Senna: Shadow’s Embrace | Champion Animated Trailer - League of Legends

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • Those trapped in darkness need light the most.
    Music by Riot Music Team. Additional production by The Crystal Method.
    Animation by Digic Pictures.
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  • Eni Harizi
    Eni Harizi 38 minutes ago +1

    OMG the youtube video's graphics are better than the game

  • Chill Ninja
    Chill Ninja Hour ago

    OH MY GOD EVEN RIOT FORGOT THAT LUCIAN HAS A TINY BEARD ON HIS ORIGINAL SPLASH ART ....or did he shawed for a fight with thresh ?

  • Kp Yang
    Kp Yang Day ago

    Plot twist: Senna was Neeko all along.

  • tomato884
    tomato884 Day ago

    finally Lucian can nut again

  • Nameless Ghost
    Nameless Ghost 2 days ago +1

    Senna, the warrior of justice.

  • Пушистый Алкаш


  • Yama Kazi
    Yama Kazi 5 days ago

    Grab the lantern he said
    It will save me he said

  • Andrew Clarke
    Andrew Clarke 6 days ago +1

    a league animation without Kata or Zed? this is a first

  • DaRk PhaNtoM
    DaRk PhaNtoM 7 days ago +1

    That what happind When enemy team thresh build critic and lucian ap

  • Leone
    Leone 7 days ago

    Thresh adc be like:

  • N8 The Great
    N8 The Great 7 days ago +1

    1:25 gets me hyped every time!😆
    She's so fun to play too😊

  • Park Dohun
    Park Dohun 8 days ago

    No. Put her back

  • Nova Mug
    Nova Mug 8 days ago +5

    This is how a trailer should be unlike mobile legends

    • Great Warrior
      Great Warrior 5 days ago

      look at LoL's first animations and look at ML's.

  • victor ynciarte
    victor ynciarte 9 days ago

    lo ame .. por fin lucian se reune con su amor

  • Deniz Kutsal Özgen
    Deniz Kutsal Özgen 9 days ago

    Threshhh reisss adamsın

  • elizabeth cinco
    elizabeth cinco 9 days ago

    I hate my teamate thresh becuase he is using q in none of the enemys 😠

  • Stoevd21
    Stoevd21 10 days ago

    Lucian is a good guy.

  • Tresh Estrella Oscura
    Tresh Estrella Oscura 10 days ago

    Mi Rework.. Ser acerca!

  • Nika Obolashvili
    Nika Obolashvili 11 days ago

    The ending was beautiful

  • JDT
    JDT 11 days ago

    @1:58 EXTRA T H I C C

  • brad sende
    brad sende 11 days ago

    0:49 “look into my eyes”

  • Daniel Badra
    Daniel Badra 11 days ago


  • #P#A#C#L#A#L
    #P#A#C#L#A#L 11 days ago

    And it turned out that Thresh was the good guy at the end!

  • Hamburg_
    Hamburg_ 11 days ago

    Lol Riot, how about Garen and Kat ?

  • Lancelot
    Lancelot 11 days ago


  • Алпамыс Адильбеков

    Когда выйдет лол пж скажите очень хочу на смартфоне сыграть

  • FreeGlow
    FreeGlow 12 days ago

    *Thresh Is Not Amused*

  • alin teroarea daneza
    alin teroarea daneza 12 days ago +1

    This trailer has been inspired a lot from one of 300 battle scene. xD

  • Lagra King
    Lagra King 13 days ago

    I love you riot

  • Özcan Demir
    Özcan Demir 13 days ago

    Lucian = Arya Stark

  • mood
    mood 13 days ago

    why he make ad thresh???

  • Job Sierra
    Job Sierra 13 days ago

    Que buen video y epica entrada a la nueva personaje

  • BoomBgTv
    BoomBgTv 13 days ago +1

    400K LIKES 10 MILL VIEWS 🔥😍

  • No one
    No one 14 days ago

    Probably some champion who is not yet released escaped and did not get sucked back in the lantern so can't wait for some shadow isles champ :D

  • Edoardo Guzzi
    Edoardo Guzzi 14 days ago

    When will you make a hack n slash RPG of league of legend with this graphics?

  • Cerberus
    Cerberus 14 days ago

    Put her back pls too broken

  • iReacT
    iReacT 14 days ago

    There's only one lesson in this video..


  • Cyberization
    Cyberization 15 days ago +1

    Senna's gun is a copy of Zarya's design from Overwatch...

    • Khang Nguyen
      Khang Nguyen 11 days ago +1

      Eh no, they both are BFG, that’s it. If you say any BFG is Zarya’s rip-off, then the Doom Guy’s original BFG is a rip-off also.

  • Dominik Oscar Javůrek

    OMFG that was awesom I must gat Senna And also read more abouth her...👌👌

  • Inrva Luxington
    Inrva Luxington 15 days ago

    Awhhhhhh my dog got his girl back

  • Panophobia
    Panophobia 15 days ago +3

    So will Lucian give thresh his bike back now?

  • Jolee Green
    Jolee Green 15 days ago +39

    i just realized the beginning of the video is where the video “the climb” ends.

  • LepoQ
    LepoQ 16 days ago


  • Jim Kuo
    Jim Kuo 16 days ago

    Moira, is that you?

  • Ellie _
    Ellie _ 16 days ago +13

    Why is nobody talking about the fact that she is really beautiful?

  • Sylveon Pokemon
    Sylveon Pokemon 16 days ago

    CLOSE TO 500k LIKE
    We can do this
    Edit: i meant 400k

  • Expander
    Expander 16 days ago +2

    Lucian is such a cool champ, as I remember he was the first one to have some advanced sidestepping adaptive animations.
    The lore with Thresh is also very engaging, and seeing a CGI Thresh is super amazing!
    Oh and Senna's design and looks are spot-on.

  • Marta bo tak
    Marta bo tak 16 days ago

    there's gonna be Lucian buff

  • Dusan Bursac
    Dusan Bursac 17 days ago

    Thres is our hero. He was creeping this monstrosity locked for good reason and Lucian unleashes it upon us...

  • IVIaksassin
    IVIaksassin 17 days ago

    so Lucian can now give back Thresh's bike

  • 라쿠니YouTuBe
    라쿠니YouTuBe 17 days ago


  • FullCaber
    FullCaber 17 days ago +1

    srly want to see more shadow iles so badly maybe even the king who started the whole shinanigans in there

  • FullCaber
    FullCaber 17 days ago

    But when will Fiddlestick and malphite get some Proper SCREEN TIME Wryeeee

  • bepis
    bepis 17 days ago

    Should have a voice line for Senna ADC with Thresh support that when she grabs Thresh's lantern she says something about it.

  • Rob
    Rob 18 days ago

    I just noticed that this cinematic is a direct continuation to the 2018 "Climb" ending.

  • GdybyKózkaKwiecieńPlecień ToByŚlimakTakBógKubie

    Finally I have a main.

  • ayeron
    ayeron 18 days ago

    ah, yes. after 7 years of manga and 1 year of anime waiting, episode two is finally out.

  • John Carl Pesa
    John Carl Pesa 18 days ago +1

    In the video: Senna: "Ha! I can block your hook, monster!"
    *In the game: Thresh: "LMAO! I can hook anyone even you cast your silly Q."*
    *Senna: "Aw, s**t."* 🤦‍♀️🤣

  • BoomBgTv
    BoomBgTv 18 days ago

    400 000 LIKES 🔥

  • v3rnik
    v3rnik 18 days ago

    Lucian my life!