Christmas Sausage Roll

  • Published on Dec 16, 2018
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  • Zak Lloyd
    Zak Lloyd Month ago

    Almost like a poor mans beef Wellington. Love it!!!

  • Darin H
    Darin H 8 months ago

    Wow....thought I was watching a gay Gordon Ramsay video. Yawn..Boring!!!!

  • Kaegan Thornhill
    Kaegan Thornhill 9 months ago +1

    180C = 356F

  • Charchar Em
    Charchar Em 9 months ago

    so fucking British I

  • Travel Nutz
    Travel Nutz 9 months ago

    Noisy eater alert.

  • Masimo Masihi
    Masimo Masihi 9 months ago

    Where u at buddeh? In need of new content.

  • John Qiang
    John Qiang 9 months ago

    When will the next video be?

  • Robin Artemis
    Robin Artemis 9 months ago

    Happy New Year! Hope you have a fantastic year and your business keeps growing

  • Ouis Sandy
    Ouis Sandy 9 months ago

    You should do a ramen like series for curry.

  • Miguel Argüelles
    Miguel Argüelles 9 months ago

    Amazing recipe! The sauce tastes like glory!

  • Jarsky
    Jarsky 9 months ago

    that sausage roll looks hearty and amazing

  • Mohammad Tavassoti
    Mohammad Tavassoti 9 months ago

    Love the videos. (Hate the sound of chewing mouth amplified by microphone. Hate it so much 🤮)

  • Calum Johnson
    Calum Johnson 9 months ago

    That’s about a kilo of mince there, right? Need a second opinion

  • darren ball
    darren ball 9 months ago

    A layer of Parma Ham on the pastry would make this a star.

  • Gideon Dewhirst
    Gideon Dewhirst 9 months ago

    Mate... mate... this looks great!

  • Neil F.
    Neil F. 9 months ago

    Any reason to leave the ends open vs enclosing in the pastry? Love the vids!

    • Kaegan Thornhill
      Kaegan Thornhill 9 months ago

      If you leave it open, at the ends, it will allow some of the juiced to run out, dry out the tips, an leave the edged a bit soggy.

  • Matthew c
    Matthew c 10 months ago

    John im just fridge the meat now, just tuckey mince 8% fat maybe the drop fall, add some chillies, Chinese 5 spice, and 7 spice, cumin and all your ingredients. I send u a picture of it, i got no rolling pin, either tin foil roll or something else.

  • Auke Heitz
    Auke Heitz 10 months ago

    I usually never really comment on video's, but I would like to make a suggestion. Try to keep the camera still and stable while filming your content, for some reason it's quite distracting to watch footage filmed by a constantly moving/shaking camera. I'm glad to see your channel is growing steadily!

  • Bony Khan
    Bony Khan 10 months ago

    Use some salt bro 😒

  • Cameron Warren
    Cameron Warren 10 months ago

    I've been looking for fresh recipes to try this Christmas and this one has just been added to the list! Thanks for the content/wisdom.

  • Brahma Hush Ghana
    Brahma Hush Ghana 10 months ago

    My guy love busker

  • MELOT Xavier
    MELOT Xavier 10 months ago

    Happy christmas to you John !!!

  • Brian Coughlan
    Brian Coughlan 10 months ago

    Looks great! Love the new background music too

  • His Masters Voice
    His Masters Voice 10 months ago

    fuck off

  • boaz
    boaz 10 months ago

    Ho ho ho hold up, where did that pastry come from? Is it basic puff pastry? And how do you get sheets that size? 0o

    • Kaegan Thornhill
      Kaegan Thornhill 9 months ago

      He found it the " Big & Tall Cooking Lad, Store". Lol

  • Paskal Serafimovski
    Paskal Serafimovski 10 months ago

    Seems like a beef welington alternative

  • MrTips82
    MrTips82 10 months ago

    That looked beautiful brov! 👍😎 👌 💯💯💯 Think I'm gonna have to start baking again tbh! A nice one is pasty in a roasting tin! Big one and mix egg and milk loads of both!! 😉👌 Put egg and milk in but mix like and omlit! Half a big 4 pound block of chathidral city cheese! Raw bacon but not striky! Rest of the cheese and fresh tomatoes on top and cook in the over gas mark 6 till eggs cooked! Takes a wile but is so flavourful and tastes better cold the next day after sitting in the fridge over night belive or not😉 and the bacon fat is so soft dose take a lot of chewing! 🥓👍😏 Merry Christmas! Have a good one!

  • MC Hammer
    MC Hammer 10 months ago

    Thumbs up for that

  • TheOily Gamer
    TheOily Gamer 10 months ago

    Looks unreal 🍴

  • marylong17
    marylong17 10 months ago

    This definatly gonna make it to my christmas table!!
    Just a question: What kind of pastry do you use?
    Thank you for the recipe, and Merry Christmas!

  • Mad- Muffin
    Mad- Muffin 10 months ago

    he said happy christmas....

    • Kaegan Thornhill
      Kaegan Thornhill 9 months ago

      Some say Joylly Christmas, Other Merry Christmas, A Few say Happy Christmas. They are all a Correct way of Saying it. Since each one is Wishing a Person a Good Hoilday. Lol

  • SonicShenmue
    SonicShenmue 10 months ago

    Really great dish and very seasonal. Onto the to-do-list xD

  • Ryan Shemmans
    Ryan Shemmans 10 months ago

    Stop with the slapping lips

  • Antiii
    Antiii 10 months ago

    Big old sausage roll 🤣

  • kamma44
    kamma44 10 months ago

    Anyone know the song in the background?
    Amazing sausage roll!

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  10 months ago +1

      up my sleeve 2 - Joachim Nilsson and soul jazz legacy 1 - axel ljung

  • P S
    P S 10 months ago

    Geez thats huge!, more like a beef wellington ... NICE :)

  • jens
    jens 10 months ago

    Love the film quality, but the colors could get a bit more vibrance

  • BarryFromEastenders
    BarryFromEastenders 10 months ago

    Sausage pastry ratio is waaay off for my liking

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  10 months ago +1

      scale it down, whatever works for you chef 🙌

  • Yep. Just Eric
    Yep. Just Eric 10 months ago

    My aunt’s family does a sage sausage, wild mushroom, and almond stuffing. Could I do those flavors in this roll? If so, still the same cranberry sauce, or something more savory?

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  10 months ago +1

      sounds like it would go well with a mustard sauce rather than cranberry Eric, give it a go and let me know 👍

  • P A-B
    P A-B 10 months ago

    Chef, when Ur trying to chew Ur screen as a Vegetarian, Ur on point!!!! I want this NOW!

    • P A-B
      P A-B 9 months ago

      Couldn't help myself, just watched this has to be the yummiest recipe all year!!!!! Jeez, I need to track down some venison, will just sniff it when I serve it up 🤪
      Roll on 2019 & more great content Chef..... increase the peace ✌️

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  10 months ago

      it's all yours brother!

  • TheStwat aka Stuart Wright

    Oh Lordy, that looks and I bet tastes, fanbloodytastic !!

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  10 months ago

      it sure does Stuart, it sure does

  • K -Ray
    K -Ray 10 months ago

    That looks absolutely deadly!

  • Brandon Penfold
    Brandon Penfold 10 months ago


  • The Legend of Leviathan
    The Legend of Leviathan 10 months ago

    I watch a lot of food channels on youtube, but yours is one of the very few I can TASTE and smell the dishes from.

  • Choco Chan
    Choco Chan 10 months ago +1

    Food busker my nigga you awesome

  • Cd B
    Cd B 10 months ago

    Smoked paprika for the win. Nice recipe as always Chef. Two thumbs up. Question; how's the knife shaping up? I enjoyed that episode and thinking of purchasing that same knife from BC.

    • Cd B
      Cd B 10 months ago

      @Food Busker thanks Chef. Will definitely see if my Christmas bonus can help me pick one of these up. Cheers.

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  10 months ago

      knife is a beauty, I would highly recommend 👍

  • mark pryke
    mark pryke 10 months ago

    I'd put fennel seeds on the pastry too

  • Mat Recardo
    Mat Recardo 10 months ago +1

    Reminds me of Beef Wellington... Tough as old boots! ;)

  • Harold Holsappel
    Harold Holsappel 10 months ago

    Hm.. Nice recipe, but the video is lacking a bit. The colours are way off. Your pastry is looking more green than golden brown, as is the black sesame.

  • Mateo Cano
    Mateo Cano 10 months ago

    A sausage roll the size of a wellie? ... I'm on

  • Joel Fraser
    Joel Fraser 10 months ago

    Love a good sausage roll !

  • JP JP
    JP JP 10 months ago

    Bonnet de Douche!!!!! That surely is the Ron Jeremy of sausage rolls!!!!!!

  • Joseph Carrdus
    Joseph Carrdus 10 months ago

    loved this video until you uttered the "word" crimbo at the end. shook 😂

  • Lucas Pritchard
    Lucas Pritchard 10 months ago +4

    Nice filling-pastry ratio;)

  • trancelated
    trancelated 10 months ago +2

    this looks like a sausage wellington. I'd give £2.50 for a slice of it :>

  • Jens Rickardt
    Jens Rickardt 10 months ago

    Yes mate!

  • Chris
    Chris 10 months ago +16

    I Love watching your content. But DO NOT SPEAK WITH FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH. Damn.

  • schmatever
    schmatever 10 months ago +1

    It looks great, but I think fluffier, lighter meat combined with more pastry actually would be more up my street....

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  10 months ago +2

      whatever floats your boat buddy

  • Andrew Maher
    Andrew Maher 10 months ago

    Really love the way you filmed this and edited as well. Also great that it kept tight and under 7 minutes. Easy to watch over again when really making it.

    • Food Busker
      Food Busker  10 months ago

      Yes Andrew! appreciating the kind words

  • Kieran Law
    Kieran Law 10 months ago

    Mouth watering, bro. I'm making this...