• Published on Jun 3, 2019
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    Hey guys! Today I want to take it back to the basics of blogging and share some tips on how to write a blog post for beginners! Not only am I sharing a step by step process to create your first blog post, but I'm also sharing some tips to make better blog posts. PLUS exactly how to launch a blog post on WordPress.
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  • Ivy Rodriguez
    Ivy Rodriguez 2 years ago +130

    I have to say, I struggled with writing blog posts until I watched this video and I've had my blog for over 2 years now. I just wrote a blog post in like 2 days, edited and completed and ready to publish. You've made this so much easier for me. I'm so happy and grateful. Thank you ❤️

    • Kent Success
      Kent Success 4 months ago

      Whats your blog name @Ivy Rodriguez

    • Hunger station B
      Hunger station B 8 months ago +1

      Ivy, how didi you go about it?

    • sarah farag
      sarah farag 9 months ago +1

      tell us your blog !! let's support you

    • Jon Eh
      Jon Eh Year ago +4

      whats your website name?

  • Mike Ferrari
    Mike Ferrari 2 years ago +512

    You had me at "Write like talking to a fourth-grader." That is brilliant!!

    • Tesla Falcon
      Tesla Falcon 6 days ago

      @Tim Chisholm
      English level varies throughout the world, even in English-speaking countries. My SIL is a high school grad who can barely read. 4th grade level casts the widest net to include poor readers & ESL students also.

    • Tim Chisholm
      Tim Chisholm 6 days ago

      So is that strictly for the US market or do other English speakers in the world have a better command of English?

    • Tesla Falcon
      Tesla Falcon 3 months ago

      @Hillary Carol
      This is the distinguishing factor between genre vs literary fiction. The saying is:
      "Hard to read; easy to write.
      Easy to read; hard to write."

    • Hillary Carol
      Hillary Carol 4 months ago

      Exactly. It's simple but looks so hard...

    • j Bryant
      j Bryant 11 months ago +2

      Reader's Digest was written at a fourth grade level and, at one point anyway, was the most read magazine in the world.

  • Wannderzel
    Wannderzel 2 years ago +48

    A great blogging refresher! Made me want to blog more this 2020 😃

  • SimplyBriannaB
    SimplyBriannaB Year ago +17

    This was so helpful! I’m currently working on my blog and was lost about where to start with writing a blog post, but now I feel so much more prepared ☺️ thank you

  • Emma Fortuin
    Emma Fortuin 2 years ago +23

    was thinking of starting a new blog, wasn’t really sure whether to do it.. saw this video and felt so inspired! amazing tips, thank you! i’ve taken on a consistent youtube channel & going to start my blog next week! 💕💕

    • Nkululeko Mfinci
      Nkululeko Mfinci 2 days ago

      how to start a blog?

    • Cathrin Manning
      Cathrin Manning  2 years ago +3

      Oh I'm so glad that I could help you out and inspire you to get started! I've got a lot of other blogging tips on here that should help you in your journey :)

  • Kamel
    Kamel 11 months ago +27

    1. Ideas/Content/Subject
    2. Research
    3. Outline/Bullet Points
    4. Write like you are talking to a 4th grade/Nonformal/Convos
    5. Break Down Your Paragraphs

    THE SOLGRAM SOLUTION 2 years ago +3

    Thanks Cathrin. Love the enthusiasm and clear step by step explanation. Have just created my own website and a lot of good information to share so this helps me approach it in the right way. David S

  • Виктор Панин

    0:4 I watched the full thing in one sitting. Very informative, straight to the point, conversational. Thank you.

  • Mission Wilderness
    Mission Wilderness 11 months ago +1

    You are so credible and clear! If there were anyone I would consider taking a course from, it would be you. Thank you for all your great content.

  • LMR22
    LMR22 Year ago +8

    Thank you so much Cathrin. I came across you because I'm researching how to start a blog, and I have no idea how to start it. Your tips are great!!! and love the fact that you showed how on your computer. I'm such a visual learner so this has been great!!! Plus I love your aditude!!! Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  • Rumana
    Rumana 10 months ago +1

    Super useful video. Very in-depth and beginner friendly. Just the right information 💯

  • Ankita Dey
    Ankita Dey Year ago +2

    Thank you so much, Cathrin! I am starting my own within few days and your video really helped me. I hope that goes well! :-)

  • Junius Novikoff
    Junius Novikoff Month ago

    Thanx Cathrin. Love the enthusiasm and clear step by step explanation. Have just created my own website and a lot of good information to share

  • Cheryl Li
    Cheryl Li Year ago +6

    I've been binging your vids and you give amazing tips. You're transparent and genuine and it shows! Thanks for your advice :)

  • Syed Abdur Rehman
    Syed Abdur Rehman Year ago +1

    I found the video very helpful! It almost cleared all my confusions related to writing a blog!👍

  • Grass Roots Muddy Boots Forest School

    Hi Cathrin, thanks for your great video ! In terms of SEO keyword research; Do you aim to be different to what's out there (as you advise with your content) or does it not matter if there are tons of the same keywords being used in content? and in fact may help your traffic?

  • juliaboryczka
    juliaboryczka 2 years ago +6

    Found your channel today and absolutely love your blogging videos! Great resources for someone just starting out ❤️ Thank you!

    • Mr. zenedin
      Mr. zenedin 2 months ago

      @Cathrin Manning I want to join your plz 🌹🥀🌻🌺 I'm excited

    • Cathrin Manning
      Cathrin Manning  2 years ago +1

      Awe thank you for your support! I'm glad you like them :)

  • Todd McKeever
    Todd McKeever Year ago +2

    Always enjoy your videos. Glad I found your channel about a month ago. One thing I would enjoy seeing from this video would be to see a few examples of your outlines. Again thanks for what you do.

  • Natalie Walker
    Natalie Walker 2 years ago +4

    Thank you for sharing this information!! How did you begin your website? Is there a preference for beginners? I have never written a blog so I'm not too sure where to begin. Thank you!!

  • Margot B
    Margot B 11 months ago +13

    i'm starting to take my blog seriously and these tips really help me feel more organized!

  • Aminat Olayinka
    Aminat Olayinka Year ago +2

    Cathrin, your videos are amazing, so well structured and clear, your personality shines through so well.
    I am in a similar position you were in when you started your blog for the first time! I am looking to start but your video about the expenses kinda scared me, is there any videos you have about creating a budget for the first time you start a blog?

  • Ace Visionaire
    Ace Visionaire 4 months ago

    This is so helpful and Insightful! I just started with my blogging journey and I was so confused how to create quality content. Now I know where to start my base from instead of writing essays.

  • Breana Gail Vlogs
    Breana Gail Vlogs Year ago +2

    Thank you for the tips. I always have a problem with writing blog posts. These ideas are really helpful!

  • Audience Growers
    Audience Growers 2 years ago

    Fantastic refresher for new and seasoned bloggers alike! Oh, and congratulations!! 💍🎉

  • Marisa King
    Marisa King 8 months ago

    Love the simplicity and organization of the way the information is presented. I must say though... Half way in, I don't think I could hear anyone say the words "blog post" again. I know it's the topic but I feel like the repetition is stabbing me. Nice concise job for a 12 minute clip. Love the color of your sweater.

  • lillian inesta
    lillian inesta 2 years ago +1

    I absolutely love your content and found it so interesting but can you go slower and make a more detailed video on this from start to finish. Thank you. I am a newbie. 😊

  • Shemeka williams
    Shemeka williams Year ago +2

    I really enjoy watching your video. Thanks so much I had took notes and I’ll be using them to guide me. 🙌☺️⭐️

  • Motown
    Motown Year ago

    I love this I’m not a blogger but applying it to my TheXvid videos works the same so it’s really helpful for those who create YT content

  • Danilo & Ivana
    Danilo & Ivana Year ago

    Hi Cathrin,
    Lovely tips and great content👍🏻

  • Anderson Adam
    Anderson Adam 6 months ago

    This video has been incredibly useful to a newbie here. Thank You!

  • Bongi Cekuse
    Bongi Cekuse 2 years ago

    Such good advice. Break it down and make it easy for the ready to understand.

  • Franccesca Canales
    Franccesca Canales 19 days ago

    This was soooooo good, I needed this video to help me develop my blogposts!

  • Michelle Karillapig
    Michelle Karillapig 2 years ago +5

    Good information in this post. I do most of what you do already. The info about how to utilise the SEO links was great. I am going to start to use this info. Once again thanks. Michelle.

  • michelle keane
    michelle keane 2 years ago +1

    How does one insert images into the blog post? :) great video by the way! Thanks Cathrin

  • J A Brown
    J A Brown 2 years ago +4

    Thank you. This was a very informative video and I appreciate your energy. By the way....I used to use Grammarly until I did some research, read their privacy policies, and found out how much private information they collect, sell and share with other third party apps. I was shocked! I removed it immediately from all my devices.

  • Regina Zielinski
    Regina Zielinski Year ago +3

    Great tutorial! You are super fast but super CLEAR speaker. Impressed with everything. Thanks

  • Hannah Lynn Miller
    Hannah Lynn Miller 9 months ago

    Your tips are so practical. Thanks so much!

  • Vox intrepied
    Vox intrepied 4 months ago

    wow.. this is really nice.. I've gone from not having any idea where to start, to super knowing what to do. Thanks!

  • TheHensz28
    TheHensz28 2 years ago

    Really good content and info for a beginner, Thank you.

  • NaturallymeAS
    NaturallymeAS 2 years ago +2

    Wow you explain this the best. I want to get started creating my blog. No more fear/imposter syndrome/failure preventing me!

  • david vander ende

    Hi Cathrin. I was your video on blogger, but I have a question-- I am a short story writer and I am not sure if blogging is right for me. What are your thought on the subject? I have about 39 stories under my belt.

  • Kendrip
    Kendrip 6 months ago

    You explained how to write a blog post really well an I have to say thank you, I learnt alot.

  • Hollie Bingham
    Hollie Bingham 2 days ago

    You're SO easy to listen to, thank you for such a great video! 🙌

  • Mcpolycarp Ezechukwu
    Mcpolycarp Ezechukwu 16 days ago

    this was really helpful, i've been trying to relate to blogging for a whie, yo made it seem really easy. Thank you.

  • Britt NiLie
    Britt NiLie Year ago +1

    Thank you so much for this video, you broke it up well with changing your scenery and tone, and I was able to tell IN ACTION that you know what you're talking about. Lovely!!

  • Z For Zee
    Z For Zee 2 years ago +91

    Your voice is clear and easy to understand.
    Helful post for beginners,
    Keep it up and be happy.

  • ZoomCutsZ
    ZoomCutsZ 9 months ago +1

    wow, u just give a me motivation for me to write blog, as a beginner, i'm quite understand now, after watch your video, good job, well done, thank you Cathrin Manning👍👍👍

  • Nope
    Nope Year ago

    Good!!! Right to the point. Love it

  • Monz TV
    Monz TV Year ago +1

    Thanks for sharing a lot of ideas. Inspiring!

  • Arun Nambiar
    Arun Nambiar Month ago

    Thanks for the amazing tips. I have several ideas for a blog, but not able to craft the story in my head to start writing. What is a good way to scribble those rough thoughts?

  • Kani Barksdale
    Kani Barksdale 3 years ago +2

    Thank you. Very good information. Question: If I have graphics under H2 headings won't that slow down the speed of my sight?

    • Kani Barksdale
      Kani Barksdale 3 years ago +1

      @Cathrin Manning Thank you. I will create more graphics for my site. Thanks again!

    • Cathrin Manning
      Cathrin Manning  3 years ago

      Kani B. Hmm I’ve never heard of that before! I include my images not right after the Heading 2 tag but after all the text that’s included below the Heading 2 tag if that makes sense. But I’ve never heard of that slowing down a site!

  • Nurettin ANMAN
    Nurettin ANMAN Year ago

    Thank you so much for the info for a newby like me.🙏 very useful 👍

  • Radia Rezkallah
    Radia Rezkallah Year ago

    Thank you so much, that's a very useful and informative video.

  • 4philipp
    4philipp 7 months ago

    I would struggle writing 5 lines or less. However, if I consider the blog post to be more of a summary and provide a link to the “full text”, then I can justify short paragraphs.

  • Melissa G
    Melissa G 2 years ago

    this was an extremely helpful video

  • bloo jkl45
    bloo jkl45 Year ago +3

    1:33 you glossed over this very important part. Do you can a more in-depth video specifically on SEO research?

  • Lulu
    Lulu 2 years ago

    I will have two websites that are related but not exactly the same. Do you think it would work to use some of the overlapping content? : Meaning one article would cover
    two topics and one of those topics could support an article on the other site. Would that mess up my SEO? I hope I’m being clear. Thank you!

  • Candella Natadisastra
    Candella Natadisastra 10 months ago

    I wish my teacher speak as clear as you are doing on this utube. Thank you. Nice explanation easy to follow. This is like an invitation to read your blog. Regards from Majenang Indonesia.

  • Jessie Biltz
    Jessie Biltz 2 years ago +9

    super helpful but would love to see something a little slowed down in the future!

  • David H.
    David H. Year ago

    Excellent video. I love everything about it :)

  • Abhijeet Bagde
    Abhijeet Bagde Year ago

    You are amazing. Thank you for this value!❣️

  • Maste
    Maste 8 months ago

    wow, that's really interesting, you put me on the spot thanks!!

    ROXANDRA Year ago +2

    Brilliant advice! Thank you so much 👌🤗 I decided to start my journey on sharing my life experience and helping others with what I learnt from each difficult situation during my life and my personal development journey. Will u suggest me to start blogging or writing a book? As I have so much content and I'm not sure what to choose. It will be great if u could help me with ur opinion. Thank you in advance. All the best 🥰🤗

      ROXANDRA 9 months ago

      @A H HI AH, I decided to create 3 courses and to offer group sessions and personal one to one sessions on subjects I have experience with. Such as : finance, anxiety & depression, strengths, business plans, career coach and life coaching. I love what I am doing. Good luck with whatever you decide but set big dreams, take action and make it happen! 👍🤝🥰🤗👍🥳🤩

    • A H
      A H 9 months ago +1

      I was thinking the same...what did you choose?

  • Jordan
    Jordan 2 years ago

    This was really helpful. Thank you!

  • Holly Fortenberry
    Holly Fortenberry Year ago +1

    Every time she says "blog post", take a shot. LOL (just kidding, I don't even drink). Just teasing Cathrin, you're awesome. You are just being a role model of how to use your keywords in your video content to trigger the algorithm. ;-)

  • Kimberly J
    Kimberly J 2 years ago +1

    This helps so much! Thank you

  • Daddy Nosh
    Daddy Nosh 5 months ago

    Thanks for the tips, this is really helpful.

  • Samuel Vigil
    Samuel Vigil 5 months ago

    Love ❤️ it!!! Thank you so much!!

  • Rock Images Publishing

    love the video. Really good points except for the one about writing one sentence and one word for content. How would SEO and tagging work with this?
    Ex. how to get a dog to stop barking
    just a little confused. Otherwise love the vid.

  • Jennie Hess
    Jennie Hess Year ago

    This is so helpful!!!

  • Snow
    Snow Year ago

    really useful tutoria,l and I like your video style, clear, concise.

  • Tonya Fails
    Tonya Fails 2 years ago +3

    I want to learn more about blogging and vlogging!! You know how to make it interesting!

  • Tafadzwa Zw
    Tafadzwa Zw Year ago

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  • Robert Gibbons
    Robert Gibbons 2 years ago

    Helpful, thanks! Congrats!

  • The Knightingale
    The Knightingale 2 years ago +448

    When 5 lines is too much for people, they shouldn't be reading. It might be too dangerous for them.
    Maybe I'll write a blog about it.

    • Marco
      Marco Year ago +3

      It's just a psychological thing. If it was only for books worms, that's a hobby, not a business.

    • Paola Wooten
      Paola Wooten Year ago +2

      Some people don't like reading.. and that is ok ! 👌

    • Just Me
      Just Me Year ago

      😂 Honestly

    • Milgamix77
      Milgamix77 Year ago

      please send me your blog LOL facts

    • ; The Tongue Of Angels
      ; The Tongue Of Angels Year ago +1


  • Dimitri Sovetsky
    Dimitri Sovetsky Year ago +1

    very informative even at 2x speed

  • Jevaunny Barton
    Jevaunny Barton Year ago +3

    And question2 how do u write a blog post and make it be seen where other notice boards are? Like example the latest info or post that people post on the internet?

  • James Nicholson
    James Nicholson 4 days ago

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  • Mary Serna
    Mary Serna Year ago

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  • Latifah Durosinmi

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  • Kathleen Shelton
    Kathleen Shelton 2 years ago

    Hi there! Toward the end after SEOing your post, you mention 2 things that help with social media shares. Could not catch the name of the first one. I think the 2nd one was Social Warfare plugin. Can you confirm the name of both? Thx!

  • I P
    I P Year ago +67

    The words 'blog post' are hundred percent sealed into my subconscious now and I will probably say them in my sleep.

  • Hermilo Garcia
    Hermilo Garcia 2 years ago +6

    Thank you for such great and helpful content!
    I want to start a blog about helping introverted males improve their confidence, communication skills, and become successful in a world that can sometimes be geared towards extroverts. Do you think that is specific enough as a niche?

  • Галина Мустафина

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  • SoraFromIndia
    SoraFromIndia Year ago +6

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  • Life, Learning, & Littles

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  • Jevaunny Barton
    Jevaunny Barton Year ago

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    Star Inn Academy Year ago

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  • Life With Hamza
    Life With Hamza 11 months ago

    Cathrin !! Thank you so much for being on TheXvid and I love watching your videos for they are very helpful and informative. BUT this one was really, really.. really, TOO MUCH INFORMATION ( TMI TMI TMI ) Please break down a little bit more in future videos regarding blogging. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

  • Andrea Corona
    Andrea Corona Year ago

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  • Jillian Mora
    Jillian Mora 9 months ago

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  • William G. Jones
    William G. Jones Year ago

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  • Isaiah Ogwuche
    Isaiah Ogwuche Year ago

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    Fatima Durrani Year ago

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  • coda creator
    coda creator 2 years ago +1

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    • Nikki's Vibe
      Nikki's Vibe Year ago

      I think she is also saying that if you write that way it's fine, but your audience will be a specific one

    • Naturegirl
      Naturegirl 2 years ago

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  • Khaos Ryders
    Khaos Ryders Year ago

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    Sharof Jumanazarov 7 months ago +1

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    Regg Mays 7 months ago

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