What is Quality? - Quality Meaning in real terms

  • Published on Oct 12, 2013
  • What is Quality and what is the meaning of Quality? See - Quality definition and meaning in real terms.

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  • SuperSwagGuy
    SuperSwagGuy Year ago

    This is quality

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    Gray Dragion Year ago

    10/10 quality content here.

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    matthew Rios Year ago

    Hey do you not speak English Talk don't. make people read what you have to say thats what TheXvid was created for.

  • Surya Vanshi
    Surya Vanshi 2 years ago

    Sir Pls make it more clear.......by taking other examples also

  • Rico Sun Diego
    Rico Sun Diego 2 years ago

    Good information!

  • Bhaskar Singh
    Bhaskar Singh 2 years ago

    Sir quality kya h eske profit kya h ku karte h espar ak video banaiye hindi m please

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    Kamal Arora 2 years ago


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    arfat zitu 2 years ago

    excellent sir!!

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    Abhijith Alolickal 3 years ago +1

    Superb boss

  • Marjorie Celestial
    Marjorie Celestial 3 years ago +1

    what about quality in Juran Trilogy?

  • Valentin Tihomirov
    Valentin Tihomirov 3 years ago +1

    Poor design => poor performance. Design quality != performance quality only by accident. Also, things are designed according to specifications. The quality is the degree of conformance between spec and resulting product. I can separate the design quality from the manufacturing quality but not from performance or conformance quality.

  • Jamal Youssef
    Jamal Youssef 4 years ago

    Thank you it helps a lot

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    sagar brijpuriya 4 years ago


  • jason edenburg
    jason edenburg 4 years ago +1

    thanx for sharing this man you explained everything step by step

  • Trevor
    Trevor 4 years ago +3

    Have you ever read "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"? The guy (a philosophy professor) gets so wrapped up in his search for the definition of "quality" that he loses his mind and gets electroshock therapy. Not necessarily a relevant comment, but there you go.

    • Alex Barker
      Alex Barker Year ago

      I am going crazy is a similar way and hence how I ended up here. The book articulated the question that was so frustrating me in life but I could not do on my own. The answer parts a little more of my problem leaving me listly unsatisfied at its conclusion.

  • Uday Nayakwadi
    Uday Nayakwadi 5 years ago

    Quality performance good example but what about Statutory and regular requirement of products?

    • sanya nokjan
      sanya nokjan 2 years ago

      +Uday Nayakwadi ไม่ชอบ9

    • Uday Nayakwadi
      Uday Nayakwadi 5 years ago

      Ok fine you focus on only car manufacturing.I have see more than for the same.

    • Daily Life Science
      Daily Life Science  5 years ago +1

      Those come under implied needs. One cannot make products / deliver services without complying to them. If a car is launched in the market by a manufacturer, it is implied that it will pass all safety tests & emission norms.

  • Daily Life Science
    Daily Life Science  6 years ago

    Sorry, It is copyright material.