RTX 3050... Don't get fooled by the marketing...

  • Published on Jan 25, 2022
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Comments • 3 509

  • JayzTwoCents
    JayzTwoCents  4 months ago +3619

    We received pricing of all 3050 Cards coming to market and they go as high as $450.... thats absolutely insane... no one should buy this card for more than $250

  • hung
    hung 3 months ago +1425

    Glory days were when 1080ti was king of the GPU market, simpler times.

    • Alexander Unknown
      Alexander Unknown 3 days ago

      what the difference same 1000+ $ price idc if it's 1080ti 2080ti or 3080ti $1000 is illogical price of single pc component for gaming purposes solely lmfao

    • Ocean Bytez
      Ocean Bytez 3 days ago

      I think the glory days are still ahead where competition reigns supreme. Competition has lead to our curremt advancements so i fully support it!

    • crazy gamer
      crazy gamer 8 days ago

      @Liviu Ganea A 5 year card beating todays 3060? That’s pretty beastly of you ask me.

    • psycronizer
      psycronizer 22 days ago

      @James Rodriguez you have a g/f that buys you GPU's ? could be a keeper...

    • Ribert Dun
      Ribert Dun 28 days ago

      @brendab at 1080p youll get over 80 fps on ultra with any cpu
      and a 1080 ti

  • Tony H
    Tony H 3 months ago +350

    It went from $429 on release day to now $699 AUD a few days later.....I'm still running a 1060 6Gb, and I'm not moving this way for that price! Love how you called NVidia's BS for what it is Jay :-)

    • The Protagonist
      The Protagonist 23 days ago

      @Shocking Pikachu True, lol. I just can't stand anything under 60fps that isn't like an turn based strategy game. Low framerates can also cause me to get headaches occasionally. But also low framerates are usually accommodated with stuttering and big frame drops because your system is working at 100% to push out the few frames it can so there are no extra frames to eat up the frame drops in intensive spots in games.

    • Shocking Pikachu
      Shocking Pikachu 23 days ago +1

      @The Protagonist 40fps is still higher than the PS4 and Xbone versions

    • The Protagonist
      The Protagonist 23 days ago

      @Shocking Pikachu I agree partly, I had to refund Red Dead Redemption 2 because I was getting 40fps at 1080p low settings.
      My specs at the time:
      GTX 1060 6gb
      i5 7600k 3.8GHz
      2x8 Corsair Vengeance LPX RAM
      I had no thermal throttling or anything, but the game didn't look good on my 1440p screen at 1080p low settings and the framerate was too low for me to enjoy the game unbothered.

    • The Protagonist
      The Protagonist 23 days ago

      If you look on Amazon and are willing to take the chance, I got my 3060 ti for $650, it should be arriving at my house in the next day or two, so exited to get rid of my GTX 1060 6gb!

  • Meron Kari
    Meron Kari 3 months ago +81

    Thank you for you honest opinion. I’m honestly losing interest in PC gaming because I liked the cost efficiency of it. Now gaming GPUs are for miners or for rich people. UNLESS you s*ck it up and buy a low end overpriced GPU. I miss the 1080 and 980 days…

    • Ocean Bytez
      Ocean Bytez 3 days ago

      @Meron Kari Gaming makes its biggest gains with cheaper and more competative game marketplaces where as PSN, Xbox live, and Whatever nintindo has are all basically were artificial monopolies that lead to the rise of budget PC gaming. It litterally was cheaper by a big margin and i say this as someone who swapped at the EOL of Xbox 360 and built my first PC as an investment. It has paid back significantly to keep my hobby cheap. However, console took notice to the large loss of playerbase and launched counter offers and subscription services to fight back making it competative again. Xbox is at a key advantage simply because their service works for both PC and console meaning it targets 2 markets while preventing a loss of customer base all at once.
      PSN is at the worst as they lack the exclusivity of Nintindo's decade+ of control limited wii games that cannot be emulated, ported, or have competition, and most PS games are also on PC meaning they are directly competing for playerbase.
      If it wasn't for exclusive titles on PS they would have been screwed.

    • Eric C.
      Eric C. 16 days ago

      @fantom58 My local Walmart had some come in

    • Eric C.
      Eric C. 16 days ago

      @troll warlord How are consoles for rich people lol? They are like $500 for a whole system, versus purchasing a 6900 Ryzen processor only for $1,000+ haha

    • Kynareth6
      Kynareth6 Month ago +1

      @MitiGames Pro Far better.

    • MitiGames Pro
      MitiGames Pro Month ago

      @Kynareth6 did the x360 sell better than the xOne?

  • Crusader
    Crusader 3 months ago +304

    The graphics card market is a shadow of it's former self, i remember when i bought my GTX 1070 Founders for 450$ back in 2017 thinking that was a big number, now they sell for 800$ or more if you are lucky and still run 90% of modern day games at 60fps, i have since only bought 1660Ti for 280$ which runs the same if not better than this brand new 3050 which since yesterday the lowest price i saw (that was available) was 400$ from Zotac's official website when MSRP is 250$. Nvidia didn't even bother to make a founder's edition for this launch, pathetic.

    • M̲A̲9'S
      M̲A̲9'S 23 days ago

      Im loving these comments. Upgrading from a 1650 and not sure whether to spend £325 on a 1660 Ti or a 3050 for 1080p gaming @60fps+

    • Skyler Lind
      Skyler Lind 23 days ago

      I built a machine when GPU prices were just starting to soar, I built it at the end of 2020, so I borrowed a 1050ti. Then early March I impulse bought a Asus ROG 3070ti for 1300😐😐 now it’s like 800 a month later. Major L

    • Barry B Shrekson
      Barry B Shrekson Month ago

      And it has more vram NVidia is a joke

    • Jesus Martinez
      Jesus Martinez 2 months ago

      @veqazbaby lmao i was gonna say the same shi

    • L33T_Taco
      L33T_Taco 2 months ago

      @On Hiatus Just seeing your comment now... and sorry im not buying that low of a 10 series card... im fine with the 1650 base and what iv got it to run at 60+ FPS. Plus im not buying a pre-overclocked/used budget GPU I would have bought another 1660ti but i literally couldn't find one at the time and just needed my PC to run. Honestly these GPU's are within the range of each other in terms of 10s of dollars... and 10s of FPS differences.. its not worth arguing over which budget GPU is better when really it comes down to how much left over money do you have from your budget build or just whats available when you need to repalce a part fast.

  • Ashley Cullen.
    Ashley Cullen. 3 months ago +25

    Thanks for being out spoken Jay and team. This is why we come here. You do more for the industry they you get credit for ✊️

  • xIn5aNe B3aSt
    xIn5aNe B3aSt 3 months ago +31

    It would be interesting to see a document with a ranking of every card they’ve tested and the fps it got.

    • Jordy
      Jordy 22 days ago

      @Justin Burton Racing ha nerd

    • Justin Burton Racing
      Justin Burton Racing 2 months ago

      @ׄ that's why I have a Corsair i300 with a 3080ti 12900k and 64gb ddr5

    • ׄ
      ׄ 2 months ago

      @Justin Burton Racing but it’s hard to computer on a series X

    • Justin Burton Racing
      Justin Burton Racing 3 months ago

      An xbox series x is legit better then a computer with this garbage in it

    • AnnoyedTeddyBear
      AnnoyedTeddyBear 3 months ago +4

      That would be difficult with game updates and driver updates so the FPS can vary and might not be accurate

  • NickH
    NickH Day ago

    Interesting I found this video as I've just been looking at upgrading my 1650 SUPER to the RTX 3050 as I saw some benchmark charts that put the 3050 as a good price to performance ratio without breaking the bank.
    I can still get £150 for the 1650 SUPER on ebay and pick up a new or nearly be 3050 for just over £200. So a £70 max upgrade.
    Is that not a good idea? Seems a cheap upgrade and gets me from 4GB to 8GB VRAM at a good price point.
    Or should I spend a little more and go for the 3060?

  • C Folsom
    C Folsom 2 months ago +13

    I used this card in my first "ground up" build and I've been happy with it. It's certainly not the best but, for the price at the time, it's been a good experience.

  • Amit Nandi
    Amit Nandi 4 months ago +667

    I remember a time when the new generation of graphics cards were supposed to be at least the same if not better than the previous generation’s tier-up. Something that can’t be said for the 3050 which doesn’t even comes close to achieving the performance of a 2060. Lowering our standards and comparing it to the 1660 instead of the 2060 (the card that this one should be replacing) is a backwards step.

    • Kynareth6
      Kynareth6 Month ago +1

      @Social Justice Warrior 3060 is a mid-range card, so it is mediocre.

    • God's Word Evangelism
      God's Word Evangelism Month ago

      I'm not looking to buy one. I just bought an MSI laptop with a 3060 in it.

    • Kynareth6
      Kynareth6 Month ago +1

      @Volcanic Protector Don't use userbenchmark.

    • Kynareth6
      Kynareth6 Month ago +1

      @God's Word Evangelism As of April 22th, RTX 3050 can be bought for $330. That's 3060 MSRP.

    • Dushy Pal
      Dushy Pal Month ago

      A 2060 is again less vram, more power hungry and old dlss but 5-10% better. If this was a 100watt card to save bills. Then yes as if it should be compared 2gen and jump up should be around 50% atleast. Inflation, scalping etc also screwing up things.

  • Svpracer98
    Svpracer98 3 months ago +34

    Amazing to think about just what a "entry" level card can do... but definitely don't bother unless its included in the MSRP of a pre-built

  • KaiK
    KaiK 3 months ago +146

    I just looked at the actual pricing for a 3050 here in Germany. You can order one from local shops for around 500 Euros (seems like there is actually Stock, but 500 is crazzy). For 20 Euros more you could get a RX 6600 yesterday.

    • HashTheBeloved
      HashTheBeloved Month ago

      @Aries Leo 335$

    • Aries Leo
      Aries Leo Month ago

      In us u can get a rx 6600 for 350

    • DLfire
      DLfire Month ago

      @Robert Lewangoalski in iran rtx 3050 is about 280 us dollars (palit version) and i think its not bad my mean is you get both dlss and ray traycing and performent in 1080p high/ultra is good (rx 6600 is about 380 us dollar in here)

    • Robert Lewangoalski
      Robert Lewangoalski 2 months ago +1

      I bought my 3050 4 days ago for 310€ in Germany and I think that’s pretty good and prices are rising again

  • Meda
    Meda 3 months ago +16

    14:35 well, certainly not with the way the card is produced right now... these things are made with the GA106 die, same as the 3060. Wouldn't be surprised if we see very little supply of these after launch as they either have to get use binning rejects or artificially cut down dies that could have gone into the higher tier product. Nvidia does strategically launch and market their products to make AMD look bad, even if they have to lie through their teeth regarding msrp and projected availability, but they are not going to throw away that much money.
    They got what they wanted - a bunch of bad publicity for AMD courtesy of easily tricked influencers, now they can go back to swimming in their money

  • Badtaste21
    Badtaste21 3 months ago +43

    So far the cheapest one I could find (in stock) was 499€, everything else is 500-600€+... which is plainly insulting and exactly what a 2060 12GB would cost. Other than that it's mostly a paper launch, most (smaller) shops don't even list an RTX 3050, some stopped taking orders because they could never fulfill this demand. What a joke...

    • fire ballyt
      fire ballyt 2 months ago

      @Badtaste21 yea I really wish scalping was illegal cause I could have gotten a 3050 for the original msrp

    • Badtaste21
      Badtaste21 2 months ago

      ​@fire ballyt These are decent GPUs, but technically they're the lower end of this GPU generation and it shouldn't cost a fortune to play some games. I'd be okay with 200$ for a 3050, but current prices are still a joke.

    • fire ballyt
      fire ballyt 2 months ago +1

      God damn where I live the 2060 is 200 usd more the 3050 is like 400 used for us

  • zenosfire
    zenosfire 4 months ago +236

    While you're jaded, I really appreciate these honest reviews like this. Thanks Jay, Phil, and Nick for slogging through this $hit with us. We the consumers, at least I do, really appreciate the fact that you're with us on how silly this whole market is, and while yeah we might be a bit tired of these reviews for products we can't buy, I appreciate knowing the quality of these things and the honest opinion and facts with them. Keep up the good work!!!

    • falcon35180
      falcon35180 3 months ago +1

      @Dralor D Just today, we had news stories in Australia about price gouging on Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) - this thing seems to be spreading faster than Omicron SARS-CoV-2!

    • Drifter Zero
      Drifter Zero 3 months ago

      @me111 that does not make cards more affordable, it just makes them harder to find. you don't see people selling these for cheaper than the "current market price" because they get sold in a nanosecond. the price you find the card for is a price point in which it's no longer a no brainer. it's all a matter of how reluctant or desperate the consumer is in relation to the retailer.

    • Freal Solidus Auxil
      Freal Solidus Auxil 3 months ago +4

      @GreenGamerGuy you really dont want to do that because rather than increasing instore prices they will increase msrp. You cant cap msrp because new items and more advanced technology makes them more expensive. A good example is the rnd between the old 24nm and the new 5nm chips. If msrp is also limited the only products you will get are ones that break after a few months. Companies need to make money limiting one resource of income will only affect other ones.

    • kibz2005
      kibz2005 3 months ago

      @Dralor D preach

  • Scott Brown
    Scott Brown 3 months ago +42

    Imagine comparing a brand new card to cards from two generations ago?
    What a time to be alive

    • Crypto Arnold
      Crypto Arnold 3 months ago +4

      yeah even my dad DIED.. its absolute a disgusting time we life in

  • ike
    ike 19 hours ago

    The 1650 was $150, comparing 2 generations newer 3050 it should be 2 generations faster with newer features for $150...
    But its priced at double the "50" level card
    So forget the wrong naming, this is priced at 2060 levels so it should be the 3060 and at that it fall short with 1/3 the memory bandwidth in a 8x slot making it like 20% slower then the previous generation for more money (as cards should only be bough below MSRP this long after release)

  • Chris Peters
    Chris Peters 3 months ago +7

    I’ve watched a few bench mark videos already on this card… Imagine producing an RTX card that completely plummets the frame rate when you turn ray tracing on lol! I’d much rather not have ray tracing at that point!

  • RarestAce
    RarestAce 3 months ago +5

    Thank you for the honest review Jay. Thankfully I got selected for the Newegg Shuffle on the 28th and I was able to get the EVGA XC. It'll be nice to finally retire my Sparkle GTX 470 and give her the retirement on my display shelf she deserves.

  • DontSupportRats
    DontSupportRats 4 months ago +516

    Thank you for your work guys. Remember, you don't know what good times are unless you have some bad times. Edit: I am never tired of good honest reviews. Ever.

    • Siveshen Ragavulu
      Siveshen Ragavulu 3 months ago

      @5ped 0f s0und Led Zeppelin 👌

    • 5ped 0f s0und
      5ped 0f s0und 4 months ago +1

      Good times bad times you know I've had my share...

    • 0815_Timo
      0815_Timo 4 months ago +7

      Noone is or should be :)
      *silent follower waving a flag*

  • Kyle Wilson
    Kyle Wilson 3 months ago +2

    Fantastic video. Take it with a grain of salt though because the 1650 was actually a decent card when i had it. Had no problem pulling over 60 frames on all high settings in any game i played. So I guess 3050 would be decent but using the rtx feature is going to freaking TANK the performance. They should have called it the 1750 and left out the ray tracing.

  • Marcin Karwiński
    Marcin Karwiński 3 months ago +4

    I just hope that this paves the ground for "Quadro" A600/A400 in the pipeline so they are released soon despite T400/T600 only being released last year... A2000 is already here, but it's a 2-slot half-height/low-profile card, a half-height/low-profile 1-slot card with TGP up to 30W or 40W would be even more interesting for SFF workstations/thin-clients or media-servers.

  • Bold Ram
    Bold Ram Month ago

    Thanks Jay. Good to have my original presumptions confirmed. V Ram rules. I'm happy with my 1660 Super 'price to performance' if that's the comparison. I'll upgrade when higher spec 30 series are cheaper or the next gen budget gpu's comes out. 👌👌

  • Detmer
    Detmer 3 months ago +3

    Absolutely horrendous. You would expect that 8nm would yield more performance over a similarly sized 12nm chip from the past. But it doesn´t... So Nvidia did nothing to improve the chip shortage. Not only lazy but also unethical approach considering the current climate.

  • Khaled Alfaris
    Khaled Alfaris 4 months ago +667

    Definitely agree about comparing price-points rather than product names.

    • Liviu Ganea
      Liviu Ganea 3 months ago

      @traitoR142 There haven't been a dozen or more GPU manufacturers for almost 20 years.

    • Eric
      Eric 3 months ago

      @Tim Boundy very true... and still within nvidia's spec ranges. what im talking about is aib used to make better cards like 660ti's being better than 670's and things like that. nvidia clamped down on them they had much more freedom in what they could do now they dont. and higher tdp's lmfao who cares the cards still more or less the same as the regular cards.

    • Tim Boundy
      Tim Boundy 3 months ago

      @Eric not true. There are plenty of custom PCB Ampere boards with much higher TDP than the FE boards.

    • Eric
      Eric 3 months ago

      @Tim Boundy nvidia forced aib's to respect there design's. ie their not letting them go off spec anymore ever since the kepler series of cards so im sure they could enforce msrp's if they actually wanted to which they dont cause they love the fact prices are going up.

    • Tim Boundy
      Tim Boundy 3 months ago

      If it was easy for NVIDIA to block distributors/vendors selling cards, we wouldn't keep seeing miners getting their hands on pallet loads of them at a time. NVIDIA doesn't have the man power to monitor price listings for every brick and mortar store or online e-tailer, who don't even get their cards direct from NVIDIA. They buy wholesale from 3rd party distributors, who also don't have the manpower to monitor all their wholesale customer resales.
      MSRP doesn't even apply to distributors and vendors. They have a separate wholesale pricing structure.

  • KostasMachete
    KostasMachete 3 months ago +5

    So I wanted to build a pc and thought "this seems like a great starting gpu" (don't have a pc now).I live in Greece btw. I never thought that nowadays this would be at 250€ of course. So 2 stores in my country have that (for now) and both list it at 599,90€. So I looked at the prices, I laughed and then I decided to wait. Thing is, even the gtx 1660 super costs 470€. Again, I'm gonna wait

  • Bike Doc
    Bike Doc 3 months ago +1

    So basically speaking a closer comparison would be IF there was a RTX 2050 right? I would like to see it up against a RTX 2060 just to see how much of a gain it would be

  • skinnysteve713
    skinnysteve713 Hour ago

    I just picked one up for $400 after tax at Micro Center, but it was brand new, was in stock, and rated with my current PSU. It is the Gigabyte Geforce RTX Gaming OC 2. It plays most my games in 1080p on a high/ultra mix with 100+ FPS just fine. Others I turn down to medium/high mix and they too play fine. I haven't attemped to overclock yet, and honestly probably won't. It was worth it to me to finally get a card and not rely on the APU. I will upgrade when I build a whole new system and will turn this rig into the streaming / music production machine, as it's pretty much complete now. This is one time I really feel no buyers remorse after watching a vid on what I just bought 😄. Sometimes you just got to do what you got to do to find happiness. I got tired of waiting a little over a year to get a GPU for my system.
    I guess in conclusion what I want to say to those reading, this isn't a terrible option. If you can settle with really good looking 1080p this will do just fine. Plus it has an aggressive looking aesthetic on the Gigabyte version. The RGB logo looks kind of jank and dim in the middle of it, but whatever.

  • N8tehNotGr8 mishaps in gaming

    Curious question. Was your card sent with the wrong BIOS as well that made it clocked nearly 2GHz instead of the reference clock? I'm really curious as Gamers Nexus got that card and it had the wrong BIOS on it. Because the card that is supposed to ship with that BIOS is 80 dollars more than the MSRP.

  • Rico Suave
    Rico Suave 4 months ago +223

    I like when Jay approaches things with both optimism and skeptimism.

    • Dendra7
      Dendra7 2 months ago

      Don't forget realimism.

    • Jonathan Wassef
      Jonathan Wassef 2 months ago

      @Victor Roman me too

    • PrEzZykIlZz
      PrEzZykIlZz 3 months ago

      I literally read this comment when he said it....

    • Greg B
      Greg B 3 months ago

      Was literally writing that down and then saw your post... 🤣🤣

    • Dragon Offski
      Dragon Offski 4 months ago

      You missed 'disingenuine' :) (about 10mins in)

  • Jared Dore
    Jared Dore 3 months ago +2

    I still watch this stuff just because im interested, been waiting since Oct 2020 for a 3080 now looking at 6900xt as about same price in UK so would love to see how the maturity of drivers has improved the cards since launch etc. keep up the good work.

    • King dra3
      King dra3 3 months ago +1

      The drives have increased the performance

  • DaimeneX
    DaimeneX 3 months ago +2

    Got a Gigabyte Gaming OC version of this GPU.
    It can run Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition on Ultra, Red Dead Redemption 2 on a mixture of Ultra and High, and runs *really smooth.*
    Honestly I bought it day one just to not get caught in high prices or being forced to buy it from a scalper, and honestly it was worth it, upgrading from a 1050 Ti.

  • Brady Veltman
    Brady Veltman Day ago

    i paided around 350 yesterday for my 3050. ik it was over priced but 3060 and up jump anywhere from 150 to 200 bucks. just hope it was worth replacing my 1650 with this one

  • Shawn Paul Zuccarello Rizzo
    Shawn Paul Zuccarello Rizzo 3 months ago +31

    I think it's a wonderful 1660 Ti with 2 extra Gb's of VRAM. 1660 Ti was a helluva card! And with some DLSS, why not?

    • Joel Shajan
      Joel Shajan Month ago +2

      @Shawn Paul Zuccarello Rizzo I guess I did

    • Shawn Paul Zuccarello Rizzo
      Shawn Paul Zuccarello Rizzo Month ago

      @Joel Shajan you must have missed the sarcasm. lol.

    • Joel Shajan
      Joel Shajan Month ago

      The price,that's why. A 50 series card was 150 before,this shit is 230 (though it's selling for 450 now)

  • Anthony Mendez
    Anthony Mendez 3 months ago +1

    I still appreciate these reviews. Personally I'd rather buy this thing if I had to instead of dropping MSRP or more on an older discontinued card.. newer hardware, currently supported, can use pretty effects if I wanted.. seems like the only disappointment is Nvidia's marketing.. so just ignore it keep in mind what your personal goal is and what your budget is..

  • Robot Jack
    Robot Jack 3 months ago +1

    I very much appreciate your honesty in these videos. You've gained my trust quicker than most on YT. Thanks!

  • Austin B
    Austin B 2 months ago +1

    I've found after getting my 3080 from my 2 year waitlist I forgot about that Raytracing in most games doesn't do much but tank your framerate it's not worth unless like Jay said to take pretty screen shots.

  • OTPulse
    OTPulse 3 months ago +10

    The shop I usually buy from is selling this for Au$610 (about US$425). It's just ridiculous.
    TBH imo the silicone shortage is mostly BS, they are just using it now to rip us off.

  • Hoosier Gaming & Tech
    Hoosier Gaming & Tech 4 months ago +58

    I remember when I brought my 2060 in 2019 and thought that I was overpaying for my card. Who knew that 3 years later it would seem like a steal when compared to new cards.

    • Matthew Rochester
      Matthew Rochester 3 months ago +2

      I built my first PC in 2019 and boutgh a 580 8gb because I didn't want to spend the $$ for a 20 series as it seemed way too pricey, even though I could afford it back then. Now I'm obsessed with PC gaming and stuck on w/my 580 kicking myself. LOL. 580 is still a good card but DAMN IT. Funny enough some 580s are selling for like $300 now (bought mine on salefor $150 3 years ago).

    • spearcat710
      spearcat710 4 months ago +8

      Right, I bought a 2060 used for 300 bucks just months before it went crazy and over doubled in price... always wonder if that person kicks themselves for not waiting another month or two... either way I'm happy I snagged it when I did, came from an rx580 which ain't a bad card still with the way the market is... good luck to ya'll and don't forget about AMD CPUs with integrated graphics... I've built 3 pcs with them and they work really well for what they are... atleast get you up and running and then you can wait to find a good deal on a card

  • Coyg_94
    Coyg_94 3 months ago +2

    Still happy with my gtx 1070 seriously this whole pc hardware price inflation fked up my gpu upgrade plan i just hope everything goes back to normal till 2023

  • Jordan Nicole Haisley
    Jordan Nicole Haisley 3 months ago +1

    The 1650 might be a good comparison just because they’re the only card’s people can get right now.

  • bgn200
    bgn200 3 months ago +8

    It's not even a $250 card, it's a $400+ gpu, as the cheapest I've seen these things being sold right now is at Microcenter for $419. So there's no point comparinv this to budget cards from previous generations IMO.

  • Jon Gallivan
    Jon Gallivan Month ago +1

    Wow... I just had a weird thought... I have been watching JayzTwoCents videos for over 6 years now. In highschool one of my teachers allowed me to build a (my first) custom gaming pc with hardline watercooling for my senior project and I used various JayzTwoCents videos and a couple linus videos to build the whole thing lol! Thanks for all the informational videos Jay.

    • I sleep
      I sleep Month ago

      It would be cool if you have pictures of it, I wanna see!!

  • Nope Rope
    Nope Rope 4 months ago +76

    What's hilarious is if Jay got one of the EVGA cards with the upgraded vbios from the $320 card he should be comparing it against the 1660 ti which launched at $279, making the 3050 look even worse.

    • 𝘮𝘰𝘰𝘯
      𝘮𝘰𝘰𝘯 2 months ago

      @Logan Schuetzle Any standard 6gb 2060 does

    • Logan Schuetzle
      Logan Schuetzle 3 months ago +1

      Compares to a 2060 KO which blows it out of the water

  • Tony L
    Tony L 3 months ago +2

    Hate the practices and pricing, going to upgrade from my 1050 ti with whatever is reasonable and recommended. I will say though, I don't understand the difference between DLSS and NIS technically, but ever since NIS was turned on I'm able to play games on my 1050 ti at 60fps on high settings that I couldn't even get a locked 30 on with medium low and it's an awesome feature. I actually desire an upgrade a little bit less, if I didnt want to no longer be disadvantage by playing FPS at 60 fps it wouldn't feel that important. It's awesome what NIS has done for my card. I'm playing through Rise of the Tomb Raider right now at 60fps High-Medium settings with VSYNC On. Basically locked at 60 in all but a few areas. So many games that were previously unplayable for me are now looking actually pretty decent without dropping to 30, which I honestly would rather not play than do most of the time.

  • Sight Field
    Sight Field Month ago +1

    i love the tech sellers in Indonesia already adjusted every GPU price in the market based on the real capabilities of the GPU itself. but at the same time, we as consumers couldn't make any trade steals lol. like, in US 3070ti is probably way more expensive than 3070, but here in Indonesia, the 3070 is way more expensive, with how low it's TDP, how less power hungry it is, and how not so different the 3070 and 3070tie's performances, both the lhr and non-lhr version.

  • Scraps
    Scraps 3 months ago

    Thanks for the honest reviews man, love your work

  • Rule 1 Model Railways
    Rule 1 Model Railways 3 months ago +2

    What we need is more reviews that compare to the GTX 1xxx series cards, because most of us hung on to those trying to weather the price rises out and are now only looking at upgrading,

  • Baron
    Baron 4 months ago +21

    Oh boy, I can't wait for the new RTX3030 entry card with 512mb of VRam and the ability to render shades of grey instead of colors.

    • Moejj ORaisin
      Moejj ORaisin Month ago +2

      I'm holding out for an RT3010.

    • msg me Via telegram@samuelleeds3
      msg me Via telegram@samuelleeds3 4 months ago

      🌟You've been shortlisted among the winners for the ongoing giveaway Interested in getting the giveaway Contact address above^^^^^

  • Felipe Saldanha
    Felipe Saldanha Month ago +10

    As a noobie trying to build my first pc and not knowing a lot about it, I always thought that the cards went like 10 series - 20 series - 30 series. So I thought a 3050 was better than a 2070 and i made the wrong choice. It was the same price in brazil.
    I feel like i was robbed.

    • Felipe Saldanha
      Felipe Saldanha 10 days ago

      @DarkHaven You know what, i think the 3070TI is a hell of a card. My 6700XT is able to play Warzone on max setting in my Samsung G5 monitor (its 2K, 34", ultrawide) with 130FPS.

    • DarkHaven
      DarkHaven 10 days ago

      @Felipe Saldanha I just upgraded from a 2070 to a 3070ti. It’s amazing. If it weren’t for scalpers I could of got a 3080ti so I’m sad about that but I’m still happy with this card.
      Now I just need to wait for ryzen zen 4 to come out and I can upgrade my 10700k to a ryzen 7900x, my 32gb of ddr4 ram to 64gb of ddr5 ram and my m.2 to plce gen 4 and I’ll be all set lol.

    • DarkHaven
      DarkHaven 10 days ago

      @Felipe Saldanha I’m sorry bro and damn I didn’t realize the 3050 was worse then the 2070 considering they 3060 is on part with the 2070 and the 3070 is on par with the 2080ti.

    • Felipe Saldanha
      Felipe Saldanha 10 days ago

      @DarkHaven Now I own a 6800 XT, I7 12700K, Z690, 64GB of 3600MHz... And my wife has a 2080 Super, 5600X, B550, 32GB of 3200Mhz
      I only game and she actually works with illustrator, rendering and yadayada

    • Felipe Saldanha
      Felipe Saldanha 10 days ago

      @DarkHaven I had a RTX2060 and I upgraded to a RTX3050 and my performance got a huge impact, I lost 10% FPS on every single game.
      Thats when I started studying about PCs and built my first two

  • Kenneth Mitchell
    Kenneth Mitchell 3 months ago +10

    Great video - Especially since I currently run a 1660. Was interested in upgrading to the 3050, but after this review, I am happy where I'm at. Thanks for the review!

    • Kenneth Mitchell
      Kenneth Mitchell Month ago

      Quick update here.. Bought a 2070S for $500 to replace my 1660. After a month I found a 3060 for $500. I sold both the 1660 & 2070S for $700. So I made out with a 3060 for $300. Also, for anyone wondering if a jump from 2070S to 3060 is worth it.. It is! Way better thermals, and higher fps in Apex (all I really play)
      TLDR; Upgrade your 20series to a 3060 or higher if you have the money. It is worth the small upgrade (assuming you can sell your 20 series)

    • Kenneth Mitchell
      Kenneth Mitchell Month ago

      @Lucrativecris depending on your cpu and what youre doing will determine how well the card does, but if its standard use and gaming at 1080p; the only difference would be 10-30ish fps at ultra settings. And if you went 20 series. A 2070super is just about the same as a 3060ti with less efficiency

    • Lucrativecris
      Lucrativecris Month ago

      @Kenneth Mitchell What separates the 3090 against the 3060ti i was thinking of getting myself a 3060 since it has 12gb of vram

    • Kenneth Mitchell
      Kenneth Mitchell Month ago +1

      @Lucrativecris 3060TI is prob the best bang for the buck atm

    • Lucrativecris
      Lucrativecris Month ago

      What's the best and cheapest out of all the 30 series?

  • BattyFlaps
    BattyFlaps 3 months ago

    good on you for comparing it at the price point cutting out the silly bs companies do

  • Michael Skinner
    Michael Skinner 12 days ago +1

    Would you say the 3050ti is close to a 2060, and can you undervolt it to where you don’t need a Power connector?
    I’m wondering how an undervolted Ryzen 5800X3D (1 volt) with a power optimized 3050ti compare to a stock 2060 with a ryzen 2700x...

  • Molly Dreemurr
    Molly Dreemurr 4 months ago +183

    About your EVGA card: GN has got a mail saying that the card you got, had the wrong vbios, making it the clock match one of their other cards that's 50$ more expensive
    if your card was hitting near 2000 MHz, then it was indeed affected
    EDIT: for those wondering, the more expensive cards I mentionned go for 320$, while the EVGA black goes for 250 (GN mentionned 50$ above msrp, my bad)

    • SurpriseBlue Viana
      SurpriseBlue Viana 4 months ago +1

      @Alucard is not the same,but is close

    • Dralor D
      Dralor D 4 months ago +1

      @Andrew T. a minimum means LOWEST as in if you sell below that you lose money. And if you look at many products they sell below MSRP when they are oversupplied. So your statement is moot.

    • Rafa Allegretti
      Rafa Allegretti 4 months ago +2

      It's almost liked they did it on purpose to make it look better lol.

    • tag
      tag 4 months ago

      @BenJeremy That 2-3% changes 70$.

    • D J
      D J 4 months ago +1

      @GreenGamerGuy Why would that be illegal?

  • Gabriel De laSoul
    Gabriel De laSoul 4 months ago +6

    I feel extremely fortunate to get the 3060ti before extreme scalping happened now. Sometimes you just strike it lucky with PC builder sites, but knowing I'd spend over double just a month after? Wow.

    • Kasey Boles
      Kasey Boles 2 months ago

      I got mine with a strix b550 mb on the new egg shuffle for about $740. That's a $180 mb, so I still way overpaid. But it's much better than the rx 570 I was using on my main system.

    • David Barr
      David Barr 3 months ago

      Me too with my 3070 FE, I saw the prices climb and climb after launch, saw a new in unopened box one for £660 not long after launch and I jumped on it, I hate that I gave a scalper money, but I am happy that I took it off him before they climbed to £1000 plus in the few weeks after. I still got a card that matches or beats some 2080tis that retailed for double the price I paid so I've no regrets about paying 60% more than msrp
      edit: Just checked and the 3070 FE can be yours for £1,300 these days lmfao, obviously just cause founders was limited though. Non founders are back down to the high 700s low 800s so that's better

  • Rodrigo Mendes
    Rodrigo Mendes 3 months ago +3

    RTX3050 have DLSS and it's a great improvement for RX, 1050 or 1060 Series at a great price. Even cheaper than 1660 Series here in Brazil.

  • Kevin Lyon
    Kevin Lyon Month ago +1

    Yeah I agree with you, I just looked it up the other day an I'm like why would they compare it to the 1650 GTX 🤦‍♂️ complete stupidity, a 1650 is nowhere close to what a 3050 is

  • Williams Fleury-Gagne
    Williams Fleury-Gagne 3 months ago +3

    What about the performance with DLSS on? I feel like this is how you really should benchmark it.

  • Silveredbullet
    Silveredbullet 4 months ago +78

    The fact that the 3050 has like 5-15% improvement versus the 1070 speaks volume that you should not get this if you have said 1070. Also the 2060 is better than 3050.....should be improvements not downgrades.

    • Rebstrike
      Rebstrike 4 months ago

      Well what if the 1070 you have got hit by a electrical surge, have to strap a case fan to it so it doesn’t overheat, and could die unannounced at any moment?

    • R D
      R D 4 months ago

      @ShadowMKII The RTX 3060 is already at 2060 Super performance.

    • ItsProd.
      ItsProd. 4 months ago

      The 980 ti still outperforms this card by 2% or more

      RYZE_BEYOND_FATE 4 months ago +4

      Man more and more do I feel like those days are over. I had a 980 Ti cost 630$ new and in a generation the 1070 took its performance for 200$ less. Turing kinda screwed all that up.

    • subject204 Ghost
      subject204 Ghost 4 months ago +3

      Good luck affording a 2060 though.

  • Emissions Fail
    Emissions Fail 3 months ago +1

    I managed to get one in the UK for £329 couple weeks wait, Zotac TwinEdge OC, I managed to get my 3070 on release day for £519 and this is the EVGA XC3 Ultra. 3050 is to replace a 1050ti and 3070 was to replace a 2060. In my eyes reasonable value hate the scalped pricing if everything now.

  • LoadingVern
    LoadingVern 3 months ago +1

    Nah J... You said right at the end of this video that we are sick of these vids but I find these vids more important than the mega buck builds that you do because the majority of gamers are looking low to mid range items at affordable pricing and vids like this keep people informed and prevent others getting ripped off.. Very nice vid mate... keep it up!

  • Modern Day Geeks
    Modern Day Geeks 3 months ago +1

    Watching this made me to be grateful I got my 1660Super before the pandemic at SRP. I guess we're not buying GPUs anytime soon! Insightful video

  • D Khosh
    D Khosh 3 months ago +1

    either a 1660 or a 3050 would be an upgrade for me from the rx570 8gb

  • Alex
    Alex 3 months ago +2

    I'm kinda really interested how this stacks against the 1660 super, because it seems like it's about equal.

    • curmudgeon
      curmudgeon 2 months ago

      Its almost exactly equal.

  • T0X1C
    T0X1C 3 months ago +1

    I'm just glad prices on the 6600 and xt went down for a few cards on Newegg. Finally able to get my hands on a 6600. Expecially with the payment plan thing Newegg has its not hard at all getting a decent gpu for just a couple hundred over MSRP. Better than double at least. Only 4 payments of $180 CAD.

  • Cyb H
    Cyb H 3 months ago

    2 weeks from this review and where I live it's already going for over $500 CAD so that's about $400 USD... Meanwhile 1650s, the card Nvidia is comparing this to, are going for about what the MSRP of this card was supposed to be... Looks like I'll be squeezing performance out of mine for a while longer still.

  • james fisher
    james fisher 3 months ago +5

    Thanks for the review. My PC is 4 years old and it's about time to build another, so I'm very interested in how to manage this crazy economy and end up with the best performing PC I can afford. I'm in the 2-3k budget and hopefully will even be able to pull off an O11 with pretty cables and stuff. ( this will be the first PC I've built with aesthetics in mind) It's kind of hard to believe that at my budget I'm struggling to end up with a sweet setup...

    • Trip4man
      Trip4man 3 months ago

      If you rocking the z390 chipset there's no big reasons to build another computer! This is not happening only in GPU's... It's happening in a lot of stuff. CPU's, M.2's,.... If you have an Intel 9900k for example, changing to another generation you'll get a 20-40 fps increase ONLY. 3 CPU generations after and that's what you get. Andddd not to mention the insane TDP they 'drink'. They draw almost the double of the power. Double the power but only a 20-40 fps increase?!? Yupppp, it's that bad. Even the M.2 gen4 drives can be slower than M.2 gen3 drives. It's crazy! That chipset is gold. I may be exaggerating a bit but the truth won't be far from what I've said.
      Now if you want to run 4K... Those 20-40 fps can make the difference for sure. But I think the budget will be around the 4k mark rather. The GPU alone will hit the 2k. The 4k monitor will be also expensive...

  • Der Graf
    Der Graf 4 months ago +58

    Finally! I was waiting for this one! Another Graphics card that is probably already completely sold out!
    You guys are doing good work. I am not annoyed at you covering this. I quite appreciate your oppinion on it. It's just tiring that Nvidia launches more and more products that all can't be bought unless you put a x2 or a x3 behind the pricetag.

    • RarestAce
      RarestAce 3 months ago +2

      That's not really fair to point that all on Nvidia as AMD and Intel are all doing it as well. Personally I really hope all these miners and scalpers loose a significant amount of money once this crypto bubble pops.

    • Waldel Martell
      Waldel Martell 4 months ago

      it will probably have stock but price/perf is still a steal

    • Grr Kaa
      Grr Kaa 4 months ago +1

      @David Chillton it's not out yet

    • David Chillton
      David Chillton 4 months ago

      Fun fact Newegg isn’t even selling the rtx 3050

  • XirinUnour
    XirinUnour 3 months ago +2

    What I'm seeing it this is the cheapest card you can (theoretically) buy that supports Nvidia Broadcast, and can also kinda game. Good option for people who do video conferences in a noisy environment.

  • kayak1969p
    kayak1969p 3 months ago +10

    in all fairness , mining has destroyed the fairness of the graphics card economy and forced prices to sky-rocket (even for so-called sub standard cards). anything over a 6 gig card has turned into daylight robbery.

    • Bill Childress
      Bill Childress 3 months ago

      I wholeheartedly agree with you. Whats gonna happen to crypto if the net ever goes down?

    • 4GamingFox
      4GamingFox 3 months ago

      Not even 6GB, right before COVID + Mining. I paid 130$ for my GTX 970 and a few weeks ago I sold if for 200$ to buy me my current 3060ti

  • Gas Racing
    Gas Racing Month ago

    From nvidas side, compairing 50 series to previous 50 series is fair enough.
    The 3050 looks like a great card for 1080p gaming vs 1080 or 1660ti, and you get dlss and rt to boot.

    BLEACH 3 months ago +1

    I live in Australia and I managed to pick one up for roughly $200 (AUD) more than the msrp of $429 almost a whole day after release.

  • Γιάννης Χατζηγεωργίου

    So, in other words, for an entry level card with about 10%-15% better performance, Nvidia asks almost 60% more money (and 300% if the price goes to 450$). Game, set and match for me...i will keep playing monopoly...

    • Halcyon Acoustic
      Halcyon Acoustic 3 months ago

      @TheExileFox I mean not really unless they got that 100 watt tdp down by lot.

    • Rondo Cat
      Rondo Cat 3 months ago +2

      GTX1080ti did cost only a little more when it came out and was about 70% faster then the previous generation...

    • Jimmy Ch.
      Jimmy Ch. 4 months ago

      in my country. actually its $500 for 3050.

    • TheExileFox
      TheExileFox 4 months ago

      I'd still say that this card would be sensible in a laptop if you need more than the intel garbage offers but still want a good battery life.

  • Robert Thompson
    Robert Thompson 3 months ago +3

    Even without taking scalping into consideration, the MSRP of graphics cards now is just ludicrous and use only set to get worse still. Still stuck here with a GTX 970 until maybe I can get something noticeably better at a reasonable price

    • Bill Childress
      Bill Childress 3 months ago

      I'm still running a rx590 8gig card on one machine and i have a 580 4gig out of an HP.

  • Mark H
    Mark H 3 months ago +6

    Here in Canada, they are north of $500 at retail, so that's a hard pass, especially when the 3060 is only $100 more (if you can find one). Anyway, I have a 1070 Ti.

    • BannaBoi_ Gage
      BannaBoi_ Gage 3 months ago +1

      i have a rog strix 1080 ti oc 11g that i got for 400$ this thing is a beast. wont be upgrading for a very long time

  • Jeff Stein
    Jeff Stein 3 months ago +1

    Would this outperform my 1070? I haven’t been able to upgrade thanks to the world :/

  • TheLinkhawkins
    TheLinkhawkins Month ago +2

    Just picked mine up new below MSRP to pair with an i3-12100f.
    My first PC build in 20 years.

  • Tom Langlois
    Tom Langlois 4 months ago +31

    Thank you for the info. I built my first computer this year and I managed to get a 5500xt for a reasonable price. I have been waiting for graffics card to become reasonable again and I am starting to think they never will. Again thank you for the jobs you all do to bring us useful info and enjoyable content

    • F Off
      F Off 2 months ago

      The mid range middle class is going obsolete.

    • varmastiko
      varmastiko 3 months ago

      There is overall inflation building up fast and obviously the big tech companies are aware of the situation. Don't bet on prices getting back to normal - possibly ever.

    • tin
      tin 3 months ago

      Enjoy the new PC, Tom!

    • n0nexReb0rn
      n0nexReb0rn 3 months ago +5

      Now that companies have seen that people are willing to pay exorbitant prices for graphics cards there's no way in hell they are going back down.

    • Trae Baldwin
      Trae Baldwin 3 months ago


  • Travis Hall
    Travis Hall 3 months ago +1

    Love watching Jay. No bs and that's why I watch Jay first. Thanks for videos and work. Thank you

  • Ezra Obrien
    Ezra Obrien Month ago +1

    I think rt is more of a tot for the 3050 but dlss is definitely the selling point

  • Tristbag
    Tristbag 3 months ago +2

    980ti is probably the only lifeline out there right now for a decent entry level 1080p build.

    GTA V REALISM 3 months ago +10

    I remember buying RX 580, and 590's, and GTX 1060s for $200 Canadian, now a 580 is $700, and newer cards like the 6700Xt and even the 2070 are $1200 to $1700 here, it is insanity

      GTA V REALISM Month ago

      @Kynareth6 Indeed, I couldn't believe when I was searching yesterday or the day before, every damn card was back to MSRP, or just barely above, seeing new low end cards for just over $250 again is pretty great, can't wait to grab a new GPU next month, honestly, I've been waiting almost 2 years now to buy a new card, no way I could afford a grand for a mid range card.

    • Kynareth6
      Kynareth6 Month ago +2

      I just bought RX 6700 XT for 529 US dollars. How have things improved since the video was uploaded.

    • Tactical Mattress
      Tactical Mattress Month ago

      Got my 8gb RX 570 for $110 🤣

    • BaconEyez420
      BaconEyez420 3 months ago

      im still using my 580 and damn do i want to upgrade..

    ART SENSEI 3 months ago

    I seldom use my rig for gaming instead I do graphical stuff like after effects and adobe. Would this be a decent card for those things?

  • MegaTheone1988
    MegaTheone1988 3 months ago

    I love yhis channel because its 100% real talk and scalping products/presenting them as they shoud be done by any content creator.Thank you

  • Woke Meta
    Woke Meta 3 months ago

    I've been recently trying to help my little brother find an upgrade from my hand-me-down Rx Vega 64 and it's so insane to see how the retail scalping has gotten since COVID. I know from my job history that a large number of internet scalpers are companies from southeast Asia and India that used to be focused on the telemarketing and call center business. These guys have had their original jobs replaced largely by AI and robot communications and really had no choice but to resort to scammy business to feed their families. Tech companies should really consider backtracking on phasing out call centers. Displaced workers is a big issue here not to mention that we the customers hate talking to robots and AI chatbots about our support needs.

  • JRPG W E E B
    JRPG W E E B 3 months ago +1

    this is when i'm glad to have been able to order a 6600XT. Performance with this card is meh, i deff would not have been happy with it

  • grant noecker
    grant noecker 3 months ago +1

    I’m going to keep pushing my gtx 970 overclocked to the most I can lol still running 95% of new games at 1080p perfectly fine

  • Nathaniel Moore
    Nathaniel Moore 3 months ago

    I love the Lofi beats you're using =)
    Also, thank you for clearing up the 3050 hype.
    and I love your videos.

  • Radek Šťastný
    Radek Šťastný 3 months ago +4

    I used to have ASUS GTX580, which I got for ~$500 retail. Then I had GTX970 (ASUS Strix OC) for about $400. Now I have RTX2070 (Palit, non-super) I got for ~$600. Does really anyone expects, I'll be happy with 3080 for ~$2000 or 3070 for ~$1500-$1600? Yes, European prices were always higher for some reason, but still. I guess, we need to wait some more and not buy any overpriced stuff.

  • George Welch
    George Welch 3 months ago +1

    I'm currently running a Powercolor RX Vega 56 Red Dragon. Would you recommend upgrading from that to, lets say, a newer lower end card? Just curious as to how much performance/refinement of architecture has come since the Vega release. (I know, I know, the vega was abysmal, however, I have had nothing but good fortune with this card.)

  • Method Man
    Method Man 3 months ago

    I knew the 6500 was gonna fail as soon as I heard 4gb of vram and knew the 3050 wouldn’t be all that much better with performance

  • bofast
    bofast 3 months ago +1

    The 1650 also had a bunch of 75W models that didn't even need any power cables and ran entirely on the slot power, which is a whole other power class than the 3050.

  • martjek
    martjek 3 months ago +7

    This card is impossible to get below 485e in germany now, few days after release. 3060 is 700+

  • Optimus Phill
    Optimus Phill 3 months ago +1

    I almost got dubbed by this card, i loved the marketing etc and thought time to upgrade my 2070 Super and posted about it on Twitter an luckily a mate shouted at me to stop immediately.

  • x_pogboy50
    x_pogboy50 4 months ago +32

    What an underwhelming card! However, I am still glad it exists as hopefully it will put pressure on other cards prices to go down (such as the 1660 you compared it to).

    • Rondo Cat
      Rondo Cat 3 months ago

      The 1660 is not a good buy for gaming because it is horribly overpriced, but the cost is high because it is good at mining Ethereum...

    • basshead
      basshead 3 months ago

      @nicolas reveco The 1050 is still a very good GPU for 1280x1024 gaming. I'm still rocking my over 13yo vmodded ATi HD4670.

    • nicolas reveco
      nicolas reveco 4 months ago

      i just hope prices go down cause my 1050 is the only thing bottlenecking my pc atm

    • Ben Snow
      Ben Snow 4 months ago

      There was a vbios update pushed that gn and ltt talked about seriously increasing the performance so it’s a little less sad if you look at those charts

  • Sjaak Schulteis
    Sjaak Schulteis 3 months ago

    Looking at those cards I'm still happy with my GTX 1080 in my PC and my RTX 2060 in my laptop!

  • PeBoVision
    PeBoVision 3 months ago +12

    nVidia gives us a $330 low end card when all we really needed was for them to sell their medium (3070) to high end (3080/90) at suggested retail, instead of 2-3 times above it.
    I already have a 2060 Super. What the hell does this PoS do for me?
    I am so sick of the GPU industry ripping me off so that they can cash in on Crypto mining.

  • Ace Town
    Ace Town Month ago +2

    They cost $320 USD and are in stock locally for me. Very tempting considering my 980ti is on its last legs and sounds like a jet engine.

  • EmCeeHamma
    EmCeeHamma 3 months ago +1

    Just replaced thermal paste on my founders edition gtx 1080, looks like I'll putting a water cooler and overclocking it and I'll run everything at high settings in 1440p at 60+ fps. Easy choice

  • Tyzin Coin
    Tyzin Coin 4 months ago +88

    This card seems to be only applicable for the current state of the market. Should have launched it 6 months ago.

    • Lower Five
      Lower Five 4 months ago

      waste of sand

    • Rhobson Vanzella
      Rhobson Vanzella 4 months ago

      It should also have launched at about half the MSRP... :(

    • the true Star
      the true Star 4 months ago

      BUT we 100% needed extra versions of the 3080, 3070, 3090 and the useless 12gb non Ti 3060 before this probably according to Nidiva

    • sonicboy678
      sonicboy678 4 months ago

      @jason lewis If you look at the specs, they largely match the existing 3050 Ti, with the biggest differences (TDP notwithstanding) being the VRAM and silicon used.

    • Mr. Moʀɖɛռ
      Mr. Moʀɖɛռ 4 months ago +2

      This is the card I wanted to get becuase the TDP is low, it took too long to come out so I got a 3060 Ti instead. That's literally why Nvidia and AMD never release budget cards anywhere near the performance cards.