I Became a GOD TITAN with 1,000,000,000 POWER.. (Roblox)

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
  • Have you ever wanted to know what a GOD TITAN looks like in Roblox? Today we're answering that question in the game Giant Simulator Roblox. You're not going to believe this but I also got 1 billion POWER, isn't that just crazy? Be sure you guys watch till the end because I am literally not even human
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  • Rachel Toledo
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    I like your videos my is Zion 👍👇🙂

  • Ashton Sings
    Ashton Sings 3 days ago

    There is a new update wher you can fight bosses

  • Ashton Sings
    Ashton Sings 3 days ago

    I wish you still played this game I did not spend any robux and I am level 71 but I love your videos

  • Ellison Sharpe
    Ellison Sharpe 3 days ago

    I never had robux I love your chanal😉😉😎

  • Riza Bautista
    Riza Bautista 3 days ago

    What game is this because i really want to play it! Thanks if whoever helps me 😁

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    Moira Valerio 4 days ago

    I love any ting all off your vidoe usernane:moira08082

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    Ryder Sargent 5 days ago

    #women are awesome

  • Joe Villalobos
    Joe Villalobos 6 days ago

    I like that game

  • Lovely Buggs
    Lovely Buggs 7 days ago

    Level 19B

  • polarbear 1003
    polarbear 1003 8 days ago

    When your in the cave you get smaler6

  • Mihic Turk
    Mihic Turk 9 days ago

    1 like 1m robux

  • Sadia Haji
    Sadia Haji 10 days ago +1

    And I know you're going to become a number one in every every simulator no matter what I like I love you too you're the best TheXvidr

  • Sadia Haji
    Sadia Haji 10 days ago +1

    Best youtuber in the world tofu please give me 100 million robux

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  • Jayden Benitez
    Jayden Benitez 14 days ago

    No you just don’t grow in the cave

  • the minetuber
    the minetuber 16 days ago

    robux is hes secret

  • Weston Hopkins
    Weston Hopkins 16 days ago

    U copyed me I’m Green overseer

  • Luke Dowell
    Luke Dowell 18 days ago

    My username is offery

  • Luke Dowell
    Luke Dowell 18 days ago

    Plz I need robux because I have no robux

  • Nicole Sassen
    Nicole Sassen 19 days ago

    how do you rotate your skin in game without walking?

  • Crystal Summers
    Crystal Summers 20 days ago

    I’m level 22 and I’m still pretty small.

    EMMANUEL OLIVAS 20 days ago

    Use code tofuu in the robux store

  • fous red
    fous red 20 days ago

    Im level 25:(

  • bahar atila
    bahar atila 22 days ago

    Im 666

  • Thomas Ring
    Thomas Ring 22 days ago

    With out robux

  • Thomas Ring
    Thomas Ring 22 days ago

    I have level 89 in two days

  • Fred Merry
    Fred Merry 23 days ago

    Look at the stats before you equip it

  • Arturs Volkmanis
    Arturs Volkmanis 23 days ago

    You copied me 😡😡😡

  • nor sida
    nor sida 23 days ago

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    Mayra Cruz 23 days ago

    Drop a like on your videos and support you

  • Kieth De Oro
    Kieth De Oro 24 days ago

    in 12:29 i think i see a chest behind of the water fall

  • game master 2019
    game master 2019 24 days ago

    Please stop spending robuxs just play the normal way

  • Pierce Branscomb
    Pierce Branscomb 24 days ago

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  • Pierce Branscomb
    Pierce Branscomb 24 days ago

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  • Manindar Joneja
    Manindar Joneja 25 days ago

    I have subscribed to your channels and hot the like button

  • Diamond Sword
    Diamond Sword 28 days ago

    It scares me

  • Diamond Sword
    Diamond Sword 28 days ago

    It’s night for me

  • Diamond Sword
    Diamond Sword 28 days ago

    Stop with the 666

  • Leave
    Leave 28 days ago

    Is anyone gonna tell him 777 is a lucky number

  • Cal Florey
    Cal Florey 29 days ago

    When he got the “Betrayer”, I loved that music.

    SANDIP MAITY Month ago

    Who is waiting in 2020

  • Martinez Sisters
    Martinez Sisters Month ago

    I love your video love573316

  • KSP4Kids
    KSP4Kids Month ago +1

    Tofuu: Joins server

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    x10 roblox gameer Month ago

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    Jacob Ortega Month ago

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    You're vid is awesome

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    Lisa Clark Month ago

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  • Lisa Clark
    Lisa Clark Month ago

    Please give me roebucks

  • The Derpy Jasper
    The Derpy Jasper Month ago

    Tofuu: lvl 100 and stuff all by robux
    Me : laughs with a legendary skin and two legendary weapons , lvl200 all by effort

  • CEE-D Arsenal
    CEE-D Arsenal Month ago

    My friend Yan0nion was so unlucky he was afk XD

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    Adam Soliman Month ago

    My name in Roblox is Doo0oomy and I have 0 robux and can you give me 10,000 robux and I love your video and I subscribe and hit the bell and like and I want to see another video

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