Best of the Worst Episode 37 - Wheel of the Worst 10

  • Published on Feb 13, 2016
  • Mike, Jay, Jack, and Rich Evans spin the wheel and get three terrible films.
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  • AlucardaLaCarte
    AlucardaLaCarte 11 hours ago

    The guy in Exploding Varmints shows: white trash truly knows no state lines.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 days ago

    The problem is that shooting from a vehicle is very illegal in every state.

  • Dracolo games
    Dracolo games 3 days ago

    As somebody with autism, I’m extremely unoffended and love you guys. KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK

  • DistractedConstantly

    Fun fact, Morel Mushroom videos may make horrible entertainment but finding them is a lot of fun and they are super good fried up.

  • Steph Collins
    Steph Collins 7 days ago

    im convinced Exploding Varmints is from Interdementional Cable

  • Steph Collins
    Steph Collins 7 days ago

    The look cool at parties is so weird and sad and subliminal no joke... weird! the nose joke was about sniffin lines the rope trick is about killin ppl or some fucked up shit and wow i know Bill Cosby promoted this hahahahahahhahahaha strange as hell lmfao, but i LOVED exploding vermits soooo who am i to judge :\ muwahahahaha

  • Scott Adare
    Scott Adare 7 days ago

    Star Wars, AIDS, and 9/11. I feel like Rich knows me.

  • JJCheeker
    JJCheeker 8 days ago

    I laughed when Rich Evans said AAAAAAIIIDDDSSS!

  • Andrew Cz
    Andrew Cz 8 days ago

    Real simple. Grain count is the mass/weight of the bullet itself, minus the casing, powder, and primer. High grain count = heavy bullet. Heavy bullet + high speed = lotsa energy. Lotsa energy + tiny critter = 'splosion.

  • Yoshi Valle
    Yoshi Valle 12 days ago

    So Exploding Varmints is made by Dale Gribble?

  • enteisb1
    enteisb1 14 days ago

    The funny part is that the Flint, Michigan joke is somehow not out of date 3 years later.

  • albino shamrock
    albino shamrock 14 days ago

    What the fuck is going on in the other parts of this country? That mushroom festival is fucking me up.

  • blondaibonsai
    blondaibonsai 16 days ago

    Mike being dead inside while Celtic music plays is my eternal mood (11:30)

  • Nerd Musk
    Nerd Musk 17 days ago

    "Welcome to Dqwon's Dance Grooves!"

  • The Film Twit
    The Film Twit 18 days ago +2

    5/8/2019: Flint joke still relevant.

  • SunShine
    SunShine 20 days ago

    Had been really nice if there had been an ending to the murder video where the hunter had become the hunted. A shot through their effing skulls had been awesome.
    Such human garbage that was.

  • BeefMissileband
    BeefMissileband 20 days ago

    “This is awful”
    *chuckles at animals being murdered*

  • Reggie Dsouza
    Reggie Dsouza 23 days ago

    I kinda chuckled a bit when jack suggested he has hair.

  • Chimroy Grugspro
    Chimroy Grugspro 24 days ago

    16:24 if only

  • Terrence Phillipson
    Terrence Phillipson 24 days ago

    Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiids 911 and star wars

  • Ole Kaarvaag
    Ole Kaarvaag 25 days ago +3

    16:22 The fact that that joke is actually still topical in 2019 is hilariously sad.

  • 21DaHoagie12
    21DaHoagie12 26 days ago

    somehow i feel like "Fred Newman" inspired the character "freaky fred" in courage the cowardly dog show but i'm a lazy fuck and wont research it lelz

  • spankminister
    spankminister 29 days ago

    I feel like Jack and Jay understand humor being based on pratfalls and taking people down a peg, Jay brought it up in the Christmas Vacation 2 episode. And then on the other hand, Mike and Rich just go "LOL rape aids roofie racism" and look at the camera like pointing out that they know it's an offensive joke is the bit. It's not even that I'm offended, it's just completely unfunny that they keep going for it and then have the audacity to be like "U triggered? Don't be so PC!" Like guys, this is literally what you criticize about the Seth MacFarlanes of the world when they make lazy dumb hack jokes, AND YOU'RE RIGHT.

    • L Smith
      L Smith 25 days ago

      You triggered, bro?

  • EclecticBread NCircus

    You MOTHER FUQERS got Explodin Varmits!?!? My bass player used to tell me that his uncle had this. Legendary.

  • Spit Dragon
    Spit Dragon Month ago

    Flint, Michigan joke *still* relevant in 2019

  • Travis Baker
    Travis Baker Month ago

    16:26 The irony is that it's been over three years and it's STILL not a dated joke.

    That's not necessarily something to be proud of.

  • Tyler Hussin
    Tyler Hussin Month ago

    Morral mushrooms (or however you spell it) are actually extremely rare and very very very good! I don't know if they warrant a movie being made strictly about them, but they are damn good.

  • Tyler Hussin
    Tyler Hussin Month ago

    So I live in Milwaukee, I am absolutely pro gun, I have a decent collection of guns I shoot at least once a week. I try to go more but generally I dont have time, but the point is I love shooting guns and enjoy it as a hobby. I also get that "varmints" are pests and can be a real nuisance for land owners... but how could you be so cavalier about killing hundreds of completely harmless little animals. That shit was pretty fucked up.

  • William White
    William White Month ago

    I cried laughing at the nonsensical hand spin trick and their collective confusion

  • Andvare
    Andvare Month ago

    Rich Evans, the heartthrob of Milwaukee.

  • Bobby Blackbeard
    Bobby Blackbeard Month ago

    LOve the part where city/town folk talk about how to deal with farm/country issues. hahahahahaha

  • EK Heim
    EK Heim Month ago

    This is America

  • korblborp
    korblborp Month ago

    The "explode so many varmints your shoulder will ache" is about recoil

    • Philly never you mind
      Philly never you mind Month ago

      I'm pretty sure they know that.
      You may be missing the obvious joke there, somehow.

  • Ethan Latinum
    Ethan Latinum Month ago

    I have a lot of panic attacks and really horrible anxiety and depression. Going back through these videos really helps me to distract myself and laugh. Thank you so much. I know you won't see this, but I just want this out into the internet that you guys and your weird show about shitty VHS tapes is actually really helpful. Thanks.

  • martin collins
    martin collins Month ago

    Working my way through the videos. I am stuck on one thing so far. What the heck does it say on the mid west shirt? Midwestertyer?

  • harry joe
    harry joe Month ago

    as of 2019 flint Michigan still has unsafe water.

  • DirtyBlastard
    DirtyBlastard Month ago

    I was hoping Exploding Varmints would be a Caddyshack spin-off starring Bill Murray.

  • TheJuggaloSnyder
    TheJuggaloSnyder Month ago

    33:18 maybe one of the best Rich Evan's lines in history.

  • Sebastian Brinkmann

    The Varmints part killed me.

  • Gracie Lou
    Gracie Lou Month ago

    It's 2019, and that Flint joke is STILL topical.

  • Никол Илиева

    "Show Off! How To Be Cool At Parties" is still the funniest video to me, always makes me laugh my ass off.

  • Óðinn D. Löve
    Óðinn D. Löve Month ago

    It's 2019 and drinking the Flint in topical is still Michigan.

  • Barbabun
    Barbabun Month ago

    tfw the flint water joke is still topical ._.

  • James Poplin
    James Poplin Month ago

    Thumb up for putting Jimmy Saville, er... I mean Bill Cosby in his place! They're the same person, anyways.

  • Fluffy Gutts
    Fluffy Gutts Month ago +1

    The winning video was made by Trevor Philips Enterprises.

  • obliteron_nebula
    obliteron_nebula Month ago

    March 2019, water in Flint still not fixed.

  • Shea DuPree
    Shea DuPree Month ago

    Ach aye. Morels are a delicacy and a hobby. They can't really be farmed* so they kinda share the wild gathering thing with truffles. Because of this they are fucking expensive but there's a ton of culinary shit you can do with then. 7/10 would bang again
    *China had developed a method that morelheads are furiously debating

  • Robert Easton
    Robert Easton Month ago +2

    the mushroom guy looks like jack nance from twin peaks

  • Kyle Baran
    Kyle Baran Month ago

    Exploding Varmints looks like a very specific snuff fetish porn video. Weird.

  • unfa
    unfa 2 months ago

    Exploding Varmints?
    I can't get why some people cruelly kill animals just for fun. This is so wrong.
    Just because it's legal - doesn't mean it's a moral thing to do.

  • Mike Sanders
    Mike Sanders 2 months ago

    Wild mushroom buyers ALWAYS have a pistol. Its kind of a shady, secret picking spot , cash only, quasi-drug trade where the product can go for hundreds of dollars an ounce. YEA...firearms are a common sight at buy points.

  • Austin Dyer
    Austin Dyer 2 months ago

    Flint still doesn't have clean drinking water as of 2019.

  • Grocktoczar
    Grocktoczar 2 months ago

    Rich Evans is my spirit animal

  • Geoffrey Linehan
    Geoffrey Linehan 2 months ago

    49:35 OMG! That shark hunter in the end of Jaws came to mind LOL

  • Geoffrey Linehan
    Geoffrey Linehan 2 months ago

    In the third video, “Exploding Varmints”, how would shooting these animals have them go back into the food chain, unless they just let the carcass sit there ... then that’s disturbing the landowner.

  • Preaching Ara
    Preaching Ara 2 months ago

    1,5 million views.. "We are niche"

  • Bryan Norton
    Bryan Norton 2 months ago

    Where in NorCal was this shot? I'm from there and yeah I know people who shoot vermin on their ranches like this, in fact my grandmas ranch, we did it with a .22 not exploding, necessity, but I've never seen a prairie dog in NorCal so I'm very curious where this was shot when you said Northern California.

  • KNJfan
    KNJfan 2 months ago

    Beware if the normies...

  • TheBEAST205
    TheBEAST205 2 months ago +1

    People that make the ironic "x-shaming" and "did you assume my gender" jokes are as annoying as the people that seriously say that kind of stuff. They're lazy, unfunny jokes used by out-of-touch older people to generalize and shit on an entire younger generation-like literally every older generation has done since the beginning of human history.

  • booar
    booar 2 months ago

    @14:44 Mike lets out an “oh no” that makes him sound just as helpless as the varmints.

  • Ifrit
    Ifrit 2 months ago

    Eva LaRue of the Los Angeles Tape went on to do CSI Miami.

  • Robert Easton
    Robert Easton 2 months ago

    Hey, I am from Southern Illinois and not all of us are brain dead hicks...just most of us!

  • LookingGlassProject
    LookingGlassProject 2 months ago

    15:41 their smile and optimism: gone.

  • LookingGlassProject
    LookingGlassProject 2 months ago

    How to be cool at swinger parties.

  • MomoTheBellyDancer
    MomoTheBellyDancer 2 months ago +2

    The worst part about the exploding varmint is that it takes no skill to kill prairie dogs. They will simply stand still at the the entrance of their burrows, hardly moving, and all you need to do is to calmly point your rifle and pull the trigger. Some sport.

  • MultiPredy
    MultiPredy 2 months ago

    He meant the ARtistic spectrum.

  • SomethingRules
    SomethingRules 2 months ago +1

    16:16 3 years later and it's still topical...

  • Lawrence Ibbetson
    Lawrence Ibbetson 2 months ago +1

    The Flint Michigan joke still works in 2019

  • JJ Mcnab
    JJ Mcnab 2 months ago

    Mushroom porn. Hmmmmmm

  • Will Caputo
    Will Caputo 3 months ago +1

    Flint still has shit water lol

  • coolbord9
    coolbord9 3 months ago +3

    Groundhog burrow systems get massive and pose danger to livestock (breaking legs).

  • Blake Sinack
    Blake Sinack 3 months ago

    Whats the name of the song in the intro?

  • Chelsea Jones
    Chelsea Jones 3 months ago

    “Trigger-warning . Racism” and then they show the skit on the video and I almost died 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Scott Morel
    Scott Morel 3 months ago

    I've got a mushroom for you guys...

  • Rammstein45
    Rammstein45 3 months ago

    These videos gave me AIDS!!!!

  • MTJonny
    MTJonny 3 months ago

    Almost exactly 3 years later and Flint Michigan is still a relevant crisis. Mike: 0 Rich: 1

  • Dr. Jackson Bright
    Dr. Jackson Bright 3 months ago

    I fired a SIG P226 right by my ear today because I don’t feel pain and that’s all I can do to simulate emotion. It’s beginning to fade in effect.

    • TheBEAST205
      TheBEAST205 2 months ago

      Dr. Jackson Bright damn. Watch out folks, we got a real bad ass over here.

  • Failed Lobotomy
    Failed Lobotomy 3 months ago +1

    16:24 as far as I know, still not out of date. :/

  • RichTea
    RichTea 3 months ago


  • Mal ?
    Mal ? 3 months ago

    2019 and still topical......... 😔

  • Inks Hermit
    Inks Hermit 3 months ago

    43:42 did you hear that?

  • Inks Hermit
    Inks Hermit 3 months ago

    Exploding Varmints bless that soul who made it haven't genuinely laughed (it's maniacal) in a very long time... Watching animal husks fly through the air shouldn't bring so much joy. Smash LIKE for RLM you sadistic bastards

  • bryon jackson
    bryon jackson 3 months ago +2

    If I'm not mistaken they are using Weatherby magnum rifles. So they are super high powered. And Jack was wrong, the heavier the bullet weight the the more likely the bullet is to stay together and not explode at a given velocity. Smaller high velocity rounds are more likely to explode on contact.

  • HK_Legion
    HK_Legion 3 months ago

    The sadness in Mikes face at the end when doing the outro ' I'd add silly music, but you did that already'......

  • Ulick Owen
    Ulick Owen 3 months ago +6

    Flint water joke not out of date

  • geassguy2
    geassguy2 3 months ago +2

    flint michigan joke still relevant in 2019

  • MarkTere
    MarkTere 3 months ago

    Ironically, Charlie Sheen is in the new 9/11 movie. Hmmmm

  • Mike Lyons
    Mike Lyons 3 months ago

    Three years later and that Flint water joke is still relevant.

  • vissova
    vissova 3 months ago

    The dude obsessed with mushrooms is something straight out of DeviantArt. I'm not even joking, there are a _lot_ of mentally ill people on that site with the most bizarre obsessions and fetishes you could imagine.

  • Baronvladdy
    Baronvladdy 3 months ago +1

    3 years later the Flint joke is still relevant. Rich really landed an evergreen topical joke right there since nothing is ever going to get fucking done about the situation apparently.

  • Eric Roman
    Eric Roman 3 months ago

    You gotta put the date of the video in context for the party video to make sense. Back in those days kids did go to parties... There were a lot of birthday parties back then and even street parties for kids.

  • stephen hawkins
    stephen hawkins 3 months ago

    I want the shot at 14:00 to be my RLM Background lol!!

  • Colostomy Stephencunt
    Colostomy Stephencunt 3 months ago

    Jack sucks so much please get rid of him

  • THEPettittman
    THEPettittman 3 months ago

    2019- the Flint Michigan joke is still topical.

  • Jacob Damocles
    Jacob Damocles 3 months ago

    Guess what? It’s 2019 and Mike’s Flint joke is still topical

  • RealNigga19
    RealNigga19 3 months ago

    This was the first rlm video I ever watched and it’s still just as hilarious nearly 3 years later

  • zel9999
    zel9999 4 months ago

    Lol the flint Michigan joke is still topical 3 years later.

  • Joseph D’Andrea
    Joseph D’Andrea 4 months ago

    “The only thing he should host is a parasite” one of my favorite Mike lines ever

  • Alman19955
    Alman19955 4 months ago

    dang i wish flint's water crisis was fixed by now

  • nrrork
    nrrork 4 months ago

    I feel like the only thing missing from Exploding Varmints was a montage of exploding prairie (took me three tries to spell that!) dogs set to like the 1812 Overture or some other epic, public domain classical piece.
    Maybe Exploding Varmints Vol. 2 had a better production budget after all those fat stacks from Vol. 1 started coming in. Unfortunately, it was mostly from right-wing survivalist groups who've printed their own currencies.