Pixel 4 XL vs iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera Test Comparison feat. MKBHD

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Google Pixel 4 XL Detailed Camera Comparison SuperSaf Style featuring Marques Brownlee aka MKBHD
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    Comparing the selfie cameras, the 4K triple rear cameras, Night Mode, Portrait Mode and stereo audio of the Google Pixel 4 XL vs Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera for video and photos with example shots indoors, outdoors and in low-light.
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  • SuperSaf
    SuperSaf  Month ago +1266

    Huge thanks to Marques for taking part, hope you enjoyed the (long) video. Timestamps below:

    1:20 Images (inc. Zoom + Ultrawide)
    8:10 Low Light
    12:34 Portrait Mode
    17:35 Selfies (inc. Portrait + Low Light)
    25:02 Front Cam Video (inc. Stabalization)
    26:10 Rear Video (inc. Stabalization)
    29:20 Conclusion & Final Thoughts

    • ihmlsmbilEA ilEA
      ihmlsmbilEA ilEA 26 days ago

      @peter williams no I would prefer the pixel instead

    • Free Speech
      Free Speech Month ago

      Pixel 4 XL won every photo for me. No competition

    • Nomusa Magic
      Nomusa Magic Month ago

      ♥️ collab w/2 of my faves together! Watching both since their "infancy". LOVE how low-key MKBHD is when he's a guest. Never trying to steal light from his host. Humility is KING!♥️😍🙎🏿‍♀️👊🏾👍🏾

    • 213
      213 Month ago

      I hate iOS. Will never get an iPhone again. With that said, the iPhone 11 is a better buy than a Pixel 4. The Pixel 4 is a disappointment.

    • Alex Galka
      Alex Galka Month ago

      Can you compare camera impact on battery pixel vs iPhone ?
      In my pixel 3 it was nice to have "best" camera, but after taking photos you find yourself with dead phone very fast.

  • ajayi samuel
    ajayi samuel 22 hours ago

    This is how many times supersaf say *YEAH*

  • TheMrBennito
    TheMrBennito Day ago

    important remark by Marques: contrast can be added to iPhone pics, easier post editing process, where the contrast in Pixel 4XL is 'baked in' and is hard to bring down. Sidenote: detail is another matter.

  • Phi1eap
    Phi1eap Day ago

    Crazy thing is now you can achive better quality pictures with Gcam mods than orginal Pixel phones.

  • Loretta Martin
    Loretta Martin 2 days ago

    Hell either one of them would be a upgrade to me.!!! I have a LG Stylo5😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bhaskar Dakarapu
    Bhaskar Dakarapu 2 days ago +2

    Pixel is good quality camera mobile compare to price also

  • Sayf Mir
    Sayf Mir 2 days ago +1

    I liked the pixels main camera photos but liked the idea that the i phone can do ultra wide so i think that is the ULTIMATE winner!

  • Donny brasco
    Donny brasco 3 days ago

    Undoubtedly the Best camera review ever made in youtube

  • Dmitry Staver
    Dmitry Staver 4 days ago

    I like more natural look of iphone more often and I can always edit them afterwards for specific photos

  • asgeirkr
    asgeirkr 5 days ago +3

    After years, iPhone is on par with Google Pixel. Sadly, Android is miiiiiles ahead of iOS.

  • ChocoCreamMint
    ChocoCreamMint 5 days ago

    I love the pixel better but I hate how android apps is not optimized and thus videos n photos in instagram would look better when it is uploaded by iphone 🙄 please tell me it is not like that anymore

  • Scott Spooner
    Scott Spooner 5 days ago

    Doesn't the Pixel 4 have 2 lenses? Therefore shouldn't you compare it to the Iphone Xs?

  • Daniel Soriano
    Daniel Soriano 7 days ago

    25:25 the background is jumping on the iphone but is planted to earth on pixel?? how come??

  • Scott Mascarello
    Scott Mascarello 8 days ago +1

    During the video comparisons, try pausing the videos at almost any given point and you have a much clearer picture with the Pixel and the complete opposite with the Iphone. The Iphone might appear to be more stable, which is mostly due to its wider view, but even in the smaller range of view, the Pixel quality is significantly better. Focus and contrast on the Pixels photos are much better as well as the natural coloring.

    As someone who has been around high end photography, the ability to take pictures in RAW format is a must for the best pictures (The best things in life aren't necessarily easy). Every picture requires a good eye and knowledge of using lighting to make each one great. It doesn't hurt to know what your device is or is not capable of to help you take the best picture possible. Try comparing pictures taken by two different people of the same scene and you will get two completely different photos regardless of the device used.

    For me, after seeing this comparison, I would overwhelmingly choose the Pixel over the Iphone.

    P.S. Failure to add Pixels ability to take a wide picture, as was mentioned in the video, to us as comparison was a over site in my opinion.

  • cesar contreras
    cesar contreras 9 days ago

    Does apple also release updates for it's cameras?

  • Krishna Vamsee
    Krishna Vamsee 10 days ago

    10:59 that is one beautiful picture from the iPhone ❤️

  • Dan Lloyd Fernandez
    Dan Lloyd Fernandez 11 days ago

    Sana all may pambili :'))

  • Ernesto Torres
    Ernesto Torres 11 days ago

    So pixel wins for everyday photos but the minute you want ultra wide the iPhone is definitely the winner for that but for overall quality the Pixel 4 wins

  • Paul Brock
    Paul Brock 11 days ago

    Great vid. Well done.

  • Jedi 511
    Jedi 511 11 days ago

    Excellent review. Great job @supersaf for putting this together. Apple wins most for me which is a huge step forward for them. I’ve really enjoyed my 11 Pro camera.

  • Secret Player
    Secret Player 12 days ago

    21:38 - Yes, I prefer a phone w/ portrait camera that doesn't apply AUTO-BALD in my face. Thank you.

  • Edge9404
    Edge9404 13 days ago

    I'd rather buy a P30 Pro or something and a badass camera than buy the iPhone lol. What a gigantic waste of money.

    • Edge9404
      Edge9404 11 days ago

      @khoa1708 I can use the P30's camera you know. It's not like it's bad lol.

    • khoa1708
      khoa1708 11 days ago

      so u gonna carry both phone and camera around all the time with you wherever you go?

  • Dario Antonio
    Dario Antonio 13 days ago

    honestly i watched the last half of the video just expecting lil jon to come out of one of your yeahs

  • Amadeus
    Amadeus 13 days ago +1

    I wanna know what kind of jacket Saf is wearing tbh.

  • captain5brannigan
    captain5brannigan 13 days ago

    good video to sleep

  • Yajeeb Miller
    Yajeeb Miller 13 days ago

    Watching this vid in 480p

    DJ ANDRESTARZ 14 days ago

    The iPhone hands down gave Google a run for the money when they designed the camera. I don't like how the pixel made the portraits look to over contrasted. I have the 11 pro Max and it's by far (and I've had a lot of bad ass phones) is the best phone and apple finally GOT IT RIGHT!!!

  • viccky bers
    viccky bers 14 days ago +1

    iPhone breaks the window with some moire?!

  • Yu Wong
    Yu Wong 15 days ago +1

    2015: Nexus 5x 300$, iPhone 6s 600$, Nexus 5x's camera is 3 times better than iPhone 6s.
    2019: Pixel 4 XL: 900$, iPhone 11: 700$. And iPhone 11's camera better than Pixel 4 XL, support 4K 60FPS recording, off course. Shame on Google!

  • Archiebolt
    Archiebolt 15 days ago

    and now look at the price difference between Pixel 4 XL and iPhone 11 Pro Max~

  • ethan
    ethan 17 days ago +1

    the pixel does not look better at first glance at all it looks like I went in Lightroom and turned clarity and sharpness to max it's just too overdone

  • A. C.
    A. C. 17 days ago

    I honestly enjoyed this. Two perspectives and more than enough comparisons that actually go into detail enough to help everyday people decide which camera looks better. You guys should collab more often!

  • Daniel Kaosisochukwu
    Daniel Kaosisochukwu 17 days ago

    The collab was lit, awesome
    Prefer d iphone
    As the king of phone camera 2019

  • Rustam Khamdamov
    Rustam Khamdamov 17 days ago +11

    In portrait mode, one can distinguish the Pixel from an iPhone by the hair: look how iPhone blurred the hair, unlike the Pixel did.

  • amingwa remi
    amingwa remi 17 days ago

    Please guys I wanna buy fairly use iPhone X or iPhone 11 or p30 pro or Note 9 or S10+ or Note 10, just text or call me on +35796942893

  • David Duez
    David Duez 17 days ago

    The amount of true knowledge here of both camera systems is the best on TheXvid. You are both so important because you really understand the history and development of these devices and know your stuff - hands down. Thank you both for all your hard work. It helps. Still I'm an Android guy. Many are Apple only. So it's kind of a strange comparison in way. I don't know many people who say, "Should I buy an iPhone? Or Android phone?" They have already been plugged into an ecosystem. And I don't believe many will change their minds based on the camera. For me, since I'm in the market for a new phone, I'm going with the OnePlus 7 Pro. Massive sale for Black Friday. Can't be beaten. I've owned the Pixel 2 XL the past 2+ years. So it's going to be different - but I am ready for a change. Hopefully when I get ready to make a decision the next time (probably 2 years away), Google will have their act together. The Pixel just comes up short in everything but the camera.

  • Heshan Rajinda
    Heshan Rajinda 18 days ago

    Guys if u have more i phone just give me 1 man 😒

  • Christo
    Christo 18 days ago

    Never known a camera so over rated like the iphone 11 this year ,I think its cos ios stepped there game up people think it's the best out there .
    It isnt it's not actually that great and soesnt even touch the pixel with its dslr look.

  • Tharindu Liyanaarachchi

    Iphone 11 pro max 💝

  • Hong Liang
    Hong Liang 19 days ago

    pixel 4 has more noise than iphone in night mode ez

  • Makka Pakka
    Makka Pakka 19 days ago

    Surprised both companies are not suing each other for design infringement. Would do 2 years with an iphone but the price is penal.

  • Mitchell Carson
    Mitchell Carson 20 days ago +1

    iPhone wins for one reason not mentioned in this video. One reason for like 70% of the population. Snapchat photos and videos will have HORRENDOUS quality on the Pixel. It sucks they don't make it work for the Pixel too.

  • 3C Quazar
    3C Quazar 20 days ago

    Pixel 👍

  • FunnyVines
    FunnyVines 20 days ago

    And now use deep fusion on the iPhone!

  • Jonathan Merino
    Jonathan Merino 20 days ago

    Google Pixel 4 XL all the way!!!!1

  • Weiyii Jin
    Weiyii Jin 20 days ago

    What about the lens flare / glare / lens reflection problem??

  • Carlos Herrera
    Carlos Herrera 22 days ago

    Thank you very much for the review!

    I would pick an iphone 11 Pro with the price tag of the Pixel 4.

  • Nas Holston
    Nas Holston 22 days ago

    Pixels portrait would be great if I didnt have dreads. The dramatic cutout always messes up my hair and it looks weird

  • Yash Sharma
    Yash Sharma 22 days ago

    What about the astrophotography on the Pixel 4

  • Robert KOFIN
    Robert KOFIN 24 days ago

    fantastic comparison, thanks :)

  • urbanmystify
    urbanmystify 24 days ago

    I lasted till 7mins...

  • Michael Quartey
    Michael Quartey 24 days ago +1

    great video!! really enjoyed it even if its long!

  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan 24 days ago

    SuperSaf can you use the new Pixel 4 XL on the Sprint Network?

  • maycon alves
    maycon alves 25 days ago


    KAUSHIK S 25 days ago

    Fantastic comparison. This is how reviews should be!!

  • Allan Cameron
    Allan Cameron 25 days ago

    Both phones are good but the iPhone 11 pro wins pretty much across the board. I have owned the Google pixel 2 XL, Google pixel 3 and 3 XL. Unfortunately the new Pixel 4 is just missing too many things the iPhone 11 Pro offers which is why I bought the iPhone 11 Pro Max last week. We’ll see what the Pixel 5 offers and if we get a wide lens and good battery life I may jump back. Given how slow Google is to implement things that their competitors have had for quite some time I’m not holding my breath lol

  • dknight xs
    dknight xs 25 days ago

    That iphone camera is bloody awesome. Good job apple.
    Iphone’s dynamic range is just ahead of the competition

  • narimantagiev
    narimantagiev 25 days ago

    White people? I can't see any white people here? Dislike

  • WinnerMatt11
    WinnerMatt11 27 days ago


  • Jenny Derksen
    Jenny Derksen 28 days ago

    i,m a iphone user ,i prefer the pixel in the daytime foto,s .but definatly the night shots on the iphone .i think iphone gives you an overal more warmer and natural look on most foto,s. i would go for the iphone