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The Smashing Pumpkins Oceania: Quasar

  • Published on Jun 27, 2012
  • The Smashing Pumpkins Oceania: Quasar
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Comments • 434

  • Edson 232922ee
    Edson 232922ee 11 days ago

    Bom pra caralho !

  • Rob Alvord
    Rob Alvord 15 days ago

    Quasar is a top 10 Pumpkins song!

  • Axxess Mundi
    Axxess Mundi Month ago +1

    You can hear sone UFO inspiration

  • Roiy Benkel
    Roiy Benkel Month ago

    God right on!
    Krishna right on!
    Mark right on!
    Yod he vau he om
    Let's ride on!
    Right on!
    Let's ride on!
    Fated one hold me down
    Know my blur and my keep
    Do I know you?
    What keeps us free if you believe?
    Please allow me to say hello to you
    Yes I understand
    Yes I know that will
    Yes I am the man
    Yes, I
    Yes, I
    Lover, lover, catch me slow
    You can serve me notice
    You can have my sight
    Lover, lover stay with me all night
    Yod he vau he om
    Brothers, sisters roam!
    Sunlight ride on!
    Yod he vau he om
    Let's ride on!
    Right on!
    Ride on!
    Yes I understand
    Yes I know that will
    Yes I am one man
    Yes, I
    Yes I understand
    Yes I know that will
    Yes I am one man
    Yes, I
    Yes, I
    Yod he vau he om
    Yod he vau he om
    Yod he vau he om

  • P Ruston
    P Ruston 2 months ago

    Currently my baby girl’s favorite song ... She’s walking all around the house “ride on, ride on!” Making up some words, filling in others. Requesting it when we get in the car... she knows great music!

  • Randy Herrera
    Randy Herrera 2 months ago

    Best song from them in awhile!

  • werideatdusk
    werideatdusk 2 months ago

    ... Keeps getting better and better

  • Chatham
    Chatham 3 months ago +1

    This is a solid Billy Corgan solo record. :-)

  • Arató Balázs
    Arató Balázs 4 months ago

    This is the first and last Smashing Pumpkins album that became part of my collection. Superb album.

  • Mike V Among Lions
    Mike V Among Lions 6 months ago

    Simply great! Much respect to the band! I watched a couple of interviews about the band's history and ended up here. Grateful for the awesome music. Thank you Smashing Pumpkins! I was a fan of the former band and like this one as well.

  • Frank Anderson
    Frank Anderson 9 months ago

    I've read through many of the comments on all the songs on this album and it has given me a new perspective as a Pumpkins fan who was there when the man in the Zero shirt ruled the world. Even though this album doesn't touch me in the way that the first six did, it is obviously touching a whole lot of people who are younger than me. This album suffers from production issues more than anything i think. Everything is distorted and compressed-sounding. It doesn't sound like a man and his guitar. This song in particular is a song that calls back to the spirit of Billy's sound. That is a great riff. But somehow its power is lost in translation. I don't want a carbon copy of anything from Billy, the Pumpkins never made two albums that were similar, but i long for the production techniques and the rig set up of the 90's. At any rate, it is so refreshing to hear some of the comments on all of these songs from people who are being touched by this music. As a Pumpkin fan from the 90s, I would love to just talk with some of the younger fans about how they are experiencing this new music.

    • Frank Anderson
      Frank Anderson 8 months ago

      In response to myself, after spending the last few weeks giving this album my undivided attention, I now realize it's another masterpiece. I forget that in the 90s the Smashing Pumpkins literally had an unlimited studio budget. What's another half a million when you know a record is gonna produce hundreds of millions in profit? Nothing. Now Billy is doing this on his own with a much smaller budget and in a world that refuses to purchase albums. At any rate, this music has definitely touched me as much as any he ever made at this point. Algorithm subverted.

  • Rebecca Edward's
    Rebecca Edward's 10 months ago

    nice xxx

  • ItsMeAgain John
    ItsMeAgain John Year ago +2

    This song and album grows on you. When I first listened to this album, I thought it sucked. But after listening to this album a few more times, it's just as great as their older stuff.

  • Guy Mankowski
    Guy Mankowski Year ago +4

    This is a song of enormous spiritual power. Gish was about spiritual ascension and this is the point of articulation Billy has now got to. Please don't worry about the mix; there is a higher level of will being expressed here. Service to a higher power as ultimate service of yourself. Yod He Vau He Om!

  • The Magnanimous
    The Magnanimous Year ago +2

    It's loud but man is that riff complete shit

  • Steamboat Island Recording

    One of the best SP songs in the whole fucking catalog! THIS is rock and roll.

  • Kieren Moore
    Kieren Moore Year ago

    No memorable riffs/hooks on this album (nor anything since Zeitgeist, for that matter) - utterly forgettable ... I want old Billy back ...

    • T snow
      T snow Year ago

      Kieren Moore ur drunk

  • Kieren Moore
    Kieren Moore Year ago

    No memorable riffs/hooks on this album (nor anything since Zeitgeist, for that matter) - utterly forgettable ... I want old Billy back ...

  • Little Kobold
    Little Kobold Year ago +1

    i love all the reviews by :Arm Chair Pilots" go fuck your self

  • kimchipower
    kimchipower 2 years ago +15

    The problem with this album was that it needed more hard-hitting tracks like this. The first two songs are absolutely brilliant, but then it takes a sharp turn towards the mellow and boring with too much synthesizer in the mix. The Pumpkins are best when they're cranking out crazy shit like Silverfuck or Tristessa.

    • Tony
      Tony 7 months ago

      kimchipower knows

    • Cynical Scorpio
      Cynical Scorpio 10 months ago +1

      I disagree. I lean towards their melodic stuff. There was probably more melodic stuff on Meloncolly anyway...

  • Mr Henderson
    Mr Henderson 2 years ago +1

    This is my first time listening to this. Pretty decent.

  • Cherub Rock
    Cherub Rock 3 years ago +5

    Mike Byrne is one hell of a beast. Right on!

  • alonso 05-06
    alonso 05-06 3 years ago

    I really like this song, alot of energy and gets me excited. I particularly like part 330-421. sounds like a universal echoing reaching the listener. proud to have them still around, regardless of their critics, I hope the pumpkins keep making good rock n roll.

  • Benjamin Gutierrez
    Benjamin Gutierrez 3 years ago

    Fuels my adrenaline.

  • thiago Werner
    thiago Werner 3 years ago


  • boogerbutt
    boogerbutt 3 years ago +7

    billy corgan is a musical genius

    • Floppy Rodrigo
      Floppy Rodrigo 2 years ago +3

      Billy is lightyears better than Kurt, though.

    • Floppy Rodrigo
      Floppy Rodrigo 2 years ago

      +boogerbutt There is something wrong with his mind. I worry about him. I think he might have been an accomplice to Kurt Cobain's murder.

  • oscar lopez
    oscar lopez 3 years ago


  • Joey Rejino
    Joey Rejino 3 years ago +49

    Don't get why people don't like this album

    • Thomas Person
      Thomas Person 7 days ago

      I'm guessing the reason people don't like this album is because the music's too poppy, the drums are'nt worthy of what's redeemable from what's good about the album or the music itself. The new Pumpkins is a deluted shadow of the past. That being said, I liked only 4-5 songs off tjis album and nothing after MACHINA & MACHINA II was good or strong material. But, this is far better than what they've come out with in recent years. With Zeightgeist and Oceania, I pick my favorites or ones I think have potential. I've been a big fan since 1993, and for to say a song or an album of the Pumpkins isn't good, or sucks, is a big deal for me. I personally liked this one, though. Even thougit has its flaws and weak points. I give it a B-/C

    • Alice Moon
      Alice Moon 23 days ago

      Son muy mundanos

    • Robert Smit
      Robert Smit 3 months ago

      Its the first album i liked since machina, the first few things are awesome, the weakest part in my opinion is billy's vocals on this album, to mellow for what the great musicianship delivers and doesnt give the same energy as what the music does. Too bad he didnt keep this band, cause in Nicole and Mike did a really really great job

    • Benjamin Da Cunha
      Benjamin Da Cunha 3 months ago

      The mixing isn't the best, Billy's vocals are drowning everything out. Just scale back the vocals a little bit and this would have been a lot better in my opinion. Great guitar work and still a good album.

    • Nebulous
      Nebulous 6 months ago +1

      oh there are plenty that do, although it seems divided. I guarantee you if most of the songs had the old school big muff pedal wall of distortion from siamese dream the nay sayers would saying this is amazing! which is pretty

  • KraigTheMan
    KraigTheMan 3 years ago +1

    "God, right on."

  • Datboi
    Datboi 3 years ago +4

    Man so much hate on them. Just appreciate the music or leave.

  • Hemorrhoid Talk
    Hemorrhoid Talk 3 years ago +2

    right on

  • Simon Harwood
    Simon Harwood 4 years ago +17

    Vocals are too high in the mix. Butch Vig did the proper thing and made the guitars the main thing. Much more understated.

    • Hemant Samtani
      Hemant Samtani 3 years ago +1

      +Simon H Corgans vocal have been too polished and now they stand out like a sore thumb....i still dig the guitar tone....fucking beautiful

    • Outbreak Advanced Techniques Institute
      Outbreak Advanced Techniques Institute 3 years ago +5

      Maybe that's what bugs me with the production on his albums since Zeitgeist? The vocals sound like they're "detached".

  • MelodicMizeryPs3Vids
    MelodicMizeryPs3Vids 4 years ago +18

    im goiing to pull that thing out of the ground and shove it into my wifes ass

  • DemonDan150
    DemonDan150 4 years ago

    Can anyone give me the 4 chord sequence at 1:57 please?

    • tokyotonic
      tokyotonic 4 years ago +2

      D, Bb, F, G

    • RayMania09
      RayMania09 4 years ago +13

      Z, Q, Bamtan Symbol, Q#. As you've probably gueseed, I don't actually know the chord-sequence and decided to be an idiot instead.

  • Ryan Kosty
    Ryan Kosty 4 years ago +1

    Cherub Rock in the key of D

  • Ralph Wiggum
    Ralph Wiggum 4 years ago +4

    Surprisingly good. I haven't really listened to any new SP since mid 2000's or so. I know Billy's the only remaining original member, but it sounds like he still knows what kind of music he wants to make.

  • david chatelain
    david chatelain 4 years ago

    I'am the one, against two!

  • joker86CJ
    joker86CJ 4 years ago +13

    Best track on the album with "Panopticon"... two masterpieces.

    • Frank Anderson
      Frank Anderson 9 months ago

      Firstly, I do agree that those two are masterpieces. But Oceania is meant to be experienced as an album. It takes you on a musical journey. Its probably the last time Billy is gonna set out to make an album that's designed to be an "album" unfortunately, due to the fact that no one will buy them or even listen to them anymore. Its get me to the chorus, get me to the bridge culture. Monuments is Billy's response to that, and its a masterpiece itself in what it was designed to do, but it wasn't designed by Billy to be an "album" experience. If you understand the title of the record it explains itself thoroughly. Oceania is a record that requires several listens before you begin to understand how powerful it truly is as an album. Imo.

    • Cynical Scorpio
      Cynical Scorpio 10 months ago +2

      Pinwheels was my favorite

    • Violet
      Violet Year ago

      joker86CJ just had that one 🔂 then to this one 💘

  • lzepln
    lzepln 4 years ago +2

    I LOVE Smashing Pumpkins and a friend of mine told me this album was actually really good. I have to say, I'm just not seeing it... I can't really put my finger on it, but I just don't like it...

  • Adam Rafalovich
    Adam Rafalovich 4 years ago +2

    This is actual rock and roll from SP!! The drummer is a Billy Chamberlain rip off, but he's still fantastic!

    • Outbreak Advanced Techniques Institute
      Outbreak Advanced Techniques Institute 3 years ago

      I like him better than Tommy Lee.

    • dummytree
      dummytree 4 years ago

      +Scott Grant
      It's not.

    • Serrin Croft
      Serrin Croft 4 years ago +4

      Billy loved Jimmy Chamberlin but he has such horrible drug issues it ruined his career and made it impossible to count on him. Jimmy is the only one Billy actually saw as his equal from the original band. Billy is the actual one that played most of the guitar and bass on the albums, not D'Arcy and Iha-they even admitted it as so. Can't fault Billy from not being able to find some one as good because they are VERY hard to come by.

    • Scott Grant
      Scott Grant 4 years ago +5

      It's Jimmy Chamberlin

    • Ryan Kosty
      Ryan Kosty 4 years ago +3

      Jimmy Chamberlain*

  • Paul Hoyda
    Paul Hoyda 4 years ago +7

    Oww my head hurts... quick! reach for the Soma...

  • Samsasrenjet
    Samsasrenjet 4 years ago +30

    The way this builds up and sucks you into the album reminds me of Cherub Rock. Wow.

    • cdreyes81
      cdreyes81 10 months ago +3

      This is my first listen. Damn right.

  • Ginger Fitzgerald
    Ginger Fitzgerald 4 years ago

    @Viktor VonDoom - I agree with you. Too much editing, his voice is louder than the instruments. I just really can't get into new Pumpkins(post Adore & Machina).

  • mariano cardone
    mariano cardone 4 years ago +1

    o'meglio è billy corgan che si prende sempre belle bassiste per suonare con lui...

  • Y'golonac
    Y'golonac 4 years ago +3

    tfw corgans singing were the worst parts of the song

  • Mushroom Man
    Mushroom Man 4 years ago +19

    Bad mix. Drums need to be louder and have a bigger sound. And the guitar aren't powerful enough. Needs more bass also.

    • Matches Malone
      Matches Malone 4 months ago +3

      Wow. Did those tricks work on your multiplatinum albums? Teach me!...

    • starlodear
      starlodear 5 months ago

      The drums never were loud on any SP album

    • Frank Anderson
      Frank Anderson 9 months ago


    • Frank Stein
      Frank Stein Year ago +1


    • underneonloneliness2
      underneonloneliness2 3 years ago +8

      play the song on your hi-fi instead of your shitty laptop then and then turn it up full

  • elzaranonimo
    elzaranonimo 4 years ago +3

    Cherub Rock?

  • Ma. Antonieta Cirano
    Ma. Antonieta Cirano 4 years ago +3

    i love this album, i think is more "like back to beginning" of SP to me, but i like the heavy sound too.

  • chrissbl
    chrissbl 4 years ago +3

    Angel owl reminds me of the night
    Holds my actions to the flame
    Casting shadows in the sand
    Flip me over, time is running out
    waves are getting drier
    shores are getting bolder
    darkness is getting colder
    The sun is just a memory
    Blood of mercury in my vains
    Surgery my fire, smoke my blurry mirrors
    Can't see what is in front of me
    Can't feel what I left behind
    Only can be right now
    The final raising of a dead man called "I am"
    A crushing memory called "never" reaches out to me
    Telling a sweet story of will

  • Eiroll
    Eiroll 4 years ago +8

    Album sounds too clean for a SP album to me.

    • dgetzin
      dgetzin Year ago +1

      Too clean for a SP album? When were they ever rough in the studio? Live, they were rarely rough apart from Billy's dicking around on vocals 93-95ish. Production-wise and on the level of songwriting, this is more like Gish than anything else.

    • underneonloneliness2
      underneonloneliness2 3 years ago

      that's why it's good! hate it when you get a crappy studio recording

  • leweinic
    leweinic 5 years ago

    Amazing album! I hope they come back to Milwaukee soon :)

  • Ruben Frankin
    Ruben Frankin 5 years ago +3

    Billy Corgan, The God of Octaves!

  • Oldgnarledwoman
    Oldgnarledwoman 5 years ago

    to thisisAB and Fernando Ramires- I think Michael Mitchell's comment was sarcasm...

  • sorwoggpm
    sorwoggpm 5 years ago +6

    Holy shit. I haven't really loved a Smashing Pumpkins album since Mellon Collie, although Adore was pretty cool and I'll probably buy it eventually. But in the first minute of this album, I have to say it's fucking boss. I mean holy balls. That is some decent sound right there.

    • Ryne Pittman
      Ryne Pittman 5 years ago +3

      My exact thoughts. That opening bass riff sucked me into the wormhole that is Oceania. Lots of amazing melodies, a perfect ode to what made me like the band in the first place. Ride on!

  • InnerTemple
    InnerTemple 5 years ago +21

    Very underrated album.

  • Peter Javorský
    Peter Javorský 5 years ago +1

    My teenage music. Best music in the 90´s with Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Nirvana, etc.

  • Fernando Ramires
    Fernando Ramires 5 years ago +1

    I would say at least 30% of the pumpkins songs is acoustic (billy + guitar), 15% is with a drum machine. Jimmy is a monster indeed, but the band became famous because of Billy Corgan. Did Jimmy's solo album become a hit? Did his side projects (Last Hard Man / Skysaw) became a hit?

    • Igor Bednarski
      Igor Bednarski 6 months ago

      Billy's solo/side projects were shit, too . The Smashing Pumpkins became famous thanks to the Smashing Pumpkins, unfortunately without each other these guys don't have anything interesting to offer.

  • Dan Gardner
    Dan Gardner 5 years ago

    This song takes me back to the early Pumpkins!!! Love it!!!

  • dmTmb
    dmTmb 5 years ago

    Billy.... You are awesome man!


    billy corgan do a great job he is the only .........

  • thisisAB
    thisisAB 5 years ago

    yup yup and that's why no one cares about the Pumpkins anymore

  • Michael Mitchell
    Michael Mitchell 5 years ago

    Yeah sure, the drummer made the band big. I mean, Billy did write and compose nearly 100% of their songs throughout their entire career and helped produce on most of their albums, but yeah, Jimmy is why they got famous

  • thisisAB
    thisisAB 5 years ago

    Honestly the drumming isn't bad but feels kinda weak (lacks power) and man Jimmy though like you can't compare "new" Pumpkins recordings to the guy who is the reason they made it big

  • Mystoria
    Mystoria 5 years ago +1

    The Quasar live version it's simply AWESOME (sorry for my poor english)

  • Nitwit McStupid
    Nitwit McStupid 5 years ago +2

    The new drummer is awesome, young and full of talent.

  • ZomBradical
    ZomBradical 5 years ago

    ...also mixed with songs from other albums.
    Not bad. It's the all-Corgan experience lol.

  • ZomBradical
    ZomBradical 5 years ago

    This sounds like a song on Zeitgeist.

  • Mark from New York
    Mark from New York 5 years ago

    Mellon collie and infinite sadness SUCKED BALLS

  • David
    David 5 years ago

    Now I feel even worse lol :(

  • Michael Mitchell
    Michael Mitchell 5 years ago

    Especially when you think how he joined the band when he was 19. That's three years away for me and I can't even bring myself to walk for an hour a day.

  • ZomBradical
    ZomBradical 5 years ago

    Song's awesome though...don't get me wrong lol. I just miss oldschool, not giving a fuck Billy!

  • ZomBradical
    ZomBradical 5 years ago

    Dude.....Billy Corgan's singing has gotten better.....and that sucks. Aging blows. I'm voting for whoever bans it! :P

  • Megafayce
    Megafayce 5 years ago

    dem drums

  • David
    David 5 years ago +3

    Love him for his drumming. Hate him for being only 23 and making me feel like a massive underachiever.

  • Joseph Lee
    Joseph Lee 5 years ago +1

    It doesn't "suck balls" it's just different, the pumpkins were always about pushing the limits (in the 90s). Billy Corgan has no interest in reproducing stuff they have already done. Even if it was damn great as the 90s! :) I can still appreciate they are going in a different direction now. Either way I still have a massive amount of respect for Billy for all of the amazing song writing he has done over the years, and yes this does include Quasar.

  • Hal Kits
    Hal Kits 5 years ago +1

    man, he can write guitar licks

  • RyEdwardsMusic
    RyEdwardsMusic 5 years ago

    And that's a whole lotta love!

  • you can't be this empty

    Billy Corgan has pretty much stuck to his own peculiar aesthetics over the years, a maverick of sorts, and with some debatable material over the last 10 years He comes back with this great pumpkins Album. A true grower over time!

    DERREN MICHELL 5 years ago

    I'm grew up listening to SP I got the Mellon collie and infinite sadness double disc set and I was at first wtf is this? But I listened to the whole thing and it was magical and emotionl (from soft beautiful songs to heavy fast ones), But something's missing from Billy's new material. It's got a couple good songs but the rest sounds WEAK! I don't know if it's because of the new band members but overall the new stuff SUCKS BALLS!

  • Andrés Morales
    Andrés Morales 5 years ago

    Great álbum!

  • Maciek GT
    Maciek GT 5 years ago

    This absolutely rocks. Seriously. And live it simply kicked ass.

  • Rob Alvord
    Rob Alvord 5 years ago

    Breakout was a flange. This is a phase. Flange has more of that airplane jet sound.

  • jakeenan
    jakeenan 5 years ago

    You're right about Mike on drum. Saw them at Glastonbury and they were a tight unit. The crowd came hoping for the best....and got it. These cats can play and are carrying on the legacy, and more importantly, it looks like they're having fun out there. It's infectious cos I feel like a young fan again. Hahaha

  • mdogg094
    mdogg094 5 years ago

    Disproval is more important than trying to prove everything.

  • mdogg094
    mdogg094 5 years ago

    though I will admit that Jimmy had more of a jazzy feel, this kid's more a rock drummer.

  • mdogg094
    mdogg094 5 years ago +2

    As a drummer, I think this kid is as close to Jimmy as it gets in a new SP drummer. His rolls are impeccable. The intro to this song is a lot harder than it sounds.

  • Rick Lloyd
    Rick Lloyd 5 years ago

    Wish the other songs on the album had at least the heaviness of this, if not a thousand times more.

  • besourozorah
    besourozorah 5 years ago

    This guy is a genius, no doubt! God ride on!!!!!!!

  • Julius Caesar
    Julius Caesar 5 years ago

    Breakout by Foo Fighters
    The guitar effect is called Phaser

  • Jack Watters
    Jack Watters 5 years ago

    Pretty good replacement...but yeah, Jimmy is one of the best rock drummers. More feel...less robotic than this guy; though this guy rocks, too.

  • Tim Urberg
    Tim Urberg 5 years ago

    The Pumpkins were my favorite band in the 90's, but this is just not the same without Jimmy, he made all the difference. It just feels like it's "almost there" but then falls short, know what I mean?

  • moreno98ify
    moreno98ify 5 years ago

    Didn't like this album at all , but now it's kind of growing on me !

  • virex19
    virex19 5 years ago

    god, a lovely comment for something we have no idea of . if there is a god can i please meet her. the best childrens story since that crap show the other day. there was a lion and a zebra. thanks human mind for making shit up so we can feel better.

  • Austyn Brown
    Austyn Brown 5 years ago

    Billy has been reported saying that we can expect the next album to be harder. :)

  • moikaldervil
    moikaldervil 5 years ago

    only song I like on the album. worth the price though

  • whitrulzes
    whitrulzes 5 years ago

    Incubus are a great band. Earned their stripes. I'm a huge Pumpkins fan as well but respect each band for their own art.

  • sivasandoz
    sivasandoz 5 years ago

    Loved 'Oceania', although I hope the next record will be harder.

  • Donald Jack
    Donald Jack 5 years ago

    shame the best song is the first lol

  • twistedkarm
    twistedkarm 5 years ago

    Exactly, that´s the begining and ending of all good and bad in the world

  • jonn mace
    jonn mace 5 years ago

    Precisely. If I could radically change myself or at least progressively get a little better year after year with genuine effort, then I can inspire others to change themselves by simply living through example instead of preaching or lecturing. After all, actions speak louder than words.