 days ago +5

    not at jisung going "I can wear a flamingo on my left shoulder" HE IS HILARIOUS

  • Rina Verina
    Rina Verina 16 days ago +21

    "Maybe we'll try some of these trends one day", "Yeah, maybe"
    Seungmin: "NOT maybe" 😂😂😂 The way he called out fashion

  • Najwa
    Najwa 17 days ago +12


  • Cindy Espinosa
    Cindy Espinosa 15 days ago +9

    At 11:26, Seungmin just couldn't stand it anymore when Chan tried redefining flavors/tastes. 🤣
    He was like, "It's food, Chan."
    Found that so cute of him 🤭😍💛

  • orionlumin
    orionlumin 17 days ago +28

    5:15 Lee know staring straight into the camera and just vibing we love to see it

  • Kat
    Kat 16 days ago +5

    Hyunjin: “JYP”
    Chan: “Yeah really?”
    Han: “Are you sure?”

  • Jessica Souza
    Jessica Souza 18 days ago +1998

    Seungmin just gets funnier and funnier. ITS FOOD CHAN

  • OwnerCHO
    OwnerCHO 17 days ago +18

    Thank you SKZ for another entertaining chaotic fun-filled interview!!! I could watched 10000 of these, it never gets boring.

  • Mah e mir
    Mah e mir 14 days ago +3

    I love hearing Lee know though he rarely talked here but when chan asked him and he explained his answers I loved it

  • serry ciok
    serry ciok 11 days ago +2

    hyunjin imitating or laughing hard at literally ANYTHING seungmin says always gets me, love those 2

  • Channie 🐺
    Channie 🐺 16 days ago +11

    Please we want more of Stray kids!
    They are the best ! I was laughing, smiling throughout the whole video !
    Stray kids never fails to make our day ever more better !

  • Savonna Quinlan
    Savonna Quinlan 18 days ago +2458

    The way Chan went “oh really?” When hyunjin said his favorite fashion icon was JYP😭😭😭

  • Umra Safir
    Umra Safir 15 days ago +3

    Seungmin and Han being so effortlessly funny 🤣🤣❤️

  • hEyY fEliX HeYy i GoT yOuR iMpOsTer

    I love it how they are so comfortable talking in english and being themselves

  • Dreamy_Mary
    Dreamy_Mary 17 days ago +7

    04:28 pure comedy XD
    also I'm really surprised by some of their answers, Stray Kids are never boring))

  • Sedef Cebe
    Sedef Cebe 16 days ago +4

    hyunjin laughing and clapping at everything seungmin says is so adorable

  • andriana
    andriana 18 days ago +2056

    You guys don't understand how obsessed I am with the way Hyunjin and Han dress up. Their fashion sense is immaculate

  • DemonSan_DarkBin
    DemonSan_DarkBin 13 days ago +3

    7:54 Changbin: PASTA!
    also Changbin: *laughs *
    *Hyunjin and Han started to laugh as well *
    Changbin: AGLIO OLIO!
    * everyone, especially Chan, Hyunjin and Han, laughs *

  • Gail Warhol
    Gail Warhol 7 days ago +1

    11:26 seungmin calling out chan and saying “it’s food chan” would never not be funny 😂😂😂

  • mio y
    mio y 16 days ago +8

    Changbin's English is getting better and he's getting more confident! I'm so proud of him🥰

  • Lia_17
    Lia_17 16 days ago +4

    The members: *says anything*
    Hyunjin: *dies of laughter*

  • Eboni
    Eboni 18 days ago +1558

    chan: “i think everyone going to be the same for this one maybe”
    also chan: the only one that chooses a different one

    • Hana and Lexi
      Hana and Lexi 16 days ago

      Yes lol hahahahaha

    • sam's hairband🎀
      sam's hairband🎀 16 days ago


    • Seican aye
      Seican aye 17 days ago +4

      Yeah that was hilarious hahah
      But tbh I was literally thinking the same as him and I was so surprised they all chose something different

    • Sannah Bouzeghoub
      Sannah Bouzeghoub 17 days ago +3

      Well... he did say maybe 🤣🤣

    • Lessa
      Lessa 17 days ago +9

      I was just going to comment this hahahahhahahah

  • Emoonia
    Emoonia 17 days ago +7

    Changbin is literally me in this interview, constantly talking about food. True Dwaekki in the heart!

  • Debleena Mondal
    Debleena Mondal 17 days ago +10

    Throughout the interview Seungmin was looking so adorable with his pouty face 😘

  • InkoIsDumberThanYou
    InkoIsDumberThanYou 13 days ago

    I love them so much. I cannot express how much I enjoy their happiness and humour oh my goodness

  • Felixbrownieboy
    Felixbrownieboy 12 days ago +1

    Straykids are always entertaining and I never get bored from watching

  • Camila 0898
    Camila 0898 18 days ago +1474

    The way they feel really comfortable speaking English even when they don't have a way wide vocabulary, and also showing their true themselves at camera so spontaneously it's very nice to watch

    • Mimi Maya
      Mimi Maya 16 days ago +1

      Hyunjin is studying English tho

    • ChavezChalupaz
      ChavezChalupaz 17 days ago +4

      Except for leeknow 😭😭😭😭

    • GG
      GG 17 days ago +9

      yess this !! it makes me happy

  • Channie 🐺
    Channie 🐺 16 days ago +3

    Thank you Stray kids for always brightening up our lives with best interviews, contents and stuffs
    You guys are the best !
    There's no one doing it like Stray kids!

  • Cassie
    Cassie 12 days ago +1

    7:55 changbin's laugh is everything and his "pasta aglio olio" it's just 🤌🤌

  • Nina Brouwer
    Nina Brouwer 17 days ago +3

    I love those kind of interviews. Binnie was so cute and I.N is really doing better with his English.

  • Maybesoobinsbread
    Maybesoobinsbread 9 days ago +2


  • Lisa Dagon
    Lisa Dagon 17 days ago +1830

    "thank you everyone" from Minho is very valuable. Every word in English from Minho is very valuable 🥲 😸
    i'm so proud of each of them...

    • feral-child
      feral-child 16 days ago +1

      they've really improved on their english and english is such a hard language to learn!

    • ak
      ak 16 days ago +4


    • Joa VHdez
      Joa VHdez 16 days ago +5

      Yes Lee Know..If English is perfection

    • KPOP Is My Life
      KPOP Is My Life 16 days ago +14

      why did i read it with seungmin's voice---

    • japanese currency
      japanese currency 16 days ago +31

      I'm sobbing over his tiny "thank you everyone", and I'll be the rest of the week.

  • miko.o
    miko.o 14 days ago +1


  • Samruddhi Nimbalkar
    Samruddhi Nimbalkar 15 days ago +7

    4:41 look at our seungminnie he is so cute the way he said SpongeBob just gave me same energy from ryujin saying randomly SpongeBob💀😭

  • Julia Reijonen
    Julia Reijonen 17 days ago +3

    I love that I.N and Seungmin are being so brave at talking and participating 🥰🥰

  • Rose Urie
    Rose Urie 15 days ago +1

    I feel like Minho understands everything but just doesn't care hahaha
    I love these boys.💕

  • CB97#Stay
    CB97#Stay 18 days ago +2746

    I love the fact that they really try to speak english, and Chan is helping them to find their word. it’s so cute

  • FairyFelix
    FairyFelix 16 days ago +6

    Seungmin: Not maybe
    Felix: WHY?
    Seungmin: I'm Sorry..
    LMAOOOO THAT PART HAD ME LAUGHING XD Seungmin is so hilarious xD

  • ;p
    ;p 3 days ago

    I love how chan gives every member a chance to talk and asks about their opinion

  • Korg
    Korg 16 days ago +16

    3:34 Changbin chooses pink hair to show support for his bae Yeonjun
    3:36 Backfires with pig-hair courtesy of Hyunjin 😂
    3:57 Escalates further more with him having to try it out for the next comeback 😭

  • Jesielll CedeAnd
    Jesielll CedeAnd 9 days ago

    Es que Seungmin en las entrevistas es una cosa PERO BÁRBARA JAJAJAJAJJA 😭 Btw, amo que Chan incluya a Minho en las conversaciones y todos lo escuchen súper atentos 🥺 y cómo todos fluyan para hablar en ingléeees 😭❤️

  • SPearB
    SPearB 14 days ago +2

    Aglio e olio-me and my moms have an inside joke about that one but Changbin saying that just had me rolling on the floor😂

    BAERO 16 days ago +1

    I'm so happy to see Lee Know participated this much in an English interview TT
    Keep going boy. You did well.

  • No
    No 17 days ago +6

    If Binnie doesn't stop being so cute, I'm going to burst. My weak heart can't handle it

  • Belén Gallardo
    Belén Gallardo 13 days ago +1

    The way that the English skills of the non-Eng speakers members are developing makes me so proud 🤧 you can really notice a difference between the recent interviews and the oldest ones

  • ジェイI Look Like a Toe
    ジェイI Look Like a Toe 18 days ago +691

    "Who's your fashion icon?"
    Hyunjin: "JYP"
    *flashbacks to Hyunjin wearing the plastic pants in Finding Stray Kids* 😂😂😂

  • Deborah Todd
    Deborah Todd 15 days ago +1

    Changbin English has improved so much. I love his voice. He's starting to have confidence with speaking English. Way to go.

  • Nina Patrichor
    Nina Patrichor 16 days ago +1

    Changbin is so adorable hehe

  • Vanilla Ice
    Vanilla Ice 17 days ago +2

    I love it when changbin said "pasta color", and then he laugh and said "aglio olio" 🤣🤣

  • Konstantina
    Konstantina 13 days ago +3

    "can't wear a flamingo on my shoulder" I feel you Han😂😂😂

  • Kenzi W
    Kenzi W 18 days ago +1246

    There’s so many funny moments in this:
    Hyunjin: shsnszg aka sweater jacket
    Changbin:pasta (instead of pastel)
    Seungmin: it’s food Chan!
    Chan: I think we will all be the same in this one (everyone else choose one thing and only Chan chooses that option)
    Lee Know: forgetting he owns a padded vest

  • l e l a
    l e l a 16 days ago +2

    seungmin: exists

  • Nanic
    Nanic 12 days ago +1

    Look at Binnie getting better and better at speaking english. Melts my heart🥺

  • Olivia Groza
    Olivia Groza 17 days ago +5

    changbin not letting us forget that he is the funniest and thicc for 14:30 minutes straight...
    so many hilarious moments in this video!

  • pixxie
    pixxie 17 days ago +1

    chan's face at the very start i'm already sobbing he's so cute

  • Bubblegum Pop
    Bubblegum Pop 18 days ago +945

    That mini heart attack Chan had when he thought everyone will have the same answer as him but no one did 😂
    And oh, Lino was so adorable in this ☺️☺️☺️ He’s becoming one of my top biases these days

    • season two but not in china
      season two but not in china 16 days ago

      The way he was like I think everyone will choose the same as me and literally nobody does lmao😭

    • P R
      P R 17 days ago +5

      Everyone did except him😆

  • Tang.g Ck
    Tang.g Ck 17 days ago +2

    Fact: Seungmin is a funniest person in skz nowadays 😂

  • Aria Norton
    Aria Norton 17 days ago +2

    My angels look so cute🥹❤️, btw Seungmin is extra adorable here 😭❤️❤️

  • Rahi Basu
    Rahi Basu 17 days ago

    I like how hyunjin's style is more quirky and different from conventional trends

  • Mehaan Kasseean
    Mehaan Kasseean 11 days ago +2

    seugmin is just too funny and the members' english omg😭