Brexit 'no-deal' scenario: How likely - and what if?

  • Published on Sep 10, 2018
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    There are just a few weeks to go until the crunch EU summit where the UK government and the European Commission are supposed to unveil their final Brexit deal. But whispers have been growing louder that this deadline is ambitious at the very least. Indeed, the possibility of the UK crashing out of the EU in what is called a "no-deal" scenario is still on the table.
    So how likely is a "no-deal" Brexit? And what happens if it does come about? Amid the uncertainty, increasing numbers of people - including major trade unions - are asking for a "people’s vote" on the final deal itself.
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Comments • 1 005

  • Sphere723
    Sphere723 Month ago +1

    Started jerking it to the ginger. Had to stop when they cut to Theresa. Just could not keep it hard after seeing that rabbit-with-downs-syndrome-face.

  • kathaleen jackson
    kathaleen jackson 2 months ago

    I must be bad, I am on the fence. However I believe that the UK are leaving for the wrong reasons. There is a wild part of me though that wonders how all (what I think of as) the idiotic will enjoy there no Deal Brexit though. Unfortunately I could be adversely affected by no deal and I feel angry that my so-called fellow countrymen have jeopardised my future.

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  • Hugs For Drugs
    Hugs For Drugs 2 months ago +1

    Lol *Like* if you regret to vote Brexit

  • Ilidio Carmona
    Ilidio Carmona 2 months ago

    i wonder what the spanish posicion on gibraltar will be during really opened pandoras box on 2016

  • Craig Gallagher
    Craig Gallagher 3 months ago

    🇪🇺 🔥

  • Craig Gallagher
    Craig Gallagher 3 months ago

    Bye bye EU hello freedom 🇬🇧

  • Florence Stanfield
    Florence Stanfield 3 months ago

    I am getting more and more annoyed with the contempt the EU representatives talk about the British people. We voted to leave those who voted to stay were never informed there was going to be an EU arm yet now there is. Those who voted to stay were told it was not going to be a super state but now it is. We have also spotted over the years teh EU has sytematically been asset stripping our country to other EU countries. Icluding moving Transit production from the UK to a no EU country Turkey all with EU funding all the assets stripped lost British people jobs. The more they treat us like we are not worthy the more determind the people become to leave no deal. No second vote unless it has just two questions one "Theresa Mays deal" or "leave no deal." "The reamin in the EU" cannot be part of any people vote since the leave vote has already been done and this is only on selecting the deal.

  • Nicholas Woolfenden
    Nicholas Woolfenden 3 months ago

    Britain is an embarrassment. And the English trawlers backed away. Chicken.

  • Nicholas Woolfenden
    Nicholas Woolfenden 3 months ago

    How about dumping out. More suitable.

  • Fez
    Fez 3 months ago

    While China is on it's way to dominate the world, meanwhile the West is trying to break themselves apart. I am worried with the state of democracy becomes the real cause of this destruction.

  • Waaq Cir
    Waaq Cir 3 months ago

    1. Back stop is the only thing preventing a deal to be agreed.
    2. British people did not know consequence of LEAVE.
    3. EU not interested in weaking British Sovereignty.

  • peter dollins
    peter dollins 3 months ago

    Conspiracy? Trump made a dry test case run against the UK to support the Quitters (BREXIT.) See? . We had a vote in 1975 66% to Stay 33% to Quit. On arguments the Quitters sometimes use they need to accept the 75 vote as we were told it was for Ever. Remember? The 2016 vote was a scam driven by the Koch brothers with the 400 billionaires who support and follow them, Putin and his Trolls linked to Farage/Rees Mogg. (See The Devil's Bargain by Joshua Green, 'Dark Money' bt Jane Mayer, the reports of Carole Calladawr of the Guardian.) I lived in Extreme Right Countries as Spain 67 to spread the democratic word via the English Teaching Schools. I often nearly wept nights at the grimness of the poverty the depths of oppression. Any tension the Civil Guard were out in Valencia sub-machine guns waving. Children unconscious at seven from overwork, not sleeping, unconscious. People singing so sad in prisons there since 39 for voting for the Legal Republican Government, they were the lucky ones the less lucky were shot the less lucky again, tortured to death. Women, men children Civilians. (See Dictatorship Rules, Franco You-Tube.) The boredom of that State the apathy driven by fear to make people passive in their lives so they could only slump in misery frozen by fear I saw on the streets, repeatedly at the implied or direct threats Civil Guard: cowering eyes widening and clearly in disbelieving shock, still, from the civil War and its seemingly permanent dire effects..

  • Apple Sewer
    Apple Sewer 3 months ago

    I don't agree with the idea that because people didn't know the full consequences of what they were voting for, this justifies a second referendum, because the same could've been said had we remained in the EU. If things had gotten worse by remaining, the same argument could be stated; "The people weren't aware that this or that would happen by remaining, therefore a second referendum is justified".

  • Sarah Mcnally
    Sarah Mcnally 3 months ago

    There won't be a no deal because the EU politician's will run around like the little weasels they are at the last minute to sign a workable deal. The EU is a protectionist organisation that relys on blocking trade from outside the EU by tarrifs. That's gradual decline thinking. The UK has a real opportunity to have real free trade, too access markets that currently are too expensive due too tarriffs

  • Joon Park
    Joon Park 4 months ago

    Come and join us, like workaholic koreans. LoL
    Free choice and competition internationally haha

  • Rogan Bryan
    Rogan Bryan 4 months ago

    These are the sort of cretins we voted to rightly turn our backs on

  • Sconnie Panda
    Sconnie Panda 4 months ago


  • Robert Farnell
    Robert Farnell 4 months ago

    We have been sucker punched by traitor May, Send her to the Tower Right Now. We will be a Vassal State with no need for Politicians so they all need to resign now

  • Zouuu Bella
    Zouuu Bella 4 months ago

    She’s worst than May

  • Zouuu Bella
    Zouuu Bella 4 months ago

    What about us ? about culture ? about ..about ....stupid people talking only about economic ...

  • Vik Toly
    Vik Toly 5 months ago

    If Ireland and Scotland want to remain in the EU, why can't they just leave the UK? Or is the UKSSR dictating and robbing those countries their sovereignty? Maybe Ireland and Scotland should arrange a referendum wether or not to leave the UK or not.

  • M S
    M S 5 months ago

    I can’t stop laughing about the Torie. You wanted border control. The EU secures it land borders for decades with fences. Because politician like him want it. But if you are on the other side of the fence they should not do it?

  • Shaun Burns
    Shaun Burns 5 months ago

    You all sound so confident in your opinion that the UK is requesting special treatment or or something different to what had been agreed. The UK never signed up to the eu project. We joined the non political EEC. Since then year after year, more and more regulations and centralisation of laws are made in your Europe. If that’s what Europe wants then great, go for it. But it’s not something we ever agreed to. We’d like to control our own destiny, for better or worse.

  • ac3
    ac3 5 months ago

    The French politician ignores the fact France voted to leave the EU in its referendum - then the politicians of France had another referendum to get the right result - lol - French politicians spineless nothing’s changed -

  • Marcelo martin amaral
    Marcelo martin amaral 6 months ago

    BREXIT = United Ireland + Independent Scotland. As World Stocks Markets will Crash until 2019 , sell everything, Buy Gold and come to Enjoy Life in the Paradise of Búzios ( Rio de Janeiro - Brazil) with its sunny and wonderful Beaches (

  • Franz
    Franz 6 months ago

    It is ont about punishing anybody. If you want full access to the single market, you cannot have your own trade deals! It wold mean, that the UK lowers its tarrifs and goods are shipped through UK into the EU.

  • grip C
    grip C 6 months ago

    yipee boycott the kraut cars

  • James Howe
    James Howe 6 months ago

    The truth is that Brits do not want to live under a dictatorship , the Germans French Spanish and italians have all lived under dictators in recent times, because they haven't the brains or temprement to live in a true Democracy.

  • frank simba
    frank simba 6 months ago

    So you can make a deal with someone you are breaking up with ?

  • danni storm
    danni storm 6 months ago


  • Gerhard Olm
    Gerhard Olm 6 months ago

    These stupid British only now to realize what a brexit content.

  • Stanley Stewart
    Stanley Stewart 6 months ago

    I see a lot of negative comments regarding Brexit, this is what 17.4 million brits voted for , so let's see what happens because one thing I will say is that there won't be much if any fish on European tables , they will take their waters back & you french won't be able to throw rocks at a British fishing boat because you will be to far away, so you all better look for a new job as fishing won't pay lol ,

  • lundgsi 2
    lundgsi 2 6 months ago


  • Tina Patton
    Tina Patton 6 months ago

    The already Murdochized mass mind raped Brit mugs. Bought a BIG Crock o' Brex$hit from mi££ionaire spiv-thug frog-face Farage & Co Criminals laughing at them all the way with other UK/U$ BIG 'Bankster$' who CAUSED the '08 whole World financial crash, AND mid-East BIG mess MILLIONS dead including innocent kids. PLUS mass migrants crisis, AND Isis - ongoing unchecked!

  • rowdy roy
    rowdy roy 6 months ago

    i need friend who speak english

  • Barry Lacey
    Barry Lacey 6 months ago

    It’s a no deal the second you decided to leave
    It’s a deal for everyone else
    The British empire is falling to its nees royal family who?

  • ionut2790
    ionut2790 6 months ago


  • Tezok1878
    Tezok1878 6 months ago

    I was too young to vote in the 1970s. I was bound by that vote for virtually my entire life. I was denied a vote on Maastricht, on Lisbon. Those countries offered a vote were forced to vote again until they voted for what the EU wanted and then no follow on. I work in the bowels of a European project and see first hand what an absolute cluster it is. I believe in collaboration and I believe in teamwork; but when one team member thinks we are playing football and the other thinks it's hockey then all you achieve is getting people into a lather and no result. I voted leave not because I dislike Europeans; not because I am not a team player; not because I am afraid; not because I am insular. I voted leave because I believe that it is best for my family. Of course there will be a price to pay - a divorce is seldom without pain. For me, the pain will be worth it in the long run. Right now, like most people, I do not know what the future holds but I am willing to stride towards it. I am not afraid of the challenge; I relish it. Some people are looking for a detailed plan before they set off - they will be disappointed. We go in a general direction and we go together as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - the first union I think. If we can remain friends with the rest of Europe then I would like to. If the EU, which purports to look after the peoples of Europe, is so full of resentment and bile, as it appears right now, then I really am looking for a new friend.

  • Orhun zahiroğlu
    Orhun zahiroğlu 6 months ago

    Congragulations to british people. They will soon have a sovereign proper nation state. The Sun never sets on british empire !

  • Karl Hainer
    Karl Hainer 6 months ago

    A referendum is advisory - not mandatory. 52% - 48% is not even deliverable.

  • jano hora
    jano hora 6 months ago

    British are retards

  • kalaz
    kalaz 6 months ago

    Well to blame the EU for only giving 2 options makes it seem as if the EU forced UK to leave. But was it like that? I dont think so...
    The UK should be grateful that the EU even did proposals instead of just judging the UKs plans...

  • Roy Porter
    Roy Porter 6 months ago

    David Cameron, in his expensive handout which was delivered to the door of every household, made it clear that leaving the single market and the customs union would mean financial difficulties. The Leave Voters were not interested - The UK is their Country and they voted to get it back !

  • alex zannettou
    alex zannettou 6 months ago

    12:14 ''I don't actually think that fish understand national borders''? WHAT? WHAT? A fisherman can't just go and fish in another country's waters without a proper deal. That's the same thing with oil, minerals etc. What kind of nonsense is the media trying to promote? I get it, we don't want the UK leaving the EU because it will destabilize the whole system and Euro will plunge. But to show videos of some fishermen naval battle and blame it purely on the idea of UK leaving the EU is just ridiculous. Maybe UKIP is right, maybe the whole EU is a joke, maybe the EU is a dictatorship disguised as democracy.

  • George Frisky
    George Frisky 6 months ago

    Hello did U here yourself, u chose to leave that means u need to deliver it that,isn’t it?

  • Sir Curtis Seretse
    Sir Curtis Seretse 6 months ago

    That fight at sea was great. The French have learned nothing since Trafalgar.

  • Martin Carter
    Martin Carter 6 months ago

    The EU sell much more to the UK than the UK sells to the EU and the pressure is ‘ on ‘ for a free trade agreement

  • Martin Carter
    Martin Carter 6 months ago

    No deal the best deal with no more cash for the EU and immediate cuts in tariffs on food clothing & footwear

  • Steven Cray
    Steven Cray 6 months ago

    Out means OUT!

  • gabriel smith
    gabriel smith 6 months ago

    EU Slaves love bondage

  • SymonDymond
    SymonDymond 6 months ago +1

    No one wants a deal. Let us just get this done. On the board of 2 multinational countries. Spent almost 10 years restructuring European operations. Mainly reducing our Eurozone liabilities since the financial crisis. For the first time in a decade. I will get to go back to my own country as at least one plans to open 2 new fadcilities in Britain and list a formerly European centric subsidiary on the UK stock market. This can ONLY happen under a Canada or no deal scenario. As our one of our largest corporate clients put it. 'We deal with you for your competence, despite the EU, not because of it.' But I think that this is all irrelevant. The British people voted leave and in the main, couldnt care less. It would not be the first time British citizens have changed the course of Europe's history.

  • gregory boulineau
    gregory boulineau 6 months ago

    European parliament stands in strasbourg you idiot not in brussels

    • An Práta Draíochtúil
      An Práta Draíochtúil 6 months ago

      The European Parliament has three places of work - Luxembourg, Strasbourg and Brussels.

  • CharlieSpoons
    CharlieSpoons 6 months ago

    I think most brits can't wait to leave the EU. Sure we want to trade with our friends in Europe but we aren't interested in flags, armies, unelected leaders. The EU has already pumped €2.3trn into the block via QE, who's going to pay for that! The commonwealth has 53 countries and 2.4bn people. As leaders in finance and trade most in the know understand the opportunities open for global trade for the UK is hassle. The protectionist EU approach is same as Trump really. If you want to be part of this and are in the UK you are welcome, have a job here and have the skills we want and you'd be welcome. Otherwise get the skills and replay. The issues politically is king Macron and the EU council can't afford the UK to do better outside EU because other populist countries will want to follow suite (Italy, holland, Poland, Hungary to name just 4). Exciting times. We already know we have the Canada deal. Lets take that and show what we can do globally.

    • CharlieSpoons
      CharlieSpoons 6 months ago

      dude happy for you to educate me then rather than trolling. QE is where the central bank of a country loans the gov money in the form of bonds. interest on these bonds is paid to itself so can be ignored however the monies ARE included in total debt. case in point UK QE totals £400nb and no interest is really paid on this. The total UK Debt is £1.7 Trn and this include the 400nb QE.same applies for the Euro. Also happy for you to explain how a protectionist economy such that the EU has built is better then a open free trade global economy? Don't forget the UK has over 600 years of expertise in both international trade and international finance. It might help a little country like Latvia to be part of the EU but the reasons are much lower labour costs and untapped markets for the main EU countries as it might be for raising the standards of living for the population. Once that growth/demand is in balance focus movers onto the next developing nation to joint the EU machine. Anyhow like I said open to your self defined ecconomic wisdom mate.....

    • An Práta Draíochtúil
      An Práta Draíochtúil 6 months ago

      I don't think you understand how quantitative easing (or, judging by your comment, any economic principle) works.

    • CharlieSpoons
      CharlieSpoons 6 months ago

      Who on earth voted in the dim whits Theresa and Phillippe. The french attacked the brits who were legally fishing. They had a chance to resolve this in 2017 but the frenches decided to say no. It's incredible that folks believe this related to Brexit. It has NOTHING to do with it. FRANCE 24 and RT appear to be similar in bias reporting.

  • Mora Young
    Mora Young 6 months ago

    Catastrophic for EU because their perusable goods will rote in the lorries UK is a biggest market with lots of money; because of the British former colonies we can get cheaper and better products from else where. We can produce our own food like we overcame the Second World War. It will provide works for the British and it will be more jobs for the British, yes there would be hardship but, it is what we need to unite together and rebuild our GREAT GRAND BRITAIN, NO ESCATE OF WORK. 😁🙏🇬🇧❤️🌹😀🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿😁💕🥀🙏😄🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🥀😳😍💙😆😃😁🇧🇴💐😀😃😄😁😆look at Bolivia and Cuba doing much better, a success story that we need to emulate, BOLIVIA SUPERÁVIT SINCE EVO MORALES AND ALBARO TOOK OVER 12 years ego, we can have pharmaceuticals from Cuba much better medicine, a cut above the capitalist destructive pharmaceuticals industries. Changes are hard but they are necessary.

  • James dow
    James dow 6 months ago

    Cut the crap, it’s obvious all of the establishment is manoeuvring to create political and social anarchy to the point where they nominate “only a second referendum can resolve the deadlock and save the nation” ( ENGLAND 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿). That’s it folks the English require no remedial training in the art of political bastardisation, they own it in their own right.

  • Pabs Benedetto
    Pabs Benedetto 6 months ago +1

    The best deal possible is no deal

  • Sean Doran
    Sean Doran 6 months ago +1

    Dawn ..Scotland, mind your high words /letters ,cap S

  • Majster bez wąsa
    Majster bez wąsa 6 months ago

    I think that after 31 March 2019 europe will be flooded by a new wave of British illegal immigrants on pontoons

  • yanis584
    yanis584 6 months ago

    But after the 2nd referendum will there be the 3rd one?

  • fritz4345
    fritz4345 6 months ago +1

    Poor Brits. The former empire is going to be the next Cuba.

  • magtube90
    magtube90 6 months ago

    A divorce is rarely sweet.

  • Chad Leach
    Chad Leach 6 months ago

    "no deal" is just moving to WTO agreements and no huge payments to the EU.
    Then again a no deal situation that does not turn out to be Armageddon will just show remoaners as little more than a bunch of fear mongers.
    Arguably a wto agreement would be much worse for the eu than the uk since the either can be replaced with global trade.

  • X man
    X man 6 months ago

    The Eu nooo thanks.

  • bibi bibi
    bibi bibi 6 months ago

    the EU's biggest profit making industry is MONEY LAUNDERING! so why do any UK Policitians believe that the EU will want the UK to leave, They are making billions from UK's lenient policies-as the UK does not have a RULE OF LAW, it's governed by corruption-as you will all see on 15 October at 10.00am Holborn family court london-see you all there,I WOULD LIKE TO INVITE ALL, TO HOLBORN FAMILY COURT LONDON UK,how UK RULE OF LAW is manipulated,abused,misinterpreted-which includes their staff sending me 2 threatening letters to stop me from placing my claim

  • DP ie
    DP ie 6 months ago

    Let me state a few facts.
    1 Britain was always an uncomfortable member of the EU. Many historical, legal and ideological reasons to why it did not fit in very well.
    2. Ordinary middle class people have s suffered from too much cheap labor and migrants coming in push wages down and increasing cost of housing, health care and public services. Business owners may have benefited but ordinary low income workers have suffered.
    3. Many people in the EU and especially many British people dont like the centralized politics of Brussels where national independence is hollowed out by non-elected EU eurocrats.
    4. 2015 migration crisis was a major failure on the behalf of the EU. It clearly demonstrated that the EU is unable to control and protect its borders.
    5. EU has shown great flexibility when it comes to many important rules before....look at Greece, the Euro budget limits and debt to GDP, bank bail outs in Italy, Dublin and Schengen agreement during the 2015 migration crisis, German Diesel scandal, flexible agreement with Switzerland and Norway....the list goes on. It is clearly in both Britain and the EUs interest to find a flexible agreement-despite EUs current stance that they want to make an example of Britain leaving.
    6. Asking for yet another referendum until the people vote the correct way is simply insulting and non-democratic. It has already been done in the Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark etc. it is finally time to show that the people decide-not the EU politicians.
    7. Switzerland (where I live) and Norway are both doing exceptionally well outside of the EU. So can Britain.

    • 2Crassus Crassus
      2Crassus Crassus 6 months ago

      DP ie: " If Switzerland can, surely UK can as well. As long as EU is sensible."
      --Suppose there'll be a No Deal-Brexit --which is very likely-- and the UK (at least England) leaves the EU on March 29th, 2019.
      From then on, it is regarded by the 27-EU as a `third country´(tariffs), for which any EU Agreements are of no relevance anymore, i.e. the UK's international trading was subject to WTO rules(!)...(main rule: If a country makes trade concessions to another country, these concessions must be applied to all signatory states [most favored nation clause]).
      To regulate its future WTO status, the UK will then have to submit its own new commitment lists to the WTO listing its market access commitments. This requires the approval of all 164(!) WTO members... Wow!
      Whether and to what extent a trade agreement similar to that between the EU and Switzerland or Norway is possible will crucially depend on `how flexible´ the UK will be --for example, Switzerland as well as Norway strictly meet the "four fundamental freedoms of the European internal market"...
      The contractual status of Switzerland or Norway vs. the EU is also subject to a number of other conditions (easy to look up via google), which are for the UK --or what will be left after Brexit-- NOT acceptable from today's point of view! THAT's why I replied "NO"...

    • DP ie
      DP ie 6 months ago

      +2Crassus Crassus why not? If Switzerland can, surely UK can as well. As long as EU is sensible.

    • 2Crassus Crassus
      2Crassus Crassus 6 months ago

      DP ie: "Switzerland (where I live) and Norway are both doing exceptionally well outside of the EU. So can Britain." --NO, Britain cannot . As of April 2019, all of you will have to make this experience --learning the hard way, so to speak...

  • Kayz Photography
    Kayz Photography 6 months ago

    UK wants to eat the cake and have it too.

  • Donald Harvey
    Donald Harvey 6 months ago

    We are still willing to supply European with fish we just aren't selling out our Fisher men or our sea

  • Donald Harvey
    Donald Harvey 6 months ago

    It's the UK waters the fishing waters belong to our nations so the eu will not get to invade our fishing supple's

  • Donald Harvey
    Donald Harvey 6 months ago

    They always branded our nation as raise to bully our nation into the eu and that very bullying is why we now want the duck out let the eu keep there trade we care not

  • Donald Harvey
    Donald Harvey 6 months ago

    We all have to understand it will take some time to put Britain back on track till the UK sorts out trade with any eu market but we will not listen to any more fear mongerey if we must burst out of the eu then burst out we must

  • Vitabrick Snailslime
    Vitabrick Snailslime 6 months ago

    Can't help but think about Brer' Rabbit's encounter with the tar baby. He probably had a better time of it getting disentangled than the UK is experiencing with the EU. On the other hand, Brer' Rabbit could've just ignored the tar baby in the first instance.

  • daniel sheldrake
    daniel sheldrake 6 months ago

    People's Vote - Only options should be Canada Style free trade deal or NO Deal!

  • Chris Hudson
    Chris Hudson 6 months ago

    Why would the EU change any rules agreed by the EUP for citizens of 25 countries in order to appease the UK which voted to leave the EU. If a member of a local trade union is unhappy with paying dues and wants to leave , should all the members have to change the due paying rules to accomodate one member who has already decided to quit the union?
    what did the Brexiteers expect? you dug your own grave and the mortuary attendant was Nigel Farage, who misled, deceived, and lied to you. all.

  • Philip Butler
    Philip Butler 6 months ago

    04:00 the EU absolutely does not need to compromise - it is the UK that is leaving and trying to see if it can keep any privileges. The UK does not have the power to ensure that this happens. Welcome to Realpolitik.

  • Austin Lee
    Austin Lee 6 months ago

    United Kingdom, do you think you can present what make you to leave European union as a deal..??? Politics will kill united kingdom one day.. Political Correctness... Over knowing!!!

  • john crawford
    john crawford 6 months ago

    We must not take a bad deal, we will suffer for ever if that happens, we need to stay strong and eventually both sides will see sense.

  • MDJ
    MDJ 6 months ago +4

    Exactly! Slight majority voted to leave out of racist angry, and now feel the E.U. must agree to their terms. What are u brits crazy?!? It was a retorical question.

  • Andreas
    Andreas 6 months ago

    British waters for British fishermen. Fekoff EU.

    • Andreas
      Andreas 6 months ago

      its not the main reason. it seems you are the delusional one if thats what you think.

    • An Práta Draíochtúil
      An Práta Draíochtúil 6 months ago

      The fishing industry comprises

    • Martin Dornan
      Martin Dornan 6 months ago +1

      Scottish waters for Scottish fishermen.

  • Raymond Zammit
    Raymond Zammit 6 months ago +1

    if we accept the EU rules.......we will STILL BE IN THE EU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LEAVING IS LEAVING

  • Raymond Zammit
    Raymond Zammit 6 months ago

    The French are all arrogant self- opinionated race who hide behind the EU because they have no real strength as a nation

    • Raymond Zammit
      Raymond Zammit 6 months ago

      I have been to France many times and that opinion will never change. Do you not see what they did to the English fisherman was arrogant and self- opinionated? Since when is patriotism a crime. Another side of your argument is showing a lady who is worried about the price of her vegetables...REALY. I thought slavery was abolished.....not in the UK because of the Eu. A few stilted views, including your own, will not make any difference to the outcome. A Federal State will never work, try looking beyond the EU border, there's a big wide world out there believe or not, with new emerging markets, markets we can trade with without the constraints of the EU. British products are highly regarded world wide and sell themselves. We don't need the EU, but the EU needs Britain, why else would the EU make it so difficult for Britain to leave? The EU has €910 Billion of bad debt and it's getting bigger. The EU will collapse under the burden of debt and it will bring down any country thats has any affiliation including Britain if we don't leave now. Fiat money will always return to 0, it's written in the past history. Britain will be Great again outside of the EU.

    • Russell Savory
      Russell Savory 6 months ago

      An arrogant, self-opinionated race with no real strength as a nation? Well, let’s see, Boris Johnson, Jacob Whatzit and Nigel Nigel are yours right? No, not arrogant at all. 😆. Strength as a nation? You just voted to make yourselves West Virginia. Get a grip, man.

  • John The lion heart
    John The lion heart 6 months ago +1

    Haha we’re all doomed
    The quicker we get away from the EU the better

  • The right trader
    The right trader 6 months ago +35

    EU doesn't want UK anymore.
    UK wanted to keep the benefits of EU without the duties. well, dream on UK.

    • bam-skater
      bam-skater 6 months ago

      The EU is far more democratic than the UK. How is the House of Lords these days? How is it one nation(England) gets to tell another three(S, W + NI) when their sons are going to die on some godforsaken battlefield. Somewhat ironic that the United Kingdom is neither United nor a Kingdom!

    • Boere Herp
      Boere Herp 6 months ago

      :-) not even sure what you even mean by that. UK is in Europe as well grip...

    • grip C
      grip C 6 months ago

      weak europeans still cowards always cowards

    • Boere Herp
      Boere Herp 6 months ago

      And suzy, before you reply with more retarded comments, please read up and actually use facts.

  • GrndMstr1337
    GrndMstr1337 6 months ago

    It didn't take long for "they didn't know what they were voting for!!!!" point to come up did it? Bring on no deal in my opinion, a clean break. That way the EU can do its thing of closer integration without having to worry about the UK stopping it and the UK doesn't have to worry about EU directives interfering in our political process.

  • stewart lee
    stewart lee 6 months ago

    All the lies they are talking on here you French have a lot to learn about the British don't mistake our politeness with weakness most of the wealthy French have moved to London as for Brexit there will be only one winner and that will be the Brits you always know when the romoaners are lying they open there mouth

  • พิมพา สิงห์คํา

    The UK will be punished to deter others leaving and we will cower like dogs, anyway the amount of foreign folk here we might as well join the gulf States or Asian groups Dump the EU but we should demand the end to borders and go invest and rebuild third world countries included the middle east which we helped destroy.

  • Stephen Nicholls
    Stephen Nicholls 6 months ago

    That Theresa woman has got her head in the clouds. Backing the EU instead of Britain says it all. We absolutely KNEW what we were voting for and for these idiots to try and claim we didn't is an insult to the British people.!!!!!!!!

  • Ivor Tayler
    Ivor Tayler 6 months ago

    If you read into the hysteria created by the pro Europeans and the justifying stance that the UK and its entire people are making a fundamental mistake by wanting to leave the German/French EU party then you can only conclude that they are desperate to hang onto us for some bizarre reason? I for one voted out at any cost, the insufferable stench of the EU contaminates everything within itself, the UK can hold its head up high because once again we took a stance against Tyranny and we prevailed we are the catalyst that will cause the corruption that is the EU to crumble and I predict that Italy, Hungary and Poland will follow the UK out within 2 years.

  • Rys Rys
    Rys Rys 6 months ago +1

    junkur jewish alcoholic no more take money from uk pocket

  • Rys Rys
    Rys Rys 6 months ago +2

    no one now will buy german nazi cars haha

    • Rys Rys
      Rys Rys 6 months ago +1

      stupid? learn history idiot , bmw is nazi company

    • George State
      George State 6 months ago +3

      can't get more stupid than u ....

  • Ire4
    Ire4 6 months ago

    The EU lied from day 1, they always said it was never about political integration even though it always was. The 4th reich is what this is all about. Merkel realised Hitlers dreams.

  • IdleBoulder
    IdleBoulder 6 months ago

    I don't think the Europeans understand that we will make them leave our country if they do the same to UK citizens

  • Super Vortex
    Super Vortex 6 months ago

    who is the sexy redhead the french should have no say in our brexit...

  • Buddhi Dev
    Buddhi Dev 6 months ago +1

    No deal is better than the bad deal. No deal will base on the WTO rules.

    • Boere Herp
      Boere Herp 6 months ago

      26 of the remaining EU members are in WTO as well :-) I'd like to see you elaborate on how WTO will be better than a trade deal with free movement of goods.

  • Stern 00
    Stern 00 6 months ago

    I like it

  • Michael Rowsell
    Michael Rowsell 6 months ago +11

    Every country in Europe has sovereignty The EU is a trading block and every trading block has to have standards to trade with the rest of the world.

  • Blue Otter
    Blue Otter 6 months ago +11

    The referendum was not democracy - it was idiocracy - the voice of the idiots, ruled by the Daily Mail and the Sun and a dishonest assertion pasted on the side of a bus. I work with a large number of people who voted Brexit and who readily admit that they were swayed by those factors and now regret their vote.

  • Jack
    Jack 6 months ago

    Europe are terrified of the UK leaving why because 1 many countries will follow the UK if we leave leaving France and Germany on their own 2 / they will be stuck with the migrants who are destroying there countries look at France Germany Sweden Italy etc food wastage food bent or not perfect in shape destroyed to keep prices high

  • Jack
    Jack 6 months ago

    Labour clown talks rubbish the EU telling countries to have open door policies that is destroying Europe

  • Dwayne Watts
    Dwayne Watts 6 months ago

    Im seeing a lot of dumb foreigners making idiotic comments you are so blinded on the devastating effect a hard brexit will have on the eu and eu countrys. If the British have a hard brexit and stop all trade with Europe it will have a massive impact on Europe the german economy will fall as will france when we say no more german or french cars and other produce it will have a knock on effect but Britain meanwhile will be making new and better deals with non eu countrys while Europe shrinks to barely anything at all and you wont have any say whatsoever who we trade with you will also lose an important allie bare in mind Europes military is extremely weak and will be vonourable and dont expect help from Britain also we could very easily take back our waters using our navy to protect them to benifit our own economy and fisheries leaving Europe to rott in there own swallah. The eu is against democracy all countrys should have there own laws and not be dictated by nazis. Poland hungry Italy are waking up to this and other countrys will follow suit. Watch this space.

    • Dwayne Watts
      Dwayne Watts 6 months ago

      Of course it doesn't but it is a big industry in germany and then of course theres other probucts aswell we buy from germany and france is another who makes cars and again we buy lots of produce from france so dont try telling me that is will have no impact of course it will and its not even your fault or the uks its the idiots irunning the eu and merkal saying we should be punished as if any of europe could even do anything anyway lol.

    • An Práta Draíochtúil
      An Práta Draíochtúil 6 months ago

      Do you seriously think automobile manufacturing solely for the British market is the raison d'être of the entire German economy?