Joe Rogan & Guy Ritchie on Jiu Jitsu and Martial Arts


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  • Daniel Ram
    Daniel Ram 2 days ago

    I love that.
    The comprehension of the language of fighting.

  • Kiteh Kawasaki
    Kiteh Kawasaki 4 days ago

    You like Japan Girl, Joe?

  • HEAT1996
    HEAT1996 6 days ago

    LOL..."Bobby the Tits" LOL. Sounds like a character in Ritchie's movies.

  • David Michael
    David Michael 6 days ago

    If it was a clip-on that would have been hilarious.

  • aljacko1
    aljacko1 7 days ago

    Very interesting watch. Never knew Guy Richie was a martial artist and an interesting humble person. Love the show Joe.

  • Crow Daddy
    Crow Daddy 12 days ago

    Don't know who Guy Ritchie is but I like his style, very humble. You can tell he's not an egotistical dude, the way he says hes a black belt from Renzo Gracie

  • fun soundwave remixes
    fun soundwave remixes 13 days ago

    Wasn't there a big jiu jitsu guy who got in the face of some at a club in NUC and the dude just shot him because he didn't want to even let the guy have a chance to touch him.... This makes me want a cc

  • fun soundwave remixes
    fun soundwave remixes 13 days ago

    in the old days they would kill everyone who knew certain martial form think about how many people would die today if they inacted that again.

  • Humberto infante
    Humberto infante 14 days ago

    Kazushi Sakuraba: History of The Gracie Hunter [ 桜庭 和志 ]

  • Scott Marker
    Scott Marker 16 days ago

    Awesome interview!

  • Bee_Tuna
    Bee_Tuna 20 days ago

    I’m the dude who doesn’t tap but it’s not because I’m a sore looser it’s because my shoulder and arm can bend extremely well and that allows me to roll out of tough situations. Same thing with chokes and cranks if i can breath your not getting me to tap. It’s all about mind set if I’m fighting for my life in the real world I’m not going to tap I’ll keep pushing to I win or you kill me. Now if someone gets the choke and I can’t escape I’ll tap

  • Ruben Guevara
    Ruben Guevara 21 day ago

    You’re a fucking black belt and you still can’t remember Helio Gracie...!

  • Pixel Ninja
    Pixel Ninja 25 days ago

    Bet true Geordie made this fan page

  • Kevin Saint Clair
    Kevin Saint Clair 28 days ago

    Great interview. Mutual respect from both guys. Well done.

  • James Symens
    James Symens 28 days ago


  • jimmy alderson
    jimmy alderson 29 days ago

    Yeay judo!

  • John W
    John W 29 days ago

    Joe is a great ambassador for BJJ. Guy Ritchie is the real deal too.

  • meredithchandler73
    meredithchandler73 Month ago

    White belt - words. Blue belt - phrases. Purple belt - sentences. Brown belt - paragraphs. Black belt - poetry.

  • Ciaran Santamaria
    Ciaran Santamaria Month ago

    Any other Irish guys on here also all about the gi and laughing all the way through this?

  • James Relinski
    James Relinski Month ago +1

    Ties are bad Joe. Very bad...

  • Rowan Clark
    Rowan Clark Month ago

    Someone wana tell me the difference between JJ and BJJ?

  • Joaquin Arguelles
    Joaquin Arguelles Month ago

    Feral gym.

  • Shwagatha
    Shwagatha Month ago

    Guy Ritchie is a one of the best guests I’ve heard on Rogan’s podcast. Good shit

  • david gueli
    david gueli Month ago

    You should see the chest on this Geezer

  • Yuma
    Yuma Month ago

    Guy is also a Judo and Shotokan Karate blackbelt. that dude has skills

  • WangChungN7
    WangChungN7 Month ago +1

    T A S T Y

  • A Flo
    A Flo Month ago

    til I watched this clip I didn't know

  • Tyler James
    Tyler James Month ago

    martial arts is like chess

  • Michael Strong
    Michael Strong Month ago

    Guy was looking at him like... I have to deal with Americans yelling about guns, now I’m getting threatened with a tie?

  • davisx2002
    davisx2002 Month ago

    i started BJJ at age 35 and after a year of getting my ass beat I realized I needed to stop smoking crack

  • Mahal Ramos
    Mahal Ramos Month ago

    There were so many things in this episode that really clicked for me in BJJ. Thank you for these gems.

  • markdb78
    markdb78 Month ago

    guy Ritchie wing chu

  • Matthew Mauldon
    Matthew Mauldon Month ago

    Not to take anything away from Joe as I’ve heard he’s amazing at bjj but I would like to see him and Guy roll. I feel Guy is a secret assassin of sorts. I think Joe might get choked out by Guys own tie lol

  • F R
    F R Month ago

    I love when Joe talks about Jiu Jitsu...!!

  • Orchids Rising
    Orchids Rising Month ago

    Guy Richie rocks !!

  • auzio
    auzio Month ago +1

    so tasty

  • Pinky3262462
    Pinky3262462 Month ago

    the tension

  • xx zz
    xx zz Month ago +1

    I love stupid people, you cut a breaking point in to the neck tie!

  • Danklin Digital
    Danklin Digital Month ago

    there used to be a time, and i was watching this while smoking out of a bong. It was salvia, laced with dmt, and it just came to me how chimpanzees feel like corded steel. Those things can rip your face off man...

    • fermented smegma
      fermented smegma Month ago +1

      I was there you had a bud lite, passed out and shit yourself while me and your mother made love on your body

  • Matt Carafa
    Matt Carafa 2 months ago

    Started my first bjj class today, and holy shit I'm ot of shape and it was alot more of a work out than I thought it would be.

  • k1nghh
    k1nghh 2 months ago

    I know psychiatrists who practice wearing ties, have been choked by their ties yet continue to wear them. Not clip ons or breakaways, both of which exist and look decent. Crazy.

  • Cutflood
    Cutflood 2 months ago

    The answer: wear clip-ons...

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 2 months ago

    Travis Stevens got his black belt in 3 yrs. Judo Olympian.

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones 2 months ago

    Karate /judo background. Bjj black belt under renzo.

  • Robert Fillpot
    Robert Fillpot 2 months ago

    Joe, what a bully. Press the stupid issue of someone wearing a tie? Do you think he's stupid.

  • Stefan Keeney
    Stefan Keeney 2 months ago

    “Black” .. like it’s nothing 20 years of experience he’s badass

  • Ben Quinney
    Ben Quinney 2 months ago

    It’s a tourniquet

  • Steve C
    Steve C 2 months ago

    Joe has an issue with being stoned crushing on Guy Ritchie

  • KetchMusic
    KetchMusic 2 months ago

    Rogue-n has gone rogue. looks pretty angry - those eyes could kill

  • jpdavies2046
    jpdavies2046 2 months ago

    the best!

  • Brandon Harding
    Brandon Harding 2 months ago

    I’m 6 years old is that to old to start?

  • razorsharpbt
    razorsharpbt 2 months ago

    It's why cops wear clip-on or velcro ties.

  • Joe Fosdike
    Joe Fosdike 2 months ago

    Lock stock and.two smoking barrels

  • ChunkyLover ataoldotcom

    actually ...the tie is a prudent move, as joe said...he would go straight for the you already know where your oponent will strike...way to channel the attack...and control the fight

  • Cee Mee
    Cee Mee 2 months ago

    I've walked away from instructors that would give lame explanations as to why they were scored on. The worst form.

  • Tone Loke
    Tone Loke 2 months ago

    Wonder why guy hasn't made this into a flick yet? 2 old white dudes battling it jet li style 😂 😂

  • Brye Cooper
    Brye Cooper 2 months ago

    What a great discussion.

  • grahamlites77
    grahamlites77 2 months ago

    This was one of the best episodes I've heard in a while

  • Linda Ellen
    Linda Ellen 2 months ago

    This is so interesting.

  • Haseeb 2
    Haseeb 2 2 months ago +2

    Most difficult thing anyone is doing within a 100 mile radius?? What about people working on their PhDs? What about someone who may be training to become a Navy SEAL? What about someone studying to become a Brain Surgeon? What about someone studying for the Bar Exam? What about people training to be in the Olympics?
    Joe Rogan makes quite a few giant leaps of faith in his statements, thinking BJJ is the end all and be all... So arrogant it's unbelievable.

  • Learned Hand
    Learned Hand 2 months ago

    This episode was brought to you by FlashGuy Clip On Ties!

  • Alexander Moore
    Alexander Moore 2 months ago

    guy says hes a black belt under renzo but doesnt know who helio is gtfo here

    • Chris N.
      Chris N. 2 months ago

      Alexander Moore he would get outed immediately if he lied about something like this , especially on this platform

  • Lee Victoire
    Lee Victoire 3 months ago +3

    “I’m quite tasty with he Gi” hahahaha

  • Lenny Sera
    Lenny Sera 3 months ago

    The avg man on the st would say “who the fook is guy ritchie?”

  • Dean's World
    Dean's World 3 months ago +10

    Joe "I got a thing about ties" Rogan

  • Paul Schramm
    Paul Schramm 3 months ago

    Same with facial hair , lips , noses , ears , clothes ... fighting is fighting .

  • Sonny Singh
    Sonny Singh 3 months ago

    Joe..the tie is on to choke you!

  • Ethan Chaney
    Ethan Chaney 3 months ago

    As far as advancing quickly, I was alright at BJJ after doing it every day for 3 months over the summer, I went to school, quit it entirely, and wrestled for 5 months straight. When I can back, after about 2 weeks to re adjust, I went from good to pretty damn good. Mixing martial arts is how you make big and quick jumps. Like if a Muay Thai fighter purely boxed for a few months.

  • Knockem or Lockem
    Knockem or Lockem 3 months ago +2

    Bobby the Tits

  • Seth Westbrook
    Seth Westbrook 3 months ago

    this is hilarious

  • Ali Can Tuncer
    Ali Can Tuncer 3 months ago

    Joe is an overall cool guy and stuff, but a random guy wearing a tie could easily pull his gun out and slaughter entire bloodline of Rogans...

  • Tesshin ryū Dojo
    Tesshin ryū Dojo 3 months ago +9

    What if I hit you with my axe?

    • r0b0tj0n3s
      r0b0tj0n3s 2 months ago +1

      You'd probably go to jail for a while.

  • OptimusD
    OptimusD 3 months ago

    Ha I didn't know he had a legit BJJ black belt, i thought he was another one of these wank celebrities trying to jump on the wagon.

  • jimmyjam700
    jimmyjam700 3 months ago

    Joe has no gag reflex when it comes to bjj. ever seen jujitsu on weed man.

  • jimmyjam700
    jimmyjam700 3 months ago

    jujitsu also turns people into ass holes. some people end up thinking they know it all like vegetarians. others go whith bjj bible thumping, and others think there super fighter, whith others start steroids wanting to start competing & around girls some looser will use it to fuck up a party.

  • GonG108
    GonG108 3 months ago

    i am a bit surprised , this rolling and flowing through the positions and techniques is usual ( in WT ground fight ) , it is the best way to learn your ego should not be an issue specially when you keep in mind that in the asian philosophies our ego is considered an illusion ( yoga and so on ) , the gym is not the place to boost your ego it is the place where you learn something much more important then the idea of an ego

  • Daniel Andrews
    Daniel Andrews 3 months ago

    don't like freaking gi moves.

  • IFrag PSN
    IFrag PSN 3 months ago +2

    Hahaha "I'm a ridiculous person, that's what's going on." I love it.

  • Britt Findlay
    Britt Findlay 3 months ago

    Joe “It’s a lovely tie” but I’d just like to choke the fuck out of you with it Rogan

  • Noodle Boi
    Noodle Boi 3 months ago +1

    Guy "Tasty" Ritchie

  • kilburncounty
    kilburncounty 3 months ago +17

    Guy is just obeying the honourable English tradition of mispronouncing foreign names

    • jimmy alderson
      jimmy alderson 28 days ago

      adie Lee t suri combi goash
      One lf my favourites in american mispronounciation is with japanese. Because japanese is said exactly as it's written, and yet somehow americans still screw it up to unfathomable proportions (we do it here in england too, but on a much smaller level).
      As chess Grand Master Ben Finegold said 'i can pronounce his name correctly, i'm just choosing not to. Proving that we're in America. Americans have a reputation for not being intelligent, and it's well earned'

    • adie Lee
      adie Lee 29 days ago

      jimmy alderson tomaytoe

    • jimmy alderson
      jimmy alderson 29 days ago

      kilburncounty the americans do it really bad though.
      The English one is irritating, but the way the americans pronounce names and words from other languages is just frightening - though for some reason BJJ is about the only place in american culture where foreign names are pronounced correctly. I remember being so confused that i wasn't sure if you were supposed to pronounce 'R' or 'H' because 'well the americans are pronouncing 'h' so idk, probably 'r''

    • Lewis Barrett
      Lewis Barrett 2 months ago

      Plus I don't think Roger minds the english pronunciation of his name, with the R instead of the H, my instructor is a Roger Gracie black belt (had had roger at the gym for seminars etc) and he switches between the H and R in front of his name.

  • lowlowseesee
    lowlowseesee 3 months ago

    Deep Disagreement" ahahahahah Joe god damn

  • STAN
    STAN 4 months ago

    Great to know he was also a Karate guy as well. Along with grappling...that's pretty complete~

  • Gungriffen
    Gungriffen 4 months ago +5

    This reminds me of a funny incident I had.
    I was working a club as armed security with a buddy of mine who was wearing g a tie with his uniform because he thought it looked better.
    We're telling this guy to go home or go to jail. He reaches out and grabs my buddy Dave tie and yanks it hard but the thing breaks free because it was a fake clip on tie (he did that just incase it was grabbed)
    This guy was standing their in a look of shock and fear as he was holding the tie and Dave pulls his baton and said "You know you fucked up right?"
    This dude takes off running, sprinting, hauling ass all the way into a Houston PD squad car and a cop who watching and went to jail but I'll always remember that look and his panic as he just stared at the tie as the gears in his head was trying to turn and catch up with what had happened.

  • Michael Ridenour
    Michael Ridenour 4 months ago

    Joe, "I am not going to have a fight whilst wearing a tie"

  • Fools Gold Found
    Fools Gold Found 4 months ago

    "Iv got a black belt in chow mien"
    "Yeah well I've got a snub nose .38, bring it"

    • chubby girl
      chubby girl 19 days ago

      Fools Gold Found Bullets run out. Armbars don't.

  • James Almeida
    James Almeida 4 months ago

    Does Joe just not wear ties? Or will he only wear a clip-on since he can't be choked by someone pulling on a clip-on tie. Lol.

  • Jambear2k9
    Jambear2k9 4 months ago

    Love his movies what a Don

  • Judson L
    Judson L 4 months ago

    Joe Rogan is nuckin futs

    • Judson L
      Judson L 4 months ago

      but in a great way of course

  • Quabledistocficklepo
    Quabledistocficklepo 5 months ago +1

    Rogan at his stupidest and most boring here. What's wrong with him? All this talk about a necktie? Are you kidding? What a jackass.

  • CecilRyuTaekwondo
    CecilRyuTaekwondo 5 months ago

    Wear a clip on.

  • Michael Vendick
    Michael Vendick 5 months ago

    Wait a minute, Guy Ritchie said he's been training Brazilian jujitsu for 20 years, and he doesn't know how to pronounce Helio Gracie's name? It even sounds like he didn't know what his name was. WTF?

  • Sam J
    Sam J 5 months ago

    the man the myth the living legend

  • MobiusCoin
    MobiusCoin 5 months ago

    Damn, Renzo Gracie black belt. Impressive.

  • Aidan DeFrancesco
    Aidan DeFrancesco 5 months ago

    The man is a black belt while joe asks him if he in fact does participate in jiujitsu😂🤦🏻‍♂️ damnit joe

  • Long Jawn
    Long Jawn 5 months ago

    Watch on TheXvid *Snatch Mullet gets owned* "it seems sadly ironic that it's that tie that got you into this pickle" - Bullet Tooth Tony

  • Michael Ryan
    Michael Ryan 5 months ago

    12 minutes on

  • Damon Martin
    Damon Martin 5 months ago +1

    What bjj does to your mind

  • Lewis Fitzjohn
    Lewis Fitzjohn 5 months ago

    Guy Ritchie is awesome and I loved this episode.

  • J H
    J H 5 months ago

    There's a lot of things that are harder than BJJ. LSAT, MCAT, GRE to name a few, but Rogan never finished college so he wouldn't know two shit about those. He's not a smart man.