‘Chef’ Thinks That Cold Water Boils Faster Than Hot Water | Hell's Kitchen

  • Published on May 1, 2018
  • To quote Gordon: “What?!”
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  • Y U
    Y U 23 hours ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 so thats like saying, in winter if you are freezing to death just jump in the freezer, it will warm you up quicker lol

  • Electro_Yellow
    Electro_Yellow Day ago

    Come on shes Asian!

  • Max Steel
    Max Steel 3 days ago +2

    *"I thought cold water, was supposed to boil faster than hot water."*
    *Now, THAT, is a rare gem.*

  • Devil Gargosha
    Devil Gargosha 13 days ago

    1:52 i've never seen a living repellent before.. instant be gone !!

  • i'm a girl
    i'm a girl 14 days ago

    Season 1 nostalgia

  • ǝɯʇoq
    ǝɯʇoq 14 days ago

    Just why
    That's like saying failing school sends you to a better college

  • Afshin The Great
    Afshin The Great 18 days ago +2

    *Cold water* will be *absorbing heat faster while it is still cold;* *once it gets up to the temperature of hot water,* the *heating rate slows down* and from there it *takes just as long to bring it to a boil as the water that was hot to begin with.* Because it takes cold water some time to reach the temperature of hot water, *cold water clearly takes longer to boil than hot water does.*

  • James Upton
    James Upton 19 days ago +7

    I actually think that one flummoxed even Gordon Ramsay. There's just no way years of experience could prepare you for that.

  • Awkward Ness
    Awkward Ness 21 day ago +2

    The mpemba effect is where hot water freezes faster than cold water, it's a phenomenon that scientists are struggling to explain but there is evidence to back up.
    The same can be said for the reverse - cold water boils quicker than hot water, it shows that the 'chef' is actually a lot smarter than all of you :) xx

    • Awkward Ness
      Awkward Ness 19 days ago

      @DarkraiKing okay well I guess I'm just trying to say to everyone else ridiculing poor nino, she isn't just an absolute idiot she has some reason behind what she said, even if it's wrong

    • DarkraiKing
      DarkraiKing 19 days ago

      Awkward Ness looked it up, every source says no. And it makes sense. The hot water water is already at higher temp, and thus takes less time to get to a higher temp, cold water needs the energy it takes to get to the hot water, and then more to boil. It’s basic temperature differential. I learnt that stuff in high school

  • Does this Matter?
    Does this Matter? 27 days ago

    Wendy is a goddess

  • Hedrhick Leyma
    Hedrhick Leyma Month ago

    that title is killing me

  • Orion Xavier
    Orion Xavier Month ago

    I heard this joke at work about his reaction to the idea of boiling cold water was faster, and my first thought was that hot water is often run through a water softener which adds sodium/salt. Thus raising the boiling point.
    However as it turns out, the amount of salt added by a water softener has no significant impact on raising the boiling point, as you would need 50 times the amount just to raise it about 1/2 a degree.

  • BMT
    BMT Month ago

    To be fair, that's an old wives tale, but one which no chef should hold true.

  • FacelessDeviant
    FacelessDeviant Month ago

    To be honest, topping it off with warm tap water could be bad from a health standpoint. Warm water is more likely to leech heavy metals from the pipes and shouldn't be used for food.

  • John Huysentruyt
    John Huysentruyt Month ago

    Cold water will technically heat faster than warm water, however sense it starts off colder it will get to the boiling point slower.

  • John Jack
    John Jack 2 months ago

    She mixed that up. hot water is supposed to freeze faster than cold water

  • Viktor Atanasow03
    Viktor Atanasow03 2 months ago

    Ofcourse it was the ugly ass asian bitch with the black pimple on her shitty face

  • The Wild Dinkus!
    The Wild Dinkus! 2 months ago

    You know you need to shut the fuck up when Gordon tells you to stop yelling

  • PanicSwitches
    PanicSwitches 2 months ago


  • Jack Larson
    Jack Larson 2 months ago

    Hey Ramsey, how do you boil water?

  • Star Frost
    Star Frost 2 months ago

    I know she is wrong but here is a point that might make you think twice about it being the worst idea. If she had used hot TAP water here in the US, which I assume is where this was filmed, in any other situation you would be using water from your hot water heater. I understand if Chef has little or no experience with these archaic monsters but everyone without long term fluoride poisoning in this country knows to never use hot tap water. Now if he was referring to 'on demand' hot water systems, which I would hope he is then thats a horse of a different color.
    TL;DR In the US, the hot water tap is for dish washing ONLY unless you have an on-demand hot water system.

  • Nikola Petrov
    Nikola Petrov 2 months ago

    I have seen this before. Funny tho

  • billyBk91
    billyBk91 2 months ago

    chick logic

  • what what
    what what 2 months ago

    Scientifically, cold water drops temperature faster than hot water. But that doesnt mean that cold water boils faster that hot water.

  • Christopher Rule
    Christopher Rule 2 months ago +2

    Given that hot water freezes faster than cold water (Mpemba effect), it’s not as stupid as people make out that she got confused.

  • Buntaichō Saber
    Buntaichō Saber 2 months ago

    2:16 From left to right we have a Lvl 1 Crook, a Lvl 35 Boss, and a Lvl 99 God-tier Boss

  • Sebas The wildcard
    Sebas The wildcard 2 months ago

    I wonder what’s the story of the chef with Gordon they chance it’s this lady then later on it was a bald guy and a lady what are they? Do they get fired? I hope not

  • Grace Z
    Grace Z 2 months ago

    Common sense has left the kitchen. 🤦

  • Unemi Ryune
    Unemi Ryune 2 months ago

    M E - murican education

  • G. Gibson
    G. Gibson 2 months ago +1

    From my 3 years of expert experience in college, i can tell you, cold blocks of ice boil faster than cold water or hot water. I prepare cup noodles in 40 seconds and is ready to eat in another 20 seconds.

  • Ray Blackburn Outdoors
    Ray Blackburn Outdoors 2 months ago

    HAHAHAHAHAHA No! but under certain circumstances hot water does freeze faster than cold water but water at 140 degrees from a boiler will boil much faster than 60 degree water from a cold water faucet LOL

  • Michael Marach
    Michael Marach 2 months ago

    Every time I see clips from season 1 I keep thinking about just how different a show hells kitchen was from the first season vs all the rest. Most of the contestants in season 1 would be cooking circles around the people in other seasons. But other seasons seem more human, and Gordon seems...MORE. The way I think about it is that season 1 is like Gordon teaches chefs how to cook professionally. And the other seasons are Gordon teaches amateurs how to be chefs.

  • J. Nicolosi
    J. Nicolosi 2 months ago

    That side eye at 2:30 😠😒 (do NOT disrespect those two chefs! I’m more scared of them than of Gordon)

  • Mathew Mungra
    Mathew Mungra 2 months ago


  • Jonathan Cook
    Jonathan Cook 3 months ago

    My gf just said the same idiotic shit and that's why I'm here

  • pumpumpum pumpumpum
    pumpumpum pumpumpum 3 months ago

    I had same reaction as chef gordon

  • Czapla
    Czapla 3 months ago

    0:43 this guy have the exact same voice as murdoc from Gorillaz xD

  • Sohan Daivik
    Sohan Daivik 3 months ago +1

    cold water increases temperature faster than hot water increases its temperature to a certain point till where it becomes 'hot water' and then it just boils at the same rate as got water...but hot water is obviously better to use.

  • TidalWavesLion
    TidalWavesLion 3 months ago

    My mother and my school's cooking classes were wrong! I had to learn this from my father and he's not a professional.

  • Toxic
    Toxic 3 months ago

    NA Education

  • GrimDeath 8
    GrimDeath 8 3 months ago +1

    I honestly question how they even passed science class

  • Marcello Mercuri
    Marcello Mercuri 3 months ago

    I’ve heard that too. She’s not the only one.

  • Paper Please
    Paper Please 3 months ago

    Dumbass misinterpreted the mpemba effect

  • Gonzales Frederic
    Gonzales Frederic 3 months ago

    Hot water freezes faster than cold water, but indeed hot water boils faster than cold water. Amazing fact, it was a Tanzanian cook that found out that hot water freezes faster than cold water. By hot, understand warm. Not seething.

    AKRAM A. A. AL-KHAZZAR 4 months ago

    the first season was boring and poor

  • Sam Fischer
    Sam Fischer 4 months ago

    OK just to clear it up Hot water freezes faster then cold water.... Maybe he mixed something up?

  • Gordon Schnick
    Gordon Schnick 4 months ago

    My experience is water takes the same time to boil, regardless of the temperature.

  • Slim Shady
    Slim Shady 4 months ago +2

    Me -
    Umm, okay Veda. Enough internet for today. The last thing you want to do is fail in Science. Trust me.
    Also me -
    I might fail in all the subjects, but nothing will stop me from staying up all night and watching Gordon's videos.

  • ImfamousWarrior
    ImfamousWarrior 4 months ago

    That Jeff dude can’t keep his mouth shut huh

  • Chris de
    Chris de 4 months ago

    I wish scientists were allowed to bitch slap stupidity out of people.

  • Thot Slayer Thomas
    Thot Slayer Thomas 4 months ago

    I’m disappointed to be a human being

  • John David
    John David 4 months ago

    Gordon was like *WHAAAAT?*

  • Canadian Racing League
    Canadian Racing League 4 months ago

    I've had arguments over this with sous chefs and made them start with a pot of hot and a pot of cold. They never argued again.

  • Stupidty aufYT
    Stupidty aufYT 4 months ago

    Most american statement ever.

  • Cubbies34
    Cubbies34 4 months ago

    It’s true. Cold water also boils faster than boiling water

  • M.G Adventures
    M.G Adventures 4 months ago

    "whAt" 2:50

  • Sensei Yeet
    Sensei Yeet 4 months ago

    She is stupid

  • Owen McPhee-Keath
    Owen McPhee-Keath 4 months ago

    I guess sound reaches you faster if you are farther away too.

  • deathendz
    deathendz 4 months ago


  • Stanley Yelnats
    Stanley Yelnats 4 months ago


  • shifllamo momoka
    shifllamo momoka 4 months ago

    memer: **makes a sarcastic joke**
    stupid people: um aCTUALLy

  • Rohan Sandhu
    Rohan Sandhu 4 months ago +1

    2:50 Bruh.

  • kyle Thall
    kyle Thall 4 months ago

    Luke warm water does boil faster than hot water.... its molecular science

  • K- -G
    K- -G 4 months ago

    He clearly did not study chemistry and if he did he didn’t touch entropy or rates of reaction at all😴

  • KenC
    KenC 4 months ago

    lol i thought asians were smart

  • Konrad Cavebear
    Konrad Cavebear 4 months ago

    Cold water starts heating up faster than hot. Hot water won't be effected if the stove is colder than it

  • Isaac Huege de Serville

    You forgot to preheat the water.

  • Jordan Wheeler
    Jordan Wheeler 4 months ago

    I was always taught that cold water boiled faster and that NEVER made sense to me and I don’t understand how me dad still believes it I was probably 7 and he says this and I look at him weird and he acts like IM the bonkers one. Christ.

  • Pablo gomez
    Pablo gomez 4 months ago

    Till I watched this video, I’ve always poured cold water for boiling,🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • Our Club
    Our Club 4 months ago

    But... Where's the lamb sauce?

  • Dave Sprike
    Dave Sprike 4 months ago

    However the opposite is True. Hot water freezes faster than cold water and the phenomenon is called Mpemba effect

  • James Hatfield
    James Hatfield 4 months ago +1


  • Tomek Allen
    Tomek Allen 4 months ago

    Boiling water freezes faster than cold water so suck on that n00bs

  • Bonfire5th
    Bonfire5th 5 months ago

    Great awnser lol

  • Karl Zimmer
    Karl Zimmer 5 months ago

    "Cold water boils faster." WHAT! A chef should know that is incorrect. Basic physics! "You cannot change the laws of physics, warm water takes less time to boil!!"

  • Bruce Brock
    Bruce Brock 5 months ago

    That lady neda.to.shut the.f928 up wow the dude is ok

  • Anthony Warrick
    Anthony Warrick 5 months ago

    Hot water freezes faster than cold ..that’s where the confusion comes from people are jut conflating the two

  • Pat2296
    Pat2296 5 months ago

    That has nothing to do with cooking. A child or a moron would know hot water gets hotter faster than cold. A chef who literally cannot boil water. Wow.

  • Samal Sachin
    Samal Sachin 5 months ago


  • Kaian凯安
    Kaian凯安 5 months ago

    I don't know how Gordon does it. Working with people who are that delusional and ignorant would make me want to chargrill my soul

  • Typical Variety
    Typical Variety 5 months ago

    What kind of human being thot, would think that *COLD* *WATER* can *BOILS*

  • Comrade Stalin
    Comrade Stalin 5 months ago

    Ayyyy chef Mike is back

  • dog
    dog 5 months ago

    that asian chef at 2:14 tried to look like she was gonna do something AHAHAHAHHAHA

  • Jordan Austin
    Jordan Austin 5 months ago

    Idk why that female sous chef (?) started getting up in that guys face, like stop acting all tough ahahhahahah

  • Tez .W
    Tez .W 6 months ago

    Both my ma & sis tryd gangin up me sayin this!
    I laughed & thought of this

  • Vetnurselife
    Vetnurselife 6 months ago

    Raw water cooks faster than cooked water

  • H@ker!
    H@ker! 6 months ago

    The HOT water is FREEZING faster. Not the cold boiling faster.

  • therapy188
    therapy188 7 months ago

    Anyone else notice how that female chef was bullying that guy and how everyone was about to destroy him for defending himself?

  • Extreme Trash
    Extreme Trash 7 months ago

    Surely this isnt true

  • Pee pee Gang
    Pee pee Gang 7 months ago

    That is as bad as microwaving a salad

  • BreakfastGun
    BreakfastGun 7 months ago

    1985: We're gonna have flying cars in 2015!
    2018: Cold water boils faster than hot water.

  • tatsuo71
    tatsuo71 7 months ago

    When I cook rice, I use hot water so that it will cook faster. My girlfriend at the time didn’t believe me because she thought the rice cooker is on a timer.

  • Kate Juri Castañeda
    Kate Juri Castañeda 7 months ago +4

    Wendy: I thought cold water was supposed tp boil faster than hot water
    Ramsey: whaaaat?
    Help I’m crying 😂😂😂😂

  • Gurprem Singh
    Gurprem Singh 7 months ago

    She's not completely wrong, the rate of increase in temperature is higher in cold water due to temperature difference but that doesn't mean it will take less time.

  • RVGENomini
    RVGENomini 7 months ago

    Did you know that the inside of your microwave is fucking made out of metal?

  • Robert Paris209
    Robert Paris209 7 months ago


  • Mega Bucks
    Mega Bucks 7 months ago +1

    Lol cold water boil faster

  • Rachewett A
    Rachewett A 7 months ago

    What? Lmao at his look of disbelief.

  • jovan tan
    jovan tan 8 months ago

    I mean, cold water heats up faster, but it reaches boiling point at a later point than hot water.

  • James Field
    James Field 8 months ago

    I find wet water heats faster than dried water