CHINESE Street Food! Exploring CHINATOWN in Jakarta Indonesia Food Tour

  • Published on Aug 20, 2018
  • I LOVE Chinese food and wherever I go in the world it's fun to see how Chinese food is adapted in the local region. In this video, I went to Indonesia's LARGEST Chinatown in Jakarta and was blown away by the food!
    I first stopped for some yummy noodles at Bakmi Amoy and got some of the tastiest noodles paired with a giant fried meatball.
    Then it's on for some coffee and cut up pork!
    1. Pancoran Glodok (Chinatown)
    •Bakmi Amoy ( Noodles. Fried meatball )
    •Kopi Es TakKie (iced coffee)
    Gang Gloria, Glodok, Jl. Pintu Besar Selatan III No.4-6, RT.7/RW.6, Pinangsia, Tamansari, Kota Jakarta Barat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 11120
    •Sekba (every imaginable part of pork soup)
    Located in front of above coffee shop.
    •Chandra Taman Makan (food court : seafood fried rice (Daun Hijau). Mixed kwetiao soup. Hainanese Mix rice with assorted pork meat.
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  • Kenny Sastro
    Kenny Sastro 3 days ago

    Its a pity you’re not coming to WONG FU KIE, BAKMI AYAM PECAMKE AHONG, KARI LAM & OYSTER OMELETTE in the Chandra Foodcourt and not the least the KUO TIE! when visiting the chinatown Glodok!

  • j blah
    j blah 7 days ago +1

    Yo drunken master is still my favorite kung fu of all time. And i lmao with your performance in rush hour. Enjoy the food

  • Petrus Garage
    Petrus Garage 7 days ago

    You killing me dude

  • Andre Kurnia Putra
    Andre Kurnia Putra 9 days ago

    i am dying as an Indonesian that live outside the country

  • mayena
    mayena 9 days ago


  • Ben TheKeeshond
    Ben TheKeeshond 15 days ago

    I watched a lot of your videos and understand that they are into foods from around the world. However, when it is Indonesia, I can't help but have to bring this up. I believe the Chinese from Indonesia are mainly from the province of Fujian. Hard-working and business-minded people but face tremendous discrimination. There are laws specifically set up to discriminate and prohibit the local Chinese population from doing just about everything. The defenseless Indonesian Chinese population periodically subjected to mob attacks. Police forces won't show up after a few days of looting, arsons, rapes, murders, and most likely with the approval from the Indonesian government. There was a picture, 1998, of a man holding the severed head of a local Chinese child but the Indonesian government didn't even try to locate that murderer.

  • Wrath Lestro
    Wrath Lestro 26 days ago

    Anyone notice the woman picking her nose behind him?

  • Medan76 76
    Medan76 76 29 days ago

    You need to go to MEDAN in indonesian(best place to taste best food), taste SOTO MEDAN and Gulai,Lontong/sate padang(from padang), please try it

  • Archangel_Omega
    Archangel_Omega Month ago

    you're like the asian version of adam richman

  • Hiro Ciko
    Hiro Ciko Month ago +1

    interesting, i don't know there some pork meat on indonesia, i mean you know...
    only place i know to eat pork meat is bali

  • Jamal Darmawan
    Jamal Darmawan 2 months ago

    Indonesia food the best in the world 👍

  • Sartika Juanda
    Sartika Juanda 2 months ago +8

    Try to go to Pontianak west Kalimantan/Borneo
    They Have many type Noodle that maybe you Like
    And all delicious

  • Mama Mia
    Mama Mia 2 months ago +1

    Soup, meeh just soup

  • eiad brdair
    eiad brdair 2 months ago

    2:55 I thought the opposite

  • Isoroku Yamamoto
    Isoroku Yamamoto 2 months ago

    Quick know. In Indonesia Chinese thier name was not actual Chinese name like other country.

  • TanuKart
    TanuKart 3 months ago

    Ya.. yaaa.... o yaaa

  • Serenie Bellini
    Serenie Bellini 3 months ago

    Based on what you enjoyed in Jakarta, if you happen to be back in Singapore again you might want to try “Kuay Chap” which is also a breakfast-sy kind of hawker food...mixed pork parts eaten with a broad rice noodle.
    My best food memory from Jakarta is fried chicken intestines! Lol.

  • Redz 1007
    Redz 1007 3 months ago +2

    In indonesia you have to put the soup to the noodle!

  • Pen Pen
    Pen Pen 3 months ago

    Thx u for comming to indonesia

  • Alice
    Alice 3 months ago

    How tall is Mike?

  • jose um
    jose um 4 months ago

    Thanks a lot for all the excellent efforts you contributes to the food world, it will be very interesting and appreciated if you can introduce more seasonal dishes for Chinese e.g. wholesome and hot dishes in Autumn and Winter, light and consome in summer etc.

  • gugum gumilar
    gugum gumilar 4 months ago

    If u come to indonesia again you must try sundanesse food, thats very good taste

  • Troy
    Troy 4 months ago

    I'm no Indonesian by any means, but I'm not a stranger to Indonesian cuisine, and I'm pretty sure you just drank the broth and mistaken it as a soup

  • Shadow Amigo
    Shadow Amigo 4 months ago

    everything is good with hot sauce Mike lol

  • Cliff P
    Cliff P 4 months ago

    Have you ever sold a dish as good but it wasn’t?

  • sakurasoh
    sakurasoh 4 months ago

    It can't be real. You can't eat all these in one go... no human can do this!!

  • Tino Caesar
    Tino Caesar 5 months ago

    When i ate this i was like "hmm it's not bad" but when i watched mike video i mean the way he eat 😍

  • GuitarTuningOnline
    GuitarTuningOnline 5 months ago

    12:40 hahhaaaahaha, first time ever Mike put some chili sauce/oil on a dish, and he didn't like it. :D :D :D

  • GuitarTuningOnline
    GuitarTuningOnline 5 months ago

    Nazi Goreng... Muuuuuahahhahahaaaaaaa :D

  • Victor Hassan
    Victor Hassan 5 months ago

    did u go to Mangga Besar 8?

  • kholo314
    kholo314 5 months ago

    Damn mike looking cute as hell

  • Mattea Tane
    Mattea Tane 5 months ago

    when you come back to jakarta, mike, try having kuotie at the kota tua night markets. best e v e r

  • Andre B
    Andre B 5 months ago

    Yang nasgor itu di mana ya guys?

  • Andre B
    Andre B 5 months ago

    Ya.. yaaa... oh yeaaaa....!!!

  • Worinof
    Worinof 5 months ago

    if I'm not mistaken, I noticed that your first dish probably have broth, the one that you called it "soup" I think that supposed to be in your bowl

  • Raynond FauzHan
    Raynond FauzHan 6 months ago

    Wow i Saw Jackie chen little brother 😱

  • Jonathan Wicaksono
    Jonathan Wicaksono 6 months ago

    Lapeeeer bwaaaang

  • Gammelrosa
    Gammelrosa 6 months ago

    Is this the best wonton I've ever had? Not even close. Wuahahahaa...

  • Deshyy T.
    Deshyy T. 6 months ago

    Pause it on 0:45
    *you wont be disappointed*

  • Veeflower
    Veeflower 6 months ago +1

    That fried rice looked absolutely amazing.

  • Nicholas Timothy
    Nicholas Timothy 6 months ago

    How did you eat that much?

  • Jenny Boualavong
    Jenny Boualavong 6 months ago

    Hey small world...did your dad own Beijing gardens in Quincy IL?

  • iammostwanted kun
    iammostwanted kun 6 months ago

    If u bought indonesia noodle then they give u the soup, just pour it to the noodle...

  • 拿铁绿茶
    拿铁绿茶 6 months ago

    4:02 nooo what do you mean it's just "soup"? you are supposed to eat that with the noodles lmao

  • Yoko Haloless
    Yoko Haloless 6 months ago

    Man that slurp sounded so satisfying around 10:20

  • Mohamad Azarchehr
    Mohamad Azarchehr 6 months ago

    hey mike, im planing to travel to indonesia and hopefully im gonna be there for one month, could pls give me some clues, like best cheap food best places for rent etc... thanks alot

  • Sebastian Wardana
    Sebastian Wardana 6 months ago

    Rarely it happens that food leaves him speechless, or just not feeling the need to talk... indonesia is that good! Check it out!

  • Sebastian Wardana
    Sebastian Wardana 6 months ago

    The thing you called bakso cant be bakso... its allways beef being used.

  • ais renewton
    ais renewton 7 months ago

    Try pempek palembang it so good and authentic from palembang south sumatra

  • Wesur sure
    Wesur sure 7 months ago

    thanks for make me hungry chan, it is 2 AM..!!

  • Kelvin Aditya
    Kelvin Aditya 7 months ago


  • Larry Zael
    Larry Zael 7 months ago

    Okay I need to know. Where is this market? Pasti daerah pusat or barat..

  • KAzUMI кɨʍ
    KAzUMI кɨʍ 7 months ago


  • Zhafira Azahra
    Zhafira Azahra 7 months ago

    FYI that you have to put in the soup into your noodle for better taste

  • Flawless Eminence
    Flawless Eminence 7 months ago

    5:55 blocked that lady from picking her nose just on time lol

  • Francesca T
    Francesca T 7 months ago

    Wheres this EXACTLY? 😅 My hometown and I aint got no damn clue wth Mike went to and I wanna go there so bad 🤣 i need to knowww!

  • Jane D
    Jane D 7 months ago

    Sekba is very good

  • Jane D
    Jane D 7 months ago

    I love sekbaaaaa

  • Jackson Lo Paro
    Jackson Lo Paro 7 months ago

    Angel sent by the food gods! Love it

  • Hiro Icy
    Hiro Icy 8 months ago

    well not all of indonesian comment about this dish you show because they muslim and they racist never talk about pig

    • Indahnya Indonesia
      Indahnya Indonesia 7 months ago

      Just because you never talk about pork then you can become racist? LOL

  • Atheist first! Happy Heathen!

    90% of what he eats I would love to try but ears or entrails or chicken feet "NO!" "NO!"

  • 0110 1100
    0110 1100 9 months ago


  • dea soeparman
    dea soeparman 9 months ago

    That noodle place has been a favorite of mine since childhood!

  • Agung Edi
    Agung Edi 9 months ago

    Hmmm its like very tasty...welcome to my country

  • Prasanja Yonzon
    Prasanja Yonzon 9 months ago

    Go for some vegetarian dish too

  • Ridwan Wanandi
    Ridwan Wanandi 9 months ago

    Man, you should try Pi-Oh, the cart behind the sekba cart. Pi-Oh is turtle stew in fermented soybean paste

  • Szサワ
    Szサワ 9 months ago

    What do you feel that you can come Indonesia, Jakarta? And do you want to play again to Jakarta? Im really happy if you happy in Indonesia!!💙

  • Rob Umbara
    Rob Umbara 9 months ago

    Mike, next time you're in town let's try a couple place around this area that's you just have to try

  • Grace A L
    Grace A L 9 months ago

    I must say that porky dishes are better in other part of indonesia, go to my hometown called “makassar” it serves the best pork dishes

  • Grace A L
    Grace A L 9 months ago

    That soup on the red bowl is supposed to be the broth for the noodle. They put it separately so people can adjust on how watery they want the noodle to be. Like my preference, i dont like it with too much water so i just put a few spoons of broth just to moisturize it a little bit. And with the meatball or dumplings which usually the call as “pangsit” i usually put it on the remaining broth. Everyone can have their own style on eating this kind of noodle hahaha but that generally what i do and some people do

  • Janita Nevala
    Janita Nevala 9 months ago

    I just love watching your videos while eating😄 am i the only one?

  • yaikss
    yaikss 9 months ago

    I got hungry.. at 11 PM..

  • radheka kumari
    radheka kumari 9 months ago

    Hey Mike, I love your videos so much! I live in Jakarta and I have loved street food everywhere else that I've been. I've heard some stories that although the streetfood here is delicious, it's not sanitary. Did you find these places were okay? You didn't get sick or anything?

  • calipdis2
    calipdis2 9 months ago

    4:30 😨

  • ella dinurrohmah
    ella dinurrohmah 9 months ago