The 2019 Aston Martin Vantage Is a $185,000 True Sports Car

  • Published on Sep 20, 2018
    The 2019 Aston Martin Vantage is a real sports car -- and it's expensive, with a base price of around $150,000. Today I'm reviewing the new Aston Martin Vantage and I'm going to show you around the 2019 Vantage and show you everything you need to know about the Vantage.
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  • Charles Fredericks
    Charles Fredericks 13 hours ago

    Press every button spoil it man let James Bond ride it.

    JOSEF BORG 2 days ago

    The coordinates display is what you give to the nine-one-one operator so she could send you help and it's also useful to give to your drug dealer when you are not in an area of town that has a legitimate address! :-)

  • Nash Rambler
    Nash Rambler 2 days ago

    Doug, you couldn’t have found something better wear when driving a car like this? 🤣

  • Maddingo
    Maddingo 4 days ago

    This car would be the last car I would buy if I had 200.000€ extra. Damn it's ugly and bland compared to it's rivals.

  • WingChun Dallas
    WingChun Dallas 4 days ago

    So I'm going to go out on a Limb and say Doug went to Emory University, which would explain a lot....Emory is like the Harvard of the South.......Between Vanderbilt University and Emory, they're both very Ivy Leauge-ish schools......Doug is the type of Guy that's a nerd lol in a good way. He looks like a cross between Brent Spinner from star trek and steve martin lol

  • JR Gb
    JR Gb 5 days ago

    Looks far superior to the DB these days.

  • vishan singh
    vishan singh 7 days ago

    They put coordinates just in case bond wants to know

  • Prince Matlakala
    Prince Matlakala 7 days ago

    I think James Bond would care about the coordinates!😅

  • Ben Anderson
    Ben Anderson 8 days ago

    Doug is the type of guy who attempts an English accent and falls flat on his face. Why do Americans think that if you are English, you speak either like the Queen, or a Victorian cockney street urchin?

  • Ben Anderson
    Ben Anderson 8 days ago

    Best of British, exhaust sounds like a raging bull

  • Jakaŭ ישראל
    Jakaŭ ישראל 9 days ago

    4:21 What type of model is the green Aston in the back?

  • Calum Champion
    Calum Champion 10 days ago

    That left hand to open the door is apparently encouraged in many countries. Specifically the Netherlands (lots of cyclists), they are naturally taught to open the door with the hand not nearest to the door to encourage looking behind them to prevent opening on a cyclist.

  • iliftbro
    iliftbro 15 days ago

    where do you get 95 gas from??

  • Avijith Mahi
    Avijith Mahi 16 days ago

    Interior would’ve been better I guess.

  • The Muckler
    The Muckler 16 days ago

    Reminds of the Nike aqua sox shoes from years ago

  • Magnator Wins
    Magnator Wins 17 days ago

    This car is a HUGE NO for me. It's nice but it doesn't worth the price tag, $185k is a bit too much for a car that small.

  • k i n g B A B Y
    k i n g B A B Y 17 days ago

    If I am spending $200k on a freakin automobile, I don’t expect to have a bunch of parts from other car manufacturers. WTF?

    • k i n g B A B Y
      k i n g B A B Y 17 days ago

      Fortunately, that’s not EVER going to be a concern for my broke ass🤣

  • seinfan
    seinfan 17 days ago

    To be rich and buy a toy like this car.

  • Jose Eliseo Gutierrez
    Jose Eliseo Gutierrez 17 days ago

    Buttons are really nice, I’m sure driving this car at night seems like a cockpit of a plane with a lot of lights on the button lighting up

  • vpa0
    vpa0 20 days ago

    yes, if you open the left door with right hnd, your body will turn. its a good habit to take.

  • F17
    F17 22 days ago

    Can you please make a video of a 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Red Eye Widebody.

  • Jeff Parr
    Jeff Parr 22 days ago

    It’s on gta

  • Doubting Rich
    Doubting Rich 23 days ago

    The same lady inspected the engine of this car as the 2018 Vanquish S you tested.
    As for physical buttons: the US Navy has just announced that it is removing touch screens to go back to physical buttons. You can be pretty sure they have good reasons.

  • Mark Chippendale
    Mark Chippendale 23 days ago

    Did you actually say us Brits drive on the right? We don't. We do, however, drive from the Right seat!

  • moman108
    moman108 24 days ago +1

    Doug the type of guy to tell you to break the law by removing the bumper-etts

  • Mauricio Emanuel Castillo

    !!!Que Buen auto Tiene¡¡¡

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein 25 days ago

    I like this more than amg gt simply because it is an aston

  • Deja Voodoo
    Deja Voodoo 25 days ago +1

    Doug is the type of guy who doesn’t read the comments section

  • Luis Servin
    Luis Servin 27 days ago

    Just beautiful, i dont care if its not one of the fastest it just so perfectlly design

  • Julius Adams
    Julius Adams 27 days ago

    I still think the Lexus LC 500 is a much better car

  • Craig Tucker
    Craig Tucker 29 days ago

    min 90 ron es espanol

  • Adolfo Hernandez
    Adolfo Hernandez Month ago

    Doug is the type of guy that goes on vacation and packs 5 cargo shorts and 1 pair of cargo pants for formal occasions

  • Idontlikethatshit
    Idontlikethatshit Month ago

    I rented one in Las Vegas in a color called Lime Essence..I truly recommend it

    • bart gregory
      bart gregory Month ago

      Sounds refreshing.......innit!!!!!!!

  • Olivers_ Rage
    Olivers_ Rage Month ago

    When the Aston xxhaust note sounds more AMG than a AMG

  • CharlieFryer
    CharlieFryer Month ago

    This is amongst the top 5 best looking cars ever made and that's that on that.

  • Taj Martin
    Taj Martin Month ago


  • The Sprawl
    The Sprawl Month ago

    I actually think this is one of the least attractive Astons of recent times...and yet it's still vastly more beautiful than pretty much any other car out there.

  • The Sprawl
    The Sprawl Month ago

    Is anyone crazy enough to claim that Aston DON'T make the most beautiful cars in the world?

  • The Therion
    The Therion Month ago +1

    185.000 and you get a 6 year old infotainment system? Insulting...

  • Ralph Necor
    Ralph Necor Month ago

    Love the Rims❤

  • pedro passament
    pedro passament Month ago +2

    Please review the Vuhl 05 RR.

  • Luis Gustavo Kawahara
    Luis Gustavo Kawahara Month ago +1

    the Geo-coordinates probably would be useful at the salt planes

  • god
    god Month ago

    car ugly as hell🤣🤣

  • baby shplihg
    baby shplihg Month ago

    Favourite car still

  • vondior
    vondior Month ago

    Shitty enterior awesome car

  • Robert Fox
    Robert Fox Month ago +1

    So the hot updated Aston is filled with past generation Mercedes controls.

    • callum bennett
      callum bennett 24 days ago

      That's one of the terms of the partnership between Aston and Mercedes.

  • MCSalamouny
    MCSalamouny Month ago +1

    I don't know. But I prefer Google maps than navigation system.

  • baron Joahim von Munchausen

    When we expecting a new car
    "De Muro"...
    Ill explain exactly same way
    As Doug:" This is a De Muro..."

  • The Prophecy Cat
    The Prophecy Cat Month ago

    Mercedes used Nissans pick up to build their ute.
    Toyota used BMW to build the Supra.
    Aston Martin used Mercedes to build their supercar.
    Wtf, tomorrow I'll buy a Ferrari built by Daihatsu

  • Lixs Unknown
    Lixs Unknown Month ago

    It looks like a fish

  • Hey Man
    Hey Man Month ago +2

    Ugly british people do not have taste for care creation.
    Japan still number one!

  • Rampant Lion
    Rampant Lion Month ago

    The chief of design at Aston Martin claims the doors opening upward is for clearing curbs. Mimicking wings is a pleasant by-product.

  • jahudini
    jahudini Month ago

    4 a 100&80+ they forgot to move the hood lash? Seriously?

  • alextheromanian
    alextheromanian Month ago

    so bored of seeing supercars and million dollar crap.
    its boring man...ofcourse you can go for the moon with the budget these companies have.
    what i find most interesting is companies that do value for money crap and get creative with stretching a dollar.
    these are just....things most of us will never even see on the road in our lifetimes.
    remember when kids used to have lambo posters in their room?
    none of these multi million dollar supercars are as cool as those coutaches were back then.

  • Santiago Salom
    Santiago Salom Month ago


  • No Libtard
    No Libtard Month ago +1

    19:24 Sure you can use it, *as soon as you are in Germany*

  • Michael Ross Pearson

    To sum it up, its a Merc!

  • Mervic Shaju
    Mervic Shaju Month ago

    2:15 in Britain, we drive on the left actually...

    • KeNnY 21
      KeNnY 21 Month ago

      You drive on the right side of the car, is what he meant.

  • polyverse1
    polyverse1 Month ago

    Doug is the type of guy to give a funeral a doug score.

  • Sandra Klein
    Sandra Klein Month ago +1

    What a beauty! Very similar to the body of the Jag; one of my other favorite cars