The Return of the Nixie - New ZIN18 Tubes & Clock from Millclock

  • Published on Sep 9, 2019
  • Against the odds Nixie tubes are being manufactured again. In this video I look at the new ZIN18 tubes and clock from Millclock.
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  • Techmoan
    Techmoan  Month ago +211

    If you want to skip past the intro - Click Here: 04:11
    As always there are links in the video description text box.
    There's also a new comedy skit available here:

    • rancid sausage
      rancid sausage 16 days ago

      Techmoan have you worked on tv or radio? I know you probably have been asked countless times but you do have one of those voices and it sounds familiar.

    • Ian L
      Ian L Month ago

      Techmoan how can I contact you regarding Atari video music ?

    • lee x
      lee x Month ago

      From this to to a video 8 years later

    • Rifle Shooter Channel
      Rifle Shooter Channel Month ago

      lol $1000

    S.S RADON 2 days ago

    I like nixies, but i always was more of a VFD matrix guy.

  • Hologramix 1
    Hologramix 1 7 days ago +2

    This is beautiful!!

  • Vadim Antonov / Past indicator

    It’s a really great product this guys made!

  • FriendlyWire
    FriendlyWire 13 days ago

    This is great! But I think we should pay some tributes to Dalibor Farny, who pioneered this technique way before Millclock did. Check him out at !

    • Millclock Brand
      Millclock Brand 12 days ago

      Nixie tubes were made long time ago, till Dalibor decided to produce them again.

  • JuiceJive
    JuiceJive 13 days ago

    Would it be beneficial to rotate the tubes every once in a while or does the "screensaver" do enough?

    • Ghrayfahx
      Ghrayfahx 12 days ago

      JuiceJive I was thinking the same. Maybe weekly take the hour tubes, switch left and right and move them to the seconds. Then move the minutes to the hours and the seconds to the minutes. That would ensure that every single one got used evenly.

  • Gabor Banfalvi
    Gabor Banfalvi 16 days ago +1

    I think is a fantastic and unique design and also a "new" old thinking what the clock should be today. Today pepole dont really buy something because they really need it. No. They buy because they like it so much they want to have it. By the way this clock reminds me of the old "electronica g9 04" russian nixie tube clock in my room when i was a kid. It was more "modern" design with a digits in a tubes not numbers like this. Today pepole like things that are handmade and original and they dont bother to pay the price and as i see lot of design elements come back from 70s and 80s and i love that.

  • Alex Landherr
    Alex Landherr 17 days ago

    My type of clock, would like to add a component so that it’s well synced with UTC time.

  • Luke Kogenta Howell
    Luke Kogenta Howell 19 days ago

    Would be nice if the ZIN18 had the soft digit transition like your old IN18 clock. There were a few lifts around some older buildings in Sydney AU that had Nixie tubes for floor indication and they had the soft transition between digits as well.

  • Tim Baumann
    Tim Baumann 21 day ago

    Hell Mat... If it was a FREE GIFT for reviewing and all then well... I would have gone HOG WILD and got the one with the nice glass case and the stainless steel and the remote and ALL THE REST!!! But in any case, this is WAY OUT OF MY PRICE RANGE!!!

  • An Infestor
    An Infestor 21 day ago

    They need a bulky 60s aesthetic clock. I can't afford it, but i'd still buy.

  • Nathan Andrew Davis
    Nathan Andrew Davis 23 days ago

    I want a nixie tube clock SO BADLY! Too bad they're so damn expensive!

    • Nathan Andrew Davis
      Nathan Andrew Davis 18 days ago

      @Millclock Brand Thanks for the offer! I'll maybe look into it myself whenever I get the chance.

    • Millclock Brand
      Millclock Brand 22 days ago +1

      Nathan Andrew Davis we offer nixie clocks from 59 USD

  • Matt Cooper
    Matt Cooper 25 days ago

    WOW... at $1,000 CAD I won't be buying one :P I get it though, being that they have to hand-craft the tubes.

  • Ysabel Veloso
    Ysabel Veloso 25 days ago

    Mmm sounds like my microwave.

  • Hālian
    Hālian 26 days ago

    Why not use a credit card to pay the UPS guy? o.o

    • gwishart
      gwishart Day ago

      They don't always have card readers with them, especially if they're a third-party contractor instead of an actual UPS employee.

  • Stefan Jensen
    Stefan Jensen 26 days ago

    who would dare use this as an alarm clock? XD

  • Pye Ltd.
    Pye Ltd. 27 days ago

    yet you spend 1000£ a year on a new iPhone iPad and Mac or less than a year

  • TheRedneckAtheist
    TheRedneckAtheist 28 days ago

    Can the date be changed to yy/mm/dd?

  • alochrome
    alochrome 28 days ago

    The first electronic calculator I used in the mid 60s had these tubes as the display. The whole thing was about 500 mm square and 100 mm deep.

  • maxcelcat
    maxcelcat 28 days ago

    Great Now I have a strong desire i did not have 19 minutes ago!!!

  • hamouda mohamed
    hamouda mohamed 28 days ago +1


  • Maksym Markov
    Maksym Markov 28 days ago

    28 years of Independence, hundreds of years of cultural, economic and social development, just to be famous for making antique looking clocks.

  • NO
    NO 29 days ago

    Doesn’t he kind of look like the guy from DIY Perks but (no offense) older?

  • Rick Feith
    Rick Feith 29 days ago

    Tell me again why humans decided they no longer needed these???

    CRIS LEMØNZ 29 days ago

    CRT TVs need to make a comeback too

  • Red Panda Sebas
    Red Panda Sebas Month ago

    7:35 you made this in my birthday

  • Muhammad Choudhury
    Muhammad Choudhury Month ago

    Speaking of vinyl records. A lot of people are buying records again. I know of someone who sells records from a van.

  • The unamed potato
    The unamed potato Month ago

    This reminds me about the artyom edition watch

  • I breathe Napalm
    I breathe Napalm Month ago

    I know why you're here and no, it won't make you go back in time.

  • GreatFlamin Zeus
    GreatFlamin Zeus Month ago

    Could make a decent version that only uses 3 bulbs, hopefully that’s where most of the cost goes.
    Not going to get this, but I’ll probably see what the bulbs cost individually.

  • Tamama Nitohe
    Tamama Nitohe Month ago +2

    1000 buck, and still worth to buy than iPhone

  • Zero the Wanderer
    Zero the Wanderer Month ago

    I got to the point where it does a daily maintenance and sort of wondered. There's not much use for the first 2 tubes, both in terms of date and time (month is 01-12, hour would be 01-12 or 00-24), so they could potentially save a bit of manufacturing costs by only making some tubes that only go up to 4, or would that potentially fuck something up in the software/not be worth doing?

  • AJ G
    AJ G Month ago

    I hate to say it but these are never gonna be a big deal... its cool for sure but it just cant compete.

  • SlendisFi Universe
    SlendisFi Universe Month ago +1

    Let's bring the price down by creating more nixie tube manufacturers

  • Don G
    Don G Month ago

    So this is just a REALLY expensive clock? Is that all it is? 1st time hearing about these. Looks cool, must be nice to have $$.

  • Ian L
    Ian L Month ago +2

    How do I contact you about Atari C-240 ?

    • Ian L
      Ian L 27 days ago

      Hey Techmoan...
      You had posted a video about Atari c240 and wanting people to contact you... I’ve tried.... and tried... and tried...

  • rm
    rm Month ago

    Wait till China figures out there's a demand for these, they will found ways to produce tubes for $5/each. :)

  • vojtakristof
    vojtakristof Month ago

    Czech republic!!!!!!

  • Larry Andersen
    Larry Andersen Month ago +1

    I have built many NIXIE clocks including some ones using the IN18 tubes. This clock looks great and has features that are hard to find in kits available. The $1k price-tag is a bit high but I think worth it. NIXIEs are NOT a cheap hobby.

  • DYK499
    DYK499 Month ago

    По толщине они меньше ин-18

  • DYK499
    DYK499 Month ago

    Йопт ! Кто делает лампы zin18 ?

  • Amitabh Ankur
    Amitabh Ankur Month ago

    It's masterpiece

  • Tekagi
    Tekagi Month ago

    You just paid a parcel service upon receipt of a package, and you paid them in cash. I don't think you need to go back in time 3 years; it sounds to me like you're already in the past.

    • gwishart
      gwishart Day ago

      What do you expect when you let American parcel companies operate in the UK? I'm surprised they didn't ask for a cheque.

  • Chris Morse
    Chris Morse Month ago

    There logo looks like the Marshall amp logo.

  • Eric Huff
    Eric Huff Month ago

    $1000 for a clock?!??!?!

  • LeRoy Jenkins
    LeRoy Jenkins Month ago

    OK, so they CAN make new nixie tubes, but the real question is WHY? There are likely millions of the original new-old-stock nixies still floating around out there. Honestly, I would rather have a clock made with the original tubes rather than an expensive replica that costs 10X more than the original. It's basically paying a premium to have a product LOOK like the original, when you could have just paid less for the ACTUAL original. I don't get it.

    • Millclock Brand
      Millclock Brand Month ago

      The original IN-18 tubes cost 60 USD on ebay, our tube is a mix Z types of tubes and IN types tubes, our tube is much bigger in size than IN-18, and nobody can give you warranty for the tubes from NOS.

  • jameswalker199
    jameswalker199 Month ago

    Nixie clock or new iPhone... ah, the agony of choice...

  • jameswalker199
    jameswalker199 Month ago

    I'd love to see new tubes and valves being made that are drop-in replacements for the originals, because I know of a certain computer at a certain park in Milton Keynes that probably will need replacements at some point in its life.

  • Doctor Buga
    Doctor Buga Month ago

    chinese ones on ali express for 45$

    • Millclock Brand
      Millclock Brand Month ago

      can you provide some links of chinese tubes in the same size

  • skatizle
    skatizle Month ago +1

    Great video on how these tubes are made

  • Yasin Aslan
    Yasin Aslan Month ago

    But..Can it determine the 'Divergence Value' ?Like in Steins Gate

  • Bolling Holt
    Bolling Holt Month ago

    Flippin' SWEET!!!!

  • Richard Nilsson
    Richard Nilsson Month ago

    I so want one of those but well the price is way to high.

  • Bob Builder
    Bob Builder Month ago +1

    I don't really understand how you keep saying you don't have a thousand dollars to spend on something. You have projectors speaker systems reel to reel systems and hi fi systems that have to cost over a thousand dollars. Your average flagship cellphone costs a thousand dollars, camera lenses cost more than that, computers cost more than that. If you are an average person and have a strong interest in something a thousand dollars is not really a crazy amount to spend on something.

  • Pyrus
    Pyrus Month ago +1

    El Psy Kongroo

  • Pyrus
    Pyrus Month ago

    Shit what worldline is this?

  • Juan Alvarez Gonzalez
    Juan Alvarez Gonzalez Month ago +1

    Amazing clock.

  • Mr371312
    Mr371312 Month ago

    I can get qs27 or qs30 rubes here easily for less than 10$ a pop so 100 each is harsh

  • Konrad Henrykowicz
    Konrad Henrykowicz Month ago

    Why the fuck these color led's??? So Chinese...

    • Millclock Brand
      Millclock Brand Month ago

      Konrad Henrykowicz you can turn off the leds by one click

  • Bonswally
    Bonswally Month ago +4

    The new tubes lack the charm of the old ones.