Legend (1985) - Tamara's Never Seen

  • Published on Mar 16, 2018
  • Tamara and Doug check out Ridley Scott's 1985 dark fantasy adventure film, Legend.
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    Legend is a 1985 American dark fantasy adventure film directed by Ridley Scott and starring Tom Cruise, Mia Sara, Tim Curry, David Bennent, Alice Playten, Billy Barty, Cork Hubbert, and Annabelle Lanyon.
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Comments • 1 018

  • Aphextwins77
    Aphextwins77 3 days ago

    It still blows my mind that Robert Picardo was the swamp witch lol.

  • Fenris30
    Fenris30 11 days ago

    Giving the release dates I think Legend was the inspiration for the original Legend of Zelda. Put a cap on Tom Cruise and he's Link. He even has a pixie. Darkness is Ganon. Lily is Zelda and so on.

  • munsonman1
    munsonman1 16 days ago

    This was one of Tom Cruise's earliest roles. Check out his not-yet-Hollywood-perfect crooked teeth, lol. Tim Curry was the PERFECT casting for this movie. That woman green-goblin thing was Robert Picardo, a.k.a. the Doctor from the Star Trek Voyager series.

  • Mr. Mediocre Gamer
    Mr. Mediocre Gamer 20 days ago

    It's always a pleasure to take the life of a brave man...

  • chadergeist82
    chadergeist82 22 days ago

    It was not BORING! Raspberries to you two!

  • chadergeist82
    chadergeist82 22 days ago

    There is only 2 director's cut...the UK version.

  • Imozart0341I
    Imozart0341I 24 days ago

    This movie is the reason we have legend of Zelda series

  • Receiving Lemons
    Receiving Lemons 24 days ago

    I actually didn’t think Lily was a “good and pure” character. I thought it would’ve been a lot cooler if she did agree to marry Satan, she was so attracted to the shiny stuff and lured by a fancy dress. I think it would’ve been more interesting. Despite the paper cut outs that are the main characters and how long this movie feels, I adore it for the environment, and come on, who cannot love Tim Curry as Lucifer himself?

  • Catie F
    Catie F 25 days ago

    I think Legend's story works more for children and the reason people remember loving it was because they watched it as a child.
    About the characters, I always assumed that Lily (the girl) was a noble woman (princess?) and Jack (Tom Cruise) was a boy who lived out in the forest, maybe raised by fairies (that was the only way I could explain his clothes).

  • Judson Joist
    Judson Joist Month ago

    2:26 I thought everyone liked The Dark Crystal.

  • portland 182
    portland 182 Month ago

    The US had a completely different cut, dub, and music to the rest of the world. Darkness is not revealed until 1/2 way through the film in the original cut, in the US cut Darkness is revealed immediately so the 'big' reveal later is ruined (putting Darkness on the DVD sleeve is a dick move!). The original cut has an orchestral score by Jerry Goldsmith, the US cut has pop songs and Tangerine Dream. The reason it cost so much was that the set and the stage burned down during filming, and had to be rebuilt from scratch.

  • DrRiddlez2015
    DrRiddlez2015 2 months ago

    Legend is an acquired taste...I saw in the theaters as a kid and I love D&D so thats why I see no fault with this film and for the record "Darkness (Tim Curry) and "Meg Mucklebones (Robert Picardo) are the TRUTH!!!

  • Anthony Ramirez
    Anthony Ramirez 3 months ago

    It was the 80's what do you expect. I was a kid back then and loved the movie. Maybe you should save your ranting for the crap that's out now.

  • Agatha Runcible
    Agatha Runcible 3 months ago

    Watch the director's cut. It's not just longer and with different music: The American version you saw was recut so drastically that it's practically a different movie. They cut whole portions of conversations out, so half the movie doesn't even make sense. That opening scene in the cottage, for instance, feels so stilted and awkward in the American version. We probably don't care about Jack & Lily because they weren't really the main focus of the original version & a recut was never going to fix that. The director's cut is much easier to enjoy as an exercise in atmosphere and style.

  • Zarina A113
    Zarina A113 3 months ago +1

    You HAVE to do a Nostalgia Critic for this!!!

  • Travis Foster
    Travis Foster 3 months ago

    I love this film & am not ashamed.

  • Hounddog Qix
    Hounddog Qix 3 months ago

    Mia Sara was so beautiful in this film. I had a childhood crush on her after seeing this and Ferris Bueller.

  • Happy Badger
    Happy Badger 4 months ago

    Most of the questions asked-- are answered in the dialogue. To be honest about the errors and knowledge gaps... Do some reviewers read a cliff note version and don't actually see the film ? Not you, obviously. Luv your show- keep on rocking ! :-D. (Say hi to Ike.) P.S Part of this could be a case of "what version did you see ?"

  • Lucky Tremendous
    Lucky Tremendous 4 months ago

    Shame you guys never saw the directors cut, it’s honestly a lot better then the original versiona

  • Conor Phillips
    Conor Phillips 4 months ago

    Most of that 30 million clearly went into the glitter budget.

  • T Shoemake
    T Shoemake 4 months ago

    This film has good eye candy, but the story is really generic.

  • Kat W.
    Kat W. 4 months ago

    I LOVED this movie from childhood.....thou hast movie SINNED!

  • No One
    No One 4 months ago

    This movie always reminds me of the creator of the earth.
    If the Lord of Darkness feels the earth to be corrupt, then they should put it back into Darkness and quit wasting everyone's time.
    Why blame humans over a situation the creator made with the making of the earth and species?

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller 5 months ago

    The Director's Cut (which was really the European theatrical cut) addresses many of your characterization concerns. The US theatrical cut was murdered because studio execs thought the US audience wouldn't be interested in any of that stuff. Lilly (played by Mia Sara) is established as an actual princess that regularly sneaks out of the castle to visit the people, and Tom Cruise's character (name escapes me at the moment) is essentially a nature guardian that becomes enamored of her. It adds about 30 minutes to the film, but it is the right kind of longer since it makes an awful lot more sense.

  • D-Repa slp
    D-Repa slp 5 months ago

    WHAT !

  • Joel Berkey-lewis
    Joel Berkey-lewis 5 months ago

    Thank you Doug and Tamara I have never seen Legend and still dont want to see it. Thank you for helping me decide naa.

  • harry bean
    harry bean 5 months ago

    tamara ever see mirrormask? oz great and powerfull?

  • Bekah Sp
    Bekah Sp 5 months ago

    I also found it dull, but it was very beautiful. And Tim Curry was so scary! I had nightmares. But I did watch it when I was very young... I guess I should watch it again.

  • TheNorthernwolfman
    TheNorthernwolfman 5 months ago

    The swamp witch was played by Robert Picardo who was also the hologram doctor on Star Trek Voyager.

  • Kaagh178
    Kaagh178 5 months ago

    Lord of the Rings has spoiled people. This was the 80s, guys.

  • Kaagh178
    Kaagh178 5 months ago

    This Channel isn't as Awesome as it once was..........

  • Kaagh178
    Kaagh178 5 months ago

    Dark Crystal was awesome too. WTF guys?

  • Eronicavel
    Eronicavel 6 months ago

    As what others have said, watch the director's cut. The US Theater ver. is the worst ver. due to the shear amount of cuts it had.

  • Eraex
    Eraex 6 months ago

    The movie was slaughtered by studio editing. The longest director cut makes it so much better

  • Vipre60000
    Vipre60000 6 months ago

    Oddly enough there is a cut you'd probably like, I recall it addressing a lot of the issues you have. Different narrative and I believe different voice audio as well. Shame you'll probably never watch it due to this version souring you.

  • Mugthraka
    Mugthraka 6 months ago

    To be honest, this movie is knowed and famous, only for Tim Curry performance as The Darkness

  • Sam Nolan
    Sam Nolan 6 months ago

    I actually love Legend! Its one of my favorite films. I cannot believe you two didn't think more positively of it. Also Lily is a princess. Her father is a king of that land. They mention that in there. She's called Princess Lily in the film. No way is Legend boring. Same with Dark Crystal. Both Legend and Dark Crystal are amazing films. Im a sucker for 80s fantasy films. To each its own. Both films were very popular in the 80s. Maybe you two would think differently if you saw the Director's Cut. The theatrical version seems more rushed. While the Director's Cut is more slow paced, and goes more into the detail with the story.

  • Rickettson
    Rickettson 6 months ago

    Tom C. won't talk about this movie, won't acknowledge he was in this, which I find hilarious! Oh and FYI there is a body (ambiguous if the vague human-ish prisoner was dead or not) being chopped up in the dungeon scene. And a statue in the dinner scene is alive....but maybe seen more in the director's cut! Really its the little things, and you gotta just be swept away by the larger then life attempt at being timeless story. And holly F-ing cow the Tim Curry Mirror scene scared the bejeezes out of me as a kid!!

  • William Reed
    William Reed 7 months ago

    Saw it in the theater back in the day, loved it then and love it now.

  • Robert McKinnon
    Robert McKinnon 7 months ago

    Go fuck yourselves!

  • Joshua B
    Joshua B 7 months ago

    Thank you! I didn't see it growing up but I kept hearing how amazing it was & eventually when I finally saw it I was like "this is boring as hell" 😐

  • AngelWolfPlays
    AngelWolfPlays 7 months ago

    Are we ever going to get an official NC review of this movie at some point?

  • TGHibiki
    TGHibiki 7 months ago

    Beautiful... but yes very boring.

  • JCB 84
    JCB 84 7 months ago

    That's what Tim Curry really looks like. It takes hours of makeup to make him look normal...ish.

  • Pirate Style Jutsu
    Pirate Style Jutsu 7 months ago

    Tamara has big zonkers.

  • Ian M
    Ian M 7 months ago

    Everyone I know liked it. I loved it

  • Savannah White
    Savannah White 7 months ago

    Tangerine dream fits better it's a little darker and whimsical....

  • Elly Baerman
    Elly Baerman 7 months ago

    I shouldn't bother but-- Tim Curry played Darkness, not the Devil. The movie hints to Darkness' father being more Devil. Lilly, the lead female, was at least a Lady, a high born girl who was not being at all proper by eschewing the conventions of a lady her age and instead frolicking in the woods among the peasants. That comes out in the dialogue between Lilly and the peasant woman in the woods whose house she ransacks (Lilly was a brat- she should've been smacked a few times, stealing peoples' food and untying the clean laundry so it has to be washed again. BIATCH, they didn't have wash machines!) Tom's character Whatshisface, was a wild child- raised in the woods by faeries and such, supposed to be truly in harmony with his surroundings, so even less than a peasant. He and Lilly shared an innocent love, or some crap, because he broke the Faerie Law or whatever to show Lilly the unicorns. Gump first freaked over this, but because Tom's pecker ruined the world for love, it was forgiven. Sort of. In the end, 'love conquers all' and Lilly, it seems, will run off and marry her wild man because he brought back the ring. Oh JACK, that was his name. A lot of the background characters like Gump and Jenny Greenteeth are all very old faerie lore legends that most people don't know these days. Faeries used to be outright d-bags that caused more harm than good for humans; everything was blamed on them and you didn't piss them off. In fact, the height of science, at one time, was that faerie sprites held everything down so it didn't float away because gravity was not understood. Also, I read that the director's cute or the European release was much different and ended with Lilly (a princess) leaving Jack as he was just a summer fling. The tone and music and the darker setting for the European release might be of more interest. US release was candy coated and dipped in Tangerine Dream sauce.

  • adankseason ADS
    adankseason ADS 7 months ago

    Same thing happened to me! Everyone told me to watch Legend. Some how I missed it as a kid. Looked amazing. I watched it and it was so freaking boring! I love movies and watch a lot of them. I couldn't hardly stand sitting through it. I assume everyone is just nostalgic about it.

  • Jeff Frizzell
    Jeff Frizzell 7 months ago

    Can you critique the movie willow?

  • GoddessOfWhim2003
    GoddessOfWhim2003 8 months ago

    i freaking hate this movie. Tim Curry and Mia Sara are better than this, Tom Cruise well he's Tom Cruise. it's so bad. someone told me it was great and i was in my Tom Cruise phase so i had to see it. no, no, that's 1 hr 34 mins. of my life i want back

  • Matthew Curran
    Matthew Curran 8 months ago

    I've loved this film since I was little. Both versions. Though the Director's cut is more in depth. It's better than a lot of fantasy these days. One of the things I love about 80's fantasy is that they just drop you into a world and just go with it. No need to give us a backstory. That's left for today's world.

  • Lucinda Jennings
    Lucinda Jennings 9 months ago

    Um, of course it feels like a fairy tale, it was supposed to be a fairy tale.

  • TechTexN
    TechTexN 9 months ago

    Part of the reason for the big budget was the first set caught fire and they had to build another set if I'm not mistaken. Correct me if I'm wrong though. But yea, if Tim Curry was pretty much the highlight of this movie. His costume was bad-ass. The rest was too weird. I wonder if Nostalgia Critic should do this one.

  • Lord Delow
    Lord Delow 10 months ago

    the original soundtrack is boring as hell, the tangerine dream soundtrack is so much better. lily was a princess, and jack was a boy who grew up and lived in the forest. hence the whole quest for her ring to pick a suitor she deems worthy.

  • Chris Hunter
    Chris Hunter 10 months ago

    What HAS Tamara seen?!

  • Watching the Moon
    Watching the Moon 10 months ago

    This movie literally gave me nightmares for years

  • Ludlow Ryder
    Ludlow Ryder 10 months ago

    The original script is worth a read. Quite a lot of the dialogue was removed for the film itself and Cruise has disowned the USA released version as stereotypical fantasy though endorses the Directors Cut.

  • ö. . ,
    ö. . , 10 months ago

    Why is there a dick with balls on Dougs head?

    MR SMITHERS 11 months ago

    My mom used to love Legend and I always passed out 4 hours in.

  • Kurt Bergeron
    Kurt Bergeron 11 months ago

    Sh*t,...now I have to go watch it. Operation Heartbreak.

  • Kurt Bergeron
    Kurt Bergeron 11 months ago

    This was one of those movies that was on HBO like everyday for a year....that shirtless kid? That's the kid I wanted to be. I used to play him in the yard (not shirtless) wondering if I could use my sled to funnel light, but I think I just wanted the bow and arrow. As a kid, it WAS magical...but I haven't seen it since. I'm SURE you're both right about it, which saddens me. #lovetimcurry

  • Reanna Peterson
    Reanna Peterson 11 months ago

    I understand your reactions, I saw it as a kid and I was captured with how whimsical it felt, and I love unicorns lol.

  • John Nandy
    John Nandy 11 months ago

    Has Tamara seen Time Bandits yet? Terry Gilliam's first big non-python picture (although John Cleese and Michael Palin are in it). The fabulous David Warner gives one of the most evil movie villain performances of all time. Also it has a great theme song at end performed by its Beatle producer George Harrison:

  • Evan Tomiko
    Evan Tomiko 11 months ago

    Lili was supposed to be a princess and Tom Cruise the forest guardian or something.

  • Miles Trombley
    Miles Trombley 11 months ago

    So pretty, it's boring!!!

  • Shayla Ballard
    Shayla Ballard 11 months ago

    Well, duh you're wearing the white one, Doug. It wouldn't match Tamara's outfit!

  • Movies & Mythology
    Movies & Mythology 11 months ago

    My buddy, Bernardo, and I (Mark) just watched and reviewed Legend last night. Episode to be released March 29, 2018. Legend is a highly-significant spiritual movie and (here's an odd interpretation) the protagonist and the antagonist are the same character (IMO). Check out our review of Highlander to get a taste of the direction we take when analysing movies.

  • cartmanrlsusall
    cartmanrlsusall 11 months ago

    Freddy got fingered watch that one,its a life changer

  • gary chundrlek
    gary chundrlek 11 months ago

    Have a suggestion for you. 70s musicals. Sgt peppers lonely hearts club band, Tommy and phantom of the Paradise. 😁

  • Joseph Chastain
    Joseph Chastain 11 months ago

    I love Legend and Dark Crystal...

  • Eruanna
    Eruanna 11 months ago

    It really depends which version you watch. I'm from Europe and we got a different cut which is an excellent fantasy movie with a lovely soundtrack. It was one of my favourite movies from my childhood and I cried when the VHS broke. So when I found it online I was over the moon...until I started watching it. It was a completely different movie with plots and scenes that were topsy-turvy and disconnected and made no sense at all, on top of which there was a horrible 80s pop soundtrack that made me want to puke! It was then that I learned about the different cuts and versions and realised just how much credit is due to the post-production process and how it can tip the scale from a good movie to an utterly horrible one! In the end I managed to hunt down my version, which is lovely to this day and try to forget I ever encountered the others.

  • Attack of the The Eye Creatures

    I've tried to watch this movie 46 times, and I still can't complete it.

  • wildsmiley
    wildsmiley 11 months ago

    I love Tim Curry's devil and Mia Sara's goth Lily is just...wow. Legend has its charms.

  • DomainofDotArt
    DomainofDotArt 11 months ago

    But the Music was great too.

  • jmr1415
    jmr1415 11 months ago

    Watch Cruise in Rainman: his is a far more interesting performance than Dustin Hoffman's.

  • Schlock Jocks
    Schlock Jocks 11 months ago

    Gonna drop a bomb on ya...the green goblin woman was Robert Picardo.

  • Acerbicon
    Acerbicon 11 months ago

    Tim Curry and the visuals are really the only good thing about this movie.

  • Theresa Cherco
    Theresa Cherco 11 months ago

    Tim Curry as the devil is awesome

  • drakocarrion
    drakocarrion 11 months ago +1

    My opinion of your taste just dropped significantly.

  • soshiangel90
    soshiangel90 11 months ago

    I actually did see this movie as a kid and I honestly only remember the scenes with Tim Curry. I often would get it confused with one of the Neverending story sequels. Only recent resurgence pointed out to me that this was it's own movie.

  • El Mostrito
    El Mostrito 11 months ago

    Ugly one-horned mule.

  • KageMaxwell
    KageMaxwell 11 months ago

    I still to this day want Darkness' teeth. They're so white and his canines are so pointy.

  • Procrastinating night owl

    You must watch howls moving castle it’s an amazing movie and I know that you’ll love it!!!

  • Serpent Sepia
    Serpent Sepia 11 months ago

    How can you guys not understand that Jack O' The Green is a forest child and Lily is a princess who hates being a princess and wants to be like common people? Also Blix is played by a woman and she also plays Gump's voice. The guy who played Gump has a growth disorder, so he looked like a kid but had a deep German voice and accent. It's like you guys are bashing this movie of the sake of bashing it and not even trying to understand it....

  • TrollDragomir
    TrollDragomir 11 months ago

    Even as a kid I watched it for the Lord of Darkness. Tim Curry alone redeems this movie for me.

  • Dizzale
    Dizzale 11 months ago

    legends can be now and forever, loved by the sun

  • TsukiraAquarius
    TsukiraAquarius 11 months ago

    Best part of the film:
    Princess: I'll stay with you as you wish, but on one condition.
    Tim Curry: Anything!
    Princess: I get to kill the unicorn
    DAT OH FACE!!!!!!

  • jinto1980
    jinto1980 11 months ago

    at 6 or 7 years old when I watched it for the first time it was pretty good... then again I was glad for the break from The Wizard of Oz.

  • CaliDad Bill
    CaliDad Bill 11 months ago

    Tim Curry was the best for the movie

  • Lachlan Evans
    Lachlan Evans 11 months ago

    You guys are awesome. Love watching videos from Channel Awesome. Keep up the great work.Here are some suggestions for Tamara's Never Seen (if you haven't seen them):American History XExplorers Wolf Creek (first one)In Bruges Green Room (2015 thriller by writer/director Jeremy Saulnier)Spiceworld ( for a laugh).Have a nice week ahead. :)

  • GoddessAstrola
    GoddessAstrola 11 months ago

    I kinda give Tom Cruise a pass on this one it was one of his really early films. Though I might be looking back with a lens of nostalgia because I did watch this one as a kid.

  • TheJenSolo
    TheJenSolo 11 months ago

    I was maybe 13 and saw this in the theater. Wanted to love it but couldn't even remember characters' names; it was so hard to care about them because we didn't have enough time with any of them. Came away with a profound impression that something had gone wrong in the edit. So much so that I sat down to rewrite it. Cuz I had no friends, and a first-gen Apple Mac.
    I didn't know how to format a screenplay, in the days before the Internet, so I just wrote an outline and some key scenes sprinkled throughout. Sadly my mom put the floppy disk up on the fridge with a magnet so I wouldn't "lose" it, erasing my only copy, which was clearly my fault for not having another copy, but that wasn't common knowledge yet. Ah well, I'm sure my version wasn't much, if any, better.
    22 years later I found out there was a director's cut. Beautiful. Dunno why it took so long. Bought it on DVD the INSTANT I learned there was a cut I hadn't seen. Blew my mind, the difference. Still not a perfect film by any means, but not the theatrical mess we got. Wish there was some middle ground between the two soundtracks, though.
    Still, the origin of the controversial Blade Runner unicorn memory footage is worth a look, if you're a fan, or even if you hate that Ridley put that in there. The disagreement between Scott and Ford over whether or not Deckard is a replicant as evidenced in the unicorn is what made BR a slow-burn cult classic, in my opinion, though it was always a high quality film, "beloved mistakes" and all. Their disagreement meant it was ok to discuss it, for us kids (I was 14 when I saw BR for the first time, and an avid sci-fi / fantasy reader.)
    And just like that, I started talking about Blade Runner again. Bad habit, sorry not sorry. It's my favorite film. Back on-topic: Wow, Tom Cruise was miscast in this. He looks pretty but he's flailing. It's like he leads with his nose. I liked Mia Sara in Ferris Bueller and she was fine in this. Tim Curry was the real starpower at the time, and he does look and sound magnificent, but some of the scenes went on too long, even in the theatrical cut. The cinematography is simply stunning though, and the set design. Real animals and birds nested in there during production!
    Apparently I have some opinions about this film LOL probably nostalgia-goggles to go with my Member Berries!

  • Chereda Renee Peters
    Chereda Renee Peters 11 months ago

    I kinda want a remake with the basic plot but a better script

  • Dante
    Dante 11 months ago

    I saw this movie while in college in the 90s. I wasnt a fan either, but then I saw the alternate cut that made more sense and had better music. I would be interested to hear your take on that

  • Dante
    Dante 11 months ago

    Tangerine Dream's soundtrack was for the us release

  • TheEvolver311
    TheEvolver311 11 months ago

    Yup Legend in a nut shell boils down to Tim Curry looking amazing. Its just a fantastic visual, the creature affects are the only real draw as the story is about as bland as any other uninspired fantasy story.

  • ratuse
    ratuse 11 months ago

    yeesh. You guys have no appreciation for good pacing.

  • Paladin Jones
    Paladin Jones 11 months ago

    Nostalgia Critic needs to do a Tim Curry month

  • OriginalNeomoon
    OriginalNeomoon 11 months ago

    Legend, The Princess Bride, The Last Unicorn, and Labyrinth = My Childhood